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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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with slowing down construction at memorial stadium, coming up. sunshine hot and the san mateo county fair, we will talk about that coming up. the morning everyone. it is june 11th. sentencing this schedule for a man convicted of murder four years ago. the defense is now calling for a retrial which could change things up at today's sentencing. the moreau says he filed a motion saying that he did not receive a fair trial.
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they claim that some were confused and that some had already made up their mind. they want to move the process along as quickly as possible. he was convicted of the father and his two sons. but victim impact statements were read and the widow and the daughter made the statement to a rameau staying " i will never see them graduates, the parents. my opinion is so deep i can even imagine. i lost so much. " now we are expected to see these events unfold.
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we will expect to hear more from that in just a few hours. u.s. commerce secretary john bryce has been cited entered for non life threatening injuries. collisions have to in the saturday evening. bryson was appointed secretary last october. and a former penn state football coach this is life in jail if he is convicted of molestation of 010 young boys and violence
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reported construction crews are putting in 20 power disc based to a finished the football stadium for the the home opener. apple unveiled the latest must have technology grew the couple conference begins today and services group. tim coke expected to issue of new software for the i phone, ipad and the apple software.
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it is for 33, our weather geek isn't now up the cemeterial county fair this morning. i got to go to the farewell you guys got to go to work. this is a great place to be if you want to enjoy great food, the rides in just a great time. is a very mild start of outside. already in the '50s and '60s. those temperatures are going to be cooking. red flag warnings are going to go up in the east bay. it will continue to about 10:00. it is about 97 degrees in livermore. about 91 degrees in redwood
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city. today is going to be hot all around the bay area. it will be a great did to come and check out there. pretty fun on the roadways this morning did not seem too many hot spots print we your accident free as of this moment. live conditions along 880. we had roadwork along broadway but that's been wrapped up. we're seeing some slight delays but overall is not causing too much problems, you do not want to drive through the area. today because of learned
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which fire stations would be closing in the east contra costa county. a parcel tax must measure the water prevented all this did not get the votes last week. fire officials estimated that the cut would add another five minutes to their response team. around their homes and the slopes of it's really dangerous its real low humidity's. as you could feel right now, it's real hot. it's try we have a little breeze and that will contribute to the fire warnings. the red flag warning will
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continue till about 8:00 today. authorities there say the 200 evacuation notice is by phone. one person in that the county is and accounted for. and another fire has destroyed 36 buildings of the community of rig go so. the fire is started to% detained in new mexico. plus the answer to losing a few extra pounds, out it all depends on the mountainside you get. coming up parad ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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investigators are piecing together what led up to a violent shooting up in sacramento. their answers are more even difficult now with the gunman dead. police say the gunman was led into that home saturday night. we are not exactly sure what it is at this point. we're pretty confident that this is not a random act and that gang involvement is part of this
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investigation. people who knew the couple gathered outside the house in answer to remember their friends. applicants must have a valid driver's license and no felony convictions and must be at least 21 years of age. other requirements include u.s. citizenship. lockyer left the board in april. there remain four supervisors have been deadlocked in picking someone for the seat. if they cannot pick someone by tuesday, the president will step in and do appear. john breaux says he would like to find a middle ground with the governor in how to close the
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budget deficit. the lawmakers opposed brown's proposal the cut about $2 million in the welfare program. the state of emergency for areas in florida, plus a full body stand what it is saying about dangerous levels of radiation. and a,,,,,,,,,,
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how temperatures all around the bay area and the flood warnings in the east bay hills.
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will talk more about that coming up. i will tell you which of the various topics that i will give you more details in just a few minutes. the state of emergency have been declared because of flood and florida. some motorists were stranded after try to make their way on what the streets. we thought the water was relatively shallow in the middle of the road. so we drove to the middle of the road, but in the steeper the what we thought. county officials have because people to stay home as the rain continues. this to me more than 2 ft. of raw onion. 30 year-old steve martin
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suffered from brain damage. and man than punch martin who then fell and struck his head on the ground. if part of the friendship baptist church is role-playing with bullying. so she is no wonder boy? she is no longer a bullet issues using her message to a bullying to help make the change there is a new timetable the original deadline had been
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this september. and a plan to provide free mean a passes places a vote on wednesday. it will decide whether test to spend bormann dollars on the pilot program. organizers have extended the deadline of the entry fees from june 1st june burst per to august. today 49ers season ticket holders can begin purchasing to
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kids tickets tickets of the new s starting july 1st professional bowlers cannot exceed a certain noise level. each neighborhood will be assigned one there to use them. home owners will be able to use them it for two additional days. does prices dropped 16¢ over the past three weeks nationwide. on average a gallon will cost you about $4.19 to end a bear.
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marquette university researchers said that radiation levels from the scanners are quite a little bit lower than those from x-ray procedures and on mammograms. is that via barclays found that sleep deprivation suggested that some loss may prevent the rain from making opprobrious food choices. lady gaunt, writes in twitter that the singer was able to upset that is the show up dirt hitting, being hit and had but a
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poll. she suffers a concussion and the dishes the show. is the deduction less is on the video. 2000 at the least of escaping from alcatraz to yesterday. this was a mile and a half from alcatraz and then the raise and did it with a a mall run. the winner was the colorado. the weather is still
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something else. finally some summertime heat. it feels like summer although it is not quite summer officially. you come down here it they have got all kinds of prizes and rides. there is some spectacular food in addition to all that as well prepare weather wise we're looking at some fantastic weather ahead. temperatures are going to be heating up, temperatures are running in the '40's 50's. but afternoon we will be looking at some scorching temperatures up to the '90s.
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it looks like we're going to see some hot temperatures in the south bay as well. 92 degrees in some material. inland areas looking at temperatures well into the '90s. as you make your way inside the big, as some toasted temperatures, about 85 degrees in oakland. 95 degrees in sonoma. temperatures will still a pretty hot inland. then it looks like we've bottomed out and to buttress look like we warm up and by the weekend and at the mid nineties.
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then have the extreme apple bobbing contest about to prepare coming up right now was struck on the roads. we're going to jump over to a 80, to 37 so far so good. if you're headed to the rest of the self big, and nice week so far. 1 01 northbound to ascend those big looking problem free. 680 is wrapping up this closure between highway 34. they hope to have everything cleared out by 6:00. as you head toward the maze, assault on is still a nice ride as you have intend san leandro.
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we've got some road work schedule bear, it'll be there till about 2:00 this afternoon. just a couple things as you work your way northbound out of marin county. no troubles into san francisco. here's a live look along san mateo bridge. you will see lots of green so no delays there. same for the dumbarton bridge, traffic is free-flowing. back to you guys. the olympic club's hosting the 112 u.s. open.
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the minivans will run from thursday to sunday. it is scheduled to it the othe 7:00 this morning for practice rounds. striving for authenticity, the makers are using the actual garage jobs were thin. they say they have done exhausting researches as well interview people that knew him. the cuddly creatures of madagascar are three found their way to the top of the box office. prometheus' also had a big
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opening it taking in 50 million. a bittersweet love story has captured attorney award. a big night for want, the musical won for the best lead actor. it tells the story of shockwaves from washington d.c.. and several families with no place to live after an apartment fire in the east bay. how salt how it all started coming up. and why the defense says a
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went wrong most deserves a new trial. much more when we come back. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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family is displaced, of apartment units destroyed more on that coming up. summertime weather hits the bay area, scorching temperatures outside. we are at the cemetery county fair and will talk about the heat coming up.


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