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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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york for the opening of the un general assembly. this comes one one day after they gathered in london for the state funeral for for queen elizabeth ii. the 25 mile procession returning the queen to the castle and we will go live in the next half an hour. for now, let's get a check check on weather and traffic beginning with the weather. > >> we are starting to dry out. we have a little bit of rain let rain left in that system that pushed in on sunday but now we need to start off with the fact that hurricane fiona is out just just south, tracking north from where puerto rico currently is d is and as we extend into the next couple of days, this
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hurricane is still gaining stre. gaining strength. temperatures are warming up. it is expected o be a category four. turning off in the eastern section leaving most of the landfall clear. back back here in the bay area, an area of low pressure bringing much more moisture to the atmos. this is what it is looking like on doppler. that system parked offshore is bringing a lot of lightning at tivoli. by the time time it is supposed to make landfall, it will be a lot drie. lot drier. mostly dry conditions conditions and partly cloudy skies along the coast. it is nol the daytime highs start to rise that we have heat in the atmosp. the atmosphere. that is when we have these pop-up storms mostly in the east inland hills. we may may see late-night systems push through but it will be like drizzle. no more extreme activity like yesterday and we will talk about that coming up n the full forecast. > >> let's take a look at your ro.
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your roadways. we will start off off at 205 and 580. the altamont altamont pass is already getting getting busy with all of those bright lights. let's get over te altamont pass. there is a high d advisory in effect this morning and you start to see the red. it red. it is a 36 minute drive from 205 over to 680. at the san san mateo bridge, things are moving smoothly in both directi. 12 minutes from 880 two 101. metering lights are still off. not much traffic at the toll pl, toll plaza, seven minutes into san francisco. > >> a heads up for a lot of comm. of commuters. thousands of people will be heading into downtown, san francisco. > >> we will noticed that going home from work. it is all because of that mega conference at the muskogee cancer --
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center. this will be the biggest biggest in-person convention sie 2019. this morning, how hotels d hotels and restaurants in the financial district are looking to cash in on all of the new cu. new customers. >> reporter: it is the start of the best and busiest week, yet. the kitchen is laced with the scent of great food and workers are busy plating the next dish. the dining room chatter is at its peak. the financial district district restaurant says it is fully committed every night of the week thanks to dreamforce. suspect it feels very refreshing refreshing coming out of 2 1/2 years of slower times. especially in the financial dis. financial district. we just hope hope that we can do this not only during big events. >> reporter: >> reporter: demand was so high that he reconfigured the dining room for the week and expanded smaller tables to accommodate
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larger parties. suspect this is one of the most spectacular views. >> reporter: the four seasons san francisco embarcadero is completely booked starting tues. starting tuesday. the 155-room hotel just finished full renovation in july. >> we could not be happier. this this is a great week for us, onf the best since the opening. this this is by far the best week. >> reporter: >> reporter: the restaurant and lounge are also booked for related events. >> it has been a long time but our lobby is l the time. the bar is doing great. you know, we are open. >> reporter: events are expected are expected to reach economic impacts of more than $400 million this year compared to just $20 million the year befor. year before. the hotel occupancy occupancy this year is projected projected to reach 67% over 202. over 2021. in san francisco,
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betty yu, kpix 5 news . > >> meanwhile, organizers are warning attendees to be aware of of your surroundings and take of take off badges when you are out out and about amid a spike in bs and robberies. > >> this morning, two women are in the hospital after being shot shot and injured in the missiont mission district, yesterday eve. yesterday evening. we have learned one of the women was left with life-threatening injuries. so far, no arrest and no word on exactly what led up to that shooting. > >> a big area counsel poll taken taken earlier this year found fewer than half of the voters think the bay area is a safe place to live. nearly 2/3 say they avoid downtown because of crime. > >> two and half years ago, the pandemic hit and our lives changed forever. now, president biden has declared the pandemic is over. >> the pandemic is over. we
