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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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but another round of spring rain is closer than you think. tough talk from the trump administration tonight... if the syrian regime uses this gas again, the united
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states is locked and loaded. >> tough talk from the trump administration after it delivers a knockout blow to syria's chemical weapon plants. most people in the bay area are upset. gunman opens fire on a bay area freeway and almost shoots a police officer. the search is on for the suspect. shots rang out about 7 pm. >> as you can imagine it had people stuck in track of -- traffic for hours. 580 had to be shut down for the investigation. the freeway just reopened, katie nelson is there. >> reporter: the shooting happened on this interstate, that you can see behind me. traffic is flowing, chb had the freeway shut down until about 915 tonight. earlier in the evening, a highway patrol officer pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop, then the officer witnessed the entire shooting. >> i was walking by and suddenly i heard shots.
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>> reporter: that is how witnesses describe the shooting that happened around 6:45 pm, just before central avenue in richmond. a california highway patrol officer had the car pull over for a traffic stop, a few minutes later someone drove by and opened fire. >> a white suv drove by, shots came from the suv, the officer was not hit. >> i saw him jump into his car and chase him down the road. >> reporter: officers were not able to find the suv involved in the shooting but do not think the shooter was aiming for the officer. >> we have no reason to believe at this time the officer was a target. >> reporter: none of the bullets hit the patrol car or the vehicle the officer pulled over, a silver ford focus sedan driving by was hit. no one was hurt. police shut down all westbound lanes four hours while they searched the road looking for
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evidence like shell casings. traffic was backed up for miles and officers directed cars on the freeway. >> everyone should be able to drive the freeways in california without worrying about whether or not gunfire will erupt next to them. we will do everything we can to make sure those who are endangering the safety of the motoring public are brought to justice. >> reporter: the driver of the car that was hit by the gunfire and the driver of the car the officer had pulled over for both core operating but they don't have a lot to go on right now. the only description they have of the shooter's vehicle is that it was a white suv. they will be looking at traffic camera video as well a surveillance video, try to see if they can get any more information about the suv in the shooter. there was a police chase and a crash in danville, hard to believe by the damage that the driver will survive. take a look at the front of the
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car. it is basically gone, and the next photo you can see the engine block of the car was thrown clear across the road. the two front wheels were found several yards away, police say the drivers -- driver is 49 years old. he stole the car and crashed into trees while running from police. he will be arrested once he is out of the hospital. police are searching for a gunman in east oakland who shot and killed a motorcycle rider. this was the scene around 1 am, the motorcycle is on its side. the victim is 52 years old but his name has not been released. investigators are not sure on the motive or whether the bullets came from a car or someone on the street. police say they cut the driver in this shocking video. you see the jip -- jeep hit the woman, sending her flying into the bushes. the woman was badly hurt, she did survive.
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police say this woman was behind the wheel of a 41 -- she was booked on a number of charges. not to the airstrikes in syria, president donald trump is claiming victory . his administration is using three words to describe the operation. >> precise, overwhelming, effective. >> reporter: the president set on twitter the american french and british strikes were perfectly executed and proclaimed mission accomplished. we have team coverage starting with laura podesta and how they were carried out. >> reporter: the pentagon released evidence of the bombed facility in syria's capital city of damascus. the building was central to all asides chemical weapons program. >> this will set the program back for years. >> reporter: long-range tomahawk missiles were launched from u.s. navy ship, striking out two other chemical -related facilities saturday morning. smoke was rising from the ashes
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, hours later. the airstrikes were in response to the suspected chemical attack that left dozens dead last weekend and duma. asad has denied any involvement, vice president mike pence put him and the leaders of iran and russia on notice. >> to be clear, the u.s. is ready to take additional action. in a sustained way between -- to ensure syria understands there will be a price to play if they produce chemical weapons again. >> reporter: the syrian regime, uses this poisonous gas again, the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a redline, our president enforces the redline. >> reporter: following the campaign, syrian tv released video of asad walking through building. a team of u.n. chemical experts arrived to investigate whether the government was responsible for the attack a week ago. seth doan was the only u.s.
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network correspondent inside syria when the missiles destroyed the two plants, he toured one of them today with a man who says the u.s. got it wrong. >> one of the targets of those airstrikes was still smoldering this afternoon. >> reporter: the u.s. military says the complex and damascus was the center for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological weapons. your office was there? >> yes. where you see the smoke, he has been here for 38 years. >> reporter: he cried when he saw this place today. his life's work, destroyed. >> were chemical weapons being developed here? >> reporter: that is totally incorrect, he said. the organization of chemical weapons visited and did not report anything wrong with this place. syrians are adamant this was not a place to develop chemical
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weapons but rather a place of learning, a research institution where the developed things like pharmaceuticals. what is clear is, it is gone. dozens gathered in san francisco to protest the airstrikes, andria borba was there. >> reporter: at the cable car turnaround, the drumbeat against military action could be heard, loud and clear. >> it is worrisome, with the way the u.s. is going forward, the threats they are making, the things that trump says and even yesterday it seemed like they would go much further than they had and i think that is something we will see playing itself out in the coming months. >> reporter: the answer he says, is this initial strike will be seen as justification for more escalation of violence with the asad regime and possibly even more.
