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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 24, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> this is bbc world news america. in a sweeping ruling in a state supreme court overturned nationwide abortion rights for women living states to regulate the procedure. millions of women across the u.s. will lose their legal right to an abortion, half the u.s. states are likely to ban or severely restricted procedure. president biden has strongly condemned the decision saying and puts the u.s. on an extreme and dangerous path. >> the court literally taking america back 150 years. it is a sad day for the country in my view. it does not mean the fight is over.
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>> senior republicans including former vice president mike pence and mitch mcconnell welcome the ruling. ♪ >> welcome to world news america on pbs and around the globe, on a landmark day in america's history a celebration and anger tonight as u.s. supreme court has ended the constitutional right to abortion after almost 50 years, nationwide abortion rights for women have been overturned, it is up to individual states to regulate the procedure. it is been welcomed by conservatives who campaign against pregnancy terminations, all pro-choice groups say quality and independence have been undermined. here is our north america editor sarah smith. >> this is a hughistoric
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moment for america. as they hear the news from the court there is jubilation from antiabortionists. >> life won today. >> celebrity a victory after almost 50 years. >> i have seen the devastation abortion has wrought on our country on camille level and on a personal level. this is so vindicating to know we can now take tangible steps to lessen the violence of abortion in our country. >> years ago did you ever imagine this would happen? >> i imagined it a lot. people told me it was impossible. that we would never see this kind of victory. now i know that victor is not only possible, it is happened. we will work on this momentum. we will keep going. we will keep fighting. we will build a better world >> fury from those campaigning
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to keep the guaranteed right to abortion, promising to fight back. >> is not the will of the people, the country must be run by the will of the people, i am 21 and terrified. >> we have a lot of work to do to mak that happen, we will never give up. >> 50 years since the last significant decision on abortion rights in america, might be another 50. >> we will not stop, abortions will continue, they will not be legaand women will die from botched abortions. >> it is obvious that this ruling will not and the argument, in fact it will inflame them. in this deeply poor lysed -- polarized society abortions where the most divisive issues. >> individual states can make their own laws on abortion, there are 13 states have so-called trigger laws in state -- in place. another 13 will move quickly to
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ban or severely limit access. 36 million people of reproductive age will live in states without abortion access. >> the hypocrisy is raging. the harm is endless. what this means to women is such an insult. a slap to the face of women about using their own judgment to make their own decisions about their reproductive freedom. >> the political impact could be felt in elections in november, pollution -- pro-choice democrats believe women will turn off them and large numbers. antiabortion activists you today's victory as merely a first step. there are now take their campaigns to every sta which continues to allow terminations trying to get abortion band in the hole of the united states. sarah smith, bbc news washington.
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>> as you have heard there are 13 u.s. states that have laws in place already to ban abortion now that roe v. wade has been overturned by the u.s. supreme court. one of them is arkansas. report from an abortion clinic in the state capital of little rock, a warnin her report contains distressing details. >> it was exactly the ruling they had been dreading. when the decision was delivered it extinguished the final flickers of hope. outside they had to turn women away. >> abortion is murder. it has just been upheld. >> inside they had to do with the realization that the care they provided here is now a criminal offense. >> i do not think there is a waiting period there. it is a five and a half hour drive. >> and tell people they can deliver help. >> having to turn women away, it
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sucks. >> jennifer thompson first came here as a patient, she says her abortion saved her life in the care she received here inspired her to train so she could do the same for others. >> at the tell tm i am sorry, there is nothing i can do or you. i'm sorry your boyfriend beats you every day he rapes you all the time. you will have to find somewhere else to go. i can give them information,. but it is heartbreaking. . this place save my life, literally. to provide anybody else, knowing what this place is capable of, is heartbreaking. >> for more than 10 years the doctor has traveled here from another state because the restrictive laws and a threat of violence of financial ruin has long been too great for local doctors to carry out abortions themselves. >> i feel angry in a way that anybody who is deeply invested
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in the rights should feel angry and outraged and indignant anytime they are witnessing injustice. we will come to recognize the full cost of criminalizing abortion when we start to see the bump and rising maternal mortality and morbidity, suffering and death related to conditions unique to pregnancy. >> for the antiabortion protesters outside this is a good day. >> it will be a day of celebration for me. though the -- we will not fully celebrate until abortion is eradicated fully from our land. until the planning services is closed down it does not reopen d then we can celebrate for sure. >> they will continue their fight, the supreme court's ruling will fundamentally change the course of the lives of all the womenho pass the protesters every day to provide the care they did here. bbc, little rock arkansas.
