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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 11, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, andy cohen and jeff foxworthy i want to thank brooke colucci and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ tonight at 11:00, a heavier police presence at the stanford
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campus after an attack on woman that has the university on high alert. also, new clues on the disappearance of kiely rodni who disappeared after a party. the break in that cost one business owner $150,000 in merchandise. >> the unusual way the thieves got in. it wasn't through the front door. a second shark attack this summer at a popular beach. we are hearing more from a shark expert about these attacks. good evening, thanks for being with us. a tense atmosphere tonight on the stanford campus. extra police patrols and students on edge after a reported rape.
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>> a student said she was pulled into a bathroom and raped . we have more with the latest. >> reporter: the campus is on high alert after a student said she was pulled into a bathroom and raped . it happened near wilbur hall, and the student said she has seen the man around campus before. tonight officers are increasing patrol. >> it's crazy because it was during broad daylight. >> reporter: stanford summer classes are in session before most students return in september. brooke said it was near where she lives. >> like a bunch of students, i mean everybody in my cohort. >> reporter: students say the
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police are ready to speak with them yet, so they don't have many specifics. they also don't have a clear suspect description. students are talking about being more vigilant. >> we are talking about staying together and keeping an eye out. >> reporter: stanford students are asked to contact police if they saw anybody suspicious around wilbur hall yesterday. >> thank you. where is kiely rodni? the search for the team that disappeared from the campground is intensifying. police released an image of the sweatshirt that she was wearing. her car, a silver 2013 honda crv is still missing, and her cell phone is out of service.
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kiely was seen near the campground outside of truck he. investigators are pleading with anybody with information to come forward. >> we do not have any new leads and it is frustrating for us, so we reiterate that anyone, please, anyone who was at that party that night, come to law enforcement. if you know something, say something and come forward. >> police are encouraging nearby residents to check safety cameras. there is a reward leading to her safe return. tonight in oakland parents met with the school board. this comes in wake of the violent protest at parker elementary last week. >> the cost of school closure
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should not be violence within the district. >> i witnessed too many people escalating and no de- escalating. >> reporter: you see hired isd security guards trying to keep people out of parker. it is one of several that voters are hoping to close or merge starting this fall. the school, we are told, is still being occupied by protesters. >> when we fight, we win! when we fight, we win! >> reporter: before the meeting there were teachers who were
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angry about what happened at parker, saying that the school board should be held accountable. someone showed us the bruises he said he sustained during the pushing and shoving. >> i was put in handcuffs. >> reporter: substitute teacher craig gordon said he believes he was fired because he was vocal about schools closing. >> schools closing in mainly black and brown districts around oakland -- >> reporter: they say they plan to file a lawsuit against the school board and the city of oakland. they say they do not plan to stop until schools are open. nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. look at this sketch right here.
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hayward police need help tracking down this man. he is a suspect in a deadly shooting. he is described as a white or hispanic male with short dark hair and brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call police. a 25-year-old man accused of killing a palo alto teenager in 1982 a. virtually before a judge in hawaii today. gary years was arrested at his maui home last week. he faces extradition back to california. once charged, he faces sexual assault charges. investigators say that he stabbed the teenager to death in 1982 while she was waiting for a bus. investigators used dna to link him to the murder. people wearing rolex watches and expensive jewelry are being followed, attacked
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and robbed. these are stories we have been covering for weeks now. the most recent? last week in danville. a man was pistol-wept and attacked. the danville police chief says they are still investigating that armed robbery along with two other jewelry robberies since june. >> here is a trend, and you should be able to reduce your odds of being victimized. you should be able to wear any watch you want and go wherever you want. we are just trying to reduce the amount of victimization. >> police say the criminals are becoming bolder because even if caught, they can be released from jail in a matter of hours. business owners in oakland are simply fed up. a break-in was caught on camera
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as a store owner watched over $100,000 in merchandise stolen. nbc 11's gia vang has the story. >> reporter: it was through the roof that burglars broke into this store on boulevard. jose torres says he woke up to multiple security videos of this crew coming into his store in the middle of the night in july, eventually stealing more than $150,000 worth of merchandise and putting them into cars belonging to customers and stealing them. >> i found my whole life in the trash. i am so frustrated because there is nothing that we can do about it. >> reporter: hard for him and hard for businesses near torres. just the next day, another break-in in little saigon. no word on if the burglaries
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are connected. so now as torres watches these videos, he knows there is one thing to know for sure after he has been in this spot for 33 years. >> something like this happens again, i am going to have to move from the city. >> reporter: last week we reported that oakland city council approved $110,000 for safety improvements in that area, including adding an opd station. gia vang, nbc bay area news. >> jia , thank you so much. another townhall will be held following attacks on asian senior citizens in san francisco. that event starts at 6:00 p.m. the victim of one of those attacks is a former san francisco commissioner. today the man accused of the
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beating appears in court. the man is facing battery and felony elder abuse charges. this happened in the south of market neighborhood. activists showed up to show support and demand justice for the hate crime. investigators say they are trying to determine a motive for the attack. some community members say it was clear to them that this was a hate crime. >> there is too much violence against asian seniors in recent years. >> we do know that former commissioner chu was expected to give a video statement, but that didn't happen because the judge decided to conclude the hearing for this week.
