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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a fire erupted just before 4:00 in the morning and exploded across at least 1500 acres so far, and despite a daylong area and ground assault, there is still zero containment. we've seen the flames dangerously close, some residents are staying behind and keeping a watchful eye, as the flames get closer to their houses. >> the fire has been burning to the north, you can see this cal
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fire map continuing north through the rural hills, it will run right into the burn scarred from the complex fire. any shift in wind direction could easily spell disaster. katie nielsen joins us with coverage, and there was some change in the air tonight. >> diablo wind picked up, moving this fire southwest. exactly what firefighters did not want to happen. you can see some of the smoke, the reservoir is buried beneath all of that smoke. this is more toward the road with the smoke plumes coming up , the wind pushed this fire toward the south.
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this fire is burning in a populated area near deer park. air tankers paint the rages around bill canyon with fire retardant. >> it helps them get into areas that they may not be able to go into. >> backfires were started along the east side of the trail to protect nearby structures. tom lives on the west side of silverado trail. he decided not to evacuate. he is using garden hoses to try to save his home care >> we hope we don't end up like the guy across the street who had his house go up in flames about five minutes ago. >> the main firefight has been a long bill canyon as firefighters try to keep the flames from moving south. afternoon wind picked up. flames were shooting high above
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the ridge. more air attacks were brought in to slow the progress. >> the fire is moving a southwesterly erection. main areas of concern would be deer park. >> what is the focus for the firefighters tonight? >> juliet, there were a couple of things the firefighters were doing. first, making sure they have the resources as long as they can. if they can't see, they can't fly. all this air support goes away soon as this goes down. get these pre- positioned resources into the deer park area. the fire is starting to burn to
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the north out of bell canyon. they are trying to make sure that they are doing structure protection. main priority as we have said time and again, it is always life safety. if they have to rescue people out of their homes, they cannot focus on saving those structures. you can see all of this smoke. and this is an incredible head of steam that we are seeing. this is going to be a major concern. >> evacuees need to listen to those warnings. >> mandatory evacuations were ordered for all homes east of colorado trail, including the meadowood resort, crystal springs road, and long road.
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the sheriff's office just sent out a video showing why it is so important to follow those orders as soon as they are given. sheriff's deputies helping to get people to safety, through a wall of flames. terrence got a look at where the hotspots are, where they have been, and the tricky windstorm. >> i will look at the weather satellite ability to map these fires, and more importantly looking at how it might behave tomorrow. you can see the high-resolution view of napa valley. silverado trail, everywhere you see a red square is where the satellite at the red fire, the wind was coming from the northwest and blowing smoke that way, this
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fire was being driven by the terrain. let me show you where katie was just standing. i want to show you a closer look of the fire, you can see the vineyard where she was just standing. flames worked their way up like this all day. the wind is shifting overnight on this ridgetop. she had some concerns, let me show you why those concerns are justified. as we look at the forecast for how the wind is going to behave over the course of the next 12 hours, the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. the second wave comes in overnight into tomorrow morning. by the time we get past midnight, now there's another strong push of winds. there is a more direct easterly flow. now that the flames are closer to the ridgetop, this fire is more vulnerable to get pushed
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by the wind, it won't just be the terrain driving it. the wind can potentially push it toward immunities where people live. daytime high temperatures are pretty high today, they will get higher tomorrow, just a quick view of daytime highs tomorrow, we are not going to be breaking any records, except for in oakland where we break it by 2 degrees. it's going to be hot everywhere. we will talk more about how this could last. glass fire is the smallest fire in northern california right now, putting out the least amount of smoke. i will show you the perspective in just a few minutes. >> we will get back to more
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information on the glass fire as soon as we get it. i don't know what started the fire. devon tells us that it is a familiar routine. >> reporter: any evacuees who were displaced just a month ago. it doesn't get any easier you have to grab the things rushes to you and not sure if you will have a home to go back to. gail said the sirens and the smoke. >> i have my husband, i have my cat, that is good enough for me. >> she left her home in the predawn darkness, they first had to go closer to the flames
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before the path brought them to safety. >> it was really scary, because there was a line of flames. >> reporter: emily escaped with her parents, four brothers and sisters. other evacuees feared getting trapped behind the fire lines. >> she was crying, saying i can see the fire. i said it's okay. >> many evacuees ended up here in napa. they were awaiting word where to go next, taking comfort in the company of neighbors while wondering if they would have home or neighborhood to return to. the coronavirus makes it difficult to set up evacuation centers. many people who came here this morning will end up in hotels or with family and friends with a length of displacement depending on how quickly firefighters get the upper
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hand on this fire. >> the fire is adding a lot of smoke to the already hazy air, our shopper had to leave the area because the visibility was so poor. a lot of that smoke is thick and black here a spare the air alert has been expended extended through at least tomorrow. >> we have more coverage. plus a bizarre kidnapper, and how joe montana made the biggest play of his life to save a family member. 's new hope on the horizon, the biggest firefighting plane on the world is on the front lines in napa county right now.
