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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 30, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00 am and make or break moment comes to watching closely as they decide the future of the new baseball stadium. good morning, thanks for joining us for the mid-day newscast marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia the proposal up for about an upcoming without many expressions for those who want it and those who do not >> let send it to bob rendell. he is been listening to the
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commissioners meeting all week long. a number of people are protesting coming down on both sides of the issue. >> reporter: this was the scene earlier this morning in san francisco. you had a group of construction workers that are for the terminal park. and housing development for the jobs. of members of the committee who are against the billionaire owner being able to build a working maritime port. protested outside the development commission, which you see on your screen is meeting right now. to vote on whether or not to turn over howard terminal to a's . 56 acre plot of land is not needed at the port of oakland. the east oakland stadium alliance, a coalition of shippers, terminal operators and port workers are suing to stop the project to give us a two or on tuesday to show us the terminal is vital for two significant operations. one, agricultural exports two,
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staging of empty containers, of which several hundred are on site right now. a sign of recent surge of imports from asia. >> it is a working maritime port. by having it turned over to us stadium, hotel and 3000 tree condo units, they will destroy the port. that is why 80,000 maritime workers are against its. >> it is about housing. 11.5 dollars in housing during a housing crisis, how can we say no? >> reporter: i live look at the meeting of san francisco bay development commission where the staff is presented the report. commissioners are asking questions. a lot of people have lined up for public comments. the word will vote this afternoon. the commission report says the port can meet projected growth without howard terminal by relying on other terminals in oakland and once in places like redwood city. the alliance opposed to a's
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park at howard terminal questions why anyone would want to see a ballgame or live in a busy industrial area like the port of oakland? reporting live, bob rendell. we are following breaking news as well. portions of highway 129 in semolina are shut down due to hazmat situation. coming in within the hour. highway 29 from stifling to whitehall lane is closed. closure on the 29 from weatherford crossing to highway 120. fire crews are working on containment and they are asking you to avoid the area. we are working to learn what led up to the incident. police making four arrests in connection with several violent home invasions in san jose. we are learning the suspect threatened to kill a baby during one of the home invasions. officials released the mugshots of three suspects they did not release the photo of the 17- year-old that is charged.
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two of the robberies happen in san jose on may 31st. police released dash cam video which shows suspects fleeing the scene, as the victim's wife came home to find them in their garage. that home invasion, police say they held a man in his 15 month old baby at gunpoint. the suspect threatened to shoot the baby and forced the victim to go to a inc. and with draw money. two of the suspects are accused of robbing another home june 7th and tied up an elderly couple in violently assaulting them. they were arrested at the scene. american history is made today. two hours ago ketanji brown jackson became the first to 20 woman sworn in as a separate court justice. the senate voted on this in april. a bipartisan vote of 53- 47 with three republicans voting in favor of the nomination. justice jackson took a constitutional oath administered by chief justice john roberts. followed by judicial oath by retired justice breyer. he officially stepped down this
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morning, following more than two decades on the separate court. 83-year-old was appointed by president bill clinton in 1994. a graduate of lowell high school in seven cisco and stanford university. the ceremony came hours after the close of the court's previous term. >> two vinyl decisions were made. one of them is a victory for president biden. >> the high court said biden was within his rights to end president trumps so-called made in mexico policy. a trump-era policy that said refugees who wanted asylum in the united states had to remain outside of the united states while they waited for courts to rule was put in place during the height of the pandemic. the other was a loss for the white house. the court limited the ability of environmental protection agency to regulate carbon pollution from power plants. the court says, if that is what congress wants the epa to have,
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it should make laws giving epa that power. president biden wrapped up his visit to nato summit in spain with the press conference. he was asked about the recent court decision regarding roe v. wade. he said, he supports ending the filibuster in the senate, freeing democrats in the senate to pass new laws protecting abortion rights. >> the most important thing, to be clear about it, we have to codify roe v. wade into law. the way to do that is to make sure that congress votes to do that. if the filibuster gets in the way, we provide an exception . the required exception for the filibuster. >> it is the second time president biden has said he supports carveouts to the filibuster. he wants to support voting rights and the second one is abortion. >> president hadn't spent so
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many years supporting the filibuster. >> he was in the senate for decades. he encouraged cooperation and moderation. he has changed his mind in this case. it is important or noteworthy that he supports a carveout to the filibuster. he is the president and has no power in the senate whatsoever. he has an opinion, but it does not change anything. also today, we take a live look outside. we are enjoying this cool down we have been having. >> the sun is shining and giving us joy. meteorologist kari hall is monitoring what to expect throughout bay area . >> in san francisco it is misting and drizzling. what are you talking about with sunshine? we may see a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. all of the intervening to cooling we are seeing for inland areas, as we take a live look outside at san jose.
