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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 5, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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the debate over supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh... d rkouight this morning, senate republicans are poised to end the debate over supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> crews work through the night to repair the transit center. it's friday, october 5th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00. take a look at the spectacular high definition camera on the "salesforce tower." clear conditions in the east bay. the blue angels have their first official show today. >> wew the practice run yesterday. loved it! >> yeah. >> so cool.
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we also got to check out the ships. the vancouver. >> how cool. >> we learned how to salute. >> your dog was there. >> yes, but dogs are not allowed on the ships just to be clear. >> great weather for fleet week. so excited about the sunshine and great weather to see the blue angels today through the weekend. so here's that forecast. excited about the weekend forecast. love honoring our armed forces. so thank you so much for serving our country. so this weekend in san francisco, mainly sunny, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. here's a live look at our "salesforce tower" camera. you can see the golden gate bridge there. very pretty sight. cool conditions. check out our temperatures this morning. 47 in santa rosa. 55 in san jose. san francisco. upper 50s for concord, oakland and low 50s in livermore. fog in the north bay.
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sunny and warm this afternoon and breezy through the weekend. you can see it's warmer compared to yesterday. 60s and 70s in the areafos toy. ca'll talk abyo week wewheru ve . nolook at traffic. you can expect a lot of frustrated drivers making their way through pleasanton at this hour. we have a major crash that has all lanes closed along southbound 680 right at bernal. this is after a big rig overturned on its side spilling 27 tons of dirt in the roadway. couple of other cars were involved in the crash. so right now traffic is using the center divide just to get past the scene of this accident. and then it's slow going as you are making your way towards 84. it's taking over an hour just to go from 580 down to 84. normally that's about a 10, 12- minute commute with no delays. so yes, this is definitely having a negative pactonfriday
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traffic backed up beyond 580. it's inching closer to alcosta boulevard. give people a heads up if they use this route. 84 people are using isabel from 580 out of livermore down towards 680. you can also use sunol boulevard. that's open. but traffic is starting to stack up along that stretch, as well. more coming up in the next traffic report. thank you. a live look at the supreme court this morning. a final vote on brett kavanaugh's nomination to the bench could come as soon as tomorrow. in a little over an hour, the senate will vote on a measure that would end debate on the nomination. reporter laura podesta explains how kavanaugh's trying to win over any ded sena nominee brett kavanaugh is defending his emotional testimony last week. cehi! >> ir>> rcoeportes r: in an op. ed. in the "wall street journal,"
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kavanaugh wrote, i know that my tone was sharp. and i said a few things i should not have said. i hope everyone can understand that i was there as a son, husband and dad. >> i do not know how senator flake and senator collins and senator murkowski will vote. >> reporter: only three republicans and one democrat are still undecided on kavanaugh's nomination. the rest remain split among party lines after reviewing the fbi's latest background check. >> there's no way anything we did would satisfy the democrats. >> what i just read, there are hints of misconduct. so it's very frustrating that they didn't do a thorough investigation. >> reporter: the republican- led senate judiciary committee said the fbi conducted ten interviews and could not corroborate blasey ford's or debora ramirez's sexual assault allegations against cavanaugh. neither ford nor kavanaugh were interview. president trump rallied
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support for his nominee at an event in minnesota last night. >> judge kavanaugh will protect, uphold and defend the constitution of the united states as written. >> reporter: laura podesta, cbs news. >> retired justice john paul stevens said last night that he can no longer support kavanaugh after the political bias he showed during last week's hearing. anti-kavanaugh demonstrators are expected to stage protests today at the nation's capital and here in the bay area. this is a look at some of the rallies yesterday. supporters of dr. ford are also showing their support in her hometown of palo alto where we find kpix 5's jackie ward live there this morning. >> reporter: no matter what side you're on politically this morning, the time leading up to this decision is nerve- racking. those against judge nomination demonstrated all across the country last night including here in palo alto. those who gathered here say they don't believe judge kavanaugh has the temperament
