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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 13, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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during business hours. now at 11:00, more smoke across the bay area to start the week, but meteorologist aaron peck says relief is finally on the way. and moving business back indoors. the san francisco services you'll finally be able to get inside starting tomorrow. a possible fentanyl exposure sends several chp officers to the hospital. an update on their condition tonight. it is blatant discrimination. >> plus,ght nd say they were passe over for prole united airlines flights based on their appearance. and the bay areaom that could save tiktok from being banned in the u.s. a live look at the 27th night in a row of bad air quality. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich.
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darren peck joins us with good news. we may see some relief this week? >> i'm going to start out with the good news first and then i'm going to show you the not great news for tomorrow. here's the good news. this is the latest forecast that shows you how the smoke is going to behave over the next 12 hours. really this gets us from now through noon. you know the drill on this one by now. the deeper the shades of red, the higher the concentration of smoke. looks what's happening here between now and noon. we're starting it over here now. and we're advancing it. you can see how the bulk of the smoke is going to get pushed off to the east. something else you're probably becoming familiar with now. this is only showing you the smoke through the upper levels of the atmosphere where most of it is. the stuff down here on the ground is going lr an thi tout. you'ot starthere over nex 12rs we're going to start pushing some of this smoke off to the east and that's good news. let me get to the not so good news. we've got to take a look at where the air quality stands now. i'll go back to our image that
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shows us the air quality index. that 150 in red, that's the unhealthy. that's the view from our roof looking at the bay bridge. all these reporting stations are still red. we're still unhealthy. and for tomorrow that's the forecast. this was the good news juliette was talking about. from monday into tuesday we're going to go from the red unhealthy to the yellow moderate. none of the smoke forecasts are an absolute guarantee. however, the best information we have to go on is positive for much of this coming week. i'll talk to you about why and how long it might last coming up in my forecast. tonight a major step toward reopening. in just a few hours, more businesses will be opening their doors tomorrow in san francisco. kpix 5's betty yu on the services you'll finally be able to get indoors. >> that's right.
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many of these businesses offer personal services such as hair salons and nail salons and most of these presentations have been completely shut down since march. but reopening does not make practical sense for everybody because they can only serve a few customers at a time. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly six months, san francisco hotels will be fully opened for business. hotel zeta in union square says it's ready to once again welcome tourists. >> for those first time travelers, there's a lot of nervousness and tenseness for people who do arrive. when you come to zetia, and i can show many of the other hotels in the city, when you walk in, you'll see things like social distancing. >> reporter: the hotel has increased its cleaning protocols. >> the reality is, as doors open tomorrow, there's not going to be this sudden wave of people coming into san francisco. this is going to be a very slow buildup. >> reporter: it will be a slow
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buildup across many industries that have been given the green light. gyms and fitness studios will be allowed to open indoors at 10% capacity. >> i'm very excited that we're moving toward reopening and 10% is a start. financially, i can't make it work. and i'd have to start paying rent. >> reporter: 415 in mission bay, which offers classes on the mega former machine, would only be allowed to have two clients in the studio at one time. equinox is also holding off. it plans to reopen once the state guidelines increase to 25% capacity. hair and nail salons, massage studios, and tatto to reopen archer salon and union square will welcome customers back to a newly renovated space with covid-19 procedures in place, including this uv lighting sterilization system. >> that's where it's changed
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dramatically. it's not a traditional work week. we are going to be open every day. early shift, later shift, just to accommodate and space and hopefully make those numbers we used to work close to. >> also included in tomorrow's reopening, community learning hubs for kids who need support in distanced learning. also tour buses, places of worship, and political activities can resume but with limitations. >> we sure to join the morning team starting at 4:30 for the latest on the reopenings across the bay area. also for a list of what has been reopened in your county, just head to a live look at the golden gate bridge. not bad actually. a bizarre and dangerous chain of events unfolded along the northern end of that span earlier today. there was a car crash that ended in a hazmat team response and that sent five officers and a tow truck driver to the
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hospital. >> reporter: first responders rushed to the golden gate bridge toll plaza shortly before noon after reports of a gray lexus sedan going northbound swerving and colliding into the median barrier. they found the driver unconscious and moved the car to the next off ramp. that's when the first chp officer started convulsing. >> very quickly the symptoms escalated. he went down to the ground. we were told he began vomiting and convulsing. pretty large exposure. >> things are back to normal but the onramp and off ramp at alexander avenue shut down for most of the afternoon because of the substance that hazmat crews were dealing with. >> we deemed it a hazmat scene and crime scene. a little goes a long way with fentanyl. that's why it's so incredibly dangerous for any first responder who has to deal with it. >> reporter: three more responding chp officers and others including a tow truck
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driver also started feeling ill. >> they're going to continue to be monitored but we're happy they're back with us and appear to be recovering. >> reporter: seven total had to be transferred to the hospital, including the suspect. 32-year-old john parkinson shaw jr. of green bay. he'll face charges including dui and possession of a controlled substance. >> according to marin chp, all five officers and the tow truck driver have been released from the hospital. right now there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the gunman who ambushed two los angeles deputies. we first brought you the story as breaking news last night, and a reminder, this video is hard to watch. surveillance footage appears to show a man firing several shots in the passenger side of the patrol car before running off. both deputies were hit and rushed to the hospital for surgery. authorities say their conditions are improving tonight. but that gunman still onhe get t to p w
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have a society that actually somebody feels like they have a need to come out and start now trying to victimize law enforcement, that should be a big wake-up call for society. >> at one point, protesters gathered outside the hospital chanting against the police that were there and the ones that were shot. right now the suspect still on the loose and at this point the investigation continues. on the fire watch tonight, evtion orders and expanding in o county with the largest fire in california history threatening new communities. the so-called august complex stretching over five counties and scorching 877,000 acres of rural northern california wilderness. meanwhile, further south, a sad development tonight for the north complex fire lines. the death toll has increased to 14 after fire crews found two more victim in the ashes.
