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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 28, 2018 8:30am-8:59am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: it's sunday october 28th, i'm john dickerson and this is fac "facee nation." hatred and horror at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh as a gunman goes on an anti-semitic shooting rampage killing 11 and injuring six more in what is believed to be the deadliest attack on the jewish community in america's history. >> this wicked act of mass murder is pure evil, hard to believe and frankly something that is unimaginable. we must all rise above the hate, move past our divisions andem os americans. >> dickerson: at the end of the week where at least 14 pipe bombs were sent to critics of
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president trump the country is on edge, and americans are looking for answers and a way to curb the anger and division, is that exist today. we'll talk with two senators working together on that issue for a while, oklahoma republican james langford and delaware democrat chris coons who head up a prayer group in the senate. we spent time on the campaign trail earlier this month with house speaker paul ryan and republican congresswoman elise steffan in this case. you'll hear from them about anger and politics with nine days left until the mid term elections we'll get an update on three toss-up races in the senate, arizona, florida and indiana. plus, womb have analysis on all the news that is all coming up on "face the nation." good morning welcome to "face the nation." it's been a grim week in america as hate has led to fear and deadly violence in two separate
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but horrifying cases. a law enforcement source tells cbs news that casar sayoc accused of sending mail bombs to prominent critics of president trump told law enforcement that he didn't intend to hurt in that that's why they believe the bombs were not connected to go off. he will be arraigned in federal court in florida. in pittsburgh officials have just conclude add briefing wrong the case against robert bowers who they say killed 11. we begin today with cbs news correspondent who is outside the tree of life synagogue and filed this report. >> authorities just revealed the names of the 11 victims ranging in age from 97 to 54. among them is daniel stein he had just become a new grandfather just been 24 hours since robert bowers stormed into
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this synagogue and said to one responding law enforcement officer, i just want to kill jews. armed with three handguns and an assault rifle, authorities say pittsburgh area resident robert bowers opened fire on worshippers saturday morning, murdering 11 people inside this synagogue, responding officers reached the scene as he was fl fleeing, and exchanged gunfire with the 46-year-old. officers shot bowers multiple times before he was arrested and taken to a local hospital. he reportedly shouted anti anti-semitic slurs as he was shooting inside the synagogue and had recently written on his page on the social media platform, gab, that jews are the children of say tin. powers rap page was aimed at j jews specifically. >> this is the most horrific crime seen i've seen in 2,
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members of the tree of life synagogue conducting a peaceful service in their place of worship were brutally murdered by gunman targeting them simply because of their faith. >> just hours later, thissi come lives lost and prayed for six others injured including four police officers. they were part of the pittsburgh jewish community. >> when you hear names and faces and a bit of us all died today, 11 of our friends and family all died today. bost inhe hosp litale toveit but is expected to make first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. he's charged withed federal crimes including volenice njustice says the charges could lead to the death penalty. john. >> we turn now to republican senator james lankford of oklahoma, he is a member of the intelligence and homeland security committees and he joins
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us this morning from oklahoma city. good morning, senator. >> good morning, to you. dickerson: this horrible shooting in pittsburgh seems to be part of a trend, the act of anti-semitic violence have increased 46% between 23016 and 2017 that is largest increase ever, why do you think that is? >> yes, very difficult to be able to tell obviously why any person this deranged would step out and do that or any other person reaching out to be able to press back against people because of their faith. we continue to be able to ask the questions that you're asking right now. we continue to be able to have dialogue and push back on anyone who tries to reach out for anyone of person of faith or race or whatever might be.ooters horrible shooting apparently said or was guided by was this idea that this caravan coming from central america was being supported by globalists, some people say george soros' name. president trump made that same case, do you see any connection
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between the shooter motivated by that and the case the president is making? >> i don't. because this particular shooter also condemned president trump saying he was a globalist that he was allowing some of this to happen. i don't see any connection where you would connect the president to this particular shooting just like i wouldn't see that conne connecting democrats when person walked up to baseball game last year and said, is this where the republicans are practicing then opened fired on them simply because they were republicans. this issue about a shooting at a church in south carolina or synagogue or republican baseball practice just hate-filled individuals that are very deranged. >> dickerson: the distinction that let's be frank, distinction has been making that he has been making this specific narrative claiming there are middle easterners in this caravan with no evidence that that exists, and th that was the direct link to this shooter, it's not just unfocused criticism but