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or the integrity to be seated on the nation's highest court and think he would continue to show hostility toward minority groups if nominated to the supreme court. people in dr. christine blasey ford's hometown say they were here to support their friend and neighbor and all survivors of sexual assault . >> we are living in a culture of bullying right now and to my mind, what president trump has done in mocking dr. blasey ford is bullying. the only way to defeat a bully is to come together. so i really needed to allow this community to come out and show strength in numbers. >> reporter: what were called cancel kavanaugh protests were held in new york city and phoenix and washington, d.c. last night. thousands stood outside the federal courthouse near the u.s. capitol and inside the senate office building. demonstrators included celebrities like amy schumer who was later detained by authorities. demonstrators say that no matter what happens today or this weekend, they will continue to fight for change in our federal government. in palo alto, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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right now, crews are racing to shore up a damaged bus deck at the transbay center in san francisco. the tower is under construction this morning will replace e temporary jack that is were installed when a pair of cracked steel beams were discovered more than a week ago. the city still hopes to re- open fremont street by october 12th. there is no estimated re- opening date for the transit center itself. it is 6:07 right now. all eyes will be looking up today for fleet week as the blue angels come into town. taking a live look from our "salesforce tower" camera camera, looking west towards the golden gate bridge, we'll get a look at the moves. anne makovec has a look from san francisco. >> reporter: we have action in the air and action here on the water. behind me is one of the military vessels in town for
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the fleet week this is the uss bonhomme richard. it's an amphibious assault ship. you can take tours this weekend just one of many features of fleet week 2018. they started practicing over the bay yesterday after taking off from oakland airport giving us a preview of their big airshow starting today and running through the weekend. and on the water, the navy brought its state-of-the-art combat ships. here's the mcallister, the newest ship that can go up to 40 knots even though it is the size of an office building. back out here live now on pier 30 in san francisco, you can see people lining up to board the bonhomme richard this morning. we spoke with one of them who is very excited to pass under the golden gate bridge during the parade of ships. vu done anything like this. >> reporter: i have. my husband is retired air force and being part of the
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military we were able to, um, got on a destroyer before so, yes. >> reporter: so what's it like? >> it's familiar. it's exciting. i just love the military. so you know, just being part of it. that's excitement to me. >> reporter: if you want to be part of the action here in fleet week fleet week you can take ship tours this weekend at piers 15-17, 30-33, and 35, saturday and sunday. at 11 a.m. this morning, that's when the parade of ships takes off under the golden gate bridge. marina green is a great place to watch that. the airshow starts at noon and runs until 4 p.m. today, saturday and sunday. back out here live on pier 30, you can see security is tight. so if you are coming out for one of these ship tours, no backpacks are allowed. and anybody over age 18 does need to bring a valid government identification. no exceptions. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we invite you to check out our
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exclusive "salesforce" tower cameras to watch the parade of ships and the blue angels performances during this fleet week. we'll be streaming it live on, our facebook page, periscope and youtube sites. and make sure to get a screen grab if you catch that blue angels in there. i'm sure our visual attempt will love it and post it. >> i'm going to miss the shows this weekend. i can't come into town. i have some stuff going on. but online is a great option. ngll be pewaople are sharing this year' peace prize to end sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. dr. dennis mukwaga and nadia murad has won the award. the doctor treated people in
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the congo. nadia was held as a sex slave. she is now a u.n. goodwill ambassador helping other survivors of human trafficking. time now is 6:10. troubling new details are emerging on a suspect accused of shooting 7 law enforcement officers killing one of them. >> and chopper 5 over the scene of a crash we're tracking in pleasanton shutting down all lanes of southbound 680. the backup it's created coming up after the break. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. we linre t it is 6:14. good friday morning to you. a live look at the "salesforce tower" camera. cooler, drier air. you will definitely feel that once you step outside. temperatures in san francisco in the mid-50s currently. we'll talk about the rest of the bay area and what you can
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expect as we head through today through the weekend coming up. back to you. we're learning more about the man accused of killing a south carolina police officer and wounding several others. investigators say that 74-year- old fred hopkinsa vietna veteran and accomplished marksman, shot and law enforcement officers approaching his home to serve a search warrant on wednesday. during the two-hour standoff the gunfire prevented officers from rescuing their colleagues. hundreds of mourners paid their final respects. a single blue candle burned in officer carraway's honor with his police car outside the church. a man is in critical condition after crashing his pickup into a horse in concord. the accident happened around 3:45 this morning on kirk pass road. the southbound lanes are still shut down right now. police had to put the horse down due to the severity of its injuries. a relief for commuters in los gatos this morning.