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the containment stands at 26%. but flames burning at least 258,000 acres in butte and plumas counties. fire crews had been rushing to boost containment ahead of winds gusting up later tonight. happening tomorrow, president trump hours away from touching down at mcclellan airport in sacramento. the president is expected to take part in the cal fire wildfire briefings alongside governor gavin newsom. it comes two days afterovnord te traded rhetorical shots at each other through the years but one political analyst says this will be different. >> amazingly, when he comes out for these disaster scenarios, they work on ers, you'll
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governor newsom infusively praise the president. >> no word from the white house if the president will tour any of the fire zones. tiktok has reportedly been picked up by bay area-based oracle to buy its u.s. operations. according to bloomberg, the redwood city software company won the bid after microsoft announced that its bid was rejected. president trump issued an executive order last month to ban the video app unless tiktok sold its u.s. operations from its current beijing-based parent company. a big day for foster city's gilead. it says it's buying the biotech company immunomedics for $21 billion. the deal will expand gilead's treatments to various types of cancer. the transaction expected to close by the end of the year. all stock futures are looking up for tomorrow. the dow is up nearly 300 points. the nasdaq up about 170.
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and the s&p, futures there are up about 4 accused of discriminating against flight attendants when choosing who will be working aboard flights charted by the nfl. a whole different ball game for the 49ers today. bad air quality and an empty stayed stadium for the home opener. joe biden's campaign getting a major boost
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a live look now at sfo tonight where united airlines says it flies the friendly skies with a diverse crew. >> but a new lawsuit claims the flight attendants who are picked for high profile charter flights are picked for the wrong reasons. >> joe vazquez reports the suit claims the attendants are uniformly white, blonde, and young. >> reporter: kim is african american and has worked at united airlines for 28 years. >> it was dehumanizing. demoralizing. >> reporter: sharon tesler is jewish. she has 34 years with the company. both say they were repeatedly denied plum assignments on nfl and major league baseball charter flights because the women were told they were not on the so-called preferred list. so they did a little digging and found the list. >> what i noticed was every time a new flight attendant was
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added to the crew, that they all looked like sisters. they were all white, female, and blondes. >> there were two times i didn't get it but i looked to see who got it. it was a blonde haired, blue eyed woman. some people get on it with no experience. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleging employment discrimination was filed thursday in san mateo county. the women are asking for monetary damages. >> you can't change who you are. they can't become white with blue eyes and blonde hair and be 25 years old. and all these men sitting in a room decided who are going to be their flight attendants on these charters. i think it's absolutely despicable and we're going to prove that it is based on race and geer>> rr:line said in a statement, quote, united airlines is proud of our track record on diversity, equity, and inclusion. flight attendant eligibility to work a charter flight is based solely on performance and attendance and has nothing to do with age, race, or gender. joe vazquez, kpix 5. on the subject of the nfl, the air quality held just below
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the threshold the 49ers needed to kick off their season in santa clara. game would have been postponed if the air quality index hit 200 or higher. it did not. on top of the smoke, the pandemic is also making the season look drastically different of course. on a normal game day, levi's stadium packed with cars and tailgaters and people inside the stadium. but it saturday empty today. more than two weeks ago the 9ers opted to play its season opener without fans to comply with covid safety guidelines. >> it's different. it's weird. drove by the stadium today. nothing but smoke. >> it would have been nice to be able to go to a game this year but we all got to be safe. we all got to be smart about what's going on. úthe 9ers didn't win in the season opener. dennis has got all the highlights coming up on game day after the newscast. president trump is campaigning in the southwest, focusing on a rally in nevada tonight. despite health orders, thousan of supporters gathered inside a las vegas warehouse. the majority of the crowd wasn't
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wearing masks including the press. he attacked opponent joe biden on his stance against the death penalty. >> joe biden opposes the death penalty even for these cop killers who go around the predators, they murder children. people like the boston bomber. he opposes the death penalty for the boston bomber. he wants to give prisoners a vote. he wants to have the boston bomber be able to vote. i don't think think so. >> meanwhile, biden remained off the trail in delaware today. he and his wife jill attended their granddaughter's confirmation in wilming a biden is expected to campaign in florida this week where former opponent mike bloomberg announced he will invest $100 million to help the democratic nominee. kpix 5 is helping you vote smart this november. we'll be putting voter resources and information on and
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on the kpix 5 app. in the forecast, i'm going to start out with something to look forward to. i showed this at the top of the newscast. but i want to just review once again the forecast for air quality this week. first of all, we've got to talk about tomorrow. it's still bad. all those red dots in a row there on monday. tell you that tomorrow's air quality is likely going to be just as bad as today. but then things get noticeably better for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and maybe even friday of next week. i want to show you why that is and when that may come to an end. take a look out in the pacific. we've been pointing this out for the last several days. that mass of clouds out there is part of a system. there's some rain out there. there's going to be a good amount of rain with that coming into oregon and washington. we're not going to get much if any of this. but it's a significant rain maker for oregon. to aospheric river of the season. here we are in the middle of september. we've already got an atmospheric river. that's a good sign.
