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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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now at 11:00, a shocking report out of north korea for the palo alto man held on espionage. why police may not come any time soon. >> you thought shopping on black thursday was bad. wait till you see what happened on black friday. >> all is quiet outside of this bay area walmart. that was not the case on friday afternoon. i'll tell you where i am and what happened in my report. our top story tonight, merrill newman, the 84-year-old palo alto man accused of
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espionage by the north korean government allegedly confessed to his crimes and apologized. any reaction there? >> there's concern that merrill newman's heart condition may be a problem while he's being detained overseas. meanwhile we have word he has issued an apology. take a listen. >> mark: in --. >> reporter: in a taped statement, korean war veteran merrill newman apologized for his actions including during the korean war. >> collected information of the kpa and attacked communication system and killed three innocent operators, delayed them ammunition supply using explosives, and they attacked the kpa and harassing operations of the rear base 10 times. arms association escaped from dtrk to south korea. so i asked my guy
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to help me to look for their families and relatives. >> reporter: the korean central news agency issued a statement, claiming from newman. he was escortded off his flight last month after a 10-day tour of korea. they claimed he perpetrated acts of infringing upon the dignities and sovereignties of the dprk and slandering its socialist system. >> newman's family isn't speaking at this time, but they did issue this statement saying they're concerned about his well being. they're hoping dprk will quickly confirm he's being looked after and is in good health. they're hoping he's received his medication. they're saying they hope it will be possible to resolve this misunderstanding so that he can quickly rejoin his family. reporting live in palo alto. early morning shopping in
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black friday turned in to chaos across much of the country. this is a mall in north philadelphia. a shopper recorded this video of a fight. one of the women involved tried to use a stun gun. philadelphia police said they never even heard about this incident. this comes from knoxville at the walmart. the company had a deal on rachel ray cookware. a lot of women seen fighting over the boxes. some never got a set. the frenzy ex tended beyond the borders of the mainland. this is at a walmart in puerto rico. a stampede by thousands of people trying to be the first to get their hands on an hdtv. the bay area didn't have reports of those kinds of problems today even though it was a different story for other shoppers around the country. the retailers seem to think the drama is worth it. >> reporter: chaos as stores opened earlier than ever and shoppers rushed in for black friday deals. there were swarms of shoppers from puerto rico to nashville to new york city and in some places it did get ugly. there were fist fights in north
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carolina, a stabbing in virginia, and brawls in texas. there was even a shooting just outside a store in las vegas after a man tried to steal one successful shopper's deal. stores opened early on thanksgiving night. walmart welcomed shoppers as early as 6 p.m. and attracted more than 22 million people. macy's, toys r us, and best buy also opened early and reactions were mixed. >> you don't get anything if you don't go early enough. i know a hot guy walked by and said that's pathetic. [ laughter ] i thought you don't know what we're doing it for. it's fun. >> i would never shop on thanksgiving. no. you're with family and you eat on thanksgiving. then you shop on the day after thanksgiving. >> reporter: the earlier store hours do seem to have paid off for many companies. >> i think the fact that 15,000 people versus 11,000 who were here last year at midnight is an indication that people want to
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be here when we opened our doors. >> reporter: as for next year, the new hours seem to have paved the way for the new black friday normal. >> while there was plenty of action going inside walmarts everywhere, there was also plenty going on outside too. this is from the san leandro walmart, just one of many walmart protests around the nation today. all part of a war on waging -- waging war on low wages. while walmart is the largest employer in america outside the federal government it has the most employees living off welfare. j.r. stone has more on the protest in san leandro. >> reporter: police officers moving in after walmart protesters in san leandro refused to get out of the streets. a movement caused backups along hisperian boulevard outside of the store. >> for livable wage, respect on the job.
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. >> reporter: hundreds showed up. officers warned them their arrests would be made. five people refused to leave the streets. those five were arrested, holding hands until officers cuffed them. >> what does this get you? >> the respect because i work for walmart. i want them to respect us a little more. >> reporter: respect is only part of the reason these folks were arrested. they're upset with the change, saying employee wages at the store are too low and those working here are barely making ends meet. >> i've been here a while but i see my coworkers struggling just to make it. some can't afford to get to work. >> reporter: walmart says store manager average salaries are $170,000. assistant managers make between $40,000 and $50,000 and the average wage is just below $13. not good enough for those who marched. >> some are trying to make a
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living, trying to put food on the table, get childcare for their kids. >> five people arrested outside of this walmart here in san leandro. no one was hurt. keep in mind a good portion of the people you saw in that video were union workers that came to support this cause. in san leandro, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter at really any life stage, from 16 to 76 if they would like to, then they work hard and they can build a career. >> the walmart ceo also responded to criticism about the store being open yesterday on thanksgiving day. he said that walmart is a service industry, just like hotels and airlines and when customers want to shop, the store will be open. he also noted walmart has been open on thanksgiving day since the mid
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1980s. still to come tonight, a new twist in the b.a.r.t. contract saga. where it's headed now. >> black friday can also be forgiving. we'll show you how. >> we have scattered showers over southern california. we have scattered showers over the oregon border. when is it going to rain in the bay?
