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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 21, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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news in . chopper five life over belmont, firefighters had to scramble to protect several homes from a brush fire that got going there. the flames raced up the hillside near laurelwood park. you can see where the ground was scorched. this canyon is bordered on all sides by homes, and neighbors on e. laurel creek rd. to cipriani boulevard. they had to be evacuated. this is what it looked like a short time ago, still pockets of fire, sending up smoke. a lot of that brush around the nehborhorched and you can see firefighters down below there, working to get that fire under control. take another look from chopper five, we can also show you a map that gives you a better idea where all of this is taking place. at one point, a cal fire chopper had to be called in but all of the effort is paying off. fire crews are now going into mop up mode and we will keep an
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eye on their progress. a massive effort to clean up one of san jose's biggest illegal dumping sites. crews are tackling the trash at the notorious monterey high school -- highway dumping ground. things are starting to look a lot different. >> reporter: you know come this problem is so big and there is so much junk here that the work crews that started today say that it will probably take them a week to clean this up. the view from chopper five shows pile upon pile of trash in narrow, illegal dumping ground that goes on for a quarter of a mile on the southern tip of san jose. on the ground, work crews used heavy equipment to begin cleaning it up as well as hard labor. >> it's horrible, it is terrible. >> reporter: she lives in a homeless camp nearby, she said people began dropping off a few items at the beginning of the
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pandemic, supposedly as donations for homeless people. then it just grew. >> they just show up in cars, trucks, and whatever and they do it fast, too, they pull up and they just dump right there. throw it forever and they take off. sometimes you try to chase them down come you know, them or whatever but they're going to do it anyway, they do it all the time. >> people are home now, and have decided to do everything from replace appliance is, purchase new furniture, clean out garages and old things that in their backyard. we want people to do that but we just wanted to also dispose of those things appropriately. >> the cleanup is partially funded by the city of san jose which is spending $3 million between now and the end of the year, to pick up illegally dumped trash throughout the city. we are looking at areas that are like this, dumping hotspots as well as other trash that is just throughout the city. >> reporter: what the cleanup
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was going on, some people came by to salvage some of the items they could find use for. >> everything i have i found. everything. >> with the city spending so much to clean it up, how are they going to make sure it is not just become a dumping ground again? >> you know, that is a big concern, especially for a lot of the residence and those who live around here. what they're going to do is they're going to gate some of the spots we can drive into this area. if you look at the camera view now, that is part of the open space preserve and there are some old ranches there that have been abandoned over the years but there are still some driveways that lead for monterey highway, that go into those ranches, and so they're going to put stuff to make sure people cannot drive into the driveway off the highway, and kind of hurt in here where this row of trees kind of scares what they are doing, and dump more trash, so they hope that it won't come back.
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if they do those measures of people can get their trucks and cars and trailers in here to dump more trash. while checking the cleanups earlier today, chopper five came across this fire off role creek drive. a lot of trash and a possible homeless encampment up in flames. firefighters were able to get it under control. the state is rushing to fix a massive backlog and is holding any new claims for at least two weeks. 600,000 people are still awaiting the benefits. juliette goodrich has how the shutdown is designed to help edd get back >>reporter: 600,000 people checking their mailboxes, hoping for that benefit check or at least some information. that is not the only issue. another big problem, the major, is fraught. this has been happening years but will this reset really works? some question that.
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the governors strike team report came up with close to 100 recommendations to fix the edd failures. it starts with a two week reset, and what will that do? >> to get this system back on its feet and get a straight position where we can address significant number of backlog cases. >> reporter: according to the strike team report, california's current backlog of claims is growing by at least 10,000 claims per day. it also determined one and 1000 people trying to reach the call center actually getting through. >> trust the system, do you think the reset will work? do you trust it? >> no. >> charles nolan is one of countless californians dealing with their own problems with edd. >> are you in that situation, when you hear two week reset, some people are saying i don't have two weeks. >> i did not have two weeks two
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weeks ago. i have not seen any cash since march. >> why now? when we already knew there was an issue. >> it is a great question. edd has been failing for years to come >> reporter: he is on a subcommittee, to reform edd. >> so your message to those that are patiently waiting? wait some more, patiently? >> it is we are as frustrated as everyone. i am worried this will be too late for so many californians, who are living on the edge, depleting their life savings, going into extreme debt, having trouble putting food on the table. who will now have to wait while these recommendations get implemented. >> so we get the problem, we know what that is, how about the plan, to hear this backlog. what is going to be done? >> they do have some specifics and one of the main things is
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the process which will actually be a self verification process. you have to take a selfie and then show verification or a passport or some id through these, through this mail system. we have more coming up on that at 6:00 but those are some of the initial things that will change including hiring more people to answer those phone calls and also reviewed those claims. >> dmv, edd, they are all impacted right now. thank you for that. pretty painful start to the week on wall street. we have one guy clapping there but the stocks tumbled today with investors worried about when washington will agree on another stimulus package. the dow finished down 510 points, or 1.8%, s&p was down 38 points. the nasdaq fared a bit better, losing just 14. stocks around the world are also taking a hit right now with investors a bit worried about the potential for tougher covid restrictions in europe.
