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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, addressing our climate in crisis. governor newsom believed to be ready to produce a new grand slam to ease the drought. the overriding concerns that may be falling short. returning to the bay area, vice president kamala harris is headed home. we'll explain the reason for her visit. safe automation has come a long way. planes are getting more and more innovative. we've never before been able to remove the pilot from the cockpit. >> working to change the way we fly. only on nbc bay area, the innovative way one company is looking to fix the ongoing pilot shortage. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia has the morning off. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to start with addressing our climate in crisis this morning. first at 5:00, governor newsom
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heads to the bay area to address the ongoing drought. >> meteorologist kari hall is tracking the latest drought conditions. first we go to "today in the bay's" bob redell who is live this morning. governor newsom may announce a new strategy, and we're listening. >> reporter: good morning, kris and marcus. governor newsom may be here later this morning to announce what his intentions are to deal with the dry and hot conditions we can see in the brown hills behind me here in livermore. what will those actions be, we just don't know yet. we knowhts top of mind of californians. a new survey out this week by non-partisan public policy institute of california finds that 68% of us californians say the water supply is a big problem where we live. that's close to the same level of concern during the 2012-2016 drought, and the same percentage
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say governor newsom isn't doing enough to solve the drought. a member of the water resources control board quit because he doesn't think the newsom administration is doing enough either. in the resignation post, he wrote, witnessing the agency's ability to tackle bill chal challenges -- >> it's a real problem for the governor. he's going to have to lower the boom. that's all there is to it. we can't keep going like this, but when some wonder whether he'll follow jerry brown's example in 2012 to 2016 mandated a reduction in consumption by 25% with heavy penalties if water companies and people didn't go along, and they did. >> thanks, bob. we'll be waiting to see what the governor says about the drought situation. this is not just a bay area problem. it's not just a california problem. this is happening all across the west as we take a look at our drought monitor today, where we see the darkest shades of red,
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that's the highest level of drought, exceptional drought. we can see that in the central area, south of the bay area including very critical agriculture land. we'll get an update later this morning on the drought monitor. not expecting it to change much for us because we don't typically see any rain in the month of september. as we head towards next month, that's when our water season begins once again as we can start to see rain coming in. we could possibly see more changes here if the drought worsens for the bay area. it is a severe drought and we'll continue to monitor for that as well as give you alerts as we hear from the governor today about what they're going to do about our drought forecast. i'll a look at the forecast in a few minutes. happening today, vice president kamala harris is expected to be back home here in the bay area. last night she stopped in las vegas to speak at the united steelworkers convention. she toured mgm grand to meet
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with nevada lawmakers about productive rights in the wake of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. harris is set to host a similar meeting today with state lawmakers. tomorrow we'll be in oakland meeting with space industry and also attending an event for students. developing in plout palo alto, police are investigating a rape on the stanford campus reported two days ago. this is a live look from campus this morning. that's where one student says she was grabbed in a parking lot, dragged into a bathroom and then sexually assaulted. the victim also says she's seen that attacker on campus before. all of this happened around 5:00 in the evening near wilbur hall, so it was still daylight, while the campus was still relatively quiet ahead of the fall term. we did talk with one grad student who was pretty rattled by this report. >> it was pretty alarming. it was crazy because it's during
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broad daylight. there's even more sun than there is right now. >> stanford police say investigators are still waiting to talk with the victim. so far few other details including a suspect description have been revealed. but officers are increasing patrols in the meantime. angry oakland parents come face-to-face again with school leaders following last week's tense clash on the now closed campus. activists made their voices heard at last night's first school board meeting of the year. many expressed their concern about recent confrontation with district security at parker elementary school. one parent even showed up with bruises. he says he received them during the pushing and shoving. >> someone said "take him down." i went down, sustained injuries. i was put in handcuffs. >> parents are planning to file a lawsuit against the board and the city of oakland. they say they will not stop fighting until their voices are heard and the schools reopen. new overnight, chp officers