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a shooting in oakland earlier today left one person seriously injured. it happened about 1:30 in the afternoon on fruitvale avenue near lind street. the victim was taken to highland hospital in critical condition. this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7. photography still to come tonight, a new twist to the b.a.r.t. contract saga. we'll show you where it's likely headed. >> the very latest on four wheels on showcase at the san francisco auto show. that's next. >> stay tuned for inside edition tonight after the news.
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just in to the kron 4 news room, the westbound freeway toll plaza in fremont is closed due to a fatal accident. traffic is being diverted off on to thornton avenue. no estimated timeframe for when it will reopen. new developments on the b.a.r.t. contrast dispute.
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a report says b.a.r.t.'s two large rs unions are planning to file a lawsuit against the agency. they believe b.a.r.t. stripped the family leave medical act clause from the contract and reportedly hired a lawyer to file suit on tuesday. this is the latest in the series of troubles regarding b.a.r.t.'s new labor contract. here's the b.a.r.t. contract timeline. according to atu timeline. the family medical leave clause was in the original contract but on june 5th the unions proposed to take it off the table in exchange for agreeing to other proposals. that was rejected. july 11th, lead b.a.r.t. negotiator reviewed and agreed other the family leave act. it was formulated on july 19th. on august 7th both sides presented written materials. nothing was rejected. then on halloween the unions again gave written material to b.a.r.t. documenting all agreements including the
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family leave act. she says it still was not rejected until november 7th when b.a.r.t. managers say they made a mistake by including that clause in the final contract. santa clara law enforcement offering a special holiday gift but only for those who have outstanding arrest warrants for minor offenses. it's called operation second chance and gives individuals a chance to stay out of jail for the holidays. those that qualify have to check in with law enforcement and get a new date for court next year. 2400 people have taken advantage of having a second chance. three people were rescued from a vehicle that drove off the side of a cliff near san mateo. this is coast guard video of the rescue. early thursday morning a vehicle with four people inside veered off the road and down a cliff near highway 92. one of the passengers managed to climb the cliff and call for help. when the coast guard arrived, they
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hoisted the remaining three people to safety. the injuries are not known. it's the second day for the 56th annual san francisco international auto show. the auto show, which is being held at the masconi convention center features the world's major manufacturers displaying their latest cars, suvs, trucks and vans. this weekend the auto show will be open from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. speaking of cars, californians have spoken. toyota remains the most popular new car choice in the state over the last nine months according to the california new car dealers association. statistics show toyota's prius hybrid continued to be the best selling new car in california, selling more than 54,000 cars in the first three quarters of the year. people are still working to raise money for the victims of the typhoon haiyan that hit the philippines. at market and powell streets in san francisco today, a group of a half a dozen volunteers raised money for the
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victims. they've raised more than $3500 on four different days. nationwide, the filipino grassroots movement has raised more than $200,000 for the typhoon victims. meanwhile, the united nations is set to appeal for more aid for the filipino vicks. they'll seek additional money for a 12-month plan to revive areas devastated by the super typhoon. the government disaster agency there says nearly 5600 people were killed during the powerful storm. more than 1700 are missing and nearly 4 million have been displaced. signs of the season are showing up everywhere now. tonight the 24th annual christmas tree lighting ceremony took place in san francisco's union square. the 83-foot tree is a gift to the city from macy's. it's adorned with 33,000 energy efficient led lights and shiny ornaments.
