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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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suspect after a 911 caller reported shots fire -- caller reported shots fired. >> he saw a male leaving the general area of the front door, the residence, and get on a bicycle and pedal away. >> reporter: officers tried to track the suspect down using k- 9s and even a drone equipped with infrared cameras, but found nothing. detectives say it does not appear to be a robbery. there was no sign of a struggle and the victim was killed inside his bedroom. >> i believe it was not random. there was no -- we didn't see any forced entry into the residence. >> is it weird to see crime scene tape on your business? >> yes, exactly. it's not normal. >> reporter: for long-time residents of the neighborhood, this has been a worrisome year. the area has seen half a dozen incidents including drug busts, s.w.a.t. team raids, and a brutal beating right around the corner. >> we had a homicide over here in may. >> reporter: and now? >> now we have the one right here today. >> reporter: fremont has been
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making headlines lately, ranked as the top bay area city to raise kids. wallet hub says fremont is the least stressed city in america. >> reporter: how could you say it is safe when the killer is still out there? >> it is worrisome. >> reporter: fremont police is throwing everything they've got on this. every detective in the department is now working this case, trying to generate some leads. if you have any information, fremont police want you to give them a call. in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. another developing story tonight, we'll take a live look at the capitol right now. just minutes ago judge brett kavanaugh was publicly sworn in as the newest associate justice of the u.s. supreme court. now this comes, of course, after a week's long tense partisan battle over his nomination. the president was joined by every sitting supreme court justice in the east room tonight. retiring justice anthony kennedy swore in kavanaugh to take his seat on the high court. the president opened his remarks with an apology to
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kavanaugh and his family. >> on behalf of our nation, i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. >> brett kavanaugh's nomination rather touched off a bitter battle as they say amid accusations of a sexual assault from the 1980s. a charge he denied after taking the oath, kavanaugh gave a speech that focused on being a team player on the high court. >> the supreme court is an institution of law. it is not a partisan or political institution. i was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but to serve one nation. >> associate justice kavanaugh will hear his first supreme court case beginning tomorrow morning. let's get you right back to that breaking news of a flare- up in the fire burning in
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solano county. chopper 5 over the flare-up right now. now, this is on grizzly island road that has been caught up in this fire. you can see the big black smoke and those flames. crews are trying to battle it from a bridge over delta waters. you can see it's still really going right there. the blaze burned more than 4,500 acres. this is the branscombe fire that they believe is a flare-up from that one. it started late yesterday morning. so far it has destroyed at least three buildings including a home. that fire, the branscombe fire is now 85% contained. you can see at least some of the fire has already burned. it looks like it is blowing to the east there. as we look east, you can see it is burning over some previously burned ground. so the structure itself will probably be extinguished by fire crews there. hopefully they could get a handle on this thing and knock it down. as liz mentioned, the main fire now about 4,500 acres and over
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80% contained. >> switching gears one year ago today, the most destructive complex of fires in california history erupted in the north bay, leaving parts of wine country a waste land. kpix 5 anchor allen martin joins us now from santa rosa where one year later the rebuilding has just begun. allen? >> reporter: yeah, liz. i can't believe it's been a year ago today. i'm standing here in coffey park, which was one of the hardest hit neighborhoods of santa rosa a year ago. 1,500 homes were destroyed here. dozens of lives were lost. but now today when you drive around you think of a whole new subdivision is being built here in northern california when, in fact, this is actually a neighborhood that is being reborn. sky drone 5 has just taken off behind us. it will give us a little aerial tour of a few blocks from where i stand. let's take a look around. you can see houses in different phases of construction. the foundations have been
