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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 31, 2018 6:00am-6:56am PDT

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a deadly crush snarled the east bay commute and police are racing to re-open the road. >> the man charged with sending out more than a dozen package bombs may have been considering another bay area target. >> and relatives of the couple who fell to their deaths at yosemite are providing new details on this accident. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, october 31st. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we continue to follow breaking news right now. a bay area freeway is shut down right now and two people are dead after a crash involving a tour bus. as we take a live look at the union city hayward border where it happened, a lot of traffic right there. let get right to jackie ward with more. >> reporter: the good news in this terrible situation the media is moved off northbound 880 where we were standing 20 minutes ago. i'm now at the industrial parkway whipple road intersection in hayward because we are supposed to be
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just minutes away from chp re- opening the lanes northbound 880 after chp investigators completed their recreation of the accident. it happened last night at 10:40 with four vehicles. a tour bus driving in the middle lane approached stop- and-go traffic and crashed into the vehicle in front of it and pushed it to the left into another lane. the tour bus then continued to hit another vehicle and pushed that car into the back of a semi trouble. the two people who died were in each of the cars the tour bus driver hit. but the bus and truck drivers were not injured. >> there is a lot of pressure. we understand that any closure of one lane, two lanes, hewe ha the lanes closed. we urge people to take alternates. >> reporter: at one point the tour bus drove on top of one
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of the cars hit creating a bigger mess. so at this point, chp does not know how fast the bus was going. they also don't believe that drugs or cholates were a factor in the crash but it's did if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash but it's -- they also don't believe that trusting or alcohol were a factor in the crash but it's minutes away from northbound 880 re-opening. we have other ways to work around it. gianna? >> yes. definitely want to stick with surface streets this morning. in fact, we have chopper 5 live over the scene right nowas well giving us a good perspective of what the backup really is through there. all lanes shut down north 880 at whipple. this has been there since overnight. so it is causing some big backups there. and now that the morning commute is really getting into full swing, we are seeing delays building. so you will definitely want to use alternates in the meantime. we'll keep our eye on this.
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hopefully lanes re-open in the next few minutes. let's go to the maps. here are your alternates. they are diverting traffic off at alvarado niles, the backup beyond the dumbarton bridge at this point. we had an accident in the backup at fremont boulevard blocking a lane making matters worse. 680 looking okay. you might use that as an alternate. we are getting reports of another accident on 580 this morning -- westbound 80 at central avenue blocking one lane. keep that in mind from hercules to the maze. that's 23 minutes. at the bay bridge, it's backed up into the maze. 20 minutes to go from oakland into san francisco across the upper deck of the bay bridge. now, you might want to skip the roads and use mass transit. just keep in mind, no stops at ashby into berkeley. there's police activity.
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bus bridges are in place at macarthur, ashby and berkeley. so a few minutes of extra time for delays or take the bus bridges and get back on bart. tough ride on the roads. 6:04. heading outside for a little beauty shot, this one looking east. calmer, clear conditions and dry conditions, but the red flag warning is extended. >> we are still watching the winds. they are slowly easing. it's still gusty above 1,000 feet. so mount diablo and st. helena, still gusts up to 40 miles per hour. so watching that very closely for you that red flag warning extended until 11 a.m. for the north bay, east bay hill sts up to les
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nds decrease tough the good. ytve, mperatures in the 40s and 50s. so fog-free morning for us as north winds continue. sunny and warm up to 10 degrees warmer than average. and tonight's forecast clear and cool. we'll take you through not only the next 24 hours but farther than that through the week on futurecast coming up in just a bit. michelle? >> mary, thank you. today the city of pittsburgh, pennsylvania will say a final farewell to three more people killed in the mass shooting at a synagogue. services are scheduled at the tree of life temple for an irving younger. yesterday, four of the 11 victims were honored. dr. jerry rabinowitz, da dav ce
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and david were remembered. >> i have seen t describe what's happened. jerry was a very, very special man. >> shortly after the funerals, president trump and the first lady visited the squirrel hill neighborhood. in the area, hundreds of people protested. and a vigil was held in san jose last night to honor the victims of the shooting. the jewish federation of silicon valley organized the event which brought together various people. mayor sam liccardo and others attended. the rest of the funerals are tomorrow and friday. the man accused of sending package bombs may have been looking at the berkeley library as a target. cesar sac arg packag online before mling
