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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  July 29, 2018 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs bob this is "face the nation." president trump dug in this week to try to fix problems caused by his trade policies. first up, 12 $12 billion in assistance to farmers to ease the pain of the tariffs. then the president made up with the head of the european union commission, a group of allies he called his foe just two weeks ago promising to work together for future trade deals. >> we also will resolve the steel and aluminum tariff issues and we will resolve retaliatory tariffs, this was a very big day
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for free and fair trade. >> brennan: just in case there was any doubt he tweeted a photo of eu commission head kissing him on the cheek saying the eu and u.s. love each other. but the president's triuhn the economic front came friday, no surprise he took a victory lap. >> i am thrilled to announce that in the second quarter of this year the united states economy grew at the amazing rate of 4.1%. we turned it all around. once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world. >> brennan: top economic advisor larry kudlow about whether that growth is real and sustainable. plus the president's attorney rudy guiliani weighs in on the new allegations against mr. trump from his long time fixer, michael cohen. also hear from republican who is not happy with the impact of those tariffs on his home state, ron johnson, a new hampshire
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democrat. we have new polling from our battleground tracker about america's views on president trump's trade policies and its impact on the mid term elections. plus analysis onnall." thes good morning and welcome to "face the nation." we begin todayñi with president trump's attorney rudy guiliani who is in our new york broadcast studio this morning, mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. the president told cbs news earlier this month he still wants to speak to special council robert mueller. so, when, where, what format? >> welk youñi know, we have been distracted on all kinds of things starting with peter and the horowitz report now michael cohen surprising all of us. >> brennan: is that is what is holding up your negotiations?
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>> keeps us away from it. specid of tied up, although quietly getting ready for the manafort trial. we have negotiations going on, we have outstanding offer to them. they haven't responded in about a week to ten days. i don't hold that against them i think they got a lotçó going on like we do. >> brennan: what does that offer look like? >> i can't tell what you the overlooks like except there is a area of questioning and group oó restrictions on it that we can live with. i think. i'd have to reanalyze that in light of the new facts but i don't think that's going to change. >> brennan: narrowed to the -- obstruction ofñi justice. >> relates basically to the russia collusion thing which we think is no evidence and wrong we don't really have much of a problem. the obstruction thing it's more a question of, we don'tñr see te legal basis for a president on
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strepping by taking an ox and firing somebody that he had every right to fire. about ten good reasons to fire. we don't just acknowledge the basis for that. but, we might consider a few questions in that area, also. at this point it's best left to us and them to do that quietly there's enough going on with the southern district thing. >> brennan: when are we going to find out? >> i think maybe this week, maybe next week. >> brennan: last time you told us july 4th, mr. mayor. >> well, a lot happened since july 4th. our friend cohen going rogue. lots of things. >> brennan: the "new york times" is reporting that special counsel robert mueller looking into whether the the president tweets added up to any kind of obstruction of justice here, have you advised the president not to tweet at least not to tweet about his attorney general? >> good luck about tweeting. first of all, obstruction by
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tweet is not something that i think works real well. generally obstruction is secret, it's clandestine, it's corrupt. you don't want the evidence out in the public to be used against you i've looked at all the tweets they don't amount to anything but the man complaining about unfair investigation. first amendment right to do that. i don't think there's anything there that gets beyond the first amendment and second lot of his tweets have been very helpful. the reason he may not have to testify is, he's made out his defense clearly like this whole russian thing he's made it clear he didn't know about the meeting beforehand. >> brennan: the trim tower -- the trump tower meeting? >> i don't see how you can believe michael cohen, he's also the guy that taped him without telling him, taped chris cuomo taking his cell phone and putting it in a drawer saying i'm not recording it then did a
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two hour recording that we now have. he did that at least four other times. to my surprise he turns out to be almost an in tincture liar. no way this guy's credibility will withstand four or five witnesses saying the exact. >> brennan: you called him a honest, honorable lawyer just a few weeks ago. >> how did i know? why would i have -- that had a bad dealing with michael i was being straight and honest. i didn't know that he taped conversations, i didn't know he would grossly violate the attorney-client privilege. i didn't know he would mislead dozens of reporters and tape them all over the place. and pretend to them i'm not recording. >> brennan: how much of the evidence that the fbi seize fred michael cohen's place of work and residence relates to the president? beyond tapes? >> i can make it about as clear as possible. we know of something like 183
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unique conversations. on tape. one of those the president of the united states, three-minute one involvingñr the mcdougal payment. there are 12 years, maybe 11 or 12 others out of the 183 in which the president is discussed at any length by cohen, mostly with reporters. all clearly corroborating what the president has said in detail on the tweets. in other words that he didn't know about the payments to either one when it happened. he only found out later that cohen made them not for the campaign, he didn't like the campaign. he says very derogahiabthee it i personally love the president and melania. and that's why i made the payments which takes it right out of the campaign contribution also. these are t, wou to read -- i want to you hear. i didn't think i'd be ail to get them out publicly somehow he and
