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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> there are a lot of people ina real housing crisis. strachan eviction battle on the water. the boaters that say they are about to be set adrift. > >> homeowner standing ground ang orders to leave as flames marchd the northern california town. sn is not often that governor newsom sites with republicans but tonight he is taking a stand a stand against a push for more electric cars. a political expert weighs in on why. strucke oakland coliseum is packed toni. it is mbas drawing the crown. > >> evictions aren't just happening on land. tonight, a group of voters are fighting toy
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the south san francisco marina with a month to go before being set adrift. they took the plea to leaders tonight. >> the people that called oyster called oyster cove a home for years to the struggle was like so many. >> we remind them what we are f. are facing. >> reporter: they went before the south san francisco city col on wednesday to ask for help before they are forced out. >> everyone is working-class fixed income. >> the owners terminating leases leases and reevaluating how to use space. around 30 people could move to a nearby arena for arena for a two one year. >> it is painful. >> reporter: she lives here parf the week that said she won't have a place to stay after the lease ends. she is worried abous not able to find a new home. >> it is dangerous. it is unsafe for
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these folks. as elders, somebody elders, somebody will get badly hurt. >> some residents may even anchor out where the tide to live on the water at all times.y leaders say they have been ableo meet with marina owners but are working to get more accommodations. >> hopefully we can get them accommodations where they will l well taken care of. >> we reached out to 2 companies to 2 companies connected to the property but did not hear back.r this summer, marina owner told s they were working with boat owns to make the transition as painless as possible by giving four months notice in waiving f. >> i see these people hurting. >> residence have been needed at needed at least two years to save up and more money from the owner would have helped. he said said he and his neighbors are about to become the latest victims of the high cost of living in the area.
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>> there are a lot of people ina real crisis. > >> governor newsom is siding with political enemies against a against a push to put more electric cars on the road. prop 30 would tax people that are in $2 million or more, generating p to $5 billion in annual revenue. revenue. most of that will go toward helping people buy electric cars and install charging stations. lyft was bankrolling that campaign which has support for clean air. cal fire and the democratic party. >> proposition 30 would help millions make the transition to electric vehicles. vehicles that that should be for everyone. >> i need to warn you about pron 30. one company scheme to grab a a huge taxpayer-funded subsidy.
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>> and a new ad, newsom accusest of trying to force taxpayers to foot the bill for its own clean energy conversion. estate law rs rideshare miles to be 90% electric by 2030. now for politl watchers, stance is another signal that he may position himself for a presidential run. >> as far as i can tell, he hasa view to national politics. he is he is being careful not to go to far out. >> on a lot of the progressive y positions that he normally might might go out on, he still has to has to persuade a lot of the country that california is not n absurd place with absurd policy positions and arbitrarily taxing arbitrarily taxing the rich. >> he has repeatedly denied any interest in the oval office. that said, reelection campaign s not spending much here. insteadg ads in texas and florida criticizing governors. > >> support for prop 30 appears g
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at the moment. a new public poly poll has it whinnying by 15 points. > >> sales are accelerating tonigt after california moved to ban te sale of new cars by 2035. even h the promised incentives, not al >> my concern is the range. where can i find a charger? >> we hear range anxiety. >> the road trip will be electr. be electrified. > >> president biden promised to make recharging reliable by buig chargers along 53,000 miles of national highway. since last ye, automakers have invested nearly 85 billion dollars in electric vehicles. the average cost is around $66,000 compared to $48,0 for gas cars. >> it has to be figured out.
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>> then there's the question of where that power will come from. come from. as we found out, we don't have a lot to spare, unless people get into the habit habit of charging off-peak. >> it is less of a concern about the total amount of electricity and more about the where and when. > >> a single bullet could be theg gun that puts former ghost ship master back behind bars. strachan major development in a murder case that riveted the country and became the subject of a podcast. > >> the homeowners refusing to evacuate is the mosquito fire marches their way. > >> heartwarming reunion. our family got their french bulldog back after an interstate highest.
