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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> so far we have not seen any indications of a man started a fire. that leads us to continue to believe that we're looking at lightning or natural causes. >>vicki: a mass of wildfire continues to burn it in colorado. the blaze has consumed 22 square miles least as difficult for the fire, this year if for >> if a house fire in northern colorado is spreading from the gift in started saturday morning
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near fort collins, colorado. the blaze has burned thousands of acres and is forcing evacuation tuned for >> and have no place to go. >> it is feared some residents could have gotten trapped in the fire. >> more than two of 50 firefighters are battling the flames.
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>>vicki: firefighters in southern mexico are still trying to get control of a fire there. of hundreds have been evacuated and 40 mi. has been charged are ready. >>da: will your watching as a drug deal in progress. the entire transaction lasted no more than a 15 seconds under the watch of an observant new birth pushing her baby in a stroller. fifth >> they waited for the hearts of full of sand at the exchange floor was for its disinflate the drugs for money. some >> the exchange half of the
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drive for health. neighbors have install surveillance cameras open to try to temper their grandparents off fat netflix 5
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>> neighbors have circulated a video hope and that someone will recognize the car, driver or the teens. >>vicki: and to roll over crashed in oakland shutdown to lanes this afternoon. >>vicki: and the coast guard has suspended its search for a man who slept with a is can tell into the water. >>brian: temperatures in the '80s and '90s for most of the second.
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cason oakland and hayward. fifth thoughtful oxford for
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>>vicki: we're learning more about a sacrament of home invasion. for people are dead including a suspected criminal. police say it happened last night when the intruder entered the home. the gunman shot three people before shooting and
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killing the suspect. a fifth person was injured but is expected to survive. the governor is proposing a major overhaul of the welfare to work program. the move aims to slash people's benefits to motivate them to get jobs faster. the governor wants a 27 percent cut in cash assistance to children with an eligible parents the and wants to slash the time limit for benefits from for years to two years. another proposed change would restrict benefits to mothers of young children and families aren't properly for level of wages. to the overall with city hundred $80 million. >>vicki: coming next, a boxing controversy behind the first loss for manny pacquaio et why some say this decision was not fair.
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relative to do is send francisco 40 earners didn't go on sale monday. seven ticket holders are concerned that they could get priced out of their seats. people want season tickets will have to pay a one time license fee ranging from $2,000-$80,000. on top of that anywhere from 85-$375 per game.
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those prices are locked for five years. daniel villareal spoke with one season-ticket holder who said he was unsure if he could afford the tickets. >>daniel: to this season ticket holder is wondering if this will be his last season as a season-ticket holder. then i did not know the exact cost. >> of the cost for his mid- level season tickets will be more at this stadium. some the season-ticket holders are unsure if they will be able to afford them. and i've unexpected to be cheap. if there comes the dilemma. >> for him, it will spring good for his favorite football team. >> in terms of getting a new stadium you can possibly give better players. asti the benefit of a new stadium. i think it is overdue.
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also leasable down the line? that is exciting is. you may have to invest somewhere else scan maybe we for the warriors to come in the city. >>vicki: last miniver operations are under way for the 112th u.s. open at the olympic club. nearly a quarter of a million people are expected to be there. practice rounds begin tomorrow and the competition is under way on thursday. >>maureen: walls are getting fresh coats of paint, catering crews are loading up on supplies into the final screws are being drilled into place. these are some of the finishing touches to the many village that has sprung up almost records. it has taken millions of dollars coming years of preparation and more than three months to construct the equivalent of a pop-up stadium.
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there are nearly 300,000 square feet of tents to house its temporary clubhouses and defenders. the merchandise the volume alone is almost an acre in size. this is the media tents that will house the other 900 credentials sports reporters coming in from all over the world to watch the action. while competitors a warming of workers are finishing the installation of the 4 mi. of fencing. that is not the only infrastructure. they even have to stop lights set up to help control traffic. in the bleachers are all in ready to hold more than 30,000 spectators expected to descend here every day.
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>>vicki: controversy is swirling in the boxing world following the pacquaio and bradley fighting. now, and expected rematch in november. hockey aulos the welterweight fight in a split decision. this was his first defeat in seven years. the sentences could giants have racked up their series against one of the best teams in the league. tim lincecum gave up five
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runs before leading the fifth inning. the giants lost. the alternates and diamondbacks. the diamondbacks the d.a.'s 4-3. >>brian: what a beautiful day it has been hit a gorgeous evening. this is the bay bridge and san francisco.
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the fog is way out here. the reason it is over the ocean is because of these northern winds. they have come out of the north and blow towards the ocean. they're keeping the fog away. here is allowances a.m. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the '60s. things rapidly warming to the day. by the afternoon, a lot of '90s for the north bay, east and south bay. '80s by the bay. similar to what we saw today. look for upper 80s and low 90s in the south bay.
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>>vicki: , now we're want to get a look at the animated movie that pushed prometheus' out of first place at the box office.
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>>vicki: allegations of bribery surfaced after a car accident involving lindsay lohan. the sci-fi blockbuster war prometheus was beaten and blockbuster. >> a route for lindsay lohan is shooting down of bribery allegations following a car accident on friday. the man driving the truck she allegedly rear ended told tmz that members of entourage tried to bribe him so he would not call police. faber for law and tells that the driver is just right to caution by telling tales to the media. no one was seriously
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injured in the cause of the accident is still under investigation. it was a big weekend for matthew, he. he married his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children. there have been together for six years and have two children. families flocked to theaters to see medicare as are three. -- madagascar are three. of prometheus, the sci-fi horror flick came in second place. last week's number one film, snow white in the enhancement rotted out the top three at the movies. >>vicki: what a great weekend. >>brian: it was fantastic. gray weather for the scenes. the same for tomorrow, the only difference is we have to go back to work.
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