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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  June 28, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on "cbs news bay area." you can find it on the kpix 5 ap house on january 6 from someone who saw it happen, and how the former president wanted to join the riots on capitol hill. the dramatic testimony about donald trump grabbing the wheel of the presidential motorcade. >> the president said something to the effect of, "i'm the f'ing president, take me to the capitol now." >> o'donnell: the news tonight about the former president lunging at his secret service agent. >> mr. trump then used his free hand >> mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby engle. >> o'donnell: president trump was warned for days not to interfere with the electoral count of the votes by his own white house counsel. >> we're going to get charged with every crime imaginable.
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>> o'donnell: tonight's other top headlines: how long the socialite who help jeffrey epstein abuse young girls will face behind bars. plus the rush on the morning after pill after the supreme court abortion ruling. and the new details in the deadly migrant tragedy in texas. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: good evening, to our viewers in the west and thank you for joining us on this busy tuesday night. as we detail for you the bombshell testimony today in the january 6 hearing. history is important. during the watergate hearings 50 years ago, there was only one surprise witness. it was alexander butterfield, who revealed there was a white house taping system. hea well, in the january 6 hearings, the surprise witness is cassidy hutchinson. then-chief of staff mark meadows' top aide described the then-president's fits of rage, that included throwing plates of food, grabbing the steering wheel of the presidential limo and lunging at a secret service agent.
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hutchinson said trump was furious that secret service agents were keeping some of his supporters outside of the white house ellipse because they had weapons. the other big news we learned today is that rudy giuliani and the president's chief of staff sought pardons. that means we now know of at least nine individuals who sought pardons from president trump in the final days of his term. let's get straight to cbs' scott macfarlane at the capitol with all the new at the c good evening, scott. >> reporter: the house committee and this 26-year-old former aide to the former white house chief of staff painted a powerful picture, beginning with the trump white house, ignoring warnings of looming violence at the capitol, and ending with the chief of staff seeking that presidential pardon. when the day began, cassidy hutchinson was a name and face unknown to most americans. by the end of the day, she'd made history, including her description of an altercation in the presidential limo when his chief secret service agent,
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bobby engle, refused to bring then-president donald trump to the u.s. capitol, to which he just directed the crowd on january 6. >> the president said something to the effect of, "i'm the f'ing president. take me up to the capitol now." to which bobby responded, "sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm, said, "sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol." mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby engle. >> reporter: in the early hours that day, hutchinson said trump was warned of people carrying weapons, including guns, descending on key landmarks in d.c. but that trump sought to have the metal detectors removed, concerned they'd reduce the size of his white house ellipse crowd. >> "take the f'ing mags away. they're not here to hurt me.wd.
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>> "ta let my people in." they can march to the capitol after the rally is over." >> president trump was aware that a number of the individuals in the crowd had weapons and were wearing body armor. and here's what president trump instructed the crowd to do. >> we're going to walk down, and i'll be there with you. we're going to walk down to the capitol. >> reporter: as rioters began their attack, the president wouldn't budge. hutchinson says she asked her boss, trump chief of staff mark meadows, to intervene. >> the rioters are getting real close, have you talked to the president?" he said, " no, he wants to be alone right now." >> she testifies meadows, pat cipollone, and trump all knew of the chants of "hang mike pence." >> i remember pat saying something like, "mark, we need to do something more. they're literally calling for the vice president to be f'ing hung." and mark had responded something to the effect of, "you heard him, pat. he thinks mike deserves it. he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong."
