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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 6, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you back here at 6:00. >> cbs news is next. news updates at see you in 30 minutes. >> ninan: kavanaugh confirmed. the senate sends brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> he is an outstanding person, and i'm very honored to have choseep him. >> ninan: the narrow vote ends a bitter and partisan senate battle. and we'll hear from the lawyer for kavanaugh accuser dr. christine blasey ford. >> she's given a voice to hundreds of thousands of women across the country. >> ninan: also tonight, the family of laquan mcdonald speaks out following the murder conviction of a chicago police officer. >> this is a victory for america. >> ninan: san francisco's commuter nightmare. after cracks are discovered inside a new $2 billion bus station. and an iconic piece of street
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art is auctioned off for more than a million dollars, and then immediately shredded. >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. on a day of drama in the senate and demonstrations in the streets, brett kavanaugh was confirmed as the 114th justice of the supreme court. >> the nomination of brett m. kavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> ninan: the final vote, 50-48, was the closest confirmation vote for a supreme court nominee since 1881. kavanaugh was sworn in at the supreme court this evening by chief justice john roberts and retired justice anthony kennedy, who kavanaugh now replaces. president trump on twitter congratulated the senate for confirming his "great nominee." demonstrations for and against kavanaugh were held in washington and across the country today, exactly one month
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before the congressional midterm elections. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> throw him out! throw him out! >> reporter: as protesters from both sides chanted at the supreme court... >> vote him out! >> reporter: and the capitol... >> november is coming! ( shouting ) >> the sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. >> reporter: narrowly confirming 53-year-old brett kavanaugh as vice president mike pence officiated. >> on this vote the ayes are 50, the nays are 48. >> reporter: the vote camed a fractious, emotionaleate days after kavanaugh was hit with sexual misconduct allegations dating back to high school and college. >> but i have never done this to her on to anyone. >> reporter: even this morning, with the confirmation all but secured, democrats urged the g.o.p. to reconsider. >> i, frankly, don't know
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whether judge kavanaugh wasn't telling the truth or legitimately doesn't remember what happened because he was so intoxicated. >> i have no doubt that he will undermine women's rights on the supreme court. >> reporter: republicans argued the claims against kavanaugh raised at the last minute could not be proven. >> i believe the senate confirmation process has become a shameful spectacle and a disservice to everyone involved. >> reporter: kavanaugh has spent the last 12 years as a federal appeals court judge and served as white house counsel for george w. bush. his nomination was championed by the federalist society and other conservative groups that see in him a chance to move the court to the right. an already bitter battle made all the more explosive became it came at the height of the #metoo movement. >> friends of mine you who never
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knew, never knew they were assaulted. i never knew their pain, never knew of their trauma, but at this moment in american history, they felt like they had to come forward. >> i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. >> reporter: the lawyers for christine blasey ford say despite today's outcome, she is still glad she came forward. >> she's given a voice to hundreds of thousands of women across the country, across the world, who have been sexually assaulted. so those survivors have a voice, and they can look to dr. ford as someone who had the courage to stand, and it has caused other women to find the courage to also stand up and say, "i'm a survivor." >> reporter: senate leader mitch mcconnell said the controversy may have helped his party, too. >> in retrospect, i'm glad they did it because what it's done is the one thing we were unable to do ourselves, which to fire up
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our own base going into the election a month from now. >> reporter: mcconnell added that the single most important thing his republican majority has done the past two years is to confirm a slew of conservative federal judges. his democratic counter-part chuck schumer told supporters if they are angry about what happened here, best thing they can do is to vote in next month's midterm elections. reena. >> ninan: a good message for all american voters. nancy, thank you. president trump watched the confirmation vote from aboard air force one as he headed to a rally in kansas. the president said he is 100% certain that dr. christine blasey ford named the wrong rson w accused kavanaugh. paula reid has more from the white house. >> just a few hours ago, the u.s. senate confirmed judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court! >> reporter: speaking to a packed crowd in kansas, president trump praised his
