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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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make sure it's not squishing my house of. >> reporter: the tree came down around 8:30 last night on rio vista avenue and knocked out power to the neighborhood. >> heard a bang, saw a flash and then the power was gone. >> reporter: at public works and pge have gotten so many calls they're responding to the most urgent first. pge workers reenergized the line this eucalyptus took down next to the b.a.r.t. station. the tree and power line landed on this prius. first responders rescued the couple and their infant who were inside. >> it was terrible of. >> reporter: right around the corner high winds blew this tree over forcing workers to shut down the busy college avenue. a lot of business owners say the road closure is hurting their bottom line. >> morning it should be busy, but now the people, they cannot go through here. the trees and we are going to miss our customers today. >> reporter: faren duiz is
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hurting for a different reason. that's already suv. she's lucky. >> we walk out the front door when the tree was coming down almost hitting us. >> reporter: this downed tree is attracting quite a bit of attention, a lot of folks taking pictures, coming out to see it, some of them walking on top of that tree and we're told by public works it's going to take them at least until next week to clear out all those trees and branches. on a man who was sitting on two people were killed in the east bay as a result of the high winds. a branch broke off a tree in oakland, fell on a man sitting on his motorcycle. this was on austin street near fruitvale avenue at about 8:00 last night. then about an hour later police say a man swerved to avoid debris in the road on skyline boulevard in oakland. he was killed after his car crossed the center line and hit that tree. most are in the south bay-- thousands of customers still without power this evening, most in the south bay and east bay, but nearly 2,800 are in the dark in the north bay.
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pg&e says crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power. we got the snow, but opening day was delayed for a number of tahoe ski resorts because of the high wind. you can see it blowing in this video from kirkwood. heavenly, north star and mount rose decided it was just too dangerous to operate lifts. they will try again tomorrow. paul, it's still pretty windy in some areas. >> reporter: especially the north bay, north bay hills and east bay. the winds have come down a bit, but it is still windy and likely will be the next five or six hours if not through the night. first thing i want to show you is the peak wind gusts in the past 24 hours, 65 miles per hour for orinda, mount hamilton 61 miles per hour, livermore 58 and petaluma had a 56 mile-per- hour wind gust. the wind advisory which included a lot bigger area earlier today now includes the delta through 7:00 tonight and north bay hills is still under
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a wind advisory until 10:00 tonight. let's talk about the winds as they are now. in oakland where it was so windy yesterday and last night, winds are calming down but still pretty breezy here sustained at 20 miles per hour, much less wind in the south bay and fairfield checking in with the north wind at 26 miles an hour. the wind advisory is in effect for five more hours in the north bay hills. coming up we'll talk about the weekend and the next rain chance and a little flavor of the holidays in about 10 minutes. the nightmare a b.a.r.t. computer glitch left thousands of people stranded for hours during the morning commute. here's a look at the nightmare from this morning. commuters were either standing waiting at b.a.r.t. stations or stuck in those major traffic jams while the trains were not running. we spoke to riders who have had enough. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. managers have been in meetings all afternoon trying to understand what happened, why it happened to make sure it does not happen again. this all began we're told
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around midday yesterday and that is when b.a.r.t. engineers began performing some reconfiguration work on a series of servers around midnight when the main control center central computer went offline meaning operators could not see the locations of trains in the system. b.a.r.t. says the trains could still be operated in automatic mode, the physical track switches that actually direct the trains along the routes had to be thrown by hand. so by the time the morning commute rolled around the first passengers not allowed on the trains until after 7:15 a.m. it took till around 11:00 to get the trains all back on schedule. >> it wasn't till this morning at 7 a.m. we navigated the problem to the update we had made earlier the day before. we realized that we had to reconfigure it to go back to what it originally was and that fixed the problem immediately and we got all of our trains out. >> it's a hassle. i never know if b.a.r.t. is going to work or not and i hate driving because of the traffic. so it's just a hassle.