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poured here across the street. the framing is going up. roofing is being done. and painting is going on in other houses. in fact, if i look off to my far, far right, there's actually a house that is fully completed. one year later it looks like a family has been able to move back in there. the fence is up around the backyard, the landscaping is in the front yard. that's incredible when you think about what has happened here in this neighborhood. here we are a year later, and that family is very lucky to be back. the tubbs fire, which is what this fire was called ripped through this area. one of several, of course, one of the huge wildfires that burned a total of 245,000 acres in sonoma county, napa valley, and mendocino county. of course, when it was all over as i mentioned the lives lost. a total of 44 lives were lost. nearly 9,000 homes, other buildings were destroyed. property owners, they filed $10 billion worth of insurance claims. that figure doesn't really
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include the uninsured properties. of course, while thousands of people were fleeing the danger here in this neighborhood, fleeing their homes that they would never see again, firefighters from all over the bay area, all over the station in fact, were rushing in here, rushing into the danger. kpix 5 john ramos visited with some of them one year later. >> we have a structure fire. >> is it a fire? >> it sparked a fire. >> everyone was like man, we did not think something like that could happen to santa rosa as quickly as it did. >> reporter: the fire consumed so much of napa and sonoma counties. it was something no one had experienced before including those who fight them far living. living -- fight them for a living. >> we were all a little shell shocked. how do you not see it and prepare for something like that? >> have you seen anything like
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this? >> no. >> reporter: while firefighters battled a wildfire in the middle of town, law enforcement officers worked desperately to evacuate 100,000 people on roads choked with smoke and flames. the hardest thing for us was to get enough ground information to keep people moving out in front of it. that was really tough that night. >> don't hit me. >> get out of here. >> reporter: so foe ma county sheriff sergeant brandon cutting recorded this heroine video as he literally drove through fire looking for people to evacuate. but it was berkeley firefighter mike shookins recording that has become a visual symbol of that night. more than 85,000 people have viewed his video of engine 6s strike team rolling through the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa as it was burning down. >> when you see that devastation, and this video was taken moments after those houses vanished. i think really then the size, the gravity, the destructiveness of this fire is clear.
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>> reporter: eventually the fires were defeated. a tribute to those who did battle even though many of them are left thinking about what was lost. >> we couldn't get to everybody. we lost 24 lives. that was in sonoma county. >> reporter: does that haunt a firefighter a little bit? >> yeah, it never goes away. >> reporter: a year later and with lessons learned, those professionals who responded to that living nightmare will be better for the experience because there simply is no way to train for something like this. in santa rosa, john ramos, kpix 5. we want to take you live now to the courthouse square in downtown santa rosa. this ceremony and the bell ringing are marking the anniversary. it's all going to begin, official ceremony in about an hour from now. but in the meantime, members of the community are literally marking the anniversary through chalk art. all day long people have been leaving messages on the sidewalks around the courthouse
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square. of course, tay are invited to keep doing -- they invited to keep doing so through tomorrow. there are big questions on whether they are ready for the next big fire. as hot as it is today, 90 degrees today, the winds are still blowing. memories of a year ago are quick to come to find. kpix 5 emily turner on one north bay agency that is actually using a new type of a siren that we're not very much used to here in the united states to warn people. emily? >> reporter: folks who live in these burned out neighborhoods. they only had moments, if that, to get out of their homes before they burned down and to get out safely. well this new system aims to change all that, to wake them up, to get them up, and to get them out with enough time that everybody is safe. >> reporter: it's unlike any siren you have ever heard, which is exactly the point. >> and that is at very little
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cost allows us to drive a patrol car through rural areas, advising people rapidly that there is an emergency. >> reporter: it's a european high-low siren. it could wake you up in sonoma, solano, or lake counties as well as napa. if you hear it, it means it's time to get up, check the tv, radio, or your cell phone to find out what's going on. there's also a visual element to napa's new alert system. evacuation tags. >> with these tags, it's easy to see who is evacuated and who hasn't. the deputies don't have to get through the gate just to knock on a door to find out someone has already left, saving times and possibly more lives. >> it helps. it is very important going through a place where there is no one there, so it's nice. >> reporter: it could make all the difference in situations where seconds count. >> while we are moving forward,