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the strike was executed without congressional approval. that is the main problem for jackie spear. >> if the president has to come to congress, seek an authorization of use of military force. he cannot continue to rely on his commander in chief role. >> reporter: dianne feinstein also admonished the president for acting unilaterally in the street. i am continuing to monitor syria in the aftermath of yesterday's missile strikes, asad must not be allowed to gas his citizens, congress also must be consulted regarded use of force. my thoughts are with the service men and women in harm's way. >> we spoke to a local restaurant owner who has family in syria. she says she is relieved they were not hurt but she is frustrated by the attack. >> i thought about my family,
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called my father right away. luckily they are safe. >> she owns a restaurant in oakland, her fathers, uncles, aunts and cousins all live in damascus. she calls the rate dangerous for civilians and says president donald trump's decision to launch the attack was selfish. >> it has done nothing but cause more violence in the area. who suffers but the syrian people? >> reporter: sheath -- she thinks he carried out the attack to demonstrate the united states dominance over the world. michael cohen is under fire tonight, cbs news reports he helped elliott brady, a gop fundraiser payoff a former playboy model, $1.6 million after he got her pregnant. he had dashes already under investigation for payment that he made to stormy daniels.
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she claims she had a sexual encounter with mr. trump in 2006, one year after he married the first lady. despite the allegations, michael cohen does not seemed -- seem worried. >> i am not worrie >> reporter: his lawyers are trying to stop investigators from examining evidence seized from him in rates. a federal judge has ordered him to appear in court on monday. rallies known as the march for science took place across the u.s. washington, d.c. had the biggest one, dozens gathered in oakland to speak with scientists and educators. nancy pelosi used to to blast the white house while calling for the head of the epa to step down. >> we cannot stand by while this administration silences science. right now, instead of environmental protection agency, it is the enabling pollution agency.
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you have corruption and conflict of interest which is endangering the air the children breathe, the water they drink, --. >> at the event, things were not so political, they were encouraged to walk around the lake to show their support of science. why thousands of people are boycotting starbucks. >> we have the arrest video that many called racist, starbucks is apologizing and the victims are lawyering up. try to outrun mother nature, good luck. this video proves it. we will show you the newest place the bay area has to get extreme. after a beautiful day like today, guess what is happening tomorrow? we don't have to guess, we have the forecast after the break.
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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit showing two black men being arrested in one of their coffee shops. reporter tina patel has the of the controv starbucks is apologizing after a video surfaced online, showing two black men being arrested and one of their coffee shops. we have the video of this controversial arrest. >> reporter: some people are calling for a boycott after seeing this video of two black men being arrested at a philadelphia location. the man in the best says they were waiting for him to talk about real estate investments, witnesses say employees called police because they had not ordered anything while they were waiting. the men have hired an attorney.
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>> they were doing what people do every day. they were having a meeting and they were undoubtedly singled out because of the race. >> reporter: the police commissioner went on facebook to defend his officers saying they only responded because they did not listen to employees and they were asked to leave. >> they did nothing wrong. they did a service they were called to do. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i don't understand why they would be arrested for something like that. it makes no sense. >> reporter: it is shocking, there are still people out there who think this is justified. >> reporter: some say it is hard to judge the situation by the video. don't know what happ before the cops were called, if there was nothing going on in the cops were called because they were black, that is awful. that is racism, that is awful. i also don't think we can form an opinion without being there. >> reporter: starbucks issued a statement saying they apologize to the individuals and customers and are disappointed this led to an arrest. we take this seriously and have
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more work to do when it comes to how we handle incidents in the stores. parts of the central u.s. are cleaning up tonight from the deadly round of tornadoes, one family drove right into a tornado. we have the footage and some of the damage. >> reporter: people across the south got a warning and that is what sent this family into a storm shelter. when they came out, there was debris everywhere. scattered in the tree line, the corner gar. as they rounded the corner, they saw the roof of the house, half was missing. this happened in less than 10 seconds. >> you can see debris going like this, we immediately got back in and shut the door. i told the kids it might be loud , and that is when it hit. >> reporter: crews are working to get arkansas back online after this small town of nearly
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700 people was devastated by a tornado. this couple raced against the tornado and lost. thankful for their seatbelts, they were unhurt. their vehicle flipped into a ditch. in northeast louisiana, a two- year-old child was killed after a tree crashed into the rv she was sleeping in. four adults and a toddler got out okay. in oklahoma, firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand against the fires, they have charred more than 365,000 acres across the western part of the state. whether you are just starting out or already a pro, a bike park in the south bay offers something for everyone. take a look, hundreds of people turned out for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the sports park in san jose. official said the park is a perfect fit for the city's goal to provide kids with opportunities to exercise, get outside and have a place for
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good, clean fun. the price tag for they and half acre park, $2.2 million. from bikes to the beach, people were not the only ones taken advantage of this sunny weather in san francisco. dogs played on the beach in four months done, horses hit the sand, talk about a perfect day to go horseback riding. i hope it stays that way. >> that you stay envious? >> no, the weather. you keep teasing us. >> it will not stay that way. what a difference a day makes, tomorrow will be cooler and later in the day it will get wet, as we look over the city, isn't that a gorgeous shot? city hall, the distance, the bay bridge and for the rest, it is not looking bad at all. the bridge right now is smooth sailing, concord has 62 degrees, san francisco 54, mostly partly cloudy skies being reported tonight.
