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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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las vegas with adelson and partnership. chris dobbins is the president of the group, keep oakland sports >> we want the raiders to recommit to oakland. >> reporter: the raiders submitted a plan proposing they pay $1 a year if rent. but then yesterday, adelson issued a statement saying, it was certainly shocking to the adelson family. we were kept out of the meeting, we weren't everyone aware of the meeting. the price tag $1.9 million. the state of nevada promised $16 million in funds. and adelson said he was good for 650 million.
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the glue in this deal, goldman sachs who would cover it all. but with goldman sachs out, so is adelman. and lastly, ronny lott who has been a key investor said we have an additional $100 million due to the nfl incentive to keep the raiders in oakland. bottom line, if the raiders want to stay in oakland we're more than ready to be a partner in making that happen. >> do you feel like a jolted lover? >> we keep coming back. we keep coming back. >> we love the raiders so much. we keep coming back. >> you'll take them back? >> we'll take them back, yeah. >> reporter: now as for the group save oakland sports they will be working in the next couple of weeks to lobby the nfl owners for the upcoming meeting at the end of march. all they have to do is convince nine out of the 32 team owners to vote no on this deal. live in alameda, kip do. roger goodell is expected
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to comment tomorrow about the raiders relocation issue. he will hold a press conference in houston. san francisco becomes the first city to sue president trump over his sanctuary city order. and at the same time, california lawmakers are looking to expand sanctuary city policies statewide. we have team coverage on the show of defiance. we're going to start with k pixfive's melissa cane. >> reporter: earlier today, city attorney herr era announced that san francisco is suing president trump and his administration. the lawsuit was filed in federal court and at issue is a travel ban. accusing the president of overreach, city attorney dennis herrera said that cities cannot be forced to act as its own
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immigration agents. trump's order cannot be used against san francisco for two reasons. first it's unconstitutional. >> president trump's order trys to turn state and cities into federal workers. that is unconstitutional. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff hennessey says that cities already turn over information. >> all the fingerprints are forwarded. to the local authorities and fbi and federal authorities. from there my understanding is that they're forwarded to i.c.e. >> reporter: the immigration customs enforcement agency can use those fingerprints to find a person's immigration information. >> ultimately with the
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information that they receive from the san francisco sheriff department from the fingerprints they're able to determine the citizenship of the people. >> reporter: what message are you trying to send to donald trump and his administration? >> you can't, you're not emperor who rules by fiat. we're going to live by the law but mr. president and your administration you need to do it as well. >> reporter: when we think of sanctuary cities, often we think of criminals being held over in jail while immigration officials come to deport them. but that's not what's in trump's executive order. according to the city, the executive order only requires that they share immigration information. and that they say is a bar so low even san francisco can hurdle it. back to you. >> melissa thanks so much. this new push to expand sanctuary city policies statewide is picking up steam.
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kpix5's juliette goodrich is joining us from now. >> reporter: there's a lot going on, all of this as a result of president trump's executive order. >> please proceed. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers on the fast track to advance legislation aimed at protecting immigrants at risk of deportation. their fear -- >> immigration authorities will arguably be able to target every undocumented person in california. >> reporter: an executive order signed by president trump directs the attorney general and secretary of homeland security to cut federal grants to sanctuary cities. >> california's committee depends on immigrants. >> reporter: the discussion today, california immigration bills. senate bill 54, assembly bill three and senate bill six. >> we want to make sure that people who are here for all of the right reasons are able to stay here. >> reporter: senate bill 54 would prevent local law