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we are looking in our rear-view mirror to see how we can improve our efficiency, when and if we face another disaster. >> reporter: one of the best things about it had is it's relatively inexpensive. all of these patrol cars actually come with that siren. they are just not allowed to use it for sate law. so through this entire process they figured out how to make it work, but it is within regulations. they just reprogram the car and now boom we have an entirely new system with a new opportunity of saving more lives, giving people more time. reporting live in sonoma county, emily turner, kpix 5. >> emily, thank you so much for your coverage tonight and throughout the past year. you've done a great job. now the fire storm has prompted many changes. both at the local level, the state level, even the federal level. let me tell you about some. u.s. lawmakers are recently approving a wildfire disaster fund to cover the ever growing cost of fighting fires. in the meantime cal-fire and the forest service are going to be stepping up their efforts to
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prevent fires in the first place. they're going to be doing a lot of tree thinning, some more prescribed burn projects, and the state is actually going to hold local fire agencies accountable. they will hold them to stricter standards about holding out alerts for those who happen to be in the path of a disaster. pg&e is also taking some steps to minimize the chance of actually starting a fire like energizing power lines when the fire danger spikes, getting out ahead of it sort to speak and having firefighters monitor any work that might spark firefighters. now stay with kpix 5 throughout the evening. we'll have continuing coverage from here in the wildfire zone. coming up at 6:00, we'll look back at the terrifying sights and sounds of that first night. we'll give you a closer look at what's happening in the neighborhoods one year later besides here in coffey park. it is pretty amazing to see the rebirth that's really happening here. we're going to give you more of that story coming up tonight at 6:00. >> all right, allen, thank you
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for that. coming up, gavin newsom facing off against john cox for a chance to leave california. the only debate between the two before the election. officers never know what to expect when they pull a car over. and for two chp officers, this. >> and we're keeping an eye on that flare-up on the branscombe fire out on grizzly island road. and this is the third structure lost to those flames. we'll have another update coming for you in just minutes.
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a flare up in solano county. you can see flames just ri and back to our breaking story tonight. a flare-up in solano county. you can see the flames ripping through a building happening on grizzly island road across montezuma slew from the boat launch ramp. we should mention it's kind of sparsely populated out there. a few grizzly islands is actually a wildfire preserve that is used for hunting, so there aren't a lot of homes out
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there. but this one, somehow they caught fire and crews are trying to put it out. >> and so far crews, they have managed to contain the fire into that structure and put out the flames around that grassy area. and so far no injuries have been reported. the flare-up is a part of the branscombe fire that broke out late yesterday morning, battling the blaze as you can see there on the ground. >> again, we are told at least three structures have been lost in the last 24 hours. a lot of ash that came up from the fire ended up in other parts of the bay area. in the east bay there were reports of ash coming down on cars and swimming pools and windows. and some even got across the bay and a very smoky grass fire. we're told the blaze is at least 80% contained tonight. no word yet on the cause of this fire. well, it is the one and
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only time they have agreed to go head to head that is before the november election. kpix 5 political reportermelissa caen was at today's gubernatorial discussion between republican john cox and democrat gavin newsom. melissa? >> reporter: that's right, ken. in the race to be the governor of the world's fifth largest economy, we've got one hour of discussion on the radio. the candidates met in san francisco today and respectfully disagreed with each other. >> i'm not going to make anything personal here. to me it is all about policies. >> reporter: at a time when national politics is dramatically polarized. the discussion between the two candidates for california governor republican john cox and gavin newsom was quite civil. >> would you join me in agreeing to ask the media not to publicize the names? >> deflecting your fund men -- fundamental.
