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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  April 21, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: at 4:00 p.m. the redevelopment project for treasure island. is coming up for a big vote for the planning commission. jeff bush shows you what developers have in store. >>reporter: it is the perfect place to get a perfect photo of the city but the using never get past the gate of the navy base. most of the buildings look like this with boarded up
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windows and dilapidated buildings and a been neglected for years. with this landscape it would be completely changed. it this is the vision for treasure island. transformed with shops, offices, homes, integrated the island would become an extension of san francisco. this has been in the works since the 1990's but has been delayed with years of red tape. the sticking points have been a seismic and traffic. the landfill and the vulnerability of earthquake the buildings would have to have rigorous standards. the house and would create 19,000 homes with traffic being an issue, ferry, and public transportation. some would not have to leave. with shops, offices, bars, restaurants and opportunity for work. this development is years away. however, the good of the best years from the city, in the city.
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>>pam: a controversial target location and some rafeal. the city council is going to make an announcement before a 137,000 square foot target and east son rafeal son rafeal son rafeal. last year, they concluded that only soan rafeal with more updates at 5:00 p.m.. -- >>pam: drizzle oakland teachers have been saved. many of them are off the chopping block with hundreds of positions saved. when you add in the adult education program, 95 jobs are still on the chopping block. the final layoffs are expected in next month. if president obama is in los angeles. he left the coast
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for his fund raiser he left the bay. this morning. he left with after attending a facebook town hall meeting and it was all part of the three-day tour. it kicked off its 2012 peak-election campaign. he spoke about the ongoing debate of the deficit reduction that can only be solved republics republicans and democrats can work together. and put singing protesters got into the event after test- >> 21 of oscar and. we all sat and had a nice spread 21 of us who came in. after four minutes, five minutes, they stood up and she said mr. president with a song about you. and we broke into song, the entire song we sing for him. he was a bit shocked. but he did not have any words to say.
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>>pam: the president made a brief stop in reno and education only town hall meeting before noon. (music) >> jacqueline: final a dry even. with blue skies. downtown san francisco a bit of a breeze. the wind is expected to pick up this evening and patchy fog to return overnight. we have a chance for renewal this weekend. your current temperatures are 68 degrees. a chance for-rainfall this weekend. mountain view is also 62. 68 in san francisco. dry on the rader which is where russian state for today and most of tomorrow. it looks like that rainfall expected will be friday night into saturday. we should--stay dry. with mountain view, we are looking at the wind speed at 15 m.p.h. and 14 at half
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moon bay. the satellite/radar is showing the wet weather pushing east. it looks like that is going to stay until tomorrow evening. your seven day forecast shows slight showers returning with saturday, sunday, monday with continuing the chance of wet weather. for >>pam: 30 traffic in walnut creek. six 80/24 exchange headlights = north. 680-24 interchange. save the date. april 29th. we will be ready bright and early at 2:00 a.m. to renew every moment of the ceremony. you do not want to miss it to bring you ever moment. also, the 100th bayto cameras capturing the fund. capturing the fun-- zazzle bayto
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room the former contra costa county sheriff has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges. stemming from a scandal of the drug arrests, and dirty the you i arrests. he pleaded not guilty to three different conspiracy and conspiracy to still steroids and obstruct justice with the dirty " dui' with a former drug enforcement team and a private investigator were also charged with him. >>pam: two different apple products have internal gps. it is unsettling for many people of the ipad, the iphone. samantha hayes.
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>>reporter: while you may have forgotten where you were last month, last year. a new report says the your iphone and the 3 g ipad remember. it recently discovered component that it tracks users whereabouts. >> if you are at the market? it keeps track of your ordinance based on the cellular towers. this is sang together with itunes. >>reporter: two different researchers made the discovery of an unauthorized surveillance about one year ago in the month of june. with an on-line program called iphone tracker to show users of the results. one of the reports says there is no evidence apple has access to the information. >> i do not think that we should panic. and i do not also think that it is necessary to keep the whereabouts data. >>reporter: you can incorrect that data when you sink it up with itunes but there's no way to have that
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disable that tracking. >> without passport protected and without encryption anybody who knows that-pass for protection, but your company computer, and your companies i to department can get it. if you are in an ugly divorce? tour companies in information technology can even get it. >>reporter: in washington, samantha hayes, kron 4 news still no word on weather or not they're using that information. a programming note on friday, kron will have abc programming. the giants will special 90 minute kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. right here on kron 4. we will be back after the break.
