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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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ahead in the live report, all transit costs are really going to impact the bottom line here. look at this, a circling boat and a person found dead. the unusual crash that has investigators searching for answers. and a major setback with the supreme court ruling on greenhouse gas emissions critics say relieve our climate
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crisis. this is today on the bay. >> it is friday morning. we are so happy you are starting your day with us. i am laura garcia and i am mark -- marcus washington. >> a lot of people have plans to get out and maybe travel. we want to know how it is going to be. >> well, did you like yesterday? we are going to see a weather pattern repeating as you head out in oakland this morning. it is 55 degrees and cloudy. temperatures are held down as we get the strong ocean influence in the area so take a look at are high for today reaching 73 in dublin. 84 in fairfield, now we are
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going to continue to have some really nice comfortable weather at least for the inland valley. if you do have beach plans, make sure you bring the extra layers. we will talk more about this and what is going on around the bay area in the forecast in a few minutes. happening today just so you know, bart ayers have just went up. -- bart fairs just went up. >> if you are commuting whether you take the rails or drive your own car, you may not notice exactly how much or if you have the fair increases, they will go into effect six
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months after they are supposed to. you got a bit of a break during the pandemic. they will cost $.15 more for most trips starting today. a spokesman says commuters will have an easier time budgeting if they ride the rails and if they drive a car. >> the one thing about bart rails is that they are very predictable unlike the cost of gasoline. bart riders can go on trip planner and they will know exactly what they are going to pay. >> reporter: now, tolls are also going up on the golden gate bridge. if you're among the 80% of bridge commuters with fast track, you will pay $.35 more for a total of $8.30 to cross the bridge. according to the golden gate bridge district, half is maintenance and the other half is bus and ferry service, both
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of which cost more these days. >> things like paint, steel, as well as fuel for our buses and theories are continuing to go up every year. so, this program allows us to keep pace with those rising costs and services and maintenance on the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: so, both of these are planned increases for the golden gate bridge. again, it is about $.15 per trip here on bart . >>
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>> store workers are trying to launch an effort to unionize as the video kicked off yesterday. 100 people recently sent a letter to management and city council goes so far as to pass a resolution. >> sad news this morning. the reason lake tahoe discovered the body yesterday after he was declared missing. deputies first found personal items at an abandoned campsite. it is believed he accidentally drowned. >> i want you to take a look at this video right here. as you can see this boat is going in circles this is all happening near angel island. authorities say two boats collided and the only person on
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board went overboard and drowned. please say yesterday afternoon the boat struck a sailboat. one man actually watched some of the aftermath from the coastline. >> it was pretty alarming. i didn't know what was going on. my neighbor sent me a text that says someone had fallen off of the boat and been hit with another vessel. it is also not clear if anyone on the sailboat was injured. >> a last-minute addition to the oakland budget should translate with the city's protections for the city's saigon neighborhood. business owners have been asking for more help. councilmembers authorized about $100,000 more for security. police are also promising more patrol. businesses there are calling it
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a good start. >> taking a live look outside we have what we can expect how often do we lead into the fourth of july weekend where we can leave the air conditioning off. of course we have our typical chilly start with mostly cloudy skies but we are headed for 77 degrees here today. san francisco will be in the mid 60s and some of our warmer spots will reach into the mid- 70s and low 80s in dublin reaching 73 degrees in concorde, we are seeing a high of about 80 degrees. we will see more of the same tomorrow with dublin reaching into the upper 60s. we are really focusing on what is happening with the huge
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supreme court ruling. the court struck down a deal that allows the environmental protection agency to regulate greenhouse gas commissions. i spoke with an attorney for the center on race, poverty, and the environment to break down what means means going forward >> the court knows there is enough gridlock in congress so they are trying to prevent this from happening. >> this is a huge setback and there is room for hope and progress. you can watch the full interview on our webpage, and click on
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the crisis tab. >> you know, we always try to find at least some of the lowest gas prices in the bay area . in fremont, young $5.79 in san fransisco, gas is $5.97. in morgan hill, it is $5.99 on monterey street. i know it is too expensive, but at least it is under six dollars. a lot of things are going on in weather this weekend. any time that we are monitoring traffic concerns, we take a look at drive times. no issues along 880 all looking pretty good here drive times
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right now seven minutes i will send it back to you. >> so many questions remain after the ruling overturning roe v. wade. think of your high school coach. mine was walt sherman. what would your coach say about the year so far. we are at the halftime. we need a pep talk, coming up. fans are about to learn a whole lot more about one of the best-known villains of the nation.
