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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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things are not going to get much better yet tomorrow. still forecasting very unhealthy air quality levels for the northbay and right around the central bay which does include the city of oakland. we are talking about unhealthy levels farther inland. still, it is not great. tomorrow is the record 26 consecutive spare the air alert day, by the end of this, we will have at least doubled the old record of 14 straight days but there is some good news, down the line the forecast things are gradually going to improve, i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. we want you to weigh in on this next story because vern glenn is here with the bad air quality impacting the niners opener. >> they have a 125 kickoff hosting arizona but the nfl and both teams are closely monitoring the air quality at that would indicate very unhealthy. next door to the stadium, the a qi outside surge past 150
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considered unhealthy, forced a few players of pre-existing conditions. the 49ers are scheduled to play at arizona in december for the leak, they have not made a move to swap home games. the head coach is proceeding as if there will be a game in santa clara on sunday. >> that is when they will start really discussing what to do with the game, i don't think that is my decision at all. i know it is not, my goodness, so we will see what happens. hopefully it will not get there. hopefully we will be safe but we have to see what the wind does. >> meanwhile, smoke or no smoke, starting wide receiver has been ruled out for the game. he has been close to making get back in june, so this is a precaution move here by the team. he is questionable with a hamstring issue.
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the 49ers are touchdown favorite to win the game. with start with air-quality forecast the santa clara on sunday. 1:25 kickoff and smoke and haze will be an issue that the weekend. i forecast for tomorrow which still includes unhealthy but very unhealthy levels of that looking at was here. will not be quite as that on sunday. temperatures in the mid-70s i kick off but i do think at this point, it is tricky, the a qi should be a little lower than 200. still not great but i think it will be better for the second half of the weekend. we talk about the specifics of why that will be happening in just a few minutes. we heard from since the school officials this morning but the poor air quality, for today, and beyond. >> we have dealt with a heat wave, dark skies, continue poor air quality. all the while, we are still responding to a global pandemic. we are activating weather release centers for people who need temporary respite from the
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poor air quality. >> it also part of the city of berkeley to suspend certain city services for the day. that includes waste, recycling and compost pick up. emergency services, however, are still operating. betty yu on the impact to your health and the people showing up at doctors offices. we are on treasure island in normally would be able to make up a san francisco skyline behind me but right now we are just barelyeithe bay bridge. and the more research needs to be done, health experts say all of this smoke exposure can create serious health problems. atypical drive over the bay bridge does not usually looks like this. the hazardous smoky air has obscured the city's silhouette. the east bay do not look much better, virtually everything outside has been dusted with ash. >> initially when i heard
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people complaining about coughing and stuff either before being a little sensitive but even myself, my throat is a little scratchy, it is a little dry. it is definitely noticeable. >> my youngest son complained of bit about a horse threat is obviously is abnormal, he's only seven years old. >> reporter: includes headaches, sore throats, and chest pressure. in a long-term, wildfires slope, it has been shown that there are more than, there are more respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, like exacerbation, maybe even ammonia. >> reporter: he is seeing more patients come in with asthma exacerbations, due to the wildfire smoke. he recommends even help people get air filters for their homes. wear a mask if you have one, and stay indoors. he says will surgical or cloth masks are useful in preventing covid-19, it is minimally effective against mocha. >> because the air quality
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changes day by day, it is not a good idea for someone to be going out to do i -- and avoidable activity. >> reporter: this is expected to stick around through the weekend, the spare the air alert has been extended through monday, making it a record- setting 28 day streak. hour fire watch continues of north, flames still reengineer orville, the north complex fire, now the state's deadliest fire this year. 10 people have died and 16 are missing. 2000 structures have been destroyed, today gov. newson visited the devastation and experienced breathing through all of that haze. he says this. >> this is an emergency. this is real. and it is happening, this is the perfect storm, and the last few weeks, alone, we have experienced the hottest august in california history.
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we had 14,000 dry lightning strikes over three day period. >> you lightning strike starting the north complex fire in mid august, the fires exploded this week due to strong wind. the north complex, by the way, 20% contained. a live look at new york city, where remembrances for the 90th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks looked a bit different this year because of the coronavirus. at the ceremony at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan, there was no, no life readings of the systems names. instead, it was a recording, some victims family members were upset with that decision and set up their own ceremony nearby. >> we knew that it was of the utmost importance that we read aloud the names of all 2900 the names of all 2977 sold paris 19 years ago today.
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nine weapon observances are also different this year at the pentagon. military leaders conducted the ceremony without victims families in attendance. president trump and former vp joe biden took a break from the campaign trail today to mark the 9/11 anniversary. the president striking a tone of unity at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> we resolve to stand united as one american nation, to defend our freedoms, to uphold our values. >> he appreciated ceremony included prayer, a bellringing, and wreathlaying. they laid a wreath at the wall of names honoring the flight 93 passengers and crew. they also met with firefighters and those who lost loved ones. earlier in new york city there was a rare moment of bipartisanship between joe biden and current vp mike pence. both were there to honor the nearly 3000 people killed when two planes hit the world trade
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center's. >> i'm not making any news today, mark and talk about anything other than 9/11. >> today his running mate, sen. kamala harris, attended a ceremony in virginia near the pentagon. where another hijacked plane crash 19 years ago, killing more than 180 people. 9/11 memorials happen all over the bay area as well, instead of a ceremony, the venetian fire department has a flag memorial up until 7:00 tonight. they are inviting the community, and reflect with masks and social distance. the college and livermore held its annual 9/11 even today, virtually. with a golden gate young marines presenting colors and honor of lives lost. hearts.
