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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 9, 2022 3:12am-4:00am PST

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involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors played james crumbley's call to 911 to report a missing gun. know i'm not really sure, i'm at my house, my son is at the high school, i have a missing gun at my house. >> o'donnell: a work supervisor testified that soon after the shooting, jennifer crumbley sent a text message saying, "i need my job. son did."'tudge me for what e crumeys are accused of making a gun accessible to their 15-year-old son and ignoring warning signs about his behavior. we're going to turn now to that tense military standoff between russia and ukraine. tonight, u.s.-led nato troops and russian forces are ramping up intense war games in the region, signaling both sides are
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preparing for a possible conflict. this comes as russia is striking down suggestions of a diplomatic breakthrough. cbs' charlie d'agata reports from the baltic state of estonia. >> reporter: combat-ready british tanks on the war path today, testing nato ground troops in estonia in a simulated battle against an imaginary enemy. but in a country that borders russia and was once a former soviet republic, the enemy is very real, with tensions mounting in ukraine, so is the threat. winter exercises like these are meant to counter russia's home field advantage. waging war against an enemy that specializes in fighting in arctic conditions. at the same time, russia has stepped up its own maneuvers, sending six warships to the black sea. in addition to joint exercises for ground troops in belarus. with russia now amassing as many as 130,000 troops near ukraine. nato is beefing up its forces on russian and belarusian borders in response.
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battle groups led by the u.s. in poland, german forces in lithuania. canadian troops in latvia, and the british in estonia. diplomatic efforts to find a solution stalled after the kremlin dismissed claims from french president emmanuel macron that he saw a path forward, following talks with russian president vladimir putin. with hopes of a peaceful solution decreasing by the day, nato officials here say they're worried these war games may soon be the real deal. a top government official told us not only does putin have the upper hand in negotiations, but sending a few thousand u.s. and nato forces to eastern europe is hardly a serious deterrent to 130,000 russian troops. norah. >> o'donnell: charlie d'agata reporting for us in estonia. thank you. turning now to the economy.
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a disturbing trend is emerging when it comes to women and america's economic recovery. more than 63% of all jobs lost during the pandemic were jobs held by women. following the latest unemployment report, there are more than one million fewer women in the workforce today, compared to february of 2020. cbs' nikki battiste has more on the gender gap recovery. >> in this book... >> reporter: laura danger, a mom to two young daughters, was a special education teacher for chicago public schools. she loves her work, but last october, danger had to quit. >> i just sat there and cried. >> reporter: it was the lack of reliable child care during the pandemic, plus worries about her children falling ill that led her to give up her career. >> my kids were sick, and i wasn't sleeping, and i wasn't eating. it was just all of that weight of the last two years on me, and all of the things i knew i had to get done that wouldn't stop. and i... i put in my resignation that
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day. >> reporter: danger isn't alone. in the first year of the pandemic, one in three women considered leaving or changing jobs. working and finding affordable child care has only become more difficult during the pandemic. costs for child care centers have jumped more than 40%, forcing many to shut down. elonda edwards runs several child care centers in the washington, d.c., area. she said it's hard finding qualified women for the job openings. >> we're able to increase our tuition prices more than, then we'll be able to pay the staff members more than, you know, for what they are really asking for and deserve. but if we do that, we lose children. moms or dads actually staying home with their child because they can't afford child care. >> reporter: danger says she hopes to return to teaching some day, but right now, her family is her number one priority. >> we're going to make it. i just would love to see a light at the end of the tunnel in the next couple of months.
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four of the winter olympics. while team u.s.a. is still eyeing their first gold medal, u.s. men's figure skater, nathan chen, grabbed today's headlines, thanks to a world-record performance. cbs' jamie yuccas reports. >> reporter: team u.s.a.'s nathan chen may have given the americans their best shot at gold yet. after a disappointing performance at the 2018 olympics, the three-time world champion registered a world- record score in the men's short program. >> it's not 2018 anymore. >> i can't imagine being him and having to wait this long to fix what you-- what you messed up four years ago. >> reporter: emily giambalvo covers figure skating for "the washington post." >> there's still the free skate left, but it just felt like, okay, this is different than in peyongchang. it's not going to be that same disaster again. >> reporter: in ice hockey, the u.s. women's team suffered its first loss of the tournament to canada, but all eyes are on next week's expected gold medal rematch after canada lost to the
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u.s. in 2018. >> the united states wins gold! >> reporter: in the women's free-style big-air event, california-born teenager, eileen gu, won gold for china. her mother's native country, after landing a breathtaking 1620. she called her victory the best moment of her life, but dodged several questions about her nationality. she's competed for china, which does not permit dual citizenship since 2019, but she has not said whether she renounced her american citizenship. >> i am american when i'm in the u.s., and i'm chinese in china and i have been very outspoken on my gratitude for both the u.s. and china for making me the person i am. >> reporter: tonight american snowboarding stars chloe kim and shaun white begin competition on the half pipe. these are the last games for white, who announced he will retire after five olympics. he already has three gold medals by the way.