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are investigating a deadly hit-and-run. this is in the east bay. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. on interstate 880 near the fremont off-ramp. police found a body on the side of the road and no sign of the driver. all lanes reopened a little less than one hour ago. a new shark attack warning this morning for beachgoers and an incredibly close call in the same spot where a great white shark nearly killed a man back in june. this happened a little before noon yesterday near the monterey bay aquarium. first responders say a man was paddle boarding out there when a shark took a chunk out of his board. you can see that chunk missing. >> he was offshore about 500 yards, had a german shepherd on the board, had been out before. he was paddling along, 500 yards out. next thing he knew, he had a visitor. >> everyone is okay this time. back in june along the same
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stretch, a great white bit a man in the stomach and leg. quick-thinking bystanders managed to save his life. one expert says this attack might have also involved a great white but two attacks in the same spot are incredibly rare. a beautiful shot of san francisco as we get started. you can see the fog in the background. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring what we can expect. we've been shaping up to be a nice day. humid out there. >> we do typically start out with more humid conditions. the marine layer and the coastal fog. as we take a live look outside in san jose, we'll see clouds rolling in for a little while. it's the first day of school for berryessa school district. a nice day. at drop-off time, in the low 60s. light jacket weather. at pickup time in the upper 70s in san jose. and in santa rosa we have kids heading back to school at the bellevue unified school district. a cooler start there, warmer in
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the afternoon. make sure you're prepared for the wide ranging temperatures from the morning to the afternoon. we'll have more on this and the weekend forecast coming up. mike, where can we find lower gas prices. >> first of all, according to aaa, the u.s. average dropped to $3.99 a gallon. for the first time since march, the national average for a gallon of gas has fallen below $4.00 a gallon. in california, the average is one of the highest at $5.38. we do have prices under $5. a few bay area spots to mention. in mill valley at oracle on redwood highway, we found $4.75. boone court in banville, $4.79. at the 76 in san jose on union avenue we found gas for $4.99.
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we're still able to get those prices at least under $5.00. no problem here for the south bay. we're looking at traffic flowing easily. green sensors throughout the bay area and even coming out of san martin and morgan hill. it's been lighter traffic as a number of school districts come online. we'll talk about them coming up. back to you. getting rid of the middle man. ahead on "today in the bay," the new site spotify is testing to help fans purchase tickets to concerts straight from its website. also -- >> reporter: you would expect a pilot of any airplane to be right here. but on this airplane, the pilot is in there.
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happy first day of school. i know the kids are still sleeping in dublin. it is going to be a great first day. weatherwise, a few clouds, low 60s. at pickup time in the low 80s. enjoy that time outdoors. we'll take a look at our weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. over here, richmond san rafel bridge nice as well. earlier slowing does look like it was due to overnight crews that were clearing. both directions back at speed for the morning commute. we'll show you how things are building up and the impact of some of the schools starting, what we expect on the roads. wall street is set to open higher extending yesterday's gains and the markets rallying
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after reports showed consumer prices rose at a slower pace in nfjution may have peaked and that the federal reserve might start dialing back future interest rate hikes. in focus today, jobs reports -- reports on jobless claims and producer prices, which is also the cost to manufacture goods. new this morning, spotify is testing a new website to sell concert tickets directly to fans. spotify tickets currently has a limited selection of upcoming shows. the music service is reportedly partnering with ticketmaster and event bright to sell tickets through the live events feed. they sell tickets on behalf of a third party and the streaming service will charge a booking fee you'll see during checkout. >> of course, another fee. >> another fee. new this morning, high-tech firm in the east bay is looking to put planes into the sky without
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pilots the same way some car companies are working on cars without drivers. so this comings at a critical time amid the ongoing pilot shortage. >> faa issued about 6,500 pilot licenses each year, but one government estimates that a shortfall of 8,000-plus pilots will happen in the next decade. "today in the bay's" scott mcgrew went to the concord airport to check out x wing. >> reporter: mission control is a one-room office in the second floor of a hangar at buchanan field. down below, technicians double-check the sensors that will allow this cessna caravan to take to the skies all by itself. planes like this one are used every day to transport cargo and people to small communities all