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his lawyer had this crazy idea just throw it all out l. i think they also don't realize willing going to hurt the prosecutor. when i was a prosecutor i didn't want a guy giving out the evidence to the press. >> brennan: you do want these tapes released now? >> i can't do it. i'm not allowed to do it. we've not leaked a single tape. you check with the reporters who did the story they tell that you, the "times" came forward made that clear. we don't violate these rules. however, we are allowed to refer to them if they put them out. why they're putting them out, some day somebody is going to have to figure it out. they're doing it. >> brennan: you mentioned karen mcdougal this recording that was made public earlier this week relates to her she claims she did have consensual affair with the president. but i want to ask you beydtormy daniels, were other payments made to as yet unnamed women around the time of the 2016 campaign? >> there is a conversation about that on one of the tapes in
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which i think chris cuomo asked him that and cohen says, no. denies it. said there were no other situations like this. >> brennan: was not not a statement -- >> as far as i know. i have no evidence to prove that. we've searched the records. remember, both these payments were made at least the mcdougal payment was go to be made through a corporation, hardly make illegal contribution through corporation. that whole dispute about check or cash couldn't have been done any other way by check it's a corporation making the payment. >> brennan: you maintain that payment didn't actually -- >> didn't happen for reasons i guess that ami wanted to keep it they probably saw valuexd in keeping it. i know a lot of people raise questions about it but clear from the tape, this is a straight out and out legal business transaction. >> brennan: the cfo for the trump organization was subpoenaed this week to testify
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around michael cohen does any of that cross that red line that the president has said in terms of touching his own personal finances?ñr >> no. i think these are about -- i think these are about the things we're talking about to see are they corroborated and they are. or they could be about other things that they mayçóñi have se knowledge of that cohen was doing independence of the president. i should finish that discussion of the tape by telling you yes there are 183 president is mentioned about 1 others, then an untolled number of other tapes that have no relation to us meaning president trump that have to do, i guess with the southern district originally raided him for. those tapes i don't know what's on those. if they related to us they would have to give it to us they have been ethical about this i don't think there's any question there's a lot there to investigate. when you just look at a box you can't tell what it contains but i sure wouldn't want to have that box there in the fbi's
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possession. >> brennan: all right. mr. mayor, there's always another part to the story. we'll continue that -- >> every time i talk to you. >> brennan: we'll look forward to having you on again. i'm going to speak now to a friend of yours, larry kudlow. the director of the president's national economic council. larry, welcome back, so good to see you. thank you. >> brennan: we did have a good economic growth number that q2 number 4.1%, hard to argue it was anything but goodwin for the president. but when you take it apart was this sort of just a temporary burst of buying ahead of the implementation of the president's tariffs? >> no. i don't think so at all. the basics of this number were consumer spending and business investment. those are the basics of any number. c plus i to put it in economic terms. it's doing terrific, rising better than 4% as was the overall. and i know some people have tried to downgrade this by ahead tariffs.s, buy
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heay, we don't know that, lot of heroes about that. i'm glad to see exports rising whatever the reason. the biggest thing that nobody has talked about in terms of these smaller issues is, inventories. inventories fell by i think $5 billion. that is very unusual. it took at least a percentage point off of gdp. but these things jump around a lot. the heart of this report as i said, some are spending, are on a tear. in saysment is on a tear which is what our tax cuts were designed to do. >> brennan: deregulation. >> and the deregulation, thank you, and the energy. by the way the president's attitude, the war against business is over. the war against success is over. >> brennan: when you have a trade war, larry. you've got trade disputes even with some of our allies that's the thing that makes people worry that everything you just laid hot is going to go up in smoke. you promised that nafta will be done ahead of the november
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races. that you will get that agreement in principle the -- >> actually, on mexico, just to pinpoint that we're making very good progress. and something good may be announced in the knot too distant future the european union. i was waiting for to you get to the eu where i had a role and potus was unbelievable and -- >> brennan: who else -- yes, i think that's true. but also the eu, the president comes right out of the gate we'll buy ton of soybeans which will help ameliorate. >> brennan: european nation is private business. >> indeed. i think they will. i think there's a lot of -- >> brennan: wasn't an actual transaction, this is a promise to do something in the future. >> we will have an actual transaction. >> brennan: on what? >> starting outright away with soybeans. beef and liquid natural gas, lng which is a huge topic. >> brennan: the european
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commission says agricultural products were absolutely not up for negotiations. you are saying they are? >> they will be part of the negotiations. but i don't want to get in the way of their domestic issues. we're going to be very accommodating, they will be very accommodating. again not part what are soybeans doing what is beef doing. in the final document that was signed by both, we talked about opening markets for farmers and for workers. so, no, i don't buy that. immediately. >> brennan: going to be negotiating that. trade representative? >> bob is the key guy, absolutely. we will be starting immediately. we'll be setting up a layered process to examine all the different areas. >> brennan: get this by september? because we still have commerce department saying they are reviewing whether to put these auto tariffs on or not? >> that's fair enough. >> brennan: it's hanging over your neck. >> we'll see how that study comes out. president asked for it.
