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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, bay area facing extreme drought. voluntary and mandatory water restrictions starting this weekend. we ask the experts will it be enough? good afternoon. i am len kiese. michelle is off. we have team coverage on the dry conditions and what's being done to mitigate the issue. let's start with mary lee. i want to show you what's so alarming here, the latest drought update and current drought conditions. you see most of the bay area is
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in red under extreme drought. in orange that is a severe drought. it is so early to be seeing this. a live look with our dublin cam, you can see how brown the hills are in the tri valley and across the bay area. we are looking at those dry conditions and now brown hills and mountains are. as we look to what you can expect, we okat mild weather once again today inland, still cool along the coast and around the bay due to on shore flow. we are tracking at least that ocean breeze kicking in for us, slightly cooler for all of us across the bay other. though noticing it by the water. breezy at times but the longer range model is showing how dry conditions are over the next several days. for more on water restrictions due to extreme drought, let's go to kiet do for the latest on that. >> reporter: we are here at lexington reservoir in las vegas gatt os where capacity is
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-- in the south bay reservoir levels are at about a third of capacity. so santa clara valley water district continued to ask for voluntary 20% reduction. starting tomorrow marin municipal water district will begin mandatory water restrictions, first time in decades. repeat violators can face hundreds of dollars in fines. tomorrow east bay mud declared stage one drought and will ask customers to voluntarily cut back use by 10%. >> at this rate it's a matter of time before mandatory water restrictions are imposed on us forcing us to let lawns go brown, stop washing cars and changing our personal water use habits which begs the question, do voluntary water restrictions
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even work? >> instead of taking a 10 minute or 15 minute shower, take a 5 minute shower. >> reporter: at the self car wash in dublin, john garcia says voluntary cut backs are the least he can do. >> anything to help save water and the environment and everything i am willing to do. not a lot of people actually take pride in taking care of our environment nowadays. >> start with the easy things first. if these dry conditions persist next year and the year beyond that, we'll have to look for deeper cuts here and there. >> reporter: steve ritchie is assistant general manager for water, asking their 1600 irrigation customers and city departments to voluntarily cut back use by 10%. >> i suspect we will see probably a greater reduction because people are good stewards of water use. they always have been and always will be. they know it is dry and are hearing it is dry and people will start to do the right thing.
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we are tracking drought conditions and water restrictions on our website. go to for information on your zip code. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we got a call to action from the south bay, concerned about a recent drop in demand for vaccinations. statewide, 31.9% of californians have been fully vaccinated. almost 20% are partially vaccinated and numbers are better in santa clara with more than two third of people over age 16 receiving at least one dose. leaders say we need more to roll up their sleeves. they held this news conference to urge teens to get vaccinated saying that will help prevent spread of dangerous variants. >> don't wait any longer to do this. every vaccinated person gets us ever closer to protecting our community and saving lives and getting back to normal. that's what we all want. >> santa clara has expanded
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drop in clinics with evening and weekend hours. >> thank you. we first brought you the urgent message from santa clara live on cbsn bay area. watch 24/7 on or our app. president biden is set to ban most travel the u.s. from india starting may 4 to limit spread of covid. this is as travis air force base is delivering more life saving covid-19 assistance to the country. it is sending two more aircraft loaded with medical supplies to help front line workers. the country is dealing with a devastating surge. deaths jumped by almost 3500. at least 45 people were crushed to death overnight in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel. some of the victims are children. our cbs reporter ian lee on how it all unfolded. >> reporter: an all night celebration of dancing and
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prayers turned to tragedy. witnesses say a crowd packed into a narrow walkway triggering stampede when some people slipped on metal stairs. >> we saw paramedics running by like mid cpr on kids and then one after the other started coming on ambulances. >> reporter: dozens were killed, others fled. medics rushed to help the more than 150 people injured. tens of thousands of ultra orthodox jews made the pilgrimage for a night of bonfires and festivities. when the music stopped, they knew something was wrong. some are bracing police saying they blocked an important alley way causing a deadly traffic jam. it was the largest event in israel since the pandemic began. the successful vaccination program has allowed it to lift restrictions. israel's prime minister called the disaster a great tragedy as families rushed to organize
