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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  April 20, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. ha president >>pam: 0, in the carrier rate now he arrived at 1:00 this afternoon and then headed to facebook headquarters where he held a town hall meeting on line. now he is on his way to a fund-raiser to sales force.
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he will attend another fund- raiser at the masonic center in san francisco. we have a team coverage. one of the president's first jobs was the headquarters of facebook. president barack obama was there to hold a town hall meetings answering questions on line and in person at the home of the popular social networking site. he talked about trimming four trillion dollars for the nation's deficit. he said it is possible. >> i know it sounds like a lot of money, it is but it's doable. if we do it in a balanced way. what i proposed, was about two trillion dollars over 10 to 12 years is a reduction in spending. house government waste just like every other major institution does. they're things that we do that we can afford, not
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there's some things that i'd like to do what we can afford them. which means we have to cut. >>pam: 2 will hold another town hall meeting tomorrow in reno. a small but noisy group of demonstrators gathered outside the facebook headquarters, while nearby office workers lined the streets in hopes of seeing mr. a bomb. the president's motorcade skirted the main entrance and enter to the rear of the complex on the cage filled road. some demonstrators carried signs critical of his foreign policy, while others are concerned about the growing national debt and economy. >> i'm not happy about the new reality we always hear about. i'm not happy with the debt. >> he is here to spoonfeed as hollow promises again. >> he is constantly lying, he's not credible. >>pam: this woman wandered on to the facebook campus
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using a bullhorn to chastise the president for skirting the of demonstrators and sneaking in the back door as he described it. she it and another man were ordered to leave by paul what the police. earlier this afternoon there was a larger protest in nearby palo we'll tell city hall. >>rob: they're arrived by the busload of more than 100 self-described working class people who say president barack obama economic policy left them behind. >> a lot of folks say the recovery is in full swing but many thousands and millions of americans and those here are suffering under the weight of poverty. >>rob: denies by the sacred heart community organization, the demonstrators stood before a large mockup of the facebook page: of the president to reverse course on policies they say disproportionately benefit the wealthy. >> all the people in our country to share the sacrifice and help the country gets for the deficit by having your taxes raised.
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>>rob: with the president down the street at face book, these people challenge mr. robot must defend them in their struggle to make ends meet. in palo alto, kron 4 news. >>pam: j.r. stone joins us now in the studio and of course the press and is getting plenty of publicity in san francisco, it's unclear who he's going to phase in the upcoming election. republicans are back and forth was in and out. >>j.r. stone: it's the candidates who haven't come out, you could see them and some of the pictures here. we're talking six different candidates and they haven't raised not one of them, nearly as much money as the candidates from four years ago. this is a minnesota republican rep michelle, don't know who she is? she's a lawmaker was raised more reelection money for her campaign that anyone else.
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if. of money that could be used for white house run against rocco,. kron he comes in second with 1.9 million, while ron recently raised 3 million it's money that could not be used in the presidential campaign if he chooses to run donald trump does not raise any money, nor has former alaskan gov. sarah pailin or my custody. if these numbers are night and day to what we saw in april of 2007, when brought go, and hillary clinton running for president at which time they raised 26 and 25 million. we're going to talk more about him at 5:00 because his popularity has soared quite a bit in the past month. politically he is just jumping in leaps and bounds above the other people. >>pam: whether it is buzzing over all about president barack obama town hall at
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face book. kimberly is here with a look at what some of our viewers had to say about the event. >>kimberlee: the event was trained on line and entering the town hall our viewers to to facebook and first off, brian was not impressed by the event at all. it committed about 45 seconds and had clicked off. maybe they should of brought the teleprompter long. in told he was disappointed at what the president had to save he's still have holes in our nation's economy plan and health plan. we want to know you thought about leaving visit our kron 4 face book fan page to leave your thoughts. at 5:00 if a look at more of your viewer comments. >>pam: the rest of the president's evening schedule is filled with fund-raising events. >>dan: the president has a
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fund raiser here and you will be speaking at the masonic center route 8:30 p.m.. over the years president bush was president and i covered many of his events. there were hundreds of protesters out for them. today we have protesters but it's covering a variety of issues. you could see cocaine protesting the war over to the right you could see someone holding a sign that says equal love. they are here about same-sex marriage. next to them we have a group protesting the rounding up of wild horses by the federal government. we also have a group of seniors here who are protesting medicaid and medicare. a sign said hands off medicaid and medicare. the president are rising here to >> at 8:30 p.m.. we will have details on that for you coming up at kron 4 news at 11:00.
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>>jacqueline: a live look out slide over downtown san francisco, ominous looking picture. cloudy skies, throughout the day today. rain has been sparse only a few places have seen a little bit of rain. we will continue with light rain over night. some places conceal lingering areas of rain. rainfall totals will very from just a few traces of to a quarter of an inch. out the radar not picking up all whole lot because a lot of the clouds are below 4,000 ft.. the reader can pick that up. it can only pick up what's above 4,000 ft. you can see if some showers rotating to the bay area and showers up to the north and south. rain will continue through the evening into tomorrow. we will time out for you coming up in a bed. we will be back after this break.
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california should be proud.
