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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> if anyone wanted a prime example of use of excesses force , this incident is one. >> a former judge and independent police auditor. >> she is kneeling on the ground so there is clear that there is no resistance and the officer initially kicks her in the abdomen and he grabs her and drags her across the asphalt so that her face is actually dragging on the asphalt to locate her further away from the car. another excessive use oforce. >> the officer stopped the car because the vehicle was wanted for evading officers on july 18 and earlier on wednesday that a police statement did not say why the vehicle was suspicious and it does say officers used force during the arrest after the suspect failed to comply with their commands and the department has initiated an
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internal investigation into the incident. the san jose mayor had a strong reaction to the video >> it's important for the public to understand what exactly happened and that being said, it's not obvious it justifies the use of force. the mayor asked the police department to immediately release body cam video of the mcdonald dissident which is the latest to hit the san jose pv including excessive force allegations stemming from black lives matter protests and reports of a secret facebook page where officers exchange racist posts. >> this is not about a bad apple but about a bad culture.>> reporter: as in all the cases where videos involved we can only take it in the context we see and we don't know all the details and i respect that mayor for his insistence on an investigation. what other reforms are going on under the mentorship there in
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the san jose police department? >> there's a lot going on internally that the chief has his hands full now with yet another investigation on -- in addition to the other things mentioned in the piece just now. but besides that, the district attorney's office announced this week that it is forming a new group within the office to oversee police investigations of itself so there is some outside scrutiny. i talked to city council people today who are concerned about the video and some of the recurring events that continue to happen. i should also mention that the suspect was arrested was booked into jail on a few relatively minor charges including resisting arrest, driving us a suspended license and possession of paraphernalia.
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california the new single day record for deaths related to coronavirus. 159 new deaths were reported thursday at manis up 2% from wednesday and more than 9700 new confirmed cases. of the last two weeks hospitalizations are up 8.5% but the rate of growth is declining modestly. governor newsom hinted the state may be moving toward more pool testing and we can expect more details next week. today he announced new efforts to protect essential workers especially latino workers have been disproportionally impacted. he wants to boost measures like helping workers quarantine when exposed, increasing outreach and education, wrapping up paid sick leave and education and implementing strategic enforcement requiring employers to record outbreaks. >> even as we pull back some of
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the modifications we made and the essential workspace remains the bedrock and backbone of those that are providing foundation are fundamental services. >> 34 counties are on the state watchlist and the governor expects to add more this weekend. every bay area county except san mateo is on that list. taking a live look at the white house where officials are tracking a dozen cities after concerning jumping covid-19 cases. san jose is one of them however the mayor says that is news to him >> we have the latest. >> by virtually every measure the numbers are going down and it's not a good thing and we are a long way from the nightmare scenario where there are too many sick people and too few hospital beds, nurses and doctors to care for them.
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>> i'm very concerned about what is going on in santa clara county and i do think we have an uptick that we are very challenged by. >> the chief executive officer for santa clara county says cases, hospitalizations and deaths are climbing threatening to undo the benefit of having been the first in the country to issue state home orders and two weeks ago case numbers were below 7000 and have rocketed up . a 26% increase. >> the contagion is spreading within families and homes and in social gatherings and really it is not so much what's happening network is what is happening everywhere else. >> they are closely watching the number of people in the hospital which typically spikes a few weeks after the new infections begin to climb. currently 175 patients in the hospital being treated and two weeks ago the number had just inched past 100 and the 66% increase. the healthcare system as a whole is not yet overtaxed
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about 30% of the hospital beds countywide remain open. >> definitely trending down. we are seeing a second peak but it doesn't seem to be -- >> the number of people dying from the disease is on the rise climbing from 174 to 183 deaths in the past two weeks. >> you may have noticed a number people who have died from the disease in the last couple of weeks has not risen a sharply as the number of new cases and hospitalizations and it's a lagging indicator because typically people can sit , get tested and a couple weeks to land in the hospital and a couple more weeks before they die so we have to watch the numbers of people that are dying in the next couple of weeks. the chinese researcher who
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is wanted by the fbi is now in custody in sacramento and u.s. officials arrested him over visa fraud allegations yesterday. the 38-year-old is accused of lying about on the involvement in china military. the fbi said they were an officer but failed to disclose that on the espys application. she entered the u.s. in december 2019 and was a researcher at uc davis and was believed to be hiding out at the chinese consulate in san francisco and is scheduled to appear in court on monday. this comes as president trump ordered the chinese consulate to close. moving trucks responded at the building in houston today and u.s. officials have accused chinese agents of trying to steal data
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from the texas a&m medical system among other facilities. in retaliation china has ordered the closure of the u.s. consulate in chengdu, china. the trump administration has not addressed order or whether it would intend to comply china accused u.s. personnel of harming beijing security interests but would not elaborate the u.s. china tensions weighing on the markets with the dow ending the week down 182 points and the nasdaq fell 98 and s&p 500 slid 20 points. parents and teachers coming together after an ugly incident. the armenian school was targeted by vandals. kpix 5 with the hateful messages that were left across the campus.>> reporter: there have been a crowd out helong in on brotherhood way and thinking they express their fury and
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outrage over the tagging which they perceived to be racist. >> classes are not in session at the armenian school in san francisco with administrators, parents and alumni gather out front after someone vandalized the school overnight with profane and racist graffiti. >> my first reaction was i want to get there and see it and i want to feel it and it was not a good feeling. >> the tagging much of it using language we cannot show on tv appears to have a bent as tensions and hostilities on the border between the two former soviet states have increased in recent weeks. among the graffiti the flag. >> the very hatred is impacting us and our community >> large armenian community in ie years?