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funerals for loved ones before sun down. president biden hitting the road again. this time he is headed to philadelphia to celebrate amtrak's 50th anniversary. the train station makes a good backdrop to se the plan to rebuild america's infrastructure. he kicked off the road trip with a drive in rally in georgia yesterday where he pitched his american families plan. the plan includes universal preschool, tuition free community college, expanded benefits. >> how will we pay for that? it's simple. it's about time the very wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. >> the president is pushing pressure on republicans for bipartisan support. they remain set fastly opposed to large price tags and to raising taxes on the rich. this weekend cal trans will begin construction on gill man interchange project. gianna franco has been tracking this project for sometime. if you live and commute
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near northwest berkeley gear gill man interchange, you know all too well how bad traffic can get. that's about to change. starting this weekend phase one construction will begin. the second phase will begin in november and will include two round abouts. i spoke with the executive director of the alameda county transportation commissiony about how this will pave the way for a more efficient safer commute. >> this interchange has safety issues that are 35%, 110% above the state averages in collisions and fatalities. so we are putting in two round abouts which according to the federal highway administration, when you put in roabts, u n re fdee by about 90%. >> completion of the project is expected by summer 2023 but in the meantime, cal trans will have detours in gill man street between west
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frontage road and and you can expect overnight closures to on and off ramps from gill man to i-80. to hear my full interview check out coming up, an income boost helps spark consumer spending spree. how much money americans spent last month. happiest place on earth
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some major clean up underway in san jose. a car crashed into a house overnight causing massive amount of damage there. check it out. you see the garage is boarded up. homeowners woke up to a large bang. luckily they were not hurt. neighbors on willow street rushed to help but the driver was not behind the wheel. police are still looking for the driver. this afternoon stocks are ending the week in the red. dow is about 200 points. there is a good sign though for economic growth. americans spent $616 billion in march, up 4.2%. that's toe commerce department. surge in incomes helped fuel the increase. the government says personal income shot up more than 21%. to all who come to this
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happy place, welcome. disneyland is your land. >> that music does something to you, right? today, more than a year after shutting down disneyland is reopening. visitors need to make reservations in advance. guests older than two must wear face coverings and temperature screenings are required before entering. admission for now is limited to only california residents. time for a check of our weather with meteorologist mary lee. we need to plan that disneyland trip. >> we do. how exciting! the first day it is open. i know michelle and gianna have some tickets so len and i need to make that happen too. we are looking at a beautiful afternoon. we have more clouds in the sky, tracking that ocean breeze kicking in for us. that's why temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. let's show you our temperatures. really that temperature spread from the coast around the bay
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70s inland from concordat 74, livermore 72. it is cooler around the bay. oakland you are 57, 55 for downtown san francisco, san jose and santa rosa you are coming in at 67 for the lunchtime hour. 24 hour temperature change, we are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. we are talking ten degrees cooler in fairfield, four degrees cooler in santa rosa, petaluma, four degrees cooler in oak land at this hour, three degrees cooler in san jose. checking winds, you see those westerly winds, that is the reason why it is a little bit cooler today. westerly winds at 20 at sfo, 12 oak land, 13-mile per hour wind now in fairfield. the stronger on shore flow is kicking in for us as we take you hour by hour with futurecast winds. to show you winds picking up more as we head through our afternoon and thatwill be the case again tomorrow with temperatures slightly cooler for your saturday due to the stronger marine influence. sun set at 7:59 and sun set at
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6:13. checking daytime highs this afternoon, cool by the water along the coast and around the bay, mid to upper 50s along the coast to upper 50s to low to mid 60s inland or around the bay and inland topping out in the 70s. it is a little bit cooler but mild inland. we will cool down more as we look to tomorrow, maybe can see a bit of patchy drizzle especially along the coast tomorrow morning. temperatures rebound as we look to sunday. a little bit warmer sunday. we'll continue to watch those temperatures rise as we look to early next week. in fact daytime highs by next monday are above average for this time of year. back to you. >> thank you. on the drew barrymore show the one and only oprah winfrey joins drew. she'll be dishing about oprah daily, the new book what happened to you, and our powerful her friendship with gayle king really is. >> i never had therapy. i had my therapy on television in front of all of y'all. what i realize, i didn't even
