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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 1, 2022 3:12am-4:00am PST

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did not overturn the election, writing in a statement, mike pence did have the right to change the outcome. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power. actually, pence couldñothave. doing so would have been unconstitutional. >> now he's just making stuff up because he can't handle that the american people rose in large numbers andfired him. >> o'donnell: and major garrett joins us with breaking news, i understand, on the january 6th investigation? >> reporter: yes, house select committee members have obtained testimony from mark short, vice president pence's chief of staff to speak on how much pressure the president applied on the former vice president because mr. trump said he didn't want pence to investigate or slow things down, he wanted him to overturn the 2020 election. >> o'donnell: thank you. the f.b.i. tonight is investigating bomb threats at least half a dozen historically black colleges. no bombs were found. at least one university closed for the day, similar threats
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were made to several black universities earlier this month. it's not clear in the threats are related to the latest wave but the white house is looking into it as well. the report isn't the end of the troubles for u.k. prime minister boris johnson. police in london are investigating more than 300 photographs and 500 pages of documents after a report of more than a dozen alcohol-fueled parties during covid lockdowns. more from cbs' roxana saberi. >> -- but firstly, i want to say sorry. >> reporter: for british prime minister boris johnson, party gate is far from over. >> i want to say sorry for the way this matter has been handled. >> the public know that this is a man they can no longer trust. >> reporter: today's report found some of the gathering at ten downing street at the height of covid restrictions should not have been allowed to take place and reflected failures of leadership and judgment.
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one was a birthday party in johnson's honor. after he made the school visit. two more took place on the eve of prince philip's funeral when his widow queen elizabeth had to mourn alone. >> people do not respect him anymore. >> reporter: sonia purnell is an author of a biography on boris johnson. >> tuning he's going to bounce back this time? >> i think it's different. all of us suffered through the pandemic. i lost my mother to covid, and the day after i buried her, boris johnson was having a party in the garden in downing street. >> reporter: the internal investigation into the events here at 10 downing street also noted excessive drinking and staff feeling unable to report bad behavior. its findings on twelve gatherings have gone on to a criminal investigation now underway by the police. norah. >> o'donnell: roxana saberi, thank you. we want to turn to the covid misinformation scandal
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surrounding comedian and podcastser joe rogan, causing a major backlash for streaming service spofort spotify, prompting an apology from rogen. >> i'm sorry they feel that way. >> reporter: joe rogan is apologetic to allegation he's helping spread dangerous information about covid 19 on spotify's top podcast. >> i will try to balance out these more controversial viewpoints. >> reporter: musicians neil young and joni mitchell pulled their music from spotify in support of hundreds of medical experts who sent a letter asking for an end to misinformation on the platform. popular host, brene brown won't release more information. spotify will add an advisory to any discussions of covid 19 on the joe rogan experience, he claimed young people don't need the vaccine. last month he hosted a
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controversial anti-vax doctor. >> i'm just a person who sits and talks to people. >> reporter: c.e.o. daniel ek said in a blog post-the company is trying to balance user safety with creator expression adding spotify is not a content sensor. nils lofgren, guitarist for bruce springsteen, pulled his music, too. >> we're all for free speech. we just don't want to be associated with misinformation and lies killing americans. >> reporter: vladimir duthiers, nbc news, new york.
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on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. we want to turn now to one of the most pressing issues facing families nationwide, the soaring costs of child care. a recent analysis finds the cost of childcare now rivals the cost of a college education in many states. cbs' mark strassmann has more. >> reporter: for cassandra little, gavin's infection softens the squeeze of a broken system: the cost of daycare in america. at one point, taking almost half this architect's after-tax income. >> i felt like i should scream, cry and vomit all at the same time. you have this repetitive question, is it worth it? >> reporter: except for
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washington, d.c., massachusetts has america's most expensive childcare. for a four-year-old that cost averages $15,000 a year, an infant almost $21,000. by government standards, only 5% of massachusetts families can afford infant care. >> doesn't work for anybody. nobody wins. >> reporter: lauren cook runs the ellis early learning early center. this nationally accredited nonprofit looks after 270 kids. tuition as high as $30,000. but without donations, the center would close. >> we lose money on virtually every child we serve. >> reporter: these parents should be paying more. >> which is impossible. we would break families. >> reporter: for years, advocates have pleaded for government to invest in early learning. at ellis, two-thirds of the kids subsidized tuition based on lower family incomes. without the help, daycare for this three year old ariel, beyond a reasonable doubt would cost more than the rent.
