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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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issue but it is now. >> it's a very remote possibility that we would have an earthquake of such a magnitude that close to the reservoir. that's what we're hoping against. that's what we're plni for. that's why we're doing a project to rehab today the dam. >> reporter: retrofitting the dam is years away. >> my beautiful morgan hill. >> reporter: residents have been marvelling about how quickly the water levels rose but worry about a quake and what could happen. >> they say that morgan hill will be under two feet of water. so let's hope that never happens. >> reporter: so the dam is 91% of capacity right now. but it is still getting a lot of water in. it is expected to top out at 100% next week. so the spillway will be operable for the first time since 1996, liz. it's a situation the water district tried to avoid but so
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much rain came down, they couldn't release water fast enough. so that's the situation we are in right now. >> can't really control how much it's going to rain. that's for sure. len, thank you. nearby the lexington reservoir is beyond capacity at 104% after the latest round of heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains. the water that's been overflowing since yesterday has spread on to highway 17 and forced some detours. and state water officials now think they can avoid using an emergency spillway at lake oroville. just this week, the main spillway partially collapsed. environmentalists are scrambling. they are trying to save baby salmon from a hatchery buried by mud and concrete. look at these pictures just in from chopper 5. a whole section of the hillside in orinda has broken off. we told you yesterday about the homeowner who thought he heard thunder. but instead, it was thousands of pounds of rock and debris.
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easy to see why his home is now red-tagged. in the past 30 minutes amazing new pictures into the newsroom of a stretch of highway 35 that has been completely washed out. chopper 5 flew over the hole. it's massive. chp got calls about that washout at 3 p.m. and taped it off. the road in the section is completely gone. it looks like someone just scooped a huge chunk of of the hillside,earth that supports the roadbed. we saw people standing on the edge of this, probably not the safest place to be. this is a stretch of highway 35 that cuts through the santa cruz mountains above los gatos. it's close to castle rock state park. and look at this picture giving you yet another angle of just how massive the hole is. completely ruining that portion of state route 35. based on the enormity of the
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damage, engineers are going to have a tough time to figure out how to replace the earth and repair the road. the nightmare continues on highway 17. the massive mudslides there have once again closed all lanes. jackie ward on why crews can't re-open that highway. >> reporter: ken, i'm standing in the middle of highway 17 in the middle of rush hour. that's unheard of. when we were coming to this location it took two hours to drive capeful miles and people kept asking, is there an accident? what's the holdup? they clearly didn't get the memo that 17 was closed once again today because of a landslide. they paid for it. this is a reason the drives are seeing red today. another landslide on highway 17. that geologists say it's still moving. that means these drivers trying to get to santa cruz, aptos and scotts valley have more driving to do before they reach their
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destinations. >> i left this morning at 5:30 from aptos, made it to, um, work 10 minutes before 8 and we had a short day so now i'm attempting to go back home and we'll see when we get there. >> i came down gilroy and thought i could get through this way but i think -- >> out of habit i wound up on 17. i'm on my way to pacific row. hope to get there by tomorrow. >> reporter: this allows people to live an exit or two up to summit road to slowly continue southbound on 17. tonight experts are meeting to determine when highway 17 can finally be reopened. right now, it's closed indefinitely. jackie ward, kpix 5. the russian river crested
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today for the second time this week. the river has crested above flood stage but not as high as previously thought. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the flood zone. >> reporter: the russian river crested almost 2.5 feet above flood stage this afternoon. along the banks of the russian river, and the adjoining creek, the resort town of guerneville is flooded again. >> the level of the water, an ambulance wouldn't clear through. >> reporter: which is why the national guard is on standby to help anyone trapped in their homes. their armored vehicle can navigate through water more than 4 feet deep. more conveniently than a boat. >> the way to get in and out. >> reporter: here's an example of how deep the floodwaters are. this is in a low-lying area but normally that hole in that plastic tree that's the entrance to this mini golf course. normally, you can walk through