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still have a problem with covid and we are still doing a lot of work on it but the pandemic is over. >> white house officials say that the president's comments dd not signal a change in the poli. the policy. the president made the declaration on 60 minutes on minutes on a trip to the auto s. auto show. >> certainly caused some waves, catching a lot of people up hard hard including the doctor from f from ucsf. >> i was really surprised by president biden's remark. i think it took a lot of people by by surprise and for me, it is not really over. in the hospita, we are still seeing sick people with covid even though it is much lower than before. >> while hospitals are still seeing patients and deaths, the numbers are trending in the baya bay area. >> about seven out of nine are . are low. if you are not
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immunocompromised or elderly and and boosted, you can probably gt go out to most places without a. a mask. i would still carry my k around because it all depends on on contact. >> the doctor says anyone in high risk groups should take precautions and also says improving ventilation in buildings can prevent the spread spread of several airborne infections and viruses. > >> to our fire watch and the rain is helping to put a damper on the mosquito fire. the 76,000 76,000 acre blaze in plaster and and el dorado is now 39% contai. 39% contained. that number has doubled since friday and some evacuees are returning home but there is concern that the rain could trigger a different problem, mudslides. expect some people will have to worry about it after this rain. >> let's check the outlook and there are indications that
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warmer and drier weather are returning the last week of september into october. > >> you love your pumpkin spice lattes. do you look forward to it every year? >> every single year but i will have it way too fast and be done be done with the whole remainder remainder of the year. >> i get you. good news, it is pumpkin season. and one local plot is gearing up. >> all right, let's go to work. >> reporter: frank has a lot of work ahead of him. to his family farm in half and g where he will bend the next several hours. >> since i was eight years old, i was on a tractor. >> reporter: >> reporter: so naturally, the farm is where frank is most at e at home. >> just being out in the sunshine in the open air and i d not trade it for anything. >> reporter: >> reporter: peak pumpkin season
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season is just around the corne. around the corner. and as you can see, frank and his worker, carlos, have a lot of pumpkins they have to pick. on this day, the two of them will only get to to so many. >> i don't know how our business our business is going to turn out this year, if we are going o be busier or less busy. that is the one million-dollar quen,milt don't know. laughter potakes a lot of pride in his pumpkin and just about everything he plans. he is is a third-generation farmer. his family has been farming the land here for almost 100 years.e has learned a lot like the importance of pumpkin season. these pumpkins will soon be up for sale and the more he sells, the more comfort his family has heading into the winter. >> our business slows way down because you cannot get out into the field as often and you cannot harvest as much. the products are growing at a much slower rate so this is our last.
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>> reporter: he will make the tp the trip from home to the field and back several times over the coming weeks and has he gets ready to unload the days haul, his mom shows us what most people come to pick before the pumpkin season reaches its peak. peak. the andreotti families sunflowers. >> people will take these and hang them upside down in the gae or on a fence and let them dry. and they will eat them or they l they will feed them to the squis or the birds. >> reporter: along with his pum, his pumpkins, he takes pride in his display. a good one leads to to more profit. >> it is what we do every year. >> reporter: a pumpkin patch he is proud of. in half moon bay, max darrow. > >> we are only two days away from fall and the weather is already starting to change with
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that rain pushing in. >> we can go get a pumpkin spice pumpkin spice latte. >> we can make our own from thes we are getting from the pumpkin patch. [ laughter ] > >> coming up, there are new leads into who could be responsible for hacking uber in san francisco. the group behindt behind it may shock
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>> it is 5:14 on your bay area . > >> oakland police are investigag are investigating two separate shootings the left people dead. the first at 7:45 on telegraph avenue, last night. two men were were killed and a third was inj. just 45 minutes later, a man with a gunshot wound died at 20th street and 22nd avenue. no word on suspects. > >> we are learning details aboue hackers who hit uber's headquarters. the company thinks thinks the hackers may be linked to a notorious group that hit kent last year after malware afd malware affected a personal device of a company contractor. kent does not believe users information was hacked. > >> a small number have passed tested positive for west nile v. nile virus. the affected
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neighborhoods are getting notic. getting notices. weather permitting, crews will start that treatment at 10:00 dm on ty on tuesday. > >> it is time for the weather and traffic. let's begin with meteorologist, jessica burch. > >> it is slowly moving out. that that area of low pressure is st. is strong. it has been sitting e for the past couple of days bringing widespread storms. yesterday, it was more isolated but today, for the most part, we we are seeing activity offshore with a lot of lightning activit. lightning activity. that is going to stay offshore for the most part. we are seeing isolated storms. this is not acy not actually any activity. sometimes when the surface level surface level is cooler, we see activity but that is really notg really nothing. this is what we are expect to. partly cloudy moe highs start to rise. when the eh
