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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  October 8, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: on the "cbs evening news" for this monday: the president introduces the newest supreme court justice at a ceremonial swearing in. and hurricane michael is quickly intensifying as it takes aim at the gulf coast. states of emergency have been been declared. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the supreme court is an institution of law. it is not a partisan or political institution. >> judge brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh. >> and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. >> this storm will be life threatening and extremely dangerous. >> residents along the gulf coast are bracing for hurricane michael. >> this major hurricane could be here by wednesday.
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>> mandatory evacuations along the florida panhandle. >> all you can do is prepare. >> heartbreaking details and no good answers after a tragic and horrific crash in upstate new york. >> can't wrap your head around it, you just can't. >> the mystery of a saudi journalist disappearance is going deeper. >> jamal khashoggi vanished in turkey last week. >> in the past he has been very critical of the saudi government. >> every bit of warning matters. >> scientists with the united nations issuing a stark warning. climate change could reach crisis levels in about a decade. >> six children in minnesota contract a rare polio-like illness within a three week span. >> we usually see zero to one case in a year. >> another milestone for spacex. >> delivered a satellite into orbit and eight minutes after launching, the rocket booster returned safely to base. >> it is the first time they did a ground landing on the west coast. >> dickerson: good evening, i'm john dickerson. jeff glor is on assignment on his way to the florida panhandle, because hurricane michael is heading there, too.
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it is expected to make landfall as a category three as soon as wednesday morning. the governor calls it a monstrous storm. he's ordered evacuations of the panhandle. and residents are boarding up and moving out. storm surge and hurricane watches are up along the gulf coast. helping us track the storm is lonnie quinn, chief weathercaster at our new york flagship station, wcbs. lonnie? >> reporter: good evening. let's give you the latest as far as the national hurricane center is concerned, the most recent numbers at 5:00 eastern standard time show a category one system, 80 mile per hour winds. it got a little stronger today, moving to the north at nine miles per hour, it is the direction it moving in what we've got to keep an eye on the intensification of the storm. is it a guarantee, no. we watch it closely alot of warm warm water in the gulf of mexico will strengthen.
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cooks a hurricane. but just southwest of the storm there is a lot of dry air. if that gets infused into the system t is not going to rapidly intensify. what you want to watch though and remember is that florence was forecast to be by three or four coming on shore, came on as a one and look at the devastation it caused. same thing takes place with this. although it will move through quicker t will not linger for days and days and days, anywhere to the right of the landfall could see a potential of eight >> dickerson: the governors of florida and alabama the governors of florida and alabama have declared states of emergency in advance of michael. omar villafranca is in panama city, which is quickly emptying out. >> reporter: traffic slowed to a crawl on this coastal highway in panama city beach. many trying to heed florida governor rick scott's warning to get out now before it's too late. >> hurricane michael is forecasted to be the most destructive storm to hit the florida panhandle in decades. this storm will be life threatening and extremely
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dangerous. >> reporter: in seaside, florida, businesses are boarding up. and throughout the panhandle, bag after bag is being filled with sand, with wary homeowners like mark schneider bracing for the worse. >> unfortunately, it looks like it's coming directly at us. and all you can do is prepare. >> reporter: michael gained strength as it blew through cancun and western cuba earlier today. this afternoon, choppy surf crashed along the shores of franklin county, florida. all day, long lines wrapped around fuel stations, as people filled up their cars and gas cans. governor scott has already activated over 1,200 national guard members. >> take this seriously and keep your family safe. >> reporter: they're starting to baton down the hatches in panama city beach. in fact, some of the resorts on this coastline are starting to close down. they're bracing for hurricane force winds and a storm surge in this area between four and eight feet. now over in the big bend area of the state, florida state
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university will close for the rest of the week, as michael marches toward the coast-line. john? >> dickerson: omar villafranca, thanks omar. we have new details tonight about that horrific limousine crash in upstate new york. 20 people died in the deadliest transportation accident in the united states in nearly a decade. today, the governor told us the limousine had failed a state safety inspection, which checks such things like suspension and brakes. demarco morgan is at the scene 170 miles north of new york city. >> reporter: two days after a deadly crash killed 20 people on their way to a birthday celebration, heartache turned to anger. >> the owner of the company has no business putting a failed vehicle on the road. >> reporter: when governor andrew cuomo revealed disturbing new details about the vehicle and its driver, while attending the columbus day parade. governor cuomo said the vehicle failed inspection last month. the state immediately ordered
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the owner of the limo of prestige limousine to shut down, noting the driver, 53-year-old scott lisinicchia, did not even have the appropriate license to drive the limo. the tragedy unfolded here on a serene fall day, at this intersection. a known danger spot. police say the 2001 ford excursion limo was traveling southwest down a hill on state route 30 in schoharie. it blew a stop sign at an intersection, and plowed into a parking lot outside the apple barrel country store. the limo struck and killed two pedestrians, and slammed into an unoccupied toyota highlander before it careened down a slope and came to a stop in a muddy ditch in the woods. >> the thing that is striking to me, and to our team, is that the unfortunate number of fatalities. >> reporter: robert sumwalt is the head of the n.t.s.b. >> if an entire engine block is moved back and basically crushed-- moved back past the driver seat-- that would indicate there was a lot of force and energy involved in that crash. >> reporter: the young party-
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goers, including four sisters, were reportedly texting about the limo's shoddy condition before the crash. had originally booked a bus, but after it broke down, they boarded the supersized limo. federal records show the owner of prestige shahed hussain has had five of his oversized fleet, four were pulled from service over the last two years. public records show a man with the same name with was an f.b.i. informant who testified in two high profile terrorism cases. authorities did not say how fast the limo was traveling or speculate what caused the limo to run the stop sign. but it doesn't appear the driver applied the brakes. prestige limousine offered their condolences to everyone impacted in this incident, and said that their goal is to provide answers as quick as possible. john, state police recovered the air bag control module. what would be considered the vehicle's black box. >> dickerson: we'll look for more answers. thank you, demarco.