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>>catherine: national news, investigators are taking a look at surveillance video of a color model shopping mall. who is this man? with a baseball cap of a-
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colorado--shopping mall. a person event rest cured with a prep bo pipe bomb and to propane tanks. the total number three of the columbine the 12 anniversary of the columbine shooting. >>catherine: a task force to look into the launching gas prices. with out fraud, manipulation in the oil market nationwide = $384. prices in many places are well over $4! sell for the police are trying to figure out of this woman was killed. south florida police. faand the boys' father called 911 and the child had picked up the gun, pulled the trigger and detectives are trying to find out if the story checks out. no more arrests. the boy is being cared for by a relative. >> plan which is cutting
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tried again. this time, corruption with but whic la jolla with one count of lying to blagovaich, trying to sell the old u.s. senate seat of president obama. >> in new york woman is suing the yankees of the legendary logo she claims that and uncle designed this local but never got paid. she said to " pay it right " the breach of contract... the team has not contacted texas wild fires, federal agencies have joined the fire lines and the governor is appealing to higher power. >> with hundreds of acres of his stake in flames of governor perry has declared friday-sunday a day of
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prayer for rain. the more serious fires are northwest of port worth it is called the possum kingdom of fire. that is where a group of consumers found ourselves a little bit too close to the famous flames commute hours. --one thapeople that were in a canoe had to leave their gear behind. also in the town of brad was left in smoked ruins. most of th dwellings were burned to their foundations with the exception of this woman. >> diskette out of here! look at-we just got out of here. >>catherine: with they're trying to make a stand sang " hell's gate. >> it is so dry, there is no moisture. in the ground
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temperatures the temperatures can reach excessive temperatures. the fire down below. >>catherine: to they brought light drizzle to that erupted held a little bit. today brought a light drizzle to that erupted helped a little bit of those fires are still not contained. >> it is gorgeous right now, with no drizzle right now. patchy fog for late tonight and early tomorrow. partly cloudy skies for your friday. this late system moving in and it is going to be just light rain. for we do have chances for the weekend rained. dry rthe satellite/radar the stormtracker 4 is showing dry conditions. increasing chances of rainfall for tomorrow. temperatures will stay in the 40's, that the peace, oakland, hayward, fremont. with oakland,
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fremont, places-it-and 50s in half moon bay. napa, fairfield, 44. in terms of your afternoon high temperatures? tamara's are expected to be open to the 60s. a prospective tomorrow--with fairfield. san rafeal, san francisco and richmond. to the east bay. mid-60s and along the coast we will hold on to the upper 50s. 59 degrees expected for half moon bay, and mountain dew will seat 67 degrees. here is your your kron 4 7 day around the bay late friday night with perhaps some raindrops. the chance of rainfall on saturday and easter sunday continuing to see raindrops and the mixture. you may want to see that as a slight chance but plenty of sunshine on tuesday. a rebound of temperatures into the 70's and 72 inland. will
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continue into wednesday, thursday, partly cloudy conditions. 74 inland on wednesday. upper 60s, low 70's on the bay. low 60s on the coast. >>catherine: the dow jones. the nasdaq. another difficult day, rob. >> rob: the earnings, the earnings, the earnings. starting with apple. >>catherine: it just keeps going. >> rob: it would be nice if there are jobs, jobs, jobs. however, american express, honeywell, two. , ge, travelers, verizon, united continental, black rock, all with better than expected earnings. with health care, industrial, it is food, airlines. >>catherine: it is against the answer is obvious that the economy is rebounding. >> rob: remember a couple of
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weeks ago when i said about the inflation? with margin compression. mcdonald's is sang at the food cost is starting to creep up. airline is sang the the energy cost is also try to get up higher. airlines are sang-- >>pam you want to be selective and to not jumble everything and. i am all in! with a 20- 30 years to invest. however, with manufacturing the first-time unemployment claims are still above four and a thousand. not significantly above- 400,000-- >>catherine: with everything still looking better but express of gasoline that is dragging things down the price of gasoline? >> rob: we are lucky. in the nine states. >>catherine: in europe. in the united states--is a
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much lower significant percentage of their in, and you're spending. >> rob: you can e-mail him at us and w one formula of gasoline for .... however, it is still relatively cheap to drive. >>catherine: i think that some of those buy phones can have tracking would that be able to part of the company? perhaps is there a way to disable that feature? >> rob: i in the wrong person to rest i like the idea that you can snoop. or if i am stuffed in the snowfall? if i am stuck in the snowfall? >>catherine: thank you, rob. >>pam: the traffic on the golden gate. you can see
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traffic is rather sluggish. particularly in north bound on the right side. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. west = left = fine. also, some backups on the right side which is east bound. we will be back with more news, ahead.
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room the pg&e is stepping down. with the san bruno gas explosion from last year. peter derby the chairman, and the chief executive and the president is stepping down. he said he is going to resign april 30th. a member of the pg&e board is going to serve as the interim chairman. with eight deaths from the san bruno explosion and 38 homes destroyed. there continues to be a lot of pressure on
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pg need to step up repairs of existing and old gas lines. of pg&e. >>pam: facebook pages of our kron 4 facebook page is growing. >> kimberlee: one of the big topics is the proposal to get target and san rafeal. let us take a look the comments. this comes from dennis in--what do we need that? with all wal- mart? with each averaging nine netted people. why are the communities shooting themselves in the foot? but already averaging 900 people. top comes up, thomas dun t website. if you'd like to have your comment read on the air to the? like, comment? on the war
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