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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 4, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> practice runs starting today for the blue angels. a live look at the golden gate bridge. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, this morning, senators will begin reading the highly anticipated fbi report on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. we'll talk to jeff pegues about the scope of the inquiry. global soccer super star ronaldo is again defending himself against allegations he sexually assault add womed a wo las vegas. why she is coming forward now. a new study challenges the health benefits from moderate drinking. we'll talk to dr. tara narula about what you should know before you raise your glass. in our series a more perfect
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union, a navy veteran who overcame combat stress by fly-fishing shows kids and fellow vets how nature can heal emotional wounds. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. the nomination of brett kavanaugh to be an associate justice of the supreme court. >> i'll send a cloture motion to the desk for the kavanaugh nomination. >> the fbi submits its report on judge kavanaugh. >> a final confirmation vote could happen as soon as saturday. >> a deadly confrontation between a suspect and police in south carolina. >> that suspect has now been taken into custody. >> this is a hard and difficult day for us. >> the fbi arrested a former u.s. navy sailor suspected of mailing suspicious envelopes to the president and the pentagon. at least one student was killed when a school bus rolled into a ditch. >> everybody on the bus was crying and screaming. >> the desperation continues to grow in indonesia. >> the death toll is still rising. following that powerful earthquake and tsunami.
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>> all that -- >> more than 8,000 gallons of p perseco pouring out of a fermentation tank. >> they won their walk on game. >> yankees win. >> fema tested out what they're calling the presidential alert system. >> there were some glitches the first time around. a lot of people ended up getting this on their phone. two big makes, large fry, fish fi fillet, hurry back. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the alert is intended to give advance warning of a national crisis. >> apple has released a work around. >> just make sure your software is up to date, okay, open up your control settings and then go to control center, and want to touch customize controls and then --
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>> that really is the only way to free yourself from the iphone. >> i actually think it's a good thing we can all get an alert if something really goes down at the same time. i really like it. >> sure. yes. >> i really do. if something really goes down. i like we all know it at the same time. >> can we just all embrace the emotional release that we've all wanted to do that to our phone at one time or another. >> i would agree with that. >> and colbert had some real precision with the hammer. >> used a hammer before it seems. >> faster than the genius bar. good morning, everyone. our new co-host bianna golodryga is not with us this morning because she's on her way to texas to interview senator ted cruz. we'll have that interview tomorrow. what we have today is the fbi inquiry that delayed a confirmation vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is now finished. the much anticipated report on the sexual assault allegations against kavanaugh was delivered overnight to the senate.
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the final vote is now planned for saturday. >> t"the wall street journal" reports it provided no corroboration of the allegations. many potential witnesses complained they were not witnessed, including kavanaugh's most public accuser, christine bla blasey ford. the fbi report is under high security. nancy, good morning, where is it? >> reporter: it's in a room in the basement of the capitol normally reserved for high-stakes security briefings. instead, there will be just one copy that senators can view starting this morning. that's to cut down on leaks. and they're going to want to view it today because the senate's republican leader has set up a procedural vote for tomorrow with a final confirmation vote expected on saturday. >> they'll be plenty of time for breecheeedevw d be briefe supplemental material before a cloture vote. >> reporter: republicans and democrats will take turns viewing the highly anticipated
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fbi findings which will summarize interviews with at least five high school friends of brett kavanaugh and christine blasey ford. the goal, to shed light on ford's accusations that kavanaugh pinned her down and groped her in 1982. >> i would say it needs to be made public. >> as of yesterday, the fbi had not interviewed ford or kavanaugh themselves. along with more than a dozen people proposed by ford's lawyers. overnight, the new yorker reported that frustrated witnesses wanting to speak to the fbi about other allegations against kavanaugh were ignored. deborah ramirez who alleges kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a yale party, was interviewed by the fbi, but she told the new yorker people who were keen to corroborating my story had not been contacted. i feel like i'm being silenced. kavanaugh has denied all the claims against him. get home? i don't remember. how'd you get there?
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i don't remember. >> reporter: the white house is working to tap down a fire caused by the president's comments about ford tuesday night. >> upstairs, downstairs, where was it? i don't know. but i had one beer. >> reporter: his aides insist president trump wasn't mocking ford, just relying information. >> she's been treated like a fabregas egg by all of us. he's pointing out factual inconsistencies. >> reporter: that's not how some senators saw it. >> the comments were just plain wrong. >> his mockery of dr. ford was wrong but it doesn't really surprise anyone. >> reporter: last night, nebraska republican ben sasse praised judge kavanaugh's record, but said he had advised the white house to pick a woman for the supreme court. >> i will say that i urged the president back in june and early july to make a different choice. before he announced this nomination. >> reporter: in a statement, ford's attorney said that any fbi probe that doesn't include an interview with dr. ford,
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quote, cannot be called an investigation, and they say they are, quote, profoundly disappointed. republicans argue that ford had her say when she testified here on capitol hill last week. gayle. >> a lot of differing opinion on that particular part. thank you very much, nancy. the judiciary committee's top democrat, that's senator dianne feinstein, says not interviewing kavanaugh or ford, quote, raises serious concerns that this is not a credible investigation and begs the question what other restriction s has the white house placed on the fbi. jeff pegues is outside the bureau headquarters in washington. >> reporter: fbi officials knew this case would put them in the middle of a political firestorm and that's exactly where they are six days after the supplemental background investigation began. this is not a criminal probe where the fbi could follow leads wherever they may go. in this case, it was the white house that set the parameters on
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who to interview and what to look into. so dr. ford was not interviewed, nor was judge kavanaugh. fbi agents relied on the public testimony from last week's hearing to track down witnesses. ultimately, about seven people were interviewed, as the fbi tries to corroborate the allegations. once the probe was completed, summaries of the interviews were turned over to the white house. in a background inquiry like this, when the fbi does not come to a conclusion, that is up to the white house and this morning "the wall street journal" is reporting the white house has decided there's no support for those allegations. we're just going to have to see what members of the senate think when they read that report. >> that is the key question. jeff, thank you. former cbs anchor connie chung says in a new op-ed i too was sexually assaulted. she made the statement in "the washington post," addressing it to christine blasey ford. the 72-year-old journalist describes in graph iic detail, e family doctor molested her in
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his home office. it was roughly 50 years ago. chung was a college student at the time. she read her account aloud for the post. >> i don't want to tell the truth. i must tell the truth. i know that exact dates, exact years, are insignificant. we remember exactly what happened to us. and who did it to us. we remember the truth forever. >> chung thanked blasey ford for revealing her story, writing bravo, christine, for telling the truth. judge kavanaugh denies the allegations that he sexually assaulted dr. ford in high school. a south carolina city is stunned after a gunman ambushed police, killing one, and wounding six others. the four police officers from florence, south carolina, and three sheriff deputies were shot outside a house while serving a search warrant. police officer carraway died in
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the gunfire. he had just celebrated 30 years on the force. a suspect is in custody. david begnaud is near the scene in cha near charleston. >> reporter: our affiliate is now reporting that the shooter is an elderly man by the name of fred hopkins. he lived at the home where the shooting happened. the crime scene is about 100 yards behind me in a beautiful home which is in a cul-de-sac. according to police, the shooter was perched almost like a sniper, allowing him to open fire as police approached the home. >> this is a hard and difficult day for us. >> reporter: overcome with grief, major mike nunn recounted the tragedy that unfolded as his deputies approached the home. >> approximately 4:00 p.m., suspect inside the residence opened fire on the investigators. three of our deputies were shot. >> reporter: police officers omrenc responded as backup and four of them were shot.
