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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 8, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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raid at his home at the florida club and that they even broke into his safe. the reports coming in. what they may have been looking for also tonight, senate demrats narrowly passing that landmark bill with big changes that could affect the climate, prescription prices and your taxes republicans warning it's too much spending but will it give democrats momentum in the midterms now less than 100 days away police in new mexico investigating whether the killings of four muslim men are linked is it the work of a serial killer, and a vehicle they're now looking for. the emergency response in denver heavy rains flooding highways, trapping drivers. dozens rescued including children plus the growing fallout following thousands of flight delays this as president biden tours another disaster zone, kentucky the vow he made to flood victims there. the family of gabby petito filing a wrongful death lawsuit. why they're seeking $50 million from police the potential breakthrough on preventing lyme disease.
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and remembering olivia newton-john the iconic pop star beloved by generations of "grease" fans ♪ you're the one that i want ♪ >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt and good evening i'm tom llamas in for lester tonight we begin with that breaking news involving donald trump. the former president saying in a statement just a short time ago that the fbi carried out an unannounced raid at his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, calling it not necessary or appropriate. he also said the fbi broke into his safe. but moments ago he declined to comment to nbc news while leaving trump tower in new york city. a person familiar with the matter tells nbc news the fbi is not disputing that it carried out the search, and the "new york times" reporting tonight that the raid appears to be focused on materials mr. trump may have taken with him after he left the white house. let's get right to vaughn hillyard with the breaking details
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>> reporter: in an unprecedented move the fbi executing a search warrant of a former american president's home today donald trump's mar-a-lago the subject of a search by fbi agents according to the former president himself. a secret service official says the fbi notified the secret service of the bureau's intent to execute a search of the former president's home nbc news has not confirmed if trump is the subject of this investigation, but in order to execute a search warrant the fbi would have had to receive approval from a judge, believing there to be probable cause that a crime was committed. "the new york times" says the investigation appears to be focusing on the relocation of materials from the white house after trump left office, material that was potentially classified trump in a statement calling the search not necessary or appropriate. vaughn hillyard, nbc news and another major story we're following tonight, democrats celebrating a blockbuster billion-dollar deal on capitol hill the sweeping bill narrowly passed by
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democrats in the senate and expected to clear the house this week addressing climate change, the economy and health care but republicans are warning against more spending in the shaky economic reality we are living in. we get more from ali vitali at the capitol. >> reporter: tonight democrats victorious if a little weary after a marathon weekend. >> it was a long night. it was a long month. it was a long year but we got it done >> reporter: a nearly 22-hour senate session that culminated in the passage of a sweeping health care, climate and economic bill. $430 billion in spending with unprecedented climate and energy investment. >> i have never seen or anticipated anything as significant as this piece of legislation >> reporter: electric vehicle incentives, methane reduction programs, and clean energy jobs. plus lower drug costs for seniors with medicare now able to directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. >> what does that mean to you >> it means a lot. my anxiety will go down hopefully that will keep a roof over my
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head and food in my refrigerator for a longer period of time. it's a big deal. it's a big deal. it means my life, really >> reporter: to pay for it democrats targeting tax changes aimed at the wealthiest and big corporations hiking the corporate minimum tax rate to 15% for big businesses and boosting irs enforcement. the bill bears the policy imprints of moderate democrats joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, who downsized the package over the course of the last year of negotiating with majority leader chuck schumer. schumer, though, celebrating the political balancing act. >> so this is my secret to success. >> reporter: some democrats still mad about what was left out. >> the bottom line is this legislation is a baby step forward. it doesn't go as far as it should >> reporter: but president biden calling it a win >> do i expect it to help yes, i do. it's going to immediately help >> reporter: the megawatt deal now a centerpiece of the midterm message. for both parties >> we voted. democrats delivered. >> this is a terrible bill