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>> reporter: it was not in service for the early morning commuters. a lot of people had to bring in their cars, make other means of transportation to get into work or school. this was what it was like trying to get on the bay bridge into the city around noon. it's been a problem all day long. back to a louvre picture in west oakland. we just spoke -- a live picture in west oakland. we just spoke to b.a.r.t. and all the trains are running on schedule this evening. for your ride home you should be all right tonight. i'm mark sayre, kpix5. >> there will be legal action pursued against b.a.r.t. after the board of directors voted to take out a provision from the new contract. >> we are extremely disappointed on them. they need to step it up, have another session and vote yes on the contract. that's what they need to do, but besides that we'll go ahead
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and consider our legal actions we'll be taking. >> the b.a.r.t. board of directors approved the contract after removing a part of it dealing with paid family leave. the unions say that is illegal and that the board has to vote on the entire contract. we asked if this means whether the unions would strike again and they said they haven't discussed it. they a hoping the publi san jose police may be taking a pain out of primetime tv's play -- page out of primetime tv's playbook. it's not csi, but as 11 ramirez shows us they are taking -- but as len ramirez shows us, they are taking a page from the playbook hoping the public will help solve crimes. >> reporter: this reality- based tv program exists because its cases were never solved. it's called make the call, san jose, and it's hosted by former judge and current police auditor ledoris cordell. >> please make the call because no one should get away with murder. >> reporter: the program is
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launching on community-based create tv channel 30. cordell focuses on unsolved san jose killings and invites murder victim families on the set with her to humanize the stories with their loved ones. >> at least we can have that little bit of peace. >> the idea is if people watch this program and have any feelings at all will be motivated to do something, to ease their suffering and to bring justice. >> just so happens that both of our kids got killed the same year by random shootings. >> reporter: the first episode goes in depth with arnie watkins and elsa lopez two strangers now friends because of shared tragedies. lopez's 17-year-old son anthony santa cruz was stabbed to death february 13th this year while walking home from san jose high on 21st street. >> two young men standing at the corner. he got in an altercation. he walked away and one of the young men decided to run after him and stab him from behind. >> reporter: mr. watkins
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nephew justin watkins was murdered in a drive-by shooting on hayes avenue may 26th. he was walking home from his job at a gamestop store and left behind a 3-year-old daughter. >> i just want someone to come forward. it hurts us especially going through this first holiday without justin. he has a little girl who is never going to see already daddy again. so we want to bring her justice as well. >> reporter: and that show is called make the call san jose. america remembers john f. kennedy 50 years after his assassination. >> a chilling experience and one that marked the turning point for me in my life. >> a bay area man describes a school trip that changed his world forever, the haunting symbol connecting him to the first lady. just announ >> a shocking case of animal cruelty, a woman's dog thrown into traffic during a robbery, the big break police just announced. >> and if you were hoping to be an early bird, these die hards have you beat, the black friday deal that has them camping out
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so early. ,,,,,,
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dallas.. as the nation pauses to remember the assassination of president f. kennedy 50 years the bells echo throughout dallas as the makes pauses to remember the assassination of president john f. kennedy 50 years ago today. at arlington national cemetery the eternal flame burns at the president's grave. many passed by his tomb paying respects today. of for today. -- half a century later people of all generations stop to reflect on the moment that changed america forever. bagpipes played in dealey plaza in dallas as thousands stood in silence to mark the exact moment when president kennedy was killed on november 22nd, 1963. historian david mccullough recited lines from the president's famous speeches. >> he spoke to the point and with confidence.