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winter weather advisories in springtime, it is happening. a cold front pressing down overnight, but tomorrow it will be in the sierra. 3-6 inches near tahoe. give yourself extra time. high- pressure kept us warm, beautiful day today, the low in the gulf, heads south and showers develop early tomorrow afternoon in the north bay and they will spread south overnight -- later in the day and through the evening. better to draw a bead on this with futurecast, clouds at 2 am, then we will advance until 2 pm tomorrow you can see the showers draped across the north bay, time goes on and it will press south. we will get a little bit wet, 2/10 of an inch of rain, not much more. we are not done, by sunday at 8 pm, let's roll what ahead. -- it l, we go severely clear on tuesday, we will have a
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couple on-again off-again training days -- rainy days. monday would be more interesting, there might be a thunderstorm or two but sunshine returns but -- before another wrinkle comes through. cherry blossom festival starts tomorrow, you should be okay. overnight lows mostly in the mid-40s, rain will be developing in the north bay mid- day, then later in the day for the rest of the bay area, starting cloudy but dry, temperatures managed to be in the low 60s, the most part of the extended forecast, scattered showers, monday offender bumper, we have sunshine coming in on friday, and saturday. electrifying weather possible on monday. i have to -- what am i supposed to do with the rain? let's.the eyes and cross the tease. sports, saturday night i had.
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was it over before it started? the warriors look like the old warriors against an old friend, san antonio. to break the 2018 nba playoff ice. ♪you've got a friend in me
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort.
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on the 2018 post- season... urry is nba playoffs up top, 13-1. that is the warriors playoff record since 2014. especially after raising the curtain on the 2018 postseason. of course, steph curry is sitting the series out with san antonio, rehabbing the knee and will be reevaluated in a week. fortunately they are playmakers, starting today, dazzling the crowd with 15 points in 16 minutes.
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a turnover turned into points, kevin durant two of his 24. late third, green, thompson hit five. 76-57. in the fourth quarter, thompson stopped, pop and yes sir. 27 points, 11-13 shooting. 113-92, comments? >> we hobbled into the playoffs but we know how talented we are, how good we are, we have been here before. >> was this a statement game? >> not to anyone in particular. it is good to be here, you have to be consistently focused, which is easier said than done. >> regardless of everyone saying the warriors lost the, they are not together, they can't win without stuff, they are not the same team. we are prime for this and i
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think a lot of people have forgotten. we know, we will show it. the other western conference game, anthony davidson, ran with portland today, 4th quarter, lob to davis, a monster game, 35 points, 14 rebounds. the pelicans, hung on to win. other winners include toronto, the 76ers, out of the eastern conference. l, the second segment. it is the ice, too. the sharks were hunting. anaheim ducks. hite cheddar. layered with a slice of white cheddar cheese... a medley of crispy garlic chips... ...and a dramatic drizzle of creamy garlic aioli. (breath) luckily, you can take your time to savor every bite.
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back with the nhl playoffs, guess who is not messing around? the sharks. they won game one at anaheim and they knew the ducks would be physical and game to. look at that? sharks and white, tied at 1-1. first playoff goal, now it is a 2-1 lead. 2nd period, the highlight does not show the difficulty but he scored to make it 3-1. that was
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a great one. i have to give credit, props to the goalie, 28 saves, physical game with a lot of no calls, they won 3-2 and take a 2-0 lead for monday's game three. segue to baseball, giants fans in san diego, after they did this in the fifth, connecting for a second home run of the season, putting the giants up 4-2. now up 4-3 in the seventh, there goes the lead. corey goering gave it up, padres came back to win a final 5-4. the giants have lost five of the last seven. how about some a's, chilling in the dog up in seattle? bottom of the 3rd, tied at three. mitch haniger again, two run single, homered and homered last night. kyle seager, back away, back up
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the truck, ball game. seattle hung on to win 10-8. we have soccer crazies, san jose and the dark uniforms hosting houston and look who tied the game at two? san jose, scored to tie it up, that is the way it ended 2-to draw as they are 1-2 in to for the season. that is in case you are scoring at home. >> we will be right back.
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