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e the searchtes he was ucerkel specific reason to believe a package bomb was sent there. but they are performing some extra security sweeps just to make sure. today the city of sunnyvale is introducing a new addition to its 911 system designed to get help to the right place faster than ever. katie nielsen reports. reporter: this is actually going to be a game changer because 80% of all 911 calls now come from cell phones. and in the past, it was hard to pinpoint the caller's exact location. but as of today, here in sunnyvale, that is changing. the city is launching rapid sos, a new 911 calling system that links dispatcher with the location feature of the emergency caller's cell phone. it will allow dispatchers to see the location of the call down to within 50 feet. coming from quicker, more rst f
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accurately as and fast as possible. ep ipast isomelled 91 phone, dispatchers could see the caller's location based on the cell tower use but that only gave them a few mile radius. they use the location service of the phones. the only catch is the phones have to be updated. that means ios 12 for apple phones or version 4.0 or later for android phones. live in sunnyvale, katie nielsen, kpix 5. new details this morning on the bay area couple who fell to their deaths at yosemite. we have learned they died while taking a selfie. that's according to a brother. the man and his wife had a try
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pot set up near a ledge at the scenic ovwe visitors saw the camera and alerted the park below taft poi this past spring, they posted about the dangers of falling from cliffs while trying to take photos. 6:09. a california electricity company now admits its power lines likely started what was then the largest wildfire in state history. >> a california college student is suing the feds saying she was retaliated against because of political activism. >> a high pressure ridge across the bay area. i'll let you know how long it will last coming up on futurecast. >> and we have chopper 5 live over the scene of a fatal accident in hayward. all lanes are completely shut down northbound 880 at whipple. i'll have your alternates coming up. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. good wednesday morning to you. it is 6:13. happy halloween! and a spooktacular forecast in store for us across the bay area with sunshine, warm conditions, and a live look with our sutro cam looking at the bay bridge and "salesforce tower" camera. a red flag warning has been extended for the north and east bay hills until 11 amadou to the strong winds that we're still tracking out there on the higher elevations. we'll talk about the winds coming up into few minutes. this morning a break true in the search for the plane that plunged into the java
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sea. just minutes ago, officials said aircraft debris and passenger belongings have been found on the sea floor. the two-month-old boeing plane went down just minutes after take-off from jakarta, presumably killing all 189 people on board. officials hope to find the voice and data recoveredders. a cal state is suing the federal government over her denial from the daca program that provides legal protection for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children. the woman has been active in speaking out against the federal government's immigration policies. last year, the border patrol arrested her outside of her home. she was detained for three weeks but never charged with a crime. >> this is a fear and this is a trauma that have lived with me this past . is state violence and i'm
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not going to give up. >> her lawsuit claims that her arrest and activism are the only differences between her and daca applicants who were approved. the program has been at the center of a legal battle since president trump announced that he wanted to end daca last year. an electricity company now admits its equipment may have started a destructive wildfire in southern california. the thomas fire burned more than 281,000 acres in santa barbara and ventura counties last december. southern california edison says witnesses reported flames near their power poles in ventura county. the fire was directly responsible for two deaths, mudslides and scorched community killed more than 20 others. according to the "l.a. times," investigators are hoping to rease an official cause of the fire by the end of november. well, today is halloween 't be the case. there is a push to hold the
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event on saturday ra october 31st. those opposed to the change argue that october 31st is a date rooted in history and tradition. federal holidays have been moved before but halloween is not a federal holiday so this effort probably won't succeed. >> changing to -- >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> i'm so used to 31st daily every year. >> nice not to have to worry about staying out late. but -- >> eh? >> 31st? >> i don't know. >> deal with it. >> tradition means something. >> yes. northbound 880 at whipple, chopper 5 is live over the scene and we are watching a crew clear cones out of the roadway. a fatal crash had all lanes shut down. looks like they are clearing cones and traffic should move better through there.