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share this with you, doctor, what i realized is gayle was my regulation. it makes me want to cry now thinking about it. every night after the show, i would come home and i would have these sessions with gayle where we talked about what happened on the show, didn't happen on the show. that was the way i kind of regulated myself. >> watch oprah's full interview at 2:00 on kpix5:00. still ahead, he saw a stranger's life at stake so he stepped in to s
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students rising above scholars are exceptional achievers at home and school and their communities. as michelle griego shows us this week's scholar is all that and more. he is a hero because he saved a life. >> reporter: always on the move. >> i cannot stay still. >> reporter: most evenings the energetic high school senior can be found on the basketball court at pueblo park in san rafael. his pandemic work outs, a peaceful outlet for the 17-year- old until one harrowing night three weeks ago. >> a guy was
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a girl ea out. they re amdn't know why. they started calling police. as soon as they called the police i knew something was wrong and i had to check if they were okay. >> reporter: what he encountered when he crossed the court was anything but okay. >> i see a grown man knocked out, struggling to breathe. >> reporter: the unconscious man just 33 years old. >> i knew if i didn't do anything, he might die. i started giving him cpr. >> reporter: his action showing the fearless spirit he leans into during uncertain times. some devastating like this football injury his freshman year. >> i broke my leg in half playing football. i missed nearly half of my freshman year. i am still recovering to this day. >> reporter: others joyful like
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journey to guatemala. >> family, i got really close to them and they didn't want to let me go. >> reporter: with such care for others it's no surprise when the teen saw a stranger's life at stake, he didn't let go. he performed cpr until emergency personnel arrived. the man survived. this quiet hero sees it in simple terms. >> i knew he needed help. i knew if i didn't do this, who else was going to do this? if i don't do it, he might lose his life. he hopes to attend sonoma state in the fall where he hopes to study criminal justice. right now he is a police explorer. to learn more go to kpix is celebrating class of 2021. send a photo of your grad to
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today's tip of the day is
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yellow peppers. yellow peppers are the mildest. green, orange, red, and purple peppers. so many different color peppers. when you cook with the yellow, if cooking by themselves, that's fine. by themselves. if you cook with others, put them in last. let's do a tip on the yellow peppers. full of nutritional value. i love the flavor. i love the color. when you buy them, make sure they're beautiful yellow like this. the crown and stem attached. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator. just like they breawn don't last as long. three to four days, lothatwondl pepper texture and flavor.
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always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. is that beautiful? look at that. at 5:00, much more on the president's new travel restrictions on india as covid cases surge. impact and the bay area. that story and more is coming up at 5:00. let's get a last check of weather. a pretty view with our san francisco camera, mark hopkins hotel cam. you can see the clouds in the sky. we are looking at temperatures around the bay in the 50s and also we look at least in inland locations into the 70s right now. as we look to winds, westerly winds about 20 miles per hour looking at light conditions from concord, hayward, livermore, san jose, santa rosa. as we look to the afternoon with the ocean breeze kicking in, it will be a bit cooler at least along the coast and around the bay though even with slightly cooler temperatures inland, a mild day for us. as we look to tomorrow with the stronger marine influence, temperatures will be a little bit cooler for your saturday. there we go with the extended
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forecast, a bit cooler saturday, could see patchy drizzle first thing saturday morning and a warm up as we look to sunday into next week. >> thank you. finally this afternoon, is nighttime mode a no go? a study found no sleep quality boost for those with smart phones switched to the feature. but the study did find those who did not use a phone at all before bed had the best sleep. i guess that's where i am failing. >> me too. i am always looking at my phone and also check my alarm constant by just to be sure i don't over sleep. >> with our shift we have to.
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> hope: so, how long do you think this phase will last? >> liam: what phase? >> hope: oh, the "i'm so happy to be home that i love cleaning up the house" phase. i mean, i can make you a checklist. i'll--i'll get to all of it. ufor tonight, iant to tuck 'em in,ner, i nt and i want to hold my beautiful, very forgiving wife all night long.
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it's really nice to be home. i just kind of want to wrap myself up in this feeling and block everything else out.


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