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>> the decision by the supreme court haled to international reaction. kansas prime minister trudeau -- canada prime minister trudeau called the ruling horrific. >> boris johnson called the ruling a big step backwards and always believed in the woman's right to choose. in france resident macron condemned the ruling saying he expressed his solidarity with the women whose freedoms were challenged by the supreme court of united states america. there is a different sentiment from the vatican. the headquarters of the roman catholic church praised supreme court's ruling on abortion, saying it challenges the whole world to fight on life issues. for more the implications are in a state let's speak to anthony who is what -- who is in washington dc. tells about the immediate impact of this seismic rolling the supreme court -- ruleing by the supreme court. >> in the blink of an not, most
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20 states trigger laws that ban abortion pre-existing roe v. wade will go into effect. in certain states it is already going into effect like arkansas. in missouri, as of supreme court's ruling are moments afterward became effective. texas trigger law takes 30 days. there have been other bands on abortion have been struck down by the court the no go into effect. instantly, millions of americans, millions of women will no longer be able to get legal abortions in their state. if they want abortion will have to look at traveling across state lines to get them. >> president biden says the fight is not over. what can he actually do? 9 >> if you listen to his speech that he gave this afternoon he talked about how it is necessary for americans who support abortion rates -- rights to go
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to the polls in november and was for -- vote for democrats will go to the state legislator and go to congress and passed laws to protect abortion log -- rights. he said his administration would support the women's right to go across state lines to receive abortion services and also for women to get abortion, medicine, contraceptives through the mail. these are legal cases that will be played out, that the united states will support, as far as specific actions that he could take unilaterally he did not suggest any. there been people calling on him to abortion clinics on federal land or use military doctors perform abortions or to expand the ability of government run health plans to cover abortions. all those will face legal challenges, while activists may be calling him to take more action, today he decide the best he could do is tell people to vote. >> anthony, democrats are
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suggesting other rights could be challenged in front of the court like contraception and same-sex marriage. what is the basis for that? >> the abortion case, roe v. wade and a planned parenthood case that was the site in 1980 two upholding abortion protections rest on this idea of -- 1992 upholding abortions rest on this idea of due process. that americans as citizens are guaranteed of their life, liberty, property, etc.. other supreme court because -- presidents rested on those rights. the right to contraception, striking down anti-sodomy laws, there were -- the right to gay marriage. the concern of legal scholars is undercutting the principles behind roe v. wade reduces the strength of those decisions. we look at one of the decisions
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in this case by justice clarence thomas he says that those cases deciding those issues should be looked at in a new light based on this decision by the supreme court. there is concern that even if justice alito and others in zip import said there should not be concerned, there is concern that this is just a first step and other rights are in jeopardy. >> is this ruling by the conservative majority in some way and very much a legacy of former president donald trump? >> absolutely, if you go back to 2016 a plurality of the supreme court ruled to strike down a restrictive abortion lawn texas that said abortion clinic had to have doctors that were certified in local hospitals and always had to be a certain size. there were enough votes into a 16 to preserve abortion rights. donald trump replaced a vacancy
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on that court and replaced to others, all three of the justices nominate abide donald trump voted to strike down roe v. wade. effectively during his presidency he was able to shape this court, appoint a thirof all the justices on the court and set up the conditions, and majority by which roe v. wade was struck down. >> anthony, thank you so much for that analysis there in washington dc. meanwhile away from the supreme court, history was made on the floor to the u.s. house of ebbs's of today while lawmakers -- of representative today why -- when lawmakers approved a -- the senate passed a bill on thursday it was a bipartisan compromise and that stopping changers people from having access to guns. there is billions of dollars of funding for mental health and school security and the measure
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fell short on an assault weapon ban, the laws being held as a breakthrough after decades of inaction by congress. let's talk to our north american editor sarah smith. has this been a day of dramatic contrast in washington with lawmakers finally coming together for the first time since 1994 on and control while the supreme court overturns the federal right to an abortion? >> absolutely, to the most divisive issues in america, on one you see bipartisan american -- agreement and two sides cannot be further apartment it comes to abortion. you can see outside in the supreme court where the protest have been growing all day. you have pro-choice activists who are various, devastated, who have been here all day, and absolutely jubilant antiabortion campaigners. i was here when they received the news there is tears
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streaming down their faces with the as they realized that 50 years of campaigning to try and overturn roe v. wade and stop the contusion -- the constitutional guarantee to a abortion rights had been overturned in this radical decision by the supreme court. >> you are saying in your report there that this is hardly the end of the division over abortion. what happens now? >> talking to the pro-life campaigners they are very clear. although they have scored a victory it is not order -- over by any means. they will go to every individual state that does not pass restrictive abortion laws or an abortion band and make sure that limits on abortion are brought in on every state nine states. that is what they once -- in the united states. they are not happy that half the states in america will still be allowing the procedures. that sets up a huge battle for those states, the mayor of new york saying that his date will be a safe haven for women seeking terminations.
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you're likely to hear similar things from california, illinois, state-by-state you will have very radically different regimes and laws in place when it comes to women's reproductive rights. of course this is only the beginning, possibly of radical decisions like this from the supreme court. we heard from justice clarence thomas today that he thinks the courts should revisit other progressive decisions that he and some of the more conservative justices disagree with. he wants to look again at the guaranteed access to. contraception. he wts a look at the constitution -- the decision that legalized same-sex marriage. many of the cultural and social issues that are divisive in a polarized country at the moment could be revisited and reduce similar kinds of reaction. none of this will bring americans any kind of closer together. >> in the last two days the supreme court has expanded gun rights and limited abortion rights.