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>> we're putting that much money into daycare, what am i going have saved up and how am i going to afford a house one day? >> reporter: alethia graham knows she's lucky to have it, mark strassmann, cbs news boston. >> o'donnell: need to find a solution for that. still ahead. big news for millions of people who play the popular word game "wordle."
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olay brightens it up with new olay vitamin c. gives you two times brighter skin. hydrates better than the 100, 200, even $400 cream. see, my skin looks more even, and way brighter. dullness? so done. turn up your results with new olay vitamin c my skin can face anything. shop the full vitamin c collection at >> o'donnell: well, tonight, the death of former miss u.s.a. cheslie kryst has reunited the important conversation on mental health. police believe she took her own life sunday.abt her struggles. check on your strong friends. cheslie kryst was just 30 years old. some big news today about the moderna vaccine. the f.d.a. fully approved the shot after reviewing more data about safety and efficacy.
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the company can market the shot under the brand name spikevax. and then this story, two nurses on long island are accused of selling more than $1.5 million in fake covid vaccination cards. $225 for adults and $85 for kids. news about the game uniting america, one word at a time. the "new york times" purchased the popular online game "wordle" for a low 7-figure amount. the game shot up in popularity since it launched in october. if you haven't played, users get six chances to figure out the daily five-letter word. the time says wordle will remain free and the game itself won't change. coming up next, the super bowl is all set and is tom brady ready to call it quits? what the greatest quarterback of all time is saying today.
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>> o'donnell: it was an exciting day of football sunday. now, the super bowl is all set. fans in the next couple of weeks may be looking at what happens next with the greatest quarterback of all time. cbs' jonathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: los angeles is about to host its first super bowl in nearly 30 years. >> intercepted by the rams! >> reporter: the rams will play on the same field where they defeated their arch rivals the san francisco 49ers, while the kansas city -- >> cincinnati is heading to the super bowl! >> reporter: -- the bengals beat the chiefs in a game some called an amazing comeback, and opposing fans an epic collapse. today's headlines, normally reserved for war and peace
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shared news in heart break. in los angeles and cincinnati, unbridled joy for rams and bengals, playing in the assume super bowl since the first season of "seinfeld," a team that won only two games in 2019 and whose quarterback was just five years old when tom brady won his first super bowl. yeah, that guy who won it again last year and came close this season but now is about to finally call it quits... or not. but the super-sized question, will tom brady actually retire? on saturday, tributes poured in from everyone except brady himself. there's also this -- brady stands to lose a reported $15 million in bonus money if he retires before this friday. even for the greatest, that could be a game changer. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. and that's the overnight news for this tuesday, for
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others check back later for cbs mornings. follow us online at any time at reporting from the nation's capital, i'm norah o'donnell. this is cbs news flash. i'm bradley blackburn in new york. federal prisons nationwide went on lockdown after a deadly attack at a prison in texas. two prisoners were killed and another two were hurt. the fight reportedly involved members of the violent ms-13 gang. u.s. health regulators have given full approval moderna's covid vaccine. this comes after americans have received the shot under emergency authorization and tom brady is finally addressing his retirement rumors, the buccaneers quarterback said when the time is right, he will make a decision. over the weekend, there were
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conflicting reports on whether the future hall of famer would hang up his jersey. for more news download the cbs app on your device or connected tv. > . this is the cbs overnight news. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. this could be a critical week as the threat of war looms in ukraine. tonight, president biden is warning russia that it will face swift and severe consequences should it attack, adding that the u.s. and its allies are continuing to prepare for every scenario. the cold war foes faced off today at the u.n. security security council, calling for the de-escalation of the largest mobilization of troops in decades. cbs news learned russia just delivered a written response to a u.s. proposal aimed at
