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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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click, call, or visit a store today. yes, giants! >> we were under estimated at the start of the year. >> today was busy. the crowd was packed. 45 minute wait to get inside of the restaurant. how the giants win could be what the bay area businesses needed. coming up in the forecast, we have to talk about the smoke over california and why it is around for one more day. then i will show you the big picture change that could get rid of this. what the police say happened moments
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before this car slammed into a convenient store. a race to pick up a major oil spill off of the coast of southern california. how it is already impacting wide life. we start wiannt st going strong. good evening to you. our team coverage continues tonight. we are live with a look at how the team got this far and the diehard fans that cheered them on the entire way, kenny? >> reporter: brian, what a dramatic finish. for so many diehard fans it was the day. one of the beautiful things about sports it brings out the joy in people when something good happens to their team. tonight we met so many giants fans, one stood out in a heartfelt and soulful way. [music] >> reporter: he is a one man band.
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on a day like today he was not alone. >> at the beginning the year i had a feeling. >> reporter: fans all across the city and at this club amped after an up and down year. >> yay, giants! yes! >> it is awesome. absolutely awesome. >> we were way under estimated at the beginning the year. >> we need this in san francisco to boost spirits. [music] >> reporter: lifting a city with music is what brian's one man swamp band has been doing for more than 40 years. ♪ giants won the pennant now. >> reporter: today, showing off his orange and black. >> it is electricity, finding a way to get it done. having a lot of fun doing it. >> reporter: inside of the ballpark, pure joy. [cheering] [music] >> reporter: on the
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streets, this one time neworleon watched the game on his phone. >> it is a different torture. a hopeful torture this year. >> reporter: there is still work to do. >> thank you, man. >> reporter: for him and his giant's squad. >> let the celebration begin. >> all right, all of the way with the giants this year fans, nobody believed them but i did. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah, he certainly did. what is next? they will kick off the post season run on friday. they will have to wait for their next opponent. they have to wait for the winner of the nl wild card game between the cards and the dodgers. fans are hoping they face their rivals from los angeles in the next round. we are live in san francisco tonight, kpix5. >> kenny, thank you. let's go now to kpix's betty yu with a look at how well local businesses did near the park,
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hi, betty. >> reporter: hi, if it is any indication some of the workers i approached for an interview said they were too tired to do one because they had been nonstop and busy all day long. all of that magic on the field is certainly spilling over to the local bars and restaurants. >> reporter: business was brisk at new belgium brewing in mission bay today. the restaurant and tap room opened on opening day this year and it was a good bet its location across the ballpark on 3rd street attracts crowds of fans on game days. >> from start to finish it is just absolute fun and craziness, you know, before the games, after the games, everyone is in here with good energy. everyone just wants to be part of the magic happening this year for the giants. >> reporter: they say sales skyrocketed particularly when the giants play the dodgers which could happen
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friday, depending on the out come of the game. >> it was packed. >> reporter: the post season is welcomed news for restaurants and bars like momo's that had to do without tens of thousands of fans for more than a year. some businesses around the ballpark could not survive the pandemic. >> it has not been this exciting since 2016 where they were last in the playoffs. >> grateful for it. grateful the giants have been doing well. >> great night for giants fans in general and the city. we have gone through tough times in the last 1 1/2 years and the way the team plays it is inspiring for everybody involved. >> reporter: so, the giants players will get a couple days rest and the workers at the local bars and restaurants say they will take a breather before everybody gears up for an incredibly busy day expected on friday right back here. >> no complaints on that. they will take busy. okay, betty, thank you.