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>> rioters chanted "hang mike pence." the president of the united states, donald trump, said that "mike deserves it." >> reporter: committee cited norah's interview with the house republican leader who urged the. >> as norah o'd president to intervene. >> as norah o'donnell noted during an interview with house republican leader kevin mccarthy. >> o'donnell: leader mccarthy, the president of the united states has a briefing room steps from the oval office. why hasn't he walked down and said that? >> reporter: hutchinson described her disappointment with the president's 2:24 p.m. tweet as attackers poured on to the grounds, he wrote, "mike pence lacked courage." >> as an american, i was disgusted. it was unpatriotic. it was un-american. we were watching the capitol building get defaced over a lie. >> reporter: in the final
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moments of the hearing, hutchinson said both mark meadows and rudy giuliani sought pardons. trump responded to the hearing saying hutchinson's story was a fake story and that he hardly knew her. norah. >> o'donnell: scott macfarlane, thank you. let's turn to our esteemed political team who were all here watching this unfold with me. john dickerson, there was a lot that made today different. >> reporter: there was. we've seen the outside picture on january 6. what this was today was the inside, intimate portrait, the closest look we've gotten to president trump on that day and his inner circle. and we were given that view by somebody who had a unique perch. hutchinson worked for the chief of staff. that is like being in the air traffic control tower of a white house. so she witnessed the frantic lawyers running through the hall, the plea from members of congress, and her boss who wilted in the face of a president who was encouraging violence, ignoring the warnings, and even lunging at a secret service agent, would stop at nothing until the violence started and then did nothing for so long.
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>> o'donnell: stunning, really. jeff pegues, that was part of it. president trump knew there would be violence. what about other law enforcement? >> reporter: yeah, and that's a good point. early on, on january 6, the white house, we found out today, was getting warnings about the potential for violence. in fact, there were reports that some people were there in the crowd armed with ar-15s or handguns, even spears. and, yet, the inclination was, "hey, let's not beefpless theech erecu because president trump wanted his supporters there. and as you know, i was in the crowd that day at the capitol, and it was clear to me and others at the scene that police were outnumbered. it took hours for the nationalce were outnumbered. it took guard to show up. so this testimony today, norah, raised serious questions about security that day. >> o'donnell: jeff pegues, thank you. robert costa, what happens now? >> we are at a historic crossroads. all eyes turn to attorney general merrick garland. does he look and evaluate this new evidence and believe it rises to the threshold of
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indicting a former profit united indicting a former president united states, a weightingle decision for the former judge, carries enormous political and legal implications. it's also a decision point for the republican party. you spoke to house republican leader kevin mccarthy on the day of the capitol attack. what will they do now after digesting this new information, this testimony? will they still embrace the former president? and, remember, he's eyeing a return, a comeback, a 2024 presidential run. >> o'donnell: thank you so much. tonight, former british socialite ghislaine maxwell is sitting in a new york city jail cell after being sentenced to 20 years in prison. cbs' jericka duncan is outside the courthouse. ed for helping jeffrey epstein sexually abuse underaged girls for nearly a decade. cbs' jericka duncan is outside the courthouse. good evening jericka,. >> reporter: it was a moment eve survivors were not expecting when ghislaine maxwell spoke directly to the very women that she abused, wearing a white
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mask and shackled at the ankles. for the first time she addressed the court for about five minutes, telling victims, "i am sorry for the pain that you experienced." she stopped short, however of accepting responsibility for their abuse. now, a total of eight women submitted statements to the judge today. five of therm read out loud, including that of annie farmer. you may recall she testified that she was abused by jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell at the age of 16 years old. she told reporters when it came to maxwell's apology, she said it was hollow. but she thanked her fellow survivors for coming forward. now, ghislaine maxwell's legal team is planning to appeal that guilty verdict. but if they're unsuccessful and that 20-year sentence stands, ghislaine maxwell won't get out of prison, norah, until she's 80 years old. >> o'donnell: jericka duncan, thank you for covering this case for so long. well, tonight, the battle over abortion rights has shifted to the states where political and legal fights are currently under way, including texas, where a
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judge today ruled that abortions can continue, least for the next two weeks. here's cbs' lilia luciano. >> reporter: the abortion battle lines have shifted to the states. >> we are hearing very loud and clear from our bases that this is a beginning. >> reporter: in texas today, a judge allowed clinics to resume abortions up to six weeks of pregnancy, but only until the next hearing in mid-july. >> at least for today we can say that abortion providers cannot be prosecuted for at least the time being. >> reporter: it's one of three states where courts have put bans on hold, with wisconsin's attorney general suing to block a ban from taking effect there. nine states currently have abortion bans in effect, including tennessee, where as of today, abortions after the sixth week are now illegal. the next battle over reproductive rights may have already begun after supreme court justice clarence thomas suggested the court should reconsider the case protectingrd reconsider the case pro access to contraception.