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lowering those tensions. cbs' weijia jiang leads off the coverage with the news at the white house. good evening, weijia. >> reporter: good evening to you, norah. tonight pentagon is seeing increasing russian military activity all around ukraine, in fact that is what led to the showdown at the u.n. between russia and the u.s., even though president biden is still pushing for a diplomatic solution he's also clear-eyed about the potential for war. the russian military continues to flex it's muscle around ukraine, holding exercises on land, in the air and on the water. vladimir putin denied any interest in invading. today president biden said the u.s. is ready either way. >> russia is continuing its buildup of its forces around ukraine, we are ready no matter what happens. >> reporter: during a meeting at
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the u.n. security council, russia blamed the u.s. for provoking escalation. again, insisting moscow has no plans to attack. >> we fully understand that the desire of our american colleagues to whip up hysterics. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., linda thomas-greenfield demanded the know why then are there more than 100,000 russian troops surrounding ukraine on three sides? >> imagine how uncomfortable you would be if you had 100,000 troops sitting on your border in the way that these troops are sitting on the border with ukraine? >> reporter: u.s. officials says there is new evidence that russia intends to expand its presence to nearly 30,000 troops near the belarus border. navy secretary general warned russia may use joint training exercises with belarus set to begin in ten days as a disguise to attack. >> that was what happened in
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2014 when they annexed crimea. >> reporter: ukraine's defense minister today celebrated the latest american ammunition shipment, which comes as civilian volunteers across the country, some with no military experience, are training to fight the russians armed only with these stand-in plywood rifles. cbs news has learned that the pentagon is close to announcing the deployment of u.s. troops based in europe moving them close to the front lines with russia, and tomorrow secretary of state antony blinken is set to speak with russia's foreign minister when they will almost certainly talk about that new written response. no e newsthank ith , the northeast is still digging out from a weekend storm that dumped nearly a foot of snow across nine states. and rhode island got more than two feet from the nor'easter and bomb cyclone.
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at least four deaths have been blamed on the storm. states from the plains to the great lakes are braced for the next significant storm tim from wednesday through friday. bitterly cold temperatures are expected on the back end of the storm for much of the southern plains. all right, now to this alarming story about a kansas woman charged with providing material support to a terrorist organize. the 42-year-old mother of five is accused of leading an all female battalion of isis fighters in syria and planning an attack on a college campus. cbs jeff pegues has more. >> reporter: when she was living in kansas the 42-year-old was a teacher and devoted mother who documented her family's add adventures on this blog. today in a va soldier. fluke-ekren moved to syria in 2012 to join up with the islamic state and joined an all female
3:35 am
isis unit and discussed conducting an attack in the united states explaining: she could go to a shopping mall, park a vehicle of explosive in the wait a minute or parking garage and detonate the explosive in the vehicle with a cell phone device. prosecutors told investigators fluke-ekren devised a plan which inclued dropping off a backpack of explosive on a college campus. >> its chilling stuff. >> reporter: this, devora margolin says, investigators leave no doubt about fluke-ekren's personal motivations. >> they outline witness statements about her personal desire to carry out violence which is important because we often underestimate women's ideological pull to these groups.
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>> reporter: the kansans legal team declined to comment on the case. the 42-year-old's next court date is next thursday. in the mean time, her mother, father, two adult children made it crystal clear to the judge today they do not want her contacting them. norah. >> o'donnell: jeff pegues, thank you. breaking news tonight, a federal judge rejected a plea agreement from the justice department that would have averted a hate crimes trial for the man accused of murdering ahmaud arbery. the deal would have allowed travis mcmichael to spend the first 30 yearser in federal prison than state prison where conditions are toughter. the this. -- the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the cbs overnight news. > . a warm welcome back to the overnight news. there are new signs the u.s. has been turning a corner in the fight against the omicron wave, while numbers are still high nationwide, daily covid cases are dropping fast. they are down by more than half from the peak of the omicron surge. now the cdc has released new guidance on quarantining kids younger than 5 who have been exposed to the virus. we see how parents are juggling
3:41 am
