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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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@5:00, a community in morning. a gunman opened fire in a synagogue in pittsburgh and this evening, we are learning more about the 11 victims killed. thank you for joining us. >> we have team coverage in san francisco where dozens gathered to honor the victims. let's take a look in pittsburgh, hillary. >> reporter: brian, julie, this is still very much an active crime scene. we are learning that congregants were attending a brace at the synagogue. it is a jewish synagogue to welcome a baby boy into the world. it is supposed to be a joyous time. 20 minutes into the service, a gunman opened fire. >> -- >> reporter: the city of
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pittsburgh is mourning the victims of what's thought to be the deadliest attack on the josie eight -- jewish people in the united states. >> reporter: 11 members were killed. the victims range in age from 54-97. it included a pair of others, as well as a couple who have been married over 60 years. the suspect, robert bowers, was arrested after being wounded in a shootout with police. he is now facing 11 counts of murder. >> during the course of the us though she assault, bowers made statements about his desire to kill jewish people. >> reporter: the mayor of pittsburgh called saturday the darkest days -- day in the city's history. >> the approach that we need to
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be looking out is how we take the guns, which is the common denominator of every mass shooting in america, out of the hands of those that are looking to express hatred through murder. >> reporter: and the victims were remembered before the steelers browns game on sunday. >> sources tell us the gunman walked into the synagogue yelling choose must die. all over the country, police are picking up security at local synagogues. back to you. >> we do know that four police officers were hurt, do we know what their condition is? >> reporter: we have just learned that a police officer was released from the hospital yesterday, one is expected to be released today, two are still hospitalized and one is
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in critical condition. at the same time, investigators are trying to learn everything they can about robert bowers. they're using a robert -- robot to search his last known address. police have finished searching his car and they are looking for surveillance video to piece together his movements. bowers faces federal charges, including hate crime offenses. vigils were held throughout the area to remember the victims. we are also live in san francisco. >> reporter: it was packed inside temple emanuel this afternoon for a interfaith gathering. this was a chance for the community to come together and support each other. >> -- the sound of music filled the hearts and nourish the holes that she souls of those devastated by the shooting. rabbis, priests, and reverence from a number of religions started the healing process for
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those here today. >> when you have loss of any sort, horrible loss like this, tradition teaches to reach out for comfort. >> reporter: london breed was also on hand to offer her words of support. >> in days like yesterday, it makes me feel like i was 16 >> reporter: since then she has been living a voice to the victims of these tragedies. >> i speak for those whose voices are silenced. i survived a shooting and so i will be here for representation for the people who did not survive. >> reporter: community leaders hope morning turns to action to make places of worship in the entire country safe again. >> i feel a safe though she sense of more urgent
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mobilization to move this country from insane back to humane. >> reporter: the increased security was a precaution. none of the local synagogues received any specific threats. reporting live, back to you. >> thank you. senator harris addressed the shooting from florida today while campaigning for democrats in miami. she said there is no room for hate in america. >> we should think of it as a massacre based on -- basically hate. it was fueled by hate. and there is no room for that in our country and whatever faith anyone practices, whatever god anyone worships, whatever languages they speak with her grandparents speak, wherever they live or whatever party they are affiliated with, we cannot tolerate in our country, these kinds of acts of violence that are fueled by hate. it is time to stop.
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>> the pope led prayers for the jewish community this morning in st. peter's square. and other news tonight, one person in belmont was rushed to the hospital. authorities say the victim was trespassing on the train tracks of the crime -- time, there is no word of their condition. a man accused of sending package bombs to democrats is due to court tomorrow. cesar soyac may and -- enter a plan to a number of charges. pipe bombs were sent to the mail -- pipe bombs were sent through the mail to 14 people. a big -- mister trump is partly
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responsible for the monsters. >> i think what mister trump has done is create an atmosphere that condones violence. that actually incites people's most emotional and violent feelings. and creates an atmosphere where people feel free to live out that kind of behavior. >> president trump responded to the interview saying wacky tom sawyer comes out as a lunatic who should be let -- running out of money pretty soon. he said as bad as their field fitted though she is, the democrats will eat him alive. the response was that it's horrible that the tread -- president rich -- responds with name-calling. orleans are back open onto 80 after a deadly crash in san jose. this happened near 10th street
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after 4 am. a mitsubishi had a reeling -- railing, causing the crash. the driver got out of the car and was hit by oncoming traffic. the victim died at the scene. for the people were hurt, no word on their condition. look out for skimming devices at gas pumps in richmond. police posted photos of a gas pump that was targeted. there was a skimming device behind a credit card reader. ? can we -- use it to steal financial information. a water main break caused a muddy mess, the break happened around midmorning underneath arcs avenue. traffic heading east from the north expressway had to be diverted. crews spent most of the day repairing this rupture. another group of central american migrants are making
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their way to the u.s. about 300 people from el salvador took off today. many of them say they are feeling -- fleeing violence corruption and unemployment. the caravan was or not though she organized through facebook. they are going to travel to 75 miles to the border of guatemala and then on to mexico. trump is also taking steps to stop the caravan from ever reaching american soil. here are more details from the white house. >> reporter: resident trump is considering taking executive action to stop people in the caravan from entering the u.s., even through meet -- legal means. the order would prevent migrants from seeking asylum at the border. >> everything is on the table, we are working toward what that would mean in terms of implications internally. >> the president has also sent a word of warning to the thousands of people coming from central america.