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>> brennan: you don't think we'll see that 20% tariff on autos? >> i don't want to get ahead of anything in this game, margaret, as you well know. all i'm going to say is the eu story is moving ahead very rapidly. very rapidly. and i think that by the way puts china in a very difficult position. china is, i think, being isolated. i don't know if they realize it or not. i assume they do. not only is the eu and u.s. coming back together as i said before i'm looking forward to a deal on mexico and i think a deal with canada is out there china all of a sudden -- >> brennan: china is not coming to the table what are the tariffs accomplishing? >> the moved a lot of people to the table including the european. >> brennan: beijing? >> we'll see about that. you know, as i said before, a key point here is that all of a sudden the chinese are being isolated. china by the way asked the eu to do a trade deal. the eu said, no.
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the eu said to us we would much rather that have a deal with you, the united states, and that's why president trump and meeting was so important and process is being immediately. this is very good news in my judgment. >> brennan: so you are a reagan era conservative. >> i am. >> brennan: doesn't it send shivers up your spine when you start talking about giving aid bail out to farmers when you start talking about deficits now, growing more towards one trillion in 2019 when you start talking about trade wars here. isn't there a less destructive way to get to the growth you want to see? >> well, look, first of all, lowering tax rates, lowering back regulations and opening up energy is a great way for growth. and that's what we're seeing. and president's program, only been doing this i guess five trump quarters almost at 3%. 3.1 in the first half and 4.1 in the second quarter. it's working. it's all working.
8:47 am
>> brennan: it's worth it? >> that's one point. i'm not for pain i'm for prosperity as always. but here, president trump has said he wants to end tariffs, he wants to end nontariff barriers, he wants to end subsidies. and he is a free trader. but sometimes you have to target tough tear riches to do so, okay? that's what he's doing and i think it's beginning to show some success. only been six months since he's been on this. so, no, we're going to deficit. let me say this, the increase in growth -- >> brennan: wrap it up. >> going to be a big factor in lowering the deficit. the cbo numbers they have never agreed with us on taxes and dynamics. we have always -- mcput out a number that i was referring to on the one trillion. >> behind that number in short run do we lose revenues to invest in our economy, absolutely. the cbo numbers show now that the entire $1.5 trillion tax cut
8:48 am
is paid for by higher revenues and -- all good things. >> brennan: we have to leave it there because i'm out of time. we'll be back in one minute with lot more "face the nation." don't go away. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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>> brennan: we're back with jeanne shaheen on the armed services and foreign relations commits thee. senator, welcome to "face the nation." you just heard the president's economic advisor layout a very rosy picture about the economy, these trade disputes how are they affecting people in new hampshire? >> well, we have 140,000 jobs that are at risk if these tariffs continue. it was very good economic news this week. at's whyt's so hardetand why ane uncertainty around these tariffs and potential trade war are going to be good for the economy.