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western "the power of the dog" leads the oscar pack with 12 nominations, including best picture. will smith scored nominations for producing and starring in "king richard." denzel washington's performance in the "tragedy of macbeth," earned him his tenth nomination. and in one of the most-talked about snubs, lady gaga was not nominated for her performance in "house of gucci." all right, coming up next, an incredible story of a nurse helping others while going through her own cancer treatment.
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>> o'donnell: when an oncology nurse was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a pretty good idea what she was in for. what she didn't expect was how being a patient also made her a better nurse. cbs' mark strassmann reports. >> reporter: nurse sharron kerber treats cancer patients. after a routine mammogram, she became one. >> i think like a lot of people, i was a little late getting my mammogram due to the pandemic. i was diagnosed with breast cancer on may 3. >> reporter: scary? >> it was scary. i don't think anybody can ever be prepared for that moment. >> reporter: through chemo and multiple surgeries, the 48-year- old mother of four kept working. on the days that you worked, were they different than the days you had off? >> yes. i think i felt better on the days that i worked. i certainly wasn't thinking
3:28 am
about myself very much. >> reporter: just as you were good for your patients, your patients were good for you. >> oh, my patients kept me going through this. >> reporter: a cancer camaraderie became her therapy at the sarah cannon cancer hospital near dallas. >> every time a patient would find out, they would look at me like they were seeing me for the first time. and then we could have more intimate conversations about treatment, side effects. >> reporter: has your personal experience made you a better nurse? >> oh, i think it absolutely has. >> reporter: kerber is now cancer-free and in remission. ( bell ringing ) a working, walking reminder to her patients-- there's hope. mark strassmann, cbs news, plano, texas. >> o'donnell: and as sharron reminds us, get your mammogram. for some of you the news continues and for os back later for cb follow us online any time at reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm norah o'donnell.
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this is cbs news flash. i'm tom hanson in new york. the house is passed a bill extending government funding through march ele11th. the continuing resolution must be approved by the senate before the president can sign the bill in to law. drug maker johnson & johnson has halted the production of covid-19 vaccine after shutting down the netherlands facility. they say they have millions doses in inventory, the halt is temporary, it's the vaccine of choice in much of the developing world. with the super bowl around the corner, americans are shattering gambling records. 35 million americans will bet $7.6 billion on the showdown of the l.a. rams and the cincinnati
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bengals. for more news download the cbs news app on your smartphone or connected tv. i'm tom hanson, cbs, new york. this is the "cbs overnight news". >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. well, tonight, there's news that more states are planning to roll back mask restrictions. the governor of new york is expected tomorrow to repeal the indoor mask mandate for businesses, and she could allow schools to do the same by the end of the month, if cases continue to drop. it's too soon to say if america is at a turning point, but two years after the start of the pandemic, there is growing recognition that we are in the endemic stage, and that means learning to live with the sars- cov-2 virus. here is the latest data: the daily average number of new cases is down nearly 70% nationwide in less than a month. so casing are falling.
