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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2021 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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breaking news, a mangled mass after a ivat thechp told u ago. a string of purse
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snatching's, dozens of them all over the bay area. tonight, an arrest, exclusive new details. the bay area in the spotlight, in the nfl draft. we will breakdown the 49ers surprise pick and real-life rags to riches story. the pandemic but thousands of bay area residents out of work. i experts say now may be the perfect time for a career reset. >> the payment walk around and listen to podcasts, where do i sign up? now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are following some breaking news out of contra costa county. we learned that a driver was shot in the nick in pittsburgh before crashing along the railroad avenue offramp. this happened at about 9:00 p.m. some new video coming in shows
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the nasty aftermath. the drivers car with a bullet hole through the windshield smashed into the side of a double tanker truck. the victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. the offramp is partially closed down as investigators combed the scene. no word yet on any suspects. our morning team will have all the latest developments on this breaking story tomorrow starting at 4:30. san jose police say two men are behind nearly a dozen purse snatching's targeting asian women. today investigators say their crime spree did not stop in the south bay. maria medina is live with the exclusive details on the bay area wide investigation. >> reporter: i will show you how quickly this happens. the suspect parks in front of the car while the victim is behind the wheel, unlocks the door and grabs the victim's
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purse. there are 30 of these robberies across the bay area and the victims all have one thing in common. >> it is brazen, it is definitely not something we want to see in our city. >> reporter: a total of nine smash and grab robberies in the matter of six weeks in san jose. up to 30 across the bay area including oakland, hayward and union city. >> we are working tirelessly to tracking information. >> reporter: until it all came to an end yesterday for this man. >> all nine victims were adult females from the asian american community. or wathem me out d thenblock the victs with their car before striking. >> autolock unlocks the doors, opens the door, grabs it and is inside the getaway car before the victim realize what
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happened. >> reporter: some times they bre a wiow to get to the purses. and now shoppers say it makes them think twice about simply getting in and out of their cars. >> i have to look around first. you never know. >> reporter: a sense of security shattered in a community already on edge. police say the cases were high priority for them to solve. >> we had to do something about it. our detectives did a great job at connecting the dots. >> reporter: despite the fact that all the victims were asian american or pacific islander, please do not believe the robberies were racially motivated. a huge night for bay area of suspense. the wait is finally over as 49ers get their quarterback. >> what an inspiring journey after spending time in and a
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spay homeless shelter. the former alabama star was in emeryville tonight as his nfl dream came true. >> paul: we are live with team coverage, dennis o joins us now with the decision that will shape the niners future, hopefully. >> hopefully indeed for 49er fans. selecting trey lance ended a month-long mystery of who san francisco would take with the third overall pick. now we know. they took lance over justin fields and mac jones. the 20-year-old out of north dakota's state is a bit of an unknown. he started only 17 games in college and the bison only played one game this past fall. by drafting lance i think it almost certainly means jimmy garoppolo will be the 49ers starting quarterback next
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season, at least two tutor the young quarterback. aaron rodgers, was he a possibility coming to the 49ers? that story coming up later in sports. our team coverage continues with andrea nakano who was there today as harris returned to the homeless shelter where he spent time as a child. that is an amazing story. >> reporter: this is really a good one. naji harris finally had his nfl dreams come true hours ago. for roughly three hours friends waited for this moment. he was selected 24th overall by the pittsburgh steelers. >> the weight was stressful as . especially with everything they told me before.
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i am just glad it finally happened. >> reporter: it is a moment that was years in the making and the journey to the nfl was not an easy one. najee harris, his mother and four siblings lived in this tiny room in a homeless shelter in richmond during his childhood. >>'s mother was instrumental in getting him and all the children through what normally would be the most horrific experience of their life. >> reporter: on the same day he was drafted he returned to his roots. >> it is a long journey, a hard fought journey but in the end, the feeling at the end feels amazing, to finally come at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: harris treated everyone at the shelter to a draft party full of food and goodies. those who know him say the running back that went on to play college ball at alabama always finds a way to give back to his community.
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>> i've known him since he is a little boy, a could not have happened to a better kid. he is a warm and loving person. >> reporter: now harris moves onto the next chapter of his life with the bay area in his heart and kids just like him believing anything is possible. >> paul: it gives me a lot of inspiration. >> reporter: harris is forming a nonprofit so he can help giving back to the community and the homeless shelter in richmond. >> i love this story, good for him. that is such an inspiring story. oakland native alijah vera- tucker also heard his name called in the first round. the new york jets selected the former offensive lineman with the 14th pick. we've got another fire watch right now. the crews are battling in early- season wildfire. prompting some activations in calaveras county. the vegetation is significantly drier. fire season is here about a month earlier than usual.
