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tv   Washington Week  PBS  April 24, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its . ption content and accura visit ncicap.o robert: politics and science collide at the white house. p: president trumou can apply heat to cure. robert: leads to tensions. president trump: have you ever heard of that. >> that is a treatment. >> and unee about the economy after another stimulus bill is signed. >> that is how you are going to bring it back by states declaring bankruptcy. you will see the market fall through the cellar. robert: growing outrage as some governors push to re-open. >> w announcing plans to safely
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re-open sectors of our economy. >> i would tell him not to turn the switch on a go. robert: next. >> this is "washiton week". corporate funding is provided by -- and sometimes you can find yourself in direction. fidelity is helping you to work th with financial planning and advice for today and tomorrow. >> agh! >> additional funding is provided by the estate of adams and howen foundation committed
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to bridgingultural differences, the publication for public broadcasting and contributions to your p foundation from viewers like you. thank you. once again, from washington, moderator, robert costa. death toll in the united states surges past 50,000 people, president trump's asserons howor to treatavirus continue to roil his the president took no questions at the latest briefing following a week t ofsions betwe him and health experts. joining me to discuss these issues areepters who you r are. nancy cordes, chi congressional correspondentrom cbs news, toluse olorunnipa and jeremy peters from "new york
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times" and snnon pettypiece from nbc news. of ort briefing a long week presidential claims that were at odds. here's the back story, the cracks began to showhen dr. redfield told the "washington post" that a flu and coronavirus flu outbreakill be even more difficult than the one we wenth throd calls to liberate states were not helpful. the president the said redfield had been misquoted but redfield said he had been correctly quoted. president trump: dr. redfield was misquoted about the fall season and the virus, total ily misquoted. >> you were accuratelyte q
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>> i was quoted. robert: another flair up when a senior government scientist said he was removedm his post from resisting efforts to promote hydroxychloroquine that has been usedy some doctors to treat the virus. the president encouraged by consertive commentators. the f.d.a. warned that they should not take the drug to take covid-19 outside of a hospital due to reports of heart issues. but it was thursday'sews conference. the president expressed hope about the power of sunlight to defeat the virus and turned to a science administrator to explore the idea and what he called disinfectants. president trump: i would like you to speak to the medical doctors to see if you can apply
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light and heat to cure.ay again, m it can, maybe it can't, i'm not a doctor. have you ever heard of that heat and the light relative to certain viruses but relative to that. >> that is a treatment. certainly fever is a good thing when you have a fever and helps your body respond but i have not seen heat and light. president trump: i see the disinfectant, butit notut within a minute, one minute and is the a way we d can something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning. robert: by friday morning, bleach compani issued a statement warning against improper use of theirroducts and later today, the presidents ded. president trump: i was answering in a sarnstic quest to the
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reporters in the room about disinftant on the inside. report robert: you camefr bac the white house and how we got here to this short briefing, no pquestions. thsident not engaging at ast tonight any morebout hydroxychloroquine, about disinfectants. what explains the presidentgh to not to take questions and continue to push the issues he was pushing on thursday? >> for weeks, the president's advisers have been telling him to cool it on the briefings and no helping him politically and the numbers reflect that. they are getting worse and worse for him when you hook at the approval rating and the number ofns ameri getting accurate information. the advisers have been tel him to cut these back, do fewer of them ands spend l time out there. and disinfectant-light briefing we had on thursday was the
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culminion or case in point of what his advisers are trying to tell them. they did not want to talk about whetheot the president told people to inject themselves withr believe whether or not light could kill or put a light inside someone's virus. that is not what they want to be talking about. they spent the entire day to clean this up. it started in the morning and the they said media was misquoting and dr. birx taped an interview and said this is the president publicly musing. so the reaction tight is hopeful that the president is going to cut back on these briefings going forward and listen to their advice. nothing is over until it's over. robert: we are seeing a
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political calculation to pull the president back but there is a health cost when this president does. maryland issued a statement said do not use disinfectants on your own body and you engaged with speaker pelosi who raised health concerns. nancy: and you know, what said is obviously people should not be injecting lysol into their lungs. anothere statement never expected that anyone would have to make, but this is -- this goes beyond sarcasm. this is junk science and it's a problem because this is a time when americans need facts from their government more than ever. an it wasn't jus maryland, but around the country who tweeted and told people not to consider doing this. and the rean they felt they had to do that, robert, is because they were getting so
