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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you definitely want to have separate utensils and bedding and towels and treat it the same way like covid. >> right now at 5:00, preventing more outbreaks of monkeypox, to go one on one with a local expert to find out how concerned paernts should be about the possibility of monkeypox spreading in the classroom. a lot of close contact there and also his advice on msgs and testing to prevent the spread of covid. and federal agents warm president trump's mar-a-lago resort, this is the first time the fbi has ever searched the home of a former president. we're live in washington with new details on what they may have been looking for. this is "today in the bay," streaming live on roku, amazon
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fire, apple tv, and online. good tuesday morning to you. thanks for allowing us to be a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia, she is off. we'll talk with mike about the shifting patterns now that kids are starting to go back to school but it was a good bus stop forecast yesterday. your kids looked so cute going back to school. >> i posted them on social media. i want to see everybody else's kids going back to school, too. it's normal. and so hopefully we'll be able to share some of those right here on nbc bay area in the next few days as we are starting out with some clouds, really nice weather as we get our usual marine layer in the morning that clears out. it's the first day of school in east san jose at the east side union high school school district. we are going to see temperatures in the upper 60s and then as we go into the rest of today, upper 70s, so feeling pretty nice as they're getting out of school. take a look at all of our microclimates, concord reaching
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84 degrees today, one of the warmer spots, but you compare that to upper 60s in san francisco. mike, you were chasing down a south bay delay. >> yeah, i'm chasing it but it ran away, kari, which is great for folks looking down here in the south bay. kari, you talked about east side, union, one of the school districts starting. east side union, not san jose, different district. normal slowing in half an hour but a slower drive past the airport for south 101, just cleared. it's a little camera-shy. i wanted to show you the light volume of traffic here as well. we'll talk about some more shifts more likely for contra costa county coming up. back to you. >> thank you. new developments this morning in the fbi raid of former president trump's mar-a-lago hope. agents executed that warrant with mr. trump nowhere around. susan maginnis has more of what the agents were looking for with
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president trump and what could happen next here, susan. >> right, good morning, marcus. this unprecedented search appears to be tied to possible classified documents that trump allegedly took from the white house and brought to mar-a-lago when he left office. the fbi on monday executing a search warrant on mar-a-lago, the florida home of former president trump. >> this could only happen if a judge found probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime will be found there. >> mr. trump, can we get your reaction to the raid, sir? >> reporter: trump not in florida during the search, ignoring questions as he left trump tower in new york. in a statement he said his home was under siege raided and occupied by a large group of fbi agents and said "they even broke into my safe." a source familiar with the matter telling nbc news the search was tied to classified information trump allegedly took to mar-a-lago from the white house when he left office.
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>> questions enter in about his motive in retaining secret and top secret documents. >> reporter: in february, the national archives retrieved 15 boxes of white house records trump removed. it asked the justice department to examine whether his handling of white house records violated federal law. >> there's no family in american history that has taken more arrows in the back than the trump family. >> reporter: trump supporters in congress lining up to defend him. >> what was on the warrant? what were you really doing, looking for? why not talk to president trump and have him give the information you're after? >> reporter: in florida, protesters gathered, reaction strong on both sides. >> it's very disturbing, the man did nothing while he was in office and i think they're on a witch hunt again. >> he's going to go down for this and it's going to be a great day, man. >> reporter: trump calling the action politically motivated saying radical left democrats desperately don't want me to run for president. now as for trump's political aspirations now, one person
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close to the former president said if he wasn't running before, he is now. marcus? >> all right, certainly something to watch. susan, thank you. make sure you stick around for the "today" show, savannah goes one on one with house speaker nancy pelosi live in her first interview since that controversial trip to taiwan. they will also cover the latest on the fbi raid and the battles she's facing on capitol hill at 7:00 after "today in the bay." as bay area students start to return to class this weekend, next safety concerns are at the forefront of so many parents' minds amid the ongoing pandemic. joining is ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong. >> we want to start talking
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about masks. >> well it all depends on the kid. if the kid is immune compromised, specifically speaking if the kid hasn't been vaccinated and is not eligible for a booster, it may be a right time to wear a mask, if the levels of community transmission are high which many of the bay area still is and ultimately it depends on who the kid lives with. if the kid lives with grandma who might be immune compromised or somebody else in the family, that might be reason to think about being a little more cautious in school. >> what should we be doing at home? should we be testing our kids regularly? >> no, i think that my recommendation is really only to test if you have symptoms at this moment. i think what we found over time where at least the data suggests that a high proportion of kids already have had some exposure is to do symptomatic testing and it's been really resourced intensive in some schools.