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he said turnaround, saying we are not letting people into the united states illegally. >> it will not happen. you watch. >> the -- the president has used the caravan as a political point in the you -- the upcoming election. the trump administration is planning to send hundreds of active duty trumps to the border to help strengthen security. the order from james mattis will deploy troops of 2000 national guardsmen. the soldiers will assist the border patrol, building barriers and looking for people crossing illegally. but they do not have the authority to arrest illegal immigrants and they won't be authorized to use force instead -- except for in cases of self- defense. >> if we could stop the flow of drugs, if we could get hurt though she curtail the level of violence, you would not have these migrants straining forward, heading toward the country.
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>> it's unknown how many people make it to the border. thousands have already abandoned the attempt. is still ahead, banning e cigarettes and flavored tobacco, this county will put an end to the popular craze. also invasive snails, these creatures can threaten animal life. >> all that and the forecast coming up.
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a carjacking suspect is under arrest. travis byrd is now in jail booked on carjacking and kidnapping charges. around 6:00 and yesterday, byrd struggled with a driver at a gas station. the woman escaped but the -- travis drove away in her car.
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police saw byrd, chased him through several backyards, and interested in. bern county is thinking about a ban on flavored tobacco. this would and -- this would ban sales on e cigarettes, paving liquids, and flavored tobaccos. they will be looking at the proposal on tuesday. a tiny invasive species has built a big presence in a new space. >> it could cause a lot of trouble if it starts writing to other waterways. >> reporter: the water in this creek comes from runoff from mount diablo. what's growing here has only gotten here because of man. when you see biology researcher emily king, she already knows what she's going to find. and they are not hard to spot. the tiny black dots you see on rocks and leaves and sticks are actually an invasive creature called the new zealand mud snail. >> these get introduced to new
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places and take over. >> reporter: the mud snail is literally a freak of nature. with three sets of chromosomes instead of two, it has the ability to clone itself. it would take only one snail to infect this entire stream. at times, emily has counted up to 90,000 of the sales per square meter. they are tough, they have a tiny trapdoor they can close their shell with like a suit of armor. >> if they get eaten, they seal up and hold on and wait for the fish to pass them later. >> reporter: they are harmful because they eat a lot of algae. >> and places of wyoming, they take their 97 percent of animals alive, is this one type of snail. >> reporter: the researcher is studying to see if there is some natural mechanism keeping them in check.
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the danger would be if they got transferred into the delta. they have shown they can live in slightly salty water. >> they are so small, this is how people miss them. they can survive though she survive on their shoelaces. >> reporter: that's why wildlife officials are pleading with the public to carefully clean off and allowed to dry for 48 hours any boots or fishing gear before transferring from one string to another. you never know how they were -- will hitch a ride to the next home and there is no practical way to get rid of them once they are there. one -- the only way to read the -- the only way to rid the stream of the snails is for a drought to dry up the cleat though she stream completely. but no one is hoping for that. >> the snails are not a threat to new zealand because tiny parasites keep their numbers down. here, they have no knowledge -- natural and it -- enemies. i can see my two labs being a transport for them.