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enforcement state wide from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detect, or arrest persons for immigration purposes. >> the issue here is due process. >> reporter: some bay area mayors are making it clear that they are sanctuary cities no matter what president trump does. but many bay area cities are not sanctuaries. some like san rafael and menlo park have expressed support for immigrants but have stopped short of declaring themselves sanctuary cities. and the california sheriff's association released a statement today opposing sb54 saying it would limit the ability of law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration matters. and then there's the question should sanctuary cities be decided just on a local level not statewide. and as we saw today some cities like san francisco have made it perfectly clear they are sanctuary cities no matter
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what. in san francisco, or sacramento that is, juliette goodrich. >> and sacramento hopes to pass these bills and get them to the president as soon as possible. and we're getting our first idea on where californians stand. according to our exclusive kpix survey poll, 44% of californians say they oppose creating a sanctuary state. 37% support it. 19% aren't sure. and conflicting views when it comes to president trump's travel ban. 46% of californians oppose it. 37% support it. but at the same time, by a 39- 26% margin, californians say they feel safer with the policy now in place. a man hunt is now in place after an inmate managed to kick out the back door of a squad
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car and make his way out. with his hands cuffed behind his back he was able to bolt. knew saw an opportunity for escape. he was last seen running southbound on 880. the trial of a man accused of killing sierra lamar. the defense attorney attacking the evidence. evan feeley was in the courtroom. >> reporter: what the defense had to do was to start to plant seeds of mind in the jury's mind. >> reporter: prosecutors say links garcia-torrez to sierra lamar's disappearance and death. lopez's attorney said that evidence was tainted. >> it's clear that the
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battleground is going to be dna evidence. >> reporter: garcia-torrez is accused of kidnapping and killing sierra as she walked to the school bus stop in 2012. prosecutors have charged him with kidnappings in 2009 which they say were clumsy and dress rehearsals for lamar's disappearance. >> i think a lot of people are eager to get the trial get under way. and i said it before to have justice served. >> reporter: the defense told jurors to expect the prosecution to attack the defendant's character. but asked them not to be fooled from efforts to help them find the case. in san jose, devin feeley. a fight over ferry boats with commuters caught in the middle. a take over stall, concerns
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about plans to bring in bigger boats. and it's a fight for the homeless in the bay area's biggest city. the solution to get them out of the streets and into a high rise. president trump names neil gorsuch as his pick for supreme court justice. the battle ahead. and tomorrow will be an unhealthy air day. we will not see for a while because rain returns. find out when it arrives and how long it will stay because it's longer than we first thought. that's next on your forecast. >> a cement maker mining tons of sand. without a permit. and accused of causing massive erosion. >> no one has the right to prevent that sand from replenishing our beaches and shorelines. >> we saw monterey county protesters putting it back where it came from as this global giant continues to negotiate with california's coastal commission. >> shut down is the only
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put them in a downtown high rise. the city of san jose has a new idea to help the homeless. put them in a downtown high rise. the apartment building would be built next to saint james park downtown which has the highest concentration of homeless in the city. kpix5 reporter len ramirez is going the tell us where the money for this high rise is going to come from, len. >> reporter: well the san jose city council is considering a loan right now to build this. the city really wants to shed its reputation as the home of the jungle that massive homeless encampment that had to be shut down a couple of years ago and it would like to be known as a place that built a high rise for the homeless. >> thank you. >> thank you and give it to her. >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: help for the homeless came today from
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private donors who gave out 80 sleeping bags near mclaughlin and 280. >> i hope they at least feel warm tonight and they sleep warm. >> reporter: but something much more permanent might be coming next. the san jose city council is considering a $16 million loan to a developer and a homeless agency to build and run the city's first homeless high rise. six stories tall, 84 units and just a block away from the long- standing homeless hot spot st. james park. >> this is the most cost effective way to confront homelessness which is to get people housed. because we know when they're out on the street they're much more expensive to the taxpayers. >> reporter: the shelter would go on north second street and also provide services such as job and life skills, drug and mental health counseling. the goal is to transition people like felix hernandez into permanent housing. >> me myself, i'm homeless. i thought it was going to be one month and it's been well over 10 years.