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you may see the cdc deemphasize that in the upcoming week. >> i guess we'll be able to save some of our covid tests at home, now that we know we're testing for symptomatic. what do you say in terms of extracurricular activities? my kids are swimmers, soccer season is coming around. should we take any precautions there that are different from school? >> no, i think with contact sports, particularly in california, outdoors is less risky than indoors but if you're indoors as well, again, very simple rules, which kind of go on for much of the year, even before covid, if you're sick, please don't participate in sports and again, be in touch with people's symptoms, again, ventilation is going to be key, large ceilings, good ventilation, indoor gym still probably going to be okay and
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you know, locker rooms, sharing meals, depends on the transmission outdoors. >> we want to talk to you about monkeypox. we know that this has been more prevalent in some communities in some of our communities in the bay area, but in terms of children, we know that it can be contagious through contact with objects and utensils, so should we be worried about monkeypox in schools? >> not at this point at all. i think we are most worried about kids with monkeypox if they are in the household with someone who has been diagnosed with monkeypox and in that setting, you definitely want to have separate utensils and bedding and towels and treat it the same way like covid in terms of that exposure within the household from somebody who has a known or suspected case of monkeypox. >> dr. peter chin-hong and i talked about so much more. watch the interview on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and
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download the nbc bay area streaming app, you can find it under the must-see playlist. >> i think i'll do that. let's take a live look outside this morning. >> oh. >> this is a look at the golden gate bridge from sausalito. beautiful shot there. >> that's nice. >> always nice when you can see the going going, when you can see it. >> when you can see it. it is fogust after all. >> meteorologist kari hall is monitoring what we can expect. i like the clear conditions and weather wise it's been pretty nice. >> it has and that fog and the morning clouds that we've seen have kept those temperatures down as well, and also we've been able to get rid of the high humidity that we had last week, but it will be coming back. as we're starting out this morning, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, it is a nice, mild start to the day and the first day of school for castro valley. as you're headed out the door at about 7:00, it will be 62 degrees and sunny and 75. i don't know if it gets any more perfect than that. enjoy time outside and enjoy the afternoon with our temperatures
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slightly cooler than normal across all of our microclimates, especially for some of our inland valleys. we'll talk about that warmup coming up. mike, where can we find some lower gas prices? >> kari, we're able to find gas prices just under five bucks a gallon again today for a few of those bay area spots, but fewer than the last few days. exxon in oakland right over here foothill boulevard has gas for $4.89 a gallon. a&a gas in burlingame is charging $4.99 a gallon and also in berkeley $4.99, so just a shade under five bucks. the gas prices are moving nicely and so is the traffic. a new incident northbound 280 leaving daly city around mission getting into san francisco. reports of some incident blocking one lane. we'll continue to track that. the financial district are
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working the same hours we are and the east bay smooth, easy drive for right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:10 for you this morning. something a lot of parents to think about, keeping your kids safe while on social media. coming up for you this morning, a popular teen app snapchat now adding a new parental control to its platform. now this is the first of its kind feature, says it will give you a better look into your child's online activity. >> we have the latest data on pay between men and women and i think you can guess what we're gonna say, but stick around. "today in the bay"ill be right w
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. good tuesday morning. the time is 5:13. kids not up just yet but it is the first day for school for kids in moraga. light jacket but comfortable short sleeves and sunglass weather at pickup time, it will be 74 degrees. we'll check out all of our microclimates in a few minutes. i mentioned daly city the last report, i should have called out jefferson union high school district as well, they're going back to school on the we ininess la. the connector from the east bay to the peninsula moves smoothly. there's the san mateo bridge. we'll call out contra costa, you'll see why coming up. good morning, very happy tuesday to you. futures a little mixed ahead of the big day tomorrow, where we get the latest inflation numbers, which are expected to show good news.