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>> have an officer down at this time. the suspect still firing. use precaution. >> fire was being shot all over. the way the suspect was provisioned, his view was several hundred yards. officers couldn't get to the ones that were down. >> reporter: police were forced to use a bulletproof truck to rescue the wounded officers. the suspect allegedly held children hostage while barricading himself inside the home. the standoff lasted for about two hours and then the suspect surrendered. >> today, we lost a good friend of mine. >> reporter: florence police chief allen hideler was unable to fight back tears as he described the fallen police officer who served on the force for mon than 30 years. he called him and the rest of the wounded officers family. >> pray for these officers and the speedy recovery. pray for the family who lost the bravest police officer that i
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have ever known. >> reporter: you should know we haven't gotten any updates on the officers who were wounded, not even their names. we also don't know why police were at the home serving a search warrant. it's obviously part of an investigation, but what type of investigation, they haven't told us. you should know that our myrtle beach, south carolina, affiliate is also reporting that a 20-year-old man inside the home with the shooter was also shot. but that young man survived. >> something tells me, david begnaud, you will have those answers by the end of the day. thank you very much. we appreciate it. a navy veteran in jail over suspicious letters sent to the president and the pentagon. 39-year-old william clyde allen iii was arrested in northern utah yesterday. he is suspected of sending letters that tested positive for a substance used to make ricin, a deadly poison. federal agents in hazmat suits searched his home for possible evidence yesterday. plastic bottles and large boxes were removed and inspected outside. the government plans to file formal charges against allen
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tomorrow. >> when i heard this story, i said they're going to find who did this. boy, they found him very, very icy. >arines are pouring into the area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami to help with rescues. the death toll climbed to more than 1,420. indonesia still has not evacuated all of the injured six days after the disasters. ben tracy is in hard-hit palu with the growing sense of despair. >> reporter: nearly 70,000 people here are now homeless. there's no drinking water. there's no electricity. there's nowhere to buy food. and for six days now, people have been waiting for help to arrive. the indonesian military is finally here with an army of supplies. boxes of water, instance noodles and giant sacks full of clothes. all of it is desperately needed at the many makeshift homeless camps that have sprung up all over the disaster zone. this woman, named endang, has
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been here with her 1-year-old daughter for six days. a trent is their only protection from 90 degree heat. they've had to drink water from the nearby river which is also being used as a toilet. do you have any idea how long you'll be here? she says, i don't know where to go. i no longer have a home. her home was wiped out by the tsunami triggered by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake last friday. the scars on wuhang's face are from being rolled by the tsunami waves. she says, it is a miracle we found her alive. i thank god she has a new life. while we were at the homeless camp, we also saw this man walking around wearing a sign. it basically says i'm looking for my wife and i'm looking for my son and he just told me that he has not seen either of them since the earthquake happened six days ago. he's holding out hope they may still be alive. but this is what his neighborhood now looks like.
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every single home reduced to piles of charred debris. we're told more than 700 homth earthquake. there's no so much debris here and so little to move it with that it's hard to imagine how long it's going to take for them to try to find all the people who are likely buried here. sadly, they expect to find many more victims. this city holds a mass burial every day and just dug its second mass grave. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, palu, indonesia. >> ben tracy, thanks. that card board sign just breaks your heart. >> a mass grave too. >> the numbers are staggering too. amazon faces some criticism after revealing changes to employee compensation tied to its minimum wage hike. this comes as forbes named the company's ceo jeff bezos as the world's richest man for the first time with a net worth of $160 billion. the online retail giant announced today it will boost
7:16 am
its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all month. but the company will also change a stock program and end bonuses for existing warehouse workers. critics say that could reduce overall pay. in a statement, amazon said all hourly operations and customer service employees will see an increase in their total compensation as a result of the minimum wage hike. it added that compensation will be more immediate and predictable. >> might be thinking, mr. bezos, could i please keep the bonus and my stock option. let's see. very interesting dilemma over there. fema is calling its first test of the new presidential alert system a success. the mass cell phone blast went out at 2:18 eastern time yesterday afternoon. the presidential alert is meant for extreme circumstances like terror attacks or tsunamis. t the test, they say, was not alert, others say they did not. anna werner got the first inside look at the new system.
7:17 am
>> reporter: good morning. senior fema and fcc officials estimated more than 225 million people would receive wednesday's test. and yesterday after years of preparation, the alert went out nationwide. what was the reaction? plenty. >> i'm excited. i feel like it's new year's. >> reporter: if your phone was on and you had cell service wednesday afternoon -- >> yes, i got the alert. i must be on a specialist. >> just heard a whole ka calf ni of alerts. >> reporter: there's a good chance you received this presidential alert. many stopped to look at their phones. >> there is an emergency, i think it's important we be aware of what we need to do. >> reporter: while others didn't even know what it was. >> something about an alert system. i didn't even read it. >> reporter: earlier this week, fema predicted about 75% of u.s. cell phones would receive the message. it said in part presidential alert, this is a test. >> did you get the alert? >> no. >> reporter: after wednesday's test, fema told cbs news if you
7:18 am
didn't get it, your location, phone, make or model could have been a factor. the agency also said active phone calls could delay the alert's arrival. >> is this the same system for the presidential alerts? >> it would be a similar system. >> reporter: fema engineer showed us the program. in a real emergency, a fema employee will put out the blast from an undisclosed secure location. many americans are used to receiving phone alerts. government agencies have issued more than 40,000 of them related to weather and missing children since 2012. but this alert got plenty of attention on social media. trended on twitter. and became late-night fodder. >> donald trump is the president of the united states. he probably texted you today. >> if there's a tsunami, trump is the last person i want to get a text person. >> i already get terrifying presidential alerts on my phone. they're called the news. they come every day.