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we'll get a confirmation from chp if all lanes are open at whipple but by the looks of it with those vehicles moving those cones out of the roere th is, it looks like lanes should be re-opening or are in the process of. so in the meantime, the damage is done on 880. you are slow to thornton avenue. northbound use alternates. we got confirmation from chp all lanes are now open northbound 880 at whipple. but use alternates and surface streets until things recover on 880. bart is a good choice. trains are not stopping at the ashby station so keep that in mind. if you commute into berkeley this morning, macarthur, ashby and berkeley have bus bridges in place. the closure is due to police activity. elsewhere, westbound 37 reports of a crash at mare island. it's slow. 40 minutes from 80 to 101. also northbound 101 out of the south bay looks like through morgan hill you're seeing stop
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and go conditions at least from tennant to cochran. from 238 to decoto road you will see a 26-minute drive time. let's check the forecast. it looks like a beautiful day. sunshine, warm temperatures, and looking good for the trick or treaters. a live look at the "salesforce" tower camera. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning. concord at 49. oakland 52. livermore at 45. one of the cooler spots there as well as for santa rosa. san jose 56. san jose 49. here's what to expect through the day. this morning fog-free because of the northerly winds that continue. sunny warm conditions. we are talking 10 degrees above average for this time of year. that trick or treating forecast looking at mostly clear skies and cool conditions. you know that, red flag warning from the north bay
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east bay hills has been extended until 11 a.m. wind gusts in mount diablo as well as mount st. helena, gusts up to 50 to 55 miles per hour. so some very strong winds still this morning. we'll continue to see the winds east through the afternoon. that will be a very good thing. everything is just so dry out there. low relative humidity. a ridge of high pressure still in control. north winds continue for us and that ridge of high pressure will continue to strengthen even by tomorrow. futurecast taking yougarat 4 ie now, for tonight, this is at 9 p.m. you can see partly cloudy skies. futurecast through saturday. this ridge is stubborn. it's a ridge of high pressure that's not going to budge. it's going to strengthen. low pressure systems bringing rain to the pacific northwest.
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we'll stay to the north with the rain chances. >> sunrise at 7:34. sunset at 6:11. our high temperatures today, warmer than yesterday. again above the normal high for this time of the year. 72 in san francisco. 77 in oakland. fremont at 68. 82 for vallejo and 84 for a high in napa. so that trick or treating forecast ghostly clear and gylcol. 50s and 60s so looking great this evening. above average temperatures through the week into the weekend. did you see what happened with one second left in the sharks game last night? and will the 49ers have a new starting quarterback thursday against the raiders? kickoff coming up
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welcome back. it'sfatal crash, all lanes now open northbound 880. still some big delays beyond thornton northbound. southbound 880 slow approaching the scene. use an alternate until things recover. we have bart delays, some bart advisories. we'll have that coming up in just minutes. right now here's sports with dennis. what's the saying, every second counts? that actually played out big time in san jose last night where the rangers had the lead in regulation with under 2 seconds to go. third period, game tied at two. chris kreider scores his second goal of the game and the rangers take the lead. with 1.6 seconds left in the game, tomas hertl ties it and the clock expires. so nobody scored in overtime. we went to a shootout. ankevin shattenkirk got it
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past jones to give the rangers their first road win of the year 4-3 the final. but at least the sharks got a point. cj beathard took a beating sunday. he reportedly has a sprained wrist and might not play thursday against the raiders which means the 49ers would go with second year quarterback nick mullins as their starter. he has never taken a regular season snap. shanahan on what he likes about mullins. >> he has been working hard. he doesn't get a ton of reps as no third guy does but he gets a lot after with receivers. he has been working and preparing for it. so if his number is up, he will be ready. penay ck andhe gators rancisco a t sto ch t round of the confee champiship over cal state san marcos.
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the gators go to uc-san diego on friday night. tracy hamm was hired as a soccer coach in 2015. she has never had a losing season. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. san jose is spending millions to upgrade the city's parking system. but it does come with some privacy concerns. >> after hours of being shut down because of a fatal accident that happened late last night, all lanes of northbound 880 by the whipple road exit are back open this morning. re on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11. recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend
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"mm sseution" os to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11.
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the east bay commute is still a mess after an early- morning crash left two people dead. >> and one bay area city is taking steps to make people feel safer in parking garages. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. many drivers are in for another rough morning commute after that crash on 880. let's get right over to jackie ward at the scene for the very latest. jackie. >> an hour ago the media was moved off the area, a good indicator for drivers because that means the freeway is opening up soon. just about 15 minutes abow, chp was able to re-open all lanes of northbound 880 so there shouldn't be any further issues with this part of the commute.