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new at 11:00, seven people hurt after a car plowed into a convenient store. it happened at the 7/11 on east 14th street and bellevue drive today. take a look at the damage. inpag loand smashed into the building. now a live look at oakland on another warm night. a cool down is on the way and we have more now. >> reporter: tomorrow will be just as hot and then after that the temperatures are really going to start sliding by the end of the week it will be 15, 20 degrees cooler than today. and, there is still a lot of smoke over california. we got an air quality advisory tomorrow. look at awe of the smoke coming up from the fires. here we are, damaging the worst of it, pulling in enough of it that the bay area management district because of all of the smoke continues to come our way. keeps us under an air quality advisory through tomorrow. did you see what happened there
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on tuesday? all of the smoke started getting pushed away. there is a whole scale change coming our way. that gets rid of the smoke, cools us down, but even brings in a small chance of rain. we will look at all of that coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, see you soon. cleanup efforts continue in southern california as an oil spill in the ocean washes on to shore. we have the reaction from locals and more of the aftermath. >> it is unfortunate. >> reporter: residents we spoke with say they feel helpless knowing a massive oil slick of 13 square miles is polluting the miles off of orange county. the source? a broken pipeline connected to an oil platform leaked 130,000 gallons of oil four miles off of the newport beach coast. >> it is heartbreaking. it really is heartbreaking. why did we have to have these things out in the ocean so close to the shore? >> reporter: as darkened waves and black globs of tar have been coming in
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with the tide, health experts are warning exposure to the chemicals can cause headaches, vomiting and shortness of breath. newport beach closed the ocean to swimming and surfing from tower 44 to crystal cove. though it did not stop some from getting in. likewise, huntington beach, stunning some neighbors. >> you can see actually all right see the oil on the water. so i was surprised. >> reporter: the off shore rig is operated by beta off shore. one of the largest oil producers in southern california. since the leak was revealed on saturday the crews, working with state and local teams moving into place, spreading booms to contain the slick and using pressurized equipment to collect what they can. environment environmental experts say it could take months we will be out here until the event is
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concluded. we are working hard with the community to help with all of the recovery efforts. >> the cause of the spill is under investigation. meanwhile, congresswoman michelle steel asked president biden for a major disaster declaration in orange county. now at 11:00 a surfer is recovering after a shark attack. it happened off of north salmon beach at 9:00 this morning. jarad davis witnessed the shark attack. he was in the water with other surfers when he heard someone yell shark and then help. >> he was back into view, i saw the fin of the shark. and then i saw the tail fin of the shark going down into the water. it definitely was not like a quick attack. it was nice and slow. >> he paddled with the victim, he saw the man's leg covered in blood. the man in his 30s had a serious leg injury and the shark taken a bite out of the
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victim's surf board. tonight, a east bay family is grateful for the first responder who's rescued them and their pet dog during a house fire. oakley firefighters say when they arrived this morning they heard a dog barking in this smoke-filled home. once inside they found the family's pit bull. it was unconscious and barely breathing. the police quickly gave the dog oxygen and rush today to a vet hospital. a family friend said the owner is so glad her dog survived. >> her husband bought her that dog when it was a baby and that is everything. that is her child. she does not have any kids, that is her child. thank god that dog was saved. you know, the dogs are human, too. >> a vet says the dog will be okay and everybody living inside of the home got out safely. a former facebook employee
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blew the whistle. plus, the boat that could shutdown production on major tv and film products. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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welcome back. a facebook whistle-blower
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revealed herself tonight. 37-year-old woman sat down with 60 minutes correspondent claiming facebook knows its platforms are used to spread hate, violence and misinformation. >> facebook demonstrated they can not act independently. they use profit over safety. subsidizing, paying for its profits with our safety. i am hoping it will have a big enough impact on the world that they get the fortitude and motivation to actually go, put those regulations into place. that is my hope. >> the former facebook product manager released tens of thousands of pages of internal documents and shared them with federal law enforcement. facebook for its report calls the claims misleading. happening tomorrow, a strike could be authorized that would halt production on film and tv shows, today was the final day of voting for the
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union group international alliance of theatrical stage employees. they know they will pass it. new effort in downtown martinez to save a piece of history. an old county jail. residents turned out today to save the old jail built in 1903. the county voted to tear it down. an architectural foundation wants the building transferred and preserved for historical and cultural reasons. in fact, another person wanting it saved is a former inmate who was once inside. actually more than once. >> i was in there twice. [ laughter ] the last time i was in there, right before they closed it down. the holding cell was so full i was spending time in the bedroom with four other guys. >> why do you want it saved? >> a lot of history.