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very specific narrative that this shooter seems to have picked up on. >> back to thooeames i was condeemning president trump about being a globalist at the time. i don't see where president trump has somehow to blame for this. now, president trump in hess rhetoric is very direct but i don't see how you connect president trump president trump who is a person deranged. he's been very clear about san us vile thingas well as all of idea the larger issue of idents this week, you havenumber this shooting, you have the attemptedded bombing, you have the shooting of two african americans in kentucky. you are a member of the homeland security committee, give me your sense of the threat from domestic terrorism? >> always one of the most difficult threats that we have. international terrorism we're very aggressive on, not had a major terrorist event from international tear terrorism,
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we'll continue to be vigilant in that work. the most difficult thing we as americans have the basic right of protection of privacy and we should have that right of protection of privacy. but that also means very difficult for law enforcement someone does what is called -- very quickly this individual, yesterday, apparently posted something after saying all these horrible things about jews for a long time posted something sa saying that, i'm going to go in and then suddenly took off, no one -- wasn't on anyone's radar, wasn't being tracked. that is a person that might have been paranoid that the government was watching. but the government is not watc watching people. people live their normal lives. doesn't have a criminal record he's not on anyone's radar, very difficult to be able to track someone within the united states that snaps and takes off and does something like this. >> dickerson: in response to what the administration thought was threat from immigrants they started checking social media history of popomi into the united states, with americans and domestic terror
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threat you add online postings, the case of the florida man he was obviously on social media saying some things that were very consistent with his action# in social media to keep track of these domestic terrorists? >> trying to track each other. but there are -- someone shows up on radar that law enforcement can get a warrant, can examine obviously people have their social media posts public, that can also be monitored see if someone is trying to bebleo start violence of any sort without violating someone's basic constitutional freedoms if they're posting things in open source. >> dickerson: in response to the mail bombings you said we have to work -- have to all work together as americans to stop this. what actual specific work are you talking about? >> that is the difficult thing that is not a legislative task that everyone says let's have a vote and solve these issues, go back to what dr. martin luther king junior said years ago his
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statement was, you don't overcome hate with more hate. you don't try to drive out dar darkness with more darkness, only love can do that. as a culture we've got to figure out how to be able to communicate with each other on difficult things. now, again, this person sit se sending package bombs was very deranged individual in all likelihood from everything that we have seen and more information will continue to be able to come out. but the chatting that we have is our social media rhetoric, our intensity of our dialogue no longer having dialogue and conversation it's shouting someone else down that you disagree with and trying to silence them rather than having dialogue. >> dickerson: in your view, president of the united states has bigger voice than anybody else in politics or in the world really, doing the president as it stands right now meet that standard that you're talking about for public discourse? >> no. i've said this to the president before. i think that the president needs to be more clear in his rhetoric and doesn't need to be as cause particular in his rhetoric, that's the way he chooses it's
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not always helpful. we have the same issue on university campuses all around the country where individuals can't speak out on their views because they will get shouted down. we had that around the kavanaugh hearings, people would shout at you trying to be able to silence individuals. doesn't help in our basic dialogue, i think the president should i think all of us in congress, anyone in public life should set a good role model example what it means to have respectful dialogue. >> dickerson: senator, we're outed of time. we thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. dickerson: we turn now is chris coons from wilmington, good morning, senator. >> good morning, john, great to be on with you again. >> dickerson: i'll start with you where i started with senator lankford in the violence increased between 2016 and 2017, why do you think that is? >> i think that is because of the causitc tone of our national politics, this hateful, deranged