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all lanes on highway 17 are back open following a major big rig crash. yesterday, a truck carrying an excavator slammed into the blossom hill road overpass about 5:30 p.m. after miscalculating a turn. crews last night cleared it. the accident left concrete debris from the overpass all over the highway. again, all lanes are now open. all lanes are open on 17, but all lanes are closed on southbound 680. and this again involving a big rig and 27 tons of dirt stilled in the road. so this is for drivers making their way through pleasanton this morning. we are tracking a major backup and chopper 5 is over the scene to show you this crash. this is as you approach bernal. you can see emergency crews are on the scene. and they are letting traffic use that center divide to get past the scene of the
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accident. that's single file. so you're definitely going to need to give yourself plenty of extra time. the backup stretches well beyond 580 and it's inching closer to alcosta boulevard. this is taking over an hour to go from 580 to 84. that commute usually takes about 10 to 12 minutes with no delays. so give yourself some extra time. you can use highway 84 if you are coming from 580 or sunol boulevard. that will get you back on 680 and hopefully at the speed limit again. no time as to re-opening of the lanes. though delays likely to stick around throughout much of the morning commute. so no "friday light" conditions along that stretch. we're also tracking a sluggish ride for drivers on 880. this is typical. we haven't seen any crashes along this stretch out of san lorenzo down into hayward. but it's about 20 minutes down to highway 84 there. ramp to westbound 37 currently
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blocking one lane. the green seeing a major anf c under st20 minut over to the maze where we do have those metering lights on and it's getting sluggish heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. all right. thanks, jaclyn. show you a live look outside. san jose across the south bay looking at partly dycl oujose t and downtown lights, um, buildings lit up there this morning. well, temperatures are on the cool side. check out santa rosa, the cool spot at 47. it's been a while since you've had a chance to wake up with temperatures in the 40s. also tracking some dense fog across the north bay this morning especially up in santa rosa. san jose mid-50s. also for san francisco. oakland upper 50s in concord
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and low 50s for you in livermore. here's what you can expect. your weather headlines again areas of fog, some dense fog across the north bay much cooler, drier air in place. definitely feeling that difference this morning. it's been a muggy week for us with temperatures earliin the week in the low to mid- 60s. of course we had that rain. great to see that. now we're looking at sunshine and drier weather just in time for our weekend. so sunny and warm this afternoon. sunny and breezy this weekend. so the satellite/radar view, there's that low pushing off to the east. high pressure will build in for us and with those two features, we are looking at some dry northerly winds. but for today on futurecast taking you through, this is at 6 p.m., we are looking at that sun for all of us and looking at that sunshine through the weekend, as well. so here we go with futurecast taking you through the weekend here and we are looking at some windy conditions up in the hills. so with those dry northerly gusty winds, especially for the north and east bay hills, watching that closely for you,
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but those two weather features with that flow around the ridge and the low, that's why we're looking at those northerly winds for us. so sunrise at 7:08. sunset at 6:46 p.m. so daytime highs today, we are looking at temperatures a little warmer compared to yesterday. 79 in morgan hill. 75 in santa clara and san jose. hayward coming in in the upper 60s. across brentwood, antioch, low 80s. upper 70s for you in fairfield, pittsburg at 79, as well. across the north bay, santa rosa 75. 74 in petaluma. 76 for you in novato. san francisco 67. 69 for berkeley. farther north, you can see mid- 70s for ukiah. here's that seven-day forecast. we are still in the 80s, low 80s for inland locations saturday and sunday. for the bay low 70s. mid-60s for the coast over the weekend and still warm for monday next week. a former oakland athletics plays hero last night for the los angeles dodgers. and it's a game of issues in the baseball play-offs.