6:31 am
a tour bus caused it when it hit a vehicle in front of it and pushed it to tho r lane. the bus hit another vehicle pushing it into a semi truck. two people who died were in each of the cars of the tour bus that it hit. the truck and bus drivers were unharmed. >> it's bad anytime there's a fatal. i can't say one is worse than the other. a loss of life, amount of people that it impacts and epr: tous hey are all d. drove on top of one of the cars it hit and made a mess. at this point chp doesn't know how fast the bus was going and they don't believe drugs or alcohol were a factor but it's
6:32 am
still unclear if this was a case of distracted driving. all we know about the victim so far is that one was male, one female. chp says that they need to notify the next of kin before they release more information on them. morng commute is concern, there is good news there. all lanes of northbound 880 on the hayward, union city board remember open. jackie ward, kpix 5. still residual traffic jams. >> unfortunately with such long closures it causes a problem on the freeways. chopper 5 shows you how bad the backup is, it's intense northbound 880. there's just a sea of cars out there on the roads. now, the good news is you're moving a little better. we are seeing eeds improve to 22 miles per hour. so that's good news. still some active off to the shoulder so that will take some time. but in the meantime, all labors open north 880 at whipple. now, there is another crash reported in the backup right
6:33 am
before 84. so a second crash in the backup that's happened this morning. this one is blocking at least one lane. hopefully it's in the clearing stages. but again, the damage is done. so about 45 minutes if you're commuting, say, from 237 up to 238. so definitely give yourself some extra time. south 880 taking a hit, as well. busy southbound. but there was a lot of spectator slowing as folks cruised past that crash. all right. let's jump to the uth bay, north 680 to north 101, one lane shut down. busy northbound 680 anyway, north 101 also slow as you work your way out of san jose. it really bunches up around the 280/680 connector. trains still not stopping at the ashby bart station due to police activity. that's been in effect for quite some time this morning. they do have bus bridges in place. that will ease your commute if you take mass transit. you can catch it at macarthur, ashby and berkeley. elsewhere, let's get a quick look at our bay area bridges. 880 to 101 westbound, 22
6:34 am
minutes to commute over towards the peninsula. and a quick look at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. let's check outside from our sutro cam. take a look at the beautiful golden gate bridge on this lovely morning, in the 50s? >> yes, mid-50s this morning. so clear skies out there. looking good. and as we head through the afternoon, sunny and warm for your forecast today. a live look at the mount vaca cam under mostly clear skies. and we have been seeing the camera shake a little bit in the wind this morning. i want to talk about the winds. max wind gusts in the 24 hours, mount st. helena 68- mile-per-hour 32. mallory ridge 28. blackhawk 25. because of those strong winds that we're seeing this morning, winds gusting to 50 to 55 miles per hour right
6:35 am
now. so because of that, the national weather service extending that red flag warning until 11 a.m. for the north and east bay hills. and we are going to continue to see low relative humidity values as we go through the day but the good news we are going to see the winds decrease as we head through the afternoon. a fog-free start to the day. sunny and warm through the afternoon with daytime highs up to 10 degrees warmer an age. tror forecast mostly clear and cool. we'll talk about what to expect. three more funerals in pittsburgh, pennsylviaday after last week. >> they feel like they lost mothers, fathers and sons and daughters and community. >> three people will be laid to rest today. they were among the level members of the tree of life congregation killed on the saturday when a gunman walked into the synagogue and started
6:36 am
shooting. yesterday funerals for four others were held. and president trump also made a visit to pittsburgh. hundreds of people lined the streets to protest the president's visit claiming he is not welcome in the city until he deannounces white his opinions. had legal scholars are rejecting president trump's statement that he has the authority to end birthright citizenship as granted under the constitution. lawmakers on both sides of the i'll are also of the aisle say the same. he wants to end the right of citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens. the president is once again trying to drum up republicans before tuesday midterms, according to house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> what he was saying today
6:37 am
has no relationship to what his authority is. >> federal courts have ruled that the 14th amendment applies to children born in the u.s. to illegal immigrants. at least 30 countries guarantee silt zen ship to babies born within their borders. today the city of sunnyvale is demonstrating new technology to pinpoint the exact locations of 911 caller's emergencies. katie nielsen reports from the department of public safety to explain the new system. reporter: the way that it ce locatn services feature e of apple and android cell phones. in the past, when someone called 911 from a cell phone dispatchers could only see their location based on the cell tower used to place the call. that can be a radius of two miles. the new rapid sos system launching today in sunnyvale will tap into the location service of the phone itself, pinpointing the caller's location to within 50 feet. it's an update the department says will help speed up response times during an emergency.
