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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 30, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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dead. the unusual crash that has investigators searching for answers late tonight. also, think you paid a lot to fill up your tank tonight? just wait until tomorrow. the reason gas prices are going up again. plus, it's not a home run, but it's a major step forward for the a's and the new water front ball park. >> this is about equity. >> the crucial decision late today that could mean the team will stay in oakland. and fish literally falling from the sky. we can't make this stuff up. the strange phenomenon happening along our coast that's leading to some strange discoveries in san francisco. good evening, thanks for being with us. what went wrong and how did it happen? we begin with the bizarre both accident on the bay. >> this is the aftermath here. you can see the motor boat
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spinning out of control on the water. right before was a crash with another boat that launched a person overboard. this happened in the area of haring rock right near angel island you see right here. cheryl hurd is live out there tonight. there's a lot of questions about this deadly crash, what are we learning? >> reporter: well, we do know that this quiet community got a lot of activity today. tonight the medical examiner in san francisco along with detectives were here trying to piece together information about this boating accident that turned deadly. san francisco police detectives taking pictures on this pier. the medical examiner removing the body from the pier six hours after our helicopter spotted this boat doing donuts in the water.
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>> when i got home i stepped on the balcony and saw the boat out of control. >> reporter: two boats, a sailboat and this boat collided near haring rock at angel island in san francisco bay. >> it was alarming because i didn't know what was going on. i got a text saying i guess someone had fallen off the boat and hit by another vessel. >> reporter: one person was on board the spinning boat, four people were on board a sailboat. the lone passenger on the motor boat was ejected. witnesses and medical personnel performing a desperate water rescue that ended up at the pier. the san francisco fire department first reporting that the victim was taken to a trauma center. tonight sfpd says the person died at the scene, and the boat involved in the collision is now docked at pier 45. now for the unanswered questions. we don't know if the person ejected from the boat was
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wearing a life vest, and we don't know the cause of the collision. no one has been charged. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. all right, they're searching for answers tonight. look at this video. nbc bay area's sky ranger was overhead earlier today as crews battled a three alarm fire at a large commercial bidding in vallejo. as you can see, a lot of smoke. it happened at the intersection of broadway and sharon street near highway 29. a lot of vehicles inside that building, and tonight officials say the fire is under control. luckily there were no injuries. no word yet on what started this. okay, brace yourselves. in less than an hour at midnight gas prices are going up again, but only here in california. the state is rising the gas tax. this was approved five years ago. nbc bay area's ian cole is with us. not all bad news though, there's also a rebate coming
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our way. >> yes, and some will say the so-called inflation relief payments are the good news, but the bad news is gas prices are rising right before the holiday weekend. it was a year ago, a month ago now, and tonight it's pushing $6.29. gas prices and inflation are taking their toll on california. while the national average for gas is less than $5 a gallon, in california it's $6.29 and about to go even higher. >> that's crazy. i don't really see the reason for that. >> reporter: tomorrow the state's scheduled gas tax increase goes into effect, it's an extra three cents a gallon. >> i commute two hours each way, or not each way, but two hours total every day, so i feel all the increases. >> reporter: the state uses the gas tax to fund different highway and road projects. proponents argue keeping the increase so the projects can
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continue. economists say it just comes at a bad time. >> so the problem isn't the gas tax is itself an overwhelming indignity. it's that it comes on top of a whole series of indignities. whole problems, a bunch of problems with the economy. >> reporter: this all comes as governor newsom signed a state budget today that includes the middle class tax refund to help with the shock of inflation. millions of taxpayer will receive payments of $250 and $250 depending on how much money you make. and it could be up to $1,000 if you have children. >> i would prefer to have the gas tax lower and skip the rebate. >> i feel like gas prices went up, i mean, i'm happy we got the money, but that really did raise up the prices for a lot of things. >> so when will you get that money?
