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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 27, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i am len kiese. good morning. happy friday. meteorologist darren peck has your forecast as we start the day and look to the weekend. good morning. one of the things we will not have to worry about is fog. we pulled in dry air with the winds. relative humidities are going down. less wind is nice. low humidities means it will start to feel colder in the mornings. drier air can make it feel cold. it just drops the numbers on the thermometer on bit. in livermore it's 37. 39 concord. oakland it's still 48 degrees. it's 50 in the city. you get immediate access to the bay like that and you feel just fine. it's where you've got drier air that the temperatures will feel colder. it's total level playing field by afternoon for everybody. we are all going to the mid 60s today with plenty sunshine. see you with more on the weekend forecast coming up in a few. as we look at the roadways
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headed towards 580, we've got a couple trouble spots towards the dublin interchange. it's not causing brake lights or delays. there are two trouble spots. a crash west 580 at hacienda involving an overturned vehicle. if you are past that point there is trouble in the left lane connecting to 680. guard rail repair. you might see cal trans crews out there later. altamont pass is looking good. if you are back to work or maybe heading on utility worker to do shopping, things are moving at the limit. we'll look at our bay area bridges coming up in our next report. >> thank you. california hit a record for daily covid cases reported wednesday. just over 18,000. cdc predicts u.s. death toll from covid could hit more than 320,000 by mid december. by then, hospitals nationwide
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could be overflowing with patients. numbers in the bay area are generally better than those in other counties across the state, santa clara saw its highest daily number of hospitalizations wednesday. san francisco has still not moved into the most restrictive purple tier as was expected but that could change. >> san francisco is like that last bit of sanctuary. it's like the safe house in walking dead. but you are being boxed in by all that purple. so it is only a matter of time because of people moving back and forth. >> canada also celebrated its thanksgiving six weeks ago. since then the number of covid cases diagnosed per day has more than doubled. surge in u.s. is expected to be worse. cdc is stressing importance of wearing a mask. it took a look at kansas' mask mandate saying it is proof face coverings work. counties that implemented a mandate saw a 6% drop in cases.
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counties that did not saw cases rise 100%. marin county is still in the red tier but health officials say that can change next week with cases surging. in the purple tier, marin county would be required to impose over night curfew and close many indoor businesses including movie theaters, jumps, places of worship. the county has already stopped indoor dining. it's one of three bay area counties still in the red tier and has gone from recording average of ten cases a day in october to 20 a day in recent weeks. taking a live look at macy's in san francisco's union square, happening today, shoppers braving crowds will be looking for the best black friday deals. hard hit retailers are banking on holiday shopping and despite the pandemic's financial strain on millions of families, holiday retail sales are expected to grow as much as 5%. online spending is expected to jump more than 30% over last
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year. kpix5 is live in dublin. things are looking different than your typical black friday. >> absolutely. good morning. the doors opened here at the best buy in dublin about 5:00 this morning. we've had an hour of black friday here and when there was a line earlier this morning, the people at the front of the line say they got here as early as 3:00 a.m. if you can believe that. it was kind of an open question. we didn't know because of concerns about the virus, because of a general shift to online shopping what it was actually going to look like this year. when we arrived, there was probably i would say easily 100 to 150 people waiting in the line to get inside. it's always the draw of either the latest electronics or some great deal that brings people out. there are some differences. some of them are largely cosmetic. masks are required. social distancing is strongly
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encouraged once you are inside. stores have had to lower their capacity. other than that, shoppers say it is kind of like black fridays from years passed. >> coming out here, i think it is the same, just wearing a mask. there seems to be less people just because of the covid and everything. but besides that, everything is the same. >> reporter: one of the biggest shifts is a lot of people are doing shopping online. that has been happening in years passed and it's going to be a growing number of people. stores are pushing online as well because they figure there will be a certain percentage of customer base that may not feel comfortable coming into a store in person this year. so i know i have been getting black friday deals in my e-mail in box for weeks and that's going to roll into cyber monday and probably all the way through the christmas holiday. people are just now kind of coming out after being inside