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the sun is shining and temperatures are much cooler. we are also seeing fog and cool air being transported in mind with a very strong westerly wind. we will keep the wind gusts up to 20 to 25 miles per hour, as we go into the afternoon. we are only looking at highs in san jose reaching 75 degrees. some of the warmest spot inland in low 80s. we will talk about the weekend forecast, coming up in a few minutes. vice president kamala harris waking up in bay area this morning . she arrived last night and was greeted by san francisco mayor. this afternoon she plans to attend a fundraiser. it is not clear how long she will remain on the west coast. help on the way for people struggling to make it in the bay . thanks to a new state budget taking effect. kris sanchez breaks down what is included and how much money you can expect to get in your bank account. >> reporter: you will not feel the relief at the pump because gas tax will not be suspended.
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we continue to pay more than $0.50 per gallon of gas. we will see inflation relief in the form of tax refunds. there is $17 billion in tax refunds and you can expect about $200-$1000, depending on the size of your family, for people making less than $250,000 for households making less than $500,000. that is who will get the relief. you can expect direct deposits in the fall. let's talk about else is in the california budget. 308 billion dollars, of which $97 billion is a surplus. half of that i lot has to be spent on education it will include 2.8 billion dollars to compensate schools for lower attendance when students return to class in person. some of them did not return. hospital and nursing home worker are eligible for bonuses of up to $1500. it is an effort to help with retention in those fields. including $29 to support
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abortion clinics and train providers. california will expand medi-cal to provide healthcare for all lower income adults. it will include 700,000 undocumented people. california will become the first state in the nation to answer all low income people. we mention abortion support money and will not include travel expenses for women coming from out of state. we shine the spotlight on our climate in crisis. still ahead, why advocates of certain communities are getting a raw deal and potentially dangerous consulates as they are pushing to change. winds we are live at marin county fairgrounds where the gates just opened minutes ago for the first time since 2019. we will tell you what you need to know if you plan to head out this holiday weekend. do not forget to check out the kelly clarkson show at her new time of 4:00 pm today. stick around for nbc bay area
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news at 5 pm . force
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chase. make more of what's yours. new fallout for oakland police department in the wake of a democrat type to weekend sideshow. two police officers are on indefinite leave and facing a misconduct investigation. it started with a sideshow early monday. it happened on international boulevard. we have video of the crash posted on citizen app. chief armstrong says two officers pursued a car from the sideshow and 10 blocks away, the car crashed killing a pedestrian and injuring three others. he also alluded to reports that the officers did not follow protocol. >> we do know the lights and sirens were on. at some point, they were off. i think those are all of the things that we are looking into in this investigation, to determine when those things happened.
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>> so far, chief armstrong is not revealing insect details of any potential misconduct. he does plan to do that once more is known. he hopes to maintain department transfer etsy. all of california's remaining pandemic evictions are set to expire today. one nonprofit says tens of thousands of people are waiting for rent relief to be approved. they are now facing eviction tenants rights groups are pressuring the state to extend protections for those who need it the most. i live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not many people on the road now. they say more people are starting their holiday travel now, ahead of the weekend. not only will there be a record number of travelers hitting the road nationwide. they will also pay record prices when it comes to filling up their cars. sam brock with the travel headaches to avoid going into the weekend. >> reporter: this morning, records ready to be broken on the roads.
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over 90% of americans traveling this holiday weekend are going by car. according to aaa forecast, 42 million people are hitting the road. edging out the total last year. you will find common sites and service plazas all over the country. suvs spilling over with suitcases. parents driving their kids to destinations like disney world, despite eye-popping gas prices. how did you make that calculation? >> i guess there was no regulation because it is her birth day. you know what? we will just go. >> reporter: perhaps a reflection of families fed up with the pandemic and willing to accept the trade-off to make their kids smile this summer. they are taking their daughter to legoland. it is worth the price at the pump? >> absolutely. to check alternate routes for using electric cars for road trips. this month is pain 80% less in fuel. >> i am so glad i have the vehicle and i see a big difference in prices.
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>> reporter: for those reaping the roads, some areas excited to see massive spikes in congested. atlanta and washington d.c. will spike later today. americans deciding you cannot put a price on holiday fun. happening now, the fun is returning to north bay just in time for fourth of july weekend. >> marin county fair is back after organizers hit the pause button because of the pandemic. we are joined live by ginger college about sob. >> reporter: since the pandemic began, things had to be on pause, as you mentioned. this year, in its return your back from the pandemic marin county fair organizers say they are not taking any risks. in an effort to be cautious and prevent potential outbreaks, they moved everything outdoors.
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that means you can enjoy all of the fair staples and hopefully feel safe doing so. proof of vaccination and masks are not required, but they are recommended. especially because a lot of young children are such a big part of the event. we have been here all morning getting a first glance inside the fairgrounds. i can tell you that it has been a buzz. carnival rides are ready to go. a second ferris wheel has been brought in this year animals are set up in the barnyard where kids can see all sorts of animals. big and small. up close and personal. the vendors are also very happy to be back. it has been a difficult couple of years for them. not just socially, but financially without the fair circuit. >> everyone has had record attendance. it is bringing out people who have not come out in a long time that they are coming back out and see what we had to offer. it has been a good community builder. >> we are so excited to be back and in person. we have been working on the fair for almost one year to bring it back to our community.