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don't expect it over the summer. the state tax board says the payments will start in late october and go through january. >> okay, thank you. ian just mentioned the new state budget that kicks in tomorrow. the budget totals $308 billion. nearly a third of that is surplus money, and by law half must be spent on education. that includes nearly $3 billion to compensate for lower attendance when some students continued to distance learn. 200 million will support abortion clinics and train those providers. meanwhile, happening tomorrow, let's go ahead and take a live look at san francisco. workers are getting a boost in their wallets. the city's minimum wage is increasing starting tomorrow. the new minimum wage is a 67-cent jump. it's part of city's annual
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increase based on the consumer price index. and the golden gate bridge is raising rates tomorrow. most will spend 25 to 35 cents more. if you use fast track the toll is $8.40. pay as you go is $8.80, and car pooling is $6.40. the bridge district says toll revenue pays for bridge maintenance. so what's it going to be, oakland or las vegas? as of tonight the a's chances of staying in the bay area, oakland, just got a lot better. the san francisco bay conservation development commission had to decide to remove port priority use at howard terminal, essentially saying it's not necessary for the port's future expansion. if they voted down the issue it would have been game over for the a's ball park plans,
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but instead it's a crucial win and step forward for the a's. >> to win so convincingly 23 to 2 was a big deal, so we're really excited to build on the momentum of the vote. we need the city council to basically come in and decide on a date, hopefully in the next couple of months to vote on the development agreement and community agreement. that's the last binding vote we need to move forward and one that's critically important. we're really running out of time. the mayor will leave office at the end of the year, she's termed out, so we really need to get on this and get a positive outcome with oakland. >> there is opposition. the east oakland stadium alliance that represents port workers and terminal operators is suing to stop the project believing the port is essential to future growth. >> what happens between now and 30 years from now? every single scenario anticipates compounding
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growth. every single scenario then means we need more acreage, not less. >> the a's president telling me tonight he's still in negotiations with las vegas just in case the oakland deal falls through. caitlin armstrong, the woman accused of killing an elite cyclist from san francisco was captured in costa rica. she's been on the run since last month. investigators say she shot and killed mariah wilson. wilson was in texas for a race and was expected to win. armstrong shot and killed wilson at the home she was staying in and used a fake passport to get out of the country just a week after wilson died. they were romantically connected to the same man. armstrong will be returned to the u.s. to face murder charges. this video shocked us all, right? remember this? a woman arriving at her san jose home only to find thieves in her garage stealing things. today a break in that case and what turned out to be a string of these kinds of crimes.
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it's a great relief to neighbors, but they're also frustrated. >> reporter: dash cam video caught the worst of the home invasions, the attack on summerdale drive. >> during that second home invasion, the suspects basically threatened a 15 month old child, kidnapped the child's father, took him to a bank, and demanded him to get money. >> reporter: the suspects had just stolen a small suv from another home invasion blocs away where they tied up and robbed an elderly couple. through tips and leads police have arrested three men and one teen in connection with at least three home invasion, including this one. that has neighbors breathing a sigh of relief. >> well, i'm, i'm thrilled. >> reporter: but she was not thrilled when a told her this 19-year-old was arrested on june 5th for an unrelated charge of evading police. he was released from jail the next day only to allegedly commit one of the home invasions the following day.