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the store for about an hour or so. that's how things are here at the best buy in dublin. back to you. >> lots of shopping getting done. thanks so much. a group of activists want shoppers to help them reclaim black friday. some small businesses will forego traditional discounts and instead offer a percentage of sales to black and indigenous organizations. kpix5 explains how you can take part. >> reporter: 2020 has been a year unlike any other defined largely by discomfort. as we settle into comfortable familiarity of holiday traditions a group of shop owners wants to be sure we keep difficult conversations on the table. >> if we want to make systemic change, that requires us to deconstruct. it requires us to rethink. it requires us to rebuild in order to create more just systems. >> reporter: a campaign to
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reclaim black friday. participating small businesses will not offer discounts. >> we'll be redistributing a minimum of 10% of all sales from the weekend to black and indigenous land based organizations. >> reporter: a photographer in san francisco she says during the protests this spring following george floyd's death black-owned businesses like hers saw a surge. >> it was a crazy influx of the product want being to sold. they were flying off of shelves. then it goes quiet because it was just a moment. >> reporter: rachel owns a business in the richmond district. 15% of her sales this weekend will go to black farmers and indigenous land based group in santa cruz. 2020 has been tough but some bright spots were introspection and tough talks. this is an opportunity to keep the conversations current. >> we think that conversation alone cannot be the answer.
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we need to start taking action, and action is where true change happens. >> if you want to to find small businesses participating in reclaim black friday, we have a link at all the surge warnings means people had to rethink traditions. to some that meant handing on utility worker meals to those outside a planet fitness. the flamingo bowl football game was replaced billow contact lawn bowling yesterday and lots of disinfectant. >> it is great to do activities outdoors, enjoy the sun, this beautiful weather. we are making the most of thanksgiving. even in covid there are lots of silver linings and this is one of them. >> the sun is shining. there is a lot of fresh air. this is an easy compromise to
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celebrating consciously. happening today, a first of its kind drive thru holiday experience in san mateo. festival of lights kicks off tonight at the event center. guests will see a variety of holiday fun including professional lighting and art installations right from their cars. the event also provides hundreds of jobs for local industry workers to help with the set up. reservations are required and it runs through december 20th. 6:09. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, despite the pandemic, one bay area tradition rolled on. we went along for the ride and beautiful scenery on the longest running mountain bike event. 6:09. the sun is coming up a little after 7:00. this is the time of morning we see light enter the sky. no clouds, no fog. it's a lot drier. that means noticeably colder in some places.
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we'll look at that coming up. if you are out and about early, your ride on
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the coronavirus didn't stop an annual outdoor tradition in marin county. it was a perfect day for the longest running mountain biking event in the country. it's called the appetite seminar. it started in 1975. >> kpix5's kenny choi went along for the unique ride. >> reporter: it's arguably one of the best mountain biking rides in the bay area. >> it's a real special place, very quiet and serene. >> this was my first ride doing the turkey ride. i am really excited. >> reporter: i couldn't wait either, putting on my gear and camera to start the pine mountain loop trail, a 45 minute uphill ride from downtown fairfax. the climb isn't easy. >> a pretty steep climb so it
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is actually okay to walk when you are tired. >> i would say it's a black diamond run, a good 24 mole loop. when you drop out there are no houses, nothing. it's really wild. >> reporter: the corners can be dangerous. it's on this trail. >> there it is. >> reporter: the pioneers of the sport like charlie kelly and gary fisher promoted races like this. the idea, to burn a ton of calories and gobble up more come turkey time. >> it goes back to the history of mountain biking. early pioneers of mountain biking grew up here and this is one of the first organized rides. >> up the hill, down the hill, views are amazing. the colors of the fall. >> reporter: this year it was noticeably different. >> really trimmed down. a lot of people did alternate rides this year. covid times. >> reporter: normally 7, 5, 900 people, depends who you believe. >> it's a shame with the covid there are not so many people.