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tonight, the fire burning north of valley springs has grown to containment hurt however, crews are more than ready to fight the flames. they say they are making good progress. tonight evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings. a little closer to home with the u.s. drought monitor revealing that nearly the entire bay area is facing extreme drought. that includes the peninsula, east bay and most of the south bay. we are tracking drought conditions and water restrictions on our website. you can go to /drought for more information on your z.i.p. code. still ahead, the road to recovery. >> many people have moved from the bay area or ed laboetoi this may be your best chance for a career reset. what you should know before
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making the leap. a wayward bay area dog get stuck between two buildings. tonight we get a play-by-play of the six-hour rescue mission. today was one of those typical bay area days. temperatures varying by 33 degrees, anywhere from 90 degrees in fairfield to just
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on the road to recovery. tonight, nearly 10 million americans are still employed unemployed. 1.5 million right here in california. >> economists say this may be the perfect time for a career reset. susie steinman joins us now . > workforce during the pandemic. your home studio has changed for us, too. >> i know, it's hard to believe it's been more than a year.
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in many ways that is part of the problem. the more people stayed home the ng expensive salad and helping the downtown recover. but the good news is that if you are somebody looking for a job, a lot of people want to hire you. >> we have at least 10 openings. >> reporter: karen just open a brand-new, state-of-the-art childcare facility in redwood city. but there is one problem, she can't staff it. >> i thought a lot of people would be looking for work and i'm very surprised to find out there really is not. >> reporter: there are still 1.5 million californians out of work because of the pandemic. but many working lower wage jobs are not ready to come back. for some, it is not worth taking the risk. the childcare field is not a high-paying field. any people have also moved or re-careered during the
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pandemic. >> reporter: according to edd data, californians were hit harder by unemployment and the rest of the country. in april of last year, 16% of californians were unemployed compared to the u.s. high of 14.7%. unemployment has dropped to 6% nationwide. in california it is still at 8.2. the bay area is seeing some jobs come back, most counties hovering near 6%. >> we are in and time where employers are eager to hire. >> reporter: the chief economist from indeed says a number of factors could slow the jobs recovery for the bay area. the high cost of living gave a lot of workers reasons to relocate. plus there is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario going on downtown. businesses want to reopen that if white-collar workers continue to stay home, it will not pencil out. >> it depends on people going to the office
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owntstauramod y. >> reporter: it is a great time to be looking for work, especially in hospitality and tourism. otherwise, a wide swath of sectors are hiring. >> there were so many layoffs and changes during the pandemic that a lot of employers are trying to catch up. >> reporter: on top of that, many parents, moms and particular cummaquid working to take on childcare. they won't be back to job searching for months. >> it is more favorable for jobseekers than we've seen in a while. there also may be more jobseekers after the summer. >> this is your chance to take all the knowledge you have about what you would love in your new job, what you are good at and what you don't want in your new job. >> reporter: a talent agent and author is hoping to help
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inspirle o lost work this past year. his advice, get back to the basics, don't underestimate the power of your contact list. >> networking is really effective. and a particle emotion attracts other particles in motion. >> reporter: he says the pandemic presents a unique opportunity for job searchers to reinvent themselves. >> make sure you are able to articulate all the things you can bring to the table. it can make the difference between you getting a position or not getting a position. >> as you and think, it is scary rst, thewhole thing is scary. but then you can really look inward and say what do i want to do? >> reporte she was a bartender and owned her own speakeasy but had to close down in july after being open for one year. >> i couldn't afford to do that
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anymore so sadly i had to let that go. >> reporter: now she is trying out something completely different. >> i work for the united states postal service. >> reporter: it may not be her forever job but it is steady and she likes it. she says she got hired quickly read >> it is not hard to find a job, you just have to go do it. >> reporter: economists also say that lower unemployment in places like san francisco where it is 5.4% is not painting a full picture. dropped out of people should also disclose that one of the experts use on the story is a friend of the station. >> i think it is a great lesson that the next chapter could be a new opportunity for a lot of
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people. >> it is good that a lot of people are seeing it that way. looking live at san francisco, one wayward dog is back home this evening after what might be the most elaborate dog rescue we've seen in a while. andria borba has the tale of one very lucky little doggie. >> reporter: if all good dogs go to heaven, one san francisco pooch tried to get their multiple times yesterday. only to ue soutound 10 that is egan where the dog animal control dumped baby jessica was first spotted. then the siding at 25th and vermont. and finally, this is where the 12-year-old dog and it appeared she was stuck between two