8:50 am
people are concerned from lost e orders every week to china they are worried they're not going to get that market back, that they have gone to canada to manufacturing companies like filtering over in western part of the state where they make water filtering systems. this is affecting businesses and one of the things i was very sorry to hear ambassador say this week when he came before appropriations subcommittee was that while they're talking about a bail out for farmers, they're not talking about help for small businesses who are being hurt. >> brennan: it's a good point you raise there. and administration says they won't consider that at this point. i do want to ask you about a colleague of yours in the senate, senator claire m mccaskill faces an election in missouri she confirmed personally this weiaac ucefully trto access her senate computer system. microsoft i guess was out there
8:51 am
saying she is one of at least three individuals who were targeted. who else is on that list? >> i don't know who else is on the list. but i do know that we've had an experience in our office with people getting phishing e-mails with social media accounts. there has been one situation that we have turned over to authorities to look into. and we're hearing that this is widespread with political parties across the country as well as with members of the senate. so this is a very big issue and it's something that we need to address in a bipartisan way. it affects both republicans and democrats. it's about the security of our political process and our government functions we need to work together to address it. i know -- >> brennan: you had exchanges this week before the senate foreign relations committee with the secretary of state, mike pompeo pressing him for more information on the conversation with vladimir putin.
8:52 am
were you satisfied with his answer? >> well, i was disappointed that he refused to address directly any of the specific questions about what happened in helsinki between president trump and vladir p. he continuously referred to policy being the same. i appreciate that, important for us to continue those policies. but what we don't know is what might have been agreed to by the president and all we've gotten in direct information about what happened has come from the russian authorities. from their defense ministry. and i'm particularly concerned about syria, because that's one place where secretary pompeo did equivocate and where the president has gone back and forth on what we should be doing. i was there several weeks ago with lindsey graham and we were in northeast syria where thanks to our efforts and working with the syrian democratic forces who
8:53 am
are mostly curds we have seen the region stabilized. need to make sure that continues. we need to find out why the white house is still holding on to the funding that we need for reconstruction efforts there. because the security is good, people are going back home. we went through the market which had been controlled by isis for several years. people were out, kids were pla playing in the is the, women were walking around, we need to make sure that that continues not leave those syrians to the russians or to assad. should the. >> brennan: should the president go ahead with sanctions on turkey which he called for this week? >> i think turkey is an important ally of the united states. they're an important nato ally but we've seen some behavior by turkey that is not consistent with what we expects from our allies. >> brennan: that sounds like a yes. >> on that trip to -- well, i think we need to see them release the americans that
8:54 am
they're holding on trumped up charges. we had positive news this week go go from prison to house arrest. they are holding other americans. we need to send a consistent message. again on that trip to syria senator graham and i met with -- >> brennan: senator we do have to -- i'm sorry to cut you off but we have to leave it thank you for coming on the show. we will be back in just a moment. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here. improving efficiency is what we do best. you know doc how can i get whiter, brighter teeth.. and the dentist really has to say let's take a step back
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>> brennan: welcome back to "face the nation" with constant republican senator ron johnson joins us this morning from green bay. welcome to the show. senator, the -- >> brennan: morning. >> brennan: the president tweeted this morning that he may shut down the government if he doesn't get border wall funding. you're the chair of homeland security committee, should we expect a september shut down? >> let's hope not. i think hopefully most of the appropriation bills will be passed a little better prioritization. i don't like playing shut down politics. >> brennan: how would that be for republicans ahead of the races? >> i don't think it would be
9:01 am
help. let's try to avoid it. >> brennan: all right. you sound more optimistic than the president does this morning. let me ask you about the positive gdp number we saw on friday. you heard larry kudlow the president's economic director saying this is really a reason to give your support to the president here that the pain that american farmers are experiencing ultimately will be worth it. do you believe that when it comes to wisconsin farmers? >> first of all i'm optimistic some of those numbers than i was at the beginning of the week. it's really excellent news. in the last few years of the obama administration business investment only grew at average of .6%. last six quarters we've grown an average of 7.3% that's just business investment that lays the foundation for future economic growth. i think it's incredibly good numbers and very strong economy. my concern about the trade wars and tariffs is that it puts all
9:02 am
that potentially at risk. i was very encouraged president called the truce with the european commissioner president in terms of a truce on the trade war, let's start negotiating that deal. that i wouldide problem when it comes to trade. >> brennan: that's an agreement to reach a deal rather than deal itself. senator sounds like -- >> it's a truce. >> brennan: you are really -- criticism that you voiced earlier this week. you sent white house a letter to the white house saying there's already permanent damage to the u.s. from the frayed war. you said it's becoming more and more like a soviet era economy. >> well, surely the 12 billion is depression era program which improves ronald reagan that government program. that's not going to work in any government's hands.