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>> robert darling is now a speaker on crisis leadership. and alameda county firefighters holding a 9/11 remembrance this morning, bringing bethel, and lowering a flag to half staff. breaking news, new buddy camera video showing the clashes between san jose police and protesters over the death of george floyd. plus. our neighborhood is under siege, and we need some help. a hillside community plagued by rowdy parties, the mass and the safety hazard that has neighbors that up. a live report from oregon were raging wildfires now have portland under a state emergence the. and mass evacuations and the search for the missing. social distancing in the stands and fa
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[horns honking] ms. robinson: we're ready! ms. zamora: ¡estamos listos! ms. duncan: we're ready! ms. williams: we have missed you so much. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. williams: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: we take great pride in making sure all of our students achieve. ms. duncan: remember to wear your mask. ms. robinson: wash your hands. ms. zamora: and stay safe. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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breaking news from the
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south bay tonight, the in the past hour san jose police released some new buddy camera video and it shows the confrontations between police officers, and protesters who took to the streets in may. after the death of george floyd. now one clip shows what leads up to a motorcycle officer colliding with a man in the middle of the street. police say officers were trying to detain multiple suspects, accused of trying to remove plywood from the front of a bank. that is according to the sj pd. the suspects ran away and directly into the path of that motorcycle officer, chasing him. they called this an accident. and police say another piece of buddy camera video was captured after protesters were seen throwing objects like rocks and water bottles at a line of officers and at one point one person started polling on an
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officers baton. the suspect then started to swing at the officer, other officers ran over to subdue him. some of this video released include our video from chopper five. the chief says the goal is to be transparent, that includes a clip of an officer using with the chief called offensive and unacceptable language. more than 1 million acres have been scorched. brandon kelly joins us live now where five major fires are currently burning. right now at this time, yesterday, was a mad rush out of town, and as you can see traffic is going, hardly any cars on this road right now, a much calmer scene and really as evacuations orders turned to the portland metro area, and pushed farther toward us, they
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are releasing that effectiveness in the area. things are much more calm around clackamas county now. today, that does not mean anyone is out of the woods, today we were in the city of candy, currently under a level ii set evacuation order. it seemed much calmer, less cards on the streets, we spoke with people at one of the evacuation sites where people are sheltering with their livestock, some people there, family members who stayed back to protect their homes, even though their towns entered a level iii go now evacuation order. others have no idea how their homes have they are at. there is good news here, the weather is turning, the wind has calm down and the marine layer is coming in which is a positive sign. >> that video of those ominous smoke clouds and fires so close to the roadway, terrifying. the four former officers accused in the death of george
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floyd did face a judge in minneapolis today. first time that all four gathered in person, including derek shopping, the officer who was recorded holding his knee on floyd's neck. protesters gathered in front of the courthouse, demanding justice. the judge said that he would not rule on potentially dropping any charges against those former officers, defense attorneys want separate trials as well but prosecutors say they should face trial together because the evidence and the charges against them are similar. family members were among those attending today's pretrial hearing. >> i'm angry. after what i heard in that courtroom, it is unbelievable. because where i'm from, and i know, with some of you all, if it was one of us, that killed the other person, they would be no hearing. >> the former officer was greeted by an angry crowd as they walked out. he is the only one still being
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held in custody. the trial is scheduled for march 2021. back to our fire. it is one thing to see a map with dots on it but looking from above the satellite, just pictures from space of all of the smoke which you, in the upper levels of the year, it is not as bad today. that is of course the big concern but things are slowly going to improve as we head to the weekend and into next week but still tons of smoke, we have the fires outlined underneath that smoke as well, still actively burning. let's take a look at how things are going to improve. this is the situation we left you with yesterday with that smoke trapped near ground- level, and smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere as well, as it is being pushed toward us by northerly wind farther up in the atmosphere from those fires in northern california and oregon. that has stopped. the upper level wind has weekend and so we are not reinforcing that smoke, but what is up there is still settling down into the lower levels of the artist here and that is where we have to
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breathe it in. here is how things are will approve. level wind will get stronger again but out of the different directions. this will be from the southwest, and that is the direction that actually has the least smoke father of the year so that smoke further up is going to be disbursed, we get more sunshine and that is going to warm up inland temperatures. you may say why is that a good ring? will be smoky and former for that contrast between inland warmth and the cool temperatures along the coast, helps to kick in the sea breeze circulation, so it is not going to get rid of the smoke but just mixing things around a little bit should improve the air-quality near ground-level as we head to through the weekend. especially more noticeable by sunday and into the beginning of next week. things will keep getting better as we head to next week because there will be a storms is offshore that means deep and stronger. offshore wind, excuse me, onshore wind, crack that typo, coming up at six the clock which means more vertical mixing as well, just kind of stir the atmosphere around and the air-quality should improve dramatically by the time we hit