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the victims include four sisters and three of their husbands. tony dokoupil has more about the lives lost and family's shatters. >> reporter: family and friends gathered at the crash site to mourn the victims. karina halse lost her 26-year- old sister, amanda, who died alongside her boyfriend patrick kushing. >> i feel like my heart is sunken, in a place where i have never felt this type of pain before. >> reporter: many also gathered at the home of rich steenburg, a young father who died saturday with his brother axel steenburg, axel's wife amy, and amy's three older sisters: abby, mary, and allison. >> it hasn't really sunk in yet. it seems like a really bad dream, i guess. >> reporter: eric steenburg is rich and axel's little brother. andrea orokos is rich's sister- in-law. >> reporter: does it feel like one whole big family? >> yeah. >> you can't wrap your head around it. you just can't. >> reporter: they were celebrating amy's 30th birthday
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according to aunt barbara douglas who lost four nieces in the crash. >> they were wonderful girls. they would do anything for you. and they were very close to each other. and they loved their family. >> reporter: abby jackson was a teacher and mother of two, married to adam. shane and erin mcgowan were newlyweds married this summer, like axel and amy. some of the victims were also veterans including mary dyson, matthew coons, and michael ukash. many were also parents. rich steenburg's daughter is just ten. >> she's angry. she's asking when he's coming back from the hospital. she doesn't understand what is going on. >> reporter: all 20 victims will be memorialized here at this packed vigil tonight, including passengers robert dyson, amanda riffinburg, rachel kovsi, and savannah burse. the vigil is being held here in amsterdam, new york, because at least seven of the victims, including all four sisters called this city home.
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john? >> dickerson: so much sorrow in one flash of a moment, thank you, tony. brett kavanaugh was confirmed saturday and takes his seat tomorrow. chip reid is at the white house. >> the senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional. that process is over. my focus now is to be the best justice i can be. i take this office with gratitude and no bitterness. >> brett kavanaugh was officially sworn in as the supreme court justice saturday, but this evening he joined president trump at the white house for a celebratory ceremonial swearing in. >> on behalf of our nation, i want to >> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. >> at the white house today president trump accused
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democrats of atrocious behavior during the confirmation battle over brett kavanaugh. >> i think a lot of democrats are going to be voting republican on november 6. >> reporter: republican senate leader mitch mcconnell: >> i think what this has done for us is provide the kind of adrenaline shot that we had not been able to figure out how to achieve in any other way. >> reporter: in a new cbs news poll a majority of voters in four states with key senate races said the issue of kavanaugh's nomination makes them more likely to vote. one in five of the people who report being energized by kavanaugh's nomination said they did not vote in the midterm elections of 2010 and 2014. >> the ayes are 50, the nays are 48. >> reporter: kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed saturday, and new jersey democratic senator corey booker used the kavanaugh confirmation to fire up the crowd in iowa saturday.
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for what some say may be his presidential campaign debut. >> it's a time to get up, to rise up, to speak up! >> kavanaugh will hit the ground running and will hear his first two cases tomorrow. he wants everybody to know all four of his law clerks will be women. the first time that's happened on the supreme court. >> making history, already. what did you make of the tone of the president and justice kavanaugh's remarks tonight? forts. >> very different. the president was confrontational and political. he wants to inspire republicans to vote against democrats next month. kavanaugh was judicious, non-political. he wants to convince people he will be open minded, but he is also, most people in washington believe, going to be a very conservative justice. >> dickerson: he said that the hearing is in the past.
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>> the world has little more than a decade to reduce the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or it may be too late to reverse the worst of climate change. here's mark phillips. >> the future is closer than we think and not good unless we do something about it, according to the latest united nations report on climate change. most climate scientists think we're already beginning to see the extreme consequences of a warming world -- severe storms, sea level rise and flooding in the philippines and on the u.s. east coast. other consequences, crop failure and mass population movement, may also reach crisis levels in the next 20 years or. so all of this will happen sooner than previously feared by the year 2030, the report says, if greenhouse emissions continue at current rates and global temperatures rise 2.7 degrees above what they were in pre-industrial times. in fact, we're already two- thirds of the way there.