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but this is something you have to do. >> take it easy. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. good morning. if you are getting out and about early today, you are in luck. our freeways are very quiet. a heads up, if you plan on using public transit, many agencies are on modified schedule because of the thanksgiving holiday. expect changes or less frequency in some of the trains for example, cal will be on modified schedule today. bart delays. bart is recovering from an earlier problem. there is a 20 minute delay on the san francisco line in the antioch direction. this is due to equipment problem on the tracks. plan to that this morning. other than that, lots of green on our roads. a pretty easy ride for the most part if you are working along the peninsula. we haven't had troubles along 101. things have been fairly quiet. the only hot spots, two
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separate incidents along 580. we have a crash clearing at hacienda drive. just past that, there is reports of guard rail repair needed at the 680 connector. you might see activity but not a lot of volume. so far traffic is moving at the limit despite the trouble spots along 580. if you are coming from the altamont pass area, so far, so good. slight delays off of 205 to 580 itself. we have a crash south bound petaluma hill road north of the expressway. that right lane is blocked for an incident. it looks like chp and crews are on scene. a vehicle did hit a pole so there is a lot of activity in and out trying to clear this out. travel times are in the green. that's good news if you are headed out early. let's see what those temperatures are looking like. >> it might seem like every morning has been identical this week but there have been subtle differences. each day has been kind of
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unique. today, it's a lot drier. remember the winds yesterday? thanksgiving got breezy. all winds pulled in dry air from inland california. humidities are down. we don't have to worry about fog bay area wide. with perfectly clear skies look at the view from the top of the sales force tower, looking down to the south. we are looking over chase center there and if you keep looking, line of sight a little bit further, you see hunters point. the south bay, i will show you what it looks like in downtown san jose where we are starting to see light fill the sky. no clouds, no fog. totally different than when we started the week. it was misting in downtown san jose from the thick layer of clouds. in the tri valley, same story here, not only do we have clear skies above but we are not seeing patchy fog out here that we had seen a couple other mornings this week. drier air cleared things out but the down side to that is dry air does not insulate as well and temperatures go down.
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it's 31 in santa rosa. that's the coldest temperature we have had all week so far for what is our coldest spot in the bay area consistently. santa rosa 31. look it he rest of the numbers. san jose 38. it's 37 in livermore. we might have pulled in somewhat cooler air from the pattern yesterday but the real thing that changed was we pulled in dry air. that is what allowed the numbers to go down. if you look in the bay, if you have access to the bay and relatively higher humidity levels from water, it's almost 50 in oakland. huge differs depending on where you go. if we look at the difference from yesterday to today, it's 14 degrees colder in petaluma than yesterday. it was one degree warmer in hayward. i mean you talk about micro climates, they're really showing up. look at how humidity levels just drop. daytime highs, if you look at the change in humidity for san jose, you see a difference.
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let me show you daytime highs. low to mid 60s. that is no different. if you just looked at the afternoons, you would see no difference. sunny and mid 60s, no changes. it's morning lows where we see the differences. i will see you with more on this. back over to you. >> thanks so much. 6:19. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> kyle shanahan finds silver lining to celebrating thanksgiving during a pandemic. alex smith's incredible come back, now he has a chance to lead his team to the playoffs.
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two years ago former 49er alex smith spent thanksgiving in the hospital after breaking his leg. 17 surgeries later smith is back trying to lead washington to the playoffs, alex making his third start of the yearhe got plenty help. 4th quarter after stopping a cowboys fake punt gibson scored to give the lead. washington turned a close game into a route thanks to 21 unanswered points. sweat picked off dalton for the final score. washington wins 41-16, are 4-7 but take over first place in the nfc east. >> never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be here two years later full circle. i am so appreciative of so much and so thankful to be here, the opportunity to still be doing this and enjoying every minute of it. no days off for 49ers.