9:03 am
my hope is that by calling a truce by moving forward to completing these deals we never even have to try to implent that $12 million program. that would be a mess. my responsibility is to stay in touch with my constituents then convey harm being done by these trade wars by these tariffs and $1 billion shows the president is listening. president trump is trying to shock the world trading system because ever once world war ii america has been very generous, our partners have taken advantage of our generosity. >> brennan: you support the $12 billion in aid or you don't? >> no. no. hopefully it never gets implemented. what i'm supporting is president trump's goal of free trade, fair trade, reciprocal trade we haven't had it. he's trying to shock the system. i think the signal that he called a truce, that he at least understands there's harm being done he's trying to some way to mitigate that harm. the best way to mitigate the
9:04 am
harm conclude the trade dealing with europe, with mexico, with canada. conclude nafta then as united trading world we can go to china and demand that they stop stealing our industrial secrets, military secrets, start abiding by the world trade agreement because china represents more than 60% of our trade deficit. they are the primary problem and i just don't agree with the fact if we're at war with everybody we're going to adequately be able to address the main problem which is china. >> brennan: let's talk about the problem in rush a. you were in months row recently you came back and you said you think that the reaction to russian interference was over blown and called for softening of sanctions, do you still believe that? >> what i called to reevaluate which sanctions actually worked. we are not -- >> brennan: you want them toughened or -- >> well, i want them directed i think personally again i'm chairman of the european subcommittee we've healed hearings i know how maligned russia's behavior s. i personally believe the sanctions
9:05 am
targeted individuals the oligarch, is that would be far more effective than types of sanction, marie dues american businesses influence in russia, very positive influence. i was saying let's target the sanctions to actually achieve the purpose which is change their behavior. get them to pull another of eastern ukraine. right now that is not happening. china is -- russia is unfriendly adversary. i would much rather through passing engagement to get them to change behavior have them start moving toward no worse than friendly rival than slip boot category of enemy. i completely agree that we should talk to russia but i agree that we need to approach russia with rell strength and resolve that is tightening sanctions but the ones that actually work. >> brennan: senator, thank you very much. we will be right back with a look at how the tariffs and president's handling of the economy are seen by voters. and my fiance meredith, helped drive me towards making my own beer. with what's available online,
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now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. >> brennan: we're a hundred days out from the election and we've got this new cbs new battleground tracker numbers on the economy, trade, tariffs and more. we're joined by cbs news director of elections and surveys, an on this thee salvanto to help us break it down. you've been in the field, you've been crunching numbers. the president very proud of this economic growth number he touted this week. is it winning him political support? >> some. optimism is high, it's especialy for his voters for republicans and for people who say that they're doing better now
9:08 am
financially. there's a little bit of broader context here for his overall ratings. he's still in the mid 40s in overall support and part of the reason for that, despite the fact that so many people say the economy is good, is that first democrats are still a little bit leary to give him credit for the economy. rand also when people tell us that they're disappointed by his personal behaveover, even if they think the economy is good the more reluctant to say this they approve of the job that he's doing. so some of that is tamping down what could be otherwise higher numbers. >> brennan: people are still putting a political filter on him, not winning him new support or winning over democrats. >> one of the things we pollsters have been watching over the last few years is how much partisan ratings play into what would otherwise be objective measures. people who don't like the party in power more reluctant to say the economy is good even when it is. >> brennan: trade though, because this is one of those
9:09 am
complications we've been talking about. you had a good economic growth number but you have this question of what the impact of the president's trade disputes will ultimately be. and administration admitted this week that they know farmers are feeling some pain, that's why they put together this $12 billion aid package. is the president's base still sticking with him? >> yes. what we find is that even folks when you talk to them they say this their jobs or households are directly affected by things in the agricultural business, things in farming. they look like the rest of americans in that they divide on partisan lines. the p president's base in the short term still with him. republicans feel that these new tariffs will ultimately lead to better trade deals for the united states. they do manyand ere's a differen that short-term pain and that potential for that long-term
9:10 am
gain for the moment they say that they're willing to or that they it's going to least in the long run even if they feel some pain in the short run. part that have sort of puts them at odds with republicans and lot of conservatives who came out this week said, what about the payments, this isn't part of conservative orthodoxy but what you see there lot of folks aren't really very ideological. more practical and republicans tend to very strongly approve of the $12 billion pay out. >> brennan: what you're highlighting another one of those divides between republican orthodoxy, if you're on paper you're not supposed to like picking winners and losessers or market interventions or welfare, corporate welfare. and yet while you're hearing the republicans behind the scenes or on this show people say they don't like it you're not seeing voters away from the president based on that? >> no. part of this is, it is to a
9:11 am
large extent the president's party now in this sense. trade policy is often a complicated issue. and when we see complicated issues people follow their elected leaders the ones that they already support as guidelines. >> brennan: even against their own interests? >> we don't know yet that it's against their own interests. lot of them say even if they don't like what he's doing right now they tell us that it's a matter of principle, should be what the u.s. ought to be doing and also they say that even if they don't like his particular approach they say they're at least glad that he's trying. a third of the folks told us at least glad that he was trying. it appears to get credit for that at least among his base. with everybody else things are much more mixed. >> brennan: the president said he's going to be campaigning six days a week ahead of the november elections. more traditional republicans on the ballot? >> looks like that is one of the big questions going forward. here is what we know. republican rank and file say
9:12 am
that they would like their candidates to be in line with president trump. those numbers are three quarters much higher than splits. >> brennan: in line meaning don't criticize him? >> do not often like. the stronger supporters do not like the president bees criticized at all. his more conditional supporters are okay with that. mr. conditional supporters make up half of his overall support are okay with the back and forth between him and members of congress. but the message to watch, voters across the board including republicans say he's not a typical republican. they like that about him, they say so. but does that mean that his popularity among the base which is high does that mean a transfers over to republican members of congress, republican senators. that is the thing that we don't yet know. >> brennan: was there any political damage from this controversial meeting with vladimir putin of russia? >> his base tells us that they would like to rush to his defense when they hear him criticized for handling russia.
