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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 15, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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these types of devices could cause a lot of damage. >> it was scary if it was targeted. >> a homemade bomb found outside the home of a politician. it is not the first. tonight san jose is taking
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major new steps to address a disturbing rise in traffic deaths. i thought the house is going to break down. >> a brush fire dangerously close to home. we'll hear from resident who say it feels like a case of deja vu. the special honor for lgbtq students. good evening, i am ryan yamamoto. >> i am elizabeth cook. >> this comes after a week after someone blew up one of the campaign signs in the neighborhood's yard. >> san jose police are still trying to figure out who put the device near council member
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davis' home and more importantly, why. due to safety concerns, we are not going to be identifying the location of her home. it should be safe to be elected official. it is scary if it is targeted. >> davis and her family had to evacuate. >> about five to six inches long. >> it was wrapped with tape and it had battery and the fuse is lit. >> reporter: seasons police say they called in the bomb squad to handle the device, the technician determined it is homemade explosive. >> yes, it is always alarming to us but even more since it is one of our elected officials here in the city. >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out if this was random or targeted. davis says she can't think of a
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reason why someone would target her other than politically. >> i want to come in, i think there is a way to be civil and disagree in a civil manner and it does not have to be violent. >> reporter: eninveinvestigator still trying to gather evidence. when that person is arrested, they'll be facing serious felony charges. katy nielsen, kpix, 5. a growing number of traffic deaths. a new budget approved including funding for r the city's first ever, light cameras. san jose has 30 traffic deaths
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and more than half vinvolved wih pedestrians. firefighters stopped a brush fire that went up right to people's back doors. kpix reports it is the third fire in the neighborhood in just the past few weeks. >> reporter: the fire started in the golf course, pushing flames, residents quickly evacuated to escape the flame. >> residents in pittsburgh watched this roar of flames come roaring towards their home. >> i thought the house is going to break down. >> reporter: the fire reached ram ramirez's backyard. >> i had a feeling we avoided fires back there for so long. it is a matter of time you know, something happens. >> she's not the only one
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conc concerned of these fires. >> we were some what prepared but it is a scary thought thinking you have to be prepared for something like this to happen again. it is the last thing you ever have to go through. >> firefighters aggressively tackled the fire from the ground and the air. i can fires say the fire burns roughly 18 acres, it started at a homeless encamm pt. >> those fires are preventable with greater vigilance and caution.
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>> e andrea nakano, kpix, 5. the cooling weather moves in, our first alert meteorologist is tracking the timing, coming up. it appears voters decided to replace a long time sheriff. new numbers out tonight showing you sanchez with a substantial lead over sheriff gregory ahern. she will almost avoid a run off in november. she's ready to declare victory. san mateo could also have a new sheriff. carlos by 12,000 votes with about 43,000 ballots left to be counted. >> now numbers will be released tomorrow. if elected corpus and sanchez, we'll become the first latino sheriffs in california's
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history. investigators are looking at a man caught on camera, ripping down frlags. the man cuts the cord on the poll when the supplies don't fall. he comes back and grips them down. >> once that's fix. a new video of a similar case in a matter of seconds, two people run up on a front porch of the home on saturday night around 10:45. a powerful epicenter. we are not talking about san francisco, we are looking further south where young people are changing the world with big doses of hope, love and pride.
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>> reporter: at the high school, hundreds gathered to celebrate the courage of kids. >> we must protect our lights and the rights of our community around country.taanruz county has close to this celebration. the goal is to honor lbgtq. i can't believe i have this unt to be recognized and in front of so many people. >> reporter: aaron is eighth grade and transgender. he supports how to support kids. >> i came out too fast. >>, she wanted to post her snap chat story. >> also, honor, lucille.
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she successfully lobbied for gender bathroom in schools. >> i will continue to speak up and attend protests, continuing what i do which is advocating for students' rights and young people's rights. >> for those on hand to celebrate, pride month is a big deal. >> pride month to me is being able to be myself and wear whatever i want and not only accept my sexuality. how about you, ma? >> representation, showing support. >> the recent gallop holes is dproeing. >> this friend is true with younger generations. the uptake is happening at a time where it is more receptive.
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an estimated of 10% of kids ages 13 to 17, now identified as gear. >> with that said, in sense a backlash. >> as a parents, i can become a think about it. i am always in the back of my mind of the potential for not being safe is there. >> 200 are in the works. most of which specifically target transgenders and non buying youths. >> we have to fight different and how they perceive us as people and making sure that everyone perceive us as people. ♪ 25 years work of progress but there is work to do. >> we are in frosz of declaring
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california, breathing for trans kids so people will know there is a safe space. >> with this push back against lgbtq people, if not more because we are just people and we just want to live like everyone else can. and no attempt so -- >> each award winner gets $500 to donate to their charity. a literacy program for incarcerated youths, a pride parade and a suicide health line for lbgtq kids. you can see our pride story on our special section on our website on still ahead tonight -- >> the fda poised to approve
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covid vaccine for kids as young as six months tonight. >> what parents should know. the fed is expected to announce announce
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kids under five could be a step closer of getting vaccinated. the fda could sign off tomorrow for shots for children as young as six months old. it could be an option for older kids as well. >> reporter: an fda panel recommended moderna's covid-19 vaccine for children 16 to 17. older kids will get two full strength doses. >> younger children would get two doses at half strain. >> the vaccine wallace effective and seestimate are similar to adults. >> there was concerns that moderna shots carried a greater risk of myocarditis. the fda says the latest research does not back that up.