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i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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>> a single bullet could put thn at the center of the ghost ship warehouse fire back behind bars. behind bars. the newsgroup reports that probation officers found a 38 caliber round at his mendocino county home along with along with the machete and bowsd arrows. the big problem is the bullet, felons cannot possess ammunition. peer proposing to re his probation. he was released last year on good behavior and time served after reaching a plea deal in the fire that killed 36 people. >
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>> advances in technology help e a 40-year-old cold case. investigators had circumstantial circumstantial evidence pointing evidence pointing to eric drummond. they didn't have enough to bring charges. and analysis revealed his dna. he will never be charged. he died earlier this year. > >> the mosquito fire has explodd across nearly 64,000 acres. that acres. that is more than twice the size of san francisco. contt has fallen from 25% to 20%. hom, businesses and vital infrastruce are under threat, including a hydroelectric dam. >> the largest powerhouse is in pretty imminent danger. as of this morning the fire was abouta mile away. we are concerned beyd
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the immediate impact. >> in total, five powerplant, to reservoirs and seven dams are all under threat. so are thousas of homes. > >> more than 11,000 people have been ordered out. tonight about0 homeowners are standing around, including a man that said wildle depend on them. >> i see him in a panic mode. >> the fire destroyed more than 60 buildings so far. > >> darren peck is in for paul with the conditions. >> we may be able to get some help on that fire. i will go right into the. friday through tuesday here. the odds go as high as 50%. it won't get any higher at this point. look at sy and monday. even tuesday possibly. there is a system
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developing which is showing more more promise by the day that it can actually bring the first ran of the season. we have to look all the way past the gulf of al. the system will develop quickly. develop quickly. we can track in some long-range models. we cannot get too specific yet. the is a lot of agreement in the long-range models. the best target will be sunday. the timig is likely going to adjust. between now and the weekend, in terms of what is the most likele of rain and where will it be centered. there is hopeful optim as we get closer that we will get rain. the pattern in the ate looks like it will work in our favor. the system will come down come down the coast and not slide down the nevada side whics usually what happens in the
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fall. then we miss out on raining at offshore wind. that was very much a possibility as of yesterday and still could happen. the overwhelming odds ae pointing toward that for now. before we get to sunday, we have we have a couple of days. the wr is not changing. we will see the will see the marine layer do t same thing temperature wise for the next few days. staying below average. daytime high temperatures with more blue sky than anything else, probably anr cool cloud show. we were buildig nice clouds over the hills. it is a good cloud watching day. tw will be like that again. we will will also stay cool. in the sevn day we are staying cool. happy o be able to use the rain icons. on sunday and monday, perhaps tuesday. the timing will shift a
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a bit. so will the confidence. t is nice to see from yesterday to to today. we were able to take a take a big leap in the confidence. looks like we have a have a real shot. > >> straightahead, the 49ers began installing the game plan r sunday's home opener. will george kittle be part of it? > >> here are tonight's guest on e late show. steve
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>> bad bunnies world tour at the the coliseum. the venue packed to the brim. the entire stadium singing along.