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we'll wrap it up for you coming up.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved.n ope community ld with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
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the amazing story of max munsee continues into the post- season. the a's cut him last year and he got signed by the dodgers. he led l.a. with 35 home runs. they could have used maddox against l.a. there goes max munsee becoming just the 4th dodger in history to hit a home run in his first career post-season at bat. three-run job. the brewer fan sitting in the bob eucker seats. tied the game with two in the ninth.
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in the tenth, milwaukee wins it with a walk-off base hit. brewers win 3-2 and they lead that series 1-0. mark mulder teeing it up at the safeway open at silverado. even par on 16. the third shot triple bogey. 3-over 75. that's phil mickelson back from the ryder cup. he was red-hot yesterday. birdied six straight holes on the back night, 7-under 65. he is two shots behind the leader sepp straka. tonight for the first time since kevin durant's rookie year, the nba goes back to seattle when the warriors face the kings in a preseason game. sonics relocated to oklahoma city in 2008 and count shaun livingston as one of the many players that hopes the team will one day return to the emerald city. >> i'd love for the franchise to go back up there. it's just kind of a free spirit type of fan base up there, you know? like i love it. you know? kind of land of the hippies.
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it's just "dope." >> warriors preseason basketball tonight against the kings. highlights on the late show. have a good weekend, everybody. n the d-m-v started making some headway in their effort to reduce wait times -- a new issue could send them right back rter ad libs we ceremony will, dennis. thank you. time now 6:26. just when the dmv started making some headway in their effort to reduce wait times, a new issue could send them right back up. >> reporter: while demonstrations against brett kavanaugh's possible nomination are happening all across the country, the people here in palo alto are reminding dr. christine blasey ford that they are on her side. >> and a live look out at southbound 680 where there is a big rig accident. >> it's creating a traffic mess. you can see some of the cars going through that lane but it's going to certainly affect your morning commute especially in the east bay coming into san francisco. jaclyn dunn will have a live
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report coming up. time now 6:26. we'll be right back.
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> fleet week activities ramping up around the bay. >> we have a look at all of the excitement planned for this weekend. >> cooler, drier air in place as high pressure builds in for us. i'll let you know how warm it is going to get and i'll show you futurecast with the sunshine coming up. and a major accident in pleasanton shutting all lanes of southbound 680. chopper 5 is over the scene. we'll continue to monitor this accident and show you how far the traffic backs up coming up. time now 6:30. good morning, it is friday,
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october 5th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. right now, senators are convening in washington. you are looking live inside the capitol building where in one hour lawmakers will decide whether to end debate on brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. kavanaugh has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women including palo alto professor christine blasey ford. kavanaugh denies those claims. republicans say the latest fbi investigation did not corroborate her story. democrats argue the investigation should have covered more including interviews with both ford ve ca what i promised immediately, that we were going to have a fair and thorough process. >> the most notable part of this report is what's not in it. >> why shouldn't all ct if the senate does vote to end the debate this morning, a
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come as soon as tomorrow afternoon. >> today more anti-kavanaugh demonstrators are expected to take to the streets across the country and here locally. supporters of dr. christine blasey ford are also turning out at her hometown of palo alto. that's where we find kpix 5's jackie ward there this morning with more details. jackie. reporter: michelle, regardless of who you support politically, it is a tense morning today. and those who support dr. christine blasey ford say they stand with her. a group gathered here in palo alto last night among a lot of other protestors across the country that were gathered for so-called cancel kavanaugh demonstrations. this is a live picture of washington, d.c. this morning of the capitol building where demonstrators are expected to meet in defiance of brett kavanaugh's nomination and the fbi investigations that were just wrapped up. n,last night. thousands stood outside the federal courthouse near the u.s. capitol and inside the senate office building. republican leaders felt confident going into the morning procedures. >> what we know for sure is the fbi report did not corroborate any of the