7:19 am
>> reporter: well, fema told cbs news the agency is committed to continuously improving the system. right now, the presidential alert is limited to 90 characters. in the spring, it will be expanded to n office >> i got mine. >> anna, thank you. >> china's best-known movie actress has been out of sight for more than three months. now, fan bingbing is finally reaching out to fans. ahead, the criminal charges that
7:20 am
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soccer superstar c soccer super star ronaldo is one of the world's highest paid athletes and now he stands accused of sexual assault in las vegas. >> ahead, why the attorney for the woman who says she was attacked is suing him nine years after she met him. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. lactaid. the real milk that doesn't mess with you. and try calcium enriched lactaid. 100% real milk with 20% more calcium. still no lactose. plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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ahead, why airline passengers could soon confrontation with sheriff's deputies on el camino real in millbrae. it happened yesterday afternoon.. when the man good morning. i'm michelle griego. a suspect is dead after a confrontation with sheriff's deputies on el camino real in millbrae. it happened yesterday afternoon when the man allegedly assaulted a deputy. the 36-year-old died after deputies tased him. a construction project along san francisco's van ness avenue will be delayed through the beginning of 2021. business owners say the construction mess is hurting their bottom line. fleet week activity ramp up today in san francisco. at 1 p.m., the world famous blue angels will take off from
7:27 am
oakland international airport for their first practice run. performances begin tomorrow. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
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7:27 and we have a traffic alert for drivers on highway 35 skyline boulevard northbound lanes blocked at 92 due to a spill of some dirt in the road. so one-way traffic control in effect along skyline boulevard right near highway 92. an accident westbound 80 near powell. lanes are cleared but your drive still slow 32 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. let's check in with mary lee with the forecast. thanks, jaclyn. we are looking at a cloudy muggy start to the day as we head through the afternoon. we'll have that clearing in the afternoon and sunshine. daytime highs today below average for this time of year. low 60s pacifica. mid-60s in san francisco.
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♪ hey, i heard you were a wild one, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ >> deep left. 2-0 yankees. >> the yankees won their second american league wildcard game in a row. aaron judge with the ninth pitch in the bottom of the first into yankee stadium's left field bleachers. jo giancarlo stanton's blast. the yankees beat oakland 7-2. the sold out crowd in the bronx >> wantostoking ahead. they want boston, and they'll get boston of the yankees/red sox rivalry begins tomorrow night way rk in the best
7:31 am
of five american league divisional series. >> what do you do? i know you are a big patriots person. we know that. and you have ties to boston. >> i admit, i do not watch a lot of baseball. i don't have the time. but we have lots of red sox jerseys in the house. >> i have to go yankees because of derek jeter, who i know no longer plays, but i just like him. he is such a class act. some amazing testimony by the judge there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. in a speech today by vice president mike pence is expected to accuse china of trying to undermine president trump. they claim china is using spies, tariffs and propaganda to sway american public opinion. and u.s. warships in the south china sea. pence will warn china that the u.s. will not be intimidated. the senate passed a bill that includes
7:32 am
airplane seat size, leg room and bathroom size. it bans involuntary removal of passengers from overbooked flights. nursing rooms would be required along with changing tables and bathrooms. president trump is expected to sign the legislation. a new study from carnegie mellon university finds giving a hug may help a loved one more than you realize. people who received a hug while receiving distress reported nor positive feelings. the drop in negative feelings continued the next day. the lead researcher says consensuals prov effective. future studies will address when, how, and for whom. i don't know anybody who doesn't benefit. even if you get it from a stranger at the right time. it can make a difference. john, you need a hug? >> amen to that, yes. no.
7:33 am
i was just looking at your expression. i didn't know if you wanted me to give you a hug. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> yeah. i was contemplating the idea of just some stranger on the street getting a -- >> no, no, no. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> see, don't we all feel better? >> excellent way to start the day. >> if i had time, i would hug the crew but i know we have to go. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> thank you, thank you. >> clause is like, stay away. leave me alone. >> there you go. now to this serious story. the woman who claims soccer superstar christine blasey fo superstar cristiano ronaldo raped her said it left her with post-traumatic dig stress. photos though them at a las vegas nightclub in 2009. she wants a legal settlement of her charges thrown out because psychological injuries made her incompetent to agree could it. ronaldo denies any wrongdoing.
7:34 am
jamie yuccas is outside the hotel. >> reporter: we learned ronaldo ronaldo is being left off portugal's national team for the next few days. that news as police reopened the investigation. her attorney says his client was encouraged to subpoenaing opeak of the #metoo movement. >> ronaldo through! >> reporter: he is considered by many to be one of the great et cetera goal scorers of all time. >> this is the day that he has caught fire. >> now cristiano ronaldo is playing defense against allegations he sexually assaulted a woman in las vegas. >> she has suffered emotional, psychological injury. >> reporter: kathryn mayorga first told the german publication about the night she says the portuguese soccer player raped her. it still haunts her, according to her lawyer.