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and we been bringing you live pictures of the fire lines all day, the cbsn bay area news,
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joe montana fought off an intruder, who tried to object abduct his child in broad daylight, in the afternoon, the man broke in and snatched the nine month old, montana and his wife fought her off, the woman is facing several charges, including kidnapping.
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>> they said this on instagram, thank you for reaching out, we appreciate your respect for our privacy at this time. >> a 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck before 4:00 this afternoon and our producers felt it in fremont. >> we have a fire watch, from cal fire has been throwing everything they've got at the fire. they brought in a huge four engine air force plane, dropping fire retardant. it is capable of carrying 20,000 gallons of water or retardant. it helps to battle the 2018
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campfire. they can't use the plane after dark, so wind has become a renewed factor. snow early this morning we had some of the strongest wind. in our focus close to home, i don't want to overlook what happened northern california today. take a look at the big picture here, you see many others. the glass fire is the smallest one. that is the august complex. you can see the white dots there, there are so many labels to keep track of. this was north of the sacramento valley. this is a classic example of what offshore wind can do. we've got intense warmth through much of august, and the
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intense dryness. and all of those things add up, all adding up to a fairly run-of-the-mill offshore wind event. we have to think about air quality concerns, there is a caveat to this, when you forecast for smoke, you have to have accurate fire information. these fires are taking a fast and behave erratically. it is hard to track these with the model. but the streamlined over the next 24 hours will drive it our way. even without the glass fire, the north complex picking up today, we are going to be pulling in more smoke from the creek fire. we have seen the air quality
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sensors today. we've seen hazy conditions. it looks bad. we played this game before. the way the sky looks is not always showing the way the air is registering. there is a little blowback to it. if we look at the forecast for ar quality, it is likely that tomorrow will read unhealthy for sensitive groups. again forecasting is not an exact science, but we are doing the best that we can with information that we gather like this. tomorrow is not going to be a good day to be outside. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we need to stay on top of that as well. every time we had a long stretch of moderate, it didn't have to pan out. there is a heat wave going on
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as well. i want to quickly give you the run through on daytime high temperatures for tomorrow, i want to call out your part of the bay area. this is a big issue for tomorrow, tomorrow's numbers are going to be a few degrees warmer than today was. middle to upper 90s through the south bay with plenty of smoke up ahead. it will be a degree or two higher than today. ninety-nine in livermore, we take a look at the north bay, 100 degrees in san rafael, 93 in san francisco, this will be the peak of the heat, and we only hit 89 in the city today. it will be 100 in santa rosa, low one hundreds as we get into the north bay. let's look at the seven day forecast. monday is the peak. how fast can we keep the numbers down?
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not in a meaningful way until the end of this coming workweek. plan ahead now. the air quality is coming downhill. we've got to stay through the five day stretch with air quality being the immediate concern. while that unhealthy air, such a lousy report. let's get dennis and see what's going on. >> how about some good news? the 49ers heat the turf at metlife stadium. they love beating the heck out of football teams. when they are
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it was all set up for the giants to claim that eight spot. it's all the giants had to do to beat the padres at oracle. wil myers continues to be a thorn in the giant side. rbi double in the seventh. san diego had a 5-1 need. brandon crawford had that to run shot. 5-3, runner on first he takes the pitch inside. he returned to the dugout. that pitch was far off the plate. wilmer flores, how many big hits does this guy get this week? bringing the giants within a run. the padres closer, trevor
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rosenthal comes in and crawford loses three straight. much later, another borderline picked to end the giants season. they finished 29-31. >> we were going to do everything that we possibly could. no doubt there was going to be disappointment. balancing the big picture perspective. >> they made quite the entrance after fixing the fence, ricky montauk try to get back on track . mission accomplice accomplished. bottom seven, tied at two, jake lamb gets his third home run
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since joining oakland. they play the white sox on the first round, pending tuesday. it seems like half the roster is injured. no jimmy, no george against the giants. they post back next week against the eagles. and has been worth the wait. he hits the pylon and the 49ers lead. they are missing a ton on defense. like a back novel, it leads to a 6-6 lead. kyle shanahan loves to use them on the field. it's 23-9 4 san francisco.