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>> on wednesday, the panel will review moderna and pfizer vaccines for children as young as six months. >> the safety in this population is of paramount important. >> reporter: doctors say parents of young kids should get them vaccinated. >> what was shocking to me is, we can't predict who's going to get hospitalized, i would be first in line to get them vaccinated. >> there are some concerns about a potential connection between covid and a sudden jump in hepatitis in kids. >> a new small story focused on five children ranging from three months to 13-year-old. it is raising alarm bells. >> all of them had prior covid
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and there was not anything else. they didn't find any other virus. >> the biden administration says if approved, vaccines for the youngest dids could start as soon as next week. >> in san francisco, kpix. the largest increase in nearly 40 kbyears. experts say it could create more pain for consumers by increasing in costs and discouraging spending. >> if they raise rates tie too much or too quickly, they run the risk of slowing tlings down so much. roig right now the fed is -- the warriors' thompson has
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been banned for life. >> his real name, a youtube gave him the name and onto the court ahead of game five onset yesterday. >> he iosigned autographs and sp photos with the fans. >> the team informed him today that he's no longer welcome at chase center. >> all right, a live look at chase center tonight which will host game six. as the warriors battled and bringing home championship from bost boston. tickets are limited and going fast. >> we'll have live reports starting tomorrow. >> switching gears to weather, we have the the real --
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>> it is a lot of questions of how we got there and all of that. >> another day and another time. >> we still have warming up tord. 10 degrees normal. san jose, that was you. >> 76 yesterday you are up to 86 today. low 90s in tom soft our warmer in land locations. >> that's the stop and there is the dramatic cool down for the second half to the week. >> let's get you ready for tomorrow's numbers. now we see a few more low 90s than we had today. >> so you will do it form and then some. we'll dgo to 91 and it will be mid-70s. tomorrow is very much like today
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and a few degrees warmer. >> here comes change. maybe if you look at a regular clouds, you can't miss it. >> look at the deep troughs. that's the cold front and that's going to come through on thursday. you can see it in the clouds. if we use the highway forecast model, i am going to stop it on thursday morning which means throughouts the thursday, that cold front marches its way across the by the way. that brings us much cooler air. >> if you look at where the temperatures today, we'll bring in those shades of blue on thursday. we'll go from low 90s to tomorrow to low 70s by the time we get to friday. >> thursday will also be noticeably cool. >> the fist thing is wednesday night, the leading edge to the cold front. usually pulling the air out really fast and that's how you
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get that strong arm. >> nearly water and city peni peninsula. wednesday night it starts the get windy. >> it will be the cool and some. warming up in the weekend, you really see that in our climate. on friday, we'll warm up a little bit, it is perfect to be outside and it starts to get hot again, next week. charles, over to you. >> hopefully the weather, klay thompson is taking a swim in the atlantic. there is another warrior who's due for a huge game on thursday night and logan web, he had quite the adding that i thought defense,
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alex woods is coming up his
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best two starts of the year. could logan webb keep the trend going tonight? the answer is yes. yes, he's best of the season against kansas city. runners up on the corner, sit down, bobby, it is not over. webb struck out 9. bottom 6th. lewis gonzalez scores the first round of the game. casey then put 2 on in the 7th. gonzalez going home with it. and ending over, i don't know what that slide was. webb loves it. he threw 7 shots innings. over to boston but not to the nba finals. the a's, bottom three, joe martinez send it out a ride.
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3-0 red sox. then it is a deep one right here, jared kadick. 439 feet. three run shots. boston would bin. oakland is 215 in their last 17 games. oh, and it goes over for the no hitter. the no hitter is done. michael didn't get to finish the game, that's a tough way to lose the no-no. st. louis wins it 9-1. two dhanss to win one game for the golden state warriors and it is no doubt to catch 22. in a perfect world, you would like to see the dubs win the title at chase center. the warriors flew back to boston
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this afternoon. they had a chance to win an nba title on thursday. brutal night shooting for stephen curry in game five. the first time in 3.5 years he failed to make a three-pointer. we know that klay is going to owup. we had steph coming off this performance. >> that's exactly what we need. >> my track record says shoot the ball better next game and looking forward to that bounce back. >> dubs practice tomorrow afternoon in boston, around 9:00 a.m. pacific time or so. vern glenn is there, he's going to have a lot of coverage beginning at 3:00 p.m. should be a good one. t.d. garden was the loudest sporting events i have ever heard. >> in term of basketball, i never heard of an arena louder than that. it would
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if you are one of the few who still uses internet explor, you have to search for a new browser. microsoft is pulling the plug. commended 90% of the browser. >> does that mean my >> i should not
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