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they're increasing spending and they're raising taxes while we're in the middle of a recession. >> all right ali vitali joins us now. ali, the bill is expected to pass in the house. what are experts saying on how it will affect the current inflation crisis >> reporter: tom, top economists say this bill will put downward pressure on inflation. a group of former treasury secretaries from republican and democratic administrations had urged congress to pass it, saying investment in energy and health care will fight inflation and lower costs while setting the table for long-term economic growth tom? >> all right ali vitali leading us off tonight. ali, thank you for that now to new mexico and the manhunt tonight for who may be responsible for the killing of four muslim men in albuquerque the latest victim shot just this past friday night. guad venegas has late details. >> reporter: tonight a terrified muslim community in albuquerque on edge after the killings of four muslim men. authorities calling their shooting deaths targeted >> there are several things in common with all four of the
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homicides and we're digging back and looking at any other crime that might fit this similar pattern >> reporter: police say the latest victim, 25-year-old naeem hussein, was found dead friday night from a gunshot wound outside the lutheran family services known for providing services for refugees just days ago hussain attended the funerals of two of the other albuquerque murder murder victims, muhammad afzaal hussain and aftab hussein, all three originally from pakistan the president of the islamic center of new mexico hoping investigators comb all possible links >> the community is -- you know, it's very deflated and eagerly awaiting some response, some answer to why >> reporter: all four men targeted in public areas of this section in albuquerque the fbi is now involved authorities now desperately searching for this vehicle they say may be tied to all four killings. >> i feel a sense of helplessness they're in fear. their whole world has been flipped upside
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down >> reporter: mts hussain's brother, muhammad afzaal hussain, was one of the victims. >> my kids are very scared because it happened just in the same block. they don't let me go out on the balcony >> reporter: and a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for those responsible has now increased to $30,000 while police say they are looking into tips submitted by the public tom? >> all right guad venegas for us. guad, we thank you for that there are new flood alerts tonight in parts of the ohio valley and near washington, d.c. in prince george's county take a look at this. flood waters rising and first responders having to perform water rescues. this as parts of the west are recovering from severe weekend storms the intensity being tied to climate change here's anne thompson >> reporter: late summer is traditionally flash flood season, but 2022's events are increasingly record setters. >> climate change is making it easier for the heaviest rains to become even heavier.
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and this summer is a good example of that trend, which has been playing out over decades. >> reporter: more rain in a shorter time. parts of denver got more than two inches sunday, much of it coming in just an hour swamping streets firefighters rescuing 29 people from their vehicles, including these children this is what happens when the hottest place on earth suddenly becomes one of the wettest. death valley national park still cleaning up after friday's devastating flood. nearly an inch and a half of rain fell in the california desert, the most ever in a single august day. the park is closed >> a sea of mud and rocks in many areas across park road other areas have stretches of road that are completely gone and will need to be rebuilt. >> reporter: in south dakota sioux falls recorded its wettest day ever, getting more than five inches on sunday the warmer the air the more moisture it can hold 90% of 150 locations surveyed by climate
