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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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students making their voices heard as several oakland schools are slated to close. put out that cigarette. the city council goes through with the smoking ban. this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tempers flair because this ban covers a large area of downtown. i'm going to use a board to show you. it includes this 17-block area around the total santos plaza, the boundaries would be, let's see here, then it moves on over here to port chicago highway on the south is clayton road, and here is glenndo do street. reggie is live tonight. he explains how the law will be enforced. reggie. >> reporter: a warning will be given to the smoker first here in concord if they violate that new ordinance before a citation is issued. but the way the law was originally written, if a person was caught lighting up, they
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could have faced jail time. residents in favor of the new smoking ban can breathe a little easier now after the concord city council approved the new ordinance tuesday. it will prohibit smoking in all areas of the downtown accessible to the public. business owners can request a blocked off area where they can smoke. some feel it's a violation of personal right. >> as a aunt, we have a hood that sucks in air from outside. if we leave our door open, we suck in the cigarette smoke. that drives away business. we look unwelcoming. and that hurts me financially. >> you ban hot dogses, ice cream. >> the cops have enough on their plates than my 30 customers that are going to be
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outside having a smoke. that's where they have to go because we can't inside which i'm fine with >> reporter: a person would be charged with a demeanor and could face up to six months in jail. the council said it was an error enchanged the charge to an infraction. they will warn people first before citation is issued. >> we'll start the warning process, i think people will eventually get to it themselveses. >> reporter: this new ban go into account in november, the first offense, the citation will cost to $100. live in concord, reggie, kron 4 news. school cuts. their fighting a proposal to close five elementary schools. the district is facing another round of deep budget cuts. because of declining enrollment, they don't need as many schools open.
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the prospect is not sitting well with students and the parents. >> to close our school after she's formed relationships with her teachers, relationships with her friends is detrimental to her growth as a person. >> i think if they close lake view, it's like closing me heart. >> if it is passed, here are the schools which would close their doors for good. santa fe, max well park and marshall elementary. a final decision is not expected until late october. following up now on a fire east of sacramento that we told you about in our 8:00 newscast. this is video from riverside avenue and kishy way in roseville. fire crews working to repair an underground gas leak that set this intersection on fire. nearby businesses have been evacuated. several streets have also been shut down. fortunately no one's been here. in san francisco a huge fire in the lower height
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quickly tore through a build. >> i sat there and watched it. the windows started popping. then it starts spreading, then it went all out of whack. >> the fire burned out the top two floors. several residents displaced tonight. 27-year-old mother from sunnyville is charged with a murdering her 8-month old tile. she was arraigned in court today. police found the toddler not breathing inside an apartment in sunnyville last week. she also faced assault charges. a scare at a park. after two dogs cornered a young child and were ultimately killed by police. the owner of the two boxers is telling her side. >> i think it's going to take time. i think for everyone who's a dog owner, that know that dogs become family.
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it is very sad. >> when karla learned her dog's escape, she ran to the park. one boxer had already been park, the other was in bad shape. the little girl shaken up, but not hurt by the animals. in los angeles, trial against michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray got underway today. doctor lxiogave jackson a letha dose. conrad's lawyers are a arguing he injected himself. michael gave us his take on the case. >> i've got to tell you, i think the d.a. has the easier care, the defense has a very uphill battle. the doctor's telling the people, put it away, get it out of the way. then the e.m.t.'s come and they ask you, what did you give him. he mentions everything but. >> he faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted.
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the u.s. census bureau revealed numbers tads. there are just over 514,000 same-sex unmarried partnered households in the united states. additional 131,000 same sex couples identify as married. it is the first time the census bureau has released counts using the term husband and wife. republican led house issue is wondering about planned parenthood. the organization has to hand over more than a decade's worth of financial audits by the end of this month. federal law bars planned parenthood from spending taxpayer money to end presentations. democrats say, the investigation is really just the latest republican effort to shut down the 90-year old organization. tomorrow, president obama is giving a back to school speech. he will be telling the nation's
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students that their passion and ideas are needed for the country's success. today, mr. obama finished his western tour with a visit to denver. he is pushing his american jobs about. today he did the same as abraham lincoln high school. however were critics say the nearly $450 jobs plan has little chance of passing in this divided congress. >> we're expecting warm temperatures once again tomorrow, temperatures ranging from the low 70s to the coast. low 90s inland. we'll have your full forecast coming up. also coming up within rumors about the new iphone five could soon be put to rest. we know when apple is expected to debut its newest model. cheaters, beware, a group of students under arrest tonight. how officials figured out their scheme. how the economy is affecting traffic, and this study has nothinged into a gas
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prices. we're hearing from the warriors new president and ceo rick welts. that's later with gary in sports. [ cow mooing ]
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more news around the bay area tonight, at uc berkeley, a student republican group kicked up a storm of controversy after it held a racist bake sale. they priced cookies and brownie brownies. governor brown has yet to sign that legislation, the republican event was met be with a large counterprotest. the traffic is getting better bay area. in an annual report today, the oakland metropoll taken area is now the seventh most congested in the only national list. unemployment is the reason it fell because fewer people
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are driving to work, washington d. c. has the worst traffic according to this urban mobility report. and a programming note to tell you about, a blue angels and fleet week special coming up here on kron 4. we'll be airing a one-hour special at 3:00 p.m. tune in for the best view of the blue angels. again that's saturday, october 8 october 8th here on kron 4. we'll be right back. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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more national news now, a new york mother accused of taking her children from foster care says they were being abused. she and her boyfriend has been on the run for more than a week since the alleged abduction. police caught up with them in pennsylvania last night. all eight of the children are now back with child services in new york. seven people have been arrested in an sat cheating ring in new york. officials say one student took the sat for six other students who paid him up it to $2,500.