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the earth starts to warm up, tht the heat will rise and and uplift will happen. that is why we see pop-up storms. relative humidity is high as we head into into the evening hours. we might might see some pop-up storms until about 8:00. daytime highs are topping out to the upper 70. upper 70s. 60s along the coast and as we extend into the next couple of days, this area will e will leave for a high pressure system to park behind it and tht will dry us out and warm us up . up significantly. about a 10 degrees jump and even warmer, a. warmer, actually. 70s and 60s today, 80s tomorrow. if you are thinking ahead for any outdoor , outdoor deputies, friday and saturday is a great day to do it. upper 80s and lower 90s fore east inland hills. cool 70s thin
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this afternoon from the north bay to the east bay. like i said, scattered showers expected and we will keep a close eye on on doppler. > >> we are looking forward to the the weekend. let's start off with a look at how things are going for our supercomputers. this is the caltrans camera. a lot of brake lights this mornin. this morning. let's go to the altamont pass. there is a high wind advisory. it is a 45 minute minute drive from 205 over two 680. things are moving good, you you are starting to see those bright lights. 12 minutes from 0 two 101. let's give you a live k at the golden gate bridge. things are moving pretty smooth. pretty smoothly. about a 19 minute drive from 207 over to
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the bridge. metering lights are still off and you can see things things are moving smoothly. it is about a seven minute drive from the maze into the city. > >> the time is 5:19. taxing they to fund electric cars and wildfires are ahead. we will take a deeper dive into proposition 30 and why the governor is siding with republin with republican to stand agains. against it. > >> i am looking forward to this. this one. kelly clarkson gets
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>> welcome back. i hope you are hungry for lunch or at least this much time forecast. heading the coast, it is pretuch -i. atar of low pressure offshore has been keeping us nice and cool and the humidity is pretty high. as we head into the afternoon, daytime daytime highs are topping off in in the 70s. all the way to the t inland hills, 72. let's take a look at futurecast, partly cloudy skies and sunny conditio. sunny conditions. we might see a see a pop-up shower as we head into the 2:00 hour all the way into the evening. this is due te
5:23 am
humidity still being high and that heat rising in the atmosphere allowing for convective activity that is left left over from yesterday. we will keep you updated here in te weather center. > >> happy tuesday. it is time for for the morning mix. let's taket further back to 2002, back when britney and justin were still together, spider-man broke bob s bob costas box office records. ] [ music ] >> i heard somebody singing. [ laughter ] winner of the first n of american idol, kelly clarkso, just got her star on the walk o. of fame. this singer will be jod by the longtime collaborator as well as the original american
5:24 am
idol judges. clarkson's homecoming ceremony gave her the the walk of fame's 2733rd star. >> shout out to her for getting that star. we have our own star. star, here. jocelyn, every single morning like 3:00, 3:30, she walks in and what do you say? >> [ music ] because of you [ c ] >> and that is a depressing son. depressing song. >> i don't know what it is that we have our own star. it is a good song. >> i don't know what it is. it is stuck in my head every morning and i have no clue. it doesn't happen on the weekends but only during the weekdays. >> >> good for kelly clarkson. she has reinvented herself several s
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several times from singing to cooking and now she is doing a talk show. > >> things got a little hot and steamy at a meet and greet and it has got people on social media talking. ] [ music ] [ music ] >> okay. security. >> enrique iglesias shocked bands after posting a video of himself smooching a fan in vegas vegas on friday. originally, he gave the fan a kiss on the cheek the cheek but when she turned, s got more than cheeky. fans are expressing jealousy and outrage that he would do this to his longtime girlfriend and former tennis player. >> i was on his side at first but the fact that he posted tha, that video, it makes me questio.
5:26 am
question it. because if you look look at the video, at some poin, some point, he kind of pushes away a little bit. do you know what i mean? but he posted the video. i don't know. >> yeah, for what reason? >> i want to hear what his girlfriend has to say. what is r response to this? we will see. > >> it is 5:26. one royal era begins and another begins. britain's final salute to queen elizabeth ii. > >> as we celebrate, there
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♪♪ four delicious pieces of chocolate. three crisp wafers. two layers of sweet kit kat filling. one incredible break. have a break. have a kit kat.