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central now get more average rainfall an hour compared to 1970. rainfall intensity increasing 13% the storms wreaking havoc with an already stressed airline system today cancellations more than 600, delays over 4,000 >> they just kept saying weather weather, weather, weather. >> reporter: as america copes with a summer of uncertain skies. anne thompson, nbc news and as we cover all that severe weather there are new flash flood alerts tonight in eastern kentucky, an area still recovering from a disaster that killed at least 37 people today president biden visiting our kathy park is there. >> reporter: tonight the historic floodwaters have receded in eastern kentucky, revealing a muddy mess and a total loss for so many families >> we're in survival mode, obviously. the support makes it all doable >> reporter: riverside christian school in lost creek entering
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the second week of cleanup. >> there was so much mud. we had to clear this hallway before we could even get this door open. >> reporter: as they scramble for the first day of classes. >> every building on our campus had some form of water in it except one most of our buildings were a total loss. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady saw the devastation firsthand, promising federal help >> it will take a while to get through this, but i promise you we're not leaving. the federal government and all its resources, as long as it takes we're going to be here >> reporter: at least 37 people have died with two still unaccounted for. the damage expanding across 13 counties in hard-hit breathitt the poverty rate is more than double the national average >> this is the most devastating and deadly flooding event certainly in my lifetime, unlike anything we've ever seen >> reporter: experts say the region is vulnerable to more devastation from natural disasters, pointing to abandoned coal mines that have forever changed the landscape and historically poor oversight in the industry >> thank you >> reporter: tonight the goodness of
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strangers and faith rising above the waters >> it was strong enough to rip homes off their foundations, strong enough to rip trees out of the ground but the lord works through devastation and through tragedy to bring our community together >> reporter: and more severe weather is in the forecast through thursday and officials fear that even an inch or two inches of rain could further complicate the cleanup and recovery efforts tom? >> it's the last thing those families need right now. okay, kathy, thank you for that the three georgia men convicted of the 2020 killing of ahmaud arbery back in court today, facing sentencing on federal hate crime charges travis mcmichael, who fired the fatal shot, and his father, gregory mcmichael both received their second life sentences and neighbor willie "roddie" bryan, who received a life sentence on state murder charges was sentenced to an additional 35 years in prison today and a follow-up on the case of an unarmed black teenager who died during a struggle with police in 2018. you may remember lester first told you about anton black on friday
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now his family has announced a civil settlement with the city of greensboro, maryland that includes police reforms here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: almost four years after the death of anton black was caught on police body cam in greensboro, maryland today his family announced a civil settlement >> i hope this will help somebody else, you know, that this happens to >> reporter: anton's family will be paid $5 million in damages. but the settlement also includes police reform such as the overhaul of local use of force policies, more resources for police confronting mental health emergencies as well as officer de-escalation training >> i got shackles. >> reporter: the announcement comes just days after the case was featured on "dateline" and "nightly news. >> no mother should have to witness what you witnessed. >> no. i never thought this would ever happen. >> reporter: anton's parents speaking to lester about how their 19-year-old son, a star athlete and aspiring model, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during an encounter
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with police in september of 2018 he was held down by officers and died. >> he was george floyd before george floyd. >> reporter: his case drew comparisons to george floyd's death because maryland's former chief medical examiner, who co-signed anton's autopsy report, declaring the death accidental, later testified for officer derek chauvin's defense that floyd's death was undetermined though the officers involved in anton's case declined to speak with "dateline," the president of the law enforcement legal defense fund defended their actions. >> i don't see any indication of malice i don't see any indication of indifference to mr. black's health or well-being and so i think it meets the professional standard >> reporter: today the greensboro, maryland police department declined to comment on the new settlement, which does not admit any wrongdoing a separate lawsuit against the medical examiner's office is ongoing. tom? >> okay, gabe, thank you for that in 60 seconds, restricting abortion care the new study on the dangerous impact on some women forced to delay the procedure.