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over the united states, but there's a pilot shortage, and the engineers at xwing think an airplane that can taxi, take off, fly and land entirely by itself is a good solution. >> it's a struggle to hire and retain pilots even with pilot pay increases and so forth. there's just not enough supply. >> reporter: a safety pilot rides along for now, but entirely hands off. the computer flies, monitored by mission control. actually flying is the easy part. it turns out the biggest challenge in automating flight is not the flight itself. after all, you've been on flights on autopilot. the challenge is talking to those guys. >> right now we're going to have somebody in the station or similar to this one talking to control, and the voice relayed to the plane. no matter where this person is sitting and where the aircraft
5:16 am
is, we can communicate with the local air traffic control facility. >> do they know they're talking to essentially a robot airplane? >> they have no idea. they have no idea the pilot isn't located physically in the airplane. >> reporter: xwing which is absolutely named after the iconic star wars spacecraft hopes to convince the faa to certify its technology in the coming months. in concord, scott mcgrew, "today in the bay." >> i just want them to practice that over there. i'm here. over there. >> we all were like, no, not yet. >> not yet. >> just think about it, when people are like -- our grandchildren's age, they're like, duh. >> you used to do it yourself? >> what a waste of time. we don't have fully automated weather or traffic. so we still count on our people. >> that's good because sometimes with those apps you can get the
5:17 am
wrong information. >> let them know. >> we're starting out mostly clear in san jose. we may see clouds moving again. but we have more kids heading back to school today. how about half moon bay. it will be cloudy and sometimes foggy and misty. we'll see the sun peeking out from pickup time at 67 degrees. we're going to see our high temperatures just a little warmer compared to yesterday, reaching 80 degrees in san jose and 90 in san martin. it's also going to be very warm in santa rosa. we have a lot of kids going back to school there as well as? sonoma, so many school districts coming in for the first day today. and tomorrow it's going to be pretty much the same. upper 70s, low 80s with a few of our hottest spots inland hitting 90 degrees in concord and fairfield, while 60s continue near the coastline and also expect nice weather on saturday. you want to make sure you keep
5:18 am
looking up, especially if the sky is clear where you are. tomorrow morning and saturday morning we'll have our perseid . just take your time, get out there and let your eyes adjust to the darkness of the sky and also there will be a full moon maybe looking away from that because you could see about 50 to 100 meteors per hour. that's if you're patient. as we get a look at the forecast to see how many clouds we're going to have rolling in here, we will still have a lot of cloud cover near the coastline. next week we could see warmer temperatures coming in as well as summon soon moisture. take a look at how hot it's going to be for some of our inland spots like antioch, reaching 91 today and tomorrow. it could be as hot as 100 degrees by tuesday of next week. we can see the trend of hotter temperatures coming in in our seven-day forecast. overall, our inland areas, upper 80s today. we'll see more 90s, even mid 90s
5:19 am
next week. a few spots hitting the triple digits. slightly warmer for san francisco as we get less of the clouds and fog. mike, how is it looking in the north bay? >> it was an easy drive. here we go, south through san rafael and to the golden gate bridge, actually past the richmond san rafel bridge as well. up in the north bay, even though we have a scattered couple of incidents, no major problems. 37 at lakeville, disabled vehicle. a lot of santa rosa schools, a whole bunch of districts up here starting school. that may delay some of the folks getting to 101 or i-80. we talk about the first couple days or week of school, parents like to delay that to make sure everything is secured and set up. vasco, no problem here out of the altamont pass. building a bit right on schedule here. also through this area, danville with their school days starting in that school district. over here looking at san lorenzo
5:20 am
valley as well. don't forget about that. smooth area through san jose where berryessa starts their school day. we're looking over toward san mateo, foster city, that district as well. we'll see perhaps a change and that may affect 92. we'll that in the morning as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> how do the savviest penny pinchers save money on back-to-school shopping. i'm consumer investigative reporter chris chmura. next. that's the moon from livermore. it is a beautiful start to the day. but if you left your curtains open, it might have woken you up. pretty darn bright. >> reminds me of halloween, the orange color, and then the trees there in the foreground. >> aren't you glad it's still
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it's 5:23 this morning as we get you moving. have you seen the stores, their back-to-school section really buzzing right now.