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wednesday and thursday of next week but we have a long way to go between now and then. poor air quality across the board, the unhealthy category, very unhealthy for almost everybody, the northbay and the central bay surrender on the city toward oakland, that is what will have the worst air quality on saturday. not quite as bad, spare the air alert does continue into monday. just disgusting outside right now. you can barely see the first half of the bay bridge. temperature, 67 degrees downtown so little warmer for everybody today because we did get more sunshine already filtering through the upper layer of mocha. temperatures into the 80s. still mid 70s in san jose. tonight would drop back down into the 50s. comfortable temperatures but again the air quality is going to remain poor. high temperatures tomorrow maybe a degree or two warmer than we were today, pretty similar right around the bay and along the coast but just at
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a couple of degrees for in the and parts of the bay area, upper 70s for san jose, low to mid 80s for the tri-valley, 90 degrees in fairfield and then low 80s for much of the northbay and again it is a contrast between the warmer temperatures inland and the cool temperatures along the coast and around the bay the helps to kick in that sea breeze and get things to stir around a little bit. temperatures are going to be warm but not too hot inland as we head to next week and that storm system not only will it help to mix out of the mocha it is bulldoze it out of here but it will also drop the temperatures back a little bit. too much of a change along the coast, other than additional cloud cover. farther to the north it may bring some rain to the pacific northwest. we will take a look at that. we cement for a closer look at tomorrow's temperatures at 5:30. the nfl is back with a new effort is on social justice. how the first game is giving us a glimpse of a very different season ahead. our original series project home, bay area order to build nearly prop 19 helps california's most vulnerable.
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it provides property tax fairness for disabled homeowners like cynde, stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen helps wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19.
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now to the pandemic and the grim milestone for california. more than 14,000 people have now died from covid-19. it comes as cases are down more than 35% in the past two weeks. today, 3326 new cases were reported along with 111 death. and the seven day average now at 3.7%. but it could be the end of 2021 before life really returns back to normal. this from dr. anthony fa who says even if a vaccine is secured by the end of this year, distribution could take
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some time. and a new report from the cdc shows adults with covid-19 were twice as likely to have eaten at a restaurant two weeks before testing positive for the virus. researchers also found 71% of those infected adults reported to be wearing masks. because of the pandemic nfl season opener certainly looked a lot different this year. the super bowl champion, kansas city chiefs, be the houston texans 34-20 in front of a small and socially distanced crowd. he also saw new signs of social justice awareness. a sign of the times and the nfl came before the first play. the chiefs lining up as lift every voice and sing them often considered the black national anthem, please drop the stadium. the team, locking arms during
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the star-spangled banner, as the texans stayed in their locker room during the song in support of black lives matter. goedert fans booing as both teams met midfield for a moment of silence in support of racial equality. after around the texans, chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes said he and texans quarterback deshaun watson wanted to bring people together, given the challenges facing the nation. >> we want to show that we are unified as a leak and will not let playing football distract us from what we are doing and making us change this world. >> reporter: it is only part of the nfl's new normal. covid safety measures allowed fewer than 17. covid safety measures allowed fewer than 17,000 fans in a stadium that seats 76,000. inside arrowhead stadium, fans were required to wear masks, and socially distance. kansas city's health director believes going to the game was safer than watching it at a crowded bar, and hope spectators observe the rules. >> if there is enough not
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compliant, that we may not be able to continue this experiment. >> reporter: planetary numbers show ratings down for the nfl season opener. nbc reported a total audience of 20.3 million viewers down from 22,000,004 last year's game which was between the packers and bears. more local news tonight at 5:30 including our original series, project home. bay area cities have in order to build nearly half 1 million homes over the next eight years. so what happens if they fail? >> what are we doing to make sure the people are just massively not displaced? >> reporter: a health the neighborhood says it is under nightly siege from rowdy partiers and trash is just the beginning. the fires, the car crashes come the reckless driving. my neighbors say the cries for help from the city are going unanswered. a new line of defense for these
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we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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right now, and streaming on cbsn bay area. more local news at 5:30, san jose neighborhood taking over by rowdy crowds by nightly raiders. where they are forced to take matters into their own hands. california's new plan to boost its firefighting force, how it is getting a career path to former inmates. in our original series, project home, susie's timeout explains the new mandate and the acronym local leaders want you to know. >> reporter: have you ever heard of? >> no.
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>> never heard of it. >> he probably never heard of it, either. it stands for the regional housing needs allocation. it is the number of homes that each region needs to build to work to combat the ongoing housing crisis. the new numbers are out and they are required to build even more. they are required to build over the next eight years. that is more than double the previous requirements of around 190,000 homes. >> the goals have changed because we are looking backward and we are looking at how big a deficit we already had. and cities need to be held accountable for being able to make sure that we are producing that. >> reporter: he is the director of sacred heart community service come in san jose. >> we have to have a reckoning as a community and that happens to be a community but what we want to do to make sure people are


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