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as more states move to restrict abortion, a study in texas reveals how the state's near-total ban is impacting maternal care it finds pregnant patients with complications faced double the risk of patients in states without bans here's kristen dahlgren >> reporter: when elizabeth weller's water broke at just 4 1/2 months pregnant she was told it would take a miracle for her daughter to survive. >> it was the not being able to see her take her first steps or send her off to school for the first time >> reporter: while elizabeth was at a high risk of infection, she was told she was not sick enough to immediately end the pregnancy. >> so you were basically sent home to get sicker >> yes the nurses essentially told me you're being sent home to develop the signs of an infection. >> reporter: days
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later when she was infected doctors finally induced labor. and while she and her husband are still mourning the daughter they named theodora, a new study shows their experience is not unique researchers looked at 28 recent cases in dallas where doctors had to delay care until there was an immediate threat to patients' lives. nearly 60% developed severe complications one was in intensive care others given blood transfusions only one baby survived, so underdeveloped it needed life support. >> this is what happens when we cannot provide the standard of care right upfront. >> reporter: houston doctor anitra beasley recently published similar findings on the texas heartbeat bill called sb-8 >> what we found was that sb-8 really created a chilling effect on reproductive health care. physicians were unclear if they could counsel patients, refer patients having to really wait
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until something became life-threatening before they could intervene. >> reporter: state senator bryan hughes wrote sb-8 and admits he's troubled by the recent study >> maybe they're confused by the law in other states or misled by other stories but for those medical emergencies the law hasn't changed >> how close to death does a patient need to be before sb-8 would allow termination? >> under texas law a doctor sees that condition and based on a reasonable medical probability knows this is going to happen, they can act they do not have to wait for a condition to be aggravated >> reporter: he says there has been outreach to doctors and hospitals to clarify, but for dr. beasley there is nothing clearer than the study. >> is the data that you're seeing a warning to other places considering bans >> if it's not, i think that it absolutely should be >> reporter: the wellers also worry about the future >> it makes me not want to start a family here it's not safe.
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>> reporter: they say they've seen that firsthand. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, houston. and next, the family of gabby petito announces a $50 million lawsuit against police in utah the failures they say contributed to her death. inst pol lic new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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her and boyfriend brian laundry over last august. petito later vanished, her body discovered near teton national park in wyoming. the fbi said laundry confessed to killing petito in a notebook before taking his own life and some important health news tonight. pfizer announcing the start of phase 3 clinical trial of its vaccine against lyme disease. almost half a million americans are diagnosed each year with the tick-borne illness. pfizer is saying it's hoping to submit an application for approval in 2025, which means the vaccine is still years away if not treated early, lyme disease can cause serious complications. and coming up next, she was iconic for her high school hits remembering pop superstar olivia newton-john. ♪ devoted to you ♪ rs old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to
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finally, the death of a pop superstar olivia newton-john gave us some of the biggest hit songs of the '70s and '80s, rising to fame when she fell in love with a certain t-bird ♪ summer days driftin away ♪ when "grease" hit the big screen, danny zuko and america all fell for sandy. ♪ those summer ♪ the aussie good girl became an instant star, dancing and singing beside john travolta ♪ you're the one that i want ♪ a child star whose voice and talent swept the '70s into the '80s ♪ let's get physical ♪ when the good girl from "grease" tried a
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different look her steamy "physical" topped charts for ten consecutive weeks. >> it's hilarious because that was so naughty in its time and so nothing now >> reporter: in 1992 newton-john was diagnosed with breast cancer after chemotherapy, homeopathy, and a partial mastectomy she recovered. newton-john's purpose and passion became fighting cancer. ♪ every obstacle before you is a tool ♪ raising money and later opening a cancer wellness center in australia. >> to give women inspiration hopefully to fight the fight >> reporter: in 2017 she halted her tour when she announced her cancer had returned. this time to her lower spine. newton-john leaves behind her husband, john easterling, and her daughter chloe from her first marriage late today her on-screen partner travolta posting in part, "yours from the first moment i saw you and forever. your danny your john.
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♪ i'm hopelessly devoted to you ♪ >> reporter: after a five-decade career, a legacy as timeless as her songs. olivia newton-john was 73 that's "nightly news" for this monday. and a quick programming note don't miss savannah's exclusive with house speaker nancy pelosi tomorrow on "today." i'm tom llamas thanks so much for watching have a great night
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right now on new tonight, targeted and attacked because of an expensive watch. >> must've followed it from somewhere. >> it is latest in a string of these type of attacks. police say they're coming more common. plus -- >> i am trying to hold out hope that they will find her. that she will come home. >> a mother desperate for information, her 16-year-old daughter lasting at a lake tahoe carrier campground. police say this case is a possible abduction. a key tool took beit covid, contact tracing. why is san francisco backing off when it comes to contact racing for monkeypox? we are getting answers


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