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there's also this for parents: the c.d.c. says the biden administration is preparing to roll out 10 million mini-vaccine doses for children as young as six months old. the first round of shipments could arrive by monday, february 21. so we've got a lot of news to get to tonight. and cbs' elise preston is going to start us off from new york. good evening, elise. >> reporter: good evening, norah. that's right. as you just said, new york could join the list of states rolling back mask mandates tomorrow, as governor kathy hochul is expected to make an announcement for businesses. she told education leaders today she's not ready to do the same for schools yet, but that could come in just a couple of weeks. >> zip your mouth! >> reporter: this was the contentious scene at one school board meeting in illinois, after a judge halted the state's school mask mandates, leaving districts to decide for themselves. >> you're sitting here causing a scene like this? with no mask on? >> reporter: with only about 40% of five- to 17-year-olds fully
3:32 am
vaccinated, the c.d.c. still recommends indoor masking in schools, regardless of vaccination status. but new jersey, delaware, connecticut, and oregon have all announced plans to lift mandates. california will still require masking in schools, but will remove the requirement for vaccinated individuals in indoor public spaces starting next week. >> let's all get back to normal already. geez, louise! >> reporter: nationwide cases are about 70% lower than at january's peak, but weekly cases among children are still over 100,000 and are about 400% higher than this time last year. >> i am fully confident that it will be safe to have kids take masks off in school, particularly in schools that have high vaccination rates. my worry is that we're not quite there yet. >> reporter: pandemic fatigue and frustration isn't just impacting schools. it's hitting hospitals, too. >> every day i read about
3:33 am
reports in which my staff are either verbally or physically abused. >> reporter: at this hospital in georgia, dr. gregory evans says with each wave of covid, there's also a flood of aggression. what do those verbal attacks look like? >> accusations why we aren't giving certain medications that they may have researched on the internet. >> reporter: dr. lily henson says when hospitals are full of patients that don't trust science, it's a dagger to morale. >> we get this threat that says, you know, if my loved one dies, it's your fault." that's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: now, pfizer's c.e.o. says he thinks the f.d.a. could fast track vaccine authorization for children under the age of five. data is expected on friday, and an f.d.a. advisory committee is set to meet next week about the shots. norah. >> o'donnell: elise preston with all the news. thank you. and for the second straight day, a canadian protest spilled over
3:34 am
the border into michigan and blocked the ambassador bridge. that's the busiest border crossing between the u.s. and canada that is responsible for roughly a quarter of all trade between the two countries. cbs' janet shamlian reports from ottawa. >> reporter: tonight, protesters defying calls to end what's been described as the occupation of canada's capital. as ottawa becomes a global front line of frustration over vaccine restrictions. >> we want this over. people want to get on with their lives. this has been two years. >> reporter: hundreds of trucks are blockading the area around parliament. >> we're sitting here just because we think we're doing the right thing here. >> reporter: the mayor declaring a state of emergency, warning they're losing the battle. a lot of these big rigs have been here for all 12 days of this protest, and they have no intention of leaving any time soon. the anger spreading to the border. traffic shut down for a second day on the bridge connecting canada to the u.s. in michigan, a major trade artery.
3:35 am
>> it has to stop. >> reporter: prime minister justin trudeau is calling for an end to it all. >> the people of ottawa don't deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhood. >> reporter: but momentum is growing as right wing groups and politicians outside canada pick up the banner, iludingenator ted cruz and former president donald trump. and while gofundme ended protest donations, millions are coming in on other platforms. many believe coordinating behind the scenes-- deep-pocketed anti- vaccine groups. trucker ross zacharias says his pockets are about empty. but he's not leaving. what type of toll is that taking on your income? >> an absolute toll. i have no income. but they already took that from me before i got here. >> o'donnell: and janet shamlian joins us now from ottawa. so, janet, do we know what kind of economic impact these protests are having? >> reporter: so, norah, almost every business in this area near parliament has closed. at the border bridge, which connects detroit to windsor, some 200 million dollars in
3:36 am
goods cross each day. in the last 48 hours or so, not much of it has made it across. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, janet shamlian in ottawa for us, thank you. >> well, now to a scary incident this afternoon involving vice president kamala harris' husband. the secret service rushed doug emhoff out of an event at a high school here in washington following a bomb threat. cbs' nancy cordes joins us now from the white house. nancy, what exactly happened? >> reporter: well, norah, d.c. police say when this bomb threat was made this afternoon, the caller said that everyone inside had 10 minutes to get out. that threat was immediately relayed to the secret service detail for the second gentleman, and in these pictures, you can actually see them whisking him out of the building. now, the second gentleman, doug emhoff, was at the school to attend a black history month event with kids. dunbar high school, the secret service tells us, was the first public high school for black students in the country when it was founded back in 1870. a short time ago, the secret service released this statement
3:37 am
that said, "at this time, there is no information to indicate that the threat was directed towards our protectee"-- in other words, towards the second gentleman. and d.c. police say they also don't believe that the threat is related to the recent series of threats directed at historically black colleges and universities. d.c. police did not find any explosive devices, but they do have an audio recording of that call, and they're investigating. norah. >> o'donnell: nancy cordes at the white house, thank you. well, tonight, we're learning more about how a michigan couple
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♪ ♪ this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome back to the overnight news, i'm erol barnett in washington. there's new warnings about a possible copycat terror attack following last month's hostage crisis in a texas synagogue. after a nearly 11 hour standoff fbi agents entered the building and killed the suspect.all of t unhurt. the department of homeland security said that supporters of foreign terrorists organizations are encouraging similar acts of violence.