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is it in step with public opinion? are there questions tonight about the legitimacy of the court? >> that is a fascinating question. from what we can tell, paul's letter being cash from -- from paul's being conducted -- with gun laws of course it is meant to be above politics. this is meant to be a constitutional reading of the law, not some of that is determined by who is in the white house or indeed what public opinion thanks. if you look -- thanks. if you look at what is happened today it starts to look quite political. the court has a dealt in conservative -- built in conservative majority, and three justices were put in specifically to be pro-life justices that he hoped would come uwith this ruling. already there is some evidence
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the court is being perceived as more political and less constitutional. there is a danger for the justices in that if they are seen as another arm of politics rather than people that sit above politics and are able to claim what the constitution truly really means. >> sarah smith -- thank you. let's turn somebody other news big headlines around the world, ukraine has begun withdrawing its forces from the eastern city, it follows weeks of intense bombing and fighting. has been a key target of russia as a try to capture all that region. now we have a report. >> a strategic a city once home to a hundredhousand people. it has been shelled f months by russian forces whoo can claim a key victory herer.
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ukraine ordered its troops to retreat from the rubble rather than die in vain. they fought here, building to building, street to street. some of the fiercest battles of the war, they were outgunned i russia's heavy artillery. we reach this commander who left at dawn under fire, pained by the retreat, 16 of his men died trying to save the city. >> it is drenched in the blood of ukraine's defenders, my brothers and bind as well -- mine as well. it was incredibly hard, in that moment i feltespair. it is ok, is not over. our leadership saved the troops to fight another day. maybe that is the right decision .
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i know for sure we will be back there. >> his fighters and the freedom battalion are a mix of old and young. like 22-year-old sem. he got married on the 13th of this month. he was killed five days later. young as he was he led his own unit, and europe's biggest war for more than 70 years, all volunteers, a brotherho. >> the ukrainians were resourceful, they had to be, using inflatable boats get in and out and bring in supplies after all of the bridges were blown. but, they lost this battle as
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they waited for advanced weapon systems from their western allies, thereby day president putin is destroying war cities and gaining -- more cities and gaining more ground in a war that nato has warned could last for years. >> more international aid is being flown into southeastern afghanistan where thousands are waiting for assistance following a devastating earthquake that is thought to have killed more than 1000 people. the u.n. official has warned that the number of debt is expected to rise. >> scrambling for scraps of bread. for survivors of this earthquake support is flowing in, but more is needed. the district close to the epicenter, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, families wiped out.
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there are still inries to treat. this charity normally removes landmines, now they have set up a mobile clinic. the five-year-old had his arm trapped by rubble. >> there were lots of rooted -- wounded children, 12 patients had be flown to kabul to -- by helicopter because they need specialist care. >> is home reduced to rubble, when the earthquake struck he faced a terrible dilemma. who to say first? >> when the ceiling fell down, my wife cried out for help, my daughter was in the room with us, i took her out first, then i went to my other children, by the time he returned to his wife she had died. the winding dirt roads leading to the remote worst affected --
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affected villages are now busy with trucks carrying supplies from the taliban government and humanitarian agencies. >> aid is arriving, the u.n. this year as well as international charities and domestic ones. this is a country those already struggling with a dire economic and human terrien crisis. -- humanitarian crisis. >> they are distributing pacts with essentials, blank, cooking oils. >> we need everything, everything we owned has been buried in the dirt, this man says. >> across the road, one large extended family is setting up tents they just received, their homes having been destroyed. seven other relatives killed including four young children. >> there is no meaning to my life anymore, he tells us, i saw
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my three dollars and four grandchildren die. my heart -- three daughters and four grandchildren die. my heart is broken. whatever we owned has been destroyed. >> the crowd waiting for donations has grown. a weary population struggling with a new crisis. bbc news. >> forgo tonight a reminder of our main news -- before we go reminder of our main news and world news america, tens of millions of rare -- of women across eli's states have lost their right to legal abortion. a majority of the justices chose to overturn the 50 year ruling that legalized abortion nationwide meaning individual u.s. states will regular the abortion, up to half of america's 50 states are now
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expected to ban abortion. 13 of already passed so-called trigger laws. thank you so much for watching bbc world news america. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. narrator: funding was alsorovided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundaon; pursuingolutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪ narrator: you're watching pbs. ♪ da-da-da-duh-da-da-da♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da-da ♪♪
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>> good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight. the end of roe in a historic move, the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, almt a half century after it guaranteed women the right to an abortion. we take an in-depth look at the justices' momentous decision and the ramifications it will have now, and for years come. >> i can't even remember when the supreme court last revoked a right that an american citizen held. >> and it's friday. jonathan capehart anmichael gerson weigh in on the supreme court's ruling and the passage of bipartisan gun safety legislation in congress. all that and more on tonight's


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