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they flagged the students after noticing a discrepancy. plans to repel down the washington monument were canceled today because of bad weather. officials are continuing to check for damage caused by last month's 5.8 earthquake. national park service say the heaviest cracking seems to be centered at the top. no word on when it will reopen. certainly a different story here, we're expecting really nice weather tomorrow. in fact lots of sunshine. slightly cooler as we finish off the workweek. further cooling expected into the weekend. very, very slight chance of showers could brush the northern parts of north bay over the weekend. let's look at the highs for tomorrow. nice in the south bay, looking to get to about mostly upper 80s, through places like morgan hill. upper 80s and 90s there as
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well. 96 for maine sonton, it's going to be beautiful there. looking to get to about 79 for alameda. going to be beautiful. 8 of redwood city. 76 for downtown san francisco. beach day. 76 degrees for pacifica. 91 for se know ma. 89 na pa and mid-80s expected for mill valley. let's look at your seven-day. slight chance of showers in the northern parts of the north bay over the weekend. going to continue to see the cooler temperatures when we start your week work. in fact temperatures getting back to the 70s. up ore out of for the bay and low 60s for the coast. back to you. well it's finally official,
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apple has set a date to unvail the next iphone. gabe shade gives us an idea of what to expect. >> reporter: tuesday october 4 october 4th is the day the knicks iphone will be unvailed. apple's press invite just had this, a picture with four app i cons with one sentence that read, let's talk iphone. it will be interesting to see who tries to fill his shoes where products are launches at these events. apple is fight lipped about what it will be like. here's i believe is true, iphone five, slightly bigger screen, thinner and lighter. this new model will go back to the curved backside. the new box square has got an lot of complaints that it's not as comfortable to hold. it will be faster, feature the ipad 2a5 processer chip. it will have much better voice controls speakers. i believe apple will announce
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it will be on the sprint network as well as verizon and at&t. bringing the iphone to all carriers. this is a big deal because sprint is the only one left offering unlimited data plans. a lot want that and could have it when sprint gets the iphone. here's more rumors. two iphones, one standard and one cheap we are a less features. i don't see that happening. a in a no iphone, smaller version, we always hear that rumor and it has never proved true. 4g, i don't think apple will go 4g until next year. what would you like the iphone to feature? send me a tweet to at gabe real slate or slate at coming up in sports, gary talks with the new president and coo of the warriors. unusual first home run for a giant. all the highlights coming up next with a gary.
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good evening everybody, who knows about on the court, but in the front office, warriors are nothing but interesting. today, their latest signing is rick welts, he's the president and coo of the golden state warriors. he was a marketing wizard between the dream team. nine years of president of the phoenix suns, and the first north american man to come out say he's a gay man, and on top of a franchise. >> it took me a long time to get to that point. there had been nobody before me in a similar role who had taken that step. it's going to be okay or what it would be like. it was a big step. its been gratifying. >> did somebody ever must believe to you, rick don't it
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do it, it'll ruin your career. >> i had lots of opinions, half thought it would be great, half were like, you have a great life. why would you do that expect opportunity maybe to do something good outweighed whatever concerns i had. >> okay, again, all this stuff is great, but with the lockout in motion, where he's -- warriors will have to do on the court. baseball's wild cards are coming down to games 16 it, it's going to be the tampa bay devil rays in bob having to each win tomorrow to keep their hopes alive. tonight a triple play. evan starts it, as the rays beat the yankees 5-3, matt choice 3-run homer. triple play, that's it. boston has to win their game to remain get even with tampa bay, and indeed, they struggle
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against the baltimore orioles. 8-7 boston, one game remaining. rays and red sox. it's going to be boston baltimore, tampa bay and the yankees. and the philadelphia phillies, they tie a franchise record with 101 wins for this season. more importantly, the atlanta braves continue to sag hunter pence hit a two-run homer. braves are caught by the st. louis cardinals who are down at 1.6 to 1, ryan shoots one in the gap. rose all the way, tony's team, they were at 11 games back at end of august. they have come all the way back, 13-6, cardinals. one game remaining. cardinals in houston tomorrow. the giants, their last night game of the season, mr. bennett gibbson, seventh inning stretch wash little god bless america. this is the guy's first major
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league home run. connor grist my, there it goes. into the gap, he rolls. all the way around, he's heading for home here, heading for home, here he comes. falls down, gets up, and scores. his first major league home run. goes seven inning for the win. 13-13, finish the year, 7-0, giants over the rockies. and the oakland a's, they're finishing up strong also. 7-0 win. josh, three-run hoper, 29th of the season. 98 rbis. have a chance for 30-is hundred. tomorrow trevor not bad. seven innings, no runs, a's and giants both 7-0 victors tonight. a special super bowl ring ceremony. here it is. one time saint's player steve has been diagnosed with a als. he was presented with the ring
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by coach sean peyton at a surprise party monday night. he's battling als. that's also known as lou garrett's disease. saints made him honorary captain against the houston, texas. super bowl ring certainly a very worthy deal. >> yeah, this is very nice. >> i'm not joking about the warriors. i think i've been staying all night, they've got a head of a movie studio in good-byer, millionaire, and this man here, you know, welts interesting background. >> veteran that they brought in. >> it's a big, all they have stood win. >> that's the next step. >> it sounds good on paper. >> we'll see what happens. good night everybody. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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