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he knew words matter. his words changed lives. his words changed history. >> there is a permanent new monument in the plaza near the infamous grassy knoll. the inscription on the plaque is the final paragraph of the speech president kennedy was set to deliver in dallas but never did. face the nation's bob schieffer was a 26-year-old reporter at the fort worth star telegram the day kennedy was killed. >> nothing was ever quite the same as it was before this happened. it really kind of shattered our national confidence and caused us to ask questions about almost everything. >> schieffer says he's tried to keep an open mind to conspiracy theories about the assassination, but he believes all the evidence supports the official explanation that lee harvey oswald acted alone. >> there are going to be questions about this 50 years from now. you know, we're still asking questions about the assassination of abraham
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lincoln and julius caesar. >> schieffer like so many americans who remember where they were and how they felt when kennedy was killed says 50 years ago seems like yesterday. the only university in the country named after president kennedy is right here in the bay area. jfk university in pleasant hill held a memorial at the campus. the ceremony included speakers, a moment of silence and an unveiling of photos and other momentos of the young president. david wallace was in dallas for a school trip the day of the assassination. he remembers picking up the first lady's rose. >> i took the rose. i remember that day. i took the rose and i went back to school. school was still out and i carried the rose around all day and just cried from one of my classmates to another and i went home and saw my mother and dad and we cried and the world changed after that. the world changed. >> wallace saw the president twice that day as part of a
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school assignment, once at the airport when the president got off the plane and moments after he was shot. on our website you can watch the cbs news coverage of the assassination as it happened. it's at the top of our homepage. a brazen act of cruelty, a dog thrown into traffic while his owner watched helplessly. how the feds finally caught their suspect nearly a year later. >> reporter: good evening to you live from the embarcardero center. it is 70 degrees in a lot of spots today, but we're talking holidays, your forecast and a live report coming up. ,,,,,, announcer: right now at sleep train,
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the death sentence to the m known as the alphabet kille in september... a jury recommended a marin county judge today gave the death sentence to the man known as the alphabet killer. in september a jury recommended the death penalty for joseph naso. naso was convicted of killing four women in northern california. he told the judge today he's innocent, but the judge said the punishment fits the crime. naso is 79 years old, so it is likely he will die in prison before he is executed. a man wanted for nearly a year for the heartless death of a woman's dog is now in custody. 36-year-old laurice barrett was arrest wednesday at his home in vallejo. last december a woman pulled over on leavenworth street in san francisco to look for her cell phone. that's when police say barrett robbed her. when her dog started barking,
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police say barrett grabbed it and then threw it into the street. it died later at the vet. robbery and animal cruelty. >> back in january we released surveillance video that ultimately led to the identity of the suspect and working with various leads and with the assistance of the u.s. marshal service we were able to apprehend the suspect in vallejo. >> barrett is charged with robbery and animal cruelty. might be hard to believe, but shoppers are starting to line up already for the big holiday sales. sabrina pope and josette lester plan to camp out until thanksgiving at this target. they say it's not about being first in line to scoop up the big bargains. it's also a chance to have some fun and spend time together. >> this is our fourth year meeting each other out here. so we've developed a friendship and also it's fun and it's great being no. 1. most excited about?? >> the women say more friends and family plan to join them in the coming days and the deal
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that they are the most excited about, a 50-inch flat screen tv. target will sell it for $229. it is that time of year again for the adorable pets in the windows of san francisco's union square. they were unveiled minutes ago. not just to look at. cats and dogs are up for adoption to the right family. last year more than 300 pets found new homes from the macy's holiday windows. >> we have to stop and look. they are adorable. meteorologist paul deanno is live from the embarcardero with more on the lighting ceremony. >> reporter: we'll turn the lights on coming up in the next hour. we'll have a fireworks show. if you can get into the city and have time, this is the place to be to get in the holiday spirit even before thanksgiving, but tonight's weather will also get you in the holiday spirit. it's going to be pretty chilly, but we'll see the coldest
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weather in places like livermore and also redwood city. you'll be in the 30s whereas the north bay will be in the mid-40s because it will be so windy you won't get the coldest of the weather tonight. you'll get it tomorrow night instead. santa rosa 44 degrees tonight in the city down to 47. man, was it windy over the past 24 hours, wind gusts of 60 or 65 miles per hour in some of our higher elevations. it's because of the same storm that gave us the rainfall tuesday and wednesdays. it's strengthened. as that moves out and a big ridge of high pressure moves in we were caught in between. we had a strong offshore wind today with a lot of wind damage in the east bay and north bay. let's move forward now. the weekend will be much calmer as that low pressure area moves out and the big ridge of high pressure moves in. let's talk about future winds. we'll still see isolated wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour, but as we roll through
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tomorrow, things calm down. tonight a windy night for the north bay, much calmer with sunny skies this weekend. we have another rain chance coming up on wednesday. highs tomorrow, it's the weekend, folks, mid-60s for you, pretty close to average. hayward, your high tomorrow will be 62, los altos 62, napa, dublin, pittsburg, low 60s and sunshine, up north a high of 67 with sunshine for cloverdale. your extended forecast, mid- 60ors with sunshine, stay sunny on monday. tuesday there's -- mid-60s with sunshine, stay sunny on monday. tuesday there's still sunshine and wednesday a chance of rain that will likely spill over into thursday morning. this event has been going on long enough, danny, you have a whole generation that's enjoyed this in the bay area. >> that's right. now we're seeing second and third generation families using this as the start of their
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holiday season. we've got a great winter carnival at the embarcardero center tonight, plenty to see, plenty of activities, santa, mickey mouse, lots of skating activities and events. we will have disney on ice and a little sneak preview of rocking ever after which is coming up soon. it welcome late will culminate -- it will culminate with the lighting of the building. the holidays begin and then we'll have a great fireworks show here above the ice rink afterwards. it will be fabulous. there's still plenty of time to come down here. it's very balmy nice weather. get on b.a.r.t. or muni and come down to enjoy it. it's a lot of fun and it's all free. >> reporter: it's all starting at about 6:45. if you come down now, you can
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enjoy, but 6:45 the fireworks, lighting and beautiful weather. that's it from the embarcardero, back to you. >> looks like fun. >> i think the holiday season started with danny's tie. a bay area family's $3,000 check was cashed by thieves, but the bank blames them. what it took to finally get their money. ed right on ... along with the [ marching band ] >> a little blaring surprise in the newsroom today, the cal band marching in with the cheerleaders and the bear gearing up for the big game at stanford tomorrow, best of luck to both teams.