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shares of nvidia plunged after the company warned investors its profit report would disappoint. google was down. the system worldwide, for a hot minute overnight. everything seems to be okay for now. one person asking the question meta question, how am i supposed to google is google down when google is down? some iphone users trying out the latest version from ios and point to the battery percentage back there on the right-hand upper screen. apple did away with it for a while, most people hate the new percentage. here's why, it shows a number but the battery indicator stays full so you could have 10% battery and the number will say 10 but the battery will show full. a fascinating and frustrating study by the "wall street journal" shows not only are men generally paid more than women but the pay gap could be detected as soon as three years out of school. the journal used payroll data to
5:16 am
compare men and women who graduated from the same school at the same time with the same degree and found significant differences in pay, for instance men who graduated georgetown with an accounting degree made a median $155,000 a year three years after graduation. women same degree, same school, same time, 55% less. a law degree from the university of michigan, men make $165,000 years later, women women $120 now the journal put together data that you can explore. i plugged in local schools, business administration degree from cal state east bay $61,000 versus $52,000. the data holds up with san jose state a 19% difference again, not speaking for the whole school but grad wants with a business degree according to the department of education. the university of san francisco
5:17 am
not only makes more generally but much better aligned. >> okay. >> so showing up three years after graduation, we think of a lot of different factors involved and sexism may be one of them but it's surprising to see this happen three years, according to the data. >> and add to ha pink tax on certain things, we that's true. >> so we're making less and we have to spend more. >> spending more. >> it's just really difficult. >> the fact we know this information now, you would think things would change. >> you would think and you would hope and i believe that it has changed to some degree over the years, and again, that data you're seeing is, you know, same school, same degree, same amount of time. >> right. >> we can't pressure what jobs those people -- we only know they graduated with business administration so that could be part of it, too. >> right, take different jobs at different companies. >> yes. >> thank you, scott. parents this morning have a
5:18 am
new tool to help keep track of kids' activities on snapchat. >> the new family center feature is going to allow to you monitor who your child is talking to. the "today" show's kate snow takes a closer look at snapchat's latest effort to keep those young people safe. >> kris and marcus, snapchat sun veiling family center. the idea is that teens between the age of 13 and 18 and parents would both have to opt in to this family center and the parent would see who their teen has been communicating with on snapchat on the last seven days and new friends they added, the idea is to promote a conversation between parents and teens for the parents to say i recognize this person, i don't recogneshandle, and the parents could report anonrns abt it. you might have noticed that this is parents being able to see who the teen is talking to, but not
5:19 am
what is being said. they're not going to see the actual messages. i asked snapchat's head of platform policy and social impact about that, why they wouldn't want parents to see the exact content, and her answer was they're trying to make this just like the real world. one other thing i asked snapchat, what took so long? some parent groups say they wish this happened sooner. snapchat has been in existence for decades, they were developing the tools for over a year. they wanted to be intentional about it. they wanted to really talk to family groups and parents and get insight into safety issues and make sure that the tools were the best they could be, that said, i think you will hear some groups saying they wish they had done this sooner. snapchat is one of the latest to adapt parent some of the other apps. >> one they really like. stay with nbc bay area to find out how snapchat tools work and
5:20 am
how safety groups are reacting to the measures on the "today" show after "today in the bay." we are looking at a forecast that looks lovely this morning. >> yes, we're starting out with clouds across parts of the bay area and the fog is back as we look at our view from emeryville into san francisco, across the bay bridge, but it is such a really nice start, and if you're making plans to enjoy more time outside, in brentwood, we've already been back in school and so our temperatures start out in the mid-60s, and then head for the low 80s by noon. we'll see those highs reaching into the mid 80s for later today. hayward reaching 75, and 73 in oakland and san mateo. san francisco and half moon bay in the upper 60s and our north bay temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, all of this is cooler than what we typically see in early august, so once again, take some time outside, and enjoy it. tomorrow, just slightly warmer in a few spots.