6:38 am
>> it helps us collect evidence, preserve evidence a lot faster. it speeds the process up when people use cell phones, which used to sometimes slow things down. >> reporter: because of the popularity of cell phones and people doing away with their land lines, sunnyvale police estimate 80% of all 911 calls now come from cell phones. sunnyvale is actually one of the first cities in the bay area to implement this kind of technology. katie nielsen, kpix 5. $6> a new lice million parking system overhaul. the city council approved the system for all city-owned parking lots. the ap reports that readers will only authority drivers in and out of lots, enforce parking and payment laws and
6:39 am
audit parking transactions. however, police and city agencies will have access to the data. some san francisco parking garages have escorts available to walk to your car. the ambassador service is available in 19 garages. people can ask for the service in the an appointment. 6:39. the first completely driverless cars have gotten the go-ahead to hit california streets. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check it. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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good morning. looking south with the sun just about to rise. a beauty shot for you there
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day. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. a landslide in the philippines mountain province as a result of heavy rain from a typhoon. philippine officials say rescuers have pulled out 4 survivors and three bodies so far. several people are still missing. >> we have a report now from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. one of the key tech stocks is facebook. its third quarter earnings were mixed after delivering strong profits. its revenue gain of 33% came in under expectations. costs will rise and growth slows as it undergoes a transformation focusing honor video and also
6:44 am
having to spend much more on security after several high- profile incidents. now, wall street analysts initially were disappointed in this report. facebook was down but now this morning it's higher. some say they thought the report would be much worse than what it is. as a result, facebook stock is up by 6%. that's a big help to the tech sector. the private sector added 227,000 jobs in october, better tex stronggainsince february. the labor department delivers the october report on friday. congress looking for a gain of 190,000 jobs. stock market is looking to wrap up. it's been a miserable october. one of the worst for the market in several years. we are heading in the right direction today. let's check, all three incease are up. this after yesterday's rally. the s&p and nasdaq looking for
6:45 am
the first back-to-back sessions for the month. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. driverless cars are coming to the bay area streets with no one behind the wheel. google spinoff company waymo has been granted a permit for five cities. the vehicle must have a $5 million insurance policy, a law enforcement communication plan, and continuous monitoring with a two-way communication system. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see what happens with that. the cars drive by my apartment so many a day. i assume they have a lot of driving data now. at some pointed they have to make the transition to make the goal. >> the cars will be controlled remotely like a videogame. the group called the dmv's approval premature and doubts the safety of self-driving
6:46 am
cars. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. you're in orange. i'm in orange. must be halloween, gayle. >> i was going to say. michelle, i was just going to say, happy halloween. are you wearing orange or black today? good girl. i know. we will all have on orange and black today at the table. michelle, good to see you. we're dressing up as gayle king, for o'donnell and, john dickerson -- norah o'donnell, john dickerson and bianna golodryga. we begin with your eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. midterms and democrats take on healthcare targeting what they claim is a vulnerable issue for republicans. a new study finds that popular kids' apps are full of manipulative and disruptive ads. that's not good. what can you do to protect your children and give them thwi an actress, diane lane on your screen about her role in
6:47 am
"house of cards." we'll see you at 7:00. happy halloween to you. >> and to you. i'll be trick or treating later on. see you. >> all right. see you. so you're going to be a carpet or rug? >> just a rug. my daughter doesn't want to be jasmine anymore. >> i'm going to be chef choi- ardee. >> my little one is going to be peter pan and i'm tinkerbell. >> okay! >> i wish i could make magic happen on the roads. it's om an earlier crash that had all lanes shut down at whipple. first reports of a serious accident in the south bay along 280 this morning. so it's reported southbound 280 ramp to northbound 101 a crash that shut down the ramp. you have a lot of activity there on scene, injuries reported. we do have anotherth
6:48 am
busy out of the south bay, north 101 slow anyway through san jose busy past 880. northbound 280 delays from 680, 101 all the way to highway 85. that's a 21-minute drive. let's get you updated along 880. we have had our eye along this stretch of road all morning along the nimitz fremont from fremont into hayward. we have had a major accident all lanes now open northbound 880 at whipple. still sluggish coming out of fremont. a crash just cleared right before highway 84. a new wreck at tennyson roadblocking at least one lane. so 880 still continues to be very busy this morning. police activity continues at the ashby station for bart, trains are not stopping at that station. parallel bridges are in place -- or parallel buses, i should say, are in place, macarthur, ashby and berkeley so use ac transit. in the meantime, bart is
6:49 am
otherwise on time. easy ride out of marin, golden gate bridge, slow southbound out of petaluma, but marin county traffic is clear to the golden gate bridge. starting off our day under mostly clear skies. a live lo camera and the camera is shaking a bit in the wind. it's looking toward the diablo range under a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills so that red flag warning has been extended. i'll talk about this in just a moment. but a live look at the "salesforce tower" camera. just before sunrise. a gorgeous view of the bay there. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. this is what to expect a fog- free morning once again due to northerly winds sunny warm conditions. erage for this me reies, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. >> so let's talk about the high fire danger. because we are still tracking some strong winds.