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>> 5:28 and daytime for a look t this morning's top stories. > >> the california woman who fakd who faked her own kidnapping was
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was just sentenced to prison. she pleaded guilty to making false statements and mail fraud. back in 2016, she was reported missing and resurfaced telling police that two hispanic women kidnapped and tortured her. her sentencing includes three and half years of supervised release. > >> the department of justice is cracking down on fraud related to covid-19, launching three new new > >> force groups and several peoe in the bay area have already been convicted of these crimes.y crimes. specifically, false claims to treat or test for the. the u.s. attorney's office in sacramento and l.a. will collaborate and in conjunction with teams in florida and maryland. > >> in mexico, a magnitude 7.6 ee 7.6 earthquake hit the central t central coast killing at least e person and it set off alarms asr as mexico city. the tsunami
5:30 am
warning was initially canceled. > >> let's check with meteorologist, jessica burch. > >> at system that brought all of of that rain is still sticking . sticking around. as we start off off this morning, taking a live, live look, we see that area of low pressure circulating in a counterclockwise direction. winds pushing in from the southt the southwest and we are seeing a little bit of rain. this activity that you see is actually not rain. this is in te bay area. when the surface leves actually cooler than the warm air aloft, the radar is pickingp a little bit of a cavity. don't be alarmed. we will see some grn on the map. these are the pop-us as we are heading into the afte. the warm air lifts into the atmosphere and moisture is left.
5:31 am
left over. we will see some scattered showers in the forecast. end to the week, we will start drying up as high pre pushes in. we will see sunnier s sunnier skies and we will talk about that coming up in your full forecast. > >> let's take a look at your ro. everything is looking pretty smh pretty smooth the exception exception of our supercomputers. that is why we want to start with the caltrans camera heading camera heading to the altar mig. altar might. a lot of brake lights as people are starting to to commute. traffic is definitely building up. over the the ultimate pass, there is a high wind advisory. it is a 49 minute drive. keep that in minds you are heading out the door. all of the traffic out there. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. it is about an 8-minute ride into the city with
5:32 am
with metering lights turned on. > >> attending yesterday's funerar queen elizabeth at westminster abbey. later, she was laid to rt to rest next to her husband and parent inside of a chapel on the the grounds of windsor castle. ian lee has been tracking all of all of the ceremonies and procession and joins us live from london. >> reporter: good morning. life is starting to get back to normal and the streets are busy. people are back in the shops but the loss of queen elizabeth still weighs on the hearts of m. of million. generations of quees queen elizabeth's descendents were front and center during her during her emotional state general inside westminster abbey, yesterday. among them, king charles iii, his son, prince william and nine-year-old
5:33 am
prince george who is second in line. a handwritten note read, "in loving and devoted memory." it was signed charles r. the funeral drew heads of states frm around the world including president biden with the first lady and commonwealth ministers from canada, australia and new zealand. >> we recall her lifelong sense of duty and dedication to her pe her people. >> reporter: after the service, the family watched as the coffin the coffin was loaded into a he. a hearse. and then the pageantrd pageantry continued with queen elizabeth passing through the hs of the british capitol one last time. >> reporter: thousands lined the the streets of london to watch the 25-mild procession from westminster abbey to the castlee castle were the service. soon after, the coffin was lowered into the vault. a piper who woke
5:34 am
woke the queen every morning played one final time for her as she was laid to rest. >> the royal family still has one more official week of mourng of mourning despite the nationag national morning. king charles, we are hearing, is in scotland and you may remember us keeping tabs on that long line that was going into westminster hall. we now know after four days, people people waiting hours and hours, how many people made it inside and officials are saying 250,00e 250,000 people paid respects to queen elizabeth. > >> before we let you go, we know know the focus is shifting to king charles. what do we know about his upcoming crowning? >> reporter: >> reporter: we know it is going going to take place right behind
5:35 am
behind me here at westminster a. westminster abbey.atto d know know thll wein the imperial sten on the coffin, that is being red being resized so it will fit hi. fit him. he will wear it after e ceremony, after the coronation and leave the aapi with the crown. we do not know the date,. date, yet. a lot of people are expecting it to happen sometime next year. > >> 5:35 and back here in califo, in california, wildfire prevention, air quality, electric cars, these are all big all big issues and buzzwords in a controversial measure this no. this november. proposition 30 would tax the wealthiest californians to help pay for electric cars and while fire prevention but even our governor who has made these issues a top top priority is speaking out against it. we take a closer lok at why the critics say there is
5:36 am
a hidden agenda. >> reporter: initiatives to combat climate change but proposition 30 [ technical difficulties ] >> here is they were reality we face every day. >> reporter: the ad starts with a wildfire because some of the money would go toward hiring ang more firefighters as well as prs to fight pollution. that is why clean air and the oakland mayor are supporting it. >> prop 30 is an innovative measure that all californians mt californians must support as if their lives depended on it. >> reporter: the measure would e would increase state income tax by 1.7% on earnings of over $2 million a year raising between three and 4 1/2 billion dollars with the vast majority, 80% going to support rebates for electric vehicles and more uv charging stations. a lot of
5:37 am
people are surprised by who is opposing it. governor gavin newsom, a starch supporter sayst says lift is bankrolling the campaign for prop 30 as a way tt to get taxpayers to help the company by new electric vehicles. rideshare companies are required to be all electric by 2030 and newsome said in a statement, prop 30 is a special, a cynical scheme devised by a corporation to funnel state income tax revenue to the compa. but since it is taxing the rich, the average voter would never e to pay it. then bill is a place with a lot of voters but he doesn't think prop 30 is a bad a bad idea. >> from what i hear, it is a good thing. why not tax the wealthy. they can afford it. >> reporter: >> reporter: but jeffrey thinks it is a matter of basic fairness . >> if it benefits everybody, and and everybody should contribute.