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newly confirmed sprooek nominee, judge kavanaugh. >> brett kavanaugh is a man of great character and intellect. what he and his wonderful family endured at the hands of democrats is unthinkable, unthinkable. ( booing ) >> reporter: a white house official tells cbs news the mood inside the white house is one of happiness and relief after securing the critical "yes" vote from republican senator susan collins. before wrapping up her trip to africa, first lady melania trump praised kavanaugh in a rare press conference in cairo. >> i think he's highly qualified for the supreme court. i'm glad that dr. ford was heard. i'm glad that judge kavanaugh was heard. >> reporter: kavanaugh is expected to take his seat on the bench this week. friday night, supreme court justice elena kagan, speaking alongside justice sotomayor,
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stressed that the court's legitimacy hinges on it remaining an apolitical body. >> it's an incredibly important thing for the court to guard is-- is this reputation of being fair, of being impartial, of being neutral. >> ninan: paula, how will kavanaugh shape the supreme court? >> reporter: well, reena, even though this was a hard-won victory for senate republicans, kavanaugh's confirmation will be transformative for the court. he is replacing the swing vote, justice kennedy. and once kavanaugh joins the court, he will solidify a conservative majority that is expected to last for decades. with him on the bench, the court will be more conservative than at any other time in modern history, and bar anything deaths or illness, that is expected to last for decades. the only downside really here for republicans is all this controversy surrounding the kavanaugh nomination process was helping to mobilize voters ahead of the critical midterms. so now the challenge for the president and his allies will be sustaining that momentum for the
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next month. >> ninan: paula reid at the white house. and as we've seen, loud protests against kavanaugh were held in and around the u.s. capitol building today. dozens were arrested after breaking through barriers in front of the capitol. kenneth craig has more on the day's demonstrations across the country. >> reporter: these protesters in new york's washington square park upon wanted one last chance to have their voices heard. >> it's not just crazy, paid protesters-- or whatever myth the right is trying to perpetuate about these protests. it's genuine american families who are scared for their kids' future. >> reporter: we found jenny robinson-hartley providing a lesson to her 12-year-old son. >> we were talking about how terrible it is that people like that are get-- get very big power in the modern world. >> reporter: hundreds crowded the national mall from in front of the supreme court to the east
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front steps of the capitol building where one by one, protesters were arrested. >> no means no. kavanaugh must go! >> reporter: demonstrations were organized across the country. in cleveland, atlanta, in oakland... >> lying is disqualifying. >> reporter: and in austin, texas. and even with the vote to confirm brett kavanaugh secure-- >> they both-- they both-- >> reporter: disagreement over it continued. >> to me, testimony is under oath-- >> innocent until proven guilty. innocent follow proven guilty. thank you for talking. >> reporter: the mood here in new york among protesters we met was pretty somber, and most of them left before the vote came down, seemingly resigned to the fact that this confirmation was a done deal. but they wanted to make sure their dissent was heard. reena. >> ninan: kenneth craig, thank you, kenneth. senator joe manchin of west virginia was the only democrat to vote for kavanaugh.
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manchin is locked in a tough re-election bid in a deeply red state. senator lisa murkowski of alaska was the only senate republican to oppose kavanaugh. murkowski did not officially vote today as a courtesy to fellow republican steve daines, who is in montana at his daughter's wedding. susan collins of maine was the last senate republican on friday to announce her vote in support of kavanaugh. she spoke to john dickerson today in an interview for "face the nation." >> hardest decision you've ever made? >> it certainly ranks right up there. there's no doubt about it. there have been other very difficult decisions, but this was a tough one. >> i heard george w. bush made a number of calls to you. >> he did. he actually called me three times. he knows brett kavanaugh very well. and wanted me to know of his personal experience with him and endorsement of him. >> give me a sense you gave the speech what the reaction has been like. >> it has been overwhelming on
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both sides. i've heard from people that i haven't heard from in many, many decades. and i've heard from a lot of protesters as well as people who support my decision. >> ninan: and you can see more of john dickerson's interview with senator collins tomorrow on "face the nation." john's guests also include senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the family of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald said today that the murder conviction of chicago police officer jason van dyke was "a victory for america." a jury on friday found van dyke guilty of second-degree murder, and multiple counts of aggravated battery in the 2014 shooting. van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times. mcdonald's great-uncle said today that the verdict raises hopes of abusive officers being heccountable. >> we believe that this fight for justice for laquan represents a fight for families across this country. we are americans.