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a productive day at a san francisco monkeypox vaccine clinic. local officials say that more than 1700 people got doses. the walk-in clinic will be open again tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to noon with another vaccination appointment on saturday. also tomorrow, vice president kamala harris will be back home in the bay area. tonight she is in las vegas speaking at the united steelworkers union conference at the mgm grand. she will have a similar meeting in the bay area. she will be in oakland for two events, one involving -- and a second supporting students. a long time bay area journalist has died. leslie griffith spent more than two decades at ktvu.
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when she left the station two decades later, she had become one of the nation's most respected journalists. she died today at her home in mexico. leslie griffith was 66 years old. we are back in 60 seconds with more on this strange and deadly explosion that happened in the middle of a neighborhood. what we are learning tonight. and how unusual is it? a second shark attack this summer at the same beach. what happened near this moderate bay aquarium and what shark experts have to say about
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what happened and why? tonight an investigation is
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underway after a house exploded in evansville, indiana. that blast caught on camera. three people were killed and 39 other homes were damaged. the local utility company arrived on scene and the company spokesperson said that its equipment did not detect any natural gas. the cause of this explosion is still under investigation. it has happened again. for the second time in recent months, a shark attack at a popular beach near the monterey bay aquarium. it happened near lovers point in pacific grove. a man was paddleboarding with his dog when a shark took a bite right out of that board. >> he was offshore about 500 yards. i had a german shepherd on the boat. local guy who had been on before. i was paddling on. about 500 yards out, next thing he knew, he had a visitor. >> here is the good news. the man and the dog are okay. this is a much different outcome from the shark attack we reported about back in june when another man was swimming at the same beach when a great
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white bit him in the stomach and leg. thanks to a group of people on the beach he made it out of the water and ultimately survived. how typical is it to have two attacks in the same spot so close together? >> it does occur globally. we do have this pattern that occasionally happens. but by and large, it is very rare. i think what people have to remember is that the shark populations coming back because we protected them. their food sources are coming back. as a result, there are more sharks out there. people have to remember that when you are swimming in the ocean off of california, you are swimming in a shark's home. >> yeah, we share the ocean. the shark expert said there was a good chance that today's shark was a great white but there is no way to know if it was the same shark from june. one east bay family says they are so tired of bay area crime that they packed up and
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moved all the way to alabama. from window smashing to someone driving a car through the front door, the business owner says that his family's laundromats have become playgrounds for themes. he even went so far as converting his father's laundromat after thieves broke the changer and made off with $5000. he says it has gotten worse in the past five months. >> there were years and years and years before there were any break-ins. five years, there was nothing. now since january it seems like it just keeps coming at least every couple months to where it was three times in the last week. >> reporter: derek says he has had car stolen from outside his home in broad daylight.
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he says he is not alone. he hopes friends follow his lead and move away. a woman is suing san francisco after she said she was restrained and injected with a sedative by san francisco police and firefighters. you can see on video the moment that she and a protester were removed from chase center during a warriors game for a civil protest, but it is the incident afterwards that sparked her civil rights lawsuit. at a news conference at chase center, outside the arena, her attorney raised questions about the actions by police after mcknight was taken outside. >> a surgeon from the sf pd came up to me and threatened to have me sedated! >> she had handcuffs on. she was not a threat to anyone
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else, okay? she wasn't even a danger to herself. >> mckinney says that her medical records show that they injected her with a powerful sedative. mcknight says she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. she was also never charged with a crime. a city attorney released this statement saying, quote, we have yet to be served with the lawsuit. we will review it when served and respond appropriately. this next story might make you squirm a little bit. video of a big rattlesnake in one family's backyard. they were watering the garden when they spotted this rattlesnake. they tell us that they found rattlesnakes before, but never this big and angry. contra costa animal services said that when the weather heats up, you can expect to see more snakes in the community.