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>> before you shop, consumer investigative reporter chris chmura's team wants to help you save money using your phone. >> good morning. back-to-school shopping feels a little different this year because it is. stores are still having pandemic issues behind the scenes. for example, don't count on old school closeouts in 2022. >> clearance racks are a little sparse. not a lot out there. >> reporter: that's expected to improve eventually. >> there's going to be some deals, but it's not going to be universal like it's been in the last five years. >> reporter: currently prices are up. how can you find savings. >> retail me not's kristin mcgrath says use your smart phone. take a few seconds with each item, search the web or apps, try to find discount codes, coupons and other stores' prices. if you're not doing that -- >> you're almost certainly leaving money on the table. you might luck out that you happened on the very best deal. a lot of times there's a better deal out there.
5:25 am
>> reporter: say a competing store is advertising an item for less. be bold.match. >> sometimes it's not just about the price but perhaps another retailer is offering a discount code that gets you a discount on your purchase, or a free gift card with purchase, even a $5.00 gift card that you earn buying something from another retailer could maybe go a long way in getting pens an pencils for back to school. >> i'll be back tomorrow. we have fashion advice, now the about the style, but how to save money on clothes and shoes. i'll see you then. >> fashion advice. there you go. work the runway. next, the top stories we're following include details for the search for the teenager missing for the party in tahoe. the clothing items police want you to look at to see if it jogs your memory. >> reporter: all eyes will be on the courthouse here behind me as scott peterson's legal team continues to push for a retrial after being convicted of
5:26 am
murdering his pregnant wife. why some are saying this is his last best chance. our back-to-school coverage with our morning announcements from bay area school superintendent. >> my name is c.j. cammayk from fremont unified school district. we're so excited to welcome students back this year. in alignment with state and county guidance, masks will be recommended but not required. we're so excited to welcome students back to some of our newest facilities. we're opening bring hurst elementary school near the warm springs b.a.r.t. station and welcoming some youngest learners to our rick blanker in early learning center. these projects in addition to our middle school conversions are made possible through the support of our communities' measure e bond program. as we welcome our students back, we look forward to providing them additional support, including additional counselors,
5:27 am
before and after school programs, social and emotional learning and wellness centers across our high school campuses. we look forward to seeing our families, our students and our staff on the first day of school, august 17th and we're currently open for all new enrollments. thank you. >> of course, we'll be showing you different bay area districts all week long right here on "today in the bay." you've already missed three. if you haven't seen them, you can go online and watch that. you'll see what all the superintendents are saying. it's on ourwebsite,
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convicted killer scott peterson returns to court once again. what experts say about the likelihood his case actually gets heard again. one business owner blasts leaders in his city claiming the slow response is too much as thieves continuously target him. you can test much earlier in the cycle of infection and potentially identify someone in a way that might help prevent its transmission to others. a new approach to detecting monkeypox. the bay area technology that could improve and speed up treatment for people infected. this is "today in the bay." we're streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good thursday morning to you. thanks for allowing us to be
5:31 am
part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia has the morning off. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect outside. >> as we look outside in dublin, it is a clear start. happy first day of school for the kids in cub lynn that will be heading out later this morning. drop-off time from 8:00 to 9:00, in the low 60s. pickup time, low 80s. so it does warm up quite a bit. still will are be a nice day. microclimates, we'll see 90 in morgan hill. a lot of north bay schools going back for the first dam. half moon bay reaching up to 68 degrees. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up. how is it looking driving through the bay bridge. >> yesterday we had the weird crash situation. as we look at the traffic
5:32 am
approaching, you probably have things sorting out as oakland has been back in school for about a half week. a lot of other schools lafayette and moraga as well, highway 24. a nice smooth flow of traffic. i've circled the crash southbound 242, there was slowing there. that could be an issue. if you're leaving the house now, you might want to take highway 4 to 680. a smooth drive out of the altamont pass. no delays to the dublin interchange. the sboi shows slowing for san jose, 101, around oakland road. one of california's most notorious killers returns to the court hoping to get a new trial. jurors convicted scott peterson nearly 20 years ago in a case that captivated the bay area and much of the nation. >> "today in the bay's" ginger is live outside the courthouse in redwood city looking at