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they practiced yesterday as they get ready for sunday's game against the rams. kyle shanahan explains why he won't be in the dog house with his family this thanksgiving. >> my favorite thanksgiving tradition is getting out of work a bit earlier than usual. by the time i get home usually everyone is mad for me making everyone wait. that will be easier this year since we don't have people. >> in college hoops, cal and corvallis taking on northwest university, a school with 1400 students, and none can jump like the bears freshman. he was one of 12 bears to score. cal wins big 86-61 the final. randy bennet's trailed northern iowa by as many as 16 in the second but then koozy took over. the three at the top of the key part of a big 10-0 run to bring st. mary's within one and jump to the finish. tied at 64 koozy in the lane,
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he banks it in for the game winner. they beat northern iowa for their first win of the year. the gonzaga coach picks up his 6th career win over kansas. bay area seniors taking isolation the hardest. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, one local facility's creative way to bring families together. >> reporter: would suive the pa i am in best buy in dublin. coming up, we'll tell
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, snagging deals while trying to social distance. we are live with the black friday changes in the bay area. it's grim to talk about these things. but it's a reality. >> did thanksgiving gatherings lead to another surge? bay area doctors weighing in this morning. good morning. it's friday, november 27. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's get to your forecast with darren peck. folks heading out to do shopping and should probably
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throw on a sweater or coat. >> depending where you are, it will be very cold. if you are in inland valley, we are down to the low and mid 30s in sonoma, santa rosa, livermore, concord. if you have access to the bay and can see the water, it's fine. mid 40s, upper 40s in places. here is where it is cold. that is looking over the tri valley, our camera in dublin. livermore 37, concord 39. santa rosa is 31. oak land is 48 degrees. san francisco, it is 50. we will go to the mid 60s for daytime highs, everybody, except for the coast. we are all pretty much going to feel the same couple degrees above average with nothing but sunshine. i will see you with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. how is the drive? >> it's doing good. i am not seeing major issues or
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brake lights. no metering lights but it looks like there is a broken down big rig to the side but not causing any issues or impacts to traffic. it's a clear ride into the stead. heads up, we are dealing with bart delays, recovering from earlier problem ten minutes away in the antioch direction. this is due to equipment problem on the track in san francisco. transit on time but there will be modifications for the holiday. be sure you check the schedule before you head out the door. we'll look at the travel times in my next report. wall street is open for a half day of trading after closed for thanksgiving. a live look, you see the dow up about 73 points. happening today, it is black friday and new video is in from around u.s. showing not even a pandemic will stop some people from lining up to get the steep discounts. but how is it looking in the bay area? kpix5 is live in dublin. we have seen people come in and
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out of the store all morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was kind of an open question when we were coming out, what was black friday going to look like with the pandemic raging around us? were people going to be too scared to wait in line? were the lines going to be shorter because of general shift of online shopping? we got here before 5:00. the line had begun to form at 3:00. the first person said they got in line at 3:00. they wanted to be sure they got some of the electronics and deals. black friday has survived the pandemic, doors opened at 5:00 am. there are easily 150 people initially. there has been probably double that that have come through since that time. people say other than social distancing and masks that it pretty much looks like it has in years passed.
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>> i do this every year. we go to stone ridge and stuff like that, go to different stores. this is my first time at best buy and in the pandemic obviously. it's weird. >> reporter: a lot of the folks say they've been to several stores this morning. they're looking for those great deals. a lot of people are looking for play stations. those are sold out here. if that's what you are looking for, this is not the place to come. in addition to the people that have come, stores have made a push for online because they know some customers just aren't going to be comfortable coming into a store. so they want the folks to come here. they want to get them online and cyber monday is just a few days away. that's it from here best buy in dublin. back to you. >> thank you. to our coronavirus coverage, depending whether