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>> on the other hand they say renovating and removing hazardous materials from the old building would cost too much and they want to replace it with a complex of county offices. let's take a live look now at the oakland airport where the blue angels are set to arrive tomorrow at noon for fleet week. they are scheduled to fly above the bay area starting on saturday and shows are planned for next weekend. this year marks the return of fleet week after the show was canceled last year. and, hopefully the weather will cooperate. sounds like things will be changing. >> it will be changing. could be for the better. cooler by the time we get there. we are right in the heart of october summer. the temperatures in the lower 90s inland and lower 80s. that will start to change for the second half of the seven-day forecast. tomorrow still just as hot as today was. it is still 72 degrees in san jose after the temperatures climbed into the 80s today. and tomorrow, it will be a repeat. here are the morning lows
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tomorrow. starting out in the middle to upper 50s. cooler than the last few mornings, day time highs, no change, 85, san jose, 9392 for concord. 91 in livermore. and in the bay we will still keep it middle 70s to 80s. that is our range, that is october summer in the city to get up into the, we were in the lower 80s yesterday. it will actually be cooler in the city. here is how things will change. we get one more day and then we start to feel the influence of this large pattern shift out here. that is a fall trough. watch the edge of it. a little bit of rain. falls apart. the first wave of rainfalls a part of before it gets here. another one out there. another one out there, they will all keep trying to come into the west. the best way to do this is to watch the next few days and see where the rain is going to fall where you can actually measure it. we will start it tonight and let it play forward. as we get passed tuesday into wednesday, that is wednesday afternoon, we have gotten a little
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bit of rain in northern california, we will take what we can get. it is after that, the second half of the week. wednesday into sunday, this is primarily friday into saturday when this next system comes through that is going to paint most of that. now, this is really good. that is meaningful rain in the sierra. take a look down here in the southern sierra. right down there. that is where that complex fire is burning, the one throwing pretty much all of the smoke into the atmosphere right now. that is the one major fire going in california about to get rained on. and it is going to rain through the central and northern sierra up to the northern mountains of the coastal range. those are all of the places we need it in terms of helping to quiet fire season. this does not end fire season completely but it is a helpful move. very good news, even though we may not experience rain here in the bay area, it should not be lost on any of us that it is going to rain in california where we need it to
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be raining, good news there. seven-day forecast, showing us a cool down and increase in clouds, look at san jose, 85 tomorrow to 67 on thursday. so, and that was san francisco on there, too, getting into the heart of fleet week. cooler, cloudier, breezy, onshore breeze, that is good. as you take a look across the inland valleys from 92 tomorrow to 70 on thursday. concord, it is going to be 70 degrees for the day time high on thursday. a long time since that was a warmest you got in a day. santa rosa, you are the middle line. northbound valleys, putting more clouds there. it is cloudier. if we were going to get a drop of rain there is the likely place to see it. probably there on friday and saturday and keeping a close eye on that as it gets closer. back over to you. >> sounds good, thank you. a 38-year-old father, of a teenage girl, wakes up in the hospital. he has been in the icu for nearly a month and that is when the doctors
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tell him he almost died. >> when, why, how? >> i was sitting there wondering if i really messed up. >> tomorrow night on the road to recovery. the lesson what happened to one bay area family and one message a father wants everyone to hear. that is tomorrow night on kpix5 news at 7:00. coming up, the hot wheels hoping to drive more business into san francisco's chinatown straight ahead on gameday at the bottom of the hour, say hello to the national league division champs. >> i will tell my kids they better step it up. they are living with a winner. >> how about a word from former skipper bruce bochy who stops by the show. >> hard to do it. >>and the 49ers as we pick this game with seattle apart like a turkey on thanksgiving dinner. all of that coming up on gameday, after the newscast
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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dozens of fancy sports cars and luxury vehicles and hot rods lined grand avenue in chinatown for a reason this
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weekend. >> the goal, driving tourists back to the area. chinatown is still struggling to recover from the pandemic and wave of violence. >> if you came down during the middle of the pandemic last year it was empty and a sad sight to see. >> officials hope it put chinatown on a road to recovery. october is filipino heritage month. a new exhibit explores the left of the filipino americans in the military. it celebrates them in the armed forces. >> i think it is important that all, everyone, especially the young generation, the next leaders of this country, to learn about the sacrifices of those who served in the armed forces. >> and the exhibit honoring naval hero trinidad who received the medal
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of honor in 1915. it will be at the uss hornet all month long. coming up, two blockbuster movies filmed on the streets of san francisco. only one of them came out on top at the
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after after leaving the box office, -- defeat flood but another marvel movie. >> reporter: musical turned movie debut inside 2nd place last weekend but tanked all of the way down to 5th place this weekend with 2.5 million. >> don't cry it is only me. uncle tony. >> reporter: the many saints of newark made off with $5 million. and after ruling the box office in september, disney marvel movie fell from 1st to 3rd on ticket sales of $6 million. >> this is the third dinner wednesday skipped. >> animated movie adams family ii. >> this is me moving without you.
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>> marvel, venom set a new pandemic milestone with its $90.1 million debut. besting "black widow" debut. it passed by $25-$30 million. the original venom opened in 2018 to $80.3 million. in hollywood, back to you. >> and there is one that we are looking forward to. a theater this week will feature james bond returning with the 26th film and daniel craig's final performance with "no time to die". >> bond, james bond. >> you just said we wanted to see it. >> i was making it up. we'll be right back.
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thanks for watching, gameday coming up next. have a great week ahead. see you tomorrow night
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this is game day. >> the october 3 edition. what a show.
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all of the giants to hear from, how about a forever giant. the 2021 division champs. big ovation for the third-base coach. logan webb, set the tone and struck out in the first. finished with eight strikeouts and pitched into the eighth inning. bottom of the third, the giants loaded up. them buster posey, watch what he did with two outs. he drove in two runs to give san francisco the lead. he had his 1500 hit. then down the left field line. two runs scored. the giants took the lead and they are out. it was honet third. bottom of the fifth, web at the plate. here it is. the first career


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