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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 3, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> that sounds really nice. good weather this week. >> not a bad one. >> i am inland, so it's hot. mid-nineties. thank you for watching. the next update is 7:26. >> have a wonderful day. a wonderful day. kwoorng to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." diplomatic drama. the president lands in london after a blast at meghan markle and the mayor who said he does not deserve a state visit. a city mourns. a survivor of the virginia beach shooting who remembers the co-worker who saved her life and lost his own while police search for anything to explain the rampage. venice canal crash. a cruise ship runs into a passenger boat adding more team to the fight over big ships in a cramped location. and broadway's mvp they're calling him. we'll talk with jeremy pope who is making tony history with his
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two nominations, two, count them for acting. >> it's monday, june 3rd, 2019. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. it'll be very important. certainly will be very interesting. there's a lot going on in the uk. >> the psident kicks off his first state visit to the uk. >> even before touching down, the president stirred up controversy with his comments about meghan markle. >> no, i didn't know that she was nasty. >> the vigil and memorial services in virginia beach mourning the 12 people killed in friday's mass shooting. >> i think this is the time for our community to come together. >> two americans and six other climbers are missing in the himala himalayas. >> rescuers believe they were caught in an avalanche. >> new safety concerns about hundreds of boeing 737s. >> faulty parts on their wings. >> flooding in the midwestern and southern u.s. may only get worse. more heavy rain is predicted. >> no one has ever seen this kind of water before. >> in the case of a missing
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connecticut mother. her estranged husband and his girlfriend were arrested. the cruise ship crashed into a dock in venice injuring five people. >> all that -- >> the stadium was buzzing in san diego. >> these guys are talking about bee stings but austin does not want to be stung. >> iguodala puts it up. it's gone. that'll do it. golden state. look who is in attendance, the 44th president of the united states. the crowd chanted mvp and gave obama a standing ovation. >> on "cbs this morning." >> and garcia with the biggest swing of her life and she walks into the championship for the first time in nine years. >> rachel garcia said not on my watch, would not go into the 11th. we're going to do it.
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welcome to "cbs this morning" and, go, rachel garcia. >> playing for? >> ucla. >> i love that her number is 00. >> yeah, don't underestimate her. president obama, good to see him. >> didn't he look cool, calm and collected at the game. >> they call that swagger. that's what the young people call swagger. he's got that in spades. president trump is in london on a state visit to the united kingdom. he and mrs. trump appeared with queen elizabeth at buckingham palace just a short time ago touring a special exhibition of gifts that british monarchs and u.s. presidents have exchanged over the years. >> the queen and prince charles welcomed the first couple this morning before they had lunch with several other members of the royal family. right now the president and mrs. trump are getting ready to tour westminster abbey. paula reid is at buckingham
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palace. paula, what else can we expect? >> reporter: good morning. we can expect pageantry and protests. a short time ago the president arrid here at buckingham palace for lunch with the queen but the real focus of this trip is brexit and tomorrow the president will meet with outgoing prime minister theresa may and the two world leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues from trade to defense. president trump touched down in the uk hurling himself into the country's political turmoil. before even landing on british soil he tweeted his disdain for london mayor sadiq khan whom he describes as a stone cold loser. the two are not scheduled to meet. his first stop, buckingham palace to meet the queen, later today he will have tea with prince charles. but he's already risked insulting his royal hosts. in an interview with "the sun" president trump described the duchess of sussex as nasty after he was told the american had called him misogynistic. >> she said she'd move to canada
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if you got elected. turns out she moved to britain. >> well, there are a lot of people moving here. no, i didn't know that she was nasty. >> reporter: despite the audio recording president trump denied his description of the duchess. >> no, i made no bad comment, thank you. >> reporter: british foreign secretary jeremy hunt told "face the nation" mod rater margaret brennan he doesn't think it will spoil the trip. >> it doesn't affect the fact that we have the most important partnership in the world for freedom, democracy. >> reporter: president trump who dismissed any basis for impeachment before leaving for the uk will meet with beleaguered prime minister theresa may. she will resign friday after failed brexit talks. >> they want to do parade witra the united states and i think there is an opportunity for a big trade deal. >> reporter: the president has stirred controversy by offering unsolicited advice to whoever succeeds her n an interview with
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"the sunday times" he suggested the uk should walk away from brexit talks if the european union doesn't give it what it wants but when asked if he should be adding his input the president said -- >> don't ask me the question if you don't want me to talk about it. >> reporter: president trump appeared to throw his support behind one potential may replacement, boris johnson saying he believes he would do a very good job. the president's trip includes a visit to ireland and a trip to france to commemorate d-day but before he gets to anything political, he's currently here at buckingham palace enjoying lunch with the queen. now, when he and the first lady arrived here on marine one they were greeted by prince charles and his wife camilla and then escorted into the palace for the luncheon. in attendance at today's lunch will be prince harry. although his wife, the duchess of sussex, meghan markle, is not expected to be in attendance because she is still, of course, on maternity leave. but tonight at the state banquet in attendance will be the duke and duchess of cambridge will and kate.
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>> paula reid at buckingham palace, thank you, paula. virginia beach police say the gunman who killed a dozen people appeared to have no specific targets. those 12 people were killed at a municipal building on friday. the shooter who worked in that building used two handguns he had bought legally. we'll have more on the investigation in a moment but we begin with ctm national correspondent dujericka duncan o has been talking to survivors. what did they say. >> reporter: many say that they can't believe that they lived to tell their stories. now, the 12 people who were killed are being remembered near the municipal building where the shooting actually happened. one of the victims ryan keith cox who his co-workers say was known as keith was credited with saving seven lives by ushering his co-workers into a safe office space before the gunman could shoot again.
