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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11, san mateo county reopening in the red. tonight, why the health officer there wants to go all in. plus, waking up multiple times of the night, having trouble falling asleep. >> if that sounds like you, tonight some expert advice you haven't heard before about dealing with pandemic insomnia. we are just hours away from a memorial for justice ruth bader ginsburg. plus unemployment scammers hating rodeo drive, and you are paying for it. >> clothing, purses, renting
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airbnb's. >> alameda, san mateo and solano counties are in the red tonight after moving up a notch on the states color-coded coronavirus tracking map. technically that means more businesses are allowed to reopen indoors. but, there are some great areas when it comes to what is actually changing.>> reporter: hearing san mateo county the red tier couldn't come fast enough. but tonight we are seeing that the tears don't mean a thing to some other counties. tonight in san mateo county, indoor dining, exercising at gyms and fitness studios, going to a movie theater and church and once again resume with modifications. >> we are following the guidelines that the state has r. not every un is. alameda which also made it into
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the red tier will continue its more e restricten santa clara a francisco counties do. >> there are no right answers to this. there are none. how do you get through something like this? mimic the co-owner of evolved training center in san mateo county says despite their safety measures the martial arts studio can only open at 10% capacity according to the states red tier guidelines. john says they will likely not open right away and instead continue online classes. >> at some point something has we will end up in >> even with san mateo county running to open businesses as fast as they can, some say the restrictions still squeezed it at their bottom line. >> it is a step in the right direction but i think we are handcuffed. >> i am one of them, you are one of them. we are torching it to be able
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to work from home. some of these essential workers, they don't have that choice. that is sort of the dilemma we face. >> just last month the san mateo public county health officer said he was not supportive of shutting down businesses, and there had to be a balance. he was not available for comment tonight. also tonight all california nail salons finally have the green light to reopen indoors. even in the purple tier counties, if local health authorities approve it. the national mall in washington covered in flex tonight in honor of the more than 200,000 americans killed by coronavirus.>> it is a horrible thing, it should have never ever happened. >> the president also gave himself an a+ for his handling of the pandemic. meanwhile one model used by the white house now projects more than 375,000 americans will die from coronavirus by the end of
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the year.>> we are 4% of the worlds population with 21% of the deaths. we are doing something wrong.>> it is not hard to see why so many of us are having trouble sleeping at night. we are six months into this pandemic, will we ever get a good nights rest again? how about those dreams? joe vasquez with some expert advice that you may not have heard before.>> waking up multiple times in the night, having trouble falling asleep for short. >> when was the last time you got a good night sleep? >> it is hard to actually go to sleep and sometimes when i fall asleep i can only stay asleep for a few hours. >> scientist terry youngblood is known as the sleep geek, an expert who has overcome her own experience with crippling sleep deficit. she says the lack of light and temperature are keep. >> as a physicist temperature is an easy way for us to help our sleep. on a normal night your body
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will try to call down by 2 degrees, which doesn't sound like a lot but your core body dropping 2 degrees is pretty significant. >> experts in psychology are also chiming in with this bit of advice. avoid doom scrolling, which is the terrible habit of scrolling through social media that is downright depressing. >> there is research to indicate that social media use and the hour or even half an hour before bed can impact the disturbance of your sleep throughout the entire night. >> the medical science is pretty clear, a lack of sleep is a problem. >> health problems, compromised immune system. >> as for booze, it does not help you snooze in the long run. >> alcohol will give you an inferior quality sleep.>> more reading, i think that will get me to go to bed earlier. >> whether it's a warm shower or exercise, yoga or meditation, deep breathing,
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establishing a routine is the key. a lot of these are easier said good habits. i really go back to tiny habits anchor two things you are already doing. so if you brush your teeth at night, take a breath, express gratitude. the small moments make up big impact on our stress meter inside of us. >> good advice, especially the part about turn off the computer and the phone for a while. give your head a little bit of a break. people are trying all sorts of things, aren't they? >> here's where we would say that the experts say everybody is different. if you want to go to the next level and talk about medicine or homeopathic, it is individual and you need to consider talking to your healthcare provider. but there are habits we can all do better at improving, and mine is that doom scrolling thing. there's never ending litany of doom on this device, and i just
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can't resist it. to make it so hard and all of us in the newsroom are suffering from it, too. i think it's just that we are so inundated with all this information all the time, it's hard to shut it off. >> you mean we have to talk about this for a living? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> get some sleep. >> let's take a live look at capitol hill. the house has passed a temporary government funding bill avoiding the threat of a shutdown. it would fund the government through december 11. and now it heads to the senate where it is expected to pass. in just a few hours mourners will be able to pay their respects to the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she will lay in repose at the high court tomorrow. and tonight senate republicans say they have enough votes to move forward on ginsburg's replacement after utah's mitt romney announced that he will back the vote. in a new cnbc change research
