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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> kpix 5's lauren toms is in burlingame to explain how they're using a code to offer help and support. >> women are banding together to offer help for those who travel from out of state to california to get an abortion, all while staying under the radar. thousands of women have taken to social media to offer support for women who need to go camping. references of camping are flooding social media, offering resources and aid, but not to conquer the great outdoors. >> when she was posting it, it was excellent, yes. i know exactly what she is talk about. >> reporter: in this case camping is code for an abortion. and sheri caruthers says the code is directed toward women seeking an abortion from out of state. >> unfortunately, we have to be cryptic. >> in the days following the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade, sharry posted a coded message on facebook. >> so i love camping. if you want to camp in northern california, i am eight minutes from the airport, and we have
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various campsites we can look into. they have all sorts of campgrounds that they can recommend also too is that they have tents and they have flashlights and they have all sorts of other camping gear. >> and what are those in reference to. >> bedding, transportation. >> reporter: sharry is one of thousands of women who have cryptically offered to help. >> i know darn well what i'm posting, and, you know, i'm not dumb on that. and i think a lot of my friends who feel very strongly about this issue know it and are willing to at this point in their lives preserve that right for women. and to also fight for other women who can't fight for themselves. >> reporter: for shari, the effort is personal. >> i can't sit back and do nothing, you know. yeah. it just -- you know what? it's important for my daughter and my daughter if she has children. >> reporter: she says she knows the need to offer women's health
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resources will continue longer than she hopes. >> it's not fair. it's just not fair. >> reporter: but will do whatever she can to help. >> we're willing to put our lives on the line legally and financially to help those that need the help. >> reporter: now we did speak with the president of the california family council jonathan keller, who told us he believes we can offer better options to expectant mothers than free abortions courtesy of california taxpayers. in san mateo, i'm lauren toms, kpix 5. >> california will not cover any travel expenses for women seeking abortion from out of state, a decision that surprised some abortion advocates. the new budget includes $20 million for a fund to pay airfare, lodging and meals for people seeking abortions, but only for women who live here in california. governor newsom's office said he would rather focus on expanding the state's existing abortion services. happening right now, the
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oakland board of education meeting a vote on reversing some of his district's planned school loeschs. students, parents and teachers have been pushing back against a plan to close seven schools over the next few years. last week they set aside a resolution that would set aside grant that would keep some of the schools open. the board says the closures are necessary to save money and have voted twice two uphold the decision. we'll keep an eye on what happens. the future of sports in oakland may be in the hands of voters. a growing group of residents want to have a say in the subject and the project to build a waterfront a's project at howard terminal. they rallied outside city hall in support of a measure that would put the stadium project on the november ballot. the oakland city council set to vote on it next week. already two councilmembers have confirm they'd will vote yes. >> i support oakland voters' right to vote on how the city should spend a massive investment of public funds
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especially if it benefits a private developer. >> many at the rally were concerned the project is moving too fast and ignoring the needs of families in that district. a's manager dave kaval has previously said he oppose adds ballot measure, saying it would only further delay the project. the team is already eyeing its backup plan, a ballpark in las vegas. san jose has seen an alarming surge in deadly crashes with 22 pedestrians killed on city streets this year alone. three fatal accidents happened just yesterday. a woman was hit and killed in a hit-and-run crash in east san jose yesterday morning. then a driver died after crashing into a tree in south san jose. hours later another pedestrian woman died at the hospital after being hit by a car near the intersection of leeward drive and artem way. she was walking in a marked crosswalk and the driver stayed at the scene. the crash marks the city's 35th fatal collision of the year. this time last year, there were
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25 traffic fatalities. eight of them pedestrians. >> obviously, that count and number has increased almost twice the level that we normally expected. it's very alarming. and it's absolutely not commonplace to see three fatalities happen in one day. two of them being pedestrians. and sjpd can only do so much when it comes to enforcement. we cited over 200 individuals on the streets of san jose in just the past few days. >> pedestrian deaths are climbing throughout the country. a new report shows they're higher than prepandemic levels. from 2019 to 2021, pedestrian fatalities increased by 18%. bicycle deaths rose 16%. experts say it's largely due to increase of risky behavior by drivers in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. also in san jose, police have arrested four teenagers in an armed carjacking. investigators say the group was already on probation for previous crimes. one of them still had an ankle