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before they gathered to remember the 12 victims on friday's mass shooting, bishop ezekiel williams knew one of the victims, ryan keith cox and calmed him a talented musician. >> he cultivated that gift and became a phenomenal singer. >> what do you tell the community like in that has been affected on so many levels? >> this causes us to really understand how quick life can be taken from you. >> reporter: police say engineer dewayne craddock opened fire on his co-workers inside this municipal building after a massive police response, he died in a gun battle with officers. christi dewar who worked in the municipal building for 13 years says craddock was an unassuming co-worker. >> he smiled when you said hi to him dirty she said she initially thought the shooting was a drill and credits her survival to colleague and friend keith cox who directed her and six others to hide inside an office.
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>> and we ran in there and i turned and said come on and he said i'm going to go check on other people, barricade yourself in and we did. >> those were the final words you heard from your friend? >> yes. >> reporter: cox was 1 of 11 virginia beach employees who died. their combined years of service with the city totaled more than 150 years, a contractor was also killed. >> people can describe it but until you're actually there and having to walk through that scene, you can't imagine it. >> reporter: dewar experienced a range of emotions following the violence, she says, but ultim e ultimately forgives e shooter. you say that's because of keith. because of the type of man he was. >> yes. i know that keith would not want us to blame him or his parents and i know keith deserves for the world to know his heroism.
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i wish everybody in the world was keith, was a resemblance of what keith was all about. >> reporter: community leaders are urging people to wear the color blue today in honor of the victims saying that blue represents the color of the ocean as well as the color that the first responders wear. at last check there are still four people in critical condition who were involved in this shooting. gayle. >> jericka, i can't even say thank you. you look at the wall of faces and the victims that go to work, it's going to be another day and it's not. it's too much. investigators are trying to determine the motive for the shooting. the suspect as you know is dewayne craddock, a 40-year-old engineer and 15-year employee of virginia beach. he had submitted a resignation email the day of the attack. errol barnett is outside the crime scene. what else do you know about this resignation? >> reporter: we know that one of
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the deceased victims was in the suspect's chain of command, but was not his direct supervisor so that could be a clue now as investigators try to determine if the gunman's job status had anything to do with what unfolded in building 2 directly behind me. >> he was not terminated and he was not in the process of being terminated. >> reporter: officials have not said what the suspect's resignation contained, only that his job performance was satisfacto satisfactory. >> he was in good standing within his department. >> reporter: reports of gunfire first came in at 4:08:00 p.m. friday. >> shots fired. shots fired. second floor. >> reporter: two minutes later officers arrived from police headquarters nearby. >> i got a male down on the second floor with a gunshot wound. still looking for the gunman. >> reporter: navigating a building police describe as a honeycomb they eventually found the suspect eight minutes later who discharged rounds well into
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the double digits in a prolonged gun battle. >> officer hit, officer hit. >> reporter: at 4:19 one officer was shot saved by his bulletproof vest. once cornered the gunman exchanged fire with police through a door. then silence. officers administered first aid but the suspect died later at the hospital. police recovered two 45 caliber handguns, one equipped with extended magazines and a silencer. more weapons were found at the shooter's home, all legally obtained. have the suspect's family and relatives been in communication with you guys? >> our team of detectives are out interviewing everyone. >> reporter: the suspect's family did not return our request for comment and posted this message on their front door. the craddocks say they are grieving for their loved one sending condolences to victims. sunday morning each of the 12 victims could be seen in the craddock driveway staring back on the front page of the
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newspaper. now, as we mentioned, all of the suspect's weapons were legally obtained including the silencer or what's known as a suppressor. last night president trump was asked if he thinks those silencers should be restricted and while he didn't answer that question directly, he did say, quote, i don't like them at all. tony. >> thank you so much. >> it's disturbing on so many levels. it keeps happening. they keep saying this guy was well liked, well known, nobody had any idea that he was harboring -- >> his job performance was fine. >> doing very well on the job. that's what scares me, guys. how do we protect ourselfs? >> you don't know -- >> you can't. >> it's inexplicable. we'll move on. we have breaking news in the search for eight climbers including two americans missing in the himalayas. this morning indian air force piles spotted five bodies. the climbers disappeared while
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trying to scale a 21,000-foot mountain near india's second tallest peak. this mountain has not been climbed before. david begnaud is here. what's happening? >> reporter: we got word that heavy snow and wind forced the searchers to postpone the rescue pace until tomorrow. local officials fear the team was likely buried by an avalanche. the americans in the group are ronald beimel and anthony sudekum. avid climbers part of a group forgesing a new route near the summit. martin moran was known for pushing limits. nigel vardy has climbed with him for decades. >> didn't want to go where everybody else went and wanted to still go and search the new things, new routes and new places and that's what set him above so many other people. >> reporter: the team left their blaise camp on may 13th. their last radio transmission was eight days ago when they said they were heading toward
7:15 am
the summit. they were supposed to return to base camp last friday. but they never made it. helicopters on a scouting expedition saw the signs of a large avalanche. >> what they're also looking for is signs of life or, you know, anything standing out because it's all white and rocks. >> reporter: this comes amid one of the himala himalayas' deadli climbing seasons. the family of anthony believe he could have survived and said he is a highly experienced professional climber and describe him as a fantastic, passionate, capable individual who was doing what he loved. >> there's always hope and i am hoping and praying for their safe return. >> reporter: you know, even if the missing climbers are spotted by helicopter, it could take rescuers three to four days to reach their location by foot. it is dangerous for those rescuers as well. anthony, indian officials say in the region near nanda devi, the
7:16 am
death rate is almost five times higher than on mt. everest. the estranged husband of a connecticut mother of five is now a suspect in the case. fotis dulos was arrest add long with his girlfriend michelle troconis and make their first court appearance today. mola lenghi is there. what are the charges, mola? >> reporter: well, good morning, anthony. this investigation is being treated as a homicide. the couple that you mentioned is now facing charges that include tampering with and/or fabricating physical evidence as well as hindering prosecution in the first degree. jennifer dulos has been missing since may 24th so going on about ten days now. meanwhile her young children are said to be safe in the care of jennifer's mother as this case unfolds. on sunday, connecticut police descended on a home owned by 51-year-old fotis dulos. for more than a week they had been combing through woods looking into dumpsters and
7:17 am
deploying dogs in the search for his estranged wife jennifer. the 50-year-old was last seen leaving her children's school. her car was found by a park shortly after she was reported missing by friends. >> she's a lovely person. >> reporter: carrie luft has known jennifer for nearly 30 year. >> she is incredibly devoted to her five children. they are her world. >> reporter: in june 2017, fotis called 911 around the same time his wife filed for divorce and left their family home. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> i'm worried about my wife and kids because they left to go to new york and i haven't been able to get in touch with them. >> reporter: ever since fotis and jennifer had been involved in a vicious divorce and custody battle. according o the stamford advocate newspaper in court documents dating back to 2017 jennifer said she was afraid of fotis and he had shown irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior. she also allegedly claimed fotis
7:18 am
had threatened to kidnap their children and take them to his native greece. fotis denied all of those claims. ♪ hundreds of people gathered sunday night at two separate vigils to pray for jennifer and her children. >> we are bound by our common humanity, by our hope for jennifer. >> reporter: court documents reveal that fotis may have had financial problems. jennifer's mother claims that he owed $2.5 million in outstanding loans and we did reach out to foe 'tis' attorney but have yet to hear back. tony. >> mola, thank you so much. new rainfall is forecast in parts of the country's midsection already hit by record flooding. dramatic drone video shows floodwaters from the arkansas river in pine bluff, arkansas, yesterday. only the roofs of some homes are visionable above the water line. hundreds of families southwest of little rock were ordered to evacuate over the weekend and the river is expected to crest later this week.