5:33 am
what's at play in this hearing. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning. today will be a high-profile, high-stakes hearing here in redwood city. scott peterson's defense team will make the case he did not get a fair trial 20 years ago because of a juror that may have identified too closely to the victim lacey peterson who was murdered along with her unborn child. back then scott peterson was sentenced to death by lethal injection. we're told this is the peterson team's last best chance for a new trial. there will be an oral argument followed up by a detailed evidentiary hearing. the defense is expected to argue that one of the jurors who was pregnant at the time and a victim of domestic violence. this they will say
5:34 am
impartiality. you will remember lacey peterson, scott's wife, was pregnant when she was murdered. now the prosecution will argue, while there may have been some innocent recollections that this juror did not disclose, they in no way affected her decision in the jury room. as legal expert stephen clark tells us, the burden of proof does not fall with the defense. >> the burden isn't to showperj didn't get the information they needed to make a fair process of jury selection. i think that's what's key for the court. >> reporter: now, what happens if the judge decides in favor of the peterson team? let's take a listen. >> if peterson gets a new trial, you will see a whole new defense strategy. they have been going for 20 years in investigating this case, and you will likely see a very different trial than you saw 20 years ago. it's going to be a challenge for the prosecution because they have to dust off a 20-year-old
5:35 am
murder case and try to find witnesses and get the experts lined up again. >> reporter: today's decision will be pivotal in whether or not this case is finally put to rest or if it will see another day in court. we'll be watching very closely as you can imagine and give updates as the day unholds. marcus and chris. >> thank you very much, ginger. our coverage continues not only on air but also online. download our free app. this way you can keep track of what's happening across the bay area and, of course, you can always find more information and coverage online. that's at authorities in plaser county are sharing new images trying to jog people's memories and try to help locate 16-year-old missing teen kiely rodni. she disappeared early saturday morning from a large outdoor party at the proffer family
5:36 am
campground outside truckee. search and rescue teams are still combing the area looking for any sign of her. one of the images show this sweatshirt here. they believe she may have been wearing it when she was seen last. somebody lent it to her the day before she disappeared. the other image is of her car which is a silver 2013 honda crv like this one which is also missing. investigators are pleading with anyone with information to do the right thing and come forward. >> we do not have any new leads. that, i can tell you, is very frustrating for us. we reiterate that anyone, please, anyone that was at the party that night, please come to law enforcement. people that were there know something. if you know something, please say something, come forward. >> officers have already looked into her cell phone, but kiely's cell phone has been out of service ever since the party. there is now a $50,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. hayward police want to know
5:37 am
if this man right here in this sketch looks familiar. take a look at your screen right now. it's a person of interest in a deadly shooting back in april. he's believed to be about 5'10", dark brown hair and brown eyes. call the department if you can help and have any information. an oakland break-in caught on camera. the business owner fed up. he's said he's had to watch more than $100,000 worth of goods stolen from his repair shot. jose torres says last month he actually woke up to security video. this is the video of crews coming in through the roof. those thieves actually stuffed stolen merchandise into custom cars which they then drove away with. oakland police are investigating a similar burglary two weeks ago in nearby little sigh guy and looking for a connection there. torres is just frustrated and says more needs to be done. >> what i found was all my life in the trash. they need to do something about
5:38 am
it. the business, they're the ones that support the whole city. it's kind of hard because if something like that happen again, i'm going to have to move from the city. >> oakland city council recently approved more than $100,000 for security improvements in the area including a new substation. the current rate of monkeypox cases nationally is now about twice as high as last week, but still averaging fewer than 500 cases per day. san francisco clinics including the one at san francisco general are in the process of issuing hundreds of vaccinations daily. one bay area company is touteding its blood testing method. traditional testing involves swabbing an active lesion which cannot only be painful but can expose health care workers to active infection. one bay area company uses microbial cell-free dna blood testing technology developed at