5:21 am
notice san martin and concord sitting at 88 degrees and as we head toward the end of the week, it gets even hotter for some of those inland areas, while staying nice and mild along the coastline, where that fog will linger but we'll also have slightly higher humidity, where we see the more brown shades of color, that's where we have drier air, and the green shows the humidity that will start to surge in by friday into the temperatures will be heading up, so we're going from some of our warmest spots in the mid 80s today to low 90s by friday and into the weekend. it will be a hot weekend and once again when you factor in the humidity, that makes it feel even hotter, san francisco is keeping it mild, upper 60s all throughout the seven-day forecast. mike, you were checking out contra costa county. >> we're going to call them out because we often watch for the first signs of the commute starting up there in antioch perhaps and coming down across the benicia and carquinez bridges. over this stretch 24 hits most of these school districts we're talking about, so we're talking
5:22 am
about lafayette, moraga, piedmont, oakland started yesterday, piedmont starts today. all of the districts are starting the high schools today and that may large by affect if parents leave earlier or later today, probably a little later to still try to get the high schoolers to take the pictures on the first day and that may delay the commute getting toward the bay bridge, the next week will be an adjustment time for that, large section of contra costa county. south bay and peninsula, things are moving lightly as you'd expect right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:22 this morning. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> attention penny pinchers. where is the best place to stretch your back-to-school supply dollar? i'm chrischmu ra.
5:23 am
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- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours.
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5:25 this morning. we are moving you forward as kids head back to school across the bay area. inflation of course adding up everywhere, even in the school supplies. >> yes, so which store can you get the best deal on school supplies? we are all ears. we sent our consumer team shopping to find out. >> i went shopping with my colleague, alyssa, and our intern, prava, we picked 12 common items to see how the stores measure up and took our list to target, walmart and dollar tree to compare. first up target, scaned the
5:26 am
aisles for essentials. next here's alyssa scouring the shelves at walmart hunting down the same dozen. >> $10.62. >> reporter: that's $7.20 cheaper than target. can the dollar tree beat that? it was right next door where i went bargain hunting. no price checks here, everything is $1.25. so it's the same 12 items but it's $16.41. is that more expensive? well, it's complicated. in some cases we did pay more, but we got more value for our money like drew in sticks. walmart's two-pack was 84 cents. dollar tree sold an eight-pack for $1.25, that's 16 cents each. to maximize savings we should cherry-picked our purchases such as buying crayons at walmart, glue at target, notebook paper at dollar tree. we get it, though, if you're just buying starter supplies,
5:27 am
the gas to drive from store to store to store would burn up any savings but if you're looking to stock up for the whole school year? doing some price research first followed by a strategic shopping trip could save you. >> it is extra effort but it's not like you're just buying one thing. you're buying a whole cartload of back-to-school supplies. >> we're on the back-to-school beat all week. tomorrow we're talking technology. we'll look at why your kids' tablets and laptops need a once over for security and a summer school lesson in passwords. >> didn't think of about that with the i- ipad and all that. >> we have to buy a graphic calculator, like 100 bucks. since you make more money as a man i'll ask that you lend me some. >> and i don't have kids so there you go. uncle marcus has more money to spend. [ laughs ]. next top stories we're covering for you today, three members of the same south bay family now set to face a judge.
5:28 am
the details on the latest hearing tied to what authorities claim was the death of a young girl during a religious exorcism. california is dealing with a limited supply of the monkeypox vaccine, as are many states throughout our nation. the steps the central government plans to take in a matter of hours to stretch out those doses. ay
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>> right now at 5:30, dialing back. monkeypox dose, the new approach health leaders are weighing to help eels the vaccine shortage. a live report of report on how it works and whether it still provides full protection. plus masking makes a return to some classrooms. the changes you might want to watch for as your children return to school from summer break. an alarming crime trend. more high-end watches being ripped from their owners' wrists, advice from law enforcement leaders. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> thanks so much for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. >> and i'm marcus washington. okay, so it's time to get started with a look at that forecast for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall tracking what we can expect today and kari, a note, today first day of school for some folks. >> yes. >> looking nice out there, too. >> more schools coming back online today.