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>> now, how in the world was he released? we need to clamp down a little further. >> there needs to be some accountability. the system right now is failing the community members. >> it's cases like this that people are pointing to that say the system still needs to be worked on. >> reporter: legal analyst stephen clark says bail reform laws were meant to create an even playing field between the rich and poor. judges have wide discretion on when and how to release suspects before their trials. >> people are starting to ask whether it's swung too far when it comes to bail reform. >> reporter: police are looking for more possible victims and even more suspects connected to the rash of home invasions. victims of another home invasion privately told me they're relieved by the arrests and hope everyone stays in jail so no one else has to go through the
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nightmare they endured. nbc bay area news. wheels up from sfo. vice president kamala harris now in los angeles after attending two big money fundraisers here in the bay area. you can see the motorcade making its way to the home of microsoft executive kevin scott. tickets for the fundraiser raised from $1,000 to $50,000. after the event, the vice president then went to san francisco. plenty of secret service outside of a home on microsoft. it was hosted by the linkedin founder. they say these visits are critical to get the message of the democratic party out to voters. especially since recent polls show they're at risk of losing both the house and senate in november. >> yeah, the democratic party needs to step up. the more visible she can be the better i think. >> their plan to protect roe v. wade for the last 30 years
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is do not let rbg die, and that seems to be their same plan. just elect more democrats. but the voters are clearly making a sign they want more concrete messaging. >> the money raised will be necessary as democrats battle to hold on to control of the house and senate in the november midterm elections. we are back in 60 seconds with some breaking news from the warriors. gp2 is leaving the team. we have details. plus it would certainly catch you off guard. why anchovies are literally falling from the sky. and that drizzle falling from the sky right now in san francisco. we'll talk about unusual i
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just into our newsroom, a
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missing san francisco hiker has been found dead. he was declared missing on tuesday when the el dorado county sheriff's department responded to reports of an abandoned camp site near a smaller body of water near lake tahoe. deputies discovered a number of personal items including a driver's license belonging to huang. they found the next day he had drowned in the lake. the death was determined to be an accident. this is an unusual request from sheriffs tonight. they need your help finding people in several photos, but not because of a crime. they posted these photos here on facebook. do you recognize any of the people? deputies found the pictures after serving a warrant for a car burglary. they found sd cards filled with the photos as well as a camera. they hope by sharing some of the pictures they can get the photos and cameras back to the
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rightful owners. tonight google is accused of racial discrimination by current and former employees. outside san francisco's federal courthouse, attorney bun crump announced they're expanding the lawsuit on behalf of google's black employees. >> white googlers would often police black employees by asking for your badges or refusing entry to the google shuttles or even saying we're not googly enough which i came to know meant we weren't white enough. >> my manager told me my blackness shouldn't come to work. >> the woman complained to managers and hr staff about the treatment, but they said no one was disciplined and instead they were constantly advised to assume the best intent. we reached out to google for comment but haven't heard back. all the remaining pandemic related eviction protections in california will expire in
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less than an hour, by midnight to be exact. tenant groups are still pressuring the state to extend protections for those that need it saying tens of thousands are still waiting for rent relief to be approved and may now be facing eviction. with a ruling from the supreme court today, one of the country's most controversial immigration policies is ending. in a 5-4 ruling, the supreme court said the biden administration could end the trump remain in mexico program. it required anyone seeking asylum from the united states to wait in mexico for months while the claim was processed. the department of homeland security said the remain in mexico policy is not an effective use of resources. a history making day. the first black woman to sit on the u.s. supreme court sworn into office. ketanji brown jackson is also the first former public defender to serve on the supreme court. her daughters watched while her husband held the bible and
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chief justice roberts administered the oath, and retiring justice bryer asked her to recite the judicial oath. with a new justice on the supreme court, could we see any drastic changes? here's our legal analyst. >> you're not going to see changes. at least not from these nine people because we have a moderate to liberal replacing a moderate to liberal. we didn't have that with the previous three where in some cases we had moderates leaving and conservatives coming in. that's what led the court to tilt 6-3 conservative. so this judge will make no change. >> this marks the first time that four women will serve together. california's high speed rail project is getting back on track after two years of grid lock in sacramento. the bullet train got new life in the new state budget. it mobilized the funding needed to finish a route in the central valley.
