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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 30, 2022 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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. now at 11 clng, two bay area police officers under the microscope for potentially serious misconduct after a crash that killed an innocent bystander. >> please get off the die as.
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or we have to recess the meeting. >> emotions boiling over over a vote to close several schools. details on the controversial decision. a sinkhole nearly swallows an entire mini van in alameda county. what caused the ground to give way. >> initially, we are missing our second flight. >> the holiday travel rush is already under way, and we are already seeing problems. the silver lining for some bay area travelers. new details on the high-speed crash that killed an innocent bystander in oakland. katie neilson reports two police officers are now being accused of serious misconduct in the case. >> reporter: in a late afternoon press conference, the chief said both officers have been stripped of their police powers and are now possibly facing criminal charges. a press conference that was
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called less than an hour after another media outlet reported the allegations. >> any detailed information that is released could compromise this very important investigation. >> reporter: armstrong would not go into details about what triggered this officer miskochb duct investigation and only said it involved two officers who tried to pull over a driver that was suspected of being involved in a sideshow. the driver was identified as 19-year-old arnold leonardi. >> vehicle fled from the officers at a high rate of speed. the officers could not keep up with the vehicle and initially disengaged with the vehicle. >> reporter: the driver continued down international boulevard at speeds above 100 miles per hour before crashing into parked cars, a crash that killed an innocent man who was standing in line to buy tacos. three other people were also injured. the two only land officer
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accused of serious misconduct were somehow involved in this incident. the chief would not go into the details but said it was so disturbing he stripped the two officers of their badges and guns. >> the department has identified several areas in this investigation that are seriously concerning. all right chief said both officers had been on the force about a year and a half. the alameda district attorney's office is also investigating, which is standard when there's a loss of life. in oakland, katie neilson, kpix 5. also a plan to reverse school closures prompted this reaction from school parents. >> the motion is not agreed to. the school board called the recess just seconds after rejecting the proposition from paurpts. they are under heavy pressure to save seven schools set to close to offset declining enrollment.
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critics say the closures unfairly target communities of color. stunning video of a sinkhole nearly swallowing up a parked mini van. east bay mud traced the problem to a broken cast iron main installed back in 1946. ten customers in that area willen without water until it is fixed. a live look at the bay area airports where traffic is about to ramp up over the holiday weekend. one thing travelers shouldn't leave home without is a backup plan. >> reporter: delta airlines already announced yesterday they were canceling change fees in anticipation of another troubling travel weekend ahead. experts say be prepared for shenanigans, especially if you have a layover. the july 4th holiday is already looking doomed for travelers. just ask perez and her family
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trying to get to miami for her god son's birthday. >> our flight is delayed. basically we're going to miss our second flight. so we're a trying to figure out if we can get another flight. but it doesn't look like we can. >> reporter: catalina and her crew won't be the only one facing troubles. >> it's going to be tough. so we've had pretty poor operations from the airlines this whole summer so far. but now you're at a holiday weekend. >> reporter: the good news, is you're flying out of sfo, the cancellation rate is well below the average. >> so far this month our cancellation rate is about 1.4% of total flightsening canceled. that's actually well below the national average of 3.5%. the airlines haven't been able to replace everyone they've laid off early on in the pandemic. at chase center today, united
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st was 40e8ding a job fair. experts say be prepared to get in line and on the phone immediately if your fright status changes, and remember toen kind. >> be patient, know that the people at the airlines that you're interacting with, they have been dealing with this for weeks. they're exhausted. they're doing their best. >> reporter: and if the travel gods are listening, catalina has a plea. >> any airline, please. i'm a united fan. >> reporter: at sfo, kpix 5. >> and if you're hitting the road for the holiday, expect plenty of company, even with gas prices near record highs, a record number of drivers are expected to travel. aaa predicts 42 million americans will take a road trip of 50 miles or more. more history will be made at
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the supreme court tomorrow when the if irs blank female justice takes her place on the bench. judge ketanji brown jangson willen sworn in. and he is replacing steven breyer. it will mark the first time in the court's history that white male justices are in the minority. breyer is the second longest-serving justice. he announced his retirement in a letter to president biden earlier this year, calling his time on the high court a quote, great hop or. live on the hill, the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection has issue add spina for pat cipollone. hutchinson said cipollone opposed president trump's attempts to overturn the
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election. hutchinson's testimony has raised new questions about whether trump could face criminal liability. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he was involved in criminal activity. >> hutchinson says not long after the rioters stormed the capitol, cipollone rushed into the office of mark meadows, pushing him to tell the president to take action. still ahead tonight, a bay area ballet company formed during the pandemic is putting a new twist on some old classics. how it's now empowering dancers from all over. >> you kind of feel invincible, because the possibilities are endless. and a live look from oakland where a key vote is expected tomorrow on the a's plan for a new ball park. but tonight that project is facing a major new road belong. and steph curry's got a new gig. why the warriors star is trading in his sneakers for a microphone.