9:13 am
there is a little bit of personal connection between the. but we also do see when we look ahead we say well, what happens if russia interferes in the 2018 elections, is that okay? and people both partisan stripes tell us overwhelmingly, it is not. even if it would have helped their party. so in principle people are not okay with this but there's a difference between that principle they tell us and what a lot of republicans see as unfair criticism of the president. president they think is facing more pushback from the establishment than other presidents have that's how they see it. >> brennan: anthony salvanto, thanks for breaking it down for us, we'll be back in a moment with our panel. you could save energy
9:14 am
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come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> brennan: time now for analysis of the news of week, anne gearan, shannon pettypiece for bloombergxd news, ed o'keefe covers politics and selena zito for "the washington examiner" and come omanis fozi the "new york post." salena, economic growth numbers since 2014 does this make the president bulletproof? >> for him it's good news.
9:16 am
for people that voted for him they take a look at this and reaffirms why they -- for some of them stuck their neck out to vote for him. and for others why they -- this confirms what they believe that he was going to do. in thati they don't like these sort of multi-national deals. they like these sort of bilateral deals, when he makes some of these trade moves you see the economy growing through the tax cuts and throughñi deregulation and through energy growing, they're happy. they're very happyñiu
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check and get that balance that is the challenge that republicans face how much do yot independents and unhappy republicans. how much are they motivated to show up and put those brake pedals on? >> i just wonder, you talk about family unification, talk about
9:24 am
the trade issues these are not things that directly affect the every day life of an overwhelming majority of americans. they don't live by the detention center. they're not an immigrant. they're not a farmer. there's no issue right now that really directly affecting people of the pocketbook or safety or something else. it's all about what do you make of him? what do you make of the function of your government generally? and those are tougher arguments to pin down making it seem as if this is going to close far closer than november. >> brennan: there was something that secretary of state was pinned down on in this hearing that was his admission that north korea is still developing nuclear material that directly contradicts what the president says. >> yes. and that left us this week sort of one up and one down on north korea. they did actually begin the promised repatriation of american servicemen remains from the korean war that was something that trump walked out of his meeting with care man kim
9:25 am
six weeks ago saying what happened immediately, north koreans dragged that out but they did start doing it. but on the far more important question pertinent to the nuclear negotiation, yes, the u.s. government has now been forced to acknowledge what was pretty widely available through publicly available intelligence that north koreans have continued. most analysts expect north korea to continue to continue and also to begin more seriously hiding some of the facilities and some of the capabilities that they currently have if these negotiations progress. the more they hide, the more they have potentially to give away later or save for later. >> brennan: why did president open this new line of attack against iran at least rhetorically? >> well, you know, we were talking about russia and if he wanted to get someone talking
9:26 am
about something else threaten war against iran then continue to press the white house on, is there a red line on iran what do you mean by this? nobody in the administration seemed to have a clearance for that. so, yes, this was all of a sudden north korea's not looking good, let's turn our focus to iran. of course that argument hasn't stuck either because consumed by michael cohen and everything else russia hacking related. >> brennan: we'll be right back. stay with us. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your retail business.
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>> brennan: that's it for us today for "face the nation" i'm margaret brennan. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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