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>> reporter: robert aguirre once was homeless and now works to help the homeless. he says they've already surveyed the people at the park. >> that by no means is the justification for us moving forward with this homeless project we want to do this because we have a lot of people who need it. >> reporter: this measure is expected to pass. and if it does the city would like to replicate it in other parts of the city. they say that this one building by itself is not enough to solve the homeless problem here in san jose. reporting live in city hall, len ramirez, kpix5. an all out ferry fight is heating up on bay waters. this between a mom and pop business and a golden gate ferry. emily turner is live in tiburon with more on the growing
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scuffle between skippers. >> reporter: it's a less than ideal situation for the commuters who live here from tiburon each morning and come back every night. they say they want better, faster ferry services. but the local ferry here, the tiburon angel ferry says if this occurs it could make an already bad situation even more unsafe. >> reporter: it's a boat battle that has commuters caught in the middle. golden gate ferry was supposed to take over the golden fleet commuter rout. but when a family raised concern that didn't happen. >> the ferrys are very large. i'm concerned that someone is going to get hurt with the movement or it could come crashing into the guardrail here. >> reporter: which just happened a few days ago. collisions like that are part of the maritime process. and that boat is bigger than the one it plans to run so it
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disagrees with maggie's concern. >> we were very disappointed with this 11th hour answer to our concern. >> reporter: it would block maggie's boats in she says. even though their schedules don't necessarily overlap, maggie wants golden gate to move the float so they can both use the area they paid for and to make sure no other collisions happen. golden gate says they simply don't need to. >> now they're bureaucratically bullying me. >> we hope we're able to take over these commute runs. we really do want to serve tiburon. it's in our mission to reduce congestion but we're not willing to throw bad money at this problem. >> reporter: so where does it stand? the answer to that question is, still. there's nothing being done at this point. both sides have meted but as
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far as a deadline or timetable on when this could possible happen, there isn't one. emily turner, kpix5. >> calm waters out there right now but things are going to change, right paul. >> we have an active pattern. seems like at the beginning of the month. january we had 10 straight days with rainfall. wouldn't be surprised by this time next week that we're not talking about the first six days of february turning out to be at least a little bit of rainfall over the weekend. it all starts tomorrow the first day of february. highs today on the final day of january. pretty mild. if you didn't get that fog in the morning. man was that pesky in the north bay and east bay. kept you down only 61 in freemont but morgan hill you went all the way to 57. san francisco 53 degrees. radar light now. some showers are about to move in. 24 hours away, we will begin to see some rain showers. it'll be snow, and a lot of it in the sierra. a winter storm warning is now in effect about 5,500 feet in
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elevation. lake level up to a foot of snow. get higher up toward the mountain peaks. three to 5 feet. we're adding to the snow pack another 60-inches of snow heavy snow and wind likely wednesday, thursday and friday. around here not just wet. i'll have a wind advisory as well. along the coastline in our higher elevations we could see some isolated wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. so certainly the risk of some more trees coming down. not as strong as it was earlier this month. but this would be a moderate to strong storm moving in. this is the first storm of february. you see the big counter clock wise swirl. that begins to impact us tomorrow night. between now and then, pretty calm weather. partly cloudy tonight. and with a slight increase in cloud cover we will begin to see temperature as little milder overnight. san jose 45. and rain, cloud cover and fog will not be as widespread. the low clouds tomorrow. showers move in late tomorrow. we're dry for the first half of the day. another mild one. we'll see 60 in redwood city.
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concord 60. san francisco 59. rain moves in tomorrow night and the wettest day of all the days with the rain icon will be thursday. thursday looks soggy and windy. showers continue friday. can't rule out an isolated shower. but most of the day will be dry on the weekend. another round of rainfall. >> paul, thanks. an old railroad passage sealed for decades now it could be safer shortcuts for bicyclists in the bay. the battle to reopen that tunnel. >> i'm dennis sudan. the 49ers are suing one of their former probowl players. who and why when we come back. ,,,,
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. hiring a general manager with no prior experience. but john lynch will have a strong right hand man to give him ad the 49ers were criticized for hiring a general manager with no prior experience. but john lynch will have a strong right hand man to give him advise. 49ers announcing today that adam peters will be their vice president of player personnel.
6:23 pm
peters comes from denver where he was a broncos director of college scouting. now while lynch begins to build his staff, kyle shanahan continues to prepare for the super bowl. shanahan was at media day last night and briefly lost his backpack that contained the game plan. see that man. that is schneider, he accidentally took the backpack and quickly gave it back. not looking at the game plan. he was forced to pay back after he was released following a league suspension. smith will meet are roger goodell to seek reinstatementment to the raiders. tom brady is going to be playing in his eighth super bowl. but that does not keep him from
6:24 pm
doing all his chores when he returns from the super bowl. >> do you look at him and say take out the garbage and he takes out the garbage. >> you bet your life. >> he got choked up when talking about his father. >> well i think my dad is my hero. because he's someone that i look up to every day. and-- my dad. >> hi dad. watching his son go for five super bowls. college football lane kiffin was introduced as the head coach at florida atlantic last night. but i don't know if phones are exactly going to be ringing off the hook and ticket officers after seeing this recent promo. >> hey owl nation. this is coach kiffin. what an exciting time. next week is national signing day. so please join us next week
6:25 pm
before this exciting season. come watch the owls have a great year and a championship run starting with you. go owls. >> [crickets ] >> who, who. >> while kiffin won't be winning any oscar any time soon there is always one coach that has an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. >> going to michigan. >> that's jim harbaugh with khakis on taking a dive to celebrate landing another top recruit. the word is that michigan will have his greatest recruiting class in that school's history. they ranked seventh last year. could be fourth nationally this year. >> no wonder he's jumping in the pool. >> is he great at college football or what? who's got it better than him when it comes to college football. >> fits him to a t.
