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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 21, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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explosions and rural area outside of aurora colorado authorities took several explosives from the apartment of the suspect the carter about a truck full from the booby trap apartment and detonated several of them. in aurora demand suspected of the shooting that left 12 people dead plan the massacre with " calculation and liberation " they say james holmes had been receiving deliveries for months weapons that armed him for battle and to be tracked people trapped his apartment, eight public defenders has been appointed to defend him appearing to receive garcia with more some many developments an aurora i can tell you the shopping center has reopened and police plan to move out of the movie theater and midweek pass
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for a crosstown the bomb experts inside the suspect's apartment have cleared out the dangerous and explosive material. a controlled explosion went off inside the apartment of the accused gunman james holmes. the blast designed to help law- enforcement get inside the apartment they say contained a complicated array of explosive devices and ammunition and trigger wire. the threat has not been eliminated but reduced. he is in custody awaiting his first court appearance monday morning the 24-hour of former grad student is accused of shooting the moviegoers watching the new batman found. he has an attorney and not talking to police the day before the shootings is never say he made an impression on them carl allen lives across the street. he talked to was for men and he did not say much he had a
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word look in his eye will learn more about the victims alex on celebrating his 27th birthday tomorrow and would have been his first wedding anniversary jessica galley and aspiring sportswriter and lager beer in her mother 25 year old ashley still in hospital pro-life is changed in a flash and for what? she still does not know her daughter is gone. one person knows why. police not discussing a possible motive everyone in the community continues to speculate who had made jams holmes he came across as a well spoken clean- cut quiet person out been a loner. the vigil for the victims ranged from ages 6-51 goes on now in aurora.
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how the police know the apartment was booby trapped? investigators released to us more details they'll learn james holmes set off a timer and a kickoff loud music inside the apartment the night of the shooting at midnight, the promise they believe the drop police they're on a noise complaint and get them to go through the doors so the first responders would have triggered a booby trap that never happened but the time he began the shooting, at 12:30 pm there arrested him and he told police i have explosives at my apartment he did not say about the wire trapping. to reset garcia in colorado and the names of all 12 victims have been released among the dead and six year-old girl and the mother of that girl from a composure in critical condition after being shot in the throat.
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met anne the clan he died after diving in front of his girlfriend and her brother to shield them from gunfire also killed 27 year-old john blair merck in the navy station in colorado. on this comes along and crunch you to be more neighborly with our neighbors than we are in the first place he was aiming navy cardiologists from crystal lake, ill. his family requested privacy only that the love him and miss him. from his hospital bed one man shot describes what happened to him and what he saw inside the theater. on another risher would cause them like shrapnel, something else on not sure and i was struck your first, and tried to cover myself as a fell to the
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ground and got a lot of shrapnel in his arms. and shrapnel across my chest. it's in methodical the rate he was firing an impound in a move in a position he was unloading into the crowd. my attitude is these things are tragic and they sometimes happens i don't think i could have said anything to him that would make me feel better him feel worse. i hope your regrets it. two teenage girls from san rafael wrathy colorado multiplex, there were attending a conference in aurora with their mother the went to the midnight screening at the century 16 complex there in the auditorium next to the one where the gunman was shooting they skate but some listed pierced the walls to their theater and yet a member of their group will hear from the mother tonight at
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11:00 p.m. christian belloc's the start of the movie is responding to the rampage you cannot peek in to understand the grief of the victims and as heart goes out to them. movie studios will withhold box office numbers for the week and out of respect. stay tuned to cbs 5 and cbs s f dot com it for the latest updates. bay area communities are responding and offer help. some turned to blood banks lisa washington shares the importance of donating blood especially during summer season. after the colorado tragedy the decision to donate blood in alameda was a no-brainer for byron johnson. i got the e-mail and was thinking about colorado and the fat they would need blood. that made me think about there's always a need for blood.