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poll, more than half of voters in swing states are saying that president trump should not be able to nominate a replacement if he loses his bid for reelection. cbs news will have live coverage of the first memorial for ginsburg. it begins at about 6:30 tomorrow morning. while hundreds of thousands of californians stuck waiting for unemployment benefits, no and 11, crooks are flying into los angeles from out-of-state and using fraudulent edd cards to go on shopping sprees in beverly hills. >> reporter: they come to beverly hills to the designer shops on rodeo drive and surrounding retailers to spend millions of your tax dollars.>> shoes, clothing, purses, anything of value they are spending money on. >> beverly hills police have busted 87 people in less than
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two weeks for alleged edd fraud and identity theft. detectives say they recovered 181 fraudulent edd cards with the value of over $3.6 million. they also found 466,000 in cash and seven handguns. most of those arrested are not from california.>> 50% of the arrestees were from out of state. and they are renting airbnb rentals, renting high-end cars. >> they were able to go to edd's website and apply for unemployment under someone else's name. >> they are using people deceased, either in jail or in nursing homes or getting someone else's personal identifying information and entering that information into they senda ca ou >> earlier this month we showed you stacks and stacks of edd letters addressed to notable people being mailed to homes for sale throughout southern
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california. many of them had edd debit cards inside heard and while these are getting rich off fraudulent claims, people like david fleming have been waiting months to get their benefits. to date, how much money have you got or not gone?>> zero. have not even got a response much less money.>> that is christine lazar reporting. because of fraud like this the state an employment agency has shut down all new claims for two weeks while it restarts. still to come, as housing prices break record, more bay area buyers are thinking many read why they are turning to one builder in particular. plus the san mateo county city that is a coronavirus outlier. what is going on there? this is one of the most unusual distance-learning classrooms we've seen yet here in the
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new at 11, despite the pandemic and the wildfires, california home pricanotrecord more than $706,000 for single- family homes, that's a median, the first time the median price has broken 700,000 according to the report released by the state department of finance. prices last month were up 6% from july and up almost 15% from a year ago. >> but people aren't always thinking big when it comes to buying. betty yu shows us why many homes are booming in the bay area right now. >> reporter: during the pandemic living space has become an even more prized commodity. it's why many homeowners are
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looking at one particular bay area builder to create more room and get it done quickly. it was a showstopping delivery. a brand-335 square-foot prefab studio lifted from the back of a truck and freshly installed on a foundation in the backyard of a century old home in oakland. the redwood city-based company says interests in its dwelling units also known as granny flats or backyard cottages has more than doubled since the pandemic began. a typical logic can be done within 12 weeks from the day the permit is pulled. >> we are solving for many acute family needs. mother-in-law or father-in-law in the facility, or children coming back from college because the campus is closed.>> my wife and i have two young kids and my older daughter
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wanted her own space. and my home office, i've been there a lot more and she wanted her own space, so i was getting kicked out of my home office. >> after hiring an architect and looking at building the traditional way it appeared to be too costly and lengthy. the studio unit starts at $190,000. it includes construction costs, utility connections, delivery and managing all permits with the city. >> it was like having your own i guess, concierge service. everything was taken care of for you. >> a du construction in california has surged dramatically with the passage of new legislation. in 2018 nearly 6000 permits were issued. in 2019 more than 15,000. >> the benefit of building prefab as it takes away the
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stress and hassle and mess of construction out of the backyard.>> today's install in oakland is the first in the city. the neighbors here have no complaints. >> by the time we went out this afternoon the house was already put down in the back and it looks gorgeous. san francisco has a new tool to educate parents and teachers on school reopening's. a new online dashboard will provide daily updates on where dozens of private and charter schools are in the waiver application process. younger grades will get first priority. and as for san francisco unified schools, no timeline yet, the district still has a lot of details to work out with teachers. the coronavirus numbers are headed in the right direction tonight, down. the positive test rate is below
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3% for the first time ever, that is great news, and the daily case count is also falling rapidly. but despite san mateo's county into the red tier today, it is still home to one of the bay area's biggest trouble spots. the city of east palo alto represents just 4% of the county's population and 12% of its covid-19 caseload. one councilmember tells us that many residents are essential workers who either can't work from home or can't afford to stay home. >> it is really unfortunate that this thing perhaps is going to have to come knock on your front door before you believe. >> it is a challenge but we can address it if we are collectively committed to overcoming this virus here in the community. >> some students in alameda county have unace fo distance-learning, a funeral home. lisa bradshaw needed to keep an eye on her two sons while they do distance-learning so she brought them to work with her.