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this is one clear example. >> there is a traumatizing. >> she handed over the campus surveillance video as well as leftover spray came -- spray paint cans. >> i am very overwhelmed and him in shock. i am so sad to see this kind of hatred messages written on the walls of the school were children learn. >> from a community that has facedown genocide and athletic cleansing, there are already plans to repaint and move forward. >> it's clearly an intimidation tag pick but we won't be deterred. >> in the past 30 minutes they have raised armenian flight behind me and there are alumni from the school wearing their class sweatshirts and normally i would step out of frame to
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show you all of the images but there are so many profane s d o me. on the fire watch, video from chopper 5 of a brush fire near central avenue that shut down both directions of the 580 around 1:00 p.m. that shut down both directions of the 580 around 1:00 p.m. the fire is under control with all lanes reopened. the cause is still under investigation. we first brought you live chopper fixtures pictures on chopper 5 and week bring you breaking is by streaming it on up next, fsb debut stopping traffic on the peninsula. frenzy over a new chick-fil-a. a house is burning down in terms of the economic security of america's families.
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>> a financial cushion for unemployed americans is about to expire and the standoff over stimulus deal. last night the giants and tonight in the east bay talking oakland a's baseball straight- ahead. lots of sunshine behind on the east side of the bay but the tower cameras have been in and out of the clouds and fog all day we take a look at the weekend forecast coming up.
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today president trump signed executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices and the goal is to slash the cost of things like insulin and epi-pens and he says he will also allow imports of lower-priced pharmaceuticals from canada and other nations. meanwhile the trump administration continues to push for schools to reopen and the cdc has published updated guidance for doing so.
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the emphasis is on in person instruction with social distancing and the use of facemasks. vice president mike pence brought the message to his home state of indiana. >> opening up the schools again is the best thing for the kids and the best thing for working families and the best thing for moving the state and the country forward. >> white house negotiators and congressional republicans say they want to include more than $100 billion in funding to get kids back to the classroom in a face for relief bill. but on capitol hill today party infighting as delaying the release of the proposal until next week. democrats are pushing to extend the $600 enhanced employment benefits set to expire for millions of americans over the next few days. >> a house is burning town and these people are fiddling wherever they may be this
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weekend. >> the treasury secretary said the republicans want to extend unemployment benefits to cover 70% of lost wages and republicans want another round of direct payments to some americans in the next relief bill. fda ordering airlines to inspect engines on boeing 737 and fix them if needed. the agency has received reports of engines shutting down during flights in the inspection order covers 2000 twin-engine jets in the united states including any 737s that have been parked for seven days. the faa is citing reports that engine valves can become stuck in the open position. great friday night for baseball and the giants last night did not turn out so well. now it's the a's turn. vern glenn joins us live now for the home opener.