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we've been here over 400 years. we have an equitable right to this country as much as anyone. >> ninan: van dyke's lawyers say they plan to appeal his convictions. he's due back in court october 31 to set a sentencing date. pope francis today approved a review of vatican documents on disgraced american cardinal theodore mccarick. vatican officials are accused of covering up sexual misconduct allegations against mccarrick. today's vatican announcement did not address allegations that francis himself knew of accusations against mccarrick years ago. mccarrick resigned in july. coming up next, commuters in san francisco fear their city's new $2 billion bus station is not all it's cracked up to be.
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>> ninan: san francisco's brand new transbay transit center will be closed for at least three more weeks after cracks were found in the support beams of the $2 billion bus station. john blackstone has more on this. >> reporter: san francisco's sleek new $2.2 billion bus terminal just six weeks after its high-profile ribbon cutting is out of service, displacing 35,000 daily commuters. >> it's, i think, fortunate that the whole thing didn't collapse, including the bus deck below. >> reporter: it's that serious? the whole thing could have collapsed. >> it's a serious problem to have a major beam like that cracked. >>te worrs found beams. structural engineer joe maffei is not involved in the project. >> this is the point of maximum demand on the beam. >> reporter: the troubled terminal here has an equally trouble neighbor just next door, the millennium tower, now famous as san francisco's leaning tower. the 645-foot-tall luxury
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condominium project is tilting about 14 inches to the northwest and sinking about 18 inches since it opened in 2009. both buildings are on land that was once underwater, part of san francisco bay but is now being developed with soaring high rises. for now, the sagging terminal is being held up by huge jacks, closing a major street, adding to rush hour frustration. a possible contributing cause of the cracked beams may be one of the building's distinctive features-- its five-acre rooftop park spanning three city blocks. >> so the beam has the weight of the rooftop garden on top of it. and then it has this column that's helping support the bus deck. >> reporter: this is a lot heavier than a standard roof. >> absolutely. yeah, several times heavier than a standard roof. >> reporter: by next friday, engineers expect to send the cracked sections to a lab for testing. >> i can assure you, we don't know whether it's a design issue, whether it's a fabrication issue or whether it's an installation issue. >> reporter: even before, this
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the terminal was already controversial, costing $800 million more than originally and he canned, and now closed for weeks or possibly months as engineers try to figure out how to make it safe. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> ninan: up next, a sea change for a famous fish market in toke crow.
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>> ninan: turkish authorities said today they believe saudi journalist was murdered this weekend inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul. he went to the consulate tuesday to get documents for his wedding. he has not been heard from since. he has been living in washington fearing retribution for his criticism of saudi policies. saudi officials denied any involvement in his disappearance. the international police agency yoorp say interol has asked chie authorities for information about its president, meng
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hongwei. meng's wife said she hasn't heard from him since he traveled to china fromitance. meng is also a vice minister for public safety in china. news reports from hong kong suggest he may have been arrested in a corruption crackdown. it was the end of an era in tokyo today at the tsukiji fish market which closed down. the beloved market has been supplying seafood to tokyo restaurants and stores since 1935. many have been working there for generations, and are not happy that the market is moving next weekend into a huge, $5 million modern facility. still ahead, a wealthy hollywood producer is accused of murdering his girlfriend. was he following the plot of his frightening novel? "48 hours" investigates.
