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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  September 9, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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coming up on nbc bay area news tonight, how long will the heat wave last? >> they say it is random, but why does it always happen here. why the power problems are not over yet. remembering the queen. we get perspective from the consulate general's office in san francisco. good evening. it is friday and we have
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certainly earned it. the weeklong heat wave is coming to an end. so much so that it is actually raining in southern california. here is the latest in the bay area. all of those 110 degrees days are down to 95. let's take a look in the tri- valley. high 90s as we speak. good news, no power outages. here is the downside. hazy skies. the fire near lake tahoe is exploding in size and pushing into the bay area with smoke. this will not impact air quality too much because it is sitting higher up in the atmosphere. tropical storm kaye pushing rain into southern california as we speak. we see some rain. what do we see late this afternoon and into tonight in terms of how hot it got?
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>> the temperatures were the most dangerous and critical through inland, alameda, contra costa county 108 or my. walnut creek was 105. as we roll through tonight. we will keep it in those 80s and 90s inland. look at tomorrow. 69. >> that is a big drop. it was still scorching hot. >> yes. we will see clouds increase. that will be the other big change tomorrow. instead of the 105 to 110 we will be around 90 degrees. >> so a cooldown for much of the bay area. we talked about maybe some rain. >> it is definitely kind of a mixed bag. i want to show you the setup here. this is a system that is cooling is off. this will act as a conveyor belt pulling in some lightning, humidity, clouds, and rainfall. tropical storm kaye is right there. look at los angeles. it is highly unusual.
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winds at 40 miles per hour. it is not expecting a direct hit, but winds will be about 30 miles per hour offshore through saturday. eventually it will calm down through next week. rainfall totals on this, the highest risk to socal and the mountains around san diego. the sierra will get some rainfall out of this which could be some good news for the fire that is happening. the rain line stops around fresno to monterey. we are not looking at widespread rainfall because of the nature of thunderstorms, we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm saturday night into sunday that is kind of where we are in a widespread, but the thunderstorm chance will be slight and we will have the radar going. >> it is interesting to see right now. >> it is while. it will help the fire danger because any lightning will come with rainfall. if we saw a broke thunderstorm in some lightning that is what we will be watching out for.
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some neighborhoods are still experiencing power problems. we will tell you where. also, are we transitioning into renewable energy too fast? those stories just ahead in a few minutes. we want to get you caught up on the headlines we are watching. horrific crime on the peninsula. a woman brutally killed in san carlos rodon the street during the day. we spoke with her father. 27- year-old karina castro , a mother of two kids was killed saturday morning. she was beheaded by her estranged boyfriend. her father tells us they had a volatile relationship. several people have identified him as jose landaeta solano. neighbors say police were frequently called to that home when the two fought. >> i feel like i am in a freaking movie. i feel like this is a horror movie i need to wake up from. i want to see him -- if they
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will give him the death penalty , i am all for it. >> very emotional obviously. we are told that she had a restraining order against him. solano is in custody. the father said he plans to attend all of the court hearings. the fire near lake tahoe is exploding in size. this is the eastern shores of lake tahoe. the skies are orange. it is called the mosquito fire. it is burning it el dorado and placer county. it started tuesday night and has burned more than 29,000 acres so far, almost doubling overnight. a lot of people in lake tahoe have had to cancel or shorten vacations because of the smoke. some homes have burned but count fire said it is too early to know how many have been destroyed. bay area cruiser joining the front lines. right now it is at zero
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containment. the global headline also has a bay area connection. the royal family is changing before our eyes and the world is watching an emotional transition in the u.k. with the passing of elizabeth and now we have king charles. it it is just a 3:00 a.m. on saturday. this is buckingham palace where the new king will soon reside. >> i promise like long service i renew to all today. throughout her life, her majesty the queen, my beloved mother was an inspiration, an example to me and all of my family. >> replacing his mother who died yesterday after more than 70 years as queen. today, king charles and the new queen consort camilla met with well-wishers outside of the gates of the palace shaking hands, smiling, even a few
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kisses. tributes and memorials are pouring in from across the globe including here in the bay area. at the british consulate in san francisco financial district, says a growing collection of flowers and cards. condolence book is also set up with people to sign. similar but can be found at city hall. both will eventually be sent to buckingham palace. so what comes next and what will be the lasting impact? with us tonight is the deputy consul general of the u.k. . thank you for joining us. what made queen elizabeth so special. >> thank you. first of all thank you for having me on this really momentous and unique and important moment for the uk. as you can imagine, we are deeply saddened across the united kingdom at the lost of her majesty queen elizabeth ii. the one thing i will say is that
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we really are touched by all of the tributes that are coming in across the bay area. we have books of condolences for the public to sign and we are very grateful for the opening of the book of condolence at city hall. i know that the queen herself would have been deeply touched by all of the tributes that are coming in so thank you. >> certainly. the monarchy seems to have a special relationship with the bay area. the queen visited in 1983 with her sense of humor, of course, even prince charles was here at 2005. will they be coming back? >> it is too early to say when we might expect the next royal visit. i do know that the queen remembers fondly her time across the bay area as she went across california to sacramento to yosemite. as i can see from
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the images, she met president reagan and demonstrated her warmth of character and wit and charm. for us across the uk, what we really saw and what we really feel is so special about her because she was our greatest diplomat. we remember fondly some of her? from that time. she joked about the fact that the things that the bay area shares with the u.k. is the weather. >> certainly. what happens in the next 10 days in terms of transition? i know this could be an uncomfortable question, but so many people are curious about what to expect. >> of course. this is a very unique moment. we are in a period of mourning
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for the next 10 days please, of course, have a new monarch. as days go by we will learn more but right now it is too early. i think that she had a deep impact across the world globally during her rain. as time goes on, more details will come out about what will happen with the new monarchy. >> we know that queen elizabeth was a larger-than-life figure for so many people. does her legacy create may be an additional challenge for king charles? how might his role differ? >> the one thing that came across in the clip of his comments that he played, the queen was a constant. king charles will want to be a constant also. as you said, he will now devote his life as she did to public duty. the queen always famously
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said that public service before family. i'm sure we will see that same level of commitment from our new king. >> we appreciate your time. have a nice weekend. >> thank you very much. you can find more coverage on the royal family on that includes the breakdown of how all the royal symbols will change in the coming weeks . as this heat wave slowly starts to end, many communities are turning their attention to one of the biggest problems linked to the heat. it is the power outages. parts of morgan hill lost power for four straight nights. the largest left about 19,000 customers without power or air conditioning. city leaders and residents want pg&e to explain why morgan hill is being hit so hard.