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they got to jones, twice. no touchdowns for new york in this game. nick mullins came to run the offense just fine. he dumps it off to just will jeff wilson. 343 yards and a touchdown, the 49ers when it 46-9. >> hopefully we can keep playing this way. slowly, but surely, we want to get these guys back on the floor. >> mark davis and robert kraft talking it out. no touchdowns in the first half until camden hit rex out of the backfield and johnathan abram, a
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laughable attempt to tackle. it's 13234 new england. derek carr dialed up that long ball to hunter renfroe. he's down at the 1 yard line. they punch it in 13-10. new england pounding the second half. michelle cuts back, rumbling 38 yards to the 25-yard line and then first and goal. going for his second score of the game, he had three on the day. patriots were up 20-10, cruising for a blowout. the pass rush followed, they had an attack on the end zone. they officially called the safety to overturn the fumble. touchdown. atreus run 6-20 2 handle them and them a loss. we will break
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it down tonight on game day at 11:30. >> break it down. dennis, they give. in napa county, the glass fire has forced thousands of people out of their homes. >> it has been a long day for people who had to either homes and the hospital at the break of dawn. and many people are wondering what they are going back to. >> you probably paid more in rent last month and president trump paid in taxes in his first year in offic this election,
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while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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the big concern is what happens later tonight, after nearly 2000 people have been forced out of their homes in and around the deer park area. and there is still zero containment tonight. let's get right to joe basket is at this roadblock in deer park, on silverado trail. >> let me set the scene. there is the community of deer park. they are letting a couple people in there, for the most part they are not allowed to go through, the area has been evacuated. here is why. that is as fire fast
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approaching. >> we have about 2000 households, which equates to about 5000 people in the communities, under some form of evacuation. >> this is anxiety inducing. we are packing up everything that we can out of our childhood home. >> the fires began overnight, in sleeping hours times. it's not fun, waking up to a firefighter knocking on your door. we have high compliance, however, 40,000 residents, our residents are no strangers to wildfires. we ask you to remain vigilant and evacuate if ordered to do
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so. >> we have folks right here on the side of the road, silverado trail, waiting to see what's happening. it does not appear that people are going to get back to their properties and ain't it anytime soon. >> the worry continues. imagine that 4:00 a.m. knock on the door. what is the biggest concern tonight? >> the biggest concern is the silverado trail. the fire is just east of silverado trail in an area that is not terribly populated. if it jumps, silverado trails in the overnight hours, the wind picks up and they evacuate more people on side, st. helena, calistoga
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on on the west side of the silverado trail. >> the wind is a big concern, what's next? >> that the red flag warning does not expire until tomorrow night. we still have a second wave of wind to go. let's show you what the wind will do over the next 12 hours. this is where things start to become a concern. i will let this advance. things are a little bit light over the next few hours. by tomorrow morning the light
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will light the map up, with strong offshore wind once again banning the famous flames appear. deduction the direction of the wind will matter more tomorrow morning. the reason is because of where the flames have moved. everywhere you see a red square, and shows you where that satellite meeting the fire, the important distinction is that hospital is not in town. i want to come in for a close- up look on that. it is much closer to the front lines of the fire and it sits up in the hills. you will see a little yellow pin that shows up you highlight where. there is the footprint from the fire. that is why the evacuated the hospital today. it was up in the hills and on the leading edge of where the flames could be potentially
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moving next. coming out to the wider view, we get our bearings again. you see the fire really living in the hills. it started creeping back. tomorrow the wind is coming over the ridge top like this. there's a lot of concern over those flames tomorrow potentially moving this way. the hospital is still at risk. john ramose spent much of the day tracking this fire on the front lines. >> it broke out at the adventist health medical center in st. helena. when morning came, it ambulances came to evacuate the patient's. the hospital has been upwind from the fire all day. forty- one patients were wheeled down to other areas. the staff has become well
6:36 pm
practiced. >> not uncommon, we've done this before. we've done it safely every time. we have expert team that is used to it. >> you cannot transport a winery, there are a lot of them in the area. on deer park road, the wine tasting room porch had a too close for comfort view of the flames. reverie was located where it first began. >> the fire started at the 200 block of crystal springs. a scary moment for sure. >> grant long made the spooky drive to his business, wondering if it would still be there. thanks to the vineyards and defensible space, the winery