the challenges of keeping younger children safe and finding affordable childcare. >> reporter: it's a busy morning at this house as the four girls are getting ready for school. after breakfast, the two younger children are taken to daycare. >> my youngest was born two weeks after the pandemic started. so it's been pretty much nonstop since then and the unpredictablity is crazy. >> reporter: with her youngest kids ineligible for covid vaccines that unpredictablity finally led her to leave her corporate job in september. >> whenever there was an exposure, everything shut down. the little ones would have to just stay home, and it was impossible to really work when that was going on. >> reporter: how many times were your youngests sent home? >> i think they each had two times that they had to quarantine throughout the fall. >> reporter: for how long? >> ten days for each of them. >> reporter: new guidance from the cdc said children under five
3:42 am
who were exposed to covid-19 need to quarantine for five days if they were asymptomatic. but my quarantines are disruptive for young children. >> the fear is the constant fear of closing down classrooms with somebody getting it. >> reporter: how much of a financial burden is it on you? >> our teachers still get paid and our parents have been wonderful and have been paying the tuition. if it is twice in a month we give them the credit back. >> can you sustain that? >> well, we budgeted for it, i don't know for how long. >> reporter: bureau of labor statistic shows the collapse of the child care jobs since the start of the pandemic. while 90% of the jobs that were lost in 2020 were recovered. employment numbers fell again from september to december as the omicron variant surged. >> parents are totally at their breaking point. a lot of, there's a lot of
3:43 am
careers that are at their breaking point between health care workers and teachers. but parents, you know, parenthood is a career too. >> reporter: since the cdc just updated the guidelines friday, falcone toad us they have to wait for the new jersey at the present time of public health to adopt them. >> the deadline to file your taxes this year is monday april 18th. but, if you can, you may as well get started now. because the irs is warning taxpayers to expect major challenges due to a backlog of returns from last year and they are facing staff shortages, this means your tax refund could be delayed. we have more on what to expect. the 2022 tax season crunch has begun. filled with talk of dollars, deductions, and delays. laurie reed a small business owner from fairfax, virginia is
3:44 am
already at wit's end. that uncertainty cause a headache for you? >> a huge headache. >> reporter: until a few days ago, she was working to remedy a refund check from 2019. she and her accountant said that calls to irs landed them on hold for hours. >> it's an enormous hassle. when you own a small businesses and you are trying to keep life running, you have the burden, knowing that there's unfinished business. >> reporter: that is because this tax season the numbers are not adding up inside the irs itself. the agency is warning of severe under staffing. you are saying the agency is operating with hundreds fewer employees than it should or needs? >> thousands fewer employees than it needs. >> reporter: a wave of retirements and budget cuts have hammered the irs, a report by the national taxpayer advocate reveals the irs received 282 million phone calls last year but was able to answer 11% of them. the report adds that the lucky
3:45 am
ones who is did get through waited an average of 23 minutes on hold. >> the irs is not going to be able to answers many of the calls as it should be able to. >> reporter: the waits could grow longer this year as covid limits the number of agents available. >> we know it will be frustrating for taxpayers in a complex filing season in the middle of a pandemic. >> the irs is working through covid backlogs. some of the tax processing centers were closed entirely in the pandemic that stopped the processing of some returns in 2020 and they are trying to catch up using outdated methods. >> when a taxpayer mails in a tax return, the way that information is input from the irs's perspective is someone puts it in by hand in the irs system. that is not how any other business in the country is
3:46 am
operating. and that's not how the irs should be operating either. >> there's legislation to boost irs funding here in washington. but irs legislation often gets caught up in political debate, and grid lock. snorks the meantime, the agency guides you file electronically if you can, and file early this year. scott mcfarland, cbs news. washington. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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>> a journalist asked me once, what do you think about age and getting older? i said, just look at my photos. i'm performing it. ♪ ♪ >> their moves may be slower. but they are conquering tiktok. and liononnie pike is keeping i real, she has gray hair and ta tattoos. they are inspiring and enlightening their much younger fans. >> that was a reason i did become popular and i did become successful because i was conveying this attitude, look at how cool i am. and i have gray hair and wrinkles and i'm not going let anybody make me be invisible. >> she is known as a accident ally con. she is using fashion to fight stereotypes about aging.