5:39 am
stanford six years ago to identify infections earlier and more comfortably for the patients. >> we actually identify infections by ideas small fragments of dna in someone's bloodstream. in a lot of cases we don't have to actually go to where the infection is. >> diagnosing someone earlier allows for earlier isolation and treatment and might even help identify other infections or co-infections. right now kareas testing is in use in bay area hospitals including kaiser permanente's and the academic hospitals as well. the company hopes to expand those tests into the public sector. let's take a live look this morning. 5:39, downtown san jose as we get started. okay. here we are at thursday. once we get to thursday, we start thinking about the
5:40 am
weekend, right? meteorologist kari hall has a look for us. >> there's a lot of neighborhood and beach cleanup events. maybe head over to ocean beach at 10:00 a.m. on saturday at the ocean beach cafe. we'll have a group of volunteers meeting up there. temperatures will be in the low 60s. it's going to be a nice day. out want to make sure you're dressed maybe in layers because it will be kind of chilly. if you will be going to south lake tahoe this weekend, tomorrow looking at a morning start at about 46 degrees, reaching 80 degrees. we'll see the highs reaching into the low 80s all through out the weekend. if your weekend plans take you along the coastline, tonight's weather reaching into the low 80s. on sunday, slightly schooler. if you plan on going for a hike, enjoying more time outside, muir woods will see temperatures reaching into the low 70s. starting out with clouds each and every morning, but it will clear up and shape up to be a nice afternoon. if you're going to l.a. this weekend, it's going to be hot. temperatures reaching into the upper 80s, even up to 90 degrees
5:41 am
on saturday. there will be sunshine all through out the weekend. we'll talk more about what's going on here coming up. mike, what's going on now with people heading out later today? >> you're looking at the should look ahead a little bit on the roadways. traffic is light right now. we'll talk about san jose in just a second. we do have over here a closure like we did last night and continuing tomorrow night as well. west 84 onto south sait. at 10:00 the connector closes down, local detours, probably well marked with the flashing lights to direct you away from the construction crews. there is slowing heading into the area for 84 as the commute builds there. this issing look ahead not tonight but tomorrow night, still very early. football going on at levi's stadium friday night, 5:30 game. that means the crowds will start arriving a couple hours before game time. this is levi's stadium, a major
5:42 am
roadway through the area, great america parkway, it will affect vta routes as well. that's tomorrow night. thought i'd let you so since you already see the signs lit up on 237 and 101 in the vicinity of lawrence expressway. this is a new starting time 5:30 instead of 5:40, we see the sensors change and the crowds build. no crashes, just the commute. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 5:42 this morning. avoiding utility lines. nbc bay area, we're going to come up for you simple and easy advice from pg&e if you plan to do underground work on your property and the three numbers that can actually make all the difference when it comes to safety. stay with us. stay with us. much more ahead f
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ahh, that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. right now at 5:45, happy first day of school for the kids in santa rosa. drop-off time we'll have upper 50s to start, light jacket weather. it's going to be very nice and sunny. low 80s at pickup time between 2:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. we'll check out all our microclimates and the weekend forecast coming up. on the roadways, a smooth drive through fremont. no problems as we start to pick up the volume on the nimitz as well as through oakland, both
5:46 am
sides of the san mateo bridge. we'll show you the east side of that bridge coming up. 5:45 now. just into our news room, brentwood police are responding to a 24 hour fitness on lone tree way. according to its facebook post, this is some sort of active investigation, but people are being asked to avoid the area. there is no threat to the public according to police at this time, but the gym and the parking lot will be closed for several hours. we'll bring you more updates as we get them. 5:46. tracking developments in new york in the civil investigation of former president trump's organization. the former president there saying he takes the fifth. >> meanwhile, a justice department leader tells nbc the doj's rank and file believe attorney general merrick garland should spell out the reasons behind the fbi raid of trump's mar-a-lago home. as nbc's jay gay reports, the recent chaos may be fueling
5:47 am