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>> it's a new challenge for human civilization. >> reporter: hitting the new lower target would require ending the use of fossil fuels in the next 30 years. the cost: an estimated $54 trillion. it would be cheaper, they say, than dealing with the worse affects of climate change. >> we've told you for-- the scientific facts, the evidence, the costs it is up to the government's now to decide what to do with it. >> reporter: in presenting its report, the u.n. panel says it's being realistic, that in the united states and elsewhere, john, it says it does not now see the political will to make the hard choices that it says are urgent. >> dickerson: mark phillips, thank you, mark. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," one "washington post" writer is missing. and now one u.s. ally is accusing another of murder. accusing another of murder.
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>> dickerson: president trump today said he is concerned about reports that a journalist from "the washington post" is missing in turkey. jamal khashoggi was last seen six days ago, now turkish
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officials are accusing saudi arabia of murdering him. holly williams reports from istanbul. >> reporter: jamal khashoggi visited the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul, turkey, last tuesday. the respected saudi journalist and political dissident apparently made it an official document so he could marry his turkish fiance. but after entering the building, khashoggi disappeared, and friends say they haven't heard from him since. turkish officials, speaking anonymously, have told journalists they believe jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the consulate. but so far they haven't shown any evidence to back up that claim. the saudi government denies it harmed or abducted khashoggi, even inviting journalists inside the consulate in an attempt to prove he isn't there. jamal khashoggi had spoken out against the saudi government and the country's powerful crown
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prince mohammed bin salman, condemning the lack of free speech in the ultra-conservative islamic kingdom. >> one-man rule, as i said earlier, it's bad. it always goes wrong... in any country. >> reporter: he had been living in self-imposed exile in the u.s. since last year, because of fears for his safety. a crackdown in saudi arabia has seen many other government critics locked up. today, a small group of khashoggi supporters protested outside the saudi consulate demanding to know his whereabouts, including nobel peace prize winner tawakkol karman. >> it is part of their terrorism against-- against their citizens, inside saudi and outside saudi. >> reporter: turkey's president said today that it is up to saudi arabia to prove that jamal khashoggi left the saudi consulate, and it should do so using c.c.t.v. footage. but the saudi consul general
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>> dickerson: health officials in minnesota are telling doctors to watch for new cases of a rare disorder with symptoms similar to polio. since the summer, at least seven children there have been diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis. the average is less than one case a year. symptoms include arm or leg weakness. some cases may be caused by a virus. doctors recommend regular hand washing to stop it from spreading. up next, an artist pops a million dollar balloon.
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delta island. the latest from solano county, next. now at six: flames >> dickerson: a work by the street artist known as banksy sold at auction the other day for well over a million dollars. then something happened that was, well... surreal. here's sunday morning's lee cowan. >> reporter: paintings that sell for $1.4 million don't generally make news at sotheby's, but when the gavel fell on "the girl with the balloon," this chardonnay sipping affair became a piece of
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pop culture. a remote-controlled shredder hidden in the painting's frame began chewing its way through the canvas, a shock to everyone, including its new unnamed owner. >> street art has a short life span. >> reporter: it's the painter himself taking credit, the elusive banksy, posted an instagram video showing him secretly installing the teeth into the frame. why? performance art, says art critic, jerry salts: >> i don't know if it is message so much as him saying, "enough," you know, "you put your hammer down on my work. i'm putting my hammer down on your work." >> reporter: known as a guerilla artist, he normally paints where he's not supposed to, mostly on buildings and walls the world over. he has done stunts before, like when he placed a life-size replica of a guantanamo bay detainee in the middle of a children's ride at disneyland. what he does, even by destroying something, has a certain market value. >> it's so voracious and mindless, that my guess is, by
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now, they've all decided now the work is worth twice as much. >> reporter: there is a lot of head-scratching going on at sotheby's, which insists it was not in on the prank. ( applause ) but by turning to ribbons one of his most iconic images, banksy has, at the very least, stayed true to his mission, making a statement while forcing the rest of us to think. lee cowan, cbs news, los angeles. >> dickerson: that's a very expensive shredder. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. jeff will be reporting tomorrow from the florida panhandle, heading up our coverage of hurricane michael. i'm john dickerson. i'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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southern solano county. a fl e fire.. now at 6:00, flames ripping through a structure on a delta island in southern solano county. it's a flare-up to a 4,500 acre fire that until just a few hours ago was mostly contained. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. on the one year anniversary of the wine country wildfires, fire crews hard at work battling a mean flare up from the branscombe fire. this video from chopper 5 within the past hour. you can see this building completely engulfed in flames. the grassy area around the structure also burning. the fire is sending plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky. and within just the last 30 minutes, we are learning the building is home to a duck club on grizzly island. so we're talking about a sparsely populated area. the building itself is near the only bridge that leads into that island. in fact,


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