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as pride month drus a close, kpings 5 continues to highlight people making an impact and changing mind-sets. >> one bay area group is re-envisioning classical ballet.
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>> we show you it all started with one man's quest for inclusion. >> reporter: just the mention of his beginnings in dance. >> that, for me, was like oh, my god. >> reporter: and his smile doesn't take long to swoop in on ortega's face. >> i've always danced. always, always. >> reporter: ballet is life, and it's been that way since he was just 14 in a small town in puerto rico. >> how it made me feel. >> reporter: not only did roberto want to dance, but he wanted to do it in a certain type of shoes. >> i remember someone left, and i was like, really quick i went like this and i put pressure, and i was like oh, my god, like paranoid that someone would come, and i quickly took it off, and i put it there. and i was like, yep, i want to do that. >> reporter: something that for boirs men was not universally accepted in the ballet world. the technique on point or the tips of the toes was usually
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reserved for female dancers only, so a tooenled roberto was forced to train himself on point. how did you train yourself? >> by myself in my room every day. i was like here we go, here we go. >> reporter: every single day. >> every single day. >> reporter: and there was power if that rebellion. >> every time i would put weight on that i was like oh, my god. it's like having a taste of a fruit. it kind of looks weird. it kind of looks funky. and then you're like, whoa this is amazing. you feel invincible. because the possibilities are endless. >> reporter: fast forward to the present and roberto is helping bring that power to other dancers. he's turning his struggles into stages set for acceptance and authenticity with ballet 22, a company formed when the pandemic forced us all into lockdown and up on their toes as zoom became the source of point classes for male and non-binary dancers.
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>> a space where people can put on the shoes aand try something they formally wouldn't be able to do. >> reporter: a space that's grown to this studio. it's all very necessary to help the world grow beyond what's considered the norm. >> art is alex pregs of yourself, and when you're trying to stay in a classical setting, sometimes you feel like you have to act a certain way. women are in need of rescuing and men are there to take care of their princess. and i think all of us are a little tired of that trope. >> reporter: that new vision playing out in bay area theaters with their takes on everything from "swan lake", to "romeo and juliette", remained as "romeo and julio." a 14-year-old roberto training
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alone in his bedroom on his toes could never have envisioned this. >> no, no, never. >> reporter: still, he wouldn't change anything on his path to what he calls freedom and joy in performing. >> it's not about myself anymore. of course it was in the beginning, but it, again, it's like yes, i i love dancing, but coaching fulfills me even more and seeing what can be made, what can be accomplished. >> reporter: he believes, well, that was the point of it all. kpix 5. >> so beautiful to watch. well, ballet 22 has now grown beyond point classes for men and non-binary dancers. it's for anyone looking to be their most authentic selves. >> and can you catch the next live performance on july 29 and 30 at the cal theater in san
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francisco. and can you find all this month's pride stories in a special section on our website. tonight more pride flags have been stolen in danville. in the past week two were stolen from outside of a home. the thieves were caught on camera. the same thing happened to noir home in the very same neighborhood. police are still looking for the people responsible. >> i think it's hate. hate for people, for whatever way of life they want to live. it's disheartening that there's somebody in our neighborhood doing something like this. >> the family has since put up a third pride flag, it's installed higher up to deter theft. a live look at oakland where the a's push for a new ballpark. the project moving forward, the commission must agree to remove port designation for howard terminal. they say the property is needed to keep the port functional. and some are pushing to have
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their say on the project. they rallied outside city hall to support a measure to put the stadium project on the november ballot. at least two council members plan to back that idea in a vote sometime next week. >> i support oakland voters' right to vote on how the city would spend public funds, especially if it benefits a private development. now to the fire watch in novato county where crews have gained some ground on the 900-acre riceis fire. at least four structures have burned, and hundreds more are still threatened. >> as we check in with paul, there was a big concern this was going to blow up into something big. and it already has. >> it's big enough already. fortunately, it hasn't hit the 1,000-acre threshold at this point. cautiously optimistic they're going to get a handle on this one. there is good news.