5:32 am
>> you know you're a mom. >> so happy, yes. the kids are happy, too. they had a good first day and today we are starting out with a look at castro valley, union school district, the temperatures are going to be in the low 60s, mostly cloudy. pickup time it's bright, sunny, 75. i think that's just perfect. we'll see temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 70s and a few of our inland spots reach up to about 84 in concord and livermore, 86 in morgan hill and some upper 80s for fairfield. we'll talk about hotter temperatures in the forecast and mike, you're showing some similar patterns showing up. >> kari, for the most of the bay and for the south bay right here, folks, look, san jose we'll zoom into north 101. this is a pattern that's been developing over the last couple of weeks, though instead of the last few years. we're looking at starting about 5:30 instead of 5:40 for the slower drive and it's a little farther north, closer to oakland road, where we've seen it start for the last couple of weeks. over here altamont the build of course that happens about now
5:33 am
and also a disabled vehicle west 580 at north flynn road that kind of happens a lot, too. sounds like a car overheated so we hope they can get that safely to the shoulder. no major problems as you head toward the bay bridge. back over to you. >> mike, thanks. later today, san francisco general will reopen its monkeypox vaccine clinic, this is thanks to a new batch of doses. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live there this morning and bob, the federal government might be ready to stretch out that limited supply of vaccines. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and marcus. yes, this would allow health care providers like the one behind me here in pleasanton to split one dose among five people instead of injecting the dose into one individual. according to the "new york times" today the federal government is expected to issue an emergency declaration allowing doctors and nurses to change the way they inject the
5:34 am
vaccine, sticking the needle into the skin, which requires only one-fifth dose instead of into the underlying fat which requires the full dose, which is what they're doing right now. the biden administration is pushing for this amid criticism it's been too slow to ship out the vaccine. as we reported yesterday, san francisco was supposed to receive 10,000 doses last week, they finally came in at least this week, the largest shipment so far for sf which allows sf general to reopen its walk-in clinic later today through saturday. kaiser, ucsf, sutter will also give shots by appointment. all together 23,000 doses have been sent over the past few weeks. >> part of this is going to come down to two things. one is where are we in the epidemic now, so we saw that the overall tally of cases increased over the weekend. is that going to level out this week and start to come down and has in some other countries or is it going to continue to go up? having more doses on hand is of course going to be very
5:35 am
important because we need to stop the spread and also stop people from getting infected who have high-risk exposure. >> reporter: this was the scene yesterday outside the federal building in san francisco where activists are demanding uncle sam make the vaccines more readily available and question why the san francisco public health department stop contract tracing in a city which has close to 500 monkeypox cases. the health department explained many individuals were unwilling to share their names or contact information of their partners who might have been exposed to the virus. incidentally up north in martinez, the contra costa county board of supervisors will receive an update later today how monkeypox impacted that county and also a group of california senators will hold an oversight meeting later today at 1:30 this afternoon on the state and local response to the monkeypox. reporting live in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. happening today, three
5:36 am
people who are accused in the death of a young girl inside of a south bay church are due in court for a plea hearing. so here's a live look for you at the county courthouse in san jose. this is where today's hearing will take place. macauley and rene hernandez santos and renee hernandez were accused of killing the girl. the two men were the uncle and grandfather. investigators believe they did it because they thought the girl was possessed with an evil spirit. if convicted the three could be sentenced to life in prison >> it is 5:36. high-end watches are apparently becoming a big ticket item for thieves this summer. some law enforcement agencies say they are seeing an uptick in the theft of rolex watches. in one case saturday police in redwood city said a man gave his watch to men threatening him with what might have been a
5:37 am