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president and mrs. trump are getting all the pomp and circumstance a tourist in london could wish for. ahead, longtime palace watcher roya nikkah shares inside details of the presidential state visit including a royal art tour she was today will be a pretty typical day for us. just look at the daytime highs. this is almost on the mark for average for this time of year, mid-80s inland and 70s across much of the bay and 60s at the coast. let me show you what above average looks like. tuesday and wednesday, mid-90s inland, we have a noticeable warm-up for the early part of this week. we called out for thursday and friday only to warm right back up again for the weekend. up again for the weekend.
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we have much more news ahead and our exclusive interview, william barr tells us about the troubling issues that drew him all the way to alaska. plus, how president trump's
7:21 am
threat to slap tariffs on products from mexico like those avocados starting next week, those green bananas could raise prices for american consumers and put u.s. jobs at risk. we're at the scene of a dramatic cruise ship crash in italy. >> reporter: this is where the cruise ship smashed into the side of the pier and hit the riverboat. you can see the blue tarp covering the damage. this incident has reignited the controversy over cruise ships in venice. we'll have that story coming up on "cbs this morning." y coming up on "cbs this morning." imagine if we ever got to meet.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it is 7:26. the warriors are going back to the bay after stealing a big win in toronto. the warriors hit the court at oracle in games 3 and 4 on wednesday and friday and game 5 is a week from today in toronto. a 23-year-old man was shot by officers fatally after he charged them with a pry bar. he struggled with mental illness. the name is not been released and the officers are on administrative leave during the investigation. police in fairfield investigate a deadly shooting
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that happened around midnight at an arco gas station on north texas street and alaska. witnesses report seeing a second person shot and later taken to the hospital. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, . s including our website, . a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi!
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should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile. good morning. the trouble spot on the san mateo bridge has cleared, but the traffic behind it has not. let's take a live look in the westbound direction where it is a slow go in the commute this morning underneath the hazy low hanging clouds. eastbound looks good to go. travel times mostly in the red with the exception of those coming out of the south bay still in the yellow. we have a warm-up coming up away particular tuesday and wednesday. you can see that in the seven- day forecast when you look at the inland numbers, 94 on tuesday and 93 on wednesday. san jose will likely get into the mid-80s today and similar in the north bay and santa rosa
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y3cp9y yi0y it's 7:30 on ctm. here'shat's happening this morning. >> there's a lot going on in the uk. >> today president trump begins a three-day state visit to the united kingdom. >> it's almost like an out of body experience. >> virginia mourns the 12 victims of friday's mass shooting. >> i just start shaking. >> the husband of a missing mother in connecticut is now a suspect. >> the only goal right now is to find jennifer. >> plus, attorney general barr meets with residents of a remote alaskan native village. >> my job is to go where the need is greatest. i think the need is greatest here. >> and broadway star jeremy pope shares how he earned two tony
7:31 am
nominations in one season. ♪ ♪ >> that falsetto. who's he singing? >> a little temptations. >> can't go wrong. >> which member? >> he is singing eddie kendricks. >> of course he is. he said that his mom told him to dream big, so he's dreaming really big. so big that he's now got two nominations in one season. >> his debut season. >> that's right. guy is good. >> that's the way to art. >> he is good.
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entourage. it's great publicity for him. >> why is the red carpet being rolled out, to your point? why was he invited? some people were wondering, why was he invited by the queen? >> well, i think you've got to be really clear on that. the queen issues the invitation, but who comes is decided by the government of the day. the government of the day at the moment feel very much we need our allies. we are very keen to strike a trade deal with donald trump as
7:36 am
soon as possible after we've left the eu. so it's not down -- the queen doesn't go through her rolodex. it's down to the government. >> meghan markle, before she was the duchess of sussex, called then-candidate donald trump misogynistic and divisive. in an interview ahead of his trip, the president was asked about this, and he said he wasn't aware meghan markle had been nasty to him. that word "nasty" has gotten a great deal of pickup. as we mentioned, it was in response to her remarks earlier. how much is that distracting from the visit over there in london? >> i wouldn't say it's distracting. it has certainly made a lot of -- it's had air time. it's been in lots of newspapers. it's just one of those periphery things. people expect donald trump to say controversial things.