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the leader of the u.s. senate says they will vote this year on the next supreme court nomination. president trump also wanting to move quickly, after the death of justice ruth bader ginsburg. small crowds continued to gather here in front of the u.s. supreme court, even tonight, with lowers and messages that say reston power, we thank you. meanwhile, it is not lost on anyone here the battle over first date is ramping up. president trump has vowed to name a replacement for the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg by the end of the week. >> i would say by friday or saturday i will be announcing the pick. five woman are being looked at and vetted very carefully. >> reporter: to the top contenders are currently u.s. point of appeals judges. temperatures are targeting for
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publicans after they said they would move swiftly on the presidents pic. we are going to vote on this, on this floor. at least two public and senators have come out against voting on a nominee, with just six weeks left to election day. senate democrats that they are pushing more of their public and colleagues to oppose rushing through a supreme court vote. >> there's only one way for us to have some hope of coming together again and that is for four braids senate republicans to commit to rejecting any nominee until the next president is installed. >> reporter: it is also energized both sides of the 2020 presidential race. president trump hits the campaign trail in ohio monday. >> the supreme court's most important thing right now. >> reporter: why -- while joe biden campaigns. >> if i win, the nominee should be withdrawn. >> reporter: meanwhile and now marks the spot where justice
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ginsburg sat on the bench on your supreme court, where she will rely in repose wednesday and thursday, after a private service. >> we are hearing justice ginsburg in is in away still breaking barriers of the capital. >> reporter: the late justice will also lie in state and u.s. capital. on friday, and we are told this is an honor, for the first woman to be able to do that. air-quality took a bit of a step back over the weekend but things are starting to improve a little bit especially along the coast and around the bay. unhealthy for sensitive groups, for parts of the northbay into the tri-valley and even into the santa clara valley but things will be heading in the right direction tonight and tomorrow. temperatures of already taken a step back as well but that means we're looking a pretty close normal temperatures for the first day of fall tomorrow, get into the details of the
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forecast along with the weekend heatwave in just a few minutes. still ahead, streaming on cbsn bay area. they live away from this weekend's win with a brutal list of injuries, and we just learned some devastating news about a star player. some confusion from the cdc, why it abruptly took down some new guidelines on how the coronavirus spreads. our vote smart report looks at the contentious proposition on
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. it's dangerous. and we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. we can do this. if we do it together.
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they both have the injuries that were reportedly preventing them from sitting up on sunday. >> felt really good about the wind but we had some time to venture about tomorrow and looking nice. especially taking the plane ride together. it is also a challenge, as well. now he says he is concerned about the playing surface at metlife stadium but according to the nfl network that turf was inspected and met with league centers.