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made to do anything so you can do anything.
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good friday morning. the time now is 5:13. we are starting out with clouds and temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. it is still jacket weather, but it is going to be a very pleasant afternoon. we will take a look at our nice holiday we can forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> is a little bit of slowing to 680. no major delays, but we will
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look at your bridges and of course the rest of your drive times coming up but first, let's check in with scott. good morning, everyone, happy friday. 1 july means we are halfway through the year. the stock market had its worst performance since 1970 ronald reagan in 1970 was the governor of california. i remember none of this. the dow is down 15% and the nasdaq which was since so many companies in the bay area down 30%. as for the dollar, the dollar is strengthening. that is both good and bad news. a strong dollar means it is easier to buy things from overseas. it also means the products we
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do make in the usa are more expensive for foreigners to buy and bitcoin has been an embarrassment. not only is the value of bitcoin syncing, in many cases the businesses buying, selling, and storing bitcoin are not letting customers get their money out. >> mortgage rates are dropping from 5.8% to 5.7%. they started the year in the low threes. >> netflix went off-line. outage came as the company released the second half of the fourth season of stranger things almost exactly at midnight according to the website. i watched the first two seasons
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and i dropped out so i'm not familiar with what's happening. >> so, i hadn't watched it at all, my kids were really interested in watching it because they said all my friends are. i wanted to see what they were watching, and it is really interesting. >> it is different. >> it is a fun 80s throwback. >> my kids know so much 80s music now, and even play it on the radio. it is interesting exactly. all right. >> i will have to check that out. >> new for you this morning, it may come as no surprise a lot of people search for rainbow accessories and wigs even but they also search for more since
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the word abortion spikes in the days ahead with overturning of roe v. wade. us how the search really is. >> it is synonymous across the country. we can zoom in on certain cities and states, but i am unable to see specifically what you might be searching for. >> the number of searches for hot dogs is exploding. i like them on the grill but a microwaved hotdog is not bad. >> probably you are about eight or something. >> it has been about that long. [ laughter ] >> this morning, your favorite yellow cartoon.
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back on the big screen. >> yeah, we are talking about the minions. okay, maybe that is why i wore yellow today. it actually opens today. you may have guessed it is the back story behind the villain that is gru. expect to see a younger gru. of course, you can expect to see a lot of minions as well. if this movie is anything like the last couple of films, you can also expect some massive box office numbers. the movie is being released by nbc universal pictures. >> >> we are going to have a nice
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weekend, and we are getting ready for some cooler weather that continues for the bay area as we see the cooler weather over the past couple of days. it is foggy, and it is going to start misting and drizzling once again. it is mostly clear, but we will see more sunshine heading into late morning into the afternoon as our temperatures very slowly warm-up fremont will see a higher 71 degrees pretty much all across the bay area as we now enter into our first date of july. you can leave the air conditioning off. in fact, livermore reaches 73 degrees. oakland, up to 66 degrees. during those jackets, because temperatures will be changing. if you are driving from
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concorde over to half moon bay, there will be a big drop in temperatures, only 60 degrees there. a strong area of high pressure rebuilds, and that is basically what causes the hot weather that we had last week. we do have a lot of people traveling weather coming into the bay area or heading out. i want to show you trouble spots where you may see travel delays apart of the upper planes as well as travel moisture. as of right now, we are not seeing any travel delays. we will keep an eye on those flights for the morning but really a nice cool weekend ahead with highs in the mid 70s. we are headed back to the 90s. our inland areas will have a nice break from that heat. going into the fourth of july holiday. it seems like it is and light
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commute. >> that is exactly right. so far, we've been doing pretty good. notice we do have a couple of cars out on the road but as far as accidents go i am noticing a couple of overnight crashes. you can see the commute starting to build with this stretch. i'm going to zoom in a little bit in the south bay because i did notice this crash pop up and it could start to crash and start some slowing. >> it sounds good. we will check back in with you. >> if you're flying this summer, there is a really good chance your flight is going to be delayed or canceled but there are some things you can do right now to prepare yourself. i will show you how next. >> we are also showing you that we are still in awe.