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first time. found out. their $3000 check and cashed by that saying the check is in the mail can be kind of risky. >> that's what one east bay couple found out. their $3,000 check was stolen and cashed by thieves. julie watts on their long fight to get their money back. >> kept asking why can't you tell us where the check was cashed? >> reporter: lucy and daniel babbior knew right away this $3,000 check they mailed out to pay their monthly credit card bill had fallen into the wrong hands. when the credit card company never got it, they went online to check their vanguard money market account. the endorsing signature was illegible, the original payee crossed out and the check cashed by someone else. >> wow, someone forged our check. >> reporter: it was drawn from their account that held nearly $40,000 when lucy and daniel called vanguard with questions, the couple says instead of answers they got accusations. >> how do we know that you guys didn't forge this and cash it and now you're asking us to
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essentially make double payment? >> reporter: weeks went by. the couple filed a police report, filled out the required fraud reporting documents with vanguard and even sent a letter to vanguard's ceo asking by who, where and how their check was cashed. >> this is the most recent e- mail. >> reporter: vanguard's response? the investigation could take up to nine months to complete. meanwhile they were out three grand and concerned about their other accounts. >> suppose it was some kind of fraud in one of our retirement accounts, what would the response be then? >> reporter: out of options they called consumer watch and we contacted vanguard. the investment firm has now gravid to refund the couple's cash. -- agreed to refund the couple's cash and daniel is not sure he can trust a bank that doesn't trust him. >> it was never made clear that vanguard would make good on this. >> vanguard told consumer watch it takes allegations of fraud very seriously, but could not talk about the case. if you have a problem, call our hotline at 888-5 helps you.
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now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley joins us from dallas tonight. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz, great to be with you in the bay area. it's been a day of solemn remembrance as the nation marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. we'll speak with bob schieffer about what he saw that day and we'll talk to the only secret service agent who managed to reach the stricken president, all that tonight on the cbs evening news live from dealey plaza at 5:30 right after kpix5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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radiation tests show it' i'm ken bastida in the kpix5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight radiation tests show it's up to 100 times the normal level, but there's no warning signs. tonight the toxic history of a radioactive bay area trail and the potential risks for people in the area. >> plus. >> i thought that being an engineer was just a bald white man in a 5 by 5 cubicle. >> now a bay area code cam is giving girls the tools to succeed in a field full of men, those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, ken. >> see you then. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the cbs evening news with scott pelley in dallas tonight. >> remember the latest news and weather is always on our website >> let's go back out to the embarcardero and the holiday celebration.
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>> pelley: tonight, a day of solemn remembrance. the nation marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. we'll speak with bob schieffer about what he saw. and we'll talk to the only secret service agent who managed to reach the president. once the president is wheeled into the trauma room at parkland hospital, what happens after that? obamacare online is beginning to succeed in some places. john blackstone has details. there's a sharp reaction today to a plan to allow cell phone calls on planes. jeff pegues reports. and mark phillips with the men mrs. kennedy selected for the final salute. not the honor guard you might have expected.


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