7:35 am
>> depression. suicidal ideation. abbas of alcohol. problems in maintaining personal relationships and employment. >> reporter: photos show mayorga and ronaldo partying at a las vegas hotel in 2009. in 2010, she reached an agreement with his attorneys to accept $375,000 to keep quiet about their alleged encounter. why did she sign the settlement? >> it appears that she felt she had to sign the settlement agreement to avoid further discussions or negotiations about the sexual assault, and that, in and of itself, was traumatic. >> reporter: she is now seeking more than $200,000 in a lawsuit claiming she lacked the mental capacity to participate in negotiations due to the injury suffered. there are a lot of people who would look at this and say his net worth is $400 million. she just wants more money. >> well, if you were to ask
7:36 am
catherine, are you doing this for money, she would say no. what we're asking is that she be compensated for what she has gone through. >> reporter: in a statement, las vegas police said in 2009 the victim did not provide detectives with the location of the incident or suspect description. something mayorga's lawyer disputed in a press conference wednesday. >> she identified cristiano ronaldo as the person who sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: on twitter wednesday, ronaldo said his conscience was clear writing, i firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. keen as i may be to clear my name, i refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense. what's your response? >> i really don't have a response, okay? he will have the opportunity to come into a court of law and prove that he did nothing, and i look forward to that. >> reporter: mayorga's attorney says ronaldo has 20 days to
7:37 am
respond to the lawsuit. ronaldo has multiple endorsements, including one from nike that is reportedly worth $1 billion. nike says it's taking the allegations seriously and will continue to monitor the situation. >> all right. thanks. coming up, a chinese actress who mysteriously disappeared resurfaced. why the former x-men cast member appears to be in trouble with the law. cast member appears to be in trouble with the law. get rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ "x-men" actress fan bingbing is back in the public eye after mysteriously disappearing three months ago. the superstar from china resurfaced on social media yesterday after chinese government officials publicly accused her of tax evasion. now, she is best known here in america for her role in "x-men: days of future past." vladimir duthiers is here with what the actress is telling her supporters. vlad, can't wait to hear. good morning. >> good morning. in the u.s., this would have been like julia roberts or jennifer lawrence suddenly
7:42 am
vanishing from public view. but after months of speculation, china's most-famous actress has finally reappeared, facing millions of dollars in tax fines. she's a fixture on the red carpet. ♪ the face of many international luxury brands. and one of china's most recognizable and highest paid actresses. and three months ago, she simply disappeared. but on wednesday, china's official news agency announced that 37-year-old fan bingbing had been charged with tax evasion and has been ordered to pay nearly $130 million in overdue taxes and fines. in her first social media post in nearly four months, fan apologized to the public, writing "i feel shamed and guilty for what i have done," adding she would, "try my best to overcome all difficulties and raise funds to pay back taxes h china when she disappeared.
7:43 am
>> reporter: robert cain is a producer who writes about china's film industry. >> the government is sending a strong message to everyone that no one is above this. we didn't deal with celebrities before. we've never taken them into custody like this, but now the rules are different, and so watch out. >> reporter: some chinese actors may have what are called yin yang contracts for each film, where one contract shows an actor's real earnings, while another contract listsa lower figure, which is then reported to tax officials, allowing the actor to evade taxes. last year, "forbes" reported fan was report an estimated $43 million. in 2016, she ranked as the fifth highest paid actress in the world, right behind jennifer aniston. this summer, china's government imposed a cap on actors' pay at 70% of the total paid to all the actors in a film. celebrities like jackie chan and film studios are required bye m -documented charity work, cain says it'unea
7:44 am
career is over as an international star, but it's hard to say. sometimes people just disappear for good in china. >> fan is expected to appear in the upcoming bruce willis film "air strike." while her exact whereabouts remain unknown, she paid tribute to the chinese state on social media, writing "without the good policies of the communist party and the state, without the love of the people, there is no fan bingbing." >> i love how you put it in perspective in the beginning, comparing her to julia roberts and jennifer lawrence. norah and i were saying, that at least puts it in perspective -- >> we just had this look at each other. shouldn't there be healthy skepticism about this given that statement? praising the government in that way? >> right, praising the government and saying her identity doesn't exist without the government? i mean, if you want chills, that will give it to you. >> yeah. >> and the fact is that, you know, there are reports that -- because we still don't actually know where she was, but they're calling it a resort facility, so there you go. >> yowza. >> well, back to my point --
7:45 am
>> she's famous, gayle. she's real famous. >> it really puts it in perspective about how big she is. i didn't know. >> can't wait to see her in "kung fu cop 2." >> i've been following this story. >> because she's been missing so long. >> three months. >> that's a long time. >> thank you, vlad. >> fascinating. a new study takes a fresh look at whether moderate drinking has any health benefits. ahead, dr.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
ghana, where she toured a slave trade outpost. she called it very emotional and said it was a time in our history that should never be forgotten. later today she will travel to kenya. "politico" reports a federal judge blocked the trump administration from ending protections for 300,000 immigrants. the administration planned to discontinue temporary protected status for people from el salvador, haiti, nicaragua and sudan so they could be deported. the trump administration argues the countries no longer face the hardships they did when protections were granted. the department of justice says the court's decision usurps the role of the executive branch. the san francisco "chronicle" reports that a california woman's fitbit led to her 90-year-old stepfather being charged with her murder. anthony aiello was accused of killing his 67-year-old stepdaughter, karen, last month. her fitbit recorded a rapid rise in her heart rate before a sudden drop-off to nothing. police say nearby cameras captured her stepfather's car at
7:51 am
her home at the same time that the fitbit showed her heartbeat rapidly falling. >> well, that's chilling. >> yeah, very chilling. the "wall street journal" reports barnes & noble is evaluating a possible sale, saying it's received interest from multiple parties and would review the process to look at strategic options. barnes & noble has been struggling for nearly two decades since the rise of amazon. i hope they find someone, because i still like going -- >> to the book store. me, too. >> yeah. and "newsweek" reports the world's most expensive whiskey bottle sold for more than $1 million at auction in scotland. the 60-year-old bottle was bottled in 1986. experts call it the holy grail of whiskey due to its vintage rarity and the bottle's unique or thework. only 12 bottles were produced. how many still exist is unknown. a similar bottle will go on sale in new york later this month. >> the person that bought that bottle got a lot of money if
7:52 am
they can spend $1 million on whiskey. >> i know. i agree. >> i wonder if they're single. just asking for friends. >> yeah, right. they might need a hug. >> but you don't like to drink. >> no, i don't. a navy veteran who fought ptsd is fly fishing and offering children and veterans another chance to heal. coming up, how a connection with the outdoors is changing people's lives. (waves crashing) excedrin sees your relentless, pounding headache even if no one else can. it's why we focus only on headaches. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. -of course, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter.