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allegations against judge kavanaugh. >> i feel very good about where this nomination is right now. >> reporter: those who gathered in palo alto said they don't believe judge kavanaugh has the temperament or the integrity to be seated on the supreme court and think he would show hostility toward minorities if nominated to the supreme court. people in dr. ford's hometown say they support their friend and neighbor and regardless of what happens this morning and this weekend, they will continue to fight for her and all survivors of sexual assault. in palo alto, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's get a look a andr afmary lee. trfic. time now is 6:33. we are taking a live look outside from our "salesforce tower" camera. look at that beautiful sh of the bay bridge. usually i'm looking at the sparkling lights. but look at the sunrise. >> love it. >> it's so cross
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that bridge in the morning, i always think, i cannot believe i live here, it's so nice. >> a pinch me moment. >> it is. we had that fog over san francisco this week but now looks like the weather is cooperating for the big show today. >> yeah. looking good with that sunshine, spectacular. we have a lot of events. we also have the tough mudder and -- >> someone is getting muddy this weekend. >> i was telling jaclyn. >> getting dirty? >> this is my second time doing tough mudder. >> you loved it that much? >> it's so much fun. i was nervous last time. i'm not this time. but i roped jaclyn into it this year. >> we'll see. i'll have a full report on monday. >> i did not pay her fee. i signed her up. ha ha! >> mud wars is our team. it's going to be so much fun. we have a really good team. this time around it's the team from last time and then jaclyn and then a couple of people
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from the station. yeah! so -- >> so we'll be down there from the newsroom. >> next time we'll get you and kenny out. >> i don't know about that. a great forecast in store for you. let's show you the tough mudder forecast as we are looking at beautiful weather with that sunshine so get ready for that. taking you out to sonoma, michelle, you look so cute, looking like a boss out there. this weekend in sonoma looking at temperatures in the 70s for that "tough mudder" event. the "salesforce tower" camera camera and clear skies looking good. you can see the golden gate there. it is cooler, drier out there, you'll definitely feel that difference this morning. check out santa rosa at 47. some dense fog across the north bay this morning. mid-50s san jose, san francisco and oakland. low 50s livermore and upper 50s for concord there. so your weather headlines again a few areas of morning fog especially across the
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north bay. cooler conditions. sunny warm and breezy this afternoon and through the weekend. you could see some gusts with the dry northerly winds up in the north bay and east e s for today. warmer compared to yesterday. 60s and 70s today. in the afternoon, sunshine, enjoy it. let check in with jaclyn for a look at traffic on this friday morning. good morning. and drivers certainly not enjoying their morning commute if they are heading through pleasanton at this hour. southbound 680 at bernal all lanes currently closed after a big rig flipped over on its side. that big rig hauling 27 tons of dirt. that's that spilled in the road. couple of other cars involved in the crash. right now emergency crews are on the scene. they are working on getting all of that cleared. but they have not given us a time as to when those lanes
6:37 am
will re-open. chp allowing traic at this hour to go thrghcenter thcenteg have st the crash. aking er 5 miles r to be exact, just to go from 580 down to 84. again, that's typically about 12 minutes with no delays. so you can see how bad schway to alcosta boulevard beyond 580. if you can avoid this stretch and use 84 or sunol boulevard, you're coming from livermore, that's going to get you past the scene of the crash and get you back at the limit along 680. but definitely give yourself some extra time on those roads, as well. 880 very slow heading into hayward. we are in the red. we are seeing red on many of our "bay area majors." no "friday light" conditions. so plan accordingly. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. let's take a live look from one of our "salestower cam fo
6:38 am
the rce"golden gate bridge. fleet week's main attraction is finally here today. safrancisco, the city by the bay, gearing up for the spectacular show in the sky later today. our anne makovec is live with the blue angels getting ready to take flight. >> reporter: yeah. action in the skies and action on the waterfront here around the bay. you can see a lot of military vessels preparing for the shiptt later on this morning. one of many big events for fleet week 2018. the blue angels started practicing over the bay yesterday after taking off fr oakland airport giving us a preview of the big airshow in today through the weekend. on the water, the navy brought in state-of-the-art combat ships. the mcallister is the navy 's newest ship. it can go 40 knots even though it's the size of an office building.