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man is just latest in a series of violence this past week that ourthati folkons who are inspired by hat, by fear, by bigotry to take up and act on their deranged ideas. i think there is a responsibility for all of us to lower the tone of hatred and division in our country. >> dickerson: is is that the way you see it all lawmakers, all people in public life share the responsibility equally are more portions of the culture that have more work to do than others? >> well, i think those of us in national office, our president, those who hoped to be president, those of us in congress, who have louder microphones who are heard from and seen more regularly, need to take responsibility for ways in which we lower the temperature. senator lankford and i are the cochairs of the weekly senate prayer breakfast. we get together every week with a bipartisan group of several
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dozen senators and one of the things we focus on is trying to meet each other in a spirit of humility and prayer and to see each other as real people not as evil enemies, not as more than just political opponents and one of the things that really concerns me that weighs on my heart is the ways in which our president and a number of other national political leaders of both parties have used their megaphones in order to inspire and instill and energize folks based on division rather than based on unity. >> dickerson: are you making any claim about that inspiration in the acts we've seen this week? from the president? >> these particular -- these particular attacks by deranged and hateful individuals, it's hard to draw a clear line between specific arguments the president or others have made and attacks. when senator sanders heard that one of his supporters had taken up a rifle and shot congressman scalise and tried to kill others
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in congress he took to the floor of the senate denounced it. what i do think is helpful is when those who are national leadership recognize that some of the arguments they have been making have inspired or encouraged deranged individuals to take actions that they really don't support to make it perfectly clear, to denounce hatred and anti-semitism as president trump recently has to distance themselves from the arguments that might have inspired these sorts of arguments, excuse me, these sorts of actions, it is important for us to recognize that there's more work that we can and should do to lower the temperature and tone in our national politics. >> dickerson: you mentioned the president in terms of contributing to this tone, obviously members of the president's party point to the protesters who shouted down republican senators during the kavanaugh hearings, mitch mcconnell was confronted in a restaurant, speak to the actions on the democratic side and what role you think they have contributed in this tone that you've been talking about?
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>> look, when congresswoman maxine waters encouraged folks, supporters, protesters, advocates in my party to continue this practice of harassing, of confronting folks from the other party, i spoke out against that. many in my party did. i think it's important that people in leadership nationally who are well-known discourage that kind of aggressive advoca advocacy. but, john, there is a real difference between folks in the capital who during the kavanaugh hearings were spirited, were loud and participatedded in their constitutionally protected right of free speech and gentleman who sent out 14 mail bombs this last week, the individual who exercised a hat hateful instinct there against political and media figures across the country. john, we narrowly avoided a remarkable tragic week in american history, if those bombs had gone off we would today be having a very different conversation about not
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assassination attempts against two former presidents, but what would have been a tragic way of violence almost unprecedented in modern history. we have to take a moment and step back and recognize that the heated rhetoric of american politics today is encouraging some folks who are deranged to take action based on that rhetoric. >> dickerson: finally, senator, one very quick question, you're on the foreign relations committee, what is your feeling about the crown prince of saudi arabia and whether he knew about the assassination of jamal khashoggi. >> we don't yet know the full facts but 20 of us, in equal number wrote president trump, triggered the act and he must now begin an investigation and get back to us about whether or not we should be imposing sanctions. if the crown prince was directly involved in planning and carrying out this horrific premeditated murder of a journalist, an american reside
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resident, there should be significant consequences, we should reconsider our relationship with saudi arabia because it needs to be a relationship based not just on shared interests in arm sales or regional security but shared values. that is an incident that goes right to the heart of one of our core values the protection of free speech and journalists in the media. >> dickerson: we've come to the end of our time. thanks soap much nor being with us. >> thank you, job. dickerson: we'll be back in a minute with a lot more "face the minute with a lot more "face the nation," don't go away. of the toughest parts is the search for a job that takes advantage of the skills you've gained while serving. you can now search with the phrase 'jobs for veterans' directly on google... ...and then enter your military occupational specialty code. google brings together job openings from across the web that match the skills you gained in your military role. just click to apply and use your experience to guide your future. comcast business built the nation's largest gig-speed network. then went beyond.