6:26 pm
>> a matter of time before he wins the championship. president trump announces his supreme court nominee. >> the looming fight to get him confirmed. the new lawsuit aimed at shaking up the state's criminal justice system. >> and the new etiquette rule to save some space on b.a.r. t.
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today i am keeping another promise to the american people. by nominating judge neil gorsuch of the united states supreme court to be of the united states supreme court. >> just a short time ago, president trump made his pick for the u.s. supreme court. neil gorsuch is a federal appellate judge from colorado. and is the youngest person to be nominated in 29 years. the president chose a solid republican to fill justice
6:30 pm
scalia's seat. and we asked, should democrats filibuster president trump's supreme court nomination. >> live in washington with more on the nominees, craig. >> reporter: allen, good evening while we're talking you could hear a small group of protesters gathered outside the supreme court after president trump nominated neil gorsuch to the supreme court. if approved he would take the seat of antonin scalia and many say would vote like antonin scalia. >> reporter: president trump introduced his nominee during a televised event nominating neil gorsuch of colorado. >> judge gorsuch has a brilliant mind, tremendous
6:31 pm
discipline. >> reporter: gorsuch is known as a solid conservative. a harvard law grad, close to the philosophy of the late justice antonin scalia. >> i will do everything in my power to be a servant of the laws of this great country. >> reporter: senate democrats are ready for a fight. they're vowing to block this nominee. just like republicans blocked president obama's pick of garland last year. some democrats chose not to attend the president's announcement. >> i don't want to be stand thr- g -- i don't want to stand there in the crowd, they pull back the curtain and say here's your nominee. >> he's 49 years old and so we're going to have a justice as was indicated tonight who's decisions are going to last
6:32 pm
generations. >> reporter: right after the announcement a small group of demonstrators protested outside the high court. the beginning of what's expected to be a long and contentious fight. >> reporter: of course gorsuch ivy league educated as are most of the members of this supreme court. attention will shift right across the street to the senate where this confirmation will get under way. back to you. >> great. let's talk about that road to confirmation. what is that going to look like? >> well it's right now falling right along party lines. it could face a democratic filibuster that the point would need super majority of 50 votes. there's always a possible that the senate majority leader who has 52 republicans and senate could go with a nuclear option and require a simple majority. so all of this remains to be seen. it is certainly high drama that begins here at the supreme court and is now going to go into the senate where this could be quite a battle.
6:33 pm
>> it'll be interesting to see it play out. lyndsey graham who has been critical of president trump of course calls gorsuch a home run pick. he's encouraging democrats to vote for gorsuch as he voted for president obama's first two supreme court picks. planned parenthood president cecile richards stated, gorsuch has a history of voting on the side of -- rights. >> hobby lobby case for example. criticized progressives for bringing cases that relate to lgbt progress, taking those
6:34 pm
cases to the court. >> leader pelosi says judge neil gorsuch is quote well outside the mainstream of american legal thought. new developments on president trump's executive order banning some immigrants from coming into the united states. liz cook has been following the story for us. >> reporter: john kelly is defending the travel ban but he says it's not really a ban but rather a temporary pause to strengthen our current system. today kelly also defended the roll out of the executive order saying he knew it was coming. and he says he was consulted about its language. for the first time, we are also getting signals that parts of the temporary ban on seven predominantly muslim countries could become permanent. kelly says some countries on the list may not be taken off any time soon. >> we cannot gamble with american lives. i will not gamble with american
6:35 pm
lives. these orders are a matter of national security it is my sworn responsibility as a secretary of homeland security to protect and defend the american people. >> the president's orders still allows for some exemptions. nearly everybody who was held for questioning is going to be allowed into the united states. more immigration restrictions will be coming. the washington post is reporting that president trump is looking at a plan to weed out all immigrants that rely on
6:36 pm
government assistance and would weed out those immigrants that would rely on government assistance. they want more information on tom price' stock trades. they're also concerned about manuchen's practice at one west. a bank that he was once ceo. >> we have great concern that senator hatch is asking us to vote on two nominees that have outright lied to our committee. >> meanwhile elaine chou was sworn in by mike pence. chou served as labor secretary for eight years under president bush. she's the wife of mitch mcconnell who also attended her