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we've got red flag warnings that may be of concern later in the week because of what's happening in the upper atmosphere. not for tomorrow or tuesday but midweek, they are going to think about it at the national weather service because high pressure is finally beginning to build in over the pacific northwest. that means higher temperatures and lower humidities, but we will see if that develops in the meantime. low and high clouds kept us on the mild side today. 72 0 in san francisco, things are cooling down as we head through the end of october. out the door tomorrow morning, we will be at the 50s with mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions. that fog is like a wall in the overnight hours. pretty thick by the coast. mild for tomorrow but then things will begin to warm up. high pressure has been shunted to the desert, low pressures of the queen charlotte's, and steady as she goes.
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future -- future test shows some clouds tomorrow, high clouds as well. then we will clear off by late in the day. we will then see a mostly sunny monday. future test shows wednesday, high-pressure rebuilds, and is that rebuilds, temperatures rebound and the humidity goes down. that's why midweek looks like it could be a concern because we will have a classic offshore situation. fog and clouds tomorrow, cold and mild tomorrow, then things warm-up. tuesday through thursday, 80s inland. heading out, that's actually fairly warm compared to seattle. 55 0. tonight, we will be in the mid 40s to low 50s and tomorrow we are looking pretty close to average. in san francisco, 660. a few
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clouds to start, some to finish, and numbers will be very pleasant in the low to mid 70s. mid 70s inland, it doesn't get much better than that at this time of the year. and then it it is in the low 70s as we head up toward cloverdale. extended forecast, we will go with status quo. locale -- low clouds in the morning, as we hit midweek we go to mid 80s inland. that's the good news and weather, you won't find that in sports. you will not. [ laugh ]the raiders and 49ers seemed poised today and to medical mistakes determined the outcome for both. what that means for bay area football, next.
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colts take a 42-28 lead and that's your ballgame. the raiders fall to one in six in the season. >> we need to address something on this roster and we are doing the best we can. it's hard on this team right
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now certainly but i'm not going to keep talking about the critics and the controversy. we are does she need to get better in a lot of areas. i don't think playing hard is an issue, i think it was a tight ballgame. they got the lead in the fourth quarter, i don't think playing hard is the issue. you can read -- replay the game and be the judge of that yourself. >> you are more likely to see offense between the 49ers and cardinals. arizona is averaging just 13 points a game in off-season. quarterback byron, first game, halfway through the third, he butts in and finds marquise going over the middle. he turns on the jets and the 49ers lead at this .12-3. early fourth quarter, it's now 15-3. 13 your -- yard touchdown and the cardinals cut the deficit to 15-10.
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still 11 minutes left. arizona gets the ball back, 90 seconds left, rolls it to the fellow rookie, christian. then, 40 seconds left, third and goal for the cardinals, rolls into the back of the end zone for the touchdown. they got the two point conversion to go up 18-15 with 34 seconds to play. last chance for san francisco, they were less than 10 yards from feel bold range -- field- goal range and the time ran out. the cardinals won, 18-15. 49ers fall to one in seven. lebron james is not going well for the cavaliers, they fired head coach after starting the season on six and i can safely predict, i will be not be returning to cleveland for the
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first time in four years. the warriors in brooklyn, checking out the hometown team, he tracks down his own and kicks it out to the red. he gets it back to the wide- open three, curry at 24 points in the first half and the bench is loving it. fourth quarter, hits the jumpshot to put the warriors up 16 just under nine minutes left. durand had 34 points. d'angelo russell, brooklyn went on a 15-to, just over a minute to play. it's curry finishing with 35 points. the warriors be the nets. they will finish the road trip tomorrow in chicago. >> it is so fun when they put on that kind of show, i love that. >> especially in new york, they
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were in madison square garden on friday night and brooklyn of course today and the brick -- big rumor is that kevin durand may be a free agent in off- season. >> we will be right back.
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if you are a chocolate fan, today is national chocolate day. if you like your chocolate brownies cakes or cookies, go on and indulge. >> you like what kind of chocolate?
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>> milk chocolate, all the way. and you are -- >>.-- dark chocolate. >> to meet -- to each their own. thanks for watching. >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this sunday night from pittsburgh: new details about yesterday's synagogue mass shooting. atat we are learning about the 11 people killed and the survivors. a suspect with a history of hie, and a community coming together to mourn. we begin here with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> we now know the names of the victims in saturday's mass shooting inside the tree of life synagogue. meght men and three women. >> ranging in age from 54 to 97 years old. >> we're under fire. >> the sabbath worship at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh shattered by semi- intomatic gunfire. >> the suspect has been identified as 46-year-old robert bowers. >> witnesses say he yelled, "all


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