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this is a look at the route that will run to bakersfield. that's set to completed in 2030. budget also establishes an inspector general to audit the project. okay, ready for this one? >> what's going on? >> something strange is happening in san francisco and along the coast. fish literally falling from the sky. it's all about anchovies. like a pizza and caesar salad. >> what? so pictures like this one you're about to see now popping up on social media landing in places like the outer richmond and castro. turns out this is tied to colder ocean temperatures bringing a boom of anchovies both along the coast and bay, and that's causing a buffet for the birds who sometimes have bigger eyes than stomachs, so they end up flying inland and dropping the fish they don't eat. >> we've had a couple of years
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of cold water that the anchovies like. the whales, dolphins, sea birds and more are all trying to take advantage of it. >> anchovy also fell from the sky back in 2017. >> rob is with us. anchovies get such a bad wrap. everyone loves them. >> they get such a bad wrap. it's the pelicans competitive eating. right now drizzle in the skies across san francisco. notice the reduction of visibility. that's a sneak peek of the morning commute. the ocean air-conditioning going all the way inland. the wind still strong towards concord and fairfield. 20 to 25 miles per hour. as we saw in san francisco, a
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lot of low clouds. that will be over dublin into the tri-valley and up and down through the santa clara valley into the coyote valley to the south. throughout the day some clearing inland, but still patches of low clouds throughout the inland bay. you might as well copy and paste this into saturday and sunday. you have the fog and drizzle for the morning, clearing skies in the middle, but if you're along the bay or coast, a light jacket will be needed. 60s along the coast. 58 in half moon bay. into the holiday weekend, not much change for the saturday high temperatures. sunday could actually see temperatures cool down as the breezes pick up especially here around half moon bay. fourth of july and monday probably the warmest day in your holiday weekend plans with 70s to low 80s. and mount shasta could see a few showers this weekend. also if you're looking at the
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weather forecast on the nbc bay area app, you might be noticing towards the end of next week we could see temperatures start to rebound into the 90s. that's because by this time next week it looks like high pressure returns. here's the holiday weekend forecast livermore. staying comfortably cool. but stay tuned, the seven to ten day outlook brings the heat back. san francisco comfortably cool. 70s possible towards the middle part of next week, and one of the cooler and more mild fourth of july weekends we've seen in awhile. once that wraps up, we'll see 80s and possibly 90s in another week, but remains to be seen if we see anchovies. >> anchovies and fireworks on monday night. >> sounds more like it. >> i like them on pizza. >> i don't. >> one does except for me. happening now, firefighters are working through another night to get the fire burning northeast of sacramento under control.
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so far the fire in nevada county has burned more than county has burned more than 900 big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey?
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new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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we're not sure we like this study. a new study ranks oakland and san francisco as two of the worst run cities in america. the study was done by wallet hub and it ranked 150 cities across america. san francisco was second to last and oakland was in the bottom ten. they looked at financial
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stability, education action health, safety, infrastructure, and pollution. the worst run city according to wallet hub is washington dc. the best city? nampa, idaho. >> where is that? >> near boise. california's oldest state park will reopen for the first time in two years. wildfire wreaked halve act there. miraculously almost all of the park's 2,000-year-old redwoods survived. so now sections of the park will reopen on july 22nd and reservations are required. okay, we're going to talk about that breaking news
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all right, so we knew this was coming. still kind free agency started at 3:00 p.m. today. >> yes, a lot of action. say good bye to gp2. within the past hour the athletic reporting that gary payton the finalizing a deal with the portland trail blazers. three years, 28 million bucks.
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big news for him. remember, he thought he'd be out of the nba last year. he applied for a video coordinator position. >> no way, wow! >> a back of the house staff guy. now, a front line player. 28 million. so crucial in the warriors championship run. also leaving, oakland native juan toscano anderson. he's signing withthe lakers. the pride of the east bay. good news for him, but he's joining the lakers. and yeah, kevin durant is asking for a trade to get out of the brooklyn nets. a lot happening in the nba. okay, have you heard? a huge shake up in college sports. usc and ucla are leaving the pac-12. bizarre just to say that. the move was finalized today, but for the past few months they've been quietly negotiating to join the big ten. this now puts them in the same
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finally tonight maybe you're trying to figure out the best spot to watch fireworks. police say while treasure island might seem like a good place, it's not. they're asking you to avoid the island during the city's fireworks show. construction has some roads closed and parking and viewing areas for fireworks will be limited. fireworks are set to start over the water front at 9:30 on monday night. we look up 9:30 monday night, will we be able to see it? >> rainbow colored clouds. inland i think will be fine. actually trending warmer towards the fourth of july after a cool and breezy weekend with a lot of low clouds [ knocking ] >> jimmy: hey, dorinda >> hey, jimmy! >> jimmy: i just want to thank you so much r


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