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buildings, six feet below the deck with very little wiggle room. >> it was only about 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide. then when you are going down there are pipes, wires, nails, et cetera. >> reporter: captain amy led the six hour long rescue. the board was lowered so baby jessica could walk out on her own. then on that another officer squeezed between buildings. >> i don't know how they fit down there or how we got them back up. >> reporter: they sedated baby jessica and hold her up she was reunited with her owner this afternoon and is in good shape despite several brushes with danger yesterday. >> i love seeing a happy
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ending. wow, thank goodness for very patient animal control officers and a very sweet dog. >> the story about her being on 101, she is a cattle dog she was trying to herd the cars. we will have the dog walking or cast for tomorrow just a second. first what you need to know getting closer to the weekend. that onshore breeze reasserts itself today in big-time fashion. it will be with us again on friday. the long-range forecast, no change there. we talked about the drought and it will continue to be dry of may. right now looking towards the golden gate bridge, not seeing too much fog out there just yet. however we expect that fog to building as we head through the rest of the night and tomorrow
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morning. it should retrieve a bit more quickly than it did today. temperatures right now, mostly in the 50s. 62 in concord, down to 49 in santa rosa. otherwise, temperatures are in the 50s and we will mostly and up in the low 50s by tomorrow morning. pretty typical for the last morning of april. the wind and five will determine the temperature pattern for tomorrow afternoon. onshore winds to start the day, picking up as we head into midday and the afternoon. strong enough to push some of the cooler air a little further inland. concord and fairfield inched up into the 80s and 90s this afternoon, not that warm for tomorrow. but it will still warm-up, which is good news for lady here. it looks like she really does not want to go for a walk. temperatures reaching well into the 70s that part of contra costa county read other
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temperatures will vary depending on your proximities. upper 50s in san francisco, mid 60s on the east side of the bay. then inland, ly70s. san jo d napa. e rmest spot, st diablo range. similar temperatures on saturday, we start to warm up across the board sunday and then more warm weather for monday and tuesday. here's dennis with sports. just a little, the biggest question in bay area sports has finally been answered. so, how did the 49ers surprise
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need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty as the nfl draft drew ch te ov an anser, 49er fans alabama's mac jones. they got their wish tonight. san francisco took lance out of north dakota state is the third overall pick ever since the 49ers treated from fourth to third last month of speculation was they would take mac jones.
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new england ended up taking over 15. but everybody was kept in the dark, including lance. >> it was pretty emotional for me right away. just kind of a surreal feeling, obviously not knowing what the situation was going to be. >> you never know with this league. if the whole nfl is assuming you are doing one thing, we will not work hard to correct that. let that be. >> trevor lawrence and zach wilson were the top two picks followed by lance. and receiver jamar chase, and justin fields went number 11 to the bears. before the draft, aaron 49ers are one of the teams oheeralag said that conversation was a quick one.
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as for the raiders, they are starting to rebuild their offensive line by taking alex leatherwood for the 17th pick. leatherwood was an all-american and won the trophy last season. the worriers had the opportunity to improve their playoff season. andrew wiggins returning to minnesota for the first time since being traded last year. third quarter, steph curry with a three and scoring 16 of his 37 points in the third. still was not enough. anthony edwards, the number one overall pick, from downtown. minnesota won the game. the warriors are three games ahead of new orleans. the a's in tampa, sean murphy
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battling the empire. tied at two, matt chapman with a two-out double over the head of the infielder. chapman, also homered in the game, oakland won 3-2 and they split the four-game series. the giants were alternate but the dodgers lost, so that giants lead l.a. by half a game in the west. all around good day except for the golden stwa. >> thank you dennis. >>
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ndminniendest month shutdown, hereadto welcome you back again. >> the happiest place on earth is reopening in less than chang tomorrow, only in-state
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visitors are allowed. the park is limiting capacity at 25 percent. reservations are required and hugs with mickey are out tonight, family owned businesses around the anaheim park are already seeing a boost, with more people looking up hotel rooms and
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. e news cont [male announcer] the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. (cinematic guitar music) - [girl speaker] when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. - [woman speaker] today i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. hetu - [woman speaker] today i have nothing. i don't feel good at all. - [woman speaker] many people here


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