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>> i'm not opposed. >> reporter: they disagreed on issues like immigration. cox wants to repeal the century state law and penalize those who hire illegal immigrants. newsom supports the sanctuary law and wants immigration authorities out of courthouses. and they disagree on the state's new gas tax. cox has led the fight to repeal that tax. he says our roads do need to be fixed, but the state already collects enough money to do it. >> instead of fixing caltrans, they raised the gas tax. let's change so we get our money spent wisely and efficiently like i do in the private sector. >> reporter: newsom supports the gas tax and says since 2013, 27 other states have raised their gas taxes to pay for roads. one thing the men do agree on, the state needs to be more business friendly. >> they could do more in terms of being pro job. you can't be pro job and anti- business, so embrace the small business economic growth. >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: with absentee ballots being mailed to voters
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this week, both candidates are eager to get back out on the campaign trail. >> out on the campaign trail, 30 plus town halls. they will continue to unveil themselves to people and we both know it. >> i just want to get out and meet people. i like people. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we will tell you what the candidates said about the confirmation of justice brett kavanaugh. melissa caen, kpix 5. new details are emerging in the deadly limousine crash that killed 25 people in upstate new york over the weekend. according to the washington post, a relative of one of the victims got a text message just moments before the crash. the victim comments on the limo and how it appears to be in terrible condition. officials say the vehicle failed an inspection last month and was not suppose to be on the road. police say the limo plowed straight into a parking lot killing two pedestrians. clear skies, offshore winds throughout the bay area, and it hit the mid-80s in oakland
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almost at 80 degrees in san francisco, but things are changing as soon as tomorrow. guess what, your forecast is next.
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we're in the mid-80s oakland, 83 degrees, san francisco almost at 80 degrees, currently 71. this is the final day of the offshore winds, but it's pretty warm outside. close to 90 in sonoma county, 88 degrees. speaking of the 80s, coit tower celebrating an 85th birthday today. looking beautiful. the new 75. vallejo 55 degrees, fremont 55 for a low tonight. san jose low of 55. sunrise at 7:12. air quality, a lot of you e- mailed us. yesterday it was horrible in the east bay where the smoke was going from that fire in fairfield that hit the very unhealthy range. jumping up to 209 in concord. as of right now, the flare-up is back in the good quality.
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the aqi is down to 29. an air quality advisory tomorrow. but it's not a spare the air day, but it will be 80s around the immediate vacaville area. good to moderate air quality is expected tomorrow. winds are changing. we have a ridge of high pressure, which son the move. same size, different location, and it will migrate to the south. that low pressure area is moving off to the east. simply by this ridge moving, our wind direction will change and it means everything for us. the offshore wind will be gone tomorrow with a surge of westerly winds, which will drop the temperatures, increase the humidity, and somewhat reduce the fire humidity. not a lot of clouds around the bay area, but the southwest wind, giving them fog and low coverage. moving up along the golden gate by tomorrow afternoon. wednesday morning we'll have much more widespread cloud cover even a little bit of a patchy drizzle at the coast. fog returning to the coastline tonight and tomorrow. will not be as breezy or as warm. and the coolest days of the week will be on wednesday and
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thursday. temperatures in the 8s still, but not the mid to upper 80s. 81 in concord and 83 in san jose. tuesday's high in oakland will still be mild, just not as warm. 73 degrees. redwood city 80 and san francisco 69 degrees. less breezy as well. wednesday, thursday, 60s near the bay. only the 70s inland. then the winds will change again. we'll warm up as we head towards the weekend. 70s near the bay. metro forecast will be right back.
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night for one new mother... and some c-h--p officers... when a baby .. was bo well it was quite a night for one new mother and some chp officers when a baby was born right up the side of i-80. >> yeah, chp spotted a car driving erratically and pulled it over. they found out the father was rushing the mother, who was in labor, to the hospital near vacaville about 3:00 a.m., 3:00 in the morning. can you imagine for the officer? they went to the hospital after the delivery, where they all snapped this picture. and the cool part is -- >> it was a boy and, you know, mom, dad, baby are doing just fine. >> they look so much calmer, i'm sure. that is a good story.
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>> yeah. >> chopper 5 over this new flare-up. we'll stay with that fire in solano county throughout the 6:00 show. stay with us. thanks for watching. we'll be back with more on this one in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: on the "cbs evening news" for this monday: the president introduces the newest supreme court justice at a ceremonial swearing in. and hurricane michael is quickly intensifying as it takes aim at the gulf coast. states of emergency have been been declared. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the supreme court is an institution of law. it is not a partisan or political institution. >> judge brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh. >> and i will always be a team player on the team of nine. >>


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