7:37 am
i think the important thing on that is meghan markle said those things when she was meghan markle. now she's the duchess of sussex. she's not involved in this visit because she's on maternity leave. we've just had prince harry in that lunch at buckingham palace. so whatever he might think behind closed doors, he's putting that to one side and putting on a good show supporting his family for this important state visit. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us there from buckingham palace. ahead, how a dramatic collision involving a giant cruise ship in venice, italy, is raising new safety concerns about the city's congested waterways. we're there with reaction. plus, what to watch this morning, including heartwarming news for coffee lovers. and if you're on the go, subscribe to our podcast. hear the day's top stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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now to a scary collision on a busy canal in venice, italy. it's leading to new calls to ban giant cruiseships from the area. this was the chaotic scene yesterday when a cruise ship lost control, crashing into a river boat and a crowded dock. five people were hurt in that accident. society doane is -- seth doanet the canal. how are people reacting locally? >> reporter: good morning, tony. many people are saying enough is enough. this has really reignited this controversy that's been going on here for years in venice where we've heard many residents and activists saying these ships are simply too big for this fragile city. the massive ship just would not stop. on the dock, people fled as the
7:43 am
towering 13-deck-high vessel, its horn blaring, grinded into a much smaller boat and the side of the pier. >> how the hell does that happen? >> reporter: the cruise liner, which holds more than 2600 people, had reported mechanical difficulties as it came into port sunday morning. >> back, back, back! >> reporter: and the tug boats trying to guide it in safely were not strong enough. >> just to see this thing out of control was just, you know, almost literally unbelievable. >> reporter: five people were injured sunday while many in venice feel the city itself was already wounded by these ships. protests sparked immediately. >> it worries me because it's something that could have happened so many other times anding happen again today. >> reporter: jane is an environmental scientist who heads a group that wants to ban
7:44 am
cruise ships. >> the cruise ships bring a huge number of people, concentrated into the city, and they've acted like kind of the ice breaker for the destruction of venice through mass tourism. >> reporter: throngs of tourists are drawn to the picturesque canals of this former maritime republic. cruise ships alone bring in about 2 million visitors a year. banksy, the street artist whose identity is not known, recently added his flourish to the protest. following sunday morning's crash, venice's mayor said, once again it's shown that big ships cannot cross the canal. >> reporter: and italy's transport minister tweeted that the country here is close to finding a solution to protect both the city, its lagoon, and tourism. gayle? >> seth doane, thank you. may we point out that seth was on vacation in venice and then
7:45 am
he gets the call. thank you very much, seth. >> i hope we're paying for his vacation now. >> i told diana miller i'm happy to do as many of these stories >>he rest of us really appreciate what you're doing. thank you so much. coming up next, a look at the stories you'll be talking about a little later today. find out why boeing issued an urgent new warning to airlines about monday afternoon will work out pretty nicely as an example of what an average day in early june should feel like. the numbers are pretty much right on the mark, 77 for redwood city, 82 in santa rosa, 85 in concorde. let me show you how things change for tuesday and wednesday, the first good warm- up of the season coming up. that will be mid 90s for inland locations and noticeably warmer across the bay making it into the mid-70s. king it into the mid-70s. this is houston, texas. the city with the most millennials living at home.
7:46 am
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[ giggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off. [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] that's crazy! [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets! ♪ [ cheering ] you know what time it is. vladimir duthiers is here with what to watch other than watching vlad on cbsn, which you can do all the time. >> good morning, guys. exactly. always on. there's a potential new problem with boeing's grounded 737 max jets. the faa says the max and a
7:50 am
previous model the 737 ng might have parts in the wing that were not properly manufactured and need to be replaced. more than 300 planes are affect by this. this is not anything related to the crashes but boeing and faa are being transparent in the wake of that. if you're worried about whether too much coffee is bad for your heart, gayle, hear no more. you don't drink coffee. >> no, i don't drink coffee, but i'm worried for those who do. >> british research suggests that drinking up to 25 cups of coffee today is no worse for your heart than drinking a cup each day. previous studies showed that it could cause arteries to harden and cause a heart attack or stroke. >> i want to know who's drink 25g cup as day. >> the study is pretty big. that's why we think it's newsy. >> what about the story that coffee's no good?
7:51 am
>> we'll have to bring in tdr. tara narula. this is a great story. rew e tired nba star dwyane wade was a surprise guest at mannerry stoneman douglas high school. he spoke to students about the impact that they've had on his life. take a look. >> what i love most and appreciated most was that you all became advocates. you became the faces and the voices for kids all around the world. i'm so proud to say the word mdt strong. >> he said that moment reminded him to continue to be a fighter
7:52 am
and a leader. >> what was so great they didn't know he was coming. when he walked out, it was such a surprise. i remember after the shooting he wrote the name of one of the kids on his shoes. >> it's also sadly in the wake of this other horrific mass chuting when dwyane wade is there to remind us we can be. >> joaquin was the name of the student. actor jeremy pope is making history. can't wait to meet him right after the break. sometimes, bipolar 1 disorder makes you feel like you can do it all. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood,
7:53 am
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at this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> it is 7:56. the warriors are coming home to the bay area after a major comeback in toronto. the nba finals now tied up a game a piece. the warriors hit the court at oracle for games 3 and 4 on wednesday and friday. and just a few hours, the apple worldwide developers conference kicks off in san jose. they are expected to unveil the new operating system and provide possible details on the
7:57 am
ending of itunes. new haven teachers will be out of the classroom and back on picket lines for the third week. a marathon bargaining session yielded no results and now negotiations continue tomorrow. we will have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, platforms including our website, compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you a full suite of products with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast.