3:41 am
we have more. . >> reporter: according to the homeland security bulletin, after the texas synagogue stand-off, there was an uptick in online chatter from isis and al qaeda, they pointed to the violence of the kind of lone wolf attack that can be carried out in the u.s. homeland security said the primary terrorism related threat to the u.s. is from lone offenders or small groups who's foreign or domestic grievances are followed by online contact. as well as jewish facilities and churches are a cause for concern and may inspire extremist threat actors to mobilize to violence. the advisory expands on a bulletin that was set to expire today, while homeland security said they are not aware of credible threats the violent extremists are interested in disrupting the power grid to create chaos. >> the "cbs overnight news" will
3:42 am
be right back.
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3:46 am
> his co-star was the first back in 1986. cbs's dana jacobson spoke to them. >> the experience of making the movie was so powerful that i truly felt like oh, if nothing ever happened with the movie, that experience would be so complete. i'm going to cry just talking about it. >> for the writer and director, the movie "coda" was a labor of love. >> i really wanted it to feel like a real lived in family and i think the deaf culture is more universal because the characters are so relatable. >> the characters, "coda's" rossi family, daughter ruby is the only one who can hear. >> what is rude is how noise i
3:47 am
guys are. her parents and older brother are all deaf. >> why was it so important to you to make certain that these were actors who were deaf and not actors playing someone who was deaf? >> i think for a long time, disability, you know, nondisability actors have played disability and been rewarded for it. this is a lived exrience. and it' identity t i more tnsign, and as marley said deafness is not a costume that can be put on. >> that is oscar winner marley matlin who plays the mother role. she brings authenticity that cannot be had otherwise. like knowing what the rossie family are going through when ruby shows her talent for
3:48 am
singing. ♪ ♪ >> they turned to troy kotzer, he plays the father, and he has been deaf since birth. >> he lives in a totally silent world and has no experience of music and talking to him about what it's like to sit in a concert and especially if your kid is performing and be working as a detective looking at the audience to try to pick up clues of what is happening. >> right. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll go where you lead ♪ >> especially when it all goes silent. >> you have 2 minutes of living in the deaf experience which is uncomfortable for a hearing audience. >> i feel people in the theater start to squirm, it's intense. yet that is their lived every day reality. so i felt it was important to
3:49 am
get that visceral experience of feeling what it's like to live that way. [ cheers and applause ]. >> throughout the film "coda" takes its hearing audience inside the deaf experience. which is nothing new for kotzer, a long-time actor at the national theater for the deaf. known for his quick signing, "coda" was a chance to show off. >> that was from him not me. >> what drew you to the movie most? >> when i read the script, i was ready for the dirty sign language. i was thrilled to have been given that opportunity. i said oh, yeah. people need to see that. they need to see what asl looks like to have the dirty signs on screen. >> we spoke with kotzer through an interpreter, justin mauer, he
3:50 am
>> blast them!e at ageig that >> star wars. >> so imagine sitting in the theater not being able to hear anything. but the visuals of this film were amazing. i saw the lights shooting back and forth from their guns. the battleships. i went back to the theater and saw it 28 times. and that was the first film that inspired me. i was fascinated by the fantasy and all of the characters. and that really sparked my interest in to film and led me here to this day. >> it's a junior that included acting out childhood cartoons on the bus ride to the phoenix day school for the deaf. and when i would come home, i would watch "tom and jerry." because there was not any dialog. there was are just action and visuals. so, i could enjoy it.