5:38 am
>> reporter: siegel isn't sure what to think that he admits the the political division is raising his suspicions. >> when you get someone like governor newsom whose feelings are pretty well known, he surprises you with the decision like this, you have to wonder if if there isn't something behind. >> reporter: if prop 30 is passed, the tax would take effect in january of next year and last until 2043 or anytime after 2030 if the state has admissions falling well below the 1990 levels. john ramis, kpix 5 . > >> from 30 has received strong support from the public policy institute of california. 55% supported the measure with 40% d 40% opposed. > >> nearly 1 million people are without running water after the hurricane ripped through the dominican republic after the storm rick havoc across puerto
5:39 am
rico leaving the island in a was driven by 90 mile an hour ed winds and dumped 25 inches of rn and caused fierce flooding. the national guard had to rescue hu. rescue hundreds. the puerto rico rico community is mobilizing to. >> i talked to my family in poly in policy and they are like, the like, the trees are down and ths a lot of water. >> we have been trying to help them replace it. it is not an easy task to get this generator replaced. >> the civic club in san jose ig to raise money and send generators to the island. there are many organizations in the bay area helping puerto rico and rico and you can find that listn under top stories. > >> as we think about hispanic he
5:40 am
month, we have to talk about ths about this. there is a serious n affecting the latino community. we are talking about the monkey. the monkeypox. communication has has been slow to reach the community bearing the brunt of the cases. >> reporter: the beauty of the mexican culture is alive and wel in the area. the music, dance, e food and togetherness bring happiness and a sense of commun. of community. but for many, the joy belies a serious community concern. the struggle for help equality. >> there have been disparities for centuries. and the disparities are created by systs by systems, systems of oppression, racism, discriminat. , discrimination.
5:41 am
>> he is an artistic director, r a cofounder and a public health worker. he says the crisis thate to the surface during covid is raging again with monkeypox. >> there is some anxiety in the. the community. now, how do i know who have it? am i going to be safe going to be gathering os of friends? >> there are 156 confirmed cases cases in santa clara county. the the community makes up 55% and about 80% are and bisexual men . . similar trends are happening t the bay area and the u.s.. >> anybody can get monkeypox. what is it that latinos are becoming more affected? because all of the sociocultural factors sociocultural factors that puts somebody at risk.
5:42 am
>> i don't think there is enough public awareness that has reacd has reached the population that needs to be reached. >> the doctor is the medical director at the community-basedh services in san jose and says p, often crowded living conditionsd deficient messaging to spanish thinking people are all factors. factors. >> i think the majority is primy is primarily in english. it needs to reach the hispanic pop. hispanic population. it needs to to reach all of the ethnic populations, right? and not jus. just hispanic. unfortunately, it it is the hispanic population that is being affected the most. most. >> reporter: monkeypox is exposing with mrs. when it comes comes to the latin community bus life moves on, the community is once again praised for lien cy the underlying
5:43 am
problems are still here seemingly stuck on repeat. >> i hope we don't see resilience like okay, you can put up with anything. we had too it and we did it. hopefully, there was a time where we don't have to speak to that, where we can say we have the same access that other folks have. >> len ramirez, kpix 5 . > >> that lady in the interview ss interview says there is not enoh public information to reach thag community. >> this is exactly what we saw during covid. a lot of minorities being disproportionately affected and now we are seeing that with mon. with monkeypox. > >> still ahead on our money watch headlines, the benefits eg for starbucks employees starting starting next month. > >> trey lance all smiles after surgery for his season-ending i.
5:44 am
season-ending injury. so what is is next? vern
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> it is 5:46. > >> starbucks ending covid sick paperworkers in less than two w.