6:39 am
back here live at pier 30/32 in san francisco, you can see the uss bonhomme richard as the sun comes up. it's an amphibious assault ship. we talked with people early this morning who were boarding this ship for the parade of ships. and they are very excited. >> i get up this early every day but this is exciting. this is something different to get to go out on a boat like this. i have been out on boats but not "boats." so this is really cool. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: these are >> reporter: at 11:00 a.m., best view spot for the parade of ships is the marina green lining up at 10 a.m. the airshow is noon to 4 p.m. today through sunday. ve now at
6:40 am
30, if you are planning on taking one of these ship tours this weekend, security is tight. there will be long lines. and there are a lot of rules. no backpacks allowed and anybody over 18 needs to bring a valid government id. again, just one of many things that you can enjoy. there are sailors up and down the embarcadero all weekend long. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. so many things to see, so a great option to watch it, check out our exclusive "salesforce tower" cameras online to watch the parade of ships and, of course, the blue angels performances during this fleet week. we'll be streaming this view of the waterfront on, facebook, twitter and periscope sites. dmv wait times may get worse. according to new reports, the agency could be slammed with more people coming in for new
6:41 am
"real i.d." cards which are required by october 2020. the dmv says it has already reduced unreasonably high wait times but it fears it won't last. the dmv is calling for the "real i.d." deadline to be extended. so far, lawmakers have approved millions in additional funding for the dmv to hire more staff and extend its hours. time now 6:41. we are approaching one year since deadly wildfires tore through wine country. why dozens of people who lost their homes are still in limbo.
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mrs. walker. michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. john dickerson joins us now from new york. good morning ahead on cbs this morning, we'll beg world in 90 seco 6:44. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." john dickerson joins us now
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from new york. who's in your shot, john? >> our shot is filled with all kinds of interesting people. we of renaming the show, who's in your shot? good morning, michelle. the first thing in our shot will be the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. then brett kavanaugh's supreme court hopes face their first test in the full senate today. the number 2 senate democrat dick durbin will join us as well as a man who has been talking to republicans who hope by the end of the weekend they will be calling him justice kavanaugh. and the hot race for senate in it's about more than just what happens the in the lone star state. only on "cbs this morning," the candidates, republican senator ted cruz and democrat beto o'rourke ll us about their state's changing demographics. we'll see you with all that at 7:00. >> thank you. i'll watch "cbs this morning" or who's in your shot, whatever you name it, i'll be watching again.