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7:56 am
filed against the san francisco police department today... over arrests related to drug buys in it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. a discrimination lawsuit will be filed against the san francisco police department today over arrests related to drug buys in the tenderloin. it accuses sfpd of having a culture of discrimination. a coast guard ship is scheduled to return home from sea after 90 days on patrol after seizing $300 million worth of illegal drugs. and john henry high school in richmond is no longer at risk of losing its public funding over reports of how teachers had been instructed to handle child abuse allegations. as of now, the school board has decided to study the issue further. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, weather and traffic after the break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. 7:58. we are tracking a slow ride for drivers heading along southbound 880. take a look at this backup. we have a crash southbound 880 right at mowry. it has at least one lane blocked. your drive time just under 1 hour to go from 238 down to 237. better give yourself a good extra 30 to 40 minutes out the door. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, looks pretty typical. 31 minutes from the maze into san francisco. let's check in with mary lee on the forecast. all right, thanks, jaclyn. cloudy, muggy start to the day as we head through the afternoon, we'll see that clearing. and the sun eventually. daytime highs below average today 60s and 70s and 80s in the area. warmer through the weekend. sunny and breezy expected saturday and sunday. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
7:59 am
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♪ you bitter thietter think abo you're trying to do to me ♪ good morning, it's thursday, october 4, 2018. the fbi wraps up its squall misconduct inquiry into judge brett kavanaugh without talking to him or his first accuser. we'll talk about the report with former prosecutor fran townsend. she's here in studio 57 with dr. tara narula who is looking at the latest evidence suggesting alcohol has no health benefits. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. the fbi inquiry that delayed a confirmation vote on brett kavanaugh is finished. delivered overnight to the senate. >> there will be one copy senators can view. that's to cut leaks. >> for this case will put them right in the middle of a political firestorm. that's where they are six days after their supplemental
8:01 am
background investigation. >> our affiliate wbtw is reporting the shooter is an elderly man by the name of fred hopkins. he lived at the home where the shooting happened and the crime scene is about 100 yards behind me. >> nearly 70,000 people are homeless. there's no drinking water or electricity. there's nowhere to buy food. fema and s.e.fcc official s out an alert nationwide. >> i have to show you this from my homeland. british prime minister when she walked out on stage she did this. [ laughter ] we're english, we're supposed to have stiff upper lips, not stiff upper everything. i love theresa may showing
8:02 am
she has a sense of humor and has moves. did you see any of that last week? >> she owns it. she was dealing with -- trying to get the e tao bu to buy her for brexit. >> i'm gayle king with john dickerson and more norah o'donn. bianna is on assignment with interviews with ted cruz and beto o'rorke. senators have started reading the allegations of sexual misconduct against support nominee brett kavanaugh. >> republicans and democrats will take turns viewing a single copy of the document ahead of a vote to cut off debate tomorrow. a final vote could happen as early as saturday. the "wall street journal" reports the white house officials red the fbi report and found no corroboration of the allegations. >> minutes ago chuck grassley, a republican said after reading the report, quote, there's nothing in it we didn't already know. the fbi interviewed seven people
8:03 am
including friends of kavanaugh and friends of christine blasey ford who claims kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. agents spoke to deborah ramirez who alleged kavanaugh exposed himself at a party at yale university. the fbi didn't interview christine blasey ford or kavanaugh. more than 1,000 law professors signed a "new york times" op-ed saying the senate should not confirm kavanaugh. >> senior national security analyst fran townsend was homeland security adviser to president george w. bush. she served in his administration with judge kavanaugh and signed a letter supporting the allegations were made public. good morning. >> good morning. >> give us a sense of what the senators are looking at? >> when the fbi does an interview they do a record of th of the form. that's a summary, not a transcript, of the questions they ask and that's collated into the background report which
8:04 am
is more likely a narrative that pulls those 302s together. it may include the underlying 302 report. >> why didn't they interview kavanaugh and snored. >> -- ford? >> and are you surprised? >> i am. i don't believe as a prosecutor you can have a credible investigation without abinterview of dr. ford. i think what you'll hear from the fbi is they were constrained in who they could talk to by the scope of the investigation but even if you take that on face value that they were constrained to investigate the allegations, that doesn't explain why you don't interview dr. ford. >> they're saying they already have her testimony and his testimony. is that fair? >> well, that is fair but what you don't get out of that therapist note which is you could have asked her for, you don't get polygraph report which you could have asked her for so there are a lot of good reasons as a prosecutor, i would have sent the agents back out to do
8:05 am
that. >> does it hurt the fbi's credibility? >> i think. so everybody called for this because they were an independent third party, they were the gold standard in terms of an investigation, non-partisan and to have them now say we found no support for dr. ford's allegations but we didn't speak to her i think does undermine their credibility. >> but are background check s investigations or inquiries. >> well, they're inquiries. >> i just think the expectat su going to exonerate or condemn somebody is wrong. they have no subpoena power, they can't compel anyone to be interviewed by them. >> and i think we have to be -- from the beginning i said what do we expect of the fbi? this allegation is 36 years old. they're unlikely to be able to corroborate it. but they also haven't disproven it. >> but a lot of people are raising questions about his temperament and former classmates are coming forward saying he lied about his behavior when it comes to drinking, does that matter?
8:06 am
>> i think it matters in the overall consideration for senators but let's be clear on this inquiry as norah was saying, that was not part of it. all the fbi was dodd do is look at the shault allegations so the white house cleverly scoped this additional background investigation to exclude those things. >> as a journalist, you want to be able to hear from as many people as you can flare so you can get a sense who have is believable. why didn't they -- they didn't need to turn in the this early? why not interview a few more people? the. >> the real question is what do senators flake, collins and murkowski think of this? do think think it's adequate? i don't think you've done much to give them political cover because it hasn't ban that widespread so today we want to watch those things. >> that's the interesting point. people are saying the scope
8:07 am
isn't big enough for them to have political cover. always good to have you. >> if you're drinking a glass of wine a day for your health you may want to reconsider. our dr. tara narula is here in the green room for morning rounds with new research and the questions and benefits of even small
8:08 am
check your local weather.