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of course if someone is bitten, you should call 911. >> i don't want to see that thing in my backyard! >> scary! >> we see them a lot in the summer because they are cold- blooded animals. they can't regulate their body temperature. they tried to get near your house or somewhere where they can get some shade, something that is not too hot and not too cold. >> we have got hotter weather making it into the seven-day forecast. no rattlesnakes, please. you can see here tomorrow morning that we have more fog here. it is spotty or along the coastline. through the afternoon lots of widespread son except for the coast where we will still see a little bit of that fog at our beaches. let's take a look at the microclimate forecast and we will take you into tomorrow morning. it is thursday, okay. we keep you in order and let
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you know exactly what is coming our way. that is my job, after all. as we had through tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the 50s. we have some of that fog as we start off with low 60s in the south bay. right here through the east bay, 59, san francisco 57. silliest weather in the north bay. i do see temperatures warming up tomorrow by couple degrees, but we are still in this nice ride. check it out in the south bay. 82 in san jose. morgan hill's 88. over to the east bay it is 89 in concord, 87 in pleasanton. 88 in san mateo. san francisco, little bit of heat downtown in the mission area. the weather lately definitely not enjoyable, but i want to get out ahead of some changes. important for tonight and last week, looks like we could see a small system developed near the coastline. that would help to pull out
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some monsoonal moisture and increasing temperatures, so we will watch that closely next week. you see for my seven-day forecast at francisco temperatures are widespread in san francisco. as we head into next week, high 90s. we are watching for that monsoonal moisture. any lightning could spark wildfires, so we will have more updates as we get closer to that. otherwise, tomorrow, looks great! we are getting closer to the weekend as well. every wednesday as the countdown, right? >> and we are in the 90s, so watch out for that. >> thanks, audrey. more about the new water supply strategy as things get drier here in california. we
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a former 49ers star is in legal trouble. frank gore is accused of assaulting a woman in atlantic city, new jersey. the allegedly incident happened two weeks ago. police say that gore is charged with simple assault. no complaint was ever filed, but the charge came down
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following a subsequent investigation. the 39-year-old gore played with the niners for 10 seasons and have the third most rushing yards in nfl history. today patricia guerrero was appointed be this states next chief justice. she was the first latina confirmed to the state supreme court, and now she would be the first latina to lead the state supreme court system.
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all this talk about 49ers quarterback trey lance, and now we finally get to see him in action! the new leader of the team will take action friday night. >> the 49ers kick off the preseason, and yes, trey lance and most of the starters will play. ahead of friday night's game against the packers, the team is preparing. jimmy g is still with the team but he will probably be released. baseball today. sunshine in san diego. the giants and padres. this was a wild and sloppy game. watch carefully.
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austin slater with a base hit. juan soto with a base hit. you don't see that often by the padres superstar. giants have a 3-0 lead. things are looking good. you think they are going to win this series. but the wheels would fall off. the padres scored 13 runs! brandon drury with a three run homer. padres win the game 13-7. the giants playoffs hopes are fading fast. at the coliseum, a's hosting the angels. the a's had a lot of chances to win this game, but they didn't. 11
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the iconic hayes mansion has a new look. a new lobby and a new restaurant. that is according to the san jose mercury news. the mansion is now part of the curio collection. >> that sounds kind of fancy! we should do our next nbc ops
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site at the hayes mansion. i am feeling a three day weekend coming on. i hope our bosses are listening. thanks for joining us ♪♪anks for joining us tonight former president tonight former president donald trump invoking the fifth amendment during an appearance with new york investigators. mr. trump repeatedly declining to answer questions under oath during a roughly four-hour deposition, part of a civil investigation into his businesses what his lawyer is saying about it tonight. it comes on the heels of the fbi search of his mar-a-lago home in florida, the new details we're learning also tonight, inflation easing slightly in july from 41-year high in june it comes as averag gas prices are on the verge of dropping below $4, but what about the cost of groceries and back-to-school caught on camera
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deadly house explosion in indiana, what we know. the iranian man charged in shocking assassination plot. the alleged targets, former high level trump officials. new surveillance image of missing 16-year-old girl, hours before she vanished from a party at a campground. the abduction investigation. our series "inside the metaverse," why buyers are spending millions of real dollars on virtual real estate. the world is his oyster harry smith on the entrepreneur bringing a long lost tradition back to his city >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening. i'm kate snow in for lester tonight for four hours today, former president trump was deposed inside the offices of the new york attorney general, called to answer questions in a civil probe looking at trump organization's business practices and whether it exaggerated their finances


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