7:58 am
good morning, let's take a live look out to our drive times this morning. they are no longer in the green, unfortunately. and the san mateo bridge which is in a trouble spot on and off throughout the morning, it is slow and go in the westbound direction, the travel times in the red on eastshore freeway as well as on 580 out of the all the money pass and slowed go and slowing down on 101 taking over one hour at this point. about 45 minutes on highway 4 and half an hour on the shore and 45 minutes plus on the altamonte. look at the daytime highs for today. we are pretty much doing an average day for early june and if you wonder what that feels like, look at the numbers. mid-80s inland, and mid 70s throughout the bay. the low grade clouds will start to burn off. by the time you get about 11:00
7:59 am
this morning, and in the seven- day forecast, things are going to warm up for us particularly for inland locations. look at the mid-90s that show up by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday. it gets back to average by the end of the week. end of the week.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, june 3rd, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, new portions of attorney general william barr's exclusive interview with jan crawford. learn about his efforts to help native alaskans. plus, broadway's jeremy pope on making it big on the stage and his chances for two tony awards this sunday. first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. >> president trump is in london on a state visit to the united kingdom. he and mrs. trump appeared with queen elizabeth at buckingham palace. >> expect pageantry and protests. but the real focus of this trip
8:01 am
is brexit. the president will meet with theresa may. >> 12 people killed are being remembered here near the municipal building where the shooting actually happened. >> one of the victims was in the suspect's chain of command. that could be a clue as investigators try to determine what unfolded in building two directly behind me. >> heavy snow and winds forced the searchers to postpone the rescue operations until tomorrow. local officials fear the team is likely buried by an avalanche. >> this investigation is being treated as a homicide. the couple is facing charges. jennifer dulos has been missing since may 24th. we're going on ten days now. >> no arguments now. it is liverpool's champions league. >> nearly half a million fans line the streets celebrating liverpool's six champions league title. >> a moment to savor, a moment to enjoy.
8:02 am
liverpool lifts the champions league trophy. they are the champions. >> we should clarify, that celebration in england, but related to soccer and liverpool, not the president's visit. >> they do love their soccer in liverpool or football as they call it. >> 500 million people come out to say well done, well done! very nice. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. we'll begin with president and mrs. trump, they're moving quickly through their visit to the uk. it began with an arrival ceremony this morning at buckingham palace. several members of the royal family joined the first couple. now, that was followed by a tour of westminster abbey, where the president left a wreath at britain's grave of the unknown warrior. >> next, they'll have tea with prince charles and his wife camilla. paula reid is traveling with the president and joins us from buckingham palace. what do we expect them to discuss? >> reporter: anthony, it is likely the emphasis will continue to stay on royal
8:03 am
pageantry, more than politics. the british royal family traditionally tends to avoid politics, trying to remain neutral. earlier today, the president and first lady were here at buckingham palace where they enjoyed a luncheon with the queen and prince harry. but the first couple will not meet prince harry's wife, duchess of sussex, and this comes amid this ongoing controversy where the president allegedly called her nasty after he heard the american had called him misogynistic. the duchess is expected to stay at home with her newborn son archie. later tonight, president trump and the first lady will join queen elizabeth, prince william and the duchess of cambridge for a state banquet. president trump is one of only three u.s. presidents including former president barack obama and george w. bush to have an official state visit with the queen. this trip is meant to strengthen ties between the uk and the u.s., but the president has arrived in a pretty combative mood. launching insults at the mayor
8:04 am
of london, in addition to endorsing the prime minister's chief rival boris johnson. tomorrow, he will meet with the outgoing prime minister theresa may. the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues from defense to trade. >> all right, paula, thank you. we're all watching. thank you very much. we have got new details from cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford, exclusive interview with william barr in alaska. his comments about the justice department sparring with special counsel robert mueller over legal analysis made headlines. the attorney general also talked about evidence that makes him believe top government officials may have acted improperly when they authorized surveillance of president trump's campaign. this morning, we're now learning why barr went to alaska for his first major trip. jan joins us from washington with more on that. good morning to you, jan. why did he choose to travel so far? >> reporter: well, gayle, he wants to take a look at the
8:05 am
problems plaguing some of the rest of the country. alaska's two u.s. senators have been urging him to visit and what he saw there, i mean, it prompted him to call public safety in much of the state an emergency. to get to this remote fishing village in southwest alaska is a ride by boat. but this is one of the places attorney general bill barr came to see. >> glad i'm here. good to meet you. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: as he made his way along the boardwalk that winds through the village, he learned how the isolation made the residents vulnerable. >> we need pubc safety here. >> reporter: in a meeting at the local school, the village's tribal chief pleaded for help and protection. >> we may be poor, we may be the poorest people and the neediest people, but we should matter. >> reporter: alaska has the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the united states. three times the national
8:06 am
average. but an investigation by the anchorage daily news and pro publica found one in three communities in alaska had no local law enforcement officers and there sex crime rates are even higher, help can be hours or a day away. >> someone asks me why are you here, why did you pick alaska? because to me my job is to go where the need is greatest and i think the need is greatest here. these are people that are just asking for the basic physical security. and it is not much to ask. >> reporter: this village has new tribal police officers, but with no training. their jail is used primarily as a drunk tank. 97% of the crimes committed by alaskan natives involve alcohol or drugs. before traveling to the fishing village, barr met with advocates of one of two chimpwomen's shel in the entire region,
8:07 am
overcrowded. >> over capacity and we have people staying in the room. >> reporter: there is a backlog of unprocessed rape kits. barr met with native leaders from every region of alaska and said said he's looking. the attorney general said he's hoping to find a broad solution that will also involve the tribal governments, and today the justice department plans to announce new funding for anchorage because of its disproportionately high crime rate. tony? >> jan, it seems lack of transportation is further isolating these remote communities. what other problems are they facing? >> reporter: i think alcohol. that is a huge problem. alaska natives, they haven't dealt with alcohol until it was introduced by people from, as they say there, the lower 48.