5:47 am
two weeks. the chain says it is shifting to the endemic phase. the company told employees theyd they could receive up to two wes if they were dark no store expod store exposed and needed to self-isolate. > >> federal regulators giving a thumbs down to a proposal that could reduce pilot training hou. training hours. public airways wanted to address the shortage. half of the 1500 hours normally required and now denied saying the program does not provide an equivalent level of save the. republic operates about 1000 flights per day for american eagle, delta connection and united express. > >> now, we are trying out a
5:48 am
little bit. > >> we are starting to dry out. things are going to look a lot . lot different. yesterday, we saw saw sunshine along the coast but but looking to the east and seeing those dark clouds, that is going to be the case, today. this area of low pressure still parked offshore and a little bit bit more instability. we are already seeing those storms push push north heading north along the sierra. here in the bay area , this is called ducting. the surface area is a little bit cor bit cooler but as we head into the afternoon, we will see pockets storms pushing their way way north, closer to concorde and livermore. these are light systems pushing through, this eg this evening. over the next coue of days, it will start to taperf taper off. this area of low
5:49 am
pressure brought in much-neededn much-needed rain. santa rosa almost got to one inch. we had half of an inch in the santa clara valley, alone. over the w, the weekend, high pressure replaces low pressure and it wil dry up and warm up into the next next couple of days. we are still dealing with 70s, today. a a beautiful forecast heading into the afternoon. daytime highs are still below average. pressure cools us off and sometimes brings in rain. we are are still dealing with the 60s,, along the coast. 70s return to the forecast. we will warm up as up as we head into the weekend. it is a very similar trend for . for microclimates. we will keep you updated on this warming trend here in the weather center. > >> we are going to take a look
5:50 am
at the roadways, this morning. we are going to start off over in gilroy. that is a trouble spt on 101 because debris is scattered all across the lanes. this is before mason avenue. the the two right lanes are closed leaving only the left lane open. expect delays in the area but e will keep an eye on that and up. let's look elsewhere. the altamont pass, there is a high wind advisory in effect, this morning. it is a 45 minute drive from 205 over to 680. the metering lights have officially turned on. about 15 minutes ago. you can already see the backup. nine minutes from the maze into into the city and let's give you give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. 19 minutes from 37 over to the bridge. let's give you a look at the nimitz freeway. things are looking good in both directions.
5:51 am
> >> we have to keep talking about talking about the 49ers. jimmy k a pay cut with trey lance injured, jimmy g is about to mae some of that money back. > >> it is time for the red and gold report and where do the 49ers go from here? the short answer, denver. trey lance. if anyone can take on the quarterback role, it is jimmy garoppolo. >> this is the reason why you buy insurance. you don't want to to have to use it. >> those premiums are about to go up. the new contract was setp for him to earn an additional $250,000 per game and another 100 grand per win. >> now that you said it, it
5:52 am
feels good. you are not thinkint that stuff out there. you are in in the game trying to get guys . guys ready. >> with the red and gold report, report, i am vern glenn. > >> designer mansion coming up. we will show you the very unusual feature in a san francisco property. > >> coming up, the former charlie's angels costar stops by .
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>> welcome back. we still have another chance of rain, a lot less than yesterday and even lesser than the day before. look look at these offshore storms. t of lightning cavity associated. by the time it makes landfall, we will not be seen too much activity. we will see some pop-up storms in the afternoon but that is due to how moist it is going to be even into the afternoon hours where daytime highs are maxing into the 70s. we could potentially add to thee rain totals. we got about half of an inch in san jose. >
5:56 am
>> a san francisco mansion that just hit the market comes with y unusual feature. a private pool. the 7000 square foot tall home has a ton of open space, natural natural light and a view of the. the ocean. but why swim there when you have that swimming pool? you also get your own private access to baker beach. >> oh, i wanted so badly. it is never going to happen. > >> the red planet captures the eye of the nasa telescope. new images capturing the brightest s brightest objects in the earth'y earth's sky. > >> the excitement for high-techa high-tech extravaganza. > >> for the first time in three ,
5:57 am
three years, world leaders will gather for a full in person gathering at the un.
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>> we could not be happier. i think this is a great week with. one of the best weeks we have seen since the opening. > >> right now, downtown san francisco buzzing. the anticipan the anticipation. > >> the ceo is sharing his personal story. >> this is a gain that does this this all the time and they have targeted me from the parking lot. > >> the safety concerns not only for him but for his employees in in the city. > >>


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