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the cooler temperatures we're enjoying already should make their way farther inland. also the swintd request going to be blowing the snoeng away from us. it will be blown furtherer to the northeast and eventually to nevada, away from the bay area. eventually of course our time is going to come later on this summer. more fires breaking out are inevitable. we'll keep you updated as the smoke from those eventually evolves. slightly cooler for tomorrow and friday. another drop in the temperatures to be more noticeable by the time we hit the weekend as the center of low pressure, the storm system off the pacific coast gets closer to us. it's going to kick in stronger onshore winds and send more cloud cover to us. cool and breezy conditions as we head into fourth of july weekend, but it's almost july. as the area of low pressure gets
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closer, the marine layer expands and moves farther inland. we are seeing that marine layer now. there is all the fog. 55 degrees downtown. not a lot of variation in current temperatures. everybody between 54 in santa rosa and 58 in san jose and concard. the fog is requesting to back up and transition to cloud cover. you can see sunshine breaking throughout clouds there as we head into the afternoon. temperatures tonight not dropping too far from where they are right now. falling down to the low to mid-50s instead of mid to upper 50s. high temperatures tomorrow, anywhere from four to seven degrees below average. upper into 50s along the coast. a mix of upper 70s and low 80s inland. no 90-degree high temperatures. and the cooler temperatures also means a reduced fire threat as we head through the day. it's going to start off near
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zero with the marine layer making a push inland. it's going to be the case in the summertime, but the coolest temperatures do make a difference. we max out around four on our zero to ten scale. anytime we can stay below the halfway point is a good thing. not much norv a temperature drop for san francisco and oakland bottoming out in the mid-60s in oakland. temperatures in san jose continue to fall. down to the lower half of the 70s saturday and sunday. temperatures hud be in the 70s area wide. the warmest spots, far inland reaching up to near 80 degrees saturday and sunday. a little more bump to the temperatures for the fourth of july. we'll keep you updated on the fog situation for the fireworks. straight ahead in sports, plenty of the giants and baseball. steph curry in the news and the feel good of feel good story the tonight. over nine years in the making
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for this high school and stanford star. and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. adam
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baseball up top, and these giants, hopefully the june swoon is over, because the last game of the month is in the books. get away game with detroit. lamont wade jr. off the injured list t was evan longoria who struck with a big fly. longo's eighth homer for the seen. things were falling longo's way. a broken bat smash. too much lumber for baez to handle. tied at one in the sixth. gabe kapler had a mound visit to check on wood. left him in. two pitches later, eric haas. a two-run homer. split a two-game series, but another one-run game. san francisco has dropped seven of their last ten games. next up, tony larussa's white sox at oracle park park on
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friday. spirited a's are wrapping up a series with the yankees. a couple of runners on, through to left. here came loriano. put up three runs in the eighth inning. led in the third. and john carlos stanton. he parks it. a three-run homer. it's what the yankees do. best record in the bigs. they scored five upanswered runs. they head to seattle for a series starting tomorrow. i know steph curvy used to center stage. on july 20th, it's a tifrp spotlight. curry is the next host of the espn awards, the espys. that's not an easy job. poking fun at the top a-list athletes in a monologue. he'll do well. curry himself is also nominated for three awards, and the warriors received a nomination for best team.
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on the eve of nba free agency, the warriors did not extend an offer to juan anderson. that means he is a free agent and maybe unlikely to return to golden state. he has been with his hometown team the last three seasons. it is a business. and shout out. pitcher grew up in san ramon. nine years ago he was the number one overall pick out of stanford. never saw the big leagues until today against the braves. he pitched a scoreless ninth inning for the phillies in his major league debut. one month shy of his 31st birthday. >> talk about perseverance. in 2021, he decided to give it one more try. i can't imagine what his motions were as he took the mound today wow.
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>> unbelievable. >> nine years and you finally make it to the show. >> i smell a movie coming about that one. >> yeah, could be. >> a couple of them could be made just like that. >> one of those hallmark movies. >> lots of tears, i'm sure. in just a few hours, the marin county fair returns, and a new feature will greet visitors at the fairgrounds. we'll show you summer tech items to help you stay cool and save money. two things that
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starting tomorrow, the marin county fair returns after a break from the pandemic. >> workers are setting up the midway and the games, but you'll also notice something different this year, a giant sunflower will greet fair goers. the sunflower is the national flower of ukraine. it is to be a show of solidarity
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for the nation under siege. >> we are celebrating the strength of the ukrainians here today symbolically with this sunflower. there are things going on in this world that we still need to fight against and fight for freedom for all. >> advanced ticket sales have already broken records. >> everybody's so excited to go somewhere, to be out! to be back to normal to a certain extent. >> get that deep-fried oreo. >> deep-fried twinkie. you're making me hungry. we'll be right back. a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans.
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he's like an old friend every summer. that fog. it's always there. thanks for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a gre night. - [announcer] the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. - [voiceover] it's so difficult to look at my children who are so hungry and i can't give them food. - [child voiceover] i'm scared because the trucks aren't careful. the other day, i saw a little boy get killed. - [voiceover] i have a child who doesn't even have
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a cup of rice to eat. - [child voiceover] if we don't have any money, then we don't eat. that's all. - [voiceover] i don't want anything to happen to them. i ask god for strength so that tomorrow, they can live. - [child] bless us, protect us, and take care of us in jesus' name, amen. - for over 30 years, food for the poor has been reaching out to shine god's love on the poorest of the poor, throughout the caribbean and latin america, but they need our help now to answer the prayers of children and families living on the edge of survival. (wind gusting) (somber music) here in a tiny, isolated village in a barren region of haiti, a little girl is fighting to survive. rosen ling is only six, but her eyes reflect a lifetime filled with suffering. her body is covered with sores.


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