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ what a great song from hamilton "raise your glass to freedom." a new study is casting doubt on the health benefits of even light drinking. researchers from the washington university school of medicine in st. louis found consuming one to two drinks four more more times a week increases the risk of premature death by 20%. the study looked at data from 400,000 people. tara narula is a cardiologist at lenox hill hospital. tell us what this study found. >> there's been a long debate about the benefits of alcohol. are there benefits? is there a safe threshold. in fact, in april there was a study that looked at over 700 studies and said there is no safe level so we have a study that found what you said. if you drink one or two drinks your mortality risk went up. they found a lower risk of
8:11 am
cardiovascular disease however the cancer risk increased so it seems like the increased mortality was driven by the increased risk of cancer. >> what can i get for three days? as you mentioned there are other studies. people feel likes next week it will change. put this study in context in terms of its rigor and why this is different. >> it was a big study and they did look at sort of light-to-moderate drinking as opposed to drinkers versus abstainers so it adds to the growing body of evidence that suggest wes need to pay attention to the cancer risk and can't say it may be beneficial to cardiovascular disease. >> what is the link? >> it's a group one carcinogen. it increases the rid of breast cancer, head and neck cancer, as
8:12 am
that alcohol or its by-products may basically be damaging to dna or not allow our body to, may i estrogen levels that could drive breast cancer. may not allow us to absorb certain nutrients or raise obesity risk which is a risk for cancer so there are underlying mechanisms that make sense. on the cardiovascular side, we know alcohol increases hdl, good protective levels of good cholesterol. it also can help with inflammation because it has antioxidant and in addition we think it may be anti-clotting so it's risk-benefit ratio we need to pay attention to. i don't think there's going to be one fit for everyone and that's what the study awe authorize point out that we need to take this more personalized approach and ask people if they have a strong family history of cancer or heart dis commendations based on that we
8:13 am
know the risk goes up from no drinking with each drink for cancer however off strong cardiovascular risk maybe it's okay to drink one to two drinks. >> a less is more type of rule. >> exactly. >> may i recommend martinelliin white hot chocolate? a routine trip to the dentist changed the life of a little boy who could barely speak. how it took 30 seconds to solve the six-year-old's life long speech problem. plus actor damon wmon wayan is up and see how a full tank led to thousands of gallons -- this is wine. popular sparkling wine called prosecco going to waste. you're watching cbs "this morning." we thank you for that. oh, it says it right there. you're watching cbs "this morning." we'll be right back.
8:14 am
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8:18 am
a 6-year-old boy in teis a six-year-old boy in texas is finding his voice for the first time after a simple procedure helped him start talking. mason's parents thought their child was a bit tongue tied because of a developmental disorder but they didn't know being tongue tied is a real and treatable condition until a life changing trip to the dentist. omar villafranca met mason and his parents in texas tx. >> no, that's mine! >> no, this was not our life. >> reporter: mason mots doesn't care grown-ups are talking. >> that's >>orter:auseow hewi something t.
8:19 am
his parents say last year the six-year-old could barely speak the ends, poor enunciation. >> nice job, mason. >> reporter: they chocked it up to a brain aneurysm discovered when he was ten years old and to a developmental disorder but last year their lives changed when they went to kidstown dental in texas. while working on cavities, dr. t doctor noticed mason was tongue tied. >> see how close it is to the tip? >> reporter: she saw the band of tissue under his tongue was connected much closer to the tip than normal which makes it harder to talk. she asked his parents if she could do a simple procedure and use a later to cut the issue. >> no cross bites, no crowding. >> how long did it take for you
8:20 am
to do the procedure? >> maybe 30 seconds. >> that quick? >> yeah. >> and the results? >> life changing. >> reporter: studies have found the condition is prevalent for 4% to 10% of infants. infants. and for mason, the small fix made a a big difference. >> how quick did you start noticing things? >> that evening. >> what was one thing that you noticed immediately after the procedure? >> instead of pointing to food or pointing to his mouth, he was able to say, mom, i'm hungry. >> i said, get over here. what did you say? >> what did you do at school today? >> i was doing science. >> reporter: they say mason is catch iing up verbally and they are grateful that their miracle worker happened to be their dentist. >> this wasn't on our path. our path was we need to get his teeth better. >> when you see a case like mason's, what does that do for >>icyrofessionally?
8:21 am
da thank you, who noticed and did something in 30 succeeds. wow. >> it's just a reminder the doctor just getting a couple different opinions can really help you. >> 6 years old, they are very chatty. i bet they never get tired of hearing him talk. >> he's going to catch up quick. after more than six months in space, two astronauts just got back home to earth and what they accomplished on the space station. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
this morning it touched down after 197-day mission no the international space station.
8:24 am
two nasa astronauts and a russian koz ma not were on board. the trip took just under four hours. during their time, they us carried out four space walks and made an emergency repair after a mysterious leak. before undocking, they handed over command of the international space station to the european space agency. >> i think walking in space looks really cool. us just have no desire to do it. >> also looked like a very hard landing. >> it did. >> i want to do it. >> i bet you do. jane crawford learns about the transformative power of nature. >> he was struggling with ptsd but rivers like these saved his life. fly fishing was his medicine. coming up, we'll show you how he's bringing other veterans and kids together to heal and find their purpose. >> can't wait to see this story. your local news is next.