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people followed health orders on thanksgiving, we could see another surge in cases in the next weeks. kpix5 talked with doctors who are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: california hit a record of daily coronavirus cases. in los angeles, health officials expect shortages in nurse staffed icu beds in the next two weeks. >> we have a full icu of people with covid on ventilators who are fighting for their lives. this is real. >> reporter: the numbers aren't as bad in the bay area. still, santa clara county saw its highest daily number of hospitalizations a the nearly 200 patients. san francisco did not move into the most restrictive purple tier as expected earlier this week. but that can change. >> san francisco is like the last bit of sanctuary. it's like the safe house in walking dead but you are being boxed in by all that purple, so it is only a matter of time, because of people moving back
6:35 am
and forth. >> reporter: a ucsf infectious disease specialist said the rate of increase in cases and number of hospitalizations are breath taking. ucsf recently doubled admissions and the number has not changed this week. >> we are seeing more of a variety of cases. they're essential workers. they're people who had pandemic fatigue, might have been really good and stayed away from high risk requirements for months and months and then they went to that meal outdoors. >> reporter: because community transmission is so high, the doctor says people are getting the virus in indoor and outdoor settings. cdc is stressing the importance of wearing a mask. it recently took a look at kansas' mask mandate saying it is proof face coverings work. counties that implemented a mask mandate saw a 6% drop in cases. counties that didn't saw cases
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rise 100%. canada celebrated its thanksgiving six weeks ago and since then, the number of covid cases diagnosed per day has more than doubled. surge in u.s. is expected to be worse. let's take a live look at georgia where president trump is planning to campaign next month ahead of the senate run off election. the january 5 run off election could change the balance of power in the senate but if either incumbent david perdue or kelly loeffler wins, republican party will remain in control. in the presidential transition, president trump says it may or may not have been his last thanksgiving in power. this is as we take a live look at the white house. for the first time since election day, the president took questions from reporters yesterday. he says he will leave if the electorial college votes biden in but he has no plans to concede. he also continued to make
6:37 am
unsubstantiated claims of election fraud. >> the numbers are false. the numbers are corrupt. it was a rigged election 100%. >> the president also thanked u.s. troops over seas for their service. meanwhile, president-elect biden urged americans to follow health guidelines and stay away from large groups this thanksgiving weekend. many seniors spent thanksgiving alone because the possibility of getting coronavirus is just too risky. don ford shows us families are still finding ways to be sure older family members are included. >> reporter: across the bargaining i area, seniors in assisted living homes have been essentially living in isolation since march. this home for seniors has an idea they believe can help safely bring families back together. they wave through windows, tried to keep in touch by phone, and like many places,
6:38 am
isolation was taking a toll on seniors. aegis had an idea. they call it out the door living room. >> it's a thick piece of glass and wood frame on wheels. >> reporter: it is not perfect but allows seniors to be outside warm and safe and allows families to visit. julie is spending time with her husband eddie. she recalls the first time they met 60 years ago. >> my cousin told me because it was my father's birthday. come on. there are visitors. there is one guy that's really good looking. i said oh really. >> julie says eddie's memory isn't what it used to be but this afternoon they are having pumpkin pie. two of his daughters are here too. >> your pumpkin pie for dessert. >> what do you make of this arrangement? >> it works just for the purposes of being able to see him. i don't see any other way. >> reporter: the area is scheduled for 45 minutes at a time and wild between visits,
6:39 am
an odd way to celebrate thanksgiving but we are living in truly odd times. julie and the kids miss their dad at home. >> i don't know. it's a big change for us. now he cannot join us, you know. christmas also, the same thing. >> outdoor living room, glass partitions, everyone trying their best for our senior. don ford, kpix5. >> whatever it takes safely of course. kpix5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to to find stories of how we are better together. salvation army is going high tech. how the organization is working to help families this holiday season and beyond. that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the market opened about ten
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minutes along. another check on the big board. the dow is up 135 points. kpix5 has a new app
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6:43. it's time for a look at what's coming up on cbs this morning. vladimir duthiers joins us from new york. good morning. >> good morning. ahead, a member of president- elect joe biden's covid advisory board joins us to discuss the impact of holiday travel and what incoming administration will do to stop the spread. >> americans have shattered records for online shopping since the start of the pandemic. but cyber crimes involving social media have more than tripled in the last year. we will show you the danger signs to look for. >> he's been an outspoken voice on some of the most pressing