plans for another run at the white house. >> mr. trump, can we have a word, sir? >> reporter: for the normally brash, outspoken former president trump, the last 24 hours informed by his violence, refusing to answer questions during a deposition with new york's attorney general, part of an ongoing civil investigation into the trump family's business practices, and to this point, choosing not to request and release the warrant from the search and seizure at mar-a-lago which would publicly outline the government's allegations against him. still, the former president does have plenty to say online. describing multiple on going investigations as attacks and politically fueled witch hunts and without providing any evidence, suggesting federal agents had the opportunity to plant evidence during their speech. baseless speculation echoed by supporters. >> i think they just make stuff up. >> reporter: all this amid growing indications that it was a trump insider who sparked the
5:48 am
move on his florida home. >> donald trump probably does a snitch in his midst. there has to be somebody who is an insider that basically directed the fbi agents. >> reporter: democrats on capitol hill putting their faith in the process. >> justice is coming for the corrupt. i am confident that when all is said and done, that the rule of law is going to prevail. >> the investigation an issue that is dividing voters. >> no matter who you are, you're going to be held accountable, hopefully. >> reporter: as the legal and political drama continues to unfold. jay gray, nbc news, washington. all right. in other news here at home, you probably didn't realize that today is national safe digging day. for pg&e, they say it's a good time to remind everybody about notifying the utility when you plan to dig on your property. you just have to call 811. pg&e will send out someone at no cost to mark those underground electrical and gas lines. so far this year pg&e says 267
5:49 am
commercial and residential strikes on underground utility lines happened, typically because nobody called ahead to the 811 number. alameda and marin counties have the most. napa and san francisco the least. without preparing right, the utility says even shallow digs could lead to big trouble. >> you'd be surprised that over time with the earth shifting, with the drought and the ground shrinking and movement and erosion of the soil, you'd be surprised that sometime those lines can really reach up close to the surface. >> striking an underground gas line isn't cheap either. pg&e says it averages $3500 for repairs. a live look at the capitol this morning. this is the state capitol where state senators today debate a bill some say would better empower fast food workers. the fast food accountability and recovery act would require a state council to do work on behalf of the workers. it would apply to fast food
5:50 am
chains with more than 30 locations nationally. the council would help work with the industry to hash out the issues including low wages, wage theft and unsafe working conditions. opponents argue what's really needed is better enforcement of existing labor laws. it's being heard by the senate appropriations committee. trending for you this morning, a special celebration for one woman's milestone birthday. >> gus see taylor dennis lives in huntersville, north carolina, she turned 105 years young yesterday. she grew up picking cotton in south carolina. she spent her special day with family, friends and plenty of sweet treats. >> so much fun with the family and i ate the food. nine times out of ten i'll come back down tonight and get a piece of cake. >> nine times out of ten, she's my kind of gal.
5:51 am
>> she's got the moves, too. >> so sweet. >> and the fashion. she looks fantastic. >> if anyone is going to live 105 years, i just want to be with it like that, like she is. >> and her sister is 97. >> the little sister. >> baby sister. >> that is so cute. hopefully we can end up there, too. >> i want you. >> okay. i think we can work on that. >> that's the bar. >> it's all because of this. the fog and the low clouds we've seen to start out over san francisco. at times reaching inland. take a look at this beautiful shot. another stunner for the start of our thursday. as we head back to school in half moon bay, cabrillo school district will be in the low 60s to start out at drop-off time. peeks of sunshine as you pick them up today with the upper
5:52 am
60s. so many kids heading back to school today. hope you have an amazing school year. we'll see temperatures today reaching up to 80 in mill pete dass. you can see the range in the temperatures for the east bay. upper 70s for oakland, 87 for livermore and 92 in antioch. near the coastline, we have upper 60s as you make your way toward redwood city. upper 70s today, while san francisco will mostly be in the 60s and low 70s, it's going to start out foggy but clear out. we'll see some of the clouds in the north bay really clearing out quickly as those high temperatures in clearlake reach 93. it does stay in the mid 60s for bodega bay. as we're looking up and looking forward to something coming up this weekend, tomorrow morning, saturday morning we'll have the perseid meteor shower. you can see about 50 to 100 meteors per hour. that moon will be super bright. so you want to kind of look away from the moon. as far as clouds, we'll keep our same weather pattern. not expecting many changes here.