3:51 am
so the next day, sitting on the bus ally the deaf kids would look at me and we would do theater on board. so i would stand in the tell sry fro tom and of the koi p a i felt like i really enjoyed seeing their eyes light up. >> he went to study theater, tv and film at gaulludet university, it's a where he began his professional career. tv credits followed and now include his inspiration. playing a tuscan raider in the spin off the mandeloean. >> i was thrilled, they had so many aliens and spoke all the different languages and so where
3:52 am
was sign language. so it was perfect to raet the sign language for the desert. >> to prepare for salty but family loving fisherman, frank rossie in "coda" he spent a few weeks in the tight knit town where the movie takes place. where 3:00 a.m. wake ups to get on the water were followed by 8:00 a.m. night caps at the local bar. >> you went with them. i heard you hung out. >> i studied them their behavior and environment. >> but kotzer relied on his own lived experience. ♪ ♪ when frank tried to understand his daughter's passion for singing, kotzer knew just what to do. thanks to his own teenage daughter, a coda herself.
3:53 am
>> she became addicted and immersed in to the world of practicing the piano, sometimes all day long. i could not hear the piano and i would walk through the room and touch the piano to feel the vibrations. ♪ ♪ >> it was a similar idea of feeling ruby's voice in the scene. >> no signs or words needed to convey a father's love. ♪ ♪ ♪ i have looked to clouds from both sides now ♪ ♪ from up and down ♪ >> and while "coda" may be a story about family and letting go, the movie was also a lesson in inclusion. >> a lot of people feel connected to the story of "coda" pause of the family experience and so when you see inside of the deaf world, you might be able to mirror that deaf experience to your own experience. and the only difference is which language you communicate in. it's the same way of thinking.
3:54 am
the same struggles in life. the same humor. and it's just a different language, period. and that's why we describe asl like a foreign language. we are foreigners we just happen to be in america. >> sean hader was nominated for best adapted screen play. it will be held sunday march 27th. we will be right back.
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(dr. david jeremiah) there may have never been another time in history when end times prophecy has been more aligned with the culture and circumstances of the world than it is today. i believe there are ten phenomenon we are witnessing today that were recorded centuries ago in bible prophecy. (male announcer) join dr. david jeremiah in his new series, "where do we go from here?"
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on the next episode of "turning point." right here on this station. walking in to a gym or a fitness class can be intimidating for anyone, i know that for sure . and it can be extra intimidating for those with challenges in life. and we focus on a gym that is trying to change it. >> the workouts are grueling in the phoenix gym, but muscles are not the only measure of progress. >> shoulders down, elbows up. >> reporter: some of the athletes are autistic, others is have downs syndrome, and none have taken strength training until now. what made you think they needed to the strength training? >> a lot of them could not get
3:58 am
something ab that the new found lasses. physical strength would lead to cognitive and emotional strength. >> when he is lifting the heavyweights, it helps the mind/body connection, allow him to pronounce better. >> david works out with his sister abby. he even comes with their dad. from different backgrounds ando friendships, building confidence. >> cade who uses a device to speak just might express it best. sdplts a gym that believes in me. >> cbs news, phoenix. >> and that is the "cbs overnight news" for this wednesday. reporting from the nation's capitol. i'm errol barnett>>
3:59 am
cb news flash. i'm tom hanson in new york. the house is passed a bill extending government funding through march 11th. now the stopgap measure known as a continuing resolution must be approved by the senate before the president can sign the bill in to law. johnson & johnson has halted production of the vaccine of covid-19 after shutting down the netherlands facility. ey say they have mil millions o doses in inventory and the halt is temporary. it's the vaccine of choice in much of the developing world. with the super bowl around the corner. americans are shattering gambling records. an estimated 31.5 million americans will bet over $7.6 billion on the show down from the l.a. rams and the cincinnati
4:00 am
bengals. for more news download the cbs news app on your smartphone or connected . it's wednesday, february 9th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." mask mandate fight. the white house pushes back as more states begin to loosen covid restrictions. bitcoin scheme. how a new york couple allegedly tried to launder billions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency. security scare. why the husbands of vice president kamala harris was rushed out of a high school while observing black history month. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with another sign the nation is possibly turning the corner on the outbreak. -- the epidemic. new york state could be lifting its mask mandate in hours. governor hochul is expected to


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