8:08 am
it is banned by most communities, but it is smuggled in. it is a factor in almost all the cases involving assault, violence and suicide. >> jan, thank you. president trump's threat of new tariffs on all mexican imports could potentially hurt american businesses and cost you more at the grocery store. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger in our toyota green room is here with how quickly you see the prices increase. plus, the beloved new orleans chef known by friends and fans
8:09 am
8:10 am
jeremy pope is already making history at this year's tony awards with two nominations. >> both of them came, the tears begin to flow. >> why did the tears come at that moment for you? >> the tears came, i think, because of the sacrifice. >> ahead, the actor tells gayle how he switched from one powerful broadway show to another in just three days. you're watching "cbs this morning." how to another in just thee days. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:15 am
president trump is doubling down on his threat to impose new trade tariffs on mexico. he tweeted yesterday, quote, the problem is that mexico is an abuser of the united states, taking but never giving. last week, the president announced an initial 5% tariff on all imports from mexico if the country does not stop illegal immigration to the u.s. the first round of those tariffs is due to take effect on june 10th, not too far away. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with how this could affect u.s. businesses and your wallet and my wallet and -- >> all the wallets around. >> mexico is a major trading partner of the u.s. what products could be affected? >> when i say major, the number one right now. we export a lot and import a lot. we import close to $350 billion of to go e goods, everything
8:16 am
from automotives to auto parts, electronics, fruits and vegetables, so strawberries, raspber raspberries, tomatoes, avocados, beer, liquor, even crude oil, which we are importing now. the real concern here is because the list is so vast that the price of these things could rise and that would clearly not be a good thing for consumers. >> rise how fast, jill? >> it really depends -- >> and how much? >> the fruits and vegetables almost immediately, because they have very narrow margins. i think for a lot of these other things like a car it would take a while, but when you talk about how much especially for the cars there are soes some estimates that say that the average auto at the 25% tariff level, so it would have to be in effect through october, that could make the car on average $1,500 more expensive, $2,500. >> when you add all this up, can it affect the broader economy, which is otherwise healthy? >> when you look at where we are right now, the economy is doing pretty well. we had a much stronger than
8:17 am
expected first quarter. second quarter, what we're in right now, has slowed down some. for the whole year, economists think we're going to expand pi about 2.5%. if the full impact of these tariffs were in effect, some economists believe that we could shave off a quarter to a half of a percent of groefwth. you were going to grow at 2.5%, now you're at 2%. how does that affect me? your business, you may not want to invest in more employees, build a new facility. this has real impact for american workers. we should also note, there are about 5 million jobs that are linked directly to trade with mexico. and the people in those industries are very worried. >> the potential fallout for automakers. >> the automakers is really interesting because when you think about a car that is let's say american made, look under the hood, so many parts come from mexico. about $93 billion worth of automotive, 17% of every u.s.
8:18 am
car somehow had some piece made in mexico. and think about this, because of the supply chains free flowing between the u.s., mex eicmexico canada, parts go back and forth many times. it's why the mexican authority have said we want to avoid this at all costs. >> if the price of beer and avocado goes up over the summer not politically good for the president. >> very big impact. >> i'm focusing on the avocados. thank you, jill. legendary chef leah chase served everybody from activists to presidents. we'll celebrate the life of the queen of creole cuisine. you're watching "cbs this morning." creole cuisine up next. you're watching "cbs this morning." just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her.
8:19 am
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listen to your mom, fknuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. the city of new orleans and the culinary world are remembering legendary chef leah
8:22 am
chase. her career spanned more than seven decades. she created a save haven for civil rights activists including martin luther king jr. "cbs this morning: saturday" michelle miller became a close friend. >> she was already a giant in the culinary world. her seg nature dishes of chicken and shrimp clemminsole brought her worldwide fame. leah chase was called the queen of creole cuisine and her palace was dooky chase's. >> if i didn't come in this kitchen every day, i think i would be miserable. >> reporter: born in 1923 she started out as a wait tress in the french quarter before married a musician whose parents ran a small sandwich shop. mrs. chase took it over and made
8:23 am
it into a fine dining restaurant for african-americans in the 1950s. >> what does this mean? >> it was like a save haven for all of us. >> reporter: during the civil rights era, she provided a space for both white and back activists to meet. in 2005 hurricane katrina destroyed dooky chase, but chase reopened it two years later. >> people said, what are you going to do at your age. there was only one thing for me to do. no matter what you do on this earth, you have to do it and do it well. >> reporter: ray charles sang about her and she even served as the inspiration behind disney's first african-american princess. >> i cannot believe i'm doing this. >> reporter: her customers included martin luther king jr. and two u.s. presidents george w. bush and barack obama, whom chase had to chastise. >> i gave him the gumbo.
8:24 am
first thing he does is takes the hot sauce. you don't put hot sauce in my gumbo. >> reporter: in 2016 chase received a lifetime achievement award from the james beard foundation. >> oh, my goodness. isn't this wonderful. >> reporter: for creating food that changed the course of history for good. >> this restaurant in some ways, we really changed the course of america, and i say we changed the kourts of america over a bowl of gumbo. >> chase died saturday at 96. one of her most famous savings was to be a woman you have to look like a girl,ing at like a lady, sing like a man, and work like a dog. >> i love that. >> it is memorialized in a mural in new orleans. i have to say everyone is asking me is the restaurant going to continue. i'm assured it is. her grandson dook we call him, dook iv, he's going to continue on. >> she worked until 1996.