6:37 pm
swearing in. and now voss is being accused of plagiarism. devos is accused of using a quote from an obama nominee. this after what critics are calling a poor performance at her confirmation hearing where she seemed unaware of some federal education laws. people in oakland protested devos s' nomination today. those alt the rally say they are hoping devos final confirmation by the full senate will not go through. a call to tear down the bay area freeway. the new idea for how it could be better used. >> you can still sound off on our snapshot poll. should democrats filibuster president trump's supreme court nomination. yes they should filibuster or no they should vote. go to the results a little later on the show. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. consecutive day. the dow jones industrial average dropped more than a hundred points. the nasdaq gained about
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a point. on wall streets stocks were mostly lower for a second consecutive day. the dow industrial average dropped about a point. the s & p was down two points. revenue exceeded $78 million and earnings were $3.36 per share. the biggest factor was a rebound in iphone sales after three quarters of declines. the company shipped more than 78 million iphones in the first quarter. a bay area freeway was just put on a national list of top 10 tear downs. that's according to a report by the nonprofit congress for the new urbanism. they say that oakland's i980 is under used. operating only at a 41% capacity during peak hours and it also says it's taking up some prime real estate that could be better used for affordable housing. the two mile stretch blankets about 40 city blocks of downtown space. there could soon be an end
6:41 pm
to the battle over backpacks in crowded b.a.r.t. trains. their new trains will be equipped with extra room under the seats. that way people will have a better place to store the carry ons instead of wearing them. which is welcomed news to riders who say they've been knocked around. >> most times i'm early enough i get a seat. but yes, when it is crowded i do get bumped a lot. >> reporter: the new cars are expected to debut later this year. in the middle of the super bowl, a commercial paying tribute to an immigrant. what budweiser is saying about the ad that has a lot of people talking. the official outlook for the month of february is in. the climate prediction center says, northern california will likely be wetter than average. certainly was wetter than average in january. we're mainly clear on the radar tonight. nice look at the pyramid. find out when that rain arrives and how much rain you can expect, next. ,,,,,,,,
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c1 ,,,,,,,,,,
6:44 pm
against the poor. five's susie steimle on why new at 6:00, a new lawsuit says california's bail system
6:45 pm
discriminates against the poor. kpix5's suzy stimel. >> reporter: he testified before the state insurance commissioner today saying he's sick of seeing people wait in prison before trial simply because they can't afford to bail themselves out. >> we shouldn't have a system where your detention is based on your income. any allegations being made that's the system we have. >> reporter: commissioner jones wants to hear from the conference. >> california is really behind in terms of bail reform. so there are states that are experiments and realizing a no
6:46 pm
bail system. >> reporter: ledoris cordell credits one group in particular. >> the black lives matter group is one that brings attention to the system. >> we have to quick looking at the bail entity as the evil entity. law enforcement is not just plucking people off the street and throwing them into the justice system. >> reporter: those two lawsuits will go into hearings next week. and the insurance commissioner will introduce policy to the legislature on bail reform within the next 60 to 90 days. ordinarily san francisco city leaders will be responsible for defending against the lawsuit but since they support bail reform, bail agents will step in when they
6:47 pm
head to court. budweiser is getting some attention for its ad's timely manner. the ad chronicles the budweiser's owner hard battle after immigrating to the united states. they admit it is a universal story that is more relevant today than any other time in history. oprah winfrey will be a special contributor to 60 minutes. in recent years winfrey has made regular appearances on cbs this morning. you may recall for over 24 years winfrey hosted her own talk show. you can watch her first appearance right here on kpix5 later this month. all right let's go ahead and check the results of our snapshot poll. we've been asking you should
6:48 pm
democrats filibuster president trump's supreme court nomination. >> from the very start this one was pretty close and it hasn't waiverred -- at all. we came in there 50/50. we thank you for weighing in. and temperatures are in the 50s. san jose 57. 54 in concord and 51 in livermore. with cloud cover moving in, it won't be as chilly tonight. by this time tomorrow, the radar will be active. tonight the final night of january ending on a dry note. february will start out on a wet note. let's talk about those overnight lows, 40s. redwood city 45. vallejo 42 degrees tomorrow morning. a couple of 30s out there. fairfield, vacaville 39
6:49 pm