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monitor. police say the suspects carjacked a man at gunpoint on south seventh and east reed streets in the downtown area on sunday. when officers spotted the stolen car, the suspects took off, eventually crashing into a median. police arrested the four teens and recovered this ghost gun. three of the suspects were on probation from a carjacking back in march. an illegal fireworks crackdown in pacifica. devin fehely explains you could be on the hook even if you didn't set them off. >> reporter: it's still legal to buy and sell safe and sane fireworks in the city of pacifica. the goal is to celebrate, to have a good time, but to do it responsibly. and the police department says that they are ready to crack down on people who bring illegal fireworks into the city. >> they're super excited. so my wife doesn't really like even the save and sane. we had to talk her into it this morning. >> reporter: he is getting major dad points, buying his kids an assortment of safe and sane from
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the booth at pacifica moose lodge. >> you can't beat it on fourth of july. so we have a can of water out. as soon as they're done with the sparkler or firework in the street, we put it right into the water. >> reporter: regrettably, not everyone is that responsible. pacifica police are cracking down again this year on people who set off illegal fireworks. and if you get caught, the fines are expensive. a thousand dollars for the person who set the fireworks off and a thousand for the host of the party. yes, the host is on the hook too. >> if their chests choose to ignite illegal fireworks and it is seen within the parameters of their project, they be subject to a social host ordinance violation. >> reporter: for many of us, it's still tough to think about the fourth of july minus fireworks. tony johnson at the moose lodge's stand says it can still spark the child like sense of wonder without the collateral damage. >> seeing the joy and the excitement on the kids' faces,
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looking in the window or when dad brings the box and starts walking to the car, it's pretty amazing. >> having fun with any family. >> reporter: if you're coming to pacific ska from outside the area, there are designated places to set off the fireworks. you can find all of it on the police department's website. in pacifica, devin fehely, kpix 5. contra costa county has set up a hotline where you can report illegal fireworks. that number is on your screen right now. we've also posted it in a story on that story on any type of fireworks are illegal in that county. history on the supreme court tomorrow. judge ketanji brown jackson is set to be sworn in as the first black female justice as justice stephen breyer officially retired. breyer has been a consistently liberal voice on the court for 28 years. he told president biden he planned to retire back in january, but said he wanted to wait until the court delivered its final two rulings of the term. judge jackson will be sworn in
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by chief justice john roberts at noon. biden administration is shipping out big batches of vaccine to help fight the spread of monkeypox. the president is pushing 56,000 doses of that vaccine. it is produced by a danish company and is the only vaccine licensed to fight monkeypox. the shot will be shipped to communities considered most at risk. and the u.s. has reported more than 300 cases. >> it stimulates your immune system so you are better prepared to fight the monkeypox you are infected with. >> the disease spreads through close contact and causes a rash that can look like chicken pox. more than 4700 cases have been found in more than 40 countries. and the san francisco health department says it has received hundreds of doses to distribute to bay area counties. it's recommended for only close contacts of people with a known infection. the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in europe as the war in ukraine wages on.
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>> it comes as finland and sweden are set to formally end decades of neutrality and join nato. natalie brand on the historic breakthrough for they lines. >> reporter: speaking alongside nato secretary general, president biden announced wednesday the u.s. will bolster its military presence in europe in the face of russia's continued threat. >> today i am announcing the united states will enhance our forced posture in respond to the change in the security environment as well as strengthening our collective security. >> reporter: the administration says that will include the first permanent u.s. presence in poland, adding two f-35 squadrons to the uk, deploying additional air defense in germany and italy, as well as stations two more destroyers in spain. >> together our allies, we're going make sure that nato is ready to meet threats in all directions across every domain, land, air, and the sea. >> reporter: and in a historic
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move, nato will expand, extending a formal invitation to sweden and finland after turkey dropped its opposition tuesday. nato also says collectively it will significantly increase the number of troops on standby from 40,000 to more than 300,000. >> president putin has not succeeded in closing nato's door. he is getting the opposite of what he wants. he wants less nato. president putin is getting more nato. >> reporter: finland and sweden had applied for nato membership in response to russia's war on ukraine, now entering its fifth month. >> who does not agree? >> reporter: ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says russia has now become a terrorist state after it launched a missile strike on a shopping maul, killing at least 18 people. president biden says the u.s. will also step up its rotational deployments of troops to romania and the baltic region.
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but the lust keep its level of u.s. forces at around 100,000 in europe, which is an increase since russia invaded ukraine back in february. at the white house, i'm natalie brand, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," 30 years ago, he was a budding r&b artist. now he is facing the next 30 years behind bars. the long road to justice for the women who survived r. kelly. and a look at sfo. vice president kamala harris set to land at any moment. we're following her return back to the bay area. and what we know about a fast-moving northern california wildfire that's charred more than 900 acres. the cooldown is officially under way. temperatures from 3 to 13 degrees cooler than they were just 24 hours ago. the cooling trend continues the next couple days. we'll take a look at the fourth of july weekend forecast coming up.