8:25 am
county d-a is now reviewing every juvenile case since the start of the year. it comes after a sergeant with the sheriff's office was charg good morning. i'm kenny choi. the alameda county d.a. is now reviewing every juvenile case since the start of the year. this comes after a sergeant with the sheriff's office was charged with illegally recording privileged attorney/client conversations. the battle over a proposal to bulldoze two schools in san jose is heating up. school district leaders faced off with parents from leland high and bret harte middle school about an idea to tear down on move both schools to accommodate new housing development projects. and the 41st annual mill valley film festival begins today. opening night screenings will include a private war with rosamond pike. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. and we are tracking a very slow ride for drivers heading through the south bay. take a look at 101 northbound direction. it's in the red. over an hour commute for drivers majoring their way between hellyer and san antonio. -- making their way between hellyer and san antonio. earlier accidents set off the delays. your ride is sluggish past sfo. 101 near 380, and heading in and out of san francisco, traffic actually starting to show some improvement. your approach to the lower deck of the bay bridge on the right side of your screen, definitely moving much faster. that's a check of your traffic. let's check in with mary lee
8:28 am
now on the forecast. >> thanks, jaclyn. a cloudy and muggy start to the day also you can see that fog as well on our "salesforce tower" camera this morning. well, let's show you here what you can expect. below average temperatures. we'll see that clearing and sunshine later on today. so mid-60s in san francisco, low 70s oakland. mid-70s fairfield. through tomorrow, high pressure builds in, so that low that brought all of that rain over the last couple of days is out of here so we're looking at upper 70s for friday inland. mid- to upper 60s for the bay. about 60 for the coast. you warm up even more just in time for the weekend. plenty of sunshine, breezy conditions through the saturday and sunday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ don't we look good together welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it is time for some headlines. a cbs executive has been placed on leave following an cnn investigation into inappropriate behavior. multiple individuals accused vincent valali of using sexually offensive language in the workplace. last night colbert praised cnn for an investigation. >> it seemed like someone was protecting this guy. we don't know who it was, we convinced the network to make a change to i'm grateful to cnn
8:31 am
for writing this article. because the press is not the enemy of the people. >> he was placed on administrative leave yesterday. he denied the allegation saying his jokes were taken out of context. "the washington post" reports on a study saying more than 250 people worldwide have died while taking selfies in the last six years. news reports were analyzed by the all india cause. the leading cause was drowning, second was transportation. the new york times reports that theaters are offering viewers with captions. they display the dialogue on the lens as the actors speak. they will be available without charge for all of the theaters 2019 . >> cbc rich monday affiliate
8:32 am
wtvr reports on a father complaining about the lack of a baby changing table went viral. the photo shows the father swatting to change his child's diaper. they say they will continue to squat until it is changed. >> in the bathroom, you don't want the baby to be in contact with what feels like an entire territory of danger. a wine fermentation tank exploded i i'dly 30,000 presecct
8:33 am
last week. many people offered to help with the clean up. just bring your classeglasses o straws, anything you need, we'll help with the overflow. >> tragic. in our series a more perfect union, we aim to show that what unites as americans is greater than what divides us. coming up, the healing power of fly fishing. she went to oregon and pulled on some waders to see how one man is inspiring others with outdoor adventures. chad brown says he was at his lowest point when he found fly fishing. now he is bringing different groups of kids and veterans to join him on the river and they're casting their rods in utah, florida, the arctic circle, and across the pacific northwest. it is a bright, sunny day on a crooked river in central
8:34 am
oregon. just around a bend, kids are angling for trout. what is happening in this river runs much deeper than catching a fish. >> we're only here for a couple more days and we have to enjoy it. there is no guarantee i can come back here with family. >> a self described city kid. >> especially living with eight people, it is kind of rough sometimes, but you know it is a good time to relax and find yourself. >> that's what chad brown was hoping for when he started soul river. a portland based nonprofit offers an escape into nature for veterans and kids that might not otherwise have the opportunity. >> what has it meant to you? >> it is a coping mechanism, it releases everything around me, i focus on what is in front of me at the moment. it may not have anything to do with getting a fish, basically, but i think oh, i'm hooked.
8:35 am
i got a fish. brown is a navy veteran. he served in the gulf and patrolled the dangerous streets of somalia. he returned home broken and desperate to escape the anxiety, blackouts, and nightmares brought on by ptsd. >> it stripped me from everything. i lost everything. i became homeless. i was homeless in the streets in portland, oregon. >> what was the lowest point? >> finding myself in the bloodlines, sitting there, pumping and trying to feel a point of blood so i could get $20. i never thought i would find myself in a place like that. and i was embarrassed. >> he started treatment at the va for ptsd. he got a service dog, but it wasn't until a friend took him fishing that he found his real
8:36 am
medicine. >> i was like a walking zombie. with that much medication in my season i could not smile. >> what did you feel when you hooked that ? >> it was a jolt of energy, a life, that brought me into the present where i can feel the air. feel the currents that i'm standing in, it made me alive. >> brown said his doctors prescribed nature and fly fishing. a different kind of healing she passing along through seoul river. >> there are veterans out there fighting their stuff, they're walking around with duct tape over their mouths. they're trapped. right? if i could bring these worlds together where that veteran serves that youth and the youth serves that veteran, they're having wounded souls here. >> fly fishing is my salvation in is my church and my happy place. >> after leaving the marine
8:37 am
corps, he was looking for another opportunity to serve. >> it is short, perfect moments. an opportunity to teach a youth fly fishing, and then watch them catch fish. >> what is that like? >> it is, man, it is this ear to ear smiling feeling. >> because on these trips, kids also learn about the environment, conservation, and leadership. >> justice, dependability, decisiveness. >> i love the vets, they're amazing mentors. >> trying to pull some pieces out of what dan is saying. >> he went through a lot of rough times. he is here now, he is a leader, and i really admire him for that. >> when you say he is inspiring, what is the message for that? >> you can do what you want. you can do that. >> break it up in teams. waders, rods, let's go in the
8:38 am
water. >> for brown, he found his purpose and he hopes he hooked a new generation in leaders. >> we all have issues, we find different things in life. the river has a way of listening, giving us that space. >> if it weren't for this, some of these kids might go a different direction. >> they could go a different direction. on top of that, the kids know that the veterans have their back. >> now both the kids and the veterans say there is a lot of new skills to learn on these trips, but they also learn about themselves. they're becoming more self aware, patient, open, and really appreciative of opportunities. nora? >> wow, jan, thank you so much to you and producer kara cleveland for bringing us that story. it's a reminder of why our show is so great. we do these types of stories so different about how people are helping one another. helping others that went through adversity and challenges and changed things for the better.
