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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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nick: that's a tough lie. he's a bit close. dottie: 231, 238 total. nick: this is really awkward. he's going to go down on a 3-wood and try a perfect fly fade. dottie: it is high and it's fading. jim: he hit it on the nose. coming out like a bullet. nick: yeah, i knew it. jim: he somehow has to hole that one. nick: yep. jim: so many players in the mix here in the final round of the farmers insurance open. luke list comes from way back at the beginning of the day. shoots 66, holes a bunker
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shot along the way at the 12th hole and makes an improbable birdie at the 72nd after driving it in the rough and then laying up in the rough. managed to hit a wonderful third shot and holed the putt. to come in and post 15 under par and it has held up now for a share of the lead for almost an hour and 40 minutes. here's the dick's sporting woods shot of the dave. -- day. belongs to jason day at the 14th. nick: that was exactly what zalatoris wanted to do. exact same landing shot, down the right side and bring it back. jim: jason managed to hole another shot from off the green, will have a chance.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit] jim: zalatoris, jason day will be in the field next week from pebble beach. the at&t pebble beach pro am next saturday and sunday, 3:00 eastern time. coverage right here on cbs. daniel berger defending his title there. the weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week. long-range forecast, sunny skies, in the 60's approaching 70. nick: thank you, man of carmel. jim: -- will be receiving the ernie award for his critics on sunday night, as will brent snedeker.
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snedeker, a two-time winner of this tournament. a family man, just like luke list, who shares the lead. and here's a man who went to wake forest on an arnold palmer scholarship. nick: that would be my quarterback sneak. talked about those years as a young man playing the cal club. he also played at a municipal course, mariner's point. 3 par course. dottie: gap wedge from 121. backs up at 124. jim: beautifully played! nick: there it is, jim. just lean across the line and get in.
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jim: begged for it to stop as he watched it side spin. stop, stop, and it does. this is as good a look as you can have on that green, nick. nick: excellent. up the hill. make a solo stroke.
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jim: last year there were no fans. patrick reed took the title. and now, thousands upon thousands around the 18th. if there is a playoff, they'll go back to the 18th. fighting darkness.
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whoever is out there is going to have a lot of time too think about that putt. and this guy has had a long time to think about his position. nick: he's changed his whole game. used to fade it, now he draws it. [laughter] he's written an instruction book as well. [laughter] jim: done a couple of podcasts. here's rai. chops it out. will it get inside of zalatoris? yes, it will. which should be helpful. nick: it's an easy putt for will to read. right edge. got to move a tweak and that will be it. jim: meantime, there's still a chance, albeit slim, but there's still a chance for
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jason day. nick: he's got to land it about five paces on and it will gather speed. doesn't want anything to come out quick. because it will gather speed. jim: need a dramatic left turn and he's not going to get it. nick: well, it's great for jason to get back in it and feel it. that's the most important thing. didn't quite come off but he must be delightedded that he's feeling fresh and lively and strong to play 72 holes again.
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jim: perhaps it will carry over to next week. nick: most definitely. especially on the west coast, if you get a good feel for the greens. obviously the same grasses. jim: eli and the family. ha ha. and the young lad on the right, dash. you remember him running out to the green at whistling% straits? that was an emotional win. the 2015 pga championship. there's lucy next to him. arrow and oz. nick: jason first. nasty little left to righter.