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vice president kamala harris is touching down in the bay area right now. let's give you a live look at sfo. harris will be back in the bay area only this evening for a political fundraisers. and you can see that plane right now starting to taxi toward along the tarmac as that ramp will be up there to let the vice president off. she is then going to go in san francisco. then another event in los gatos. she'll then head down to l.a. tonight before traveling to new orleans for the annual jazz festival. disgraced music superstar r. kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison after years of evading justice. last year kelly was found guilty of running a decades-long scheme to sexual abuse fans, some of
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them just children. today we heard a powerful response from his victims. survivors alongside their attorney spoke about r. kelly's abuse after delivering their victim impact statements to the court. >> i was an up and coming singer. i was a girl full of life and promised just a mentorship, and quickly turned into i would say a sex slave. >> reporter: the three-time grammy award winner was sentenced to 30 years in prison for running a criminal enterprise to sexually exploit young women and children. >> i stand here very proud of my judicial system, very proud of my fellow survivors, and very pleased with the outcome. 30 years did he do, this and 30 years is what he got. >> reporter: allegations against kelly go back decades, but resurfaced in the 2019 docuseries "surviving r. kelly." >> obviously, he is devastated. 30 years in prison is like a life sentence for him. >> reporter: the defense team used kelly's alleged trauma to push for a lighter sentence
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while prosecutors recommended at least 25 years. >> today the sentence shows that the witnesses reclaim control over their lives and over their futures. these are voices of mostly black and brown women and children that were heard and believed and for whom justice was finally achieved. >> reporter: the singer faces another federal trial in august on child pornography and obstruction of justice charges in chicago. kelly will face a second federal trial in chicago set for august. he is charged with luring minors into sex acts and producing child pornography. a wildfire burning in nevada county has charred more than 900 acres. >> the flame is prompting mandatory evacuation orders on the south side of the yuba river. >> the rices fire as it's calmed is at zero percent containment. four structures destroyed. three firefighters have minor injuries. andrew habner is on the front
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lines. >> reporter: the fire is still 100% in nevada county. >> reporter: but that may not be the case by the end of today. >> we have resources in yuba county working on contingency lines, contingency planning efforts in concert with ycsl. >> reporter: as the rices fire burns, the terrain presents a unique challenge to fire crews. >> it's one of the largest and steepest river drain damages in our entire region. >> reporter: the fire movement has prompted the yuba county sheriff's office to prepare to evacuate civilians if the fire makes the jump across the river. >> we updated from advisory to warning this morning. >> reporter: while in nevada county, more evacuations could be coming, depending on where the fire moves and how quickly. >> total of our five evacuation areas is an additional 1100 people that are potentially looking at being displaced. >> reporter: but chief estes remains cautiously optimistic that the weather will work in the favor of emergency services. >> and that was andrew habner
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reporting. the nevada county fairgrounds are open for evacuees. okay. let's take another live look back out to sfo. vice president kamala harris and her plane just landing right now at sfo as we get a little bit of a shaky camera here as we're moving into better position to see the vice president get off the plane right now. >> yeah. she is here for a couple of events. one in san francisco. a couple of fundraising events. one in san francisco, one in los gatos and then she is going to head to los angeles a little later. and then she is off to new orleans for the jazz festival. you see all the secret service there getting into gear and getting into position there. some camera folks. and you can see what an operation it is when the president or the vice president come to town. everybody scurries around, gets into position, and then she of course departs. it's hard to see who is on the stairs there. but it's not like the plane lands and then she gets off. you have to go through a set of
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protocols. >> there is layers and layers of security that you have to go through. >> yes. >> at one point the media will be back and then they'll let them on to the tarmac, as they're letting the cameras on to the tarmac right now. at any moment kamala harris, the vice president should be emerging, unless that's her right there. i cannot tell from our vantage point. >> a little shaky there. >> but regardless, the plane landing here. the vice president back in the bay area. i think she was here earlier this year. so this is the second time for 2022. but as you mentioned, she is here for a couple of fundraisers. >> always greeted with a very welcome homecoming. of course she grew up here and held numerous political offices here. and it's always a thrill to see kind of the hometown girl come home and now as the vice president. and as you can see, everybody is kind of looking around there. i think this is probably secret service making sure everything is safe. and sometimes it can take up to an hour after the plane actually lands. this is of course air force 2 before the president or the vice