degrees. santa rosa will start in the upper 30s. we're getting cloudy because of this. this is the first storm of february. it looks pretty impressive and it is. if nothing had happened in january, we would say it's a pretty moderate storm. but compared to what we had early this month, it is not as strong. winds aren't as severe. that said, this will all begin to move in tomorrow. numerous places i decided to stop one the onset of precipitation. the rainfall begins right around this time tomorrow. there's light rain. it's green, it's not the yellow or red we saw. we will see a front moving through thursday morning and for a time it is going to pour. you'll likely be sleeping during that time. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 thursday morning. we will see rain heavy at times. scattered showers continue friday afternoon. scattered showers continue thursday night. scattered showers continue friday morning. you kind of get the point. we're going to see on and off
6:50 pm
showers for about two or three days after the front actually gets through. so how much rain, wednesday, thursday and friday. add it all up we'll look at one to 2-inches of rainfall for the peninsula the city of san francisco. more in the mountains. more in the santa cruz mountains up to 3-inches of rain there. with the rain shadow of the south bay. you're going to get more rainfall perhaps about as little as one to 1.5-inches of rain. it's just not enough water and we have had a week, week and a half break. beyond that first round of rain there's the next storm. it'll move in sunday into monday. we're going to use the word unsettled. a good chance that it will rain at some point in time from wednesday through the beginning of next week. highs tomorrow despite the cloud cover. san jose 62 degrees for a high. redwood city 60. union city 60. san jose and santa clara in the
6:51 pm
mid-60s. bay point, discovery bay upper 50s for you. vallejo 51 degrees. 57 for santa rosa. you'll see some rain by tomorrow evening. cloverdale in the 50s. most of the weekend will be dry with highs around 60 and rain returns one final time. a new month, new storms start headed our way. that's our forecast. >> the first look inside a north bay tunnel that's been sealed for decades. >> and the heated battle over plans to transform it into a bike path. >> and tonight on bay area night beat at 10:00, we're asking you what you think of president trump's supreme court pick. do you approve or disapprove of neil gorsuch or why. weigh in on this one.
6:52 pm
i'm at veronica d.r. cruz. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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in new at 6:00, an old marin county railroad tunnel will be unsealed for the first time in more than three decades. >> the alto tunnel stretches
6:55 pm
between madera and mill valley. >> reporter: this tunnel comes to a stop at the alto tunnel. >> the alto tunnel was built originally for the trains that used to go from salsalito to tiburon. >> reporter: at one point the tunnel was sealed up on both ends and today it's hard to everyone find it. but they want to reopen it for a pass through. and there's a reason they say it's necessary. right now the only way to make the trek is on narrow winding camino alto carda madera which is a thin winding road.
6:56 pm
at times a white knuckle ride. >> the possibility of this getting done would be millions and millions of dollars and pretty much not feasible. >> that's what some neighbors who live above the tunnel think and marin county wants them to know if they're right. they're studying what could cost to refurbish a tunnel built in 1884. vernice balmas remembers seeing the old timbers when he was back in his 30s. >> when i remembered them they were already getting old and that was 50 years ago. >> reporter: so they're taking a look to see if reopening the tunnel is a down to earth idea or an old pipe dream. >> for news throughout the
6:57 pm
evening, go to our website. >> and join us for the news tonight. >> enjoy the night. to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: oh. how's everybody? i appreciate you. how you all doing? thank you very much. heh heh! i appreciate you all. thank you, folks. i appreciate it. yeah, i do. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of $20,000, from des moines, iowa, it's the champs. it's the smaha family! tyler: yay! steve: and from louisville, kentucky, home of the greatest,
7:00 pm
it's the ford family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lotta cash, and somebody, somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the ford family. tony. tony: how you doing, steve? steve: how you feeling, man? tony: i'm feeling great, steve. steve: good, good. what do you do, tony? tony: well, steve, i'm a retired fire captain from the louisville fire department. steve: uh-huh. tony: i did 22 actual years of service. steve: wow. that's good. tony: i went back to school and i obtained my master's degree in management with an emphasis in strategic planning. i plan to get back into the workforce real soon. i'm a part-time limousine driver, i'm also a substitute teacher, and the last thing that i do--which i love the most--i am a state basketball official for the state of kentucky. steve: that's pretty good, man. let's get it on. let's play "feud." give me jeff, give me tony. ["family feud" theme plays] all right, guys, let's go. we got--ha ha ha! we got the top 8 answers on the.


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