3:51 am
>> it involves getting out of your comfort zone. for me, if i don't keep growing, that's when i'm going to wither up. >> people are craving authenticity, so, people of all ages are really looking for real people that they can connect with online. >> market ing strategists have helped people can connect with grand fluencers. >> for younger people, they are really inspired when they see older influencer living their lives, dating, dancing, the time is right for senior influencers who have largely been overlooked. >> and the new partnerships can mean an economic boom for seniors. >> do you guys want to take the pro-form 9,000 home with you? >> yes. >> senior influencers can make from $50 to 10s of thousands of dollars for a social media post. >> i worked probably eight hours
3:52 am
and made my yearly salary as a professor. >> she has close to a million followers. >> i'm 57 years old and i'm still told i will regret my tattoo. come on. >> what is the most inspiring thing you have heard from a 20 or 30-year-old? >> i have a lot of young moms reaching out to me saying i no longer fear growing old. you don't have to fear age. i'm the same person at 57 i was at 25. i just have more tattoo and i drive a better car. >> express yourself. even if people think you look like a teenager. who cares. >> when you launched this, was it to make money or was it to just have influence in the world? >> i launched it, because i wanted to have something to go in to my retirement. >> yep, that is me. >> life is too short to not be the best us we can be. >> yeah. >> because we are in control of our own happiness. >> the fear some foursome, who
3:53 am
call themselves the old gays have been friends for years. >> we are proud to be old gays. we have fun. we all laugh and it's just turned out to be just an absolutely wonderful foursome. >> to me, old means gold. it was harder being young. because you are worried about what people think of you. and at 68, i say, this is it, baby. just be yourself. >> i'm lance. >> i'm jessie, and we are in-scn kr in-scnc -- in sync, sort of. >> they have 150 million views. ♪ ♪ >> see all that love, it feels yummy. >> the kids say, i want these guys to be my grandpas. they have a great deal of respect for us. and that is just absolutely heartwarming to me. >> for them, the term influencer runs deeper than their social
3:54 am
media stats. two survived the aids crisis in the 80s and are living with hiv. >> i lost 80% of my friends in san francisco and this pandemic right now reminds me tremendously of what was happening when my friends were dropping dead right and left. ♪ ♪ >> what lessons do you hope that people take from watching your videos? >> find your purpose. hope. ♪ ♪ >> i'm the social bunny and i have cried because of the love coming my way. i'm more conservative, i'm from the south. but they are stretching me and i'm having a hoot. >> sure, the money is good.% but better than that, it's a chance to share their joy. >>. ♪ ♪ >> and with all due respect to gray hair and wrinkles, maybe the most youthful experience is to be yourself.
3:55 am
>> i like to quote david bowie, he said aging is when you become the person that you should have been. ♪ ♪ >> los geles.
3:56 am
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so there's a new cleaning trend, yes, you heard that right, gang steam around the world. it helps people sort through a lifetime of possessions to save relatives from a lifetime of the clutter. >> reporter: this woman and her friend are doing some house work. but it's a type that might raise an eyebrow. known in sweden as death cleaning. >> it gives a kind of calm. >> by glow of candle light, they sift through the belongings deciding what is important and what needs to go. >> the feeling of getting rid of them is a relief. >> that relief is also meant for her family. >> i have done my best to
3:58 am
relieve my relatives from deciding what to do with all of those things. >> reporter: the tradition gained a cult following from this thofrmt she introduced the concept with her book, called the gentle art of swedish death cleaning. >> when you are this old, it takes you back to moments you like to remember, maybe, interest if you don't. just throw it away. >> reporter: it's a twist on the approach to a tidy home. the japanese celebrity got the world keeping only items that bring them joy. >> just get rid of it. >> while we can't live forever. >> well, i'm going to die, well that is it. >> reporter: at least with death cleaning we can make life easier for those who are left behind. >> and that is the overnight news for this tuesday. reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm erol barnett.
3:59 am
this is cbs newsflash. i'm bradley blackburn in new york. federal prisons nationwide went on lockdown after a prison in texas were killed and another two were hurt. the fight reportedly involved members of the violent ms-13 gang. u.s. regulators gave full approval to the modern a vaccine, that comes after 10s of millions americans received the shot under emergency authorization. and tom brady is finally addressing his retirement rumors during a serus-xm broadcast, he
4:00 am
cleared up rumors. download the cbs it's tuesday, february 1st, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." diplomatic clash. the u.s. and russia face off at the u.n. over ukraine. the scathing accusations about lies and promoting fear. plea deal rejected. the new twist for two men convicted of killing ahmaud arbery. convicted expanding eligibility, why the u.s. could be weeks away from approving a covid vaccine for children under 5. good morning and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. top diplomats from the u.s. and russia continue talks today amid the ukraine crisis. the russian government, which has mobilized about 100,000 troops around ukraine, delivered


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