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she runs grissems chapel and mortuary. she set up a classroom right inside the facility, right with the caskets. >> my children are first and foremost, but equally as important are my staff and the community i serve.>> well, check your fire watch right now, major milestone tonight for crews battling the czu lightning complex fire, remember that one from a month ago? in the past two hours cal fire announced that blaise is finally 100% contained. flames broke out last month in san mateo and santa cruz counties scorching a total of 135 square miles. glad that one is done. let's show off the rest. any rain coming our way?>> we don't, it may try to sneak down into mendocino and lake
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counties, bringing some very welcome rain in the pacific northwest. we will see more clouds and cooler temperatures on thursday. tomorrow morning we will start out without much widespread fog. the fog will be coming over tomorrow afternoon. and we will start thursday morning with a lot of fog and cloud cover. there's the rain maybe skirting mendocino and lake counties, but it will just be a few sprinkles. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day on thursday and then the weather takes a big turn as we head into the weekend. for right now, without that fog we get a nice view of downtown. 59 downtown and in santa rosa, otherwise temperatures still running in the low to mid 60s. we will be in the 50s for tomorrow morning which is pretty normal for this time of the year are the coolest spots will be the valleys of the
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north bay. temperatures will warm up but it will not be an overly hot day. temperatures into the 80s in the afternoon, toasty, so a bit of exercise caution as you head out for a walk. but these temperatures are very close to normal for this time of the year. many of sunshine and looking like a very nice day overall. close to 90 degrees by the diablo range, otherwise mostly 80s for inland portions of the bay area. the heat arrives as we head into the weekend. we take a big jump in temperatures on saturday but sunday is the first day of record high temperatures, close to 100 for livermore and i think concord will crack 100 degrees, and that will set a new record high temperature. beginning on saturday, not only are we going to be hot, but there will also be an offshore wind, and it will be gusty. so we have a fire whether watch
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already in effect from saturday through monday morning and it may have to be extended even beyond that depending on how the wind behaves. the near record high temperatures will be with us sunday, monday and tuesday with triple digit heat inland and well into the 80s around the bay. maybe by then we will be talking about some playoff baseball.>> hopefully paul. how will the nuggets respond after the crushing loss on sunday against the lakers in the western conference finals? and ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much.
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mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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[upb♪ i fell asleepschools ♪ tobut when i woke up. ♪i put everything in perspective. ♪ (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats. hi everybody, how about the last three days for the giants outfielder alex dickerson. last night he had x-rays on his elbow, he is okay, and tonight delivers one of the biggest hits from the giants all season long. cut out fans packing oracle for tonight's game against the rockies. giants up 1-0 in the fifth inning, the struggling joey wakes up with his first double
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in a month. robinson scores for the first 2- 0, giants. now former giant cameron pillar does it again. bottom of the inning, dickerson leads off with the go ahead, becoming a dad dickerson has four hits since then with two home runs. the giants win 5-2, they are now tied with the reds for the two national league wild-card spots. >> we all need to kind of stay even, relax and not put any additional pressure on ourselves. tonight we went out there loose and relaxed and played a good baseball game all the way around. i think we just want to do the same thing we did tonight, the same thing we did the last game in oakland. just play loose, relaxed and aggressive baseball with out
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that sense of urgency. >> matt olson and the a's all smiles after clinching the western division. former athletic max goes deep and puts the dodgers in front. they went on to win 7-2 and clinched their eighth straight national league west title, how about that? hockey, the sharks have removed the interim label and officially named their head coach. he replaces pete deboer for the 37 games of last season. how about the nba? lebron james and the lakers looking for a 30-0 lead against the nuggets. jamal blew past the la defense, nuggets up 20 points at that and the lakers, mary drills a
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setback 3, gave denver cuion an nfl, john gruden wore a mask last night but not long enough according to the league. he and sean peyton were each fined $100,000 for not wearing it throughout the game, bringing the total to five head coaches find it this week including
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>> tonight we want to tell you about the bars and the bees. >> bay area beekeepers are teaming up with bar keepers on a sweet deal for both sides. a distillery is encouraging san francisco bars to pair local fresh honey and herbs with their scotch. the thinking is more herb gardens will draw more pollinating these two help with
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> new york politicians are reacting to president trump's latest attempt to cut federal aid to new york city. he had the justice department label the city an anarchist jurisdiction. >> new york city, an anarchistic jurisdiction. sure, in reality, everything looks fine. but just use your imagination and a netflix account, and suddenly, ballet gangs are overrunning the west side. giant guerrillas are marauding on skyscrapers. wanton harlots are having orgasms in delicatessens. demonic confections are terrorizing midtown. and perhaps most frightening of all, new york city is home to this idiot.


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