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. >> ninan: when the young beautiful girlfriend of a wealthy movie producer ends up dead in their hollywood condo,
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police have no shortage of bizarre clues. maureen maher investigates for tonight's "48 hours." >> reporter: blake leibel was born into an incredibly wealthy canadian real estate family, but in his early 20s, he moved to hollywood to make it big. >> and we find a new enemy. >> reporter: here he is at a comic book convention. >> they ride and control dinosaurs like dogs. >> reporter: he directed an offbeat movie and it was his idea for this graphic novel "syndrome," which was about a vicious murderer. blake had an older brother named cody. >> he's the flashy brother. >> he's the flashy one, yeah. >> reporter: cody drove fast cars and gambled in a high-stakes poker circuit that included russian mob sterkz later depicted in the movie "molly's game." >> they were going all in, all the time. >> reporter: leibel's personal life was filled with beautiful women and complicated relationships. he married a model and had two children with her. he had a girlfriend on the side, and then fell in love with yet a
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third woman. iana kasian was an immigrant from the ukraine and had a baby with blake. iana was happy. >> ( translated ): she was very happy, and he, too. >> reporter: but three weeks after she gave birth, their seemingly happy life came crashing down. >> police swarmed this building after a mother's intuition told her something was not right with her daughter. >> nothing on the phone prepared us for what we were walking into. >> the blood evidence in this case told me that this was a prolonged and brutal crime. >> reporter: was it the work of the russian mob? his complicated love life, or did blake's own graphic novel hold clues as to who killed iana kasian? >> for me, there is, l the hellat was maureen maher reporting. you can watch her full report tonight on "48 hours." when we return, an iconic work of street art goes under the hammer and through the shredder.
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>> ninan: we end tonight in london with a painting by the mysterious street artist banksy was auctioned off last night for more than $1 million and immediately self-destructed. roxana saberi has the story. >> reporter: moments after banksy's painting sold for nearly $1.5 million it starting falling through its frame, emerging in shreds, and setting off an alarm. a post on the artist's instagram page hints he pulled off the prank. the caption reads, "going, going, gone." banksy later posted this building online revealing he had secretly built a shredder into the frame years ago in case ther auction. it's not clear how the shredding started or who shot this video showing the shock sparked by the spectacular stunt. "girl with balloon" first appeared on a wall in east london more than a decade ago.
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it's now one of banksy's most well-known works. the english graffiti artist has kept his identity hidden as he found fame through his satirical often political paintings. and his pranks, like this theme park called dismalland, poking fun at disneyland. sotheby's is brushing off suggestions it was in on banksy's latest tricks. collect john brandler says the ruse has only raised the artist's prestige. >> i thought it was brilliant. it was the best publicity stunt you could think of. >> reporter: sotheby's has not revealed the identity of the buyer. reena, you might think the artwork would now be worth less, but some art collectors predict the prank will actually cause the painting's value to rise. >> ninan: roxana, thank you. and that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. for more news any time, going to our streaming news channel cbsn at i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night.
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battle. judge brett kavanaugh is confirmed to the supreme court... but one bay area lawmaker says.. the fight is not over. and. it was fleet week's biggest day. we're live with the sights... ds... and enthusiam... t one bay area lawmaker says the fight is not over. >> it was fleet week's biggest day. we are live with the sights and sounds and enthusiasm that filled san francisco. >> but first new at 6, burglary crews beware. one bay area police department has a new tactic tonight to get ahead of thieves before they can strike. >> and good evening. i'm juliet goodrich. >> devon feely shows us the new burglary prevention unit. >> reporter: for years, san jose police investigated and rarely solved property crimes, much to the frustration of victims. >> being a victim of car theft in the past, having lost a camera, almost lost my
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dog, i think that's definitely important that they allocate more resources. >> reporter: but with the department currently at 1,070 officers and expected to climb quickly, property crimes have become a renewed priority. >> we know the highest priority is on violent crime, but life in the neighborhoods is important as well. as we're restoring staffing in our police department, we're able to now deploy specialized units like these. >> reporter: the police department has created a burglary prevention unit consisting of a sergeant, a probation officer and eight detectives. their focus is catching the half of criminals investigators believe are behind the vast majority of property crimes. the police department and the mayor said that thieves are smart enough to know which crimes aren't a priority for the department, which crimes aren't actively and aggressively investigated, and they say those are the crimes people commit, because they know they're unlikely to get caught. >> i had my own house burglarized a couple t


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