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as that's coming onshore, look what the winds are doing. the low driving all of it. there's the moisture getting pulled in. along the stronger winds. that's how we're going to clear the smoke out. this is different than what the last three weeks have looked like. we've not had a significant area of low pressure like this come in and break up this static area of still stagnant air. it finally happens on tuesday. that's what it will look like. it will look much prettier in the air once we get there. it's impossible to say how much of the smoke we're going to get rid of but we will get rid of a lot of it. we may get it down to moderate. look at all the rain they're going to get in oregon. good news for them. they've been inundated with their own share of devastating wildfires. we're not going to get much of the rain out of it, not from that system. even though this is great news for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, probably even saturday too as far as air quality is concerned. all that depends on what the wildfires do. that's the wildcard.
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if anything sparks in an unfortunate location, we could be right back in this. but for where things stand now, this pattern in the atmospherev. once that system, we were just looking at passes, we're going to feel offshore winds from it. which means next sunday could be a concern in terms of maybe some dry fire weather in the mountains. but also the reverse flow meaning any smoke over here will start to get drawn back our way. enjoy the break. it doesn't mean we're done. we've still got several weeks, couple months really to go. you really can't think of fire season lasting until we get rain. for right now we'll take these shifts in the wind. those will help too. they're by no means permanent. all it takes is another shift in the other direction and we're back in it. there are your morning lows. upper 50s. you're waking up to bad air quality tomorrow. daytime highs tomorrow, unhealthy air quality tomorrow.
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tuesday gets better. 7-day forecast. the temperatures really are not the story here. i guess that's good. we don't have to worry about that. still warm at times. mid to upper 80s if you're inland. in the bay, it will be in the mid 70s. fingers crossed. things look good. none of it is a guarantee as we've seen with the smoke forecast. everything we've got to go on tells us things will get better tuesday. >> we'll take whatever good news we can get. coming up, the fight to help a herd of elk in the bay area. one group says they're being blocked from their water supply. and an adorable rescue caught on camera after several bear cubs get stuck in a dumpster. hey, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on game day, the 49ers' comeback falls short. >> that's how football goes. >> it washe opposite for theo las vegas raiders. >> a historic win for all our players and entire organization.
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activists are upping the ante in their fight to protect the elk living in the point reyes national seashore. >> they're worried about the elk dying of thirst while trapped behind a fence. today demonstrators posed for a photo while reaching out through that fence to demand that the barrier be removed. protesters claimed that after last year's dry winter, the elk are trapped with a dwindling water supply. one man who's been photographing the elk for 12 years says he's worried about the number of dead animals they've seen lately. >> my main concern was when i came across five of them in such a short time that the last die-off we had happened right under the park service's nose. >> we've been faking photos of those springs and all seem to be running pretty heavily, pretty steadily. >> the park service insists the elk does have access to those springs. they say if the water supply
11:26 pm
becomes inadequate, the staff will provide a watering trough. deputies helped with a cute little rescue in south lake tahoe. they put a ladder inside a dumpster. when three bear cubs got stick. they climb out on their own. officials say it doesn't happen often but sometimes the animals do get stuck in dumpsters like these when they're looking for food. coming up, the special honor for a northern california veteran who served in world ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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94-year-old army veteran was honored today at the state capitol for his bravery during world war ii. >> robert fong was awarded the bronze star medal by the u.s. army for his combat role in the pacific. the army captured a critical philippines island in 1445 from japanese forces before going on to liberate the capital city of manila. >> we're losing over 300 veterans a day because of world war ii heroes getting older. >> dozens of friends and family and fellow soldiers gathered this morning to watch him receive the honor. we'll be right back.
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thank you so much for watching. game day is up next. >> first darren is going to tell us the day thank you for watching, game day is up next. >> their reign will tell us that day which air quality will
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start today. as for the 49ers revenge tour, not so good. they hit a speed bump and they will be looking for revenge in week 16. no fans but plenty of smoky air. fireworks in the 1st, backfield to the linebacker as a step behind. 76 yards to the house. 10-0. 151 combined yards. it seemed like the 49ers were going to dominate. the cardinals recovered deep in san francisco territory. the first blocked punt of his career. what can he do? a touchdown pass to chase. 10-7, 49ers. 2nd quarter,


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