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>> reporter: this will be a good one. a couple powerhouse teams and it's been 53 years since the a's have played here and for the first time they're going to pipe in fake sounds of the game. >> hotdogs. >> you may recognize the hotdog vendors voice. >> tom hanks once was at the coliseum. right when the a's were trying to make things seem as normal as possible and there's no question the ambience will be stale with nothing but cardboard cutouts but could it be an advantage. >> a lot of the games are quiet
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in general so i think we are used to not having too many fans of the games. >> still people will be watching and even when we don't get big crowds here, we have a great fan base that roots for us. that is where your inspiration will have to come from. >> they will look no further than their expectations to inspire them. he called them the best team he has had back in february. >> we have the potential to win. >> in a 60 game season they must avoid their traditional slow start. 28 and 32 of the last two seasons in march and april and that could sink them in a 2020 sprint to the finish. >> we are perennially slow starting team but are wachter in september has been spectacular. >> they want a hot start in the
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is doing his best to police the health protocols. >> i have no problem reminding someone to put their mask on. it's not me trying to be a stickler but it everyone understands it's important. >> they have been incredibly safe here at the coliseum and they're all over us with keeping the mask on with good reason. the a's and angels and we talk about it more in the next hour. and it's been almost 300 days since the a's last game of 2019. >> hard to believe. a lot of pent-up cardboard phases want to see baseball tonight. and i love the audio thing and i think they should be piping in live studio audience for us here on the newscast and i think it may add a little something. that could be interesting.
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we want to see your team spirit ahead of the a's home opener. share your fan photos and i have to do is tag kpix in your social media posts. the weather here. >> i don't think we can sell that maybe the weekend forecast we can turn a profit but in terms of today's fog, not so much. plenty of sunshine inland and the fog was tough to shake along the coast in downtown but on the east side looking good. the temperature will be around 60 degrees with the low cloud cover fog will be spreading across the bay as we head through this evening. it's been stubborn especially along the coast but things are looking up as we head into the weekend with a bit more sunshine on the way. taking a look at the satellite perspective, it does not extend too far offshore. a few thunderstorms bubbling up
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over the sierra is well and we move in for a closer look with the coastal flog streaming in and it is going to spread inland but it's not going to last as long and will not be a stubborn for the first half of the weekend but it is definitely out there this evening with gray skies and the temperature only 50 degrees. 63 degrees in oakland and the temperatures drop back as the clouds make the way in the side of the bay. 82 to be then conquered, 72 in santa rosa and 74 in san jose. the fog spread thin as we have through tomorrow morning but watch how it backs up as we head through the day with futurecast, very quickly retreats toward the coast and even off the coast for a little while and the visibility numbers unobstructed as we go through most of the day with plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures tomorromomostly in and it is very normal for late july. the cool spots of valley in the
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north bay. temperatures tomorrow close to its normal. most of this week we saw below normal but tomorrow went to 3 degrees above average for late july which means upper 60s and low 70s around the bay with temperatures a little bit warmer further inland. low 60s along the coast but warmer than today where we have been stuck in the 50s and upper 70s around the south a and low to mid 80s. low 90s from antioch to brentwood. 91 degrees in fairfield and mostly upper 80s for the tri-valley with temperatures around the bay to upper 60s and low 70s on the side. low to mid 80s on the north bay. the onshore breeze will weaken a bit so you will not get the cool air transported as far north. low to mid 90s for most of mendocino county and some spots
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approaching triple digits. plenty of sunshine overhead and back to the normal back-and- forth fog pattern early next week with more of a heat wave building at the end of next week which also happens to be the end of july. we take a look at hurricane douglas getting closer to hawaii. the search for a dog napper in the east bay and the clue that could track down the suspect who made off with this tiny pot. lost in the
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a new chick-fil-a location now open in redwood city and people are lining up to get in. cars packed the drive-through for second straight day and the line was so long that cause local traffic backups and employees had to go out and try to direct traffic into the parking lot. the chain famous for its chicken sandwiches open the new restaurant yesterday and share the video on social media and the line was so long that it stretched around the corner and back to the highway 101 exit. berkeley police searching for a missing puppy tonight. the five month old french bulldog was stolen along with the car it was in nearly 3 weeks ago. the victim's car was found that
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the puppy is still missing and is believed to have been taken by this woman. if you have any information, contact berkeley police. more local news ahead including new concerns about the risks of mail in voting. the postal service is a joke. >> worries that the president's fight with the postal service complicate an already complicated election and what it could mean for california and how you can eliminate the worried very easily. we are close to giving up on san francisco. >> teachers leaving the bay area because they cannot find affordable housing and in our original series the local startup helping them afford a down payment. a town overwhelmed with
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