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access to c several major pharmacies, like cvs and rite aid, are imposing limits on the purchase of emergency contraception, also known as "the morning after pill" following a surge in demand. >> if you don't have that option, you're stuck with options that are less effective. >> reporter: elizabeth dowdy said she and her husband don't want children so she has an said she and her hus i.u.d., but she lives in louisiana, where a law this spring would have banned abortion at fertilization, making i.ud.s and emergencyring contraception illegal. that bill failed. >> if an accident happens, i don't want to have to travel across the country to a state that's willing to have it. that shouldn't need to happen. >> reporter: here in california, voters will decide whether to amend state's constitution in order to protect the right to sa abortion. during the midterms on november. norah. >> o'donnell: lilia luciano, thank you. we want to turn now to one of the deadliest incidents involving trafficked migrants in history. tonight, the death toll has risen to 51 and authorities are looking for answers after
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migrants were found abandoned inside a tractor trailer in the scorching summer heat. cbs' omar villafranca is in san antonio. >> reporter: a horrifying scene for first responders. >> reporter: an abandoned 18- wheeler filled with migrants in san antonio's triple-digit heat. >> very sad to report that we-- the medical examiner's office has 51 bodies, 12 women. >> reporter: initially, 16 survived and were taken to area hospitals. five later died, including children. >> the patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering fromehicle.
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>> reporter: the chaotic scene is a familiar one on the heatstroke, heat exhaustion, no signs of water in the vehicle. >> reporter: the chaotic scene is a familiar one on the u.s.- mexico border. human traffickers are known to use trucks and trailers to smuggle people into south texas. over the years, officials have discovered stash houses filled with migrants, waiting to board trailers to their distinction. the journey is dangerous and oftentimes deadly. of two people are now facing weapons charges, as mayor ron nirenberg is demanding a full investigation. of >> these are inhumane conditions and we want the people responsible to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: it's worth noting that the trailer that was found behind me was just off of interstate that goes to minnesota. interstate 35 that goes to minnesota. interstate 10 goes from california to florida. bothare popular routes with smugglers. norah. >> o'donnell: omar villafranca there in san antonio, thank you. president biden secured a major victory today, convincing turkey
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to allow finland and swede tone join nato, that in the face of russian aggression in ukraine. here's cbs' nancy cordes, traveling with the president in madrid. >> reporter: this is the handshake that paved the way for the most significant expansion of the nato alliance in nearly 20 years. agr >> i'm pleased to announce that we now have an agreement. >> reporter: famously neutral for decades, sweden and finland rushed to apply for nato membership last month, fearing more aggression from nearby russia. late this afternoon, the two countries secured support from the lone nato hold out, turkey, in a deal partly brokered by president biden. first lady, dr. jill biden, was conducting her own diplomacy visiting a refugee center outside madrid to highlight the eight million ukrainians displaced by war. >> i'm continuing to meet with refugees no matter where i go. >> reporter: for the first time today, the first lady weighed in
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on last week's supreme court decision. what's your message to american women who are waking up to a very different reality when it comes to access to abortion? >> it's-- you know, this decision was so unjust and so devastating. but my message s let's not give up. >> reporter: nato is united right now, but one of the key areas of discussion here in madrid will be about how to keep all the allies on the same page if the war in ukraine drags on fueling gas prices and food prices, particularly here in europe. norah. >> o'donnell: nancy cordes in madrid, thank you. tonight, we continue our reporting on the hunger crisis in africa's south sudan, which is being worsened by the war in ukraine. leaders at the g7 summit today pledged $4.5 billion to battle food insecurity worldwide. it can't come soon enough for millions of south sudanese people on the brink of starvation. on cbs' debora patta takes us
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there. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the greenery. this village is actually drought-stricken. nothing grows in its parched earth.e rmer nachopera lomuria used to live off this land but can no longer afford to clothe all her children. "sometimes i collect wild berries," she says, "just to quiet my hunger." her own mother starving to death last year. she's convinced she's next. "without food," she warns "you won't find me alive next time you visit." she relies on rations from the world food program, but future looks bleak. this is it, the last distribution for the year. after this, the community must survive on their own.survive one acting country director adeyinka badejo says they've had to suspend aid to nearly two million people here since the start of the war in ukraine.