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> >> chopper five spotted huge clouds as fans clambered to get in. it turns out that bad bunnies also a fan of san rafael san rafael so food. the restaurt posted a picture in the kitchent wouldn't say what he ordered. i know you have been there. i like fried pork chops. > >> the bears lost. the team was back on the practice field today. the head coach that george kittle is making progresm his groin injury. we will see if see if we spot him tomorrow. > >> how is trey lance feeling? hs sore from sunday's game. he was
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the leading rusher. ran 13 time. he is still building endurance o take so many hits.'s >> my neck was sore. it is to build up. >> it is the deal. there arys to own forward without taking the hits. >> there will be some to protect protect himself. this is for him for him and us to work through. >> geno smith is the seahawks quarterback. seattle is an unde. held strong behind smith in the win over denver. he beat the brs and russell wilson. it did not go unnoticed. >> watching on tape, it looks good. is one of those things
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where you have to respect everybody. you are there for a reason. >> what does he put on tape? >> he is not wrong. baseball, al you can hope is that the giantsh strong. just ask the world champs how strong were the men in orange and black over the series. watch the kid on the right. at oracle park, it was money. eight strikeouts over five innings. leading the leaguh 220 pontius. his catcher delived with the bases loaded. drove in three for the game. the new nl west champs. the eighth in arlin at the rangers. cody thomas,
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foul ball, by a family member. h drama in the ninth. down a run. nearly hit a homer. staying in the ballpark. the next batter, e in stephan. he had a routine grounder until it wasn't. corey seeger bobbled it. that is how they won the game. 8-7. then they head to houston for four game series with the astros. the the team miele tastes really good when you get a win like that. they are coming to houston houston on the heels of that win. >> winning makes everything better. > >> it is just after 7:00 in london where mourners have been
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>> in oakland couple minding thr own business in their home wereg four people wounded in the citys latest shooting. it was the result of the rolling gunbattle near 92nd and bancroft last night. a 50-year-old woman and her 56-year-old husband were stk were struck as they slept. inves found a wrecked car at the scen. no one was in and. a man and woman in their 20s later showedp at the hospital. > >> a big development in the story that has been heard around around the world. the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend could get a new t. baltimore prosecutors say the state is no longer confident in the conviction. he has served me than 20 years for the 1999 murder of hayman lee and has
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maintained his innocence all this time. now there is a motioo vacate the convictions hang than investigation revealed two other two other suspects could have been involved. >> there was evidence disclosed to the original prosecutor about prosecutor about a suspect that he threatened the victim to kill kill her. the prosecutor never disclosed that. >> in 2014, debbie season of the the podcast raised doubts about some of the evidence, including cell tower data. > >> a live look at westminster hall where queen elizabeth ii is ii is lying in state. the publis been pouring into pay respects. like to see her as more than two two miles long. some waiting for for eight hours. >> the overwhelming atmosphere was somber but beautiful as well. her crown was glistening. it was really lovely and
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respectful. we queued for six on hours a minute was over so quickly. inside it was amazing. >> the crown is on display. it s the same one she wore for her cn her coronation in 1953. hundredf thousands of people are expecteo see the queen ahead of her statl on monday. the line will be in t motion, 24 hours per day. >> to see the coffin pass, it was special. >> it meant a lot to me. >> horse-drawn carriage brought the coffin through the streets f london from buckingham palace. king charles iii, his siblings d sons marched behind. > >> a guard standing watch over e coffin fainted, falling off the platform headfirst. two others rushed to help them up. people
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filed around the coffin. servics regarding the queen around-the-clock. > >> a french bulldog stolen frome bay area, taken to another state. how police tracked him down ahead of this reunion.
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>> bruno the french bulldog is k home after an interstate dog na. dog napping. this was the emotil reunion with his owners and san lorenzo. bruno was taken from alameda county two weeks ago. deputies used clues from surveillance video to track the
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alleged dog nappers in arizona.s then flew to tucson where they d the dog and arrested the suspects. > >> bark in the park returns to san jose this weekend. organizers call it the largest dog festival in the u.s. 3900 dogs and their owners are expected to take part in eventse a costume contest, a dog and owr look-alike contest and the tail wagging competition. it is set for saturday at william street . > >> new video out of san jose's n town where an apartment buildins catching a lot of ice. located at seventh and empire. exhibit j exhibit j town is the latest ard development in the city. it feas three six-story murals on the outer walls, along with sculptures and a large front courtyard. if that wasn't enough, the top floor of the
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luxury building is an art galle. for art lovers, that is the plae to go. captioning sponsored by cbs >> a senior u.s. defense official tells nbc news, moscow is also in the process of buying millions of rockets and artillery shells from north korea, a move the white house says shows desperation as russia's weapons supply shortage intensifies. >> buying weapons from north korea, of all places, is not actually the most modern weaponry there, i don't think. ♪ ♪ ♪


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