6:37 pm
lives on. >> pulling up and seeing it, it is a blessing. >> a day of uncertainty for those who left their homes. the elderly care home left the lights on, blinks were left on wheelchairs. not everyone is gone. jonathan stood outside his home . he will wait a bit. >> is mandatory, but it is not forced. >> do people look at it that way? >> i think so. i think people fear things differently. honestly it is getting pretty close. if it gets closer, i think we will leave. >> the empty hospital is still untouched. firefighters were on scene, keeping an eye on things. cruise across the bay are
6:38 pm
heading to napa to help with the glass fire and london breed tweeted a video of firefighters answering calls, you could see them getting on interstate 80 2 napa. they send a strike team to assist. and explosive new report on the tax returns from the president. >> the battle line is being drawn over the new supreme court nominee, how soon the process could begin. >> we are committed to helping you vote smart this november. just go to our special section for an in-depth look at the issues and information on ways to cast your ballot and a re
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developing now, the new york times has obtained tax return data extending over two decades, the tens reporting today that the president paid no federal income taxes in ten of the last 15 years. the times reports it was mainly because he was losing more money than he was making the report said that he paid $750 in federal taxes in 2016 and paid the same amount his first year in office. president trump has fiercely guarded his tax filings and he is the only president in modern times not to make them public. and attorney for the trump organization told the times that the president has paid tens of millions in federal taxes over the past decade. the president called the report for canoes. with a month until election
6:42 pm
day, trump versus biden, taking a backseat to a another hot button political vase to fill the vacant seat on the supreme court. nicole killian is at the white house tonight. >> no confirmation before inauguration! >> outside the supreme court, a rally opposing the confirmation of amy coney barrett. >> this process is a contemptible shame, any republican who goes along with it needs to fear for their jobs. >> president trump nominated amy coney barrett to fill the vacancy left by ruth bader ginsburg. her anti- abortion views energized conservatives and president trump indicated that she may be needed to help decide a disputed election. >> we have states doing things that you would qualify as a scam when you start to look at allowing mail in ballots to come in nine days after november 3rd. >> congressional democrats say the judge should recuse herself
6:43 pm
from election contests involving the president. >> it would really help matters, i certainly wish you would. and it would evidence the fact that she wants to be fair in addressing this. >> meetings will start as early as tuesday, president trump and joe biden will meet in ohio for the first debate. the president has decided to skip formal debate preparation while president vice president joe biden has been former vice president joe biden has been holding mock debates. >> the judge has a written track record, of disagreeing adamantly with the supreme court decisions to uphold the formal care act. >> the former vice president is up by two points in north carolina while president trump is up one point in georgia, and in both states, more than half of respondents say the supreme
6:44 pm
court vacancy makes the selection even more important. call killian, cbs news, the white house. nervously watching the wind in napa county tonight. when we show you how quickly this fire got started, it will be easy to see why jack >> and how one threatened vineyard protected itself from advancing flames. >> with all the folks that we been putting on the last fire close to home, it makes perfect sense. when you look at california, smoke coming off the glass fire barely shows up because there are so many fires, so many people here we will talk about
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this black and white time- lapse from 4:30 in the morning, remember the fire lookout just before 4:00. the glass fire shown at its earliest stages. flames are
6:48 pm
spreading over a rich. pg&e is cutting power to more customers. shut offs will affect 65,000 customers in 16 counties mostly in the central sierras. despite the fire that broke out overnight at napa county, 288 customers are impacted the shut off, along with two customers in sonoma county. the power will be out overnight until monday morning. >> we have shown you a lot of the aerial file firefight. bulldozers were spotted frantically digging fire lines. this vineyard basically saved itself. the road around it acting as a natural fire break in that particular area. >> the question is, what is next? you see the smoke in the sierras that has really
6:49 pm
degraded. >> it is time to turn our attention to that, air quality is going to go downhill, not entirely because of the glass fire, petaluma especially is breathing and smoke from the glass fire. we need some perspective on what happens today, with all the attention that we've been focusing on the glass fire, i don't want to overlook what happened in california. you will see that last frame, we are still able to use this to as a tool to see all of the fires. you can see the column of smoke in comparison with the five other fires that are burning in north carolina in northern california. the august complex started, that when really took off today, look at the last frame, that is a familiar sight.