8:39 am
>> he said fly fishing is my salvation. that is a great endorsement. >> the short, perfect moment, you can feel it and hear it in the water, and that was great. >> i want to go to oregon. >> we want to let you know that if you're a veteran or you know someone in crisis, contact the veteran's crisis line, 1-800-273-8255 and pruess 1. >> we have a star of the new hello, sas on a real life story about a singer wit
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ acting and comedy is in the blood of damon wayans jr., the oldest child of damon wayans sr. there they go. >> aw, that's cute. >> aw, look at that. and following in his father's footsteps, he made a name for himself in the popular sitcom "happy endings" and "new girl" and now stars in the cbs comedy called "happy together." remember that song? he plays jake, an accountant wife as well, whose life is
8:44 am
turned upside down when a rock star unexpectedly moves in with him and his wife. dave and claire are attempting to rid their home of their old belongsings in this clip. >> what is this giant elastic band for, accounting documents? >> if you must know, this is my elastiblaster exercise band. allow me to demonstrate. i simply put this in the wedge of the door, right? close said door, put it around said body, and look at that resistance, see? look at that. back when i played college ball, this is how i used to explode through the lane. i'd be like, whoa, and i'd can like, ha! [ laughter ] and it's a great way to practice being held back in a fight. be like, what? what are you talking about? no, no, no! talk to him! i just want to talk to him! i'm gonna kill him! i'm gonna kill him, huh! [ laughter ] >> damon wayans jr. joins us at
8:45 am
the table. good morning. >> that was embarrassing. >> that's good timing, though. really good. >> how many times did you have to do that? or was that a one take? >> at least 17 times. yeah, they got a lot of footage of me just looking like an idiot. but it was worth it. >> but when we think of the wayans family, there are so many. how many wayans are there? there are a lot. >> i think there's like 50, 51. yeah, there's -- >> but it really -- that's what i wonder about with the wayans family and everybody mostly are in entertainment. so, did you say i want to do this or did you try to do everything you can to stay away from it? >> initially, i did everything i could to stay away from it. i wanted to be an animator growing up, so i used to draw all the time. i went to college for art for like a year. and then i just kind of got bit by the bug and you know, i like to pitch jokes, and that started my writing career. then i did stand-up and then i started acting. >> and it's in front of a live audience. do you like that? >> yeah, yeah, i love it. >> why? >> because it's so much like
8:46 am
stand-up. it's that instant gratification or instant judgment, you know. like, some jokes will work and kill, other jokes -- >> and you know it instantly by the reaction of the audience. >> and you do. and it's really funny. that's something that i had to learn, since this is my first live audience, i had to learn to hold for the laughs, because you'll have your line that you want to say, and then people aren't laughing, so you have to wait. so it's like, it's not as natural as -- >> right. >> and you have to learn to wait, and then when it never shows -- >> you have to be like, that wasn't even a joke! we were just setting up the story. >> dramatic pause. >> explain the show. "happy together," right? based on a true story. >> yeah. i'm told to say it's loosely inspired by -- >> oh, got it. >> -- the true story of the creator of the show, ben winston. this happened to him. harry styles from one direction moved in with ben winston and his wife for like what was supposed to be two weeks, wound up being two years. he stayed in his attic. so, that's pretty bizarre. >> i think there's a story there, yeah. >> absolutely, but then --
8:47 am
>> very tight, yeah. >> but anything past that is justification. because ben -- >> ben is white. >> not a black dude. so yeah, the show is a 30-something couple, married couple, whose lives are turned upside down when an international pop star moved in. and my character is an accountant, not just some random dude -- >> do you have some accountant in you? were you like -- or is that totally -- >> yeah, that is not me. i was good in math in high school, but that's, like, where i draw the line. like, i don't really know how to crunch numbers. >> damon used to always use you and your siblings in his stand-up routine. >> oh, yeah. >> we heard a lot about your life growing up. you're a father. >> yeah. >> do you use your kids in your routine? >> i have one bit about my boy who, you know, the youngest one, and he's -- but aside from that, i don't. i don't do bits because -- >> why? >> i don't know. my dad did it without asking me.
8:48 am
he just, like -- [ laughter ] so, at least i want to give mine the opportunity to be able to say, like whether or not they want me to talk about them. >> and what does your dad think about this show? >> oh, he loves it. he loves it. he's actually going to be on one of the episodes. >> what's he going to play? >> my dad, maybe? >> so how did he work with that kind of a stretch? >> i don't know, it was hard. it was hard. i was really trying to be like, okay, so, is he playing my dad in real life or just in the show? and so, we, you know, we had a good time. we always have a good time together. >> now, it's reported that he's leaving "lethal weapon." is that true? >> i don't know. he's -- i don't know, i don't know. i saw the video and i was just like, dad, that's bizarre. so, i don't know. he might be. i don't know, if the show goes off the air, he's obviously leaving. >> i had heard that he decided to step away. but i'm -- >> can you decide to do that? >> i don't know. you tell me. >> be like, no
8:49 am
>> becauove t premise. ben and harry a w ah, the. e is. >> and thee wif sho is so good. >> i love ha. that was one of the things that drew me to the show. >> what? >> was the fact that it's a couple who enjoy each other's company, you know? so many times in shows, you just see them, people putting up with each other for the kids or wanting to divorce. this couple actually enjoys time with each other. and then this pop star comes in and just heightens the happiness, so that's -- >> happy together. >> absolutely. >> it airs mondays at 8:30/7:30 central right here. damon wayans jr., where? >> on cbs! >> there you go. >> thank you, damon. on today's "cbs this morning" podcast, john talks to yale professor joanne freeman about her new book. you can hear the podcast on apple's podcast app or wherever you download you this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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francisco's van ness avenue will be delayed through at least the beginning of 20-21. business owners say the construction mess is hurting good morning. i'm kenny choi. a construction project along san francisco's van ness avenue will be delayed through 2021. business owners say the construction mess is hurting their bottom line. fleet week festivities ramping up today in san francisco at 1:00 this afternoon, the world famous blue angels taking off from oakland international airport for their first practice run. performances begin tomorrow. and we invite you to use our exclusive "salesforce tower" cameras to watch all the action of fleet week this week. we'll be streaming the airshows live on, our facebook page as well as periscope and youtube sites. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
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good morning. time now 8:57. and we are tracking a crash that has a couple of lanes blocked along southbound 680. this is involving a motorcycle. a live look now, this is 680 at 242 as you head further south into walnut creek, we are tracking this crash again starting to back things up with speeds dipping below 10 miles per hour. just under 30 minutes from willow pass road down to el
8:58 am
pintado road. slow southbound. 880 on the nimitz freeway, 35 minutes heading northbound on the right side of your screen from 238 on up towards the maze. and a live look right now, this is 80 at ashby. your ride along the eastshore freeway looking predictable, about 30 minutes out of hercules heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza where we're still slow stop go, 33 minutes into san francisco. mary lee has the forecast. we are starting off today with clouds, muggy conditions again. a beautiful view of the clouds this morning. now let's show you our temperatures because we're talking about below average temperatures for this time of year. we'll eventually see that clearing and the sunshine. so mid-60s in san francisco. low 70s for oakland, fremont, san jose, looking at mid-70s for you in napa, fairfield, as well as for livermore. warmer over the weekend and breezy for the weekend.
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