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the blood drive that scent on the this cool one of 80 the red cross blood drives representing 12 different religious groups. the focus on what is the same and what the needs and the kind of help we can get to the community time we all started working together to make things better. sun yup christian store is a veteran a donor and knows too well the importance of giving the gift of life. i have been the one running up to intensive care with a unit of blood in my hand for someone who needed it the blood drives are the largest in california on track to donate 1000 units of blood this month than last july that is welcome news at a time when supplies are low julies are the biggest need
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schools and colleges make up about 24 percent of our supply during the summer months we have a big challenge the law in the void. i feel like i can donate, i know people who cannot i'm blessed to be healthy and do this at lisa washington cbs 5 chisholm both presidential candidates make visits in the bay area in the next few days the president arrives monday we won't be able park in downtown oakland. there were trying to unleash the power within more than 20 people were hurt walking over red hot coals. the numbers in the bay area just as warm in concord as they are in santa rosa, 97 degrees in marin 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. relief is i,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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developing story in oakland
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a five year-old shot it happened at two 30 p.m. at 50th anne bancroft the child was shot in the neck and in guarded condition at local hospitals so far no motive for arrest. after canceling campaign appearances in both presidential candidates expected the fund raising in a area this week mitt romney at ten is a lunch at a private home in woodside tomorrow silicon valley executives will attend romney at chance to more fund-raisers in san francisco letter in the day. on monday president obama looks for a vote donations in alameda county he has a round table discussion with tech leaders and the sold-out event at fox theater here wraps up his stake with a dinner reception in piedmont. if you live in in oakland uptown district the road the no parking during the presidential visit on
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monday barricades in place near the fox theater on telegraph avenue from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. park in forbidden on several other streets during the time you can expect traffic interruptions during the time the president is in the area. popular motivational speaker tom robbins in san jose holding an event called unleashing the power within, people at $8,000 to attend part of the event includes walking on coals of fire. kiddo shows us some got more than they bargained for the video was dark in the coals were hot a so-called fire walk in san jose and 21 people suffered third degree burns when a walk across kohls as august 2000 agrees, is taking place on park avenue organizers had a
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dozen lines of hot coals 10 ft. long that permits from san jose fire and fire marshal on scene. i'm not sure if they knew what the event entailed if the new people would walk across the coals they signed off on the permits we will again to that oprah did it and posted on youtube motivational speaker tony robbins coaches the participants. she was one of several thousand people at the convention who survived it last night with nothing more than a blister it really did blow my mind a lot of people think it is fake which is what across something hot to the organizers had a statement " we've been providing this experience for three decades a small number of participants experienced minor injuries we work to ensure the event is safe " with 21 people
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injured it is unclear if this will be approved again in san jose. how is it that several thousand people did walk across and not get burned? that is a great question i do not know kiet do cbs 5 concerning the fact things did he up today temperatures 3- 12 degrees warmer, which will look for things to cool down we'll have to wait details about how much and went after a break. th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wendy but warmer in the bay area gusts up to 25 mi. per hour at the airport and when the in mountain view. the big story in numbers in the '90s near 100 in east bay, temperatures warm 5-10 degrees from yesterday. they warn dramatically in north bay then east bay. it will stay that way through tomorrow we look live you can see blew up there and the numbers are warm. we had a whisper of low clouds along the shore on but not much and with low clouds. temperatures climbed about 10 degrees today not as warm as we get low pressure trough. coming out of the gulf of alaska to pacific northwest. that will bring the numbers down a bit so cooler but still 21.
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numbers tell a 90s tomorrow. low clouds will stick to the peninsula an overnight sunrise tomorrow and clouds in sunset district, for tomorrow we start out with clause early along the shoreline for inland areas warm during upper seventies for the bay and low 90s inland. not quite as warm for today but not too bad temperatures overnight 53 in san jose by the numbers 82 at santa clara market held up to 90, 82 at mountain view 97 at brentwood. 86 at napa. extended forecast, we get the bread to run tuesday numbers down to the '80s inland on
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thursday only the upper seventies and and cooler weather on the way of a must be patient. a crazy game with the giants and phyllis it was fun to watch a great time to be an a's or giants fan the fellas come on for six homers can tiger make his move that the british open? sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, discover british columbia.
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visit: tiger woods has three guys ahead at the british open but his trip not on his side he has never won a major man trailing after 54 holes. he knows have to stretch on moving day security ready for this guy for the trophy presentation off to a slow start but i knew ... the shot of the day the 25 year-old playing in his first major since a whole and one on no. 9 and tiger began the day four shots back and fell further behind bodie's on to the first three holes.
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grant's not occur not a single bogey. that to tiger who would regroup. close to 50 ft.. wow. had issued 75 strokes back going to final-round adams caught in great shape to win his first major the aussies since his first major putt. graeme mcdowell and in the final pairing the sand position tomorrow four shots back behind scott taggart is focused on golf not me urology the forecast is one thing less to what happens whether the wind blows or not and i still have to a post around and execute my plan.
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the giants had their struggles on the road but not on this trip the have a chance to return home winning five of six the battle of pitchers matt cain and call hamill's for philadelphia big daddy kane connects for his first homer of the year. hamill's returns in the bottom of the third he fed he heads his first career homer to first time opposing pitchers have homered in the same inning since 1990. buster posey ribs a single ryan theriot comes around to score posey had four hits including a homer the home-run derby continues ryan howard with the three run blast off it gives fell a 5-4 lead. camels gave up three long balls melky cabrera ties up with a solo shot to left.
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no. 10 for him. the two teams combined for six home runs the giants beat the phillies 6-5. a's beat the yankees last night with a walk off when, that means josh reddick drops added again with the gatorade bath. none 0 i no the belt i've seen the bulk what is about wrestling? a got into it young like everybody does and a buddy was still watching and i would watch it with him and whether the belt or bad news is his love for wrestling no secret one of his biggest highlights in boston was meeting a legend with flair.
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have you noticed the guys in the clubhouse they rallied around him? he's been pushing that out there since spring training i don't know if they're tired of it and this point celebrity golf at like, all you think this guy excited to get jerry rice is autograph check out the victory lap. the former athletes are involved we show you the charles barkley shot. kristyn palmer enjoys this final weekend before training camp not too shabby. 82 but for part the former redskins quarterback is the leader. the job is to jump in harm's way and those who pay for their lives a memorial at 630 and dedication to east bay firefighters that is it for news
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at 530 will see when half an hour and a 10 and 11 have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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>> 17-year-old zack golditch another man died celebrating his 27th birthday. police enter the gunman's booby trapped apartment. >> make no mistake, okay, this apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i've seen, to kill whoever entered it. >> glor: doctors treat more than 50 people shot in a theater where they became targets. >> some of theur


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