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there. so the boats are back as a means of street transportation. but the water has been higher. here's what it looked like on january 11 when the river crested at almost 38 feet. >> it was way worse. >> reporter: some scenes are scaring tourists away. there's a sign at the entrance of this realtor's office saying don't panic it isn't going to flood this high. >> the water hasn't reached most of the businesses main street is open. >> reporter: this barista says around here flooding is a way of life. >> mainly it affects the people who work in the community some of us having trouble getting in and out of town but other than that there isn't much issue. >> reporter: this is the second time the russian river crested above flood stage this week. on tuesday it crested about a half foot lower than its high point today but these folks are ready to dry out there. in guerneville, anne makovec, kpix 5. we are following storm problems in san mateo county, as well. part of highway 1 is washed
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away near highway 84 where there has been flooding. traffic control has been on scene directing drivers through the one lane that remains open. a mudslide is keeping debris off interstate 80 near colfax. mud, rocks, trees, blown down across lanes in both directions. chp is rerouting drivers through nevada city to state route 49. "sky drone 5" tracking the damage from this storm giving us a view you can't get any other way. in the north bay, it spotted this beautiful waterfall and you can find this oasis in san rafael. the water flowing rapidly into a small creek creating an amazing spectacle. "sky 5 drone" flying to the top and over the spillway. you can see the water goes quite a ways before it picks up pace and turns into the cascade. and there's a much different view from the damage from a mudslide in san rafael. you can see mao it destroyed one home on tuesday.
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debris is everywhere. broken boards and ripped inches losing is all that's left of the roof. president donald trump facing new questions about his administration's relationship with russia. kpix 5's allen martin on how foreign policy is back in the spotlight today. allen. >> reporter: it is, ken. the president and japanese prime minister shinzo abe are spending the weekend at mr. trump's resort in florida. the two leaders certainly have a lot to talk about including china, security, and trade. >> we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair and reciprocal benefiting both of our countries. >> reporter: prime minister abe laid out the reasons why he thinks america still needs a trade agreement with asian countries even though president trump pulled the u.s. out of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. [ non-english language ] >> free and fair, common set of rules to be created for the free trade regime in the region and that's what the purpose of
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tpp and that's the importance has not changed i myself believe that. >> reporter: security is another topic of concern with japan relying on the u.s. for protection. >> it's a dangerous area and i think it's with north korea shooting off nuclear, um, testing nuclear bombs and shooting off missiles. >> reporter: in a call with chinese president ping, president trump promised to uphold the one china policy that recognizes taiwan as part of china. the president had previously suggested the policy was negotiable. >> we had a very, very good talk last night. and discussed a lot of subjects. it was a long talk. >> reporter: as far as the u.s. and russia, cbs news confirms investigators say general michael flynn the president's national security adviser discussed u.s. sanctions with russia's ambassador before mr. trump took office. white house officials including the vice president mike pence have confirmed the conversations did take place but they deny talk of
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sanctions. other sources say investigators learned of discussions through continuing electronic surveillance of russian officials. russia denies any talk of sanctions. critics say it may have broken the law. we should know in a couple of weeks whether a big part of the bay area transit system will get an upgrade. it all hinges on what president trump's transportation secretary decides. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen is at the diridon station in san jose. melissa. >> reporter: yeah, liz. the official twitter account for caltrain recently tweeted out, anyone have some federal funding for some new trains? anyone? secretary chao? sort of urgent. and that almost says it all. >> well, there's a mentality in washington called abc. >> reporter: california isn't exactly mr. trump's favorite place right now. still, congresswoman jackie speier hopes california and washington, dc can agree on
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federal funding to upgrade caltrain and create thousands of jobs. >> all the cars with being made in america. all the construction is obviously being done in america creating jobs in america. >> reporter: caltrain currently runs on diesel fuel but a pending project would change that to electricity at a cost of $1.9 billion and at least $647 million of that would come from the federal government. it now hangs in the balance. on january 24, all of the republican congressmen in california wrote to transportation secretary elaine chao asking her not to release the funds because an electrified caltrain would eventually become part of the state's high-speed rail system. and they do not want more taxpayer money going to help high-speed rail. carl guardino is the president of the silicon valley leadership group. he says the electrification project is separate from high- speed rail and started long before talk of a bullet train. >> electrifying caltrain has been an effort for more than 15 years. >> reporter: after california