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>>catherine: the department of transportation has added to the passenger's bill of rights. it elin ripped off by a hidden airline fees for pillows, food, seed, luggage and reservation changes? if under new rules carriers will have to disclose them up front on their website. rich >> and a look out after passengers who in some instances have been treated pretty bad. >>catherine: if you have lost luggage you're not alone, last year airline's loss damaged or delayed a more than 2 million bags. they've always had to compensate for the bag. under the new rule they will have to refund the baggage feet. if you are involuntarily bumped from overbooked flight, the new rules say you get a refund double the value of your ticket up $800. the rules say, no more tarmac delays of more than four hours for international flights. that's because of extended
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delays at new york jfk jury last december blizzard. delays of more than three hours are already banned for domestic planes. >> this is groundbreaking for airline passengers even to notice by the government is amazing. the fact that they're passing meaningful regulations that will make a big difference for airline passengers is a miracle. >>catherine: the new rules take effect in four months, no official response yet from the airline industry. southwest announced its raising ticket prices $5 each way. other airlines are expected to fall that lead. prices of of going up to offset the rising price of fuel. southwest has raised ticket prices this year but also offered a lot of fare sales. no more red, yellow or orange a list of the airport. the new security system came up today, it has
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only two levels of and warning, elevated in a minute. >>pam: dateline nbc will air at 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and we will have a special 90 minute kron 4 newscast beginning at 10:00 right here on kron 4. we'll be back.
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>>jacqueline: a live look set aside from our mount tam cam, could see misty conditions at 4,000 ft.. overcast and rainy and parts of the bay area. that will continue tonight. the scattered showers, mainly light rain. in some areas of heavy rain are possible. tomorrow morning, shaw was really tapering off. we will see clear in into the afternoon. temperatures will
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be slightly warmer in some spots. satellite and radar, you could see the tail end of the storm pushing into california. we need to see showers scattered through the bay area, but it's not done yet. by 9:00 tonight, scattered showers through mainly the north bay but a few cells of the golden gate as well. areas of moderate rain will be embedded in the north bay. in the overnight hours by 1:00 moderate rain through the north they also scattered showers continuing south of the golden gate. it the more moderate range oakland, fairfield by the time you had out the door in the morning it will be done. by 7:00 a.m.-mainly dry conditions. when the afternoon temperatures will warm especially close to the coast. more sunshine in the afternoon, temperatures warming slightly into tomorrow but warming more
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into friday. slight chance of rain saturday, finally looking like will head over to the mild side springlike weather by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >>catherine: the market closed on an up note today the dow jumped 187 points the highest level in three years. the nasdaq is up 57 points. what's going on to make this thing jump? >>rob: the roof, the roof is on fire! earnings are driving wall street. today was l'oreal cosmetics, intel a lot of people like me who called intel left for dead. united technologies has been diversified. they hit a home run. >>catherine: american express is in first quarter
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profits up 33% because people are spending more. and there paying their bills. >>rob: american express, they're all about small businesses. if there's one thing i can tell you our economy goes off the cliff without small businesses. we know about big businesses and how they do and don't pay taxes. small businesses simply a ton of americans, they are the engine and lot of for economy. i feel good things. >>catherine: what about apple earnings? >>rob: ha gorgeous, doubled year-over-year. everyone is fascinated with the i pad 2. they started selling their i phone, i pad 2 unbelievable product i phone 5 is coming out in september. they're
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saying september because of shortage in supply because of japan. there's a tech transition from the 3 g to the four g. i'm not sure they will have it by the summer. it probably will but this summer foam is going to be a faster processor. gorgeous quarter out of apple. i want to stop to go down so i can buy more. >>catherine: when you some it will look i sing gorgeous, that's a good review. thank you rob. >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: the play book is blackberries version of the topic, there tend to take on apple in the i pad. first of all you could see it's a lot smaller, not an android google tablet it runs on
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black carried out automated system. for a closer look at the blackberry said " tune in to kron 4 news at 5 and 6:00 p.m.. gabe slate, kron 4 news. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney spring sale,
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what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] >>pam: one year after the explosion in the gulf of mexico killed 11 workers. as nicole reports the golf coast is still trying this survive from the disaster. >>reporter: one year after the worst oil disaster in the u.s. district began the struggle goes on the coast appear far from over. there's still a lot of people on the island that is hurting. the huge explosion on bp in deep water rising claimed the lives of 11 men and spewed 200 million gal. of oil into the gulf of mexico. devastating the fishing industry, keeping tourists away. as the fishing season approaches that weighs on the mind of those who continue to make a living here.
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>> the problem is the market, that's when i'm working to abouworried about. >>reporter: urging the federal government and bp to do better. >> i stand here today a year later and i still can't look you in the eye and tell you who's in charge. we continue to call on bp to make it right. here in louisiana we have 3 mi. of arco's that continue to the oil the. >>reporter: complain the claims process has been painfully slow. the man in charge of approving payments he said of the 20 billion set aside 4 billion has been paid out. >> i'm paying thousands of fishermen >>reporter: of years past many questions about the oils impact on the golfer made. scientists say could be years even decades before there are answers. in washington, nicole kron 4 news.
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>>pam: checking the traffic in san francisco, no problems the bottom of your screen southbound 1 01, a different story at the top traffic on 80 headed for the lower deck of the bay bridge it is backed up right now. will be right back. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu! malibu chicken, flame broiled steak, or half dozen jumbo shrimp, plus endless salad bar... starting at just $9.99! at sizzler.
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now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping. ♪ >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 430. >>pam: 0 gas stations vandalized. jeff bush shows you what happened and tells you about an embarrassing oversight made by the vandals. >> to the look this video from the cameras. you could see several men with a these up in masks on their face come into the station. it happened at 435 at the corner of fourth and bryant. to of the scattered fliers on the ground in jazz, while the other to take the handles of the palms and chained together.


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