5:53 am
there may be some more popup showers and thunderstorms early this week over the sierra while we get slightly higher humidity. let me show you morgan him. temperatures in the upper 80s for now and into the weekend. it could get as hot as 95 degrees next tuesday. we're getting ready for hotter temperatures as we go through the next seven days. still mild for now. you're tracking something in contra costa county, mike. >> i am a build coming out of the caldecott. the commute kicking in. what i'm tracking is this crash southbound 242. we had slowing right at clayton road. now it's right before. i think there might have been a traffic break to clear everything out of the roadway. again, highway 4 to 680, a little longer. but no slowing on the route as you can take the corner instead of cutting the corner. these corners are moving smoothly through the dublin interchange. slowing on the east side approaching the smidgeon southbound 880.
5:54 am
happening now, a big move for families trying to make it in the bay. the first affordable housing project for farmworkers in santa clara county breaks down today. the multifamily complex is in morgan hill on watsonville road near monterey road. royal oak village features 34 units for farmworkers, 24 facing income challenges, 18 set aside for those experiencing homelessness and families with especially needs. back to morning routines like packing lunches. your daily routine could be harmful to the environment depending on how you do it. still ahead on "today in the bay," a hack to help you reduce the number of plastic bags you and your family put out into the landfill. a second shark attack in the waters, this time near monterey bay aquarium. the close call for a man and his dog. the reason why experts say what happ
5:55 am
5:56 am
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the time is 5:57. welcome back to "today in the bay." today's climate hack is all about reducing plastic waste, especially as kids go back to school and parents pack their lunches for the next 180 days. did you know plastic waste also accounts for about half of all single-use trash.
5:58 am
each person uses on average 540 snack bags a year, most of which ends up in the ocean. if you switch to reusable bags and containers, you can keep your food fresh while being more eco-friendly. from fruits, to sandwiches, to chips, they can all be stored in bags made of silicone or even cloth. make sure you let the kids know to bring it back home, maybe write their name on it on the outside, wash it with warm soapy water and use it again the next day. altogether by making the switch, we can keep 22 million plastic bags out of the ocean. don't forget about the drinks. back a reusable water bottle instead of sports drinks and fruit drink pouches. for more climate hacks, go to and look for the climate in crisis page. governor newsom's latest nomination is an historic one. he appointed patricia guerrero to be the state's next chief
5:59 am
justice. she made history earlier this year when she was the first latino confirmed to the state supreme court and now the first latina to lead the state court system starting in january. a bumpy return to the court for tennis great serena williams. this is after her retirement announcement this week. serena lost in the first round last night at the canadian open. fans still gave her a standing ovation. >> well, yeah. >> of course, right? this is part of the run-up to the soep when she officially will retire. this morning on the "today" show, hall of fame coach rick mackey says her next chapter may be even more impressive than the first. >> what she's done for the game of tennis is so far-reaching. that being said, i think her legacy, i think the next act is going to be even greater. i think she's going to inspire people to do so many other things other than just play women's sports. >> absolutely. such a legacy for the game of
6:00 am
tennis. ahead on the "today" show, a full look at williams' career on and off the court. she's done so much already with the fashion and all that. so much more ahead of her. >> i like how she says it's not retirement. it's evolution. wee ear a continuum. >> it's a book. >> enjoy this part and enjoy the other part. let's enjoy the rest of "today in the bay" including right now at 6:00 addressing our climate in crisis. governor newsom is believed to be ready to present a new grand plan to ease the drought. we have live tell coverage this morning including the new drought update just into our news room. and the overriding concern that the governor may be falling short. back in the bay area. vice president kamala harris heading home. we'll explain the reason for her visit. >> safe automation has come a long way. planes are getting more and more automated. we've nev


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