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>> they talked about this turf, complains from players, but they were players injured on other natural grass fields yesterday, and the giants have played at metlife without a problem.'s though how much of that is players not being in perfect condition and how much of it is turf? >> i put that, football analyst, and he said it is probably a combination of both. to your point, several players suffered these and ending injuries on natural grass yesterday, not metlife stadium, and there were no preseason and no spring practice, so it is probably a combination of both. you and i both grew up in san francisco, we remember the remodel of candlestick park. players said it was like playing on meant. remember that? >> i think grass is always
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better, real grass. thank you. a live look an ohio rally for president donald trump, a busy day for the president, who spoke at a different rally, just an hour ago, saying this biden. he upcoming debate with >> he has been doing it for 47 years i have been doing it for 3 1/2 so he should be able to beat me i would think. he is much moreexperienced, he is great. he is a beauty. but he betrayed you, he lied to you, he abused you, which is why it is time to retire joe biden. this is the area's. -- this is very serious. >> including the handling of the virus. >> he panicked. the virus was too big for him. all this life has been bailed
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out. >> he just wasn't up to it. once again we are being told that he can save lives, this time as many as 100 headlines, if we just take a simple step. still the president refuses. >> he heads to south carolina next, speaking at a young persons rally tomorrow. more confusion from the centers of disease control, for the third time since may, it's revised guidelines on how coronavirus is spreading. on friday the cdc said it is possible that the virus could spread by microscopic titles there. today and deliver that language, we have more on the cdc's change tune mee the re comes as
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the u.s. nears a sobering number of debt from his virus, almost 200,000 people have now died. cases are rising fast, and some experts one new infections could hit -- if they don't make changes now. a pretty good weekend overall, a little bit more smoke, some haze blowing around but i'm okay with it. >> it was not a return to the weird mars like clone, so we can handle it and the smoke that is out there now, we can still see it as we are looking to the east over the bay bridge. there is that he is on the horizon. that is going to get pushed farther and farther away because the onshore breeze will get stronger and stronger. it will have an impact on the temperatures, as well. 65 degrees, in the 70s, otherwise we have 80s.
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86 in santa rosa, 89 degrees in concord where you topped out in the low 90s earlier this afternoon. but everyone savages should be a little bit cooler. in the haze should be left -- less of a factor. all the smoke hotspots are outlined on that neon green and you can see some of that smoke coming back up into the bay area, this is frozen up sunday morning. the worst air quality right now i showed you before the break, inland and the east bay, especially the tri-valley, the only trouble spot for the, looks like is going to be the northbay and even that, unhealthy for sensitive groups, so things in the right direction, air-quality -wise and he had in the right direction temperature wise as well as a fox park inland.
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still around the bay as we head towards late morning and improving visibility by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures start off mostly in the 50s, not bad for the last morning of summer time. temperatures will warm up, almost exactly what is normal for this time of year. upper 60s and low 70s, couple degrees above average farther inland, everybody within two or three degrees where you should be on 22 september. temperatures along the coast on the cool side, low 60s tomorrow, mid to upper 70s around the south end of the bay with low to mid 80s for the santa clara valley. the hotspots will be east of the diablo range but even then, they will fall just short of actually hitting 90 degrees. low to mid 80s most of the tri- valley, around the bay with upper 70s and low 80s for the northbay, slightly warmer farther north, but these temperatures also pretty close normal for these counties.
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there is a heatwave on the horizon, that will be settling in as we head to the weekend, so the first weekend of autumn, officially, is really going to feel more like the middle of august of high temperatures inland climbing into the 90s, well into the 90s in some, even hitting 100 grees and around the bay, well into the 80s i sunday and monday so regardless of the calendar says, summer is not done with us yet. coming up, a san francisco church that on fire, and school the connection between a string of attacks, sparking hate crime investigations. santa clara county says it has a plan to help some
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ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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san francisc polio cefrom last week a officers say someone set fire to a building connected to an armenian church near lake merced. the latest incident happening at the armenian school on the very same street. police say someone shot bullet s sile the gn t july the armeni school was tagged with graffiti. no word on if police believe the same suspect is involved in all of r the person they say vandalized a church. it happened over the weekend at the grace bible church on cleveland street, officer say in and broke open a gate
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surrounding the church's courtyard, it appears nothing wthisel as se seems to be a raommethndg happened and got frustrated or angry and we happened to be one of the outlets for him to relieve that frustration. >> the church estimates the damage done to the gate could cost up to $1000. more local news ahead at 5:30, a new move to spread of coronavirus in santa clara county. sl how it isth targeting the e peo who don't have a place to isolate. our vote smart guide should come affirmative-action, returned to california. from san francisco to hawaii, in a rowboat, the woman who just broke a prop 19 helps california's most vulnerable.
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it provides property tax fairness for disabled homeowners like cynde, stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen hel wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. propyes on 19. taxes on our most vulnerable.
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at 5:30. right now, more local news at 5:30. a woman lands in the histor books, rowing from san francisco, about one of the greatest challenges of her life. it is about measure that would effectively restore affirmative-action, in california. our kpix5 vote smart guide looks at the case for and against prop 16. santa clara county is launching a program they hope will slow the spread of coronavis providing housing for people who are in need of quarantine, or isolation. good evening. devon feely has more on the housing being provided for the homeless. orte rr:encampr


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