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large crowds showed up for the event. in danville, this tree with a little more history behind it. it's the old oak tree on diablo road and it's more than 350 years old. the holiday lighting tradition started 37 years ago. tonight participants listened to music by the danville girls choir and the san ramon valley high school chorus and enjoyed a special appearance by father christmas and a snow angel. i just checked with chp. westbound 84, the westbound lanes on the bridge shut down indefinitely due to the fatal crash. here's your alternate, san mateo, moving very well. these are westbound lanes going toward the peninsula. westbound 92 a really good alternative to get around the westbound 84 closure. now let's talk weather. things are going to be a lot nicer in terms of our weekend weather. we have sunny skies, highs in the 60s, possibly even 70s for tomorrow and sunday. after that it's going to get a lot colder. i mean 10 degrees colder possibly
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in some areas. also a possible of rain coming on wednesday. we'll touch on that in a second. for now temperatures looking pretty good. 53 in san francisco. 51 in daily city. 52 right now in redwood city. 45 in con -- concord and 42 for napa. afternoon highs, good shape. 66 sunnyvale. 65 in pal palo -- 65 in palo alto. that goes for mountain view as well. high temperatures around the east bay, mid 60s. 67, walnut creek. 65 for union city. 65 goes for san leandro as well. along the peninsula and north bay we have 61, ocean beach. 61, daily city. 63, financial district of san francisco. 65 in petaluma. 7-day forecast around the bay, plenty of sunshine. after that the cool-down begins tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we're really not going to see 60 degrees for quite some time
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heading to the new year. an amazing display of offense as san jose state battles fresno state. plus the warriors and thunder in another exciting finish. jason has the story and all the sport next.
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welcome back, everyone. for the second time in two weeks the warriors and thunder came down to a game winning shot at the buzzer. kevin durant had 25
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points, 13 rebounds for oklahoma city who still hasn't lost at home this year. stephen curry, a little up and under jumper, 32 points, 11 rebounds, five assists. game goes to overtime, tied at 104 when harrison barnes, the sweep up and under to give them a 2-point lead. he had a career-high 26. it comes down to this. serge ibaka, the miss to tie it. sefolosha saves it and russell westbrook, ball game. westbrook knocking down the 3 with one-tenth of a second left. season high 34 for russell westbrook. oklahoma city, they win 113-112. they improve to a perfect 9-0 at home while the warriors, they've now lost five of their last six. it took a couple days but jason kidd finally admitted what everyone else knew that he did indeed intentionally spill his cup of soda wednesday night in order to delay the game so his team could draw up a play even
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though they were out of touts. -- out of timeouts. yesterday kid was fined $50,000 for what they're copping cup-gate. he said he probably shouldn't have done it but he was trying to help his team win. rough start for the nets. they lost again tonight. they're 4-12 on the season. 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree, he'll make his season debut sunday versus the rams. >> best case scenario, i wasn't really thinking about scenarios. i was really thinking about me getting right. just everything happens for a reason. i guess it's time for me to go. i feel comfortable to play and see what we have to do. >> san jose state quarterback david fales a performance for the ages really as the spartans handed previously undefeated fresno state their first loss of the season. fales set a school record with 547 yards and six
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touchdowns in the air, all six touchdowns came in a video game like 1st half in which fales matched fresno state quarterback derek carr touchdown for touchdown. san jose state led 42-41 at the half before they kind of slowed it down in the 2nd half. they had an onsidekick to start the second half. they win 62-52, their first win over a ranked team in 13 years. there's coach ron, he'll get the gatorade bath for the first time since 1978, the spartans are bowl eligible in back-to-back seasons. fresno state, they are eliminated from any hopes at a bcs bowl. oakland football high school championship was on the line tonight in what is known as the silver bowl. for the fourth straight year, it's the lions
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crown champs. ryan vogelsong is returning for at least one more year with the giants. vogelsong and the giants agreed to a one-year deal worth $5 million. last year, not so good for him. 5.73 e.r.a. missed a chunk of the season with that broken finger but he figures to be in the mix, likely the fifth starter. they now have bumgarner, cain, lins cain, linsecum. burns and the sharks hosting st. louis. 35 seconds in to the game, burns scores on the slap shot from close range. 1-0 san jose. still the 1st. burns again, this time on the little wrister, 3-0 sharks. finally in the 3rd period it's 4-3 sharks when burns will finish off the hat trick with the goal on the power play. here comes the hats on to the ice. sharks win 6-3 and it's
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their fourth straight win and they've now won seven of their last eight. sharks red hot. >> have a good weekend.
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holiday shopping danger alert. >> what do i do to stop that? be aware of who is behind you. >> what you need to know to keep from getting ripped off. >> now the biggest mistake shoppers make inside the mall. what you need to know to stay safe while shopping. >> and dead man's curve, one of america's most treacherous roads. look what we found below. a great yard of crashed cars. then -- >> huge country star, mindy mccready after her suicide. >> mindy mccready committed suicide. >> exclusive, the first holiday season without his mom. and, the sweetest restaurant reviewer in the u.s.a. she gave a rave review


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