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>> reporter: the fair runs from today and will run through july 4th. something very special is happening today. admission is free for kids under 12 and for those over 65. it is incentive for you to bring the entire family out and have some early fourth of july holiday fun. >> a lot of cotton candy >> you had me at food.. >> it looks like a lot of fun. thanks enter. it is beautiful out there. >> she had a nice breeze and sunshine feeling comfortable out there. i live look outside at san rafael. we know you may be traveling or heading out for lunch or maybe hitting the road for holiday weekend. it is looking nice out there. for the temperatures for today at marin county fair, expected to be in mid 60s and make it into mid-70s today. as we are getting a nice breeze and cool down with our highs
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reaching into upper 70s for much of the north day. napa headed for 77 degrees. we will see a high of 69 degrees in hayward. 80 in livermore. san jose reaching 75. let's go through tomorrow it will also be another busy day and the fog lingers near the coastline keeping temperatures cool. as you make it over toward san mateo more sunshine and upper 60s. upper 60s as well in hayward. concorde reaching 80 degrees. it gets even cooler for some of our valleys going into saturday. foggy along the coast and a gusty wind that will transport the cool air to inland areas. we are looking at a height of 75 in napa on saturday. once again, a lot of people are traveling and there could be a couple problems but we are looking at a big storm system is moving through the midwest, extending to four corners region there is also a topical system they are watching for gulf coast states that may produce a lot of rain. as far as what we will see here in bay area, let's check out
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palo alto. mid-70s for the next couple of days. mid to upper 60s heading into the weekend. the coolest date will be sunday , only reaching a high of 66 degrees. on the fourth of july, it is very comfortable with a high of 73 degrees. we will see more 70s for the middle of next week. taking a look at our seven day forecast, more 70s and settling into a very steady weather pattern with higher humidity, breezy winds and each morning will start with clouds and fog. we will see a clear out that shape up to be a really nice day it does look like we will start to heat up a little more as we head toward the end of next week. if we want the warmer weather, you will get that bike next week. especially in san francisco. this weekend you will be wearing a jacket all weekend long as we will see the highs reaching into upper 60s and we will trend warmer i the middle of next week. as we take a look at our
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climate in crisis we will highlight the issue in environmental injustice . not only is climate change harming the environment, but also disproportionately affecting racial and socioeconomic groups and communities. did you know that black children are 10 times more likely to die from asthma because of poor air quality than white children? i spoke to the chief science officer at the johnson foundation about the inequalities facing our community. >> if you live in marginalized community and compound that with segregation, where two communities live. these effects of climate change on health will amplify existing inequalities. existing inequalities in asthma rates. higher death rates from isolated elders, who do not have access to air conditioning and perhaps dying from heat.
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>> to find out what you can do to prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change, go to and look for the story on our climate in crisis page. watch the full interview. the founder of hells angels has died. he lost his battle with liver cancer. in an unusual statement on his facebook page, he said he lived a long adventurous life and requested the post go up immediately after he died. the post ends with him signing off as sunny and the acronym for hells angels motorcycle club oakland. he founded the club in 1957. he founded the club in 1957. he was 83
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have you ever thought your cooking is good enough to sell? now, you do not need money to open a restaurant. >> crystal gonzales found a solution with based she says she has always been passionate about dishes from the philippines and guam. she sells her creations to strangers using chef. without worrying about overhead of restaurant. >> my husband and i are very passionate about our cooking. we are very creative people.
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for us, we wanted to create our dishes where it is traditional and recognizable. at the same time, modernized and elevated. >> she is allowed to run a micro enterprise kitchen out of her home thanks to a recently passed assembly bill that changed state regulations. the food looks good >> it is lunchtime. taco bell fans, if you love a snack, this one is for you. >> the fast food chain just launched a tostada and crunch wrap supreme with a cheese it shall. you know the cheesy crackers? 16 times the size of a regular cracker. items are only being tested at a southern california location over the next two weeks. if traveling south near irvine, talk about there is close to company headquarters and their giving it a go. >> that looks good. i have not had taco bell in years. >> here is what you do.
11:27 am
get some cheese crackers and make your own. if you really wanted. i mean- >> go and get it. get a last look at the forecast. temperatures will reach into mid-70s. it will continue to be nice and comfortable for inland areas with highs in upper 70s on fourth of july. very chilly in san francisco. you will not see a lot of sunshine over the next several days. >> eating clam chowder there in a sourdough bowl. that is more normal than throwing cheese crackers on anything. >> some barbecue will make you warm up nicely. >> get the grill started. >> no. i was hoping one of you would. you are doing a cookout. >> i am the grill master at home >> good for you, i love it. >> it is a lot of work. >> it is but i know i have seen it. i have eaten it. and seen it, but i have not
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done it i will work on that. until then, thanks for joining us for midstate newscast. next one coming up at 5:00 pm. get the latest information all day long at have a great day and we will see you tomorrow morning. see you tomorrow morning. >> enjoy your taco bell. see you tomorrow morning. >> enjoy your taco bell. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback?
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