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>> i assumed it was random but it is our neighborhood every time. >> there need to be some upgrades to the infrastructure. that's what we are demanding. >> pg&e says that all of the outages were related to equipment failure brought on by days of unrelenting triple digit heat. there were three outages on wednesday due to an underground cable that failed. the other nights it was blown transformers and other equipment. in a statement they said they had a team of engineers and the ceo reviewing these issues. here is the central question we have been asking in fact for the past many years. why can't we keep power on? the equipment is outdated and we rely on other states the natural gas about 40% of our energy comes from natural gas. like it or not, that is our reality.
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joining us is the ceo of the american production counsel. to represent oil and natural gas companies. nice to have you. what are the one or two biggest problems with the power grid in california? >> first of all, i think it's important to remember that we all want a lower carbon future and a healthy planet. i am a mom and this is really important to me as well. i also know that we want affordable and reliable energy. we know that oil and natural gas are critical to affordable and reliable energy. unfortunately, californians pay about 70 times more for electricity than the national average. that is really concerning. letter that is a transition to renewables, which are expensive and less reliable and a move away from some more traditional forms of energy such as natural gas. >> you know what is happening
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here. number new gas powered cars by the year 2035. here's one of the big questions that we hear. how can we charge these cars if we do not have enough energy? what isin california? >> california is an energy-rich state. the fact is we are going to need all sources of energy in the future. especially when we look at the grid, we need affordable and reliable energy to back up the intermittent renewables. california is a great success story in terms of renewable deployment. the fact is, even on the best days there are moments where the grid was powered by solar energy, that literally lasted moments. that same day, the same grid was then 65% dependent on natural gas.
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we know that wind and solar will never entirely power our economy. especially as we are moving more and more things to electrical, we need to be cognizant that we also need natural gas to back that up. natural gas is completely compatible with a lower carbon and even a net zero future. represent some of the biggest natural gas producers in the country. a number of them have made net zero commitments. we are committed to be part of a lower common future and part of the climate solution. policy should reflect that. >> thank you for your time and your insight. have a good evening. >> thank you so much. up next, the football season is here
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dog tested. dog approved. we are ready for the nfl season. tonight, the 49ers are in chicago for the sunday season opener against the bears. you want to go to a game at levi stadium this season? it is an expensive outing. it is the most expensive in the nfl. a new report says a 49ers game for a family of four will cost more than $1000. this is the highest average price for any team. let's bring in abby fernandez. i love football. i love going
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to the games. i have a family of four. i don't think i want to kick down more than $1000. >> i will break it down for you. this report analyzed all of the nfl teams. the 49ers are the the top of the list with a whopping price tag of $1028. >> that is just the tickets. >> these are the cheapest tickets. the parking fee is also about $85. food and snacks about another $55. that is a lot of money. >> what about other teams? >> check this out. not even the rams have that high of a price tag. there's is $741. the cheapest for the arizona cardinals. $228. that is $800 different than the san francisco 49ers.
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that is wild. >> i'm not going to arizona or los angeles. want to stay in the bay area. give us another ticket options. >> i did some digging on my own. if you want to go to a warriors game the breakdown is about $578. that is about half the cost. if you want to be a bay area sports fan on a budget, the a's is where it's at. the cheapest tickets are about $15. if you want to go tomorrow $134 for a family of four. i think i have to change teams. >> thank you. let's go outside. actually before we go, you can catch abby on social media. catch abby on social media. now let's take you outside.h oie chetce b weenro p ap 267?nd 2
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duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. welcome back. it seems hot, but it was about 110 a couple of days ago. >> we are making some headway here. 71 in santa rosa, 65 in san francisco. you can see the fog at the coast line so that will set us up for a really nice weekend. let's get you to the forecast. the thing that will drop
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temperatures and that least make it a lot nicer for us is this system offshore. it will linger as we head through the weekend. the other thing it will do is pull clouds, humidity, lightning and rain to california. that primarily means we will start off with those clouds and 60s. check it out for the afternoon. no more 100th. 86 in napa, 90 in concord, 85 and san jose. 60s at the coast. the highest risk of any kind of widespread rain in socal, flood watch is in place up to two inches in the mountains. it will get close here. have a spotty chance of thunderstorms saturday night and sunday. next tuesday, wednesday, thursday we are back into the 70s. >> thank you. nbc bay area news just launched a channel on your samsung tv. you can select live tv and scroll down. these are all new
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ways that you can watch our newscast and get updates whenever you want. for everybody here including our producer, thank you for joining us and have a safe and great weekend.
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