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ha ha! 6:45. in the economy, a new jobs report is out. joining us now is kc finaporos brooks. away from this od morning. reportke is thtabig e unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since the end of 1969 at 3.7%! 134,000 jobs were added to the job rolls that month. wage growth continues to be solid up 2.8% from a year earlier. this report not likely to alter the feds' plans for rate hikes with a fourth one for 2018 probably coming in december. tesla's ceo elon musk got into trouble with the sec because of his tweets over taking the company private but he still is taking shots at the securities and exchange commission calling it the short selling enrichment commission yesterday on twitter saying that it's doing
6:47 am
a good job of that. and investors don't seem to find a humor in this as tesla stock is falling by 3.5% after dropping by 4% yesterday. the stock market overall with a pretty muted reaction to the jobs report. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing in the early going. the dow is up 35. nasdaq up 20 after dropping nearly 2% yesterday. and the s&p it's up by 7 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. 6:47. as we turn toraff, a bit of a messy commute literally. >> literally. yes, we are tracking a major accident and it's dirty because we have 27 tons of dirt on the road. this is southbound 680 as you approach bernal. and this was a big rig that overturned on its and currently blocking all lanes ofde trasiffic. so we are in the red and right now traffic is able to get through that stretch using the
6:48 am
center divide. chopper 5 over the scene of the crash and you can see emergency crews are working on trying to get those lanes cleared. this is going on for nearly two hours. so this is definitely destroying the morning commute for drivers trying to make their way through pleasanton and down into sunol. right now, the backup stretches beyond 580 towards alcosta boulevard and just a little heads up. typically this route should only take you about 10, 12 minutes with no traffic. no delays. but right now, it's taking about 54 minutes for drivers. hopefully you can get at least one lane open here shortly. they have not given us a time as to when that will happen. we are tracking an accident northbound 101 starting to slow things down for drivers making their way into san jose. you can see speeds under 10 miles per hour. this crash is over in the center divide at oakland road so not blocking lanes. once you get past that, you're good to go. we are seeing speeds in the
6:49 am
yellow but we're still moving and still quite a bit of space between all those cars out there. live look, this is 80 at powell. so the eastshore freeway not too bad for your morning commute. "friday light" conditions approaching the maze there. 22 minutes from hercules over to the maze. once you get over to the toll plaza, of course, we are seeing a full house. we are in the red about a 20- minute ride heading into san francisco connecting with the central freeway. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. all right. thanks. i think we timed it just right with our weather. we had the rain that much- needed rainfall earlier in the week and now drier sunnier weather all thanks to a ridge of high pressure building in. well, we are kicking off fleet week and we are looking good for that as we honor and celebrate our armed forces. thank you so much to the men and women who serve our country. and we're looking at that sunshine. so great weather to view the blue angels today through the weekend with temperatures in
6:50 am
the upper 60s to low 70s. this is live look of sunrise. we are looking at temperatures much cooler. so cooler, drier air in place this morning. a big difference compared to earlier in the week. we had the rain and the very muggy conditions. but santa rosa cool at 47. mid-50s in san jose. san francisco, oakland, low 50s livermore and upper 50s in concord. tracking areas of fog especially around the bay up in the north bay visibility down to a quarter mile in spots. as we head through the afternoon, sunny and warmer and sunny and breezy this weekend. here's the satellite and radar view. there's that area of low pressure that brought the rain that will continue to push off to the east and tracking this ridge of high pressure that will pretty much dominate our weather over the next several days. so futurecast just to show you sunshine as we head through the day for all of us across the bay area. and that will continue for the weekend. so futurecast taking you
6:51 am
through the weekend here, we're looking at windy conditions for the north bay, east bay hills. that's all because of this clockwise flow around that ridge that's drawing in those dry northerly winds for us. sunrise at 7:08 and sunset at 6:46. highs for today warmer compared to yesterday, 67 in san francisco. mid-70s redwood city, mountain view there. mid-70s for san jose, fremont and vallejo. upper 70s for livermore as well as for fairfield so here's that seven-day forecast. we are looking at 80 continuing inland for the weekend and into monday of next week. for the bay, low 70s. for saturday and for sunday, looking at mid-60s for the coast there. still warm on monday. a little cooler by the middle part of next week. a lot of weekend events. castro street fair if you are head there is in san francisco on sunday, sunny and mild at 70. checking out the italian heritage parade in north beach on sunday, temperatures in the