6:44 am
issues facing roman catholic church and the country. we talk to wilton gregory who is making history by being the first black american to hold rank as cardinal. we'll see you at 7:00. >> see you then. thank you much. 6:44. let's take another look at the big board. you see the dow is up about 105. stocks are steady in the green this morning. wall street opened again after closing for the holiday. here is diane king hall with the story and more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: after being closed for thanksgiving wall street is open for a half day trading after claiming dow 30,000 earlier in the week investors continue to monitor the transition and number of coronavirus cases across the country. as many americans continue to work from home, households are sounding off on what kind of of work schedule they would like to see in the future. according to a survey by real
6:45 am
estate firm jll, 74% of professionals would prefer a four day work week. few companies have tried by microsoft has done this in japan. optimism for the idea runs high with only 18% against the arrangement and believed it wouldn't happen in a post pandemic world. that's your cbs money watch report. head to at the cbs broadcast center, i am diane king hall. salvation army's red kettle campaign rolling out a new way to make donating easier for those who want to keep it contact free. you can tap your phone to the kettle or scan the qr code to make a digital donation. >> there are fewer locations because there is less foot traffic, coin shortage, some local shut downs as a result of
6:46 am
the pandemic. >> kettles are rolling out everywhere. some even started weeks ago. despite new virtual donation method they'll still accept cash and coins. a live look at san francisco where santa will be arriving early this year. neiman marcus is partnered with the children's hospital to spread joy to he isen cher workers. santa will visit this afternoon to wave at the young patients and deliver cookies. happening today, it's opening today of the san francisco ballet's nutcracker. in order to see it, you will have to stream it. continue the holiday tradition even during the pandemic by watching sf ballet's nutcracker online in hd. you can tour the virtual opera house and learn steps from choreography. nutcracker online will be available until december 31. let's get to the traffic now. gianna is keeping track of that for us on this friday morning. >> i sure am. for those of you headed out the
6:47 am
door, maybe you have to go to work or maybe you will get out early and try some black friday shopping, you are in luck. our freeways are pretty quiet. we haven't had delays or issues. you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are at the limit with no delays, metering lights off. a smooth right into san francisco and cross the upper deck. if you taking bart, they are recovering from an earlier problem in the antioch direction. this is due to an equipment problem. the rest of the public transit is on time but it is a modified schedule due to the holiday so check that before you head out. travel times are in the green. 21 minutes through the altamont pass,205 to 680. north bound 101 is doing okay. south bound 101 we have a
6:48 am
trouble spot near lawrence expressway, some debris in the road way but still showing a lot of green. it doesn't look like it is causing troubles on main lines of 101 as you head through. activity from the earlier crash west 580 at hacienda. everything is to the right shoulder. there was repair for the guard rail to the side, cal trans will be headed out there sometime today. that may cause a bit of a snag. overall it's a nice ride as you come away from the tracy area to the dublin interchange. it is not bad across the san mateo bridge. the ride is all clear this morning. it is 6:48. happy friday. >> good morning. thanks. it's a great friday and we are turning the wind off. look outside towards the golden gate bridge and yesterday on the cameras we were seeing a little bit of a ripple on the water. we are not seeing that today, maybe a little bit left over wind. as sun comes up, the wind will
6:49 am
turn off. that's the view from the top of the sales force looking east. sunrise is at 7:03. we've got plenty light filling the sky in the south bay over san jose and even better as we look to the east just from above the tri valley. that's looking towards dublin. no clouds, no fog. that's the other thing about how the weather has changed. we pulled in a lot drier air yesterday. all the winds that were coming in were offshore winds coming from inland where it is drier. the humidity levels are much lower today. not only do we not have fog but the temperatures on the thermometer goes noticeably lower when you dry the air out because the air doesn't insulate as well. look at the number in santa rosa, 31 degrees. look at the pool of blue showing you where coldest spot is. that's the coldest temperature we've had all week. 38 san jose, 37 livermore. if you get into bay proper it's like nothing happened because humidity levels are relatively
6:50 am
okay. it's one degree warmer in hayward than it was yesterday. meantime, it's 11 degrees colder in petaluma, 14 degrees colder in napa and further inland you go, look at fairfield, 18 degrees colder. no more wind but humidity levels take a drop. if you follow drier air that goes offshore today, it's one thing to look at the numbers. comparison shows us that yesterday at 7:00, relative humidities were in upper 80s in san jose. today at 7:00 a.m., upper 30s. those are percentages. that's a big drop from 89% to 39%, exact same time of day. that tells you. that's the only impact really in the morning lows. daytime highs aren't changing. we will stay in low to mid 60s not only today and we have been doing that for a while, sunny skies, low to mid 60s, and that is going to continue through the seven-day forecast. it's time to start talking about the lack of rain because as we look at the long range, first two weeks of december, it doesn't look promising for any