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many questions from citizens. you c st of laugh it off, but this has real world implications and people watching these briefings w andonderi whether they should take this advice serious. robert: you have looked at different news outlets. what is your reporting reveal on that front? jeremy if you had experienced the story of the president's remarks yesterday ithe briefing through conservative media, you eitherot would have known he said it or you would version of those remarks. earlier today onox news, i listened to the waist they what the president said would f have left you with the imprsion tha he was taken out of context that he could have
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been talking about a lifesaving experimental measure to use light to kill the virus. i really think when all is said done, the political divid in this country are being imposed on the real scientific conversations, medical issues at haveo do withhis virus in a way that is going tre ect very poorly on this country's politicaliscourse, you essentially have the culture rs colliding with this global health crisis and that is not a good thing. it's not a goodhing for the people who are sick and it's not a good thing for peoe who try to prevent themselves from getting sick. the idea of a medication, the debate of a medication entering a political context is
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unchartered territory. robert: it has been unchartered territor think back to amendment to the food and drug safety act that drugs would be approved by the food and drug administration. when you report on thisin cultu de the administration and you see the president's advisor and dr. hahn making a few remarks, what are you hearing whether health expeheser it is commissioner hahn or dr. birx feel pressure to go along with theresident over science? toluse: president trump said he is not a doctor and pointed to his brain and said he has the information he needs toec d the federal health response to this pandemic. ane president to play a
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central rule talking about drugs that have been not vetted and it is laughable like using lig inside people's bodies or disinfectant to try to get rid of a vir that very many experts, medical experts scientific experts around the world are tryinging to figure out to get rid of the virus and the president trump who has no medicalti exp may convince his supporters but does notctually work when it comes to get rid of this virus. all of these experts are trying toip toe around the president and explain his comments and waysk to w with him, work with has been difficult. ty but it and dr. bright being pushed out and dr. birx and dr. fauci trying to figure out ways to
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stay on his good side and listen to him when they bring difficult decisions. and that's why we have a dinsointed res from the white house and the : nancy, congressman eshoo is going to call dr. bright to testify about the experience. will house democrats pursue investigations on all of these issues?nc i asked pelosi about that in her pressonference and saidlu ably. and here's where the real-world situation creates logistical situations. you can be sure that the house already scheduled a hearing featuring doctol bright and want to haul him before congress as quickly as possible to hear what he has to say. at this point we are in this limbo where we believe that the
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house will come back to washington on may 4, but that is pending the decisns by not district of columbt also the capitol physician and sergeant it arms. tha decision that is being made if all of those officials decide it is not safe, that datg wi pushed back again and some of the urgency will be on lost. there was a lot of discussion over the las couple of weeks of enabling members to hold hearings remotely. the technology allows them to do that, b there has been a lot of debate over that's a good idea, whether theyit could d securely and its i tied to remote voting and has been punted f now which means it could be weeks before dr. bright
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speaks to congress. robert: could he come to testify before congress this summer? nancy: house democrats are eager to hear it. as long as the house is back here in washington and in session, it appears that both des are eager to make that happen. robe: shannon, one time question on ts, hydroxychloroquine, the f.d.a. should a statement, the president touted a lab study about sunright. the political advisers are saying, maybe enough with the news conferences, but is going to pull back about making statements that are not approved by the f.d.a. about treatments? shannon: it has been two weeks since he talked abouthy oxychloroquine. he raised in a briefing that he d coronavirus survivors who
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came into the cabinet room. but tha w pretty much it. there has been a chip, chip, chip of stories of studies and medical studies raising questions about this. the f.d.a. put out a statement cautiononning people not to use the f.d.a. commissioner was at the briefing and talked about a test t had been approved but made no mention of this new warning about the faffed aboutd hyychloroquine. it not talk on fox news. so i think on this front, white house is frying to distance themselves from that. t as we saw in the briefing with the light and the disinfectant, the can't help himself from wanting to go down the path of a miracle cure and talked about a vackine coming very soon, which it i not. but again, trying to get into