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we love it. we are posting a behind-the- scenes look. the whole nbc bay area team is all on social media. you can get a different perspective of what it looks like. follow us on follow us on
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i hope you need none of this advice but there is a good chance that your flight is going to be delayed or canceled. the good news is you don't have to be a travel probe. >> there are tools you can use even as an entry-level traveler. >> first, sign up for notifications from your airline. get a leg up, start tracking your plane, not your flight, your actual plane yourself. free apps will let you track your plane before you get on it. keep tabs on that jet. it starts running behind schedule and it looks like your trip is going to go sideways, you can take action earlier. you will have an advantage to try to rebook. while you are in line, get on the phone and get on social media. don't be afraid to ask the same question in three or four different places. i have had a terrible run lately. almost all delayed or canceled
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flights, but i have had really good success on twitter canceling or rebooking myself almost completely in the dm. good luck out there. a warriors star putting all of his complexities on the line for the world to see. >> i love basketball, and i hate losing. >> fans, we know that green wears his heart on his sleeve. occasionally lands him in hot water but now his work to improve is a part of amazon documentary. he is working with a spiritual guru. >> the highest intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself.
5:27 am
observe yourself having an experience in making a choice. the mind is always entangled. green is keeping himself busy off of the court after earning another ring. first episode of that show debuted two weeks ago. a friend of mine sent it to me already. >> you know, that is good, too. it wi be good for other people to understand. >> all right, coming up next top story that we are following for
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i commute two hours each way, so i feel all the increases. >> right now at 5:30, gas prices statewide higher overnight as millions prepare for the holiday weekend. isn't that always the case. >> why millions of students will have a better chance to catch a few more winks when classes resume this fall. >> we are counting down to the fourth of july and warning if
5:31 am
you plan to review those fireworks over the bay. life here in the nbc bay area studios. >> i am marcus washington. let's get you started. we have been tracking what we can expect. it is going to be a nice one for us. >> it is going to be a nice day. we are waking up to a cloudy sky, and it is basically going to be a repeat of yesterday. it is a very cloudy start to this morning but as we head towards 10 or 11:00 even at noon, we will see much more sunshine as our temperatures reach into the low 70s in dublin and 70s for nevada san francisco will be in the mid 60s. >> you know, we've been doing okay but now we have a bit of an issue popping up. looks like we have a little bit
5:32 am
of a fender bender that could be causing some delays along the northbound side of 101 right off the offramp. you can see a little bit of yellow on the screen there which shows slowdown. so far, i have not seen any complete lane closures but i will have an update coming up. >> well, the next time you fill up, he better brace for the new gas tax that takes effect state wide this morning just in time for the holiday weekend. across the bay area , they are getting ready to fill up right now , because so many people are hitting the road. >> reporter: that's right, i'm one of those people actually getting ready to hit the road, and i might take advantage of what we are seeing this morning, because we do see some good news. we were looking to see if it
5:33 am
was going to change today but that doesn't necessarily mean the increase will happen later on in the day. it is definitely not the type of fireworks people want to see this weekend. the state gas tax was approved five years ago, and it goes into effect today. state lawmakers can reach an agreement. instead, this year's budget allows for inflation relief payments. $1050 can be expected around october to the beginning of next year. yesterday it was $.51 a gallon and yesterday it grows. it funds a highway and road projects. supporters of this tax say it is needed to continue those projects, but people at the pump say otherwise. >> i commute each way, not each
5:34 am
way but two hours total every day, so i feel all of the increases. >> reporter: now, we also took a quick look and personally, i get a little relief from gas prices outside of the city. daly city is just over six dollars at $6.05. along san bruno avenue, $6.09. this was the clos at was closer to san fransisco. now, good news to take note of is gas prices on the state average have gone down seven since the past week. if you do have time, get to the gas stations now, prices still haven't changed. >> thank you so much and safe travels to you as well, this
5:35 am
weekend. >> and state law takes effect today meaning most schools will have to follow healthy school start times letting the kids sleep in a little bit. in high school, most teenagers sleep in even more. it moves to 8:30 am or later. it will impact some 3 million students statewide. >> san jose is issuing a new flavored tobacco band. supporters say flavors including vanilla, cinnamon, and menthol are targeted primarily to minors and young adults. the new law allows for violators to be fined up to $2500 per day. there are some things that you should be doing to protect
5:36 am
your money. i spoke with a retirement expert with security and financial we talked about moving us all forward. first, i asked him to talk to us about how closely we all should be watching our 401(k). >> it is not a bad thing to look at your balance and understand where you are at. something that is not as productive is when you take action on that that is more emotional. i certainly look at my balance but you have to understand that markets go up and they go down frequently. we have fair markets and if you're looking at your balance and it is causing you to take action that is not your best long-term interest, it is probably not a great idea to focus on it as much. >> people in their early 30s may not be too worried about that but if you are in your 60s nearing retirement, you probably should look closer.