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jim: i don't know how you keep your mind occupied all this time if you're will zalatoris. nick: you have one thought, hole it to win. this for birdie. nick: wow. mighty close. his game is completely back. will is going to step right in and -- clean up. jim: does he have any idea what's going on about 100 yards away? can a young man just 25 with
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a unique putting style make the stroke of a lifetime for his first win? zalatoris! nick: too straight and too weak. he thought he did everything right and he was expecting it to go the other way. i thought that line he put down -- sharpie line dead straight and if he was going dead straight he needed to hit it firmer, obviously. jim: he thought he made it about 10 inches outside the hole. nick: yeah. yeah. it was a smidgen right to
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left. they don't have the luxury of the green books anymore. jim: didn't have enough speed to it either. maybe a little more behind it, it might have dropped. and luke list has withstood an hour and 45 minutes sitting on the lead waiting for someone to jump ahead of him. nick: well, we're going to get a first time winner. jim: that's exactly right. might not be today. rai now for birdie. 13 under. if he makes it. that's huge. that's huge. that's the difference from finishing tied for 10th to tied for sixth. a lot of points, a lot of confidence moving on for him.
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>> all the best. all the best. nick: that will save five minutes. >> right this way. jim: what did you think, nick? nick: anything inside the right edge and get it there was perfect. or straight and really bang it. and he went straight and hit it soft. see how the ball is tipping.
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jim: they both have a power game. and they'll be playing the 18th at the farmers insurance open for the title when we come back here on cbs. [ sighs ] [ tapping continues ] ♪♪ [ laughter and applause ] ♪♪ probably need to feel like you're a little bit more left. nice job. 27. and i'm just trying to do the throwing. feel like i lean on it. the more you rotate that. that's the flight i like. what kind of launch was on that one?
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so give me more nails down. again, one more time. now go at the sunday pin. ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪ ♪takes everything you've got♪ ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪
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jim: gorgeous sight over the pacific. tonight on cbs begins with the special, undeniable: the truth to remember. followed by back-to-back edi editions of "48 hours, " tonight on cbs. will zalatoris and luke list will be heading back to the 18th. luke is not going to rush. he's been waiting long enough. he's going to wait a little longer, get a few more strokes in as will signs the card. they've never been papered together. nick: will's only been out here 45 minutes. but you have to play 18. the shadows are long now. literally the whole hole is in the shade. especially the second shot this is totally in shade now so that's a little bit different. the cement is dropping fast.
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it's placid on the ocean but it won't be in their hearts. jim: ha ha, not at all. >> will? you got this, buddy! nick: will likes to stay inside himself, doesn't he? just keep as calm as possible.
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jim: and they finished that long ago. nick: close to two hours now. jim: sunset is actually coming up in about two minutes' time, at 18 minutes after. i mentioned they hadn't played together but they did play in a korn ferry event together. the first event back post pandemic back on the korn ferry tour. it was luke and will and bram lynn in the final round and list won that tournament at t.p.c. sawgrass. so here they are with high stakes at the next level.
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nick: get everybody to turn their phones off. like the rock concerts. [laughter] it's not quite that bad but it's significantly different, put it that way. than what you've been playing in all day. jim: any advantage to this right now between the two of them? got one guy coming right off the golf course after a little bit of a heartbreak. the other guy has been out approaching two hours now without hitting a shot that counts. birdied the 72nd. nick: you know, it's tough. luke list has been around a bit longer. we've all said he should do it. maybe he feels the pressure -- he's seen a little bit more heartache here and there where will is brand-new on tour, climbing rapidly. that's a tough one. on this hole, as we've seen, there's two chance of making the 4. either hit a perfect tee
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shot and go for it in two or if you have to lay-up, it's a well known lay-up, they can get up and down so it may need something special or it may be just a simple four to a five. jim: i know you've played a little twilight golf in your time at your favorite muni. get the discounted rate and try to get in as many holes as you can. nick: as a kid, you'd hit and it would all go silent and you'd learn the sounds of wrack. oh, that's a tree. or that's -- you'd learn from hearing it land. jim: colt will be with luke. dottie will be with
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zalatoris. nick: light travels at 186 million miles an hour and we're running out of it. so hurry up, chaps. jim: send a little bit of that to the east coast tomorrow. nick: yeah. the sun has just gone down. right, hit the fairway.