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republicans sent their letter to secretary chao, california's congressional democrats sent one asking her to approve the funds. it says the project will create 9600 jobs including 1300 outside of california. that includes 550 jobs in salt lake city, utah, where the new railcars will be assembled. congresswoman jackie speier says a healthy bay area good for the nation. >> we are the goose that lays the golden egg and if they want golden eggs, um, they can't, you know, um, take away the goose. >> reporter: if republicans stop the caltrans upgrade and then come here to ask for campaign donations? >> i want this region to say either you recognize it and help fund us so we can stay that, um, great economic engine, or don't bother, um, flying into california anymore. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, republicans say they don't want the money to go away. they just want secretary chao to hold on to it until there's
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been a complete audit of the high-speed rail project. but congressional democrats say that would be too late. if the secretary doesn't release those funds by march 1, this electrification project is effectively over. live in san jose, melissa caen, kpix 5. something parents and grandparents have for young kids and it could be making them sick. >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts on a warning involving green sippy cups coming up. >> you probably know where each and every one of your umbrellas is right now but did you find your sunglasses today? yeah, that mysterious orb in the sky made a reappearance. we'll talk about a tiny chance of showers for this evening and how long the sunshine sticks around coming up. >> i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles at the site of the grammys here on cbs. coming up, two pop divas go head to head and a rising rap star makes history. ,,,,
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it comes after a blogger and parents across the country claim to ad in the tonight a popular children's brand is backtracking on a voluntary recall. it comes after a blogger and parents across the country claim to have found lead in the company's sippy cup. consumerwatch reporter julie watts has more. >> this is our x-ray. >> reporter: the center for environmental health is using the xrs to test the paint on a popular children's sippy cup. >> apparently this inside part has lead. >> reporter: they learned about it on social media after the popular blogger natural baby mama offered to test products for her readers and found several cups used by children tested positive for lead prompting mothers across the country to test. >> they had no idea they were putting lead on their bottles. >> reporter: this woman doesn't carry the cups in her store. >> maybe they don't ask the
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right question or maybe the vendor lies to them which has happened to us in the case of other vendors. >> reporter: in an email thursday i play which manufactures green sprout said we have made the decision to conduct a voluntary recall. however, friday they backtracked stating independent test results show their lead levels are below legal limits but they will continue to work with the consumer product safety commission. in a statement, the agency stressed there is no safe level every lead for children and noted strict limits under federal law at 90 parts per million. >> so in this case it's detecting lead about 4,000 parts per million so we would send that to an independent lab to verify the results. >> reporter: federal law prohibits exposing children to lead with reasonable foreseeable use and abuse of the product. and this person knows kids could access the paint while some parents say they use a bottle without the cover. >> any probable defined for children should not have lead in it. it's as simple as that.
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>> reporter: natural baby mama found two other nontoxic bottles contain small lead solder dots originally covered by a base. they say its bottles have an updated design and no longer contain lead and like green sprout planet box claims their boxes pass tests for lead safety. >> this is an eye-opener. it's wonderful that parents and bloggers are doing this testing and spreading the word now. >> reporter: now, experts say every child should be tested for lead even though exposures have decreased significantly in recent years. just because you have one of these products does not mean your child has been harmed. we should also note there are things to do to reduce the effects of lead poisoning although it does begin with removing the source. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. new at 5:00 police just released a sketch of a man they say robbed a girl scout and her mother at gunpoint. a black teen about 5'5, thin build, and wearing dark clothing is the suspect description. they say he was wearing a hood
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when he approached the cookie table. yeah. girl scout cookies. the incident happened wednesday at a safeway in union city. the mother and daughter were selling their cookies. they were not hurt. the responding police officers donated their own money to cover the loss from that theft. good guys. well, never been so happy to see the sun today, pauling. when something is taken away for a couple of weeks you appreciate it more when it comes back. blue sky and sunshine felt good. we are looking at the radar. amazingly we're not completely dry. there are showers in sonoma and marin county heading toward santa rosa, short showers. but just a reminder not there yet. the dry stretch begins tomorrow although most of the bay area did get sunshine today. look at the glorious sunshine along the san mateo bridge on a friday evening. it is 59 in san jose. 60 in concord. 57 in livermore. and currently 56 in san francisco. clearer skies and cooler tonight. we are dropping to 46 in fremont. 45 in vallejo.