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dr. trump's mind set and we continue to see that. robert: so the briefing is the big story in washington for political reporters most days. but the big story for almost every american is the economy, what is going on with their bank account aneconomy and four million americans filed for unemployment. and the "washington post" noletted that jobless figures been seen. congress responded to this economic pain by passing a an aid package. in short, it includes, $300 billion for the small business program, and hospitals and virus testing. $500 billion was sought by governors. senator mcconnell opposed that request sparking fury from sore
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governors. and lookingo jump start theirs, economovernor cuomo was at the white house with the president this week. frankly, this is no time to act stupidly, perid. et the pressure. i get the politics. we can't make a bad decision and we can't be stupid about it. this is not going to be over.y time soon. robert: senator kemp of -- governor kemp of georgia is openingusinesses. it came after pressure from conservatives and this message. president trump: i told the governor of georgia that i disagreey stron with his decision to open certain facilities which are in violation of the phase one
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guidelines. the same time, he mus do what he thinks is right. i want him to do whahehinks is right. but i disagree with him on what hes ing. robert: nancy, how much of a rd line is the majority leader aking on this upcoming negotiation? will he yield on negotiati to aid to state we have seen him back off on previous rounds of talks? nancy: you watched him conduct these negotiations in the past. and h is a savvy negotiator and if he stakes it out in the beginning where it looks like it is only democrats that want this state funding, he can go ahead and give i to them and said i have given you what you want and here's what i want. when the realitys, frankly, that mere republicans along with democrats know that statesre going to need another baiut.
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their revenue is shrinking rapidly and spending more to combat this crisis and both governors are telling congress they are goi to need this these funds. i'm not sure that mcconnell is going to ttick tos position, but clearly as congresss r for the next negotiation over a cares 2 or phase four, whatever you call it, that is going to be a big part of it and he is trying to find a negotiating position to enable him to get things he wants. robert: you just filed a story for "washington post." what is the real sry behind the scenes scenes? he is in line but in odds with the president? toluse: he was able to propel himself tohe top of the ticket. but since he took office, he has
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clashed with the president in clueding his the new senator. president trump one of his. senator collins and we see them clashing of the opening up o georgia. present trump seemed to be very much in favor of the fact that georgia was going to open up very quickly as late asnd la week a this week. there was pushback that spass nd bowling alleys would be inclooded and they said that isn't what they recommended and that was indirect contrast to guidelinesrump's own which the president has seemed unfamiliar with. e president decided to publicly rebuke governor rebuke and surprising the governor's aids after speaking to president
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trum but he criticized him on wednesday and doubled down and this. happy how he was handling president trump had called governor kemp asand him to modify his order and governor kemp declined and said he was going to move forward and that clash is continuing with the top republican governor and the president. robert: you covered the tea party for years and you said earlier this being a cultu war, we saw thousands of the wisconsin state capol,s there a new tea party on the right to pressuree s of these governors? jeremy there is an element of the conservative base which is unhappy with these restricks. i think, though, the question is what type ofonrvativism does that represent and is that brand of conservativism dead because
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of the coronavirus? and t thinks is something that i hear my sources talking abt. the answer is free-marketns vativism is on life support. it is an ideology that republans have no use for and almost zero political will from e people to see those types of policiesct e. small government-free market conservativism reay has role in this type of environment. d so when you see these protestors. there areds thousn michigan, kentucky there are hundreds. robert:hey are pretty small. jeremy by and large they have small and fringey. people are waving confederate flags and carrying semi-automatic weapons. this is not an outpoing that we covered in 2009 and 2010.
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i do think, though, there is a difference between that type of uprising and revolt, which is fairly contained and the type that you could see slowly bubbling up. i woo kite call it a revolt but as people described it to me, ence are fraying. there are people who are home now at weeks. robert: they are getting restless. jeremy, i want toll get shannon in here real sp the fight on the right. the president is pushing onio immigr is that going to continue with more executive orders? shanno that was the way to get the topic back into his comfortable turf. he wanted to talk about immigration and can't. a way to get the conversation on his turf for the number one
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issue for rep plicans andnt this picture of a future where there are so many jobs that immigrants are flooding here. and spin the thing forward and people think things will be t bettn they actually will be. robert: packing it all into 30 minus is not easy in weeks like. ncy cordes, jeremy peter shannon pettypiece and toluse olorunnipa. our conversation will continu online. is week's topic, the 2020 campaign. i'm robert costa, good night from washington. >> corporate funding for
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