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colt: this someone hammered right down the middle. nick: caught the edge of the sand, colt, i think. colt: oh, my god. that's shocking. i lost it there. sorry about that. jim: it's easy to do past sunset. now zalatoris. nick: no time to breathe. just thread one down there. dottie: missed his last two tee shots. jim: could be in that bunker. nick: same spot. up the same bank again. dottie: really turns this into a wedge contest.
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what's the number again? 135. zone it in. [ golf ball tapping ] [ sighs ] [ tapping continues ] ♪♪ [ laughter and applause ] ♪♪
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jim: can you believe this? these two separated by inches. that's list's ball on the right partially plugged. after 72 holes and 273 strokes apiece, couldn't separate the two. for four days, in the end. and now here they are, the first shot of a playoff and they're just inches away in the sand. nick: i've never seen inches away in a tee shot and i've never seen one plugged and
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one ok. dottie: nick, i'm not sure it's going to matter that much because neither ball is going to be able to be advanced very far. nick: no, but you just want luke to mishis hit too much and leave it too short so that it doesn't get to the fairway. hopefully he didn't practice too much, jim. if the it could be a negative. jim: we're going to bring in mark to tell us how they're going to handle this. mark? mark: yeah, it looks like, you said, luke list is going to play first. will will be able to mark his ball a little bit to the side. he won't be able to clean it and then he'll be able to replace the ball.
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they'll recreate what he had and rake the bunker. nick: luke's has such an awkward angle to play, dottie. he's got to go out safely clean. with a tom spin lob, it could go all the way to the other side of the fairway. dianna: it could. he definitely have to go more to the left than will will have to. dottie: he's going to play without the ball being marked, zalatoris. dottie: that's correct. nick: it's knot going to affect him anyway. it's just a weird thing to look down and see two golf balls. jim: wow, he got a lot on that. that's really well done. colt: he got about 100 yards out of that. nick: that's impressive. jim: how much will zalatoris want out of his? nick: ooh, blamey. oh, that is close. he's loued to repair that. needs to mark it first.
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ah. colt: so will was able to have the lie he had going into it. since it was destroyed from luke's shot. will is allowed to have the lie he was entitled to when his ball came to rest. >> that's fire, do you agree with the change there? >> that's fine. jim: can he and will he wants to advance this? dottie: i think he can advance it a little bit more than luke did. upy you want to be the one who has the ball and has the placement get it inside luke if you can. make b be the answer. nick: are you saying like match play, dottie, where
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you'd want to go first? dottie: i'd like to have the ball with the last shot. get that ball down there as far as you can clearing this limb. nick: that would be a personal thing. some would say i'd like to go first and stick it in close. jim: will thoughts there was a little sand build-up after the blast in front of the golf ball so you see they're trying to return that back to its original position -- the sands, that is. dottie: you are entitled to the lie you had before that shot was hit and that's all will was trying to say.
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job one, get the ball out. jim: he's happy. dottie: he will be second to play. jim: side by side again and mark, how well that was handled just help resolve all that for us. mark: it was great to have john, our chief referee over there overseeing it all and like i said, will is entitled to have the lie he had when his ball came to rest and because luke played his shot it affected will's lie. when he tried to rake it, it pushed some of the sand up beside his ball. so he was entitled to what
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he originally had. jim: well, nick, in your prime, you feasted on shot like this but now when you're trying to play a shot like this at dusk. just the feel of that moment and not being able to see it as clearly -- how much does it affect -- nick: well, it does. on camera it looks fine but it is pretty dark right now because the sun did go down a good 10 minutes ago but they know exactly the yardage they're looking for and now where to land it, just right of that flag and they're extremely focused.
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colt: i would say with the adrenaline and this colder temperature, they almost cancel it out. he has 133. he knows how to get it close. nick: strong guy still using a pitching wedge? that makes sense, don't want to overspin anything. looks good. and interesting -- it's going to work. it's really going to work. jim: that's the angle you always wanted. look at this. a foot away!


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