6:51 am
rain then either. so it is getting a bit concerning. back to you. >> thank you. a top rated daytime drama will reach a milestone next week. >> cbs' the young and the restless celebrating its 12,000th episode. since 1973 the young and the restless has been part of daily life for millions of americans. the 12,000th episode airs tuesday. watch the young and restless weekdays on kpix5. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a bay area county on the verge of going into the purple tier. how soon it can happen in the north bay, next. >> reporter: what is black friday going to look like in the middle of a pandemic? coming up, we'll show you what this year's shopping looks like. let's show you what outside looks like at 6:51. you are looking live from our
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good morning. i am at the best buy in dublin where black friday got off to an early start. the lines started to form about 3:00 a.m. when the doors open at 5:00, there was probably 100 to 150 people. they were waiting outside and filed right in to take advantage of some of the deals and discount electronics. there was an open question of what black friday was going to look like. would concerns about coronavirus and a general shift
6:56 am
to online shopping mean shorter lines? we have seen some of that but there are people willing to come in person even this year. some changes are cosmetic. people are required to wear masks, are asked to social distance in the store. the store has to lower capacity a little bit but people are still coming out. for the stores themselves and retailers, one of the biggest shifts is they have really pushed online shopping knowing that at least a certain portion of their customer base was not going to feel comfortable coming out to the store in person. so black friday really sort of begins to merge with cyber monday and probably a lot of the deals online are going to continue straight through christmas. 6:56. time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> california reported more than 18,000 confirmed cases of covid yesterday, a new daily record. cdc predicts u.s. death toll from covid can hit more than
6:57 am
320,000 by mid december. by then hospitals nationwide can be overflowing with patients. the agency continues to stress the importance of wearing a mask. health officials say marin can go from red to purple next week with the tiers and cases surging. the county would be required to impose overnight curfew and close businesses including movie theaters and gyms. president trump set to campaign in georgia ahead of the election. david perdue or kelly loeffler must win their race for republicans to stay in control. >> wall street is back open for a half day of trading today. a first of its kind drive thru holiday experience. festival of lights kicks off tonight at the san mateo event
6:58 am
center. reservations are required. as we look at the roadways, a live look at the golden gate bridge, it's a very nice ride. it's been easy for the most part on bay area freeways. no delays as you head into san francisco right now. san mateo bridge is clear, so if you are crossing from the east bay things are fairly quiet. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are off. if you are out early you are in luck. look at our travel times on our bridges. everything is in the green, same for our travel time on our major freeways. it's cold this morning. i will start with the map showing you current numbers. it's in the low 30s. look at petaluma, 30 degrees. this is the coldest morning we have had all week unless you are in the where you don't notice a difference. if you are inland, drier air from overnight is really doing a number on the numbers. if you look at where we are
6:59 am
going for daytime highs, no difference. sunny and mid 60s. this is what it looks like when we get caught into a pattern in the winter where it is pretty much just high pressure in place. you get sunny days, daytime highs in mid 60s, and you start to not even notice the fact that we are digging ourselves a rain deficit. we are well behind already for november. first two weeks of december does not show rain coming our way. but it's a good looking forecast if you want to get outside. >> looks like it. thanks so much. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is next. have a great friday and a great weekend.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's friday, november 27th, 2020. i'm michelle miller with vladimir duthiers and jericka duncan. president trump says he will leave office when the electoral college confirms joe biden's victory but repeats unfounded claims of fraud. what else he had to say when he sparred with reporters for the first time since the election. covid hospitalizations reach a record high in the u.s. we get expert advice on how the coronavirus pandemic could affect you and your families in the dangerous weeks after thanksgiving. >> the holiday shopping frenzy kicks off at stores and online. what's different this black friday and how to avoid scammers trying to cheat you. and debbie allen is inspiring a new


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