6:52 am
upper 60s in san francisco. so beautiful weather for all of our weekend events. kenny? >> thank you. 6:51. we are just a few days shy of one year since the wine country wildfires and some people in santa rosa are still struggling to find the money to rebuild. the journey's end mobile home park was destroyed by the tubbs fire last october. some units were still standing but they aren't livable right now. dozens of residents say they can't get the money from their insurance companies and because of that, they have had to turn to sonoma legal aid for some help. legal aid plans to file a complaint and hopefully get those insurance claims paid out. and we'll have full coverage of the wine country wildfires one year later. saturday at 7:30 p.m., we'll have a special kpix 5 news report with more on the tragedy and the road to recovery and a live show next monday one year to the day the fires started. 6:52 right now. crews in san francisco working through the night as they race
6:53 am
to clear up a big problem causing headaches for commuters. >> reporter: and mary was just telling us about some of the big events this weekend. perhaps the biggest locally is fleet week. we'll take a look at some of the celebrations planned next. "..." >> a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's looking to be a very nice day today in san francisco. this isn't just any long-distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for just $29.99 a month for 12 months, and ask how you can save when you include xfinity mobile with your internet.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! rews are rac i'm anne makovec live along the embarcadero where we have a lovely view this morning of the sun rising over
6:57 am
the uss bonhomme richard. it is an amphibious assault ship and it is here for fleet week 2018. the blue angels of course are a big part of that. they started practicing over the bay yesterday giving us a preview of their big airshow starting today and running through the weekend. on the water, the navy brought in a state-of-the-art combat ship or several of them actually. the mcallister you're looking at now, though, is the navy's newest ship. it can go 40 knots even though it's the size of an office building, believe it or not. here are some of the activities: ship tours on the piers saturday and sunday. 11 a.m. this morning, the parade of ships. they are going under the golden gate bridge. weather will be great. the airshow starts at 12 to 4
6:58 am
p.m., today, saturday and sunday. back live at pier 30, you can see some of the security measures you're going to have to go through if you are coming to the ship tours along the embarcadero. no backpacks are allowed and you have to bring a valid government id if you are over the age of 18. so be prepared for that. there will be a few lines and crowds. but it's going to be a fun weekend in san francisco. live along the embarcadero, anne makovec, kpix 5. right now, crews are shoring up a bus deck at the transbay center in san francisco. the towers under construction this morning will replace the temporary jacks that were installed when a pair of cracked steel beams were discovered more than a week ago. the city hopes to re-open fremont street by october 12th. and all lanes remain closed along southbound 680 at bernal avenue in pleasanton after a big rig flipped over on its side spilling 27 tons of dirt in the road. chopper 5 over the scene. you can see traffic is getting by but it's using the center
6:59 am
divide single file. it's just about an hour commute from 580 down to 84. an update, 3.9 earthquake hit 4 kilometers southwest of -- at 5.1 kilometers depth. south of san jose. temperatures this afternoon as we head through the day warmer, plenty of sunshine and enjoy it. through the afternoon, warm and sunny, as well. breezy though. we are going to see some gusty northerly winds through the weekend especially for the north and east bay hills. warm monday and cooler for the weekend but fantastic weather to see the blue angels for fleet week. >> i know. so exciting. i can't go this weekend. but maybe sunday. i don't know. >> okay. maybe sunday. >> we have plans on saturday. >> tough mudder! >> we are thankful for the sunshine this morning and
7:00 am
later today as the blue angels take flight enjoy it in the city by the bay as we take a live look at the uss bonhomme richard. "cbs this morning" is next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, october 5th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. his opponents protested all night outside the high court. we'll talk with the senate's number two democrat, durbin, and dan senor. >> the candidates in the highly charged texas senate race talk with us. democratic congressman betto o'rourke's progressive campaign in a red state brings him within striking distance of republican senator ted cruz. >> also, only on "cbs this morning," a woman who claims she


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