semiautomatic rifle. thieves targeted a man in the front of livery shopping center. >> i went to ask him are you okay? he said they ripped the watch right off my arm. >> a witness seeing this event tried to intervene and the third person acting as lookout ultimately ended up pistol whipping the victim. >> police are warning people that this is a growing trend and that you're probably better off keeping your expensive watches at home as you are out and about. as many students are returning to the classroom this week, there are no mask requirements there for the kids in school. the final decision will come from each school district, franklin mckinley school district in san jose says it only plans to encourage those masks to be worn. many of those say this could be something that they have to deal with and work on when it comes to the campuses and shows a wave
5:38 am
of cases there. so the superintendent there for both san francisco unified and west contra costa unified also say those masks won't be required. >> we are still asking all students to wear masks. it is strongly recommended and we are following the state guidance. we also are encouraging families to test their students before the start of the school year. testing isn't required but we are going to have tests available at the district office. >> mask requirements aren't gone everywhere. the district required masks for summer school last month and hasn't decided whether they will require when classes resume august 29th. san jose unified not going back to school for a few more weeks so the kids are missing this, and it is so lovely out there today. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the forecast all around the bay. >> yes, and we do have an east side union school district starting today in san jose, so we are starting out there with drop-off temperatures in the low 60s, and at pickup time, 78
5:39 am
degrees so it's going to be really nice and also looking around the bay where our temperatures are spread out anywhere from 80 in dublin to 86 in gilroy, a little bit warmer there. santa rosa reaching 79 degrees, but we're still keeping those 60s and low 70s near the coastline. i'll be tracking that. we'll talk about a warmup in the forecast and mike's been giving a look at how the commute is rolling. >> things might shift a bit. we're trying to warn you. we're already seeing earlier slowing for highway 37, pretty standard section toward mayor island and highway 4 early slowing today. the reason i'm watching for subtle changes is because of this section, oakland schools started yesterday, we mentioned this the last half hour. we're looking at lafayia, moraga, acalanes and piedmont. these are starting up today as well and that may cause some parents to leave the house later to help folks get ready for the first day of school or perhaps head home early to see how that first day went, first week went.
5:40 am
we'll see how that shifts around. this evening, with he will have some slowing again, a's play again tonight at 6:40, same as last night. watch for slowing as crowds get there, just about 5:00/6:00 in the evening there. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. kari mentioned east side union, we've seen that slower drive from north 101 develop earlier down in san jose as well and many more school districts to start. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a major breakthrough a year's long investigation after that following up on "today in the bay," the scene that led authorities to uncover a ring they say involves stolen catalytic converters and where your converter might have ended up if it was stolen and the chances you might be able to get it back. >> and the fbi raiding donald trump's home in florida. we'll tell you everything we know and everything we don't know. >> first, our back-to-school coverage continues with our morning announcements from bay area school superintendents. >> good morning, my name is dr.
5:41 am
chris hurst. i have three priorities for us this year, safety is our number one priority, physical safety along with social and emotional and covid safety, all famiies should be able to bring their children to school and feel like they're safe. we're working hard to hire as many teachers as we can before the school year starts. having our schools fully staffed is extremely important, we're being very proactive going to our plans for hiring bonuses and we're also hosting upcoming job fairs. finally, together with the wcc usd community we're charting a new way forward and reimagining how we can provide a high-quality education for all of our students through our strategic planning process. we've had some powerful conversations about our why and our purpose and the skills we want our students to have when they graduate. thank you. >> and thank you.
5:42 am
we are showing different bay area districts all week long here on "today in the bay" and you can view all of those superintendents' messages right now on our website. all you have to do is go to 5: 5: 41 every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified.