6:50 am
we are watching them ease. and we'll continue to decrease as we head through the afternoon but that red flag warning is extended until 11 a.m. we're tracking wind gusts in the hills up to 55 miles an hour right now. the ridge of high pressure is only going to build and expand for us. the north winds continue and that means northerly to northeasterly winds. that offshore flow bringing in that dry and warm air. futurecast taking you through the afternoon. here we are at 4 p.m. and you can see clear skies all across the bay area. as we check out, isisat9 partly skies. and then to tomorrow. morr d warmest day t furecast taking you th th ubborn. all for us. it's going to stick around and that means our temperatures are going to be the next several days. sunrise at 7:34.
6:51 am
sunset at 6:11. daytime highs today above average for this time of year. 72 in san francisco. 80 in san rafael. 82 for vallejo. above average highs through the weekend. take a look at this. here's a scenario police are encountering more often on the streets of san francisco. [ screaming ] >> a mental health crisis that could escalate into violence. but police are getting training for a different outcome. >> so i can say, hi, my name is joel. i'm a police officer. i'd like to help you. what's going on you? might say there's nothing you can do to help me, like this, miserable but we're talking and now it's negotiation. >> the tactics police are learning to go from crisis to calm. that's tonight at 11 p.m. time now 6:52.
6:52 am
it looked like a halloween prank. but the fear was very real. details on the man headed to court today after allegedly bringing chainsaws on a bart train. >> reporter: all lanes of northbound 880 by whipple road in hayward are back open this morning. but traffic is still slow going. we'll tell you what caused all of this next. tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! i'm jackie ward at the
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industrial parkway whipple ou i happened last night. it happened around 10:40. it involved four vehicles. right now, chp believes was dri middle lane and approached stop-and-go traffic. as it was approaching this traffic, it crashed into the car in front of it pushing that car into the left into another lane. the tour bus didn't stop there. it continued to plow into yet another car, pushing that one into the back of a semi truck. the two people ended up dialing, the drivers of each of the cars that the tour bus driver hit. the tour bus driver and the truck driver were not hurt. at one point the tour bus ended up driving on top of one of the cars it hit tangling these vehicles up and creating an even bigger mess for chp to clean up and recreate. at this point chp doesn't know how fast the bus gog. theyn't e
6:57 am
alcohol were a factor. we don't have any information regarding the victims, just that one was a man, another a woman. but all lanes of northbound 880 by in hayward are back open. yet we have seen a couple of ambulances fly by here. so traffic is probably still congested and slow-moving. in hayward, jackie ward, kpix 5 5. a bart rider will face a judge today after pulling out a pair of chainsaws on a train. video posted to twitter shows him flicking the switch of a chainsaw several time. patrick bingham is held at the santa rita jail. santa clara county a specia hearing today to discuss band width lot to band whitted
6:58 am
throttling during wildfires. whiteywhitey bulger was killed inside a west virginia prison yesterday after being beaten. a breakthrough in the search for the indonesian plane that plunged into the java sea. d passenr belongings have ris been found on the sea floor. the two-month-old boeing plane went down right after take-off from jakarta 189 people on board. funerals will be held in pennsylvania today for more victims of the weekend mass shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue. 11 people were killed when a gunman opened fire saturday. jumping over to the roads right now, let's go live to chopper 5 right now in berkeley. you can see a live look there. ashby station is shut down, no stops there. it remains closed. bus bridges with ac transit
6:59 am
are in place and available at macarthur, ashby and berkeley. northbound 280 at 87, live look with traffic busy through the sobay. nny anwarm day ac ta.n n franci 77 oakland. 78 for sanose. above average temperatures through the weekend. >> thanks for watching. >> "cbs thisor


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