8:25 am
>> she shir did. >> doesn't hot sauce make every everything better? >> she told obama he this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it is a tech 25. this morning, police in fairfield are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around midnight at an arco gas station at north texas street and alaska. witnesses report seeing a second person shot and later taken to the hospital. a 23-year-old man was fatally shot by officers in walnut creek after he charged with a prybar at them. witnesses say he struggled with mental illness. the man's name was not released and the officers were placed on administrative leave during the
8:26 am
administration. -- investigation. officials have not figured out what caused a chemical explosion. multiple hydrogen tanker trucks caught fire at air products and chemicals. no one was hurt. we have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, latforms including our website, right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
8:27 am
good morning. we will get under some of our trouble spots, because there are a few and they are in the
8:28 am
commute direction, very unfortunate for this morning, zooming into the eastshore freeway where you can see there are two issues, two accidents, one of them is the hov lane that is blocked westbound on 80 right near san pablo dan road and a little beyond that, there is another accident where at least one lane and shoulder have been blocked right at cutting boulevard, and they are slowing things down pretty significantly. if you look over in marin on 101 southbound, they are doing recovery work on an injury accident. right as you are coming through marin. it is slow into san rafael. travel times are no longer in the green. you are 43 minutes the all tomato pass in half an hour or more on the eastshore freeway and 45 on highway number four in over an hour out of the south bay. >> now we will start putting off these clouds, and we will, they will start going over the next couple of hours. we are average for this time of year, mid-80s inland, these are pretty much typical for this time of june. 75 in centerville, 82 in santa rosa and san jose. both tracking pretty much the
8:29 am
same number and we will be in the mid-60s for the city for san francisco. as far as the seven-day forecast goes, i want you to notice what happens by the time we get the tuesday and wednesday. that is when the temperatures will climb into the mid-90s for inland locations. it will be our first good little spell of heat for some of us, but for the rest of us, just a bit warmer with mid 70s throughout the bay and that is average for this time of year. e for this time of year. the pretzelrami is back, with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo?
8:30 am
the kpix 5 the seven-day forecast is sponsored by twin vine casino and hotel. win vine casino and hotel. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring you some of the stories that talk about. i like that. i haven't heard that. this is nice. this is where we each get to pick a story we'd like to share with each other and all of you. tony, do you want to go first? >> i'll go first. i have a story of unintended consequences. democratic leadership in the house, they have a new policy meant to protect incumbents, people currently in office. no consultant can work with a challenger to that seat. the idea is to help the people
8:31 am
in congress stay in congress. here's the problem. two-thirds are older white men. the people making challenges often are often female, often younger, often people of color rng so people are looking at thisew policy thinking not a good look, unintended consequences. >> are they going to change things? >> i don't know. >> white men are everywhere. >> interesting observation. >> i'm quick. anthony, your turn. >> thanks, gayle. the thing i noticed, they're reporting an alarming number of deaths of whales along the coast. the deaths of great whales is 131 back in 2000 and if this continues, it's going to exceed that. typically about 35 die or are found basically beached along the west coast in a year, so
8:32 am
it's a -- it's almost like quadruple, and there's real concern. they're not really sure what's causing it. it appears to be starvation, but there are some other concerns like they noticed the lack of sea ice, which, of course, is being caused by global warming and tiny fess stations phone as anthro pods. noaa is investigating to see what's causing this. >> put it on your radar screen. >> the best-case scenario is there are so many of them and they're at the peak. >> we don't want anything to happen to them. is this the night james holzhauer's night comes to an end?
8:33 am
he's just 58,000-plus, give or take, from breaking jennings' record. he plays by a different strat jichlt he goes for the high numbers first. >> he's a professional gambler. >> yes. >> are you interested in gambling on tonight's match. >> i say he wins tonight. >> i've watched him in the gym a bunch of times. >> i say he wins. >> i say he's going to lose. do you want to put ten on it? >> yes, i'll put ten on it. >> there you go. another reason to watch. bring your $10 tomorrow. actor jeremy pope, i'd put ten on him too -- is called broadway's mvp why? he's the first blabman to win two tony nominations in the same season. think about that. "choir boy" and "ain't too
8:34 am
proud: the life and times of the temptations." it's really good. we met him at the coco cabana -- copacabana in new york city's times square and we stopped by the imperial theater where he performs as one of the temptations founders. that must never get old. >> it surely doesn't. >> reporter: it was an emotional moment when 26-year-old jeremy pope discovered that he was up for not just one but two tony nominations. >> when both of them came, the tears, you know, began to feel. i feel like both productions got shown so much love. >> why did the tears come in that moment for you? >> the tears came, i think, because of the sacrifice. i felt like it was a release.
8:35 am
you did goorksd and we're going to keep working big and and better. >> reporter: growing up, it was the high school where he caught the bug. >> i auditioned for it and got the lead part. >> what role were you? >> i was game pl shinks in katz. my dad made the costume it. was an orange fluorescent tight. one hee tard. he sprayed it and gave it some piz zack. >> how old were you when you -- >> i was like 17. >> were they expecting you to go to college? >> they were expecting me to go to college. >> what was that talk like, jeremy? >> i was very quiet, very nervous.
8:36 am
i thought, i was in my room and they're going to say, what's the plan, how are you going to live. i was ready for the questions but while i had some of the answers, most were a question mark but i knew in my gut there was a fire, something that told me i needed to go out there and get something that was mine. >> truly you were confident. >> i was confident and knew i would work my butt off to make something happen. there weren't a lot of broadway shows i could be recommended in. i could be simba in "lion king." >> pope was first cast at ferris in "choir boy," a role that he case. before his time at ferris came to an end, pope was railroad to take on the role of the late
8:37 am
eddie condition distribution, co-founder of the temptations. >> how were you aunl to pull that off. i was in rehearsals from 10:00 to 6:00 and an that night. i didn't want there to ever be jeremy's doing two shows, so he's not able to commit. i didn't want that. i wanted to seem like i was present in both places. >> it's a level of discipline pope carries with him even beyond the stage. >> i wanted to preserve the gift to do it eight times a week. >> is that why you're talking quietly, to preer is yo-- preserve
8:38 am
my voice. >> temptations is enduring tore. you can still go and see the temptations. >> it's funny. uncle o. we call him. after the hersal and he told of the five stories. that feels like a responsibility that i leave jaereremy behind. ♪ truly a dream come true the. ♪ >> you point out it's a very physical role. >> we're dancing, moving with them. i have to give it up to my show.