6:50 pm
see that bubbling light. ? that is a pyro claim a pyro cumulus cloud, showing us the heat and energy from that fire. how long will the wind continue to blow that way? that is a big matter in terms of our air quality. and another fire just started today. we are back to looking at air quality. let's go back to the report. it looks bad out there for the most part. petaluma, you have been unhealthy for sensitive groups. the smoke from the glass fire is going directly over you, it has been a localized impact for petaluma. everybody else gets in the act tomorrow. here is the smoke forecast. the deeper the red, the higher the concentration of smoke. you can see more smoke coming back from the creek fire. here is the caveat. to get an
6:51 pm
accurate forecast on the smoke, you have to have accurate information on what the fires are doing. they took off so quickly today. this smoke forecast is missing some of this. but in general you can see the wind you're showing you how the wind will be transferring smoke tomorrow. the creek fire is likely to be the main offender tomorrow anyway. either way we will see the air quality go downhill tomorrow the smoke will likely last until tuesday. here's the way things stand on that air quality forecast. likely falling back into unhealthy for sensitive groups. that will be for the wider swath of the bay area. forecasting is a new science and we do our best, because it is important, that's where things stand right now, it is not an exact science. tomorrow is the peak of the heat wave.
6:52 pm
up to 4 degrees warmer tomorrow . we are getting close, we will not break many records. oakland hitting 94 tomorrow you could hit 2 degrees above the record for oakland. we will get a broad overview of what daytime high temperatures look like. there are a lot of triple digits on here. i showed you the up and personal up close and personal look. a quick snapshot. on the 70 forecast, we would like to know when the heat is going away. good news, tomorrow is the peak. bad news, it's not a quick decline. still in the upper 9090's in the end, tuesday and wednesday. friday is in the lower 90s. we will be 10 degrees cooler to end the coming week. you will feel that cooldown as well. that's in the bay area. there is some improvement coming. start making plans on how to
6:53 pm
handle poor air quality with a heat wave, that's what tomorrow is. air conditioning, we saw the cloud of smoke and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home...
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and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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>> if you're just joining us, yet another fire has broken out, this one began before 4:00 open napa county. overnight when will be the big concern, it's all going three up to 5 miles northeast northeast of calistoga. the wind direction is going to be a big concern tonight. the glass fire covers at least 1500 acres in the hills east of
6:56 pm
silverado trail. it's on the other side of silverado trail. containment still stands at 0%. we don't know why it started, but it did again hills, flames are now raising downhill toward the reservoir. >> at least two dozen people are under mandatory evacuations with warnings expending on the silverado trail. air tankers are waging a fierce aerial battle. the mayor the major concern is the possibility of wind picking up and pushing the flames toward more populated areas to the south and the west. that affects about 1500 acres and 2000 people. we've been bringing you live pictures from the fire lines all day from the cbsn bay area.
6:57 pm
we will bring you breaking news around-the-clock. use our new app, in the app store. or use google play. the wind will be a big factor with red flag warnings posted. offshore wind is the last thing we want. that fire is on the eastern side of silverado trail. that could mean this being pushed out west. we will have the latest at 11:00. kenny and joe
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( ticking ) >> do you know what percentage of the florida population had been denied the vote? >> up until amendment 4, approximately 10% of the voting age population was denied the franchise. >> desmond meade came up with amendment 4. a felon himself, convicted of drug and firearms possession, he 9couldn't vote for 30 years. >> florida disenfranchised more people than the populations of over ten states and u.s. territories, and over 40 countries in the world. ( ticking )


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