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organizations don't cover congressman's bipartisan achievements. why do you think there's not much talk about bipartisanship? >> i don't think it sells, for you guys, for the media. we take a look at the bills we pass out of the house, about a thousand bills, one of the most productive sessions of congress in a generation. and of those roughly thousand bills, over 80% of them are b bipartisan bills. we've tackled the opioids, we've tackled human trafficking, all of those are bipartisan but they don't get reported. it doesn't sell. i honestly think it's the ratings chase that's on display in america today that says when they're fighting each other that's when you cover it. >> dickerson: so if we accept some portion of responsibility for that, you've seen some president trump's rallies, do they accentuate the things that unite us or are they -- do they do something very successful in politics which is sow division
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in the country, do you see that happen? >> sometimes, yeah. dickerson: sometimes meaning da -- >> not always but sometimes. i worry about tribal identity politics becoming the new norm of out politics is waged as conservatives we thought this was sort of a left wing thing. unfortunately the right practices that as well. it's the day and age, technology and everything else, identity politics which is now being pack practiced on both sides of the aisle is unfortunately working and i think we as leaders we got to figure out how do we make inclusive aspirational politics strategically valuable again. >> dickerson: you've talked about inclusive politics, does president trump practice? >> sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. >> dickerson: but i mean, come on, honestly -- >> on economic growth and tax reform getting military, helping veterans, those are things that he has led us to that have really brought people together. 'talks about these, that is
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inclusive. >> dickerson: you talk about tribalism. here is the thing, you leave office you say to members like congresswoman who have -- got to deal with this tribalism isn't the most effective way to deal with tribalism -- president trump has been very effective practicing the politics as they are, not as like some grad school idea of how they should be, but he's gotten two supreme court nominees confirmed, he got tax cut bill through, tribalism is working out just fine if it's getting -- points on the board. >> look, take the tax bill, for example, what street that going to do? create economic growth and opportunity. creating more -- this company right here, 30 more jobs and higher wages, more investment in their factory to hire more people. what does that do? that helps reduce economic anxiety. to me the best way to combat tribalism to starve it of its oxygen which is anxiety, economic anxiety. security anxiety. if we can pass policies that
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help improve people's lives make them more confident about their future, less prone to be swayed by the kind of tribalism and identity politics we see. >> dickerson: isn't another way perhaps more effective not to give i tribalism when -- in order to get something passed. >> yes. what can we do? she can control what she says, i can control what i say. she and i don't tweet these things. we say what we say. but also we pass policies that we believe are going to be good for this country and going to address people's concerns and fears and make them more secure in their lives. >> dickerson: do you think what is mor more attractive the kindf inclusive, old style republican vision that the speaker here is talking about or the grittier, tougher, highly successful kind of politics that's transformed the republican party that president trump practices? >> i think this election is going to be focused on results versus resistance. what does not resonate is
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resistance where regardless of whether you agree with some of the focuses of this administration, i'm willing to work with them. i think both parties need to address the tribalism that's happening and where we're getting our information. >> dickerson: have you seen efforts to reach out to the president, to the other party? >> i think he has reached out. look what he's done on opioids. that initiative from this -- >> dickerson: he's also called them evil. how do you reach out and call them evil? >> look -- dickerson: isn't that the -- >> it's a cycle. but just so you know all these bills, this is an incredibly productive term of legislation. president has signed so many new big, bold reforms into law, most of this are bipartisan. >> dickerson: again that interview was taped on act 1 16th. also soak with speaker ryan about his plans after he leaves congress in january but with breaking news this weekend we've had to put that on our website had to put that on our website at we'll be right back in just a moment.
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