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48 in san francisco. and 47 in both mountain view and san jose. lots going on this weekend including the chinese new year parade. fantastic weather for that. tomorrow evening in the city, clear and 57 degrees. so things are changing. low pressure moving out and a big ridge of high pressure poised to move in but we are not there yet. the low is spinning right there up by crescent city. as it slides by that tiny chance of showers then we're done. five days at a minimum we're done. that big ridge of high pressure will build in so saturday looks like this over in oakland. a lot of sunshine. blue skies across the board. there may be some fog tomorrow morning. but after that, nothing but sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. next week, talk about our next chance of rainfall there's a strong jet stream just sitting out in the pacific ocean. when does that ridge move allowing the jet stream to get active again and send storms in our direction? the answer is likely next thursday is when the rain picks up. let's just enjoy the weekend. it's friday. you will have a lots of sunshine coming up saturday and sunday. nights will be chilly mornings maybe foggy but lots of
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sunshine for the next several days all the way through valentine's day and rain will make a comeback but not until next thursday. 65 in napa tomorrow. nice. those folks need a break. san jose 61. san francisco 60. livermore 61 degrees all with sunshine. sunshine sunday. monday mainly sunny on tuesday, mid- to upper 60s on valentine's day away from the water. cloudy but dry on wednesday. showers return thursday. there could be a steady rainfall but probably not into friday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,
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head for the top honors at the 59th grammy awards this sunday on kpix 5. the show will have a new host lineup the reigning queens of pop beyonce and adele go head to head for the top honors at the grammys this sunday on kpix 5. the show will have a new host and feature an all-star line-up of performances. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has a preview from los angeles. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's the battle of two vocal powerhouses.
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they are up for the night's three top awards. will the grammys get in formation? ♪[ music ] >> reporter: for beyonce' lemonade or say hello -- >> hello from the other side ♪ >> reporter: to adele's "25. ." >> fell like it's going down this way this year. she represented what pop music was in 2016. james corden is a household name but the humble host says he is still nervous. >> did you see part of it to be around it to be in its orbit for a moment? it's really not lost on me how lucky i am. >> reporter: bruno mars will bring his magic to the stage. there will be distributes to
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george michael and prince. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> other performance include metallica, lady gaga, carrie underwood, keith urban, john legend, alicia keys, it goes on and on. you have to watch it sunday night. and betty yu is heading to the grammys. look for her reports all weekend including grammy night, live from the red carpet. and our grammy red carpet coverage starts at 4:30 on sunday. then the grammys live at 5:00 with an encore presentation at 8:30. that's followed by a special edition of kpix 5 news at midnight. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water.
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toyota. let's go places. night's chinese new year parade in san francisco. along with the floats... a giant well, some elaborate floats are getting the finishing touches for tomorrow night's chinese new year's parade in san francisco. along with a float, giant dragon powered by more than 100 people will snake through the city, the parade has been a tradition since the gold rush era. tomorrow's parade begins at 5:15. it's at second and market streets down market turns on to kearney and then moves through chinatown. eventually reaching columbus avenue. and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, california's scenic highway 1 crumbling into the city. storm damage up and down the coast. repairs that could take months. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> you can't drive highway 1. you can't drive 17.
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80. >> stay at home enjoy the sun. >> allen and veronica will be here at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president's plan b. after losing in court, the white house may have a new plan to resurrect the travel ban. >> and we'll be doing something very rapidly, having to do with additional security for our country. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> do your job! do your job! >> pelley: --feeling the wrath. members of congress get an earful at town meetings. >> bring him out! >> they were dropping like flies. >> pelley: classrooms empty as flu season kicks in. ♪ cause you make me feel >> pelley: --just in time for valentine's day, steve hartman, with a couple whose love knows no bounds. >> steve, she's got six men. >> don't say that, don't say that. don't say that, you're on the air.


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