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>> we're having to take from the hungry to feed the starving. if you are surviving on one meal a day, and even that one meal is no longer there, then you are facing famine. >> reporter: the nearest market is over 50 miles away. napir marko also has no food and can't afford to eat. we heard they stopped the aid, she says, because the white people are at war. that war has sent food prices soaring as vladimir putin chokes ukraine's ability to ship vital grain to africa. so this burst of rain, some of the first in 18 months, is, for the moment, a blessing. but lomuria knows it won't be enough. "just tell them we are starving," she pleads. "you must help. tell them we just need food." the food that is available has gone up nearly 100%, and even if you could afford those prices, there's a growing shortage of
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grain due to russia's invasion of ukraine. norah. >> o'donnell: debora, your reporting has been so powerful. thank you. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," new details on that deadly amtrak derailment, including the warnings about that very rail crossing. that very rail crossing. hing fo. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor. are you tired of washing dishes? well flip the way you clean'em. introducing dawn platinum ez-squeeze. it's a new, upside-down bottle... with no cap. you just grab and squeeze. platinum's upgraded, more powerful formula breaks down and removes grease 4 times faster. nice! no flip, no mess. platinum is also a go-to grease cleaner for your sink, your countertops, and to pre-treat stains on laundry. faster. easier. new dawn platinum ez-squeeze. flip the way you clean dishes.
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>> o'donnell: the death toll from that amtrak derailment in rural missouri climbed to three today. three persons on the train. the other person killed was the driver of the truck on the tracks. about 150 people were taken to local hospitals. and we're learning tonight that
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. >> o'donnell: the battle between the p.g.a. and that saudi-backed between the p.g.a. and tha liv series heated up today with the p.g.a. tour announcing a major partnership with europe's d.p. world tour. the saudi upstart has several high-profile players. the p.g.a. tour has upped the winnings andmade changes to the tour's schedule. in an exclusive interview, we asked p.g.a.'s jay monahan. you said we can't compete with a foreign monarchy that will spend billions of dollars to "buy the game of golf." is that what you think they're trying to do, buy the game of golf? >> i do. i meant everything i said. i think for us it comes back to, i meant everything i said.ngs i think for us it comes back to, nora you can control, and with an organization with a rich history
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news." i'm norah o'donnell. good night. coming up, a job fare every fair does not go as the organizers planned. that was a good thing. >> i came all the way out here about an hour away to look for a job. is trying to keep the officers from leaving the dwindling force. >> bear with us. we want you to know we appreciate what you're doing and here's a little demonstration. >> so-called safe and sane fireworks now on sale in some bay area cities. the local fire officials who say they are anything but. >> we believe that fireworks in any form, in any way, safe and sane, anything, are dangerous. >> and the new fire forcing evacuations in yet another example of what firefighters are
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trying to avoid this holiday weekend. >> i came all the way out here, ab hour away, to look for a aoun job. >> right now at 7:00 corks this long line in the east bay represent the end of a long wait for bay area employers? good evening. >> we dig into a sudden surge in people finally seeking the jobs local employers have been desperate to fill. >> a job fair in contra costa county today did not go as expected. but that was a good thing. >> with resumes ready to go, people looking for jobs were eager to get in front of recruiters at the contra costa recruitment and job fair today. like this person -- >> got a family, two boys, a wife. >> from stockton who has been unemployed since february. >> it's been real hard. i came out here about, an hour away to look for jobs. >> he was just one player of the positively puzzling job fair. organizers expected around


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