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5:45 am
temperatures in the upper 50s there and a lot of sunshine as our highs only reach into the mid-70s in parts of the east bay, really nice. we'll talk about warmer air in our forecast coming up. >> you're not alone. a lot of students joining us and a lot of students to go. these folks are going slower through san jose north 101 showing a good deal of congestion, again, talked about the shift in the pattern a little bit there, we'll see where the source of the slowing or one of the sources is coming up. good news for silicon valley. the president will sign the new chips act into law today. >> we have scott mcgrew with us this morning. scott, that will help those chip companies manufacture here in the u.s. >> right here in the u.s., absolutely. should be a boon for companies like intel. the president will sign the bill at 7:00 our time this morning, he'll also sign what they call the instruments of ratification, the u.s. is endorsing finland and sweden, joining nato. the department of homeland security says as of today, the u.s. will no longer enforce the
5:46 am
remain in mexico policy. the biden administration had been trying to get rid of it by the court but it had been blocked by courts. the supreme ruled in the white house's favor last month. normally when someone comes to the border asking for asylum, the u.s. lets them stay in the u.s. while the case is decided, it's been like that for years. it changed under the trump administration during covid where people had to remain in mexico, thus the name. you heard the fbi executed a federal search warrant of donald trump's mar-a-lago home. he was not there at the time. he complained on social media the fbi agents broke into his safe. witnesses say agents removed boxes of documents. all we can say is search warrants are issued when law enforcement convinces a judge a crime is likely to have occurred. here's a former fbi leader this morning on "today." >> and even very important, there is an applicable statute,
5:47 am
title 18-2071, if convicted, the defendant would be unable to hold public office. >> i showed you that because a lot of people are talking about that, there's a specific law that forbids people convicted of concealing federal documents and say they cannot run for federal office. that former fbi deputy director says it applies in this case but a lot of constitutional scholars disagree in the case of the presidency, because the qualifications for presidency are spelled out specifically in the constitution. this came up when hillary clinton and her emails, could she run for president if she were convicted? she were never tried. in that case some republicans said she shouldn't be allowed to run. constitutional scholars say title 18 does not apply to i apresidential run. republicans are rallies around the former president. kevin mccarthy saying the search was politically motivated and he'll exact revenge on attorney
5:48 am
general merrick garland. attorney general garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar, he says. for all of the talk about documents nobody outside of the department of justice, the fbi and maybe donald trump knows exactly why the fbi searched mar-a-lago. that's how the doj works. they don't tell anybody anything. kevin mccarthy doesn't know anything more than you do. joe biden doesn't know. we don't know. nancy pelosi doesn't know. >> we believe in the rules of law and that's what our country is about and no person is above the law, not even the president of the united states, not even a former president of the united states. >> speaker pelosi will be on the "today" show coming up at 7:00, she'll talk about that search and what she doesn't know as well as her recent trip to taiwan and why she thought that was necessary, that's coming up today at 7:00. >> thanks, scott. new details in fremont this morning where a recycling center is now the center of an investigation police say involves stolen catalytic
5:49 am
converters. police are showing off parts of those that were stolen, this is over at least 3,000 stolen catalytic converters they say were found at the aero recovery center on warm springs boulevard. during a year-long sting operation undercover officers sold devices to the businesses, marked as stolen. those devices were. in june, officers went in, recovering multiple containers of catalytic converter material, which investigators are now trying to match to theft victims. but many of the items probably no longer traceable. prosecutors are still weighing the possible charges here. right now, on, consumer investigator chris chmura actually explains how to mark or even etch your car's catalytic converter. head over to our "responds" tab on our home page. calling all book lovers, it's national book lovers day. >> it's my holiday.
5:50 am
avid readers are are encouraged to find a favorite reading place and get lost in their books. libraries date back to the middle ages. fast forward to 199 or 25 years ago when the first ereader called the rocket ebook was created and now it's all about the amazon kindle released in 2007 and the nook, which debuted in 2009. i want to know what kind of book reader you are. do you prefer a hard copy or do you like ebooks or give me anything, which is basically what we say in our house. i just finished the best book, maybe my second favorite book of the year, my nephew, my 14-year-old nephew said let's read 22 books in 2022 so two really good ones so you can find those on my instagram story. >> what about audio books? >> i was going to say you forgot audio books. >> we have long commutes. >> i don't know. maybe that's a different poll.