5:37 am
>> what you put your finger on is something that is really important no matter where you are in your retirement journey. that is what is your time horizon? >> if you are in your 50s or 60s or closer to retirement, that is going to affect how you diversify your retirement and what your risk appetite is definitely a different position versus somebody in their 20s or 30s. they will have decades on their side and really the most powerful attribute any of us will ever get, and that is time. if you are investing in your 20s or 30s, it is put in, those will be the most impactful dollars you will ever invest because in some cases we will be getting a really egg. so, the important thing is to
5:38 am
understand your time horizon. when am i going to need this money? in understanding the diversification that you have got within your account. >> that is what i want to talk about. let's talk about people who are a little bit younger now. should they have that money in their 401(k)? should they be more conservative with those investments and let it sit or is it a little time to get risky? >> when you've got that time on your side, most experts i think would agree, you can afford to be in assets that are riskier. let's just say that. the important thing to take note of again is when you're going to use this money. they've got the ability to ride out these types of bear markets. >> 5:38 right now. developing now, residents are being allowed to return to
5:39 am
their homes as firefighters get a handle on the fire. it did destroy structure near grass valley. more than 900 acres burned, but it is about 20% contained. you know what, there is so much going on, i wanted to go through the events. temperatures will be in the mid 60s but really nice in the middle of the afternoon with sunshine. don't forget that sunscreen. you will be able to enjoy the temperatures that are getting into the low 60s with sunshine. notice those icons, that means it is going to be windy. the breezes will be kicking up at times. and then on monday, we have the parade happening in san jose.
5:40 am
we are going to start out along the parade route with temperatures in the low 60s. it is also going to be very comfortable on the fourth of july. that is actually a live camera. it is just beautiful. temperatures will get a little bit cooler by the weekend, especially on sunday. i'm also checking for any travel delays. as of right now, there are none. of course the earlier you travel, the better. >> i do want to show you they tend to come on right around this time. now, let's get right to the crash i was talking about earlier in the capital expressway off ramp.
5:41 am
they are going to be running a traffic break you see them weave into traffic to slow it down. we are going to see a couple of delays at capital. thank you so much. >> coming up growing questions about how the don't say law will be in the reason insiders say education will suffer. >> and with the fourth of july nearing, we are asking what you call the party when you are grilling? is it a barbecue, a cookout, or maybe something different? we have the google results. when we come back, we are going to tell you what people are
5:42 am
saying. >> on our latest episode, we are talking about california's over middle and high school students. they are now going to be up they are now going to be up sleep in a every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free
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happy friday to you. it is 5:44. we are starting off cloudy with a typical marine layer. it is also what keeps our
5:45 am
temperature down. heading towards the mid 60s at lunch time, we will reach the low 70s for a high here today. we will take a look at what is going on this weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> towards the san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. i am just reading over this breaking news in ukraine where at least 19 people are dead from a missile strike 30 miles southwest of odessa. among the dead, at least two children. more than two dozen are injured. airstrike follows the pullout of russian forces, a move that may ease the threat in odessa, which is ukraine's largest port. and russia, the trial of
5:46 am
wnba star brittney griner is underway. russian authorities charged her with cannabis possession. investigators say she was carrying canisters with cannabis oil. a controversial law takes effect today for florida schools. it is commonly called the don't say bill in bars classroom conversation about gender orientation allows parents to some schools and districts for violating the law. one longtime florida elementary school teacher believes that educational may suffer. >> i don't have a lot left in my career, but i feel badly for the children that aren't going to get a quality education, and i don't know what education is going to look like in the future with such restrictions. >> some teachers suggest there
5:47 am
is confusion over how the new law should be interpreted. you can watch it later today on the today show. 5:46 right now, president biden have returned from the g7 and nato summit. >> good morning to you. it goes against the principle candidate biden set out on the campaign trail. the crown prince ordered the brutal murder of an american who was cut apart with the bone saw at the saudi consulate in turkey. biden said the saudi government had little redeeming value. president biden was asked to
5:48 am