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president departs the plane there. but we'll be keeping a close eye there at sfo. the vice president here for a couple of fundraising events. then she heads down to los angeles andff to new orleans. and she lucked out because the weather is pretty great. >> not going to say the same thing for new orleans in early july. >> humid. >> it's going to be nice and hot. >> new orleans humidity in the month of july, not as fun. although we would take it because it would be moisture, and that's exactly what we need to help mitigate the fire threat. cooler temperatures help. and today was a little bit cooler across most of the bay area. that trend is going to continue the next couple of days. we're going start with an update on the rices fire continuing to burn in nevada county. not burning as actively as it was this point yesterday. not that huge plume of smoke being produced. but still definitely noticeable. you can see that reddish hue indicating the retardant drops making around the perimeter of the fire, hopefully keeping it
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from spreading further. still challenging conditions for the fire crews. it's not as hot. it's not quite as breezy. but it's still hot. dry. winds are gusting up to about 14 miles per hour. we have a continuing cooling trend in store for the bay area the next several days. the cooling trend is also going to impact northern california. so gradually more favorable conditions for the fire crews to continue to try to get a handle on that fire. the cooling trend is under way. the storm system around the pacific northwest is going to drop down a little closer to us. squeeze the atmosphere over the entire west coast, and produce stronger onshore winds. and we're going to see that marine layer becoming very well established. there it is right there swallowing up the top of salesforce tower. temperature downtown 59 degrees. briefly touched 60 earlier. only mid 60s in oakland. 70s and 80s inland instead of 80s and 90s. temperatures are going to cool off the next couple days. the fog makes a good push inland the rest of tonight. it's going to back up towards the coast. should be transitioning to
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lingering low cloud cover by the time we get to 10:00 or 11:00. along the coast with that fog, along with sunshine to breck through as we break through the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow starting off in the low to mid-50s. we're going warm up to suddenly below average. only upper 50s along the coast for highs. temperatures in the middle portion of the 70s around the south end of the bay, mid- to upper 70s in the santa clara valley. even the warmest spots around campbell, los gatos, morgan hill, falling short of 80 degrees. that will not be the inland east bay. pleasant hill, livermore into the low to mid-80s for our usual warm spots in fairfield, antioch and brentwood. mid- to upper 60s for oakland and the east bay with mostly mid- to upper 70s for the north bay. some of the warmer spots reaching up to around or 80 degrees until you head farther north into the mendocino county and lake county farther into the 80s. the fire danger starts off near zero tomorrow morning with the cool temperatures allowing humidity levels to climb. here is the good news. while the fire danger tomorrow afternoon isn't going to be
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zero, it's a summertime afternoon. it is going to be limited. the top numbers we're seeing around a 3 or a 4. that's a couple of notches better than we were even earlier this week. certainly better than last week when temperatures were reaching the triple-digits inland. the inland cooling trend continues as we head into the weekend. even the lower half of the 70s for highs in san jose by saturday and sunday. temperatures also continue cooling off for inland parts of the east bay and the north bay. slight warm-up for monday. but fourth of july below average temperatures before a slow return to near normal levels by the middle of next week. we'll take a look at the hour-by-hour temperature foss tomorrow coming up at 5:30. >> thanks, paul. up next, it's hard for many of us to imagine life without a smartphone or the iphone, as the iphone is marking a major anniversary. and later, we team up with cbs news for a special report. crime without punishment. we take a closer look at our local murder clearance rates and
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picture this. it's 2007. george w. bush is president. steve jobs unvideo games the first iphone. yes, history was made. the first iphone officially went on sale this day 15 years ago. customers camped out for days to get their hands on the revolutionary device. it only took 74 days for apple to announce it. it had sold one million. back then the first iphone sold for between $500 and $600. i remember seeing all those people lined up outside the apple stores. >> i remember the commercials and thinking they were so revolutionary and thought this thing was so high-tech. i don't know. >> and you had the flip phone? >> i had a flip phone, a blackberry. i just started working. and everything changed. >> it was too fancy back then. >> now we all have them. of course there is lots of different option now. coming up at 5:30, we team up with cbs news for a special investigation. crime without punishment.
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why murder cases in america are going unsolved at record numbers, and the two strikingly different stories on opposite sides of the bay. >> you're just kind of out here wondering where is the killer?
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> most americans don't realize we're right at the 50% ma


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