5:51 am
is that reading? does it count? >> i'm getting information from the book so yeah. >> sure. you got to get some help here. >> wait. are you an ereader? you're not a reader. >> i'm a map reader. come on, guys. >> this is true and do you it so well. >> thank you, mike. >> chapter two. >> reading that forecast is what we're about to do. meteorologist kari hall has a look at that. first day of school! >> yes, and this one is in the books. we're looking at the first day of school for acalanes union high school. lafayette the upper 50s to start and head for the mid-70s at pickup time. enjoy that time-out side. these temperatures are cooler than early august, only 77 for a high in downtown san jose and 86 for morgan hill, some of these temperatures are warm as you make your way to the inland east
5:52 am
bay but most of us feeling a nice little breeze, mostly sunny skies and reaching 75 from hayward toward some upper 70s in redwood city. 65 for the outer sunset and our north bay highs reach 78 in mill valley and 88 in ukiah today. as we go through the next few days, it's been nice to have the lower humidity. we can tell here that the air is drier. where you see the green, that's high, mid-level moisture that's going to start to surge in on friday. the weekend may not only be hotter, but it may also be more muggy, and that's what we're getting ready to have as we go toward the end of the week and into the weekend. once again, enjoy the more comfortable conditions we've had and that will continue today with san francisco mostly in the upper 60s. we're starting out with fog in the distance, mostly clear sunrise, but overall a really nice day with highs headed for the upper 60s. mike, how is it looking now in the south bay? >> the sensor readings northbound 101, we've seen early
5:53 am
slowing for the last couple of weeks, a pattern that seems to be emerging and blips at 87, probably calm down after the next ten minutes. it indicates heavier volume earlier in the day. a shift is happening for the last couple of weeks and a lot of south bay school districts to continue on over the next couple of weeks. ef with slowing generating out of san martin and morgan hill indicating there will continue to be a lot of traffic flow through the south bay. slowing through hayward. jefferson union on the. peninsula and new incident bay bridge around powell, checking on lane status when chp gets there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a u.s. forest service employee is being identified as the latest victim to die in the mckinney fire burning near the oregon border. kathy schupman was justify duty
5:54 am
when she died in her home the day the fire broke out. she had not followed evacuation orders. that fire has now burned more than 60,000 acres since july 29th and it's 55% contained at this point. at least 09 homes have been destroyed. honoring an icon, still ahead on "today in the bay" we look back at olivia newton-john's inspiring career and how one south bay theater is going to honor her. plus an fbi raid at former president trump's mar-a-lago home, we are live in washington with the new details surrounding the unprecedented search and what could come next. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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welcome back to "today in the bay." we have a follow-up for a story we first brought you over the weekend. a teenager injured in an apartment explosion in hollister is now the prime suspect behind that incident. it happened about 50 miles south of san jose and started with an explosion reported on sierra court. police say the 16-year-old victim actually made that explosive at home and he lost his hand in the blast. >> oh. >> police say he now will face criminal charges likely once investigators can talk to him. prols prosecutors formally
5:58 am
charged a woman who killed five others in a high-speed crash. investigators say she drove her black mercedes that sped through an intersection in winter hills last thursday. the multi-car crash triggered several explosions. if convicted, she could face up to 90 years in prison. a lot of fans getting emotional remembering pop music icon olivia newton-john, the chart-topping singer and actress passed away yesterday. ♪♪ her career exploded after she appeared in the blockbuster film "grease." you know the words by heart. her best-known songs were part of america's soundtrack for decades and "let me be there" produced her first top ten single. two years after "grease" she played a staring role in the
5:59 am
film "xanadu." later this month san jose will honor her. next on "today" friends, family and the entertainment industry reflect on her life at 7:00 after "today in the bay." just such a positive spirit. >> yes. definitely was. happening tonight, all the auditions are now over, so the doors closed for us but "america's got talent" live shows getting under way. >> there's always next week. each week viewers will decide which two acts move forward. 11 acts will compete each week vying for the million-dollar prize. and a headline show in las vegas. shsea this season the judges are saying yes to more acts. >> this is going to be probably one of the most exciting,
6:00 am
competitive surprising finals and sfib semifinals we've ever . the live shows will blow you away. >> they already have with some of the shows. this week's live show starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, each night following "agt." it is the first two episodes of "password" with jimmy fallon. right now at 6:00, federal agents swarm president trump's mar-a-lago report, the first time the fbi searched the home of a former president. we are live in washington with new details what they might have been looking for. you definitely want to have separate utensils and bedding and towels and treat it the same way like covid. >> preventing outbreaks in the classroom. we go one on one with a local expe t


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