explain during a press conference at the site nato summit where he says he wasn't going to saudi arabia to meet with the prince, he was going to saudi arabia and the prince would be there. >> it is in saudi arabia it is not about saudi arabia and so there is no commitment being made and i'm not even sure. i guess i will see the king and the crown prince, but that is not the meeting i am going to. there will be a part of a much larger meeting. >> the supreme court and its term yesterday. get ready for the next term. the court has accepted a case examining whether the state court can rule on election laws created by state legislature. that is huge because the state legislature ruled by one party can create new rules we were favor in the state presidential election and then the state court would not be able to stop
5:49 am
them. >> it has been a tough week. we started with cassidy pitol h yes, that was white house counsel top lawyer, owning and i thought we could and the tough week with something a bit more lighthearted and that is how computerized closed captioning tried to deal with his sayings. >> other examples, people posted to the website. the closed captioning shared drafts in the computer and tried to say test of belonging mi absolute faith is patsy maloney. it is pretty close., president biden will meet virtually with
5:50 am
democratic governors today to talk about the future of abortion rights. we will be monitoring that and i will post those closed captions on twitter. all of the remaining pandemic eviction protections ys away, you might be trying to figure out the best spot to watch those firework. >> payment they want people to avoid the area because the island is seeing some construction closing off a lot of the roads there. parking in viewing areas will
5:51 am
be limited. fireworks press at the start near fisherman's wharf at 9:30 on monday night. you can watch the fireworks from the comfort of your home. we are actually talking about nbc's macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular. you can watch the event right here on nbc bay area . you can also stream it on peacock. >> >> i didn't not know why they didn't get us to host it. >> so we can make it to work the next day. >> maybe you are grilling or chilling over the long weekend to celebrate. >> so a new survey out finds that more than half of the people posting get-togethers. at least everything right. one third have run out of ice.
5:52 am
and as for what you call the get together, well, that is up for debate. >> this is us on wednesday. >> we were just debating this on wednesday. i say let's go have a barbecue, but he says you can't call it a barbecue unless you have barbecue sauce. >> then it is just a cookout because you are cooking outside typically. >> there you go. she was like you know what, let me see what the folks think about this? would you call that when you cook on the grill. more than half of you call it a barbecue. >> yes, i win. >> carnet asada is missing on
5:53 am
their. >> any --a is missing on there. >> marcus, i'm going to ask that you bring the top. >> is a pop, is it soda, is it cola? my family always said give me a coke no matter what it was. >> well, i'm going to bring the weather, because we are going to see that this weekend, especially in the valley. you probably won't like it too much in san fransisco, because you're going to see a lot of no clouds, fog, not much sunshine. the sun comes out a lot earlier
5:54 am
in the north bay so santa rosa will see sunshine act 8:00 the 9:00. it should be a high of 75 in martinez in dublin, a lot of these temperatures are actually a little bit cooler than what is normal for july 1. our temperatures reach into the mid 60s for oakland and 66 in fremont, it also brings in higher humidity for next week that he will return as see high- pressure building back in. we are going from 70s over the weekend to the 80s next week in the low 90s for next weekend so once again, highs in the 70s over the next few days into the holiday. how's it looking now for the
5:55 am
commute? >> we are still seeing the issue, because now it looks like we may have two accidents right near this stretch. this is near o express. they were trying to run the traffic break to slow it down, but i see another one pop up on the map so i will check on that. so far no big impacts about 25 minutes, back to you, many workers are getting a boost in the paycheck. the minimum wage hike goes into effect in san francisco. this is all a part of the city's annual increase based on the consumer price index. >> coming up next, medical procedures doctors say are now surging across the country.
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>> how funding will help combat the recent spike hey, you cannot do that to mini boss. ha, ha, ha, ha. ha, ha, ha, ha, look at... [ cluck ] ah! [ laughter ]
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good day
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bay. anne okay, warriors fans, we all have to say goodbye during mba's free agency period. kicking off yesterday, a deal will be made officially as of next week. gary payton jr., reportedly agreed to a three-year deal with portland. the warriors will not be able to match it. the oakland native, one to scott anderson, agreed to a deal with the lakers that the warriors reportedly declined to match. a ripple effect for health clinics across the country reporting a big spike in vasectomy consultation in the wake of roe v. wade's overturning. seeking the procedure, get this, and doctors, and those considering this feature are intended to be permanent, and
6:00 am
they are going. >> all the responsibility is on the mom? >> yeah. he was stepping up, gentlemen. >> okay. here we go, quickly. 6:40, meters need to be aware. today, how much more you need to get around in the bay area. >> did you see this? a fatal crash has them searching for answers this evening and spending. also, a major setback with a new ruling for the supreme court, and the far-reaching implications that climate activists say, it can have on our planet. this is "today in the bay," broadcasting live on roku, apple tv, fire tv and online. we have made it to


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