8:39 am
i can't doy show without them. so we huddle up at the top of the show and we're like, you good, you good, looking in their eyes, what you need, i'm feeling a little, i got you, i got you. >> every night before the show? >> every night, we hold each other and look in each other's eyes because we know we can't do it without each other. >> he's up for two. he gives a special shout-out to his mom and dad. his mom on opening night they got a call someone passed out on opening night. there she is. she passed out. she was so nervous she forgot to breathe. she forgot to breathe. >> a broadway actor's job is incredibly hard but the very idea he was rehearsing for one show and showing up for another,
8:40 am
that's incredible? and giviing his all to both because he didn't want anybody saying you can't do it. >> you can watch the 73rd an you tony awards right here on cbs. sara gilbert has inspired people with "eat, pray, love." i bet you saw the movie too. the next novel is monday afternoon will work out pretty nicely is what an example of an average day in early june should feel like. the numbers are pretty much right on the mark. 77 for redwood city, 82 in santa rosa, 85 in concorde. let me show you how things change. tuesday and wednesday, the first good warm-up of the season coming up, that will be
8:41 am
mid 90s for inland locations and noticeably warmer across the bay, we make it into the mid-70s. the mid-70s.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this is liz gilbert. >> where did you get that button? >> from the store. >> that's what i need. my mom used to call many chatty kathy. i'm a rambler. i'm rambling now. >> that's julia roberts from the movie "eat, pray, love." her books have sold more than 20 million copes worldwide. gilbert's newest novel "city of girls" colors the life of young
8:45 am
girls in the glamorous, sometimes theater world in the 1940s. elizabeth, good morning. >> gooz morning. you say if you want to write an honest memoir, write a novel. >> thank you. this is about promiscuous women. >> why did you set it in the 1940s? >> because it's the most glamorous period and i wanted to play in that world in midtown manhattan in a great white way, the music, the shoes, and i got to amp up that even more. >> you called it a champagne cocktail. >> i said is i want people to have no-to-knock this back and n one gulp and not be able to stop reaping. i tried to put sus spepg and
8:46 am
action in it to keep you unable to turn away and leave you feeling a little drunk. >> mission accomplished. your first line in the book, when i was 19 years old and an it yt. that grabbed my attention. what's so fascinating about this book sit's about female desire and consequences of that. it's about friendship, but it's a story and there's a play within the story and views within the story and lyrics within the story and you had to write all of that. >> i got to write all of that. >> point well taken. and that you had to keep track of all of those different story lines. >> yeah. and the entire book takes place within the framework of a letter written from the point of view from a woman in her 90s and someone saying i want to know who you were to my father back in the day. the whole answer in that is the day. it was fun because i got to f
8:47 am
get so involved making up broadway turns. >> you spent six years writing this book. you said it was having to learn about another time. >> yeah. this is the second book that i've written that's a historical novel. it's true, it's like learning another language. you immerse yourself in it so by the time you sit down to write you're not overthinking. you knew how they spoke, how they dressed, what things cost so that you just disappear, yourself, into that world. >> at some point you say at some point in a woman's life she gets tired of being ashamed and she's free to be herself. >> yes. >> before this book you lost your partner rhea and you went through a very difficult time with that, rhea. so your personal life is so fascinating to me. how can i ask the question without being impolite or in
8:48 am
delicate? >> asking me anything. you fell in love with your guy and then with rhea and you were recently with man. how do we understand about liz gilbert. i also say it's none of our business. >> i mean i can't sit here and say it's not your business when i'm on instagram telling you my life. >> is love just love. >> love is definitely it and it never occurred to me -- it would never occur to me to discriminate in love based on gender. i fell in love with rhea. i didn't fall in love with body. she was my best friend for many years and when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer i was forced with the reckoning of her immediate death. there's a name for love that i have for this person and that is she's the love of my life. yeah. >> liz gilbert. >> we're bringing liz back. >> we're bringing her back. she's going to stick around before we go.
8:49 am
>> okay. i'll sit here as long as you let me. >> go to to read an excerpt. you'll enjoy it. >> she's staying with us for one last piece of advice before we california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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before we go each morning we want to share something to make your day a little better and a little brighter. liz is still with us. what's your parting ad? >> this is ancient indian viemts it's better to live your own life imperfectly than to live a perfect imitation of somebody else's life. >> that's very good life. perfection is highly overrated. >> i would think my advice is a line from the book life is dangerous and fleeting and about there's no point in denying
8:53 am
yourself pleasure from being here. >> i've got another line. the world ain't straight. sometimes the world happens to you. >> you've got to surrender to it sometimes. li thank you. ♪ ♪ thank you. ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ luckily, her dorm is about he10 minutesollege.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning of on. it is 8:55. this morning, police in fairfield are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around midnight at an arco gas station in north texas street and alaska. witnesses say seeing a second person shot and later taken to the hospital. a 23-year-old man was fatally shot by officers in walnut creek after he charged at them with a pry bar. witnesses said he struggled with mental illness. the man's name is not been released and the officers have been paid, placed on administrative leave.
8:56 am
the warriors are going back to the bay area after stealing a big win in toronto. the nba finals tied a game a piece. they hit the court at oracle in games 3 and 4 on wednesday and friday. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, including our website,
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8:58 am
the commute direction. at least one if not two lanes are blocked right near san pablo dam road. that is slow and go driving into and through richmond this morning. off to the main travel times, those are in the red with the exception of highway 4 which is green and to the eastshore freeway, you slow way down. the san mateo bridge is slow in the westbound direction but not many brake lights. it is a crawl in the westbound direction and eastbound direction, everything looks good. we have daytime highs today much hitting the mark for average. welcome to early june. it has been a while since we've been here and you forgot what average is for june, let me show you, that's the numbers, 85 inland for concorde and we top out at 82 in santa rosa and 77 in redwood city and enjoy the state because it's the only one for the next few that will be average. quite the warm-up takes place tuesday and wednesday and these
8:59 am
will be the